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The Order of Attack for Retirement Accounts (Hour 3)

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On the headquarters of William Situations Broadcast Studios Day, Ramsay show that is down casual gaming, and almost mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw as though status under rooms you, your host. Thank you for joining us open functions. We talk about your life in your money. It's a free gall, AAA eight to five five, two to five and some say they advice is worth what you pay for it
key is whether in fact, Vill Arkansas Ricky. Welcome that every measure They are even better than I deserve. What's up, My wife and I have been a little and kit to pay you back in August, and we started with eighty thousand out, what did we can't afford to galvanise lived in we are almost in babies have three and will soon be a poor seeking fell down that it very white man, you kill in it
you think you are easily found out them locally time playing tee. I crave hasn't broke, which model option on there's no fee to you. The brokerage window or transfer find there are the current plan that I've been using. Don't have all the specific types of new to find. You recommend a curling of about two hundred and seventy thousand retirement fine. So my question is shot me with a small best approach with a view to broke with wonder too embarrassed my current retirement at future contributions yeah if you're the extent you're gonna, use your fora, one k, you're gonna use de Graf, which is fine and there's no. Problem with that, but for overall, investing your kids college funds, your Roth I raise or any of the old fora case that you roll over from old jobs in the new I raise in that way, you're controlling all that doing that investing that's what you do. You're smart brushed her pro for and they can over your shoulder and give you some advice about the about your for a one k, but obviously there
implementing the fora, one k, that's managed by craft. In your case, ok, ok If I could just be in, and the current plan in Armenia and you'd find that they have their wealth, for a one k if its, if you ve got good, your phone selections there and you, don't you don't have a choice you ve got to either go to Roth, I re or your fora one gay. These rear two options and I've work outside the home. She there ok So what does she make ninety five thousand. What do you make me Twenty thousand very good, ok, well, but The two of you gotta take a hundred sixty five thousand times fifty. Percent? Shall we want a total going in twenty five thousand dollars. Basically ok that's what I'm gonna end up now. How are we going twenty five thousand. Well, you can put it all at your place and all her place and
Lucian Roth I raise and that'll get you up over twenty five thousand. Probably so you probably going to want to put it all in any one of those places. Does she have for a one k option the Sars match Yes, they do deserve match. Yes, my magic temper, Saint Matthew, five percent, perfect. First thing we do take the match either one of them Roth options. As my retirement off his raw offers. Roger did not actually want butchers and Roth and take it up to the match for sure but hers in or I and take it up to the match for sure and then can see how much our close that get you to twenty five thousand. Go this war trying to get to the next. It doesn't do that, then you can look at you you're wrong, for a one k and say our my options there reasonably good. If they are you can just finish out there. If not you go, do your Roth for Iraq Irae on on your and
view can do six thousand dollars and leisure over fifty years old and new? Seventy seven thousand dollars each, but still only gonna be twelve. Thousands are still not going up to twenty five. Probably so you may end up going back to that crap and doing some non matching. Their or of hers has got great options. You may wonder from non. Might now you under your for a one gay, first show: ok here here's the order of attack man. First Roth. A second additional third, the guy so that's what we're gonna do both matches and then we're gonna do either Europe craft Roth or Roth. I arrange it I wish to thank three things. Together. Don't get up to twenty five percent or twenty five thousand dollars. Fifteen percent, then we're gonna go Benny. Hers, because she's got traditional the only play our traditional than hers that makes sense to you thank you very much. I appreciate the matches first, then Roth, then traditional and
use craft only for the non matching portion. Only to the extent it's got great mutual funds and craft has some good funds generally speak. Of course, one can run by them is generally a pretty good for a one. Gay so you may find good funds on there and you may not need to do as much in Europe, You know your Roth Raphael Razor individual Roth. I rise you, also have kids college other stuff. So yeah you be mean. What is more, Mr Pro unhappy coordinate ever better. What we just talked about and then that's what, You perfect question them. Thanks for the call, me is in SALT Lake City High Whitney. Welcome that I Ramses so what's up I do not question so by air is going to be starting doktor programme here and there in the fire and we ve got ten thousand dollars. Safeguards are not very much
