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I have one or two Ramsay solutions: wad casting from a dollar remmel studios. It's the day, Ramsay show what that is. Just came in the mortgage agitated, the boys of the Bmw, though status. They were actually your host. Your show for joining open phones AAA a two five five, two to five, that's triple eight. To five five too five
Aaron is whether Indianapolis starting off this our higher. And how are you nobody in areas better than I deserve. What's up. Well, my dad then what I saw a couple years ago and no longer works due to help this stage for cancer, but while he, while he was working, purchased a card on your back, the work to get rid of his old clunker and the analogy seed now working with the car, the insurance medicine and things like that. It's your source, courteous. The only item at this time that's what I'm not gonna governed by non stop trying to help him out. To learn. If you know it Sure just go ahead, and our noble and start working. Well, they can. I help
situation gonna as an entity does nevertheless, at the time down now as one family just gonna work on No, no! I would not pay his debts. I think it's wonderful that you're giving me a place to live and you're taking care of him when he's fighting cancer, but there's no. Campaigners there should be serving purpose at all. He saw the card on me we currently have a foreseeable I'm gonna get on its internal unapprized would like a little more marketable Charlie. How much of that there is a gap. Basically the reaches the car of storage in it. He had a shower June it with a bunch of stuff it. Yes I guess we shall off stuff and you're the store. Junot news that money right that's fairly easy of thousands.
If you saw the car and you shall stuff others georgian and he doesn't have any expenses of living with you Thank you. I didn't surfaces, medical staff after that yeah, I'm not sign for that I mean that shit I mean you can take of him, without you know, you getting on the four million dollars or the cancer treatments right and so on. You know that does blur the lines on what taking care of him means the issue? What I'm saying when you go over and start stepping into his financial, negations and taking those on that's a whole lot different than. Taking care of him while these are finding it. Your fight, how old is he. He'll be sixty five bucks, but an stage for what's the prognosis. Maybe it was ten initially announced
before they saw them Ganz and talk, and I were Alex spread, as I think that that's: gonna marry tells the label, That's a nice to ten months. No, I'm sorry was illustrated ten years, I'm take another uses, yeah, ok, Don't worry, I'm sure you have a majority of us are haven't worked. It is the least of his problems. Then our car, storage units, but to relieve stir ass, you can clean those two things and get rid of those help, him get rid of those two obligations without you having to sign up for his debts. That makes sense Yes, I mean Yes, do you take care of him, your dad and natural? wonderful, and I think I want to come weekly here you know embrace there and I'm so sorry you guys are facing is such a gut wrenching go through emotionally. Ok, now,
let's deal with what happens, some day. We all pass away what happens when he passes away if he his death and he passes away. It doesn't get paid. But if you start taking it on then- Debt survive sham and you are now obligated show on the other and so on. Cold way of saying- and I don't want you misunderstand- my locker compassion cause us not one I've come here, you know what you guys are fashion, but but me sure you take care of him, but let his debt pass away when he does, that makes sense. If you die, and you owe money and there's no assets which is his situation, they dont get paid. Don't you paid and so that's what I mean by buys, there's no reason must do the best. We can do to get this off of him, but but
scale of one to ten, this debt stuff is one and cancer is a tan right. In terms of things to worry about things to have been. About her, whatever, whatever shouts that's. I concentrate on that, but so glad. You're, therefore recommend that you guys got a place, and you know. And take care of him those kinds of things and interesting it's the way it should be so high. Thanks for the car open, owns a triple eight eight to five five, two to five, you jump and we'll talk about your life in your money. They, my husband about, purchase the newest Iphone earlier this year. Before getting on your plan, I say we purchase we financed. It should include this in our debt snowball because it is actually part of our phone bill all dead. Your dad snowball if you're paying payments on here. Yeah. You would pay that off. So? I'm YAP put it in your debt. Snowball discussion.
