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Quarters of broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios. It's the Dave, Ramsey Show that is it all. Foam board has taken the place of the B M w about us. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five, that's triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five Evan is Weather's in Missouri, Hey Kevin. Welcome to the Dave, Ramsey show Hey Dave,
taking my call sure. What's up man, I've been follow and you for a little while now I am. I guess. I got divorced remarried and I've been beaten, got up, it's out of style. I put fifty thousand down in about six months, good for you through. I got another three or four months. I'll be done with about ninety thousand dollars or credit cards, car, stupid, wow I feel like I hit a wall 'cause. I one hundred and seventy five thousand and student loan debt fell under the stupid, stupid loans pose. The doctor. I am ok, I'm a therapist, I am my doctoral, met with between me and my wife will make really good money God. What am I on a hundred a hundred and ten okay good how quick can you knockout? One hundred and seventy five you've been hauling butt on this other. Well, we we were looking at
she's she's starting to get stressed and frazzled and want to slow down, and she brought. Stay in the house off first 'cause, it slower and that no make sure no. No. I This took the student loan. The problem with a student loan is, is that here's the you in the first ten thousand feet on a thirty thousand foot climb and you're at base camp and you're looking at the move that mountain going. It's still way up there it's emotionally overwhelming. Tired 'cause, you've already climbed one slash three of the way yeah and so it's it's normal to look up there and go. That is overwhelming. That makes me tired, but as a mom already tired from the climb, but then I look up there and I go that's a long way and the problem is: if you let that detur you from genuine to attack it- will always be there. There's only.
On way to get rid of it. An that's attack it with a vengeance, should I rely on because of the field I'm in and I'm in a room in the middle of nowhere. They have loan forgiveness and it's they paid up front tax fifty grand for two years of service, if you If you can get it. If you can get that, if you can two years of two years of service if you can get them to do that, yeah. Ok now the ten year loan forgiveness is not working, there's been Three applications out of twenty four thousand accepted. Well, not only that you end up paying more, though, even if you look at the student loan forgiveness through the federal stuff, it's you pay it for thirty years, and I understand now one thousand dollars exactly but exactly, and so that doesn't work. But if you simply on here under the area with the FED program. That's a different program and they'll knock fifty k off we're. Definitely doing now every two years. Well, I mean a two year
at least the first two years, while you're attacking this which means now we gotta one hundred and twenty five to work on yep beat it up like it was my money yeah and if you listen, if you need your base camp in your tired before you start climb again. If you need to camp a couple days and rebuild your enerji mean take a little time off for her and let the frazzle go away. Let's take the take too much often restart ok, if you need to and rebuild your emotional state and your relational state in your marriage. If it's that bad, but it's up to you guys to sit down, talk that true! She may go now, I'm ready! Let's go but yeah I need a month off, she tried me crazy and that's. Okay. It's okay,
you know because you got a long climb and you need to stay fortified for the climb, keep your tank full but you're going to get there. The good news is you make good money? You just had a pile of, and I'm really proud of how far you guys have come. It's very the substantial in very impressive Susanna, is with us in Georgia. I Susana. How are you. Hi Dave, I'm doing well. Thank you thanks for taking the call, so my question is regarding reef dance from a thirty year, two hundred and fifteen because of an interest savings, but some background before I get into the numbers is. About seven years ago, I lost my condo and ever since we have purchased this home last year. I've just wanted to get it paid off. I just have this
I've never go through that process again, once you've been through for being foreclosed on, you, don't ever want to be there again yeah so our household income is one hundred and eighty six and we have one hundred and eighty five remaining on the mortgage. We have a six month cash savings, but one of us has some job I'm starting to because of the company following the to thirteen bankruptcy and some major restructuring going on on a rolling basis. That seems so. We have this cash savings. We have the opportunity to refinance from a four point, eight seven, five hundred and thirty year, loan too. A ten year at Three one slash two with no original in three or three percent was some origination fees I don't know how to calculate that. I don't know if it's worth the calculation
because we have always paid double and the minimum. How on the are they trying to charge for this app point? Apr um, one percent, one percent. There's one percent loan origination fee, one thousand nine hundred and thirty dollars and the the, but that's it they're, not, that only an origination fee or no origination, if they know no additional points, I don't see any point on. Worksheet other than that ok well, appoint usually equates to about one slash four to an eighth of a percent on APR. This is equating to a half a percent, so I want you to double check 'cause. This is unusually good deal to paint it for about five thousand in close,