the seller obviously we're. Looking at doing from allowing we advocate we have a baby, and so I don't really want to take all harmony in the school and my boy, no savings but also I'm wondering if there's anything, we can deal with that money kind of heavy in savings. But still, making more money? You know like a lurch. Could you I'm putting it into some kind of account. Would you recommend holding Mantua Andrew Carnegie their safety now? Ok, When I hear your new to our programme, obviously what we teach folks is to avoid dad period here and what we teach folks is to work through a process of getting out of debt and Billy. Up your savings to the outer put together financial plan towards becoming wealthy? What is your style much her husband studying in first Phd chiropractic sites like someone,
medical school, not quite as expensive, but we're looking at like life to hands Nice. Where are you you're gonna do what you're going to do I can tell you that I have counselled in thirty years, a lot of chiropractors that really wished that they were not two hundred thousand dollars in that, because I don't like anywhere near what a medical doctor makes on average, take on and they take on about the same amount of that when you're doing that, and so I dont think a chiropractor degree. Worth two thousand dollars in the marketplace because a lot of them make fifty or sixty thousand dollars a year for the first five years there out building their practice and that's it the case with an empty and and tell you to go to her thousand dollars and in to do that. As matter fact, I think that stupid I wouldn't tell you to do that. I would find another way to get out becoming chiropractor on the same. No one should be a card. Rector I'm say is not
Or to thousand dollars to be won because but not worth it. I mean it doesn't pay enough. In view of our make hundreds Fifty! What is a handful, the number to make over two hundred dollars just to just knowing almost an versus MD's and you're, going almost as much as bad as your friend MD, and so I just can't recommend that I just made a whole bunch of enemies and just one of my gifts, that's okay. This is the day Ramsey Show,
tell you a story about two families that are very much alike and a lot of ways. Both families have to working parents in a couple of young gives, each as dead in a struggle to make ends meet but they're, starting to make headway with their budgets and smarter decisions with money. They have dreams and plans and the only real differences that one family as the right amount of term life insurance and the other doesn't big difference. If one of the parents die- and that does happen, their well being would be destroyed. That's why, every day I talk relentlessly about getting term life, insurance, gotta, Zander, not com or call eight hundred three five, six, forty to eighty two
thanks for borders from migration. Rubbish brings my welcome that over amnesia I gave my for sure. What's up, I just got a question for you to use all my wife. Fifty eight I retired married I ever retirement at forty five thousand a year. We have about
two thousand dollars in a savings account. My wife is going to be tired December this year she has a 403b. Six months ago my wife's employer, based their money that they contributed was managing our money, but anyway they had to give it to her it to the employer to the employees and they had to do stuff with their money. So we didn't know what to do with the money. I mean we didn't want to cash it out and get penalized. So we took it to a financial advisor and now was listening to a woman. You said something about not having the money on a stock market it for short term in investment and that's where a lot of it is- and I was wondering if maybe you can guide me at all, but likewise why would you consider to short term investment,
well, she retired in a year- and I dont know what went on use of the money is going to make sure that we have it in a right place, would have. It was part of a retirement plan and they just issued to her right. Yes, still in the retirement plan in mutual funds. Well, in a few different things. We haven't you ever Jones and they have spread out an apple different areas in parliament is on the stock market. I heard you say that you shouldn't: have they marry viewer to retirement, not incite closer terminus of Euro use it, and three year in fears or let us in your right gonna like you're, not going to use this you're gonna role. This too, I re when she retires and it's gonna be invested long term, so you're fine to be in good mutual funds, as manufacturers were all of this requirement should be.