The payment is a part of reform. Bill doesn't mean you other payment, your payment, And so now cleared up cleared up his first you can it's like you would any other that and so forth. There you go. Involving a triple eight eight to five five, two to five that question came from the Ramsay baby steps community, which is approved. Facebook group of ours go check it out there all kinds of wonderful discussions and you crazy things and all I can stuff and so yeah. Let's get her down and on jumpy and and check it out. The Ramsay baby steps community is the Ramsay baby. Community, and that way you know it's. The actual one does review out there that are not authorized or official somebody just started a downward. I'm talking about their rooms. Words, your loud do that I'm mad How about that? But this is the official once there you go, changes everything right
My wife and I are gazelle intense on paying off her home in six years, but it means putting a total of thirty. Three percent of our time goes by With the extra payments towards mortgage it works, in our every dollar budget, but every crazy you put where we want to larger doing you're, always while you're doing baby steps, six you're doing baby steps. Four and five. Fifteen percent of your income going into retirement. Something which gets college You jack up and add to what you are putting on the Roma,
That's wonderful Europe right off. I don't care nothing wrong with that. Much thanks for following us on Twitter drew this. Is that Abrahams Asia?
you know, I get asked all the time at what age should I buy life insurance? Let me be clear: if you have a family, if there are people depending on your income, now is the time to have term life insurance. I don't care if you're, twenty thirty forty, fifty or whatever your age is less important than your financial situation. If you have debt and a lack of savings, it makes no sense to risk your family's financial well being based on the cost of a term life policy term. Life rates are just plain cheap and the best way to compare those rates is through Zander Insurance call, eight hundred three five six forty to eighty two or visit the sand or dot com,
Matthew, land to high Matthew well from other Abraham Shep better than I deserve. What's up to ninety two thousand now I can really get a part and on the baby you didn't go Thank you can't get started. We don't have the additional income Howard Alibi, I am a member of the dangers and sometimes I get.
The man when I found out that get over damn hours later I want Europe. Time job, but now I can't find anything cuz, I'm only in one location for a couple weeks and I'm I wonder what the by catch you single, ok, And what is the ninety three thousand under along with my eight hundred? Long live about family are eleven thousand seven hundred and thirty nine. Forty eight hours and longed for a twenty three. They watch your Erica. Personally line? Forty five? What do you think that one can make a living out of a total of eighty six? The details car. You can't afford, for one thing, Twenty thousand other car does not fit in this equation that you gave me
What's your problem. So what I would do it? Have you tried the every dollar budget? so the system works like this man. You have fifty seven thousand dollars permanent and you look at what your monthly income is gonna be for the upcoming. And you can estimate that pretty close I built little laugh because you may or may not get the per day, I'm all these things could popular out, but you're gonna be pretty close to what your take home pay. Going to be for the upper coming month. They want the money getting registered diesel, Berlin Archaic today, and so when you list out. What are you gonna do with that and you give every one of those dollars an assignment taking care of food, shelter, clothing, transportation and utilities before you do anything else. The bay six of life right once we ve got food for clothing, transportation, utilities taken care of them your car payment, your house payment Europe Water, yet money set aside for food, then
begin work on in the baby steps as soon as we can find any other room in the budget, you got room in this budget there there this is doable, but you do have a car you can't afford. And so part part of what you're looking at is you're going up selling this car in order to get ahead because Three thousand our car in a household it makes fifty thousand bucks is too much car. When you have more than fifty percent of household income tied up in things with wheels and motors. That are going down in value it's very difficult mathematically to get ahead and build wealth like impossible cars which Catalonia here that's more than things has got your stock and so on. Moving out of that and I'm gonna get on a detailed written plan. I think you can do this I thank you and your wife and have shut down to gather decide. That this is important doing anything with money except watch on this page. The budget year