Yeah, I know, but I'm talking about the one percent origination fee drop your APR by one slash two, that's an unusually good deal as it is with that union it's an unusually good deal. It usually equates to a quarter to an eighth of a point. This is according to a half a percent, a pr! That's a lot! Okay! So anyway, if it's, if it's true, when you check it out, if you, if you didn't miss the fact, they were charging a point, There's more now, then. The next question is if everything goes well with the jobs. How fast this is home paid off with the extra we're paying currently were thought to be that free by August, two thousand and twenty three ok, alright! Well, let me walk through this math with you, and I can't do that in fourteen seconds. So I'm going to put you on hold were going to come back after this break
target for you, hey with me I'll, be right back. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
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talking to Susanna in Georgia: she's got one hundred and eighty five thousand dollar mortgage you make one hundred and eighty thousand a year and they've got a quote of three one: slash two with no points and three hundred with one point origination to refinance it onto a fifteen year. Fixed, they think they're going to pay it off in about four years anyway. August of twenty I'm sorry, ten year, ten years, I ask you when you're going to pay it off. You said August of twenty twenty three: oh, the loans, the refinance How was our ten year not a fifteen year, refinance ok but you're planning paid off in four years and you're currently paying four point eight hundred and seventy five is that is that all correct? Now? Yes, ok, alright! So if you take the point- and I would take the point, if you do this- and you had five thousand dollars closing costs- that I hear that right, yeah plus the point.
Yes, yes, oh plus another one thousand, nine hundred bucks, so five thousand or seven thousand right right, ok, so seven thousand dollars closing costs at three percent over. So here's the thing: here's how you do the math, the difference in four thousand eight hundred and seventy five and three is one point. Eight Five percent per year savings on one hundred and eighty five thousand dollars is thirty. Four thousand one hundred and sixty eight dollars a year savings and interest. Ok, how did you calculate that? Well from four thousand eight hundred and seventy five to three is a one point: eight seven five savings. Ok, One point eight hundred and seventy five percent of one hundred and eighty five thousand dollar balance is three thousand four hundred dollars in savings interest savings. Now your payment will change more than that, but the interest that you save is all that really happens here.
So you're saving three thousand four hundred and sixty eight dollars in interest per year, which is one point eight hundred and seventy five percent of your loan balances, which are interest rate, is going down the you with me now: yes, ok! So if you're saving one thousand four hundred and sixty eight dollars a year and you're paying seven thousand dollars to do that. It takes two years to break even three thousand five hundred into seven thousand right right. Ok, so, third year, for you get gravy on the biscuit. And you're only going to be in this deal for years. So all this gyration is going to make you two years of the savings and the savings by the time we get. There is not really going to be three thousand four hundred and sixty eight dollars 'cause you be as far debt anymore in Orlando. One thousand: it's only going to be one thousand eight hundred dollars in savings on one eight, seven, five hundred thousand one thousand eight hundred and seventy five ok, and so this all this job
which is probably going to make you four thousand dollars. If you pay it off, when you think maybe five thousand dollars, if you pay it off, when you think it's ok to do, five thousand bucks is nice. If you send it to me I'll cash, the check, but but it's not as it's not like. This is the major windfall and the reason is you're paying off the mortgage so quickly, right and I'll. Give you another gas you. Incomes are unusually high. You guys are apparently rock stars in your industries, even though the company one of his working force in bankruptcy and I expect that your incomes are not stable and that I think they're going up. One of them definitely and so in the next four years,
the numbers you round up alpha mortgage were based on the income. Staying the same right here in path mortgage faster than four years 'cause, your income is going to go up and you didn't calculate that in this and you're going through all that difference, because you've been foreclosed on at the house I think you're going to be out in three years, which means you're only going to have one year of gravy on the biscuit, and it's not even a lot of gravy. I wouldn't screw with this. It was a lot of trying to calculate different scenarios, and I was just not clear on what we wanna ten year scenario is run a ten year scenario. Instead of a three or four year scenario, then you probably do this got it? Ok, because the savings it's hard to stay at the level we're at, but because you know we just we. We know we could take vacations and we could do these things.