In good mutual funds inside our account and so Edward Joneses manage I'm sure I do not understand. They gave her a bonus tonight, to our downs retirement, but I guess I think it has some do as employees and non profit organisations. So now. The boy got what they believe I did. To conclude my speech for forty years and they basically have money and do something with it. I am assuming you guys role that when I re probably then added drown just what sounds might have happened already No more, it is looking at the thing now looks like mutual phone stocks. On that issue,
exchange trade called one look at it. Here's the thing all of those are investments- an IRA is how an investment is treated If you can have a mutual fund inside an IRA or not inside an IRA dynamic, strange traded fund in satellite or not It is not an IRA, and so if they gave her this inside of a retirement accounts, if they Jones, Gaza's doing his job. He didn't get out of that. He rolled it inside of from it. One retirement account inside another retirement account that way you didn't have taxes on it So we would. We already have an impact on it, so it will probably be in and I already with them, so what you may do so now you're ever Jones Guy and understand what's going on and if he can teach you and you Stan what's going on, then you need to move to somebody that is the heart of a teacher and you can work With them, and that will help you
Stand at you always want to investment person. Were you know, what's going on and right now you don't so, but if you're in a good eye array and good growth stock, mutual funds just but you're, coming up to retirement doesn't mean you gonna catch. All that I know you're in the past. Reply. She would not move that assuming its or mutual funds- that's a good one. And assuming its inside of a non array, and I think that's what we're figuring out here Tommy is weathers. Endows hey Tommy! Welcome that over amnesia, as you perhaps make sure, what's up. I have a life insurance question for us open to quickly run down my situation and, have you tell me how I'm looking to come on the right track? How much do you make a year. I personally like a decade and my wife next, if these make up one, thirty atomic energy have two for ages.
My son, it's for my daughter, is to attack the oven. Worth over two million dollars. Ok, then you need about ten times on you What are your level term twelve times on you and the same on your wife? So your wife needs five hundred to six hundred and you need eight hundred million on you in twenty year level term. Here's are unique situation. My wife is essentially uninsurable at the moment with a couple of medical issues we have but an insurance employer about point K wash your mind. I don't know if I needed to go above the change at all times, my salary. In that case it doesn't help. Where are you? a good occasion both of you weren't. Accident together that might offset some of that. That's not a bad thought. I wouldn't go who crazy on then. What is the nature of our health issue, its?
I don't know, had completely lose some high blood pressure issues and then she's been diagnosed with depression in you, ve gone through the undergone through a few other organizations, including work, and we had a hard time getting anything agreed the mortgage, yes or no, We are about two hundred and seven on that, might by mortgage life insurance on her it's expensive it's about five times what normal term is, but it would pay off the mortgage, and it is in most of those are guaranteed issue regard so there are no medical and well that's why they're arrived on more, but you could pick come on two thousand. That way carry a little extra around you and then let's just get out of debt and build our wealth as fast as we can, and hopefully we can get passed her medication she can get some distance between her and both of those things that make her ensure five down the road or something but you're right. I think I think you found correct information from my knowledge of it. She's
by not ensure a bolt today with the double with it. Here the two things you mentioned so yeah. I would pick up. I brought it up on mortgage life on her to play off here. Did your something happened to her and then I would add a little under yours, and so we can put you to me into a million to its, not that expensive. How old are you I actually turned thirty yesterday. Ok ok price, that out, I assume, since you ve, been doing all this right, the island. I, based on your vice, I think I'm a little bit high, actually just signed a twenty year term policy. For one point: five, that's ok and then I also say that I also signed a thirty year. Two hundred and fifty a policy a thirty year to shift why'd you as an additional high computer? I wouldn't be surprised when done at thirty you're, probably over ensuring yourself here what you pay for that one and a half way already and always drop it. What you pay for that one and a half authority
I'm paying rent around sixty ethic sixty times a month and you got there from Zander actually got it through my ato and home insurance. I got a little bit of a discount grouping them together, its twenty, your level term. Yes, there s good deal I think you got too much better a thirty year policies, your overdoing it cause hurts situation, as you said, may or may not be temporary in terms her ensure ability, but for sure you guys are gonna, be getting in better financial condition, overtime and the more the more money you have in the less debt. You haven't. They order the children. You are the less insurance unit, In other words today, you probably that have the highest need, for insurance that your ever gonna have in your life. Gonna diminish decrease every year The children grow older as