also there until you get it done in one should get it done. Then it's the both of you. I'll tell you what to do Does that way? You're now we can do that, because we are more important goals like getting out of death important girls like building wealth, more important goals and only to see the inside of a restaurant leisure workin there and so yeah you probably do need some extra work. You may need look at your overall career tracking. Go is working, you're not making a ton of money considering their run. You ragged out of town So is there another direction in the go long term with the guerriere? That's another thing you could look at here, but that you can do this Matthew do keep working on it. You call me back if I can help more Stephen, is whether some Dallas Texas, high Stephen, how are you haven't got? How can I help? without an eighty Kay EM a in eighty to my bank target a decent, amount saved, but I'm not sure what to do with the savings. Can my motion what the future holds. Gotcha held area between Seven-
word always money come from, I'm a programmer, Disaze hide out anything basically gave George you're single ok online. I what do you make any one else, I would actually talk. There is from like a mother, Ding Ding man might go very cold. So what do you want to do with money? Well, not much joy, Bayard I'd get out or something but I don't know I don't have it. Financial choice, and I wanted to meet other financial toy. I'm not just something to do I've also considered moving overseas workable years and something like Sweden, I think they would be easier to buy an apartment for the time that I'm there and then sell it. When I leave so much- and I want my money locked up anywhere the count.
And I'm not sure that I want it locked in the housing market here or in next. Until an orange we losing the hour in Sweden as well? The thing is, I know that every couple years economic they locked up in a market, their God. I think I'm thinking in a foreign country that you don't know the economy and you don't know the market. That's where I rent. And you know what I would do right now. How old are you coming from twenty seven? is where does a sound since you just gotta twelve thousand on a raise? let's talk shop and for swedish jobs, it's time to go well I definitely considering it. I just a couple thing you're kidding me here and that's that I might start working for my dad and if I do that, I would put the Sweden thing on old and the problem would renting in Sweden? Is that
they ve got long lines in and you gonna wait in line four years and basically you you have to buy the second hand at all. Well it's up to you. I don't care, but I would not If you're heading overseas, I would not buy something here, and I would not something there I know I was there. I shall then the worrying development well that yummy savings account of safe if you're leaving the money alone five years or more than I would move towards some mutual funds with this money And at least park in something at least something like an index fund men about it, but you gotta be planning, leave it alone, a while to do that oh dear, I think when you make your life decisions on where you gonna land, Are we stay in a Morgan for dad? Are we going to Sweden or what's the plan than that, gonna tell you what to do with the money, the eighty thousand, this not in their retirement now, but
part of that money needs to be set aside right now, is your emergency fund not to be touch, but the other part is what you can buy up Verde with You know where you're gonna settle let us add three to six months of expenses out of that eighty thousand as your radio. Your emergency fund and in your world. That sounds like fifteen thousand bucks, probably something like that Could you spend a lot of money and I, like fifteen thousand, go a long way if you had an income blip, and then you decide you know: can you make as much money working with your dad? Is that a career choice you wanna do long term? Is that your best plan It is and you're going to do that now, then, let's do it and just going to Sweden as a place to visit on vacation then but if you're gonna make that journey and make the mean, unlike the work move them do it sooner rather than later, if I were in your shoes
done very well you might you know how to make money, and you know how to save money and live on less than you make sure your way ahead of most people, much less Twenty six year old I mean you're killing. You ve done very, very well regulations, but once you your life choices that I'll tell you what to do with this money. In the meantime, if you're gonna do five years or more I'm talking about moving some of that above fifteen thousand towards an emergency fund.
Towards an investment. Fifteen thousand being an emergency for this is that I ran Felicia.
