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Fly from the headwaters of Lamb, she solutions broadcasting from a dollar rebel studio. It's that day, Ramsay shall work that is just not on. Mortgage has taken the place of the W low status symbol of choice and they ran through your hosts. Thank you for joining us. Open phones, AAA eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA eight, to five five to two: I've markers weathers in Oklahoma City, hey Mark welcomed that I've Ramsay show how you doing do better!
deserve. What's up ok, I'll opportunities to become a to obtain a sponsorship. Do you get my seven licence I wondered I wanted to know if I cut back my job and the goal of an off the home let's go to study for the cat. You know I'm probably take five month or so so, the very short term. The house is obviously about three or four years ago, were currently in baby step forward by the Senate. How much income will you lose when you cut back so that the other kind kind of rose, my thinking up in June of last year I live. I got laid off from my job and have been laid off this entire. Time. My recently, we self funded our way to go to church driving school and I got
With that and now I have a job driving the truck and I'm making. Sixty thousand dollars a year there nor should we usually one study for Missouri seven cut back on my job. What you mean by that working thirteen fourteen hours a day and a month ago, the school online to obtain a better agreement by now, and so all of it Other issues A lot- and I think, like I'm, focusing on funding different areas, and I'm not really focused One area I feel like all the other. It might sacrificed a little bit. I still heard how you got your working fourteen hours a day, driving a drunk, yeah, ok, and you can cut that back to instead of seventy hours a week, you're gonna you it back to forty. I don't think I can cut back that job. I would have to go find another temporary job, further
be right: Allow me to cut back that job now ok so he went from being laid off to making sixty thousand thankful. You got a job the now you can write a change jobs again so that you can cut back your our. Yeah we operate He came up to obtain a sponsorship for this theory. Seven While I was in the truck drivers, Kosovo just kind of idea, I mean that we have an opportunity to get a sponsorship for that's, not a big deal. People Harvey Boy ever, the self stock and so mutual funds and get us every seven and this box, all the time to do that? Most every come, out there, the tiring will sponsor unity, That's not it's not like it. It's like. I, like you, the Med school or something it's not that rare, not that big it all. The time The task is very hard. It's about like it's about like taken a sleepier. I mean it's a rough test reassurance of five month. Perhaps, but it's it's a hard. Ninety day, Europe,
and you know. So what is it you want to do with your life long term, my like long ago, This is to be a financial adviser that no Kapital tat. We I wanna do ok, cool and show you making sixty. Now, if you cut back to forty in a different job, what would that job pay. They probably the only fifteen seventeen dollars an hour. Ok, and arm, and you would take like forty hours yeah. Then our the time in school and then invest time and also study for the series. Seven try doing it this way, but I just I just feel like I'm not retaining the information that I need to retain it is focusing many different areas: Our to its diversity, seven work. Fourteen hours a day, I got that that that's logical what I'm trying
Forgot to feed your family does you're making sixteen you're gonna go to thirty. My one April makes my wife also make forty we would have a complete right now. Currently we have a combined income of ninety thousand, but you And then you would have a combined income of about sixty five seventy and we have been making. Fine for the last six months on unemployment, making what I was making their own unemployment. I was making cemetery your mouth well basic, What you need to understand and regional? All these questions is you're, paying thirty Thousand dollars for the opportunity to take the Surrey, seven, that's what you're telling me you're gonna, give up thirty thousand dollars of income to go you're. Sorry, seven.