further out of debt and as you build more wealth then you'll need for life. Insurance goes down gradually. We don't chop it in a gradual thing in a gradual thing, but I mean we don't set it off shut the insurance it had any kind goes away by. Your need actually is decreasing daily. Then you bill well get out there and the children decreasing daily as your it about a thing intentional, very good decisions. This is that I thinking about
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sitting Are they considered retirement savings and we don't plan to use them for our current medical expenses or withdraw before it sixty five, you wouldn't use and h as a saving. Portion of the account as a retirement vehicle. Until that you ve maxed out everything else. Anything that's available to you and then you'd max that AL you might here's the h s. Account savings account after you have a fully funded emergency fund and it is not included in your emergency fund and it would only for ongoing and so to speak, chronic type. Current medical built, a gift you have our geese, and you know you're gonna, spend thousand dollars a year on allergies, not your pocket,
In addition to your medical insurance, your health insurance, then you would run at least a thousand dollars of your spinning through the age essay, because the aid What do the money you put into the h essayist tax deductible? And so you don't pay access on that thousand dollars. If you bring a thousand hours home, it looks like seven hundred report the agency the whole thousands and there you can use all and such kind or the government paying three dollars of your bill, you're, paying seven hundred dollars or your bill because its attack free medical expense. You're right through an age I say so, if you ve got ongoing expenses, you use the age aside around the money through because you get tax break on spending that very wise, In your case you're saying we don't plan to use of current medical expenses, which is where the Ramses our knock on word. We so far have been a healthy bunch and I just say, since they very first came out, I love them. The day, George Bush came up with the idea and put him out there
and he was roundly criticised by the way by the left when he did this But it is an excellent, excellent tool had won all along the weird thing: is I've never used a dime of it, and so on? fully funded the thing every year, because I fully fun all my retirement and I'm allowed to put because long ago I was past baby steps, seven and out everything, and so I've got two thousand dollars and stupid h. Essay These funds and funds funds are put mutual funds, and so on became what you're talking about an extra retirement account in a sense but it's unusual, and you need to get to the point that your baby steps- seven before you start talking about doing so. The only thing you would use the health savings account. The actual savings portion of it for war is medical bells. And don't putting more in their the need to put in there for medical bills until you, baby stuff salmon. This answer to the question-
It is because you have your emergency fund implies. You can cover stuff that comes out of pocket now again, whatever your the rhythm of your bending in your family is out of pocket medically union should be putting that much in their every year, just cut the cut down them taxes on the medical bills Rogers Weathers. Miami, Hey Roger welcomed that I've Ramsay show afternoon, how are you better than I deserve? What's up money for your mad about a hundred and fifty four thousand alone. That, and I want to know if I should Why do you think if I understood as soon as possible are used in his time to sort out savings and inspired by a kind of something like a models are cheaper than the colonel and then thought I'm going alone off, while the current went about that Fifteen hundred dollars a month
different pharmacist? Well, that's good news. So why am I couldn't live eleven thousand daylight when you get out of here when you get out of a month ago, stood for Well, I'm proud for your income. I'm scared for you only student loans, here's the thing, six months ago, you were living like a broke college student right You make a hundred eleven thousand. We keep our lifestyle down and pay there stood alone, often a heartbeat like two years yeah, like have no wife, you remember when you used to have no life. Remember before you go. You just that's right! You! Don't you! if a lotta hundred eleven thousand bucks and you are you're yet you know you're in roman notice before remember, go back to the romanones for two years and by a hundred percent that free
and all the Illinois may well you just tell by that you're doing it. So, let's keep working on this. The the other thing is as a pharmacist have you investigated yet how much money, you can make on the weekend organ at the hospital. No. I haven't I've been doing some other time now, I'm good at it, doing other time and you cannot lay to save and how much does an I got them. Come on top of my party Monica about two thousand with a thousand dollars a month. We are a month, it doesn't oligarchy overtime. Two thousand, where my mind, I don't guess at twenty four: more thousand ok! So here's wonder I'm looking at your one. Fifty four and I'm looking does one fifty four as you wonderful story of your life that you have just told me you told me this one, fifty four and it's almost like, got this healthy young guy who's got cancer,
