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From a quarter of Williams resolutions, broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios that day Rams Asia were damaged on measures of a mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw status symbol of George I'm Day Ramsay your host. Thank you were joining us America, we're so glad you weathers open foes, AAA eight to five five, two to five eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five Christmas. America were glad you're here, Angela's weathers in New Mexico. I Angela. How are you,
I'm doing while area better than I deserve. What's up an outgoing, because it's one Short by might have my husband had fathered three children. When we got married, I am he has separate chopped borders. All three of them there three different moms and could gather combined total debt of fifty eight thousand dollars an hour? I didn't know if we should do like your traditional, that's no bar on this. How do you go about tackling this added? I don't like that that nobody would be good because I dont want to like pay. For one child in the other two or not receive any money left. That would be a good sentiment. Thank you for that. How much other dad do you guys have.
About five thousand car alone in a small and what you're householding about thirty five thousand or so just just one of your working yeah, I work full time. I make seventeen dollars an hour, What does he do? He is always wanted to owners on business, and so this year he decided that he was going to try and start a landscaping company by its very small and there's not a whole lot of work right now. So Bujumbura me did he did he started before before winter s arm. He started it in April,
and he was making about five hundred thousand dollars a month from that? Ok, so it's not working out now and a main unless she has a plan to get his income up TIM X. I need to get the job done yet. You're nervous laughter tells me he's sitting on his, but not doing that. Not exactly
whoa. What is exactly as you doing law? He is at home, my power. We have two children together, so he is at home with memory now by while their at school and stuff, then he's not really doing much these marketing the businessman bull, these marking is business should be made more than five hundred dollars. Ok, I so as kindly as I cannot say
loud that there's a guy that owes fifty eight thousand dollars for three children that he's not taken care of and he's doing, zero about it and that's kind of not ok was that kind, because I'm feeling a little bit more unkind than that down inside of me after hearing the story here not ought not directed towards too, but this guy. To take care of the children that he is bound legally and morally, to take care of including the two that he's taking care of her home there? And that means he needs to get off his. But ok, that's the lad, I won't get any meaner than that. But that's that's what I'm! Because our are you now his wife is, more concerned about the children that. That only than hers in a moral good way, a lady of ethics, a lady of honour and standards, is what you are Oh yeah. He needs to go make like forty. Fifty that each year working life,
the eighty hours a week and by this back transport offers what it needs to do and that's what he should do, starting now ready said, go and so Because I think there's two things involved: only not only is there the the mother of the children that you are that you would have to negotiate with an get started with this on, but there is also the state. In some states that put you in jail. If you dont, or not actively addressing this stuff, we did have the police took at our door. One thing: parents are you paying something on it now. Is that what's holding them at bay no we're just kind of I guess uses flying under the radar right now, I'm not sure exactly how, but he he did his license, provoked a phone.
This guy's really struggling at me, which is leaving you and a real page too. I think you do feel like there's no hope now. I shall never be able to pick up as one hundred percent chance. There's no hope using. The programme is using now in his life, which is behaving in a way the causes and the losers licence and create no income, so he's got, Change behaviors and that's your only shot here ya mean the now. I would not dare snowball and pick one of these children over the other
but overall we ve got uncovered a significant income problem that is created by a significant hope, looseness in an on his part, which is also created by his series of behaviors, because what you described, although this conversation is a guy who's struggling to to work to do the right thing He struggling in a lot of areas show if, if, if you were my friend and I was sitting with him, a cup of coffee, here's what I tell him- I think made of on a really good church in your area in find a pastor?