That our friends are doing, but lectures so sign of driving, yeah yeah sure decision. If you let your foot off the gas just a little bit and it takes you five years, then you know we're talking about five six thousand bucks again and say So I don't care you, none of these things are under the stupid column, they're all smart, but if you're going to keep Pedal to the metal and your income is going to go up like you and I are both anticipating and we add that into the equation. All of a sudden August of twenty twenty three is probably not where you really are. It's not gonna make me it's not going to be worth it much Do the refund, ok, but the longer you're going to stay in the debt. The more sense it's going to make
go ahead and re finance. Ok, ok, great! Thank you. So much have questions for fun. Analysis. Thank thank you for calling in so those of you listening here is the formula. It's a fairly simple formula, your current interest rate minus the interest rate you can get do to refinance, create your savings that change an interest rate, one point eight hundred and seventy five. In her case, if you're going from five to three, it's a two change times, your loan balance gives you how much you're going to save a year divide that into the closing costs, and that tells you how long it's going to take to break even for this gravy. On the biscuit, it's called a break even analysis. So in her case we had seven thousand dollars in closing costs. We have three thousand five hundred dollars.
A year fairly simple, takes two years to break even and die if you're gonna keep the mortgage longer than two years are much longer than two years, and it makes a lot of sense to refinance. So if you're gonna keep that mortgage fifteen years have been no brainer, you agree finance that for sure you'd refinance at but she's on a on a mission. She's been foreclosed on and I want you have had that ring your neck a couple times or even once good. You don't wanna go back for seconds and I've been there done that and got the tee shirts from y'all. Think I'm a fanatic yeah! Well, it's working for me I am not going to payments to anybody. Life is too freaking short our quest. It comes from blinds dot com find out for yourself. Why blinds dot com is the number one online retailer of custom window coverings to Corey Company? I love these guys just bought some stuff from the day they get free sample
free shipping new promos they run every month. You save even more the promo codes. Ramseys Sheena is in Georgia. What advice do you have a twenty four year old female go alone by her first car I've been driving my dad's ninety four Camry for years. Now that I'm moving out I'll need my own, I make thirty thousand dollars a year, is hoping to keep my budget between three and six thousand, I'm leaving Georgia in twenty twenty one, I'm worried about getting ripped off by a manipulative salesman or getting a bad car that will be costly in maintenance. You are a very wise twenty four year old, I like you, you have the gift of cynicism, so wonderful It's called wisdom, so I think just the fact that you realize that this is a distinct possibility means you are probably a force to be reckoned with, so I suspect, they're going you don't walk and talk and act like a victim and people could smell rectum, including the shysters on on any any particular business car business, no exceptions. So the fact that
walk in there and you act like a little bit. You know what you're doing and you're real suspicious that's going to bode well for you, you can take it. You can talk local mechanic and ask them what they would charge you to give it a quick look over for you most of the time they charge you two thousand and fifty bucks somewhere in there five thousand dollars to give you a quick look. Look at the some make sure the main parts are working on a six thousand dollars car. You can do that. Take you! with your pastor with you, an elder in your church with you, something like However, you've got the walk with you over there. They may not be smarter than you are but you're. To recognize. The sexism does exist on a car lot, occasionally and so on. The fact that a male is standing. There does make a difference it shouldn't, but it does so you're to recognize that this is Dave Ramsey show
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Oh I'm, living in a condo that I bought two one slash two years ago. I have one read an eight thousand dollars left on it to the condos and my same complex, look for one hundred and sixty five over the summer song, but I'm looking to move to Arizona to go to nursing school good for you and I'm just I'm trying to look for some advice on whether or not I should just the condo out and pay company that manage it
while I'm away or if I should just sell it and take that money and kind of sit on it as a nest. Egg or maybe invested in another property out there, you should sell it. So it you don't. Let me tell you how I decided that so quickly. Ok, let's pretend that you lived with no condo in Arizona and you were in nursing school and you walked into your kitchen and there was fifty thousand dollars in cash piled in the middle of your table. Would you take that fifty thousand and buy an investment rental condo in Nashville, while you're in nursing school in Arizona? No sir? By keeping it you made the same.