In the lobby of Ramsay Solutions, Glyn Amnesia, whether guys are you are you welcome. Welcome already, does love at last Georgia, how fine good to have you thanks for joining us having us? Yes, so how much of you to pay off? We paid out sixty five thousand dollars. Steve, I've, yes very cool or along the strike, took us. Fifty six month then came and your range of income during that time, started at fifty thousand and ended it. Ninety brokered burger, and what kind of debt was the sixty five
what we had three credit cards, we had some family day they're from the waiting and stood alone. Okra show over and over four years, if ombudsman, about five years, you ve been working on this. So tell me story, So we had a lot of life that happened between fifty six months. We shall attend college without a corn anymore debt, oh yeah college- and I guess I did that changes are members. Does the numbers are probably even more if we didn't if we included other things outside of our debt, but then we also had our sun and then we also had a lot of Murphy. That also causing lazo as well too the time just on such a long period of time. So you really just had lain in persevered in here we do It came with some challenges as well, just because time that it took for us to get through it because
We are doing something. This law gets at a point where you wanting to quit twenty six times. Yes, if not fifty six tat idea, so what you're degrees in so mine is in Ministry of Managed, Sagamore, bachelors, administrative management and now the best. An integrated studies with concentration, a healthcare, mentioning very cool. Both of you do now: Well, I'm a actually a manager at dealt community. I don't love you guess heard of at what to community credit union. Oh yeah, ok, sure, yeah, ok, cool area! health Insurance company was anyway a fat pharmacy technician, of course, mocha perfect. Sorry coup, you guys show you
through all the education you push through Murphy. You push through having a kid and you pay out sixty five thousand older and this time. Yes, that's like a lot of stuff happening. I wonder yes, it was a lie. We we also had to cast of quota classes and praise. Is he had soon? get an icy unit. We had Asiana that went out. Of course, people in J, and we had a wallet so why Are there we we were able to work through a nuclear power, What are you tell people the key to getting out of areas? I will say, the key is discipline. You definitely have to be disciplined to to get through it and our soldiers, working together to make it through and your caution, don't quit
No we're not gonna quit, and I think that having a? Why, for which is why you doin? It is extremely important just because of the amount of time that it will take. If it does take you allowed or if it takes you a short period of time, either either case it's be tough because you have balance those challenges that you have with either yourself or with the personnel you're with me. When we had our If not fifty six vice dead put his do some some challenges, but at the same time, all the biggest blow up the at the time, the biggest argument? Remember it yet! I, if share the airily so on our honeymoon during a honeymoon Somehow I found out that she took out personal long and the personal mole was for some hair extensions o my lord,
you didn't say it was you know you could do that girl Gaza by your own ever get over. There was one of those things that I felt like I have had had. He found out on the hunting we came back home. We heard her extensions, certainly let him off the credit that we go game or add. We also graduated together, as is, that's awesome. Yes, that's awesome. I mean you ve learned to invite through stuff, not with each other. I mean you learn to fight they, the per person. Further, the struggle
The articles you you ve had this had been a grand ass. Three are so who are your biggest cheerleaders? I think upwards. We'll be near, my wife were our biggest supporters hair and our parents? Yes, my hands with family members who led just help out with Baby sitting, just ever We really had a lot of support from us. Very go who won't work you guys well done? Thank you very well down. We got a copy across oceans book, for you retire, inspired ass, a number one best seller and of course that is the next chapter in your story for you to be completely debt free, but now my clothes that chapter now
we move on. We become wealthy and outrageously generous as you go along, so very, very cool. Congratulations did you bring gland with you, get us getting Malaysia here, so you haven't been part that every scream has Ebay to act as it is in fact a season and practice in legal say it right here. I M glad and may shining Glenn from Atlanta Georgia sixty five thousand dollars paid up in fifty six months, Megan fifty to ninety and a lot of life and the process counted down what Sarah debt British grew pay. You angry three too One word on well done. Well, man, life is good. While absolutely amazing,
it comes from blondes dotcom found out for yourself. Why blinds now comes the number one online retailer of custom window coverings. You get free samples, free shipping and new promos used the promo code, Ramsay guarantees in Tennessee my husband, our debt for accepting our home, but do a lot of shopping online. Up system work when you shop online or doesn't Humph Globe system has not for things that you buy online for things you by when you're walking around. You're in the mall, if you're in the store But if you do everything online, you gotta have a budget that hold you to jump on Ray dollar And every dollar dot com. My tribute your budget going all the envelope does. Is it tells you if you're running out of money in a category those of you dont know freshness if you're setting, food budget? That's one! You general,
If somebody bought online from a balloon delivery, grocer delivering the cost of now, most people still go the grocery store. So, let's, put, the amount of money would have been, the groceries envelope incarnation go to the grocery store. The cash was empty. Quit buying, you realise when you're busting through a category on budgeting and so what the envelope system is in, but all of this is just a category- is how it is there dollar app What, if you're sitting there. And you know in your recline are getting ready to buy something on Amazon. Prime, you jump over check the EP. Do I have the money in that category to spend them getting? mommy doubt, then you don't click, prime. Right, you just move on and do thing else, input impulse in your but off online. But if got the money and you want to buy something. I don't care by. That's the point.