How would you recommend like going on hold until now? I just want you to say that out loud and what that brings me to when I say it. That way. Is I wonder if there's some You can get this better than seventeen dollars an hour if you could get a more traditional forty hour in town, rout type of a thing: that's not! Seventy dollars an hour sending dollars an hour for speedier, sounds low to me. It is I wouldn't be using my video. If I did that would you speak? I wanna get, and you know a job that I could work forty hours a week. I won't let me try to get out of my way. I mean if you gonna in town rout, that's not a fourteen. Our bathing pursue to get an encounter out, maybe Megan, forty or fifty, and let's kick that happened in your pay in ten or twenty of laughter In order to take your sorry, seven, I think that's a better way of looking at this, rather than just going you know one no matter what it calls I'm gonna take my time. I know that's that's! No. We need to have a little better plan on their income
during the interim but ya, to pursue this. And you're right, I'm not arguing the point that again taken a test a long long time ago, but that's a tough test. Is right up there with taken GPA or something along those lines, and so you really do have to study. I took my real estate licence test when I was eighteen years old in twenty seven minutes, it was not attempt to study and I gotta go before, so that's, but that that was that test was stupid. It's lot harder. Now that was the time ago, but you know sorry, seven sixty three that stuff real. So you really. Have you seen brain cells on that one year. I think you do this, but I thank you. Slow down enough in the UN in this process too, land, a good. She beheld job, Forty hours a week before you quickly fourteen our day job, then
start the Surrey, seven stuff, but you don't just while no matter what it cause I'm going to do now. That's that's not gonna, be smart. There's a way to do this. More gradual and wise, and that's what I would tell you to do some good question. Thank you for joining us. We're glad you're here It's a common sense for your dollars, just you and me talking through baby and life,
this general training. That's why ratings are so high in fifteen million of your mail every week. Thank you for doing this to their rooms. You show. At Ramsay solutions were big fans of leaving a positive legacy for our children, love, faith, responsibility and a powerful financial legacy. Friends
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Emily as an end. In Indiana Dave, I haven't heard you mention de L, I Our pay, the life insurance return policy in terms of retirement investing. It seemed like a rough irae, but to an insurance company with insurance included, I'm dead, free and I've been super approved, oh wow, so it's gonna get super approved, as opposed to just proof. For an hour and help L, I r p through accompanied in sitting in an ally are a piece of good idea. Why do not recommend investing because it sucks. That's why it's a horrible rate of return, the time you get involved with a cash value, life insurance policy. You are going to get horrible terms and high expenses. So there's just no exceptions to that are slightly better than others, but one auction, the others double socks, and you just don't know no point in doing this. Listen you're
much better off to do you're in acting in good investments. Are no good life insurance investment products. There's none, there's none that can keep up with decent grow, start mutual, invested in Europe for a one k in your Roth IRA. We ve just finish, surveying ten thousand one hundred and sixty two million airs asking them how they got there Do you know how many of them, to be millionaires because they bought cash value life insurance the ten thousand that way you do know how many zero out of over ten thousand millionaires not war.
Said? They used a cash value, life insurance products to become wealthy. Not one said: I did all my investing in cash value in Why our peas in index universal live policies and universal policies in. Variable life policies now out of ten thousand I built their wealth using life insurance as an investment product, not Eve, one. I may, my god, you would think little blonde could find a migrant and that at least one out of ten thousand could become failures, but product, sucks, so bad that they set the bar. Bone marrow out of your cash flow and they put it in
now I write how you're flushing it down the toilet and it virtually care on tease you're, not gonna, bill wealth. So when you're arrogant. Gotta glasses down on the Tipp of his nose rolling his eyes about Dave, Ramsay ensure agent so as well the wealthy use cash value, life insurance, woman just tell you, I the time when our company is doing, because how can the largest study of millionaires in North America ever Ban and each of them you what I mean no more, Bob became wealthy using, beats me: nothing on their money. They are using just an industrial product. They also mean