If you bought it, would you agree? Yes, sir? Let's sell it. Alright sounds good you're going to have plenty of opportunities to make money on real state. You made money on this real estate, but you're going to plenty of opportunities to own investment, real estate after you're a nurse and you own the world and you're in control and you're doing great, and do you need this money help you get through nursing school by the way I was continuing, I was planning on continuing to work as much as I can. I just got an associates in child development, family relations and I paid for all that out of pocket. So I was planning on doing the same with this degree as well, cool, very good, and so you've got an end
School in Arizona, yes, sir, and how much does it cost I'm for the rn out there it's going to be about five thousand dollars. 'cause of their community college system is just really good and it's really cheap and then from. I haven't really looked into the bachelors. Yet I'll just go with honestly. Probably the cheapest option from their gotcha. Ok! Well, the fifty thousand dollars, if it's in the Milyar table, mathematically philosophically in romantically for sure, but mathematically also invested in making terra into a nurse, will make
more money later than terra owning a condo, yes, you're, more value right, because you're choosing of field, it's give that you're gonna make good money and it's a very usable applicables field, and you can almost always get a job as a nurse. It's a great field and so on. You know, you're going to be more valuable in the money. You're gonna make as a result of that as a return on your fifty thousand invested in the. U is a better man, medical returned in that. Condo will give you, even though the condos done really well but you're, just not viable, because you chose well in a field that you're going into. So I would use this money to complete your goals and those goals, then in your career, will lead you to the ability to buy things like rental property. Later, hey great question, thank joining us, proud of you, be careful out there Chris is Weatherson Illinois, Hey Chris. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show
Other gone, it's a pleasure to talk to the utility you too, sir. How can I help so? My question is my dad is: is bill as governor for a little while now Uh and she recently moved in because she has no income and she she's getting income before to pay her own rent through 'cause, her ex husband had passed away, she was the kids were under eighteen, so that's how she was getting into, Anyway, she moved in with my dad and then now she doesn't have any health insurance or anything, and my dad is. Ask me if I think it's a good idea. For him to marry her for health insurance, because she has some health issues right now, and she doesn't have anything for net worth or anything like that. I wouldn't not marry someone because they had didn't, have a net worth, but marrying someone because of health insurance.
That sounds pretty lame, like you ought to marry somebody because you're in love- and you want to spend the rest of your life with them. That's I thought I told him. We asked him the question like that. Would you want to spend the rest of your life with her and he says. Well, I don't know because she is, she got too much baggage. 'cause she's got like a bunch of kids and stuff like that all staying at my dad's house right Now- and he was asking me what I think you should do, but I don't How old are you I'm twenty eight and are you married, I'm not married? I have a girlfriend. So I guess you use it. I guess he was kind of wanting you to be ok with having a new step momma. I don't know, but we both work at the same place and we both make pretty good money in our health insurance is pretty.