his kind, but is also very, very tough and strong, who will speak into his life and help him form some of the things that he's missing in his character to be able to serve those children. You and your children and he'll get great joy when he turns his life around in that regard, because right now is no joy. There's no dignity in the way he's behaving now, and it's not it's not help him it's, not impressive, and it's probably hard on your marriage is probably hard on you. I mean you're, the only one doing anything in this story show. He ain't desperately needs to get some good man and his life to walk with him and help him get on a better track, then he's on overall and then the net result of that can be a better income and the net result of that can be that the spectrum,
for bill it's taking care of? But it's this. This is all a symptom, not a problem. The problem is that it is the way he's running his life right now. Their spiritual elements in character, elements missing. That's what I would tell him if he was my best buddy or a guy on new know, well enough to tell him that I would grab him around we're going to walk together, buddy, I'm a fever, I'm going to be patting you on the back and lifting you up and kicking your butt, so just get ready for all of it. This is that I am shocked
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a bar and read your bark and super excited. I repeat my credit card this month you get in here, I'm looking at today. What I'm trying to order and a little bit confused. I took a four hour three be alone, I'm basically because I had to sell a house- and I needed money to do some repairs to sell the house and that is on twenty five thousand I also have a car land and that the requirement is less money. He, then the forestry belong, but I didn't understand and our concern some people are talking about. Forty belonged like their terrible, I'm not sure if I should really work on that. First we're just gonna list the debts smallish two largest no I've handled on them in that order, like we talk about in the book and show have a harass. You should either for a three be alone in the car alone. Is that it yeah? Ok, yeah just done
the car alone, a smaller, so we're gonna pay first paper can thank you which, oddly enough, will help you, because you, The thing about the fourth Ruby Loan: you cannot pay it systematically. You have to pay it lump sum or pay the payment that they have set up? you will not be able to add a thousand dollars or add two thousand hours. You'll have to save up the twenty five. And then pay it off at one time. Ok, oh yeah. They weren't. They won't. Let you do that so that the euro, but either way now. The good news is that you'll have the car payment freed up, because you paid off. First that'll, be your plan. Our Martin is on the line in Canada. High Martin welcomed that I rams Asia. Hello Dave Job, my shop so ably I'm getting out of our very toxic relationships were together on offer
years. We had two children. Thankfully we are on board with fifty fifty laid down At all, nobody old owes anybody money. We split the benefits everything like that, I'm wondering I dont have any tat. I have Bobo, thousand dollars. I saved up I'm wondering if I shoulda during the third scenario by a house or rent. A vibrant rent around here for a two or three bedroom is roughly thirteen hundred dollars plus hydro and then everything all upon top, and I see that mostly mortgages are about the same price, Well, if you're, one hundred percent, that free and you have your emergency phone plus a down payment and you buy home or the payment is no more than a fourth of your take home pay on a fifteen year fixed. That's the guidelines that we have always taught
Only the only hesitation I would have in this situation is number. One is this: a divorce. Are you guys were checked up The common law we are here to revert. I shall have you gotta go through legal proceedings or not. Will we already had a separation agreement done earlier this year? We reconcile three months are something that needs to be finalized before you buy houses screw up your agreement, Probably to refine the agreement, because I think in the case was a divorce and the stage you would want the divorce to be final. Before you talked about buying a house, The equivalent of that is what you want, because this could get drug back into the deal and you don't Nor do I shall that's going on and think too is you ve gone through a break up as you Ex toxic and eight years and two kids you know you're, probably
now things are programmed change in your life and it might be a good idea, just rent for six months and just gonna get emotionally get your feet under and decide what future looks like and all these kinds of things buying a home as a very permanent kind of a decision. It's not permanent, but it's kind of a very in your ear. You sign up. Stuff here do, and so our renting is like them or camp a little while, and can I get my blue feed honor me out of this mess. Accessary flow out, o my emotions and in our scored around in a budget by myself, and what, if you like to be a single guy- and you know get all that Canada stuff done than cause you might make a different decision. You would make a different decision likely a what would, by six months from now versus today. Does your brains gonna, be in a different place? That's my only concern, but if you're dead Free. Have your emergency phone pleasure downpayment, then we're ok, people buying around here. We don't yell at you for doing that
corner is whether some Virginia high Connor Welcome with Ray Ramsay. Shout thanks Dave. How are you better than I deserve. What's up How long is too long to be embarrassed at three b How long were you thinking on I'm thinking like fourteen to sixteen months, save up a down payment The thing you just don't, why don't you just don't are banned and retirement savings if you should fourteen years I, which I know you know, yeah? I'm not gonna save our timer for fourteen years, not a majority. Do that! Ok, but but you know. Usually we say about three years is probably a good maximum. Be a situation where you'd go to forward, but a humming. You start getting up past five years: you're, not investing for retirement using the Bay just programme, the we teach that's too long, and you start to be an impromptu. Fourteen months responded. Thank you for the call, open,