and I'm saying cut to cancer out fast. Don't with it like it's, a pet that's what I'm telling you the shortest distance between where you are with your fabulous income and your great joy, Of career by the way, congratulations well done. The shorter this? Just between you and being where you are today? Being a millionaire is to clear that student loans that, like cancer. I agree, I guess, the one off, because they had here in the room. I feel I can think too much. You are fifteen hundred dollars a month. You they wanted the keeper placed the rent or save a little bit more. John and then I'm August fan and hopefully have that reduce the something like eight hundred seven hundred the collar payments gonna end up owning that condo rabbi that that's right, that's really intellectual, but not was ok. Yeah. You worked through with your brain, but out here in the real world. That's gonna bring a mantra crap into your life right now. Today, I'm too
into an egg employed broke twenty four year old. You're a hundred and fifty four thousand other negative net worth He bought a house shall ya rent the cheapest thing you can't take in a room. You do need to make a move on that, but listen! This is hundred percent focus on the on the day, we're in a clear that we're declare that it were declared that it and then I'll do want you to go by jumping Miami is a wonderful market by real estate in its a great realestate markets, great town. It's got a lot of flavour lot of spice their wonderful the town but are the out, but but but You here you have the ability to make a lot of money. Make a lot of extra money. Dow you're down shut down to nothing. No life like you used to do when you are studying to be a pharmacist. You had a singular there's a singular go. You are delaying pleasure to win your paying a price to be a stud. Now you stood now pay one uprising, clean up, distinct mess you made with those debts costume man,
I'm talking to you twenty six years old and you're, a hundred percent that free and you have they been my counterfeited. Our view, you're. So much money You don't believe that we just paved the roadmap which pay the interstate set a ferrari on it. You know you're gonna be in good shape, but right now I set up. On it and obviously speed bumps. So let's go Let's get the thanks moved out here. That's what I would do hold on ominous injure copy the book. The total money make over that Alan. Exactly how far mean people are doing. What I'm trying to talk you into doing Shaw help you I'll, show you what I am honoured to have your my audience in Greek. Choice. Roger well done well time, man, that's awesome! Bob involves this hour. As we talk here, talk to you,
your life, your money. Now, for a start, the show! Twenty five years ago there were two zero smart. Twenty four year olds calling me zero now get stopped on almost every day. Twenty five, twenty six twenty eight girls, and I'm talking to you, run out on the smartest ever talk to a quarter of a century that I've done you, people who think these millennials or stay but they're, not stupid. Some of them are lazy, but most of us on this is that I Ramsay Shep
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you can find a ride home in the right budget for you and your family and you'll. Do you know you confidence for general knowledge, David, Frida Cobb Sledge home buyers guide. Dave Ramsay DOT, com, slice home by guide four hours weathers in LOS Angeles Happy new year. How can we help. The new year days. Are you do it better than I deserve? How can I help
so I have a question about three: be an Asia for my finishing up baby step three right now and I'm in no rush to save up. Well, no no particular emerges shave up for anything, but I like to save up for more and better car calypso driving a dozen our car like, but it still driving well thought the same time. I'm not really worried about it, but I'm at also by two running. So I like to venture to say or a cause by the way. You know I'm a finishing up three: might my company matches six percent for the floor one key and the other rocked auction, the first for the first four percent they matches and pretend to sack boys at fifty percent. So I'd have two point: eight percent- and I was wondering how can I
do both like part. By investing in to my forlorn Casey eight percent, I could get the full match and then and then save in three be again so to speak under side or do I have to pick one or the other night nowhere. We wonder whether any of its funds Obviously, the more you put into retirement the longer to contact you to save for a car and for a down payment, You don't wanna, be out of that retirement. Miss a match for very long, and you know that, because you just outlined the match, you know what you're lookin have very well What's your household income! there are made sixty three and I shall every. If you didn't do it, one should finish baby steps. We have therefore we doing that. You know that in the end, then you got a horrible car. You need to move up in car. Ok, what can you say if you re illegally into it? How much can you save a month towards Bonica.