eighty nine. Ninety one percent say I used mutual funds From my Roth, I raised my for a one case, put money in their trade off. My husband, point two years and This is almost every one of them so that that the deal is, if not one. I made myself clear, not even of these millionaires that we ve interviewed, I have think of anyone. I've talked to in thirty years of doing this is said David. I made my money. The thing that caused me to become wealthy was I invested in life insurance. I've never heard that now wants Now I will admit to a bias on that, because I tell people stupid for thirty years I've told people it's stupid. Not likely to run into somebody. That goes hey, I'm stupid. So if
No it's me another survey, the writ research we did not know. It was me doing research. They were not biased in their answers, but it I'm talking to somebody here earlier than are likely to call him go. You know I got using whole I've life insurance from northwestern mutual I've. Never, dad I mean life and buying whole I've life insurance from northwestern mutual. It's kind of like buying a hundred thousand dollar boat. It's a good way to turn a hundred thousand dollars in the ten thousand. You know it's a good way to a billion and make him into millionaire. You know just shut so just not be unclear about this theirs. Data anywhere except hypothermic. Examples by your whole life agent by your cash valueless
this says this is a good idea is just not a good idea of upper one unclear is on Facebook and since they, what are your thoughts on pre paying funeral expenses? I wouldn't, I would pre planet, but I wouldn't prepay it. Because we're you to take the same amount of money and invested indecent gross. Mitchell hundred I'm a lot more money than the cost of the funeral has increased, You prepay anything you're rate of return on your investment is how much it goes up and cost So. What's the inflation rate of funerals if the inflation rate of funerals was twelve percent a year which is not than you'd, be making twelve percent on your money by pre paying in pleasure. I don't funerals, however, runs more like three percent making three percent on your money invested money, ten or twelve percent.
And when the cost of inner went up by three percent a year, each took him out like way ahead. You see what I'm doing she don't pre pay anything way into the future like death. I would reply on around and say I want to share relate coffin. I want the Cadillac coffin. I want the Bentley coffin. I want the thing that leaks goes. I never could swim Because I never could swim what IRAN or whatever it is you want with your vault and all. Stuff. You gonna pick it all out, look at the caution. Then Europe You don't have to do that, while their grieving and they ought to make a tip thousand dollar. Fifteen thousand dollars worth of decisions, five thousand dollars worth of decisions, while their grieving. Digital Mcnair legal decision when you do that, so I do believe in planning a european one. Now. Here's another thing get your will then make sure your life insurance implies. These other processes that you go to Lance
on Facebook watch your word on points for travel and by credit cards. Why is it a bad decision? when you use a credit card lance spend more money than when you, a debit card in either You spend more money than when you use cash. When you lay one hundred dollar bills on the table are toiler bills on the table. You realize you spent money, it activates the pain centres of the brain. Literally, immoral studies done at MIT indicate this that the pain centres of the brain activated when you spent with cash when you spend with credit card with plastic, realize you spent money as much and even the most disciplined that feel like I'm, not really buying stuff just to get points. You are the very fact that you asked the question. Me that you're willing to spend money just to get points and having met with
Jim thousands or millionaires I've never met? One said David all night, all my money with my airline miles high quality, my lifestyle Davis, because my airline miles, if you spend less what else we regard later, you can live like no one else on your airline miles. No one ever said that If you spend one hundred thousand dollars on your credit card, you can fly on a flight, it's kind of expensive on the stupid you're falling into their trap. You're not winning. This is the Dave. Ramsey show. Folks, I don't have to tell you what your student loans that is doing to your budget, get rid of it go to supply,
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the lobby of all energy solutions, german approach, where this guy's, a warrior gray, how you know better than others are welcome. Where do you live and battle kinetic in a bit of a whole to Nashville? What about it's worth the trip thanks for coming down the? Do you dead, free screamin person and saw how much of you paid off we paid off at my notes? Thirty thousand seven hundred and thirty six dollars great. How long did it take twenty one months? Good you and your range of income during that done list Did it sixty four thousand and ended at eighty two but for you, when you guys do for a living ma. Am I