a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five or question two comes from blinds dot com. You can find out for you of why blinds thy com is the number one online retailer of custom window brings with free samples, free shipping, new problem all the time always use the promo code. Ramsay some Jack name it'll get you deals. Ramsay blinds dot com, some of those in New York diversion which, which companies in my role, I pay for a lot of client meals and events. Usually about a thousand dollars a month in the past Avicenna Company credit card for these expenses, but with its new chromium required to pay for it. On my own up front, my question is: is it worth it to get a personal credit card? No, Firstly, I would do is walk in there just go guys, I'm really not in a position to be the bank for this big company
in loan, you got money every month or going debt on your behalf, show you guys need aversion, your credit card, that's the first thing I do now that doesn't work. What I would do is get a separate debit card, a separate checking account just for business expenses, and I put a thousand dollars on that account then you would use that thousand dollars to buy the stuff that Europe must be buying. Really for business, only reimbursable expenses, then you would get the thousand reimbursement back and put the thousand back. It will not cost you they accept. You had a post, the first thousand dollars to brown the pomp and after that, then you know you're, just gonna turn in your receipts. Cause you're, not gonna, use us count for anything except business expenses that a reimbursable. That's the only thing you would consider doing
and home. You know you just you're gonna get caught in the stuff here. Samantha, that's just stupid. Pay do this all the time I will take autocratic, arduous user for business expenses, and then they don't know It runs up and they end up with a balance on the stupid thing. Does about stuff. Was not reimbursable expenses and then their stock- and I know you you're not gonna, do that when we show you the number of people do the thing you're talking about doing and do it all the times almost zero, almost every abuses, this card and open. Self, in a position that you have to be like superhuman in your discipline in or to win a silly when you play snakes. You will be bitten, some people applying legislation, others, but the other day ever when the pleasures makes eventually gets bitten and that's true with credit card. Sir snakes, credit card companies
makes don't be a snake handler. So it comes down to just don't: go there number one The company oughta be furnishing you they observed there. Then amazing, corporate Amerika has run such con all its employees? the employees all over the nation already room acting as a bank for these, companies, loaning them money to operate there to their businesses. The company then they pay the bill. I remind most of the time but above all by the bill in August by the bill. Don't you
you're, stupid credit card. So you don't use this resolution. Did you in the lobby Ramsay solution standing on the dead. Were you stage, even in all your where those guys our hours ago, deserve merry Christmas, where you're from Houston Texas awry welcome to Nashville at all? I'm here to do a dead, fresh, green. Yes,
how much are you guys paid off ninety four thousand six hundred and six dollars lava allowed at the stake twenty four months and your range of income during that time? Hundred six thousand two hundred? Sixteen thousand very good. What do you do for a living football coach teacher, I'm Essex grade teacher. Ah coupled yours is a very good for you guys. So what that was just ninety five thousand dollars, Lobo everything we stood alone. My truck her g little bit medical about covers. It is pretty normal. Yes, a normal just Bob and allow you guys been married two and a half years as you ok, so you get married and then game on. Yes, Tell me the story. What cause you to do! This is one of the first thing you do. When you get married yeah, we're arse,
you're saying about discharge in Houston was holding a p classes, and now we ve got into it suits you got married and realized require that we wanted to set a different lifestyle for a family and our future. And you know We got together and made a goal to pay. Are all our debt, often in that two year period and works like crazy to do it very good. That's pasture youngster It is, as you know, I spoke there. Yeah you're there that at the time that we started the class, that's right by the time we could. They kicked off a church wide vision worst initiative and it is our water church, a great man. Yes, our wonderful organization, so very cool. Well. Congratulations. You guys you're exactly though he had in mind when he decided past or when it decided to do. This will alter its been. It's been a huge blessing, we'd be about teachers. We we ve gone to the church tat. We do we go to its. It's been really
of all the sea. The support we ve had through it all for example, a marriage. We actually guff flooded by became Harvey. Of course, he, of course, as so we got to go through that experience in our churches continue to bless us I see that people who had lived it out free lifestyle- you no support, through that moment in time, and we realise really quickly there. That's that's the kind of lifestyle we want to live, so we can give to other people's well well wait ago, very cool, very cool. So Gradual cloth is older. You two twenty six twenty seven, while a hundred percent that freaks us out. Yes, sir, while wait ago, where do you know how you feel awesome awesome, it fills amazing guides. It's like I said it's it's huge blessing and to be able to say that we don't owe anybody any money. It's it's pretty cool. Ok, you are the truck the most lunch I did I'll show you you're lucky,
operating regulations you married insert a little bit. So when you guys went through the class? Obviously you were newly married you're ready to get rid of the issue. It was easy. Are you in to try something new right. So what was it? happen where you and how I never thought about that. That way so- yeah I was- I was on the nerd in the group for sure I had spread she going. This is something I really wanted to accomplish, even before her. She actually are the same. Say mindset is well. Ok, we decide whether the talk into it now Not really will vary, but I'm afraid he pulled the spreadsheet started showing me a desire, one of our first budget meetings, and I had to put the brakes on that pretty quick and tell him you can show me that spread cheap. I don't need to know how it works. I just to know what I can.