Making your money behave instead of one or more it went. That's the whole process here shall take good question. Good question, this is the day Ramsay
you're the candle by war. Now are you? Are you better than others? What's up with you about one month ago to be putting everything amount paper, college? Currently, nineteen years old, I live a hot and paste.
But my question is right now is: would it be better for me to pay year by year? for school. Would it be better? I put it in a mutual funds for the four years, yet the also which had trust, while I'm in the four years and rate when I've done school. In that I have in the mutual funds towards school. I will pay cash for school I would not player by you. I would not put our not play with borrowed money. It yourself in trouble because it turns out, you think he's gonna turn out and around. Then you end up with that debt hanging over your head. If you're, not just if you're, not perfect, withered and nothing is ever perfect shop just pay cash as you go Tabitha is in Charlotte North Carolina. How are you Now I'm good day. Just how can I help.
Ok? So we have been listening to you and I thought I knew field. Then I found you and bigger I hear you're me more than I hear my name from now. So we are trying to get some of are, thinking here on hand. About a year ago, I had been lost his job and is making a lot less money. I will just kind of been humbling and struggling through the last here. They are used to make. Only a snake? Seventy right now He makes about around eighty. I'm sorry around forty one and forty one thousand six hundred now reaping what I do want to take such a poker. Well they let him, though it has other job, so he went into another I'm here the human doors cars though he went.
Into the same kind of line of work by the local place that we heard around here. What kind of a very small town enough didn't pay them about what we do not think we can afford to move to go someplace where he can make more money, and I thought right now that we're the kind of trying to get through it right now. For thirty thousand a year, you can't afford not to move. Yeah I indicated if you'll make eighty one place and makes forty another place last time to be at the other place. To that end we need an international. And yes, it is and because of that we have adopted and just recently and so that we can leave stretching our thought out from its other job. We had a little bit of left over our heads
a few thousand hours in a bank in that kind of carried us through a network and who we are, and I on my help, went down hill over the last year. I have adrenal insufficiently, so I cannot work right now and foot, but a big trouble, because now I had to let them bills. Gulf why I am calling on you to kind of you shoulda muttered, I own during our much the owner cars a few cars that are paid off one of their total, but they drive on their boat totalled he'll. Tell me so in Colorado, and so there were but I had no matter where they are now there are voices were built. You gotta get it here. I We have. We have her house with paying on its one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars on the loan, and then we have thirty thousand dollars of debt, which is twenty thousand of credit card type of line of credit type stuff and then ten thousand of medical bills.