Uh, like we don't listen, furnishing health insurance to someone is a really dumb reason to marry them. Yeah. That's what I thought you know we don't I mean that really that's a bad, a bad decision making paradigm by choosing for choosing a mate Yeah, I think you think you feel sorry for her and wants to help her and and he's confusing that with a lifetime commitment see, I'm an old school dude. I feel like when you marry someone the only get rid of his death yeah. That's exactly what I'm saying! I I I think if you're going to marry someone it's to be with them for the rest of your life. Well, just like you said, through richer yeah or in poor yeah, like that in sickness and in health and for richer for poorer. Under the all my worldly goods, I pull
edge gladly, and I don't have to think about it. In other words, I wouldn't be asking you. I would be announcing it to you that this was occuring yeah. I appreciate the fact that he's asking you tells you that he doesn't want to do it. He wants somebody to tell him Otherwise we would be asking: is twenty, eight year old Son for permission to get married old dogs? Don't do that? Much often that often cool night for column my lessons with us in California? I Melissa. How are you hi Dave doing well? Thank you. I have a quick question related to a car fleece. Ok, so fact pattern. Here. We have our three to six months of emergency fund. They we had a household income of two hundred thousand no other debt good on to the police. Three year, peace we have just paid over eleven thousand. So far we do have to clean. Remaining payments are telling nine thousand. However, I am open on miles
So right now the Kelley Blue Book is around three thousand and twenty nine k to thirty one point: five hundred and twenty four third party itself and my question: is we just keep making these leaf came up and save up to purchase at the end of the lease or simply try to purchase now with an independent loan or we proceed with us this week. Memo how far over the miles are going to be at the end a substantially over whelming, twenty thousand, roughly maybe twenty, five thousand thirty thousand or so over charge per mile great question. That tells you what the damage is in what you compare this back against. I take it. You, like the car
correct. All right doesn't matter to me at some point in the in the next six months. I would just pay the car off and keep you make two hundred thousand dollars a year. You ought to be able to pay thirty thousand dollars off in six months. Yes, I want that's the value of the car which the early buyout on it the early buyout right now current purchase. I want to buy it right now today, thirty one thousand. If I wait until the end of the line, yeah yeah, we'll be down by then the least because you will have made those other non payments but yeah, but the bottom line is: let's just pretend thirty one thousand dollars car payment, you made two hundred thousand dollars a year. How fast would you pay that off six months right, but actually it should be less just given my current situation living situation, so
great? So, let's just treat it like it's thirty one thousand r card debt and just pay it off as fast as you possibly can chunk it in the bank until you get the money to check into the early buyout and then send him a check and get your title? And that saves you a lot of steps and now you own the car an you know, then you decide you don't ever do that car flea stuff again. So mostly boy operated vehicle, but you can get out of it within four to six months. It sounds like, and just pop cash up at your check, this is the Dave Ramsey Show
scripture of the day, Isaiah, four thousand one hundred and ten, so do not fear for I am with you do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Even Shakespeare, said our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt the things we don't try, because we're afraid all of Us all of Us Brent is what is in Ohio, Hi Brent, Ramsey, show Hey Dave so at age, forty wife and two Children should I go back to school. Why wouldn't
oh well, there's cost obviously involved. I don't know exactly what that cost would be. I did recently I am fact just last week I put in the application for the local community college as a why I'm currently is Roger. Ever you wanna get supply chain degree, yeah and I'm currently a truck driver and in a land far far away a long time ago I was an insurance salesman with a series six license, but I don't know that any of that will actually help me and I don't know what my income reduce to with an associates degree from a community college in supply chain. Our
either what you. What do you right now, eighty five? Okay, I don't think it would reduce a ton permanently. You might have to come in on an entry level below that, but you should be back up over a hundred once you've proven yourself in the supply chain world. My Watching people make six figures, even if they have it doesn't end the degrees. Not the degree is only on proof that you can do the work if you can do the work. You know two years after you're there, three years after that, you're there you'll make more than you make now. Ok, and what's driving. This idea get you off the road and just a career change into something that you've got more control over the variables or what. Yeah. I I just want to go home time to go home
like my own bed too, I travel, it sure is good to be home. Home is a good place yeah. I definitely would do this. Are the thing that'll give you some comfort is: what's got you go ahead and do some research and say: okay, where can I get a job in whose hiring with associates degrees for supply chain, I do know I mentioned it in an earlier hour today, I had run into a young man just come out of college the other day with the supply chain, degree from University of Tennessee and his first job out of school in his twenties made eighty three, so it's a soul, wheat degree field. It's doing I mean when a kid coming straight out of school can make that kind of money. That's ridiculous that we used to call at logistics back in the day, but our current, the current, the current vernacular supply chain, the series six doesn't matter, except that that's a real,