manager and a local grocery store chain up in battle, but out a new Fairfield got a coup. I work PETE, it's a local, frozen Yogurt fund, So what kind of debt? Thirty one thousand dollars battle. We had two cars ass, a medical debt, dentist and a really big family alone, a big, family lung contracts, who did you owe money to my grandfather, did feel good to get rid of that in particular. In actual anyhow, we got rid of it quicker than even wanted us to very good, so I'll I'll have you guys been married six years six years ago twenty one months ago. Something happened. What happened we are discussing this yesterday. I think, we're just sick and tired of living paycheck to pay check. We couldn't even get in a pre approved for home. We have this vision love
of owning a home together, and it was just not it was that happening. Nobody wanted anything to do with us really is the bank's of force and growing up. I had never been told. No, I it's mom and dad, so it was a reality check for sure we just, I can't do it anymore, something had to change their. We just just again go and pay check the paycheck and haven't just enough to pay our bills and possibly go out too once a week, if that it it just able it was tiring and we can do it anymore and good. So what happened this is where we can give a shadow to a girl. I went to high school at her name's Clare. I am really than social media, think I probably just had one of those down and out days- and I was cleaning and an airship listen tells me. You gotta, read this book and I just had to sign it
and, like I said I have had it wrapped, I don't Anybody borrow that one I buy your book whenever I can and I give it is gifts, but that once these states, the home and it was a total many make over, and I think I added to December, and we jump bored in January and didn't take much more than reading the book. I think I was crying after the first chapter while arrogant. So Jim she's rating this book crying- and what did you say? I ass a what's Goin on- is that certain? If you're I mean there's gotta, be sundown on and she just show me look. I sent you crying over It was this guy day, but now that you ve got to Goin in it, and I jumped on board righted right getting I say we have to do this. We have to give it a try and then Numb Lobo Guard I'm gonna give a shout out now that we had of David Karel. They go to our
we'll church that we attend also in they were run in a class, so we jumped on board the financial peace class in it was game on from there, and now we actually go to their I had another class and we went and we were, do you want to call guest speakers, because we finish the programme. They do that yeah. So it was great and win care complemented enough for congratulations. You guys, I'm proud of you yeah. What are you a job people? The key is when they say you paid up thirty one thousand dollars. How did you do that? What's the key to getting out of that budget? And we said that in that's what everyone? says, but there is really no other way to to explain its just do a budget and stick to the budget and don't don't go off the budget. Europe. Your number one thing and just do it and you can't overdo it: don't go outside them
cause you're, just gonna lose it from there. If you, if you get off the road on the way to Florida, you don't get to Florida, now acknowledge tradition and go to Georgia in circles. The whole programme really just changed. Our lives dimension. The church and I've been going to the same church since I was small by but through the financial peace he's here, home at the church, and everyone must have so welcoming to him in the attending church. Just me and my son- and it was it's amazing now to share that was Jim every Sunday school, it's great got in a new way in the process I sure did sure did, and I guess I can't be more happy as good news their wild thyme. You guys think very, very proud of what was the hardest part of this, for you guys, I think, saying no to the kids yeah yeah, they definitely big strain on it. If you want to say it was a tough to tell them
We can't go here, no work taken a break from That's how many kids and hold are too high. Of a sixteen year old Belgium has an eleven year old, so do boys the harm to together to tuna. It is not easy to tell my that. We, I took my son to the on the other that not the other day. But months ago, and he said I want to pay my debit card- and he said daddy, don't you dont use cards. Cash. This ones are. I can use this one they now they know. My son will be going to college about eighteen, send college choice is gonna, be huge for one that- is something this affordable area done. You has very very proud of your congratulations. I think we ve got a copy, a Chris Organs book for your retire inspire that is the next chapter in your story, millionaires. Yes, sir and outrageously generous along the way, our excited thanks so much for coming all the way
Connecticut to do your dad for each green. Nowhere. We rather me Jim and Patricia Hartford Connecticut Area Party, one thousand dollars Beethoven, twenty one months, making sixty four to eighty two counting down. Let's hear British grew three two one were well done, you fabulously done. Doesn't it better than that man, all some awesome stuff. So Dylan, is on Twitter and says what do you think of current Tobias schemes instead of a mortgage Well, you said it. You called it a game To buy is always marked up, there's always extra margin in it and the best thing to do is just