This is an income issue, isn't it And so, if he's going to stay in that line of work- and he can not make- a thousand in your town. You need to be in a different town, He will be happening here that, but I am happy that I think they are not working, and I can't just sit here- and I like these numbers- let you can put your hands over years and allow us to make the math J them There's no change until you change it, but, I mean if he can make eighty What I don't understand how he was making? Seventy five, eighty in the same field in the same town, but now he can't Well, he was actually on travelling and it was not travelling by commuting and he was doing raised cars and he that he does call restoration but he's gunboat and then is now in its work,
while our area and he's just doing the restoration and national what's the round here but yeah, we better managed. So what what is again thirty gives income does he have to move, but we have to go back to raise urging it away from restoration. Have to do both what you got that gives income up. I would say We definitely need to move. Look I nothing our saving so right now, no and we ve dropped them. And where that's not a good thing, but we were on whether a drop in the bills doesn't scare me. It's not dealing with calls and one does not dealing with the cause of the bills been rapid scares me. Let us look at their something. It's gonna change. You gotta do something to get your income up. The thing is: he has the ability to make the money, Ok, if it takes a temporary jobs, vulnerable right cartoon build enraged cars for two years and you always gonna be gone a bunch. But it's got what he wants to the rest of his life and I want travel like that. But for two years I got do that. Get my how straightened up here
or we can move to a town where I can just be a restoration high can I can make eighty groom. Which actually you could do in a metro area mean of easier was a see. What do you call it sort of odd now he's not here just supply and who has just he's really good at what he does you He has been doing a lot of custom stuff. It sounds why ok right exactly ass. It obviously like assure the Pentagon area in our union to get really IRA learned. He don't have you know much going, so you really have to get to a market where those guys are people who are willing to pay that to work on a car they were gone, specialty cars. What amounts to or if you want me or direct course out of the equation. I dont care, which, when you do but all I'm tellin. You is, as you have a mouth problem, and the only way to solve the problem is with his. Income goes, you are not able to work. That's what you told me, and so
this is not going to go away until you address that issue, thanks for the call open founded- light eight to five five, two to five Robbin Lobo Kentucky. I Robbie work under the diver amnesia They very you better than I deserve. What's up, well my first speech in averting at our church, from a working through the steps and we're on maybe step to right now and make our way through the Dutch, no Bonn whose had a bit of a car issue here this week from engine went out and we may safely in the past one other thing: that's really saying that with our debt is making for decisions when it comes to be a golden, so weird is trying to figure out what the best route to go and handle. This would be a shave, a car, that the engines out all remain out of blue
my leg. I believe it's a bomb gasket then went out so they basically Does it shot made a moment ago, gasket doesn't mean yet replaced the engine Well, you said it was, then it that's what he thought and they said those other issues, how many miles an hour, over a hundred and fifty thousand or Connachar the two thousand him off the sea at nine. I think the cheapest round is to get the head fixed. Yet they had gasket very simple, the heads and do that he may not want to do that. You may have to find a different mechanic that, once the doesn't want to show you own a new engine, but I mean, I don't know that vehicle. I don't turn wrenches anymore, but blown had It does not institute does not necessity. They don't come for complete engine replacement Tommy engine at three thousand miles on their problem, not much their money. If you do
already, the hedge compression might blow it but I think you just fix the car you need. A new mechanic sounds to me. Like that's gonna, be here people are out to get out of this. You gotta do it on the cheap. Do don't chickens? You gonna fix it enough to sell at anyone that are used engine from a junk yard wanted to, but I am thinking here of the hedge funds and we made it needed different mechanic to do that puts us. Our that I ran to show in the books are thanks to James Childs producer Kelly, Daniel associate producer. I am neighbour annually your hosting. We we'll be back a guys like Thomson senior police. They really did you know over fifty million, so every listen radio stations across the country to find a station near you had a day, Remsen doktor slash out.
Money is the only then can we talk about around here. Get life, changing advice on your career, my good friend and career expert. In common all my can com and seventy percent of Americans are going to work every Monday and they don't want to be there, but for a myriad of reasons they feel they have to be there. That is our crusade, subscribed to the gentleman wherever you listened, podcast hate. Aims producer of the day. Ramsay show this.
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