Ok, I'm the guy, like I'm lookin out at every day, my eye. We can do this, and this amount of time we have. This was money to put more towards the small or you're football coach. It's a game play that's wrong. Gameplay! That's right! Exactly don't deviate from the game. Players losses work and they worked well. Words really well this getting together every month and me knowing how much money we are in and what towards it and then letting her know what she could spend on certain things I groceries now. Those are the little things at all. She goes to the grocery store in thinks. You have this in their that budget meeting every month just makes it possible to be into caustic communication with each other and be able attack that debt every day. So Only when people ask how you did this, what's the secret to getting out of debt, Philip. I always told him that there is not a secret. I think a lot of people want to know the magic secret.
Easy way out, but the truth is that there is not really an easy way out. It's just following the baby steps and sticking budget and for us. I think huge that if you are doing it with someone else that you really are doing it together and are on the same page, and I cannot Jane trying to do this. If we weren't doing it together, referring consistent and in the day to day when it was not any fine, we'll should we'll should very, very cool. What was the hardest part of Israel The hardest part was. This discipline I just making sure that you know you have this goal in you. You see that big More of ninety four thousand in your right. Ok, like yeah, that's not gonna happen there, and by the day, It seems forever and then two years goes by and you just realise it is disappointing commitment Possible warm and it's hard, it really is. You know, you see, France, specially our age, no doing all kinds,
stuff and you just wanna use one of all right into endured as well, and we able to finally your work hard and that over that twenty one point my period and we got to take them. Trip to ITALY this past summer and so paid off. So nice pay off. That's right, and I like it, I like it well done so other than your class. Who was you are other than you too? Who is your biggest cheerleaders? I assume your class Although in your class I was, you are other the neutral who's, your biggest cheerleaders I'll show more clash. Definitely are our friends and family that went through our friends, our Bible, Seti class. That was going through it with US there are doing it with us and with literally invite us over, there were locked plenty of them have fed us Why do we just heard this? You know keeping it fine with us and really made it where it wasn't torture to do that. Buried, in fact, we are doing it alone, where it doing it with other people and made all the difference. Yeah reef
I would invite we're doing it alone, where doing it with other people and made a difference. Yeah with regatta great group of friends, specially our Bible study Group in an obviously our whole church was going through it at the same time as well. Sir, rotten the wave and Report is thus being but teachers we get to share that with other teachers. You know because some of the pay is not always agree, but we want him to know that you know you can do it. It's possible was possible that two teachers can can pay off a day in and live a really get lifestyle that something that we want can pay off out amount a day in and live a really good lifestyle that something that we want in courage. People with especially for this point, for you are no doubt that's right, Bobby across Oceans book for you every day, millionaires and the number for occupation on the list? people who become millionaires with teachers. Did the static Shiela be not dissuade my friends you gonna get there. I love it.
This is the next chapter in your story, so white again You guys, Stephen in Hollow used to taxes. Ninety thousand dollars paid up in twenty four months. Megan one sixty one! Sixteen com down. Let zero very scream, three, two one well, yeah by man. I'm sorry incredible now we ve been a lot of churches are girls. America do a church wide initiative and everybody at one time has gone through financial measure bursting. We even had A group of a hundred and shit steam churches in Kansas City. Do a city wide financial, patient safety. Hundred sixteen churches at once, I'm doing less wrong. That was pretty incredible.