continued around his inexpensively as you can. Your emergency fund, build your down payment, if you move into a home with a fifteen year fixed rate mortgage Payment is no more than a fourth of your take home pay put down a good on down payment. You don't have any dead except that house. And you have your emergency fund embraced. The house will be a blushing to you, but don't ask and scam your way through this, listen there, there's no short got any pleasures worth going straight line. And just what they were saying. There's enough you're gonna go to Florida, you figure The thing you pardon you put it in your map, app on your phone and it gives you the shortest distance or give the long way around and you can chew. Which are one of them, but the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
So, no kidding Dave, but I'm in this truth, we try to figure out some weight to short cut. The process I get where we don't have to do this. I don't have to do that and motion. You have to the people that, well the people that become millionaires. They just very steady basic, almost primitive plan get out of that stay out of that invest in saving at their house made off get out of here. Stay out of the investors, save and get their house paid off when all the data,
which tell us others lot of theories out their loudly run. The show you something, but that's the truth. It's kind of downright poured when you get ran down to it, but it works don't scheme in scale. This is that I am sure thanks for joining US alliances with organ realise how you an area Can I deserve? How can I help?
I'm feeling to go to law school. I have my bad degree living at home. And I'm wondering how to decide what expenses are acceptable and which aren't, because I really want to just put as much away as possible. I agree Well, I think the thing is pretty simple laws, Who is the primary directive right here right, it's legal, Paying for it and doing that is everything anything, you do that detracts from that is but why not as important short of survival? so you going on spring break with your buddies, is not on the list right and are you bought, another car is not on the list, schools on the list. I don't know what you don't much spending money on. What is it? I'm not spending money on anything right now. At this I mean I'm stolen
Like a college student, I am, I spend money for you're on my car and the most basic living expenses good and I'm I'm Fraid to spend money on anything else, and I'm wondering if I should stay that way. Yes or could you be a lawyer more than you want to go to a restaurant. You want to be a lawyer more than you want to dot dot dot. Yes fill in the book, unless you find something that you want more than you wanna, be a lawyer the money on it. I can't insurance and food. I want more than I wanna be a lawyer so you're doing right there, you that's what I'm doing a measuring everything against that ongoing united Vote have to have it. Otherwise it I'm not doing it because it's coming against my goal and the point is. By doing this, you not live, unlike this forever you're living like this, so that you're not a broke lawyer later
there's a lot of broke lawyers. Yes, you come out one thousand dollars stood alone that thirty hours a week for sixty thousand bucks a year to try to make pardner five years from now, that's called broke lawyer and there's a bunch of em. So you know will be that guy and you're trying to normal so you just measuring everything back against. That is what I'm doing, and it's like building a building now here right now, that's a lot of money for a kid for many Ogden as they were em from and but you're a measuring everything against that? I dont want this other thing as bad as I wanna make sure that building its built and so on pour money into concrete steel like it's gone down, drain Maya, but but that's all we want that. Because gonna causes company to run more efficiently and to be able to grow and it's a great investment- and I want that more than I want about anything else. Right now, I'm totally focused on that. I'm not build a bunch of purse,
money doing this or that of the show that are whatever still do. Some things, but nothing is going big enough no big enough purchase that it keeps that from happening, and so you know, if you go, spend all our own Eco college, and I keep you from going law school. But if you do it every day for two years, a start to starting to be a lot of money so measure everything back against that and say. Does this take me to my goal Your own drag on a bigger if some criticising you for being tied. These are people that are broken, borrow money, your school criticising is broke, people broke, people are met, via your financial plan, your right on track dude. Trees where those in Canada Dmitri. How are you a good, and you too? How can I help. I'm from Canada, twenty three them listening to you for two years. I saw my way on your part has so thank you really
