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Live from the headquarters of transition. Lucien's broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios at that is in the place of the B M w as the status symbol of George, I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight to five five thousand two hundred and twenty five that's eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Tony. Shop this hour in Florida,
welcome to the Dave Ramsey show better than I deserve. What's up? Ok, so I'm going to eighty five thousand dollars in student loans and it's actually. For ten dollars a year lease for seventy five thousand thousand dollar one ten percent interest rate, and I'm looking at you refinance all of that suited learned that I had ten thousand dollars in cash series, and I'm just wondering I just use that cash pay off this morning and then refinance the seventy five thousand. Your student loans, or should I just combine the two and the reason you can keep the cash to help me get the refinance on all of it. What should I agree? I think and I just started
and so come on? if you right now somewhere around, like thirty five thousand a year. Your degree is in aeronautics. One of the associates degree, but you don't necessarily have kind of a degree. Okay, so you got eighty five thousand dollars invested in your pilot's licenses. What amounts to exactly okay, so that is, is that some of thousand, not a Sally Mae loan! Is it it's a federal loan? Ok, alright, cool, alright. So what we teach folks Tony is to work what we call the baby step baby steps? One is one thousand dollars only in your bank account as a starter, beginner emergency fund, any money above that and you stop all
Investing in any money, above that that you have in any investment or in anything anywhere you used to get out of debt if it's not in a retirement account! Ok! and we're going to list your debts, smallest to largest and attack them In that order, now I so yes, I would take the ten thousand and I would pay off the ten thousand dollars loan at seven thousand dollars aside as your emergency fund, your starter beginner emergency fund and uhm, then from there you know, what's going to happen is Yes, you're, getting your hours up on the regional you'll, have open to move up into an CALL Kerry, are in your income, will triple correct, yeah it's correct and how long take the how many hours do you have to get for that to occur You probably need at least a minimum of three thousand and thirty five hundred hours
about a year, one thousand five hundred dollars in two years, captain at the regional and then my pay will pretty much double right now: ok and then more years to long time is when I'd be looking to move onto a major carrier, which we start off some major around eighty five thousand. So the point is making thirty five thousand you're not going to make a ton of progress on the seventy five and you don't have attorney for a lot of side work unless you just had something you could do from your phone while you have down time 'cause, you got a lot of down time, but but aside from that uh your most progress on the seventy five thousand is going to occur after two years when your income doubles the first time and then after years when it doubles again and that's when you're going to finish this thing off, so you've got a little bit. It's not like you're going to be out of debt in two years ago. Unless you have the ability to earn some side money that I'm not aware of here 'cause, my guess
people were coming out. Well, the thirty five thousand, taking into account that's taking that I'm only getting paid the bare minimum 'cause I'm going to reserve, which is like being able to call but like I'm, holding it schedule and then I'm able to pick up additional trips. I can make more than that, so it it really varies anything berries in the beginning. Ok, so I want you to work all you can My is my point. There's the more money you make the faster we can throw it at the seventy five. Yes, I would refinance the seventy five contact: splash financial. There are no closing costs in new, no prepayment penalties and they probably can get that ten percent. Down. I don't know whether to be five or six or four or where it will be but find out from them what they can do with it. That's not going to get you out that was going to get you out of that is all the other stuff we've been talking about, but it won't hurt to have you know five percent less being charged. Around seventy five thousand dollars, that's three thousand dollars a year right,
just on it in the long run, so yeah once you in it on the long run. Absolutely that's my point, so I want to get you out of it as fast as I can and so the seventy five thousand dollars problem is not solved by saving three grand it's solved by. Income coming up an you living on nothing and dumping every bit of your income on the seventy five grand as fast as you can, but it's ok, or even answer 'cause I'll take three thousand dollars. If you send it to me, but it doesn't solve a seventy five thousand dollars problem. You are the secret sauce, you working your butt off and living on nothing or the secret. That's what gets you out of that? So, yes, I'm going to walk. You write up that debt. Snowball like we're talking about right up the baby steps. One thousand dollars in the bank all you got everything else. You can get your hands on from any other play anything you got? You can sell anything, You can do to get rid of that anything you can do to attack from then I'll. Take that ten thousand out, though, at that ten thousand dollars loan boom we're down to this one loan. Going to lean in on that baby.
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Michelle is with us in Florida. I'm a show. Welcome to the day room, my call sure. What's up, well situation My husband and I both we love our jobs, but his job is taking him about four, half hours away, so we are renting a place down there, just a studio with fifteen dollars a month, and we wondering if maybe we should go ahead and buy something, but job could transfer some point anywhere between you know, maybe within a years or more he's fifty two, I'm fifty we have to.
One out of the house, the other one's in college. She doesn't cost a lot we at the port of prepaid and she also has a bright future. Your husband may I'm sorry what your husband make with out the retirement he's at one, twenty nine without the return there's a talking about this job that he commutes hours to makes hundred, Right and what do you make, let me Katie, ok, alright, and what does he do for a living.