probably about twenty five hundred got shot. We do that for four months about ten thousand, not car here I gotta probably bring about a nearby four thousand bucks by describing about twenty five hundred at least tell me, then, to have been doing for three months about in the motor car when you twenty five hundred dollar garcon right. What I mean is that you should not only it's not like we're under this forever. It just A few months and let's get your car And then, if you want to start doing at least get up to the match and thence above the matched our seven for you down payment, then once you get it down payment, save then step all away into baby step forward for your house, on payment gazettes won't take a little longer the way you could do it, but as long as you're gonna get to babies for women, about two to three years, if want to put it on hold a just, save get your car and safer a completely that's fine, or if you want
up into a partial for a little while and to get that thing none but list three years from now. You need to be fifteen per going into retirement gotcha either way what should it, but three months from now, you could buy a lot better. Car a nerd sight of me. Was it keep driving it even though you not calculator sixty thousand mile Unita wherever he may move up and reach a point of diminishing returns? That is just part of your story. The journey drive a nobody, but do not want to be an empty forever, not moving you into a sixty thousand our car moving into a ten thousand dollar car. You got a lot of fun. I really find vehicle for ten grand that will have a lot of life in it oh yeah. I think I would go that way in and then let's talk about how long we're going to and how we're going to do the emergency fine, I mean how we're going to do the down payment fund from there, but he's really good job. Congratulations!
very well played, while played Sir Andrew is in torso Andrew welcomed that I ravisher thank you what's up well About two years ago, my wife and I got a house really good deal of the house, which is why we got it. Mom ran on her uncle s house, two hundred thousand dollars thirty. Five thousand dollar house right now we're in baby steps too we have. Thirty, four and thirty nine thousand dollars of the left we're in their work, completing the summer, maybe still the house take equity aid on the debt apple havoc the car. They can get us there the way power we probably have about? an hour later dead, we're thinking to sell the House the car that would I get paid off what should our children come about?
Now, eighty five thousand is there any other reason to sell this house other than the bet well the factory? It's not that after we shot before embedded. We like the house in welcoming for but for the next two or three years is not in the world, is nothing nothing goin on here. That's like a big driver other than your discomfort. I want to get out that so you're classic cars worth what somewhere in the six and eight thousand range nooks and watch dead on the thirty nine thousand Majority of student alone, then there's about twelve on credit card debt, and then right now is to pass it on. Seven years ago of foreclosure that we added deal with, and how much does a balance on that?
haven't other net factually and pain from apparently gave me the money give I'll get the attorney and get everything paid off and on pay and that to them out of seven thousand hated them Dutch Roca and your household incomes. What now eighty five not keep? My house so the classic car today. Regional differences on today, as shown in the summer, couple things I want to get sorted on it to get a little bit more money for this year, Your polishing, ok, yeah polish much, but let's get that done before summer. Let's get that money thrown at this, because I, like an eighty thousand euro pale, thirty thousand and what twelve eighteen months what we ve looked about. Fifteen hundred a month towards the dead now put aside, the two year range yoga? Monica car. So my team, much pretty close Gump, like? I done this before your ear good
No, I don't think you shall this house for this reason, if you get out of that, and you have your emergency phone fully funded and you guys decide the trade houses later and you don't take out a payment there's more than a fifteen year fixed rate, and then you get that paid off and you never go and that again than that Ok move, but I think you just trying to find a way slip out of this and right now, you're very, very close and let's at play through through what I thanks for the call for Joe you joining
puts us our that IRAN's you show in the books will be back with you before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's the one daily with the Prince of Police Christ. Jesus, it's Kelly, says he producer and balanced reigned over the name Ramsay. So if you would like you to your debray screen, live on the cell mixer, you visit, Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, Flash so Register Library, the cabin asteroid. Today, your story, make more money doing what you love check out: Christie, rights, business, boutique, podcast crises,
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