You- you create that much positive peer pressure all around you on all around the community that your serving and we're all gonna get out that we're all gonna be generous, we're all gonna be on a plan or I'll get a managed gods. Resources well changes everything so proud of them very well done. This is that every measure, ten, TED
thank you for joining us. America does Abraham. She shall open fungi AAA eight to five five, two to five you know what the best things about doing the chosen get here: you're dead, free screams and some of your killing it and some of we have gone beyond the dead for each Graham and you're, really doing what you're supposed to do in baby steps forward. Five seven you ve not only are dead free, get your emergency fund, but you're. Also now investing in if your college and pay off your house early in that kind of stuff. If you live like no one else later you can live and give like no one else. If you're in that baby steps form beyond my time to celebrate, and we want to celebrate with you for the first
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I'm sure he's gonna be on their? My friend Stephen curse? Chapman is gonna, be on their doing doing, shows, and men, each Johan from the food channel will the top chefs in America's here in Nashville friend of ours, is well coming on, so we have all kinds of different things to do now. This is not done the on going to dare to do stuff. Like this, that will be like inconsistent it preclinical of us Jested are you to do it? So don't do that, but if you and babies have forewarn. You got the margin. This is a killer, killer, crews, just a handful of folks just ahead. And follow. Seats rooms have opened up we're going to Turkey. Take out Saint Thomas San, Juan Bahamas, it's a great seven dacres, so you get your cabin Just go to Ramsay crews, dot com, rams, Crews, dot com Matthew isn't Minnesota Matthew. Welcome to the day. Ramsay show a merry Christmas
merry Christmas to you. What's up, when I say that I don't wanna live normal anymore, so I a quick question on looking over my student alone might do it won't on the website that I have the right to monitor berserk and one thing caught that caught my eye, I guess: attention to urge them to see was the term accrued interest and wood wondering what that I'll be in interest that, have not paid. So then Shylock shows you probably were behind on the student alone, and so Interest built up. A crude is, building, ok what happened There was a that happened. I've been paying, I might do loans making the minimum about a year now focus and quite really address right gaps
in a crude and added up, though the balance that you were not covering. Ok,. So you're going to pay the that accrued interest, plus whatever the balance is the principal balance. Before your dad free. Plush you're, going. I pay interest from today forward until Lay off ok So that's all it is a crude just means built up. That's all it means in this case, so good question get after baby! You got this, you can do it Christian, is in Florida, high Christian. How are you ready merry Christmas? Thank you so much for taking my call my pleasure. What's up. Though I am twenty one years old, who just graduated college in May and Where'd you I was in college by Father Pathway. Unexpectedly, the bottle will turn of twenty eighteen. Oh, I don't He would have wanted me to deal with it
in here, and so I have two hundred thousand and only twenty five lawyer. Those do one that go after I pay off its own bat. I'm just curious but you're, the guy made it clear that the remaining code in the way that you know not be wise with it. Why are they word butter? Have you ever have you had a history of being on was now Is the baby, the family, all legislative figure, you're, twenty one in your stupid or something like that? Well, you don't have to do with me. Are I ah The estate is completely settled, not get it open. Unfortunately, what is remaining. They think that will be caused by man. He had a couple of commercial property
The current followed and, in addition to its content ok, so they have already distributed to, thousand dollars in cash to you, the empire haven't available on what is available, mean I mean your name along here. Like gay. I think it was his retirement. Was this array and things like that? Ok been transferred to your name. I have an account like everything, my company Ok, was it all in an IRA now I was multiple account. But they were all investment account. So you got some were in here
did I re in summer investment accounts, but all with an investment company and whose selected that company, my sister actually like company managing it. Ok, That's toxic and weird. Ok,. How much you feel, like you're being baby, said that net. Yeah, I mean care as long as you're, not misbehaving, they're, not misbehaving. It's fine, but yeah, that's a little bit controlling but they're. Trying to protect you from yourselves. I appreciate their love that love ACT on their part. So here's the thing ok you ve just been assigned by God to man. Two hundred thousand dollars for him, your job. Is you are a manager? Ok right here,
yeah so right now, then you have to learn. You have to become responsible, which is why you're calling me- and I think that's wonderful, yet become response, on how to manage two hundred thousand dollars now that I mean you need to go, get an mba in financial matters and finance, but it does in that you are too for all this to behave with it and to learn enough to make wise decisions, and so you seek council, which is what you ve done to day and you're gonna continue to do that past me the Bible says in the multitude of council, there is safety, and so, as you get Good opinions, your brothers sisters or watch out for you, they got good intent I'm gonna give you some opinions and you can look at that. I've got good intent. I don't need your money and do what is it? What are we want, and I want to start to put some money, people on your personal, board of directors show to speak that
of the heart of a teacher. There are teaching knew how handle money. Not doing for you as if you are inapt and don't have a brain, ok, south we can let this investment company have a shot at that. If you want to, but there In your next meeting with them is to teach you not drop glasses! On the end of their nose and talk down to you, you have two hundred thousand dollars they have to earn. Your business The way they do, that is, they make you more competent and you feel more comfortable, not with them, our ability to manage your money, but with Europe, when demand your money, do you see the difference? and then yes, I'm gonna pay off your twenty thousand dollars a student alone. And yes, I'm gonna be all budget. Yes, I'm gonna get a job trial. Touch this money. A lotta growth
and I ve invested well, and you understand that then you're gonna be just fine and help me. I want you to go through financial peace University, so we can raise your ability. Is a manager to manage money, I'll pay for it. We Michael those gift to allow our pick up and we'll get you signed up for the non wage like this is the direction this is James, child user of the day range. You know you can now listen to today. Bradley show on hinder spot aside for all the ways to watch and listen to our Chopin Dave Reims II. Make more money doing what you love check out. Christie, rights, business, boutique, podcast crises.
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