so I'm graduating my bachelor degree. I was fortunate enough to have my parents really have a good college on set up for me. I was a bill. I was able to stay out of it. I am able to save a lot of money working at the university doing a lot of internships and I'm faced with the point with this whether I should do to be or not I was wondering what you thought of that. So am, I feel, like a masters degree, doesn't really use my salary that much I really like the academic fights of universal I was just wondering what you thought. So what is your feel? Computer science? A map you're right it unaffected all what you're gonna teach suddenly benches compound interest calculators in it. Seems like you shall find what you say and it here, but I dont want to set myself back
during masters degrees laughed so you Graduated from underground God. Maximum! Congratulations! Well done! So your honor our take a job and not do the masters or do the masters added laid delay going to work, but working your way through the masters. How much money you saved up? Fifty thousand, how much thousand fifty thousand dollars and what is a masters cost well? I'd have to win I was living with my parents. I said I'd live, not with my answer: my third to do their masters and, I would say, would cost around like thirty five Housing with living costs, courage some ought not look. I show the universal you're working for your continued work there and get a break onto wish, and I said: well, I gotta different university actors. Ok,
so you're paying thirty five thousand dollars to go, get a masters. Now then, the question is There's nothing wrong with that, but you just they dashed yourself. The coercion cause you're asking me someone. I ask you why I feel like you're, making more competitive in the job market after I graduated I off the ball Yoritomo than matter in your field and it doesn't hurt her computer science. Contact people all day, long, the difference in a masters and about There's nothing it's. It's whether or not you can do. The job is all that matters. It's not masters are not a precursor to being successful, and I feel that is if you're gonna be a counselor. It is if you got there some other stuff, you know, but by large Snyder pay for itself, ain't option right. That's it that's what I'm it's ok, you if you want to get one just because you like the academic challenge, and you spend your money that you,
Have saved on that academic challenge, I'm not mad at you about that! If you want to do it, I'm just king sure, you understand why and you don't rationalize the crap out of this. The. Why, as you like the academic experience, you think this is gonna, be fun, you to have that image after your name, which is not a bad thing did, but is it owing to our allies, are going to give you a return on investment in the next decade? Probably not ataxia! That's what I was ask I don't don't wanna like dash my savings and be back to kind of square one K to do that because I think and come out, make good money just delaying the start of your career and it's a good time to do. A masters have begun to, of course, the other he's gone, gonna work and what that company, the page for tuition pay for it, for he knew tat your measures at night the way to do it, but which is probably the best way to do it, but say it's completely worthless in the economic world, but do not care about
folks attack on our team and it fortifications. If they're doing software stuff is r r important and more than other gonna masters and information systems, Orange computer science. And if your gun, The computer world attack whirl hardware software, whether or not you can physically mathematically coding whatever it is, actually do the job you can make that Little Box Blaine contents, both a blink, that's what that's, how you get paid then that's how we pay folk around here. I've got Rubio Rails gas, making serious and give their senior programmer they're making money? And allow them to let some of them don't even have undergrad degrees, but the ruby on unreal, programmers and they're, making serious six figure money and I it has nothing to do with a degree of network and got some for your degree, guys on the team and some
masters in business with specialization and for information systems and other things and some of them up and leadership and others to authors they're all over the building here, but is it There are also being educated, another old smart, but let us know why you're doing it does you get ready, give up there? about thousand dollars of your money. What I would do, if I were in your shoes, I'd, find a place to go to work and with them pay for it, and you take it while you're working there, see if maybe you and want to do so to certification. Rather than the masters or both nothing wrong with getting smarter. That's a smart thing to do, but just
we ask yourselves: why does academics doesn't always have a utilitarian value? This is that I am sure this is James, Chiles producer of the different issue, because you know you can now listen to the day. Brandy show on Pandora Aunt spotlight for all the ways to watch and listen to our Chopin at Daybreak Z, dot com, slash, show
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