tough test to take I've taken it and passed it, and it doesn't mean you have a lot of math aptitude and you'll need math aptitude in a supply chain. Degree! Okay, so the fact that that was in my history, probably help me as far as getting a better start, but no, but someone took it off the road indicator that you can it's an indicator. You can do this job, ok, because the job requires heavy, a series. Six passengers sixes. I mean it's not quite as ours cpa, but it's a dad gum, tough test and you gotta, you gotta, do you. You got a bill crunch numbers as a big math concepts in your head to be able to get through that puppy and show your at and the supply chain is no different than that: its logistical manipulation of numbers and purchasing processes and so forth, and share
so decision making trees and a good, critical thinking, skills and you've got all of that. Are you into bed with pass that test? You can't pass A6. If you don't so. I know people taking a ten times, but anyway, you're going to do fine and yes, I would definitely would do this, but if you're worried about where you're going to end up because of it go, do some research. What is a forty two year old guy with an associate's degree, that's two years from now look like going into supply chain and if a kid twenty two got a job at eighty, three thousand with a four year degree. Maybe you come in at sixty five, I don't know I'm guessing. I don't know. I've got some plot supply chain folk on our team and I'm trying to remember which degrees they've got all I know is they do their jobs. So that's really what I'm concerned about
but in their worse you know, they're worth that kind of money in the market place shop, hey good question ma'am all right up next is going to be Stephen and Pennsylvania, Hey Steven and Pencil owner one mission up everything there. It goes Steven. How are you I'm doing good. How 'bout you better than I deserve. What's up man, so uh Question whether or not to sell our collector car that we owe money on it's our last debt in baby step, two: ok, what's what's the car in which it worth uh so two thousand and ten Shelby Gt500 blue work on it. The range about thirty two to thirty seven thousand, and yeah. So we did you buy it new uh we were. Second owners has about six thousand miles on it, search for third car. It's a garage baby.
Yeah, it's it's a garage car. What's your household income about one hundred and fifteen gross and how much data we got left. This is the last one: it's about twenty five thousand left on it. It's on that car, yeah, yeah! Ok! Well! So how quick do you pay it off? If you keep it, Oh, I mean we've so far the past year and a half we paid off about sixty thousand To get to this one, but it's a space you know, maybe you pay it off mad, six or seven months. What I'm thinking? Ok? Are you willing to go six or seven months to keep your garage baby. Hi. I believe so strongly calls in your house to be foreclosed on your children aren't hungry it's just a matter of where you're going to go beans and rice Gazelle intensity for six more months to keep this baby in the garage. Yeah a medium emotional car you've had
while you do. Get it when you're. Sixteen, you didn't buy it new. Your dad didn't pass it down to you, so those are heavy emotional car right this one's meeting. We got a cool car and you got it chicken owner and it slow and it's been sitting in the garage and by the way, it's cool car, but Yeah my wife's dream car Schering Car yeah yeah would not have been. There would not have been the case at my house, so it would've been my dream car, but it's up to you. I don't care. The bottom line is five years today that things sitting in the garage paid for and you all are still hitting all your financial goals? Are you glad you've got it in Kapitan, worked six more months to keep it hum? I believe so I mean my fear is getting rid of it and that knowing the value is going to go up on. I don't even worry about that not only does not answer that question by going. Do I want the thing sitting in my garage ten years from now. Ok, I think,
go up in value, but I wouldn't really call it. I don't know that you're going to see huge returns on that car in investment, I mean I got a nineteen, corvette sitting in my garage is a restoration frame up. It's a sweetie. And it's gone up in value in five years. Almost nothing, ok, but it's a precious baby to drive into that. So yeah yeah, it's a it's an antique, but yeah. You know it it's just you know it's just what do you want to trades dollars? And you know your energy for because that's what you gonna do for the next six months. All your energy is going to be for this. Yeah. I don't care! Nothing here is out of line if you, but both of you need to be on the same page. You need to be in agreement and you need to keep the pedal to the metal and gazelle intense as if this was credit card debt and you were facing bankruptcy and you get this thing paid off if you're not willing to do that, you need to get rid but if you're willing to do that you're going to give up six months of
beans and rice at your house to get her done, It's not out of line with the numbers you're giving me nothing here is that line, so it's just a personal value system. Call at that point. Thank you for the call. Sorry I couldn't give you yes or no. I'm gonna put this in back on you. That puts us out in the books are thanks to James Charles R producer, Madison filling in for Kelly this week, tradition phone, screener, great job that I Madison I am Dave Ramsey. Your host will be back with you before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's football daily with the prince of peace, Christ, Jesus
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