He's a marine survey are, it is a specialty, does work for the government special because it shouldn't that isn't and do it and just any town you, however, you can come to the camping area. If someone leave that position, okay, sure he works for a company. That's in that industry. That's probably one of the very few such rod, job sources for this career right. I actually am. He worked as a civilian. What does this one on me? Military, yeah, yeah, exactly? How is it that he's a civilian employee of the military? Yes, all of that would be the employer Okay, all right wow I am. I was trying to think what I would do and it would be very hard for me to live like this. So I don't know what I would do, because I'm such a weenie, I'm such a wuss
I have to be at home, and so I mean I try. I travel a lot, but I come right back an and you know I'm just not I'm not geared I've got. I've got a friend who lives every Sunday night and flash to another city and works the whole. We can then flies home on Friday, and that would just drop me bananas. I couldn't do it So I understand that I understand some people can do it. I just can't I can't get my head around it. So I'm trying to think what I would do in this and I'm not saying he's doing something wrong. I'm just saying it's not something, my friends not doing something, your husband not doing something really just it's just not what I can do. So I don't have the capacity. We were very blessed when he was active, that he didn't travel a lot and then we open with your daughter would get together, but it don't take it as a criticism just saying I
No, I don't know it's not for everybody yeah, have it dialed in yeah, you got a dot in, but I think I think I'm renting, because I don't think you want this to be a permanent scenario. No, we do yeah. I think I think I think we're renting. It cannot rent studio. Where is he working huge South beach? Miami he's in Brickle? Ok, and you can't find anything cheaper in one thousand, five hundred, first, go there. Now, that's water, everything included and it's probably the cheapest, and obviously they don't furnish housing. I would listen. We we furnish. It looks good and it was all
second hand. No, no! No! I'm saying the the government that has hired him and asked him to be found. No yeah, okay, I don't yeah you're, just yeah you're camping is what you're doing and I'm just gonna keep my cost down and and not let this. This is not a ten year plan right show you know, no, I'm not I'm not going to buy I'll just rent, it's aggravating, but it's part of the aggravation that is this job and so yeah, I'm I'm just gonna rent times to Renton there's times to buy, and you really need to be putting down roots, to buy and he's not putting down roots here. Allison is with us in Washington, high Allison, welcome the Dave. Ramsey show Hi Dave thanks for taking my call sure. What's up. So we are on baby steps, four five and six, but my question is we kept our first house as a rental and it still has a mortgage on it.
And I'm wondering if we should consider that more like a debt in baby steps You and put everything towards that. Instead of putting more into our retirement and things like that at this point now more into your retirement wouldn't be because you have debt at baby step six, which is this rental, and I assume you still have your home mortgage right. That's correct! Ok! So you, fifteen percent, is what you the Retirement of baby step. Four five, a young kids college in six, is every other dollar we get our hands on. We start throwing at a real estate debt to get rid of us now, all things being equal if their mortgage balances are some more I'm a pay off your home first, if the rental is a tiny little that you want to go and knock it out and then pay off your home, that's okay!
ok! So what are you on your home? We owe about two hundred and thirty on our home and we go about one hundred and eight on the rental, and your household income is what one hundred and fifty ok yeah probably go ahead and October and allow first, but it's a baby step six item, and so any extra money you get if you wanna, throw it real estate and lock the rental out 'cause you're, going to knock it out pretty quick Three years, two years something yeah yep three years, our goal now and then and then you've got all that rental income at that point because a casual like a bandit with no mortgage on it right. So all that cash flow flows towards the arm towards your mortgage then, and the next goal they actually get the
laid off so yeah, because it's substantially smaller than your mortgage, I'm going to put it in line in front of your mortgage in baby steps. Six! That's always what we suggest again if it was one hundred and eighty in your house is two hundred and thirty probably going to your house off. First. Ok, because it's half or in half, then that's what we'll do Sharon is with us and and is in Florida, high chair and welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show HI. Thank you. Graham Greene. How are you better than I do? Are you thank you? Okay, so I have about. Fifty thousand in credit card debt, ninety thousand in student loans, so I'm I'm focusing on there's nobody. Second, more! Focusing on that credit card that right now in my questions, my first might well yeah. I have a lot of questions that I'll just go with this one. What's your take on settling
like that, because I heard that it. It looks kind of looks bad on your credit report now, unlike if you're so broke that you can't pay your bills and your in default on your credit cards. What does your credit matter in the discussion? Okay, Doesn't I'm not sure how far behind are you on the credit card allows you mentioned you're paid on I'm paying off? I'm doing this number Also some of them are a couple like two years like there, some online collection, so I'm just focusing on So you can you quit paying them monthly, the correct amount,
instead, you're writing them off and you get to them yeah. You have to do with medical stuff, but I want to ask, while I have medical that that and long so you have a bunch of bad debt yeah. How much like I said, like fifteen thousand, I think fifteen yeah and your household income is what right. Now I I own a house, so I told him come! Oh sorry, it's about twenty thousand, so you're, single! Yes! And how old? Are you I'm thirty? Six? Ok, alright! Good! What do you do for a living, uh, huh to send side dogs that I'm working on, because I was going to school to get my graduate degree I I just pretty much kind.
Do a lot of things like I said how safe sex When are you going to be getting a job? That makes you a lot more? That's what I'm, after all right, so actually have an offer right now and I'm you know just looking into it to see about that job. So that should be a lot better. Ok, yeah 'cause we've got to get your income up, kiddo, you're, starving to death right right. Let's get that offer on the table and get it wrapped up, and so, if you're, making sixty thousand dollars a year, fifteen thousand nothing you'll be able to just plow right through it. You do want to get all these bad debts in writing as to what you owe them before you pay them, but I think you'll be able to just pay them. If you got a big one and you want to settle it for pennies on the dollar, they offer that's fine, your credits pretty much blown up anyway. I don't really give a crap. What happens with that, so let's just get the debt cleared, so you can move on to the next thing and build some wealth
in the lobby of Ramsey solutions on the debt free stay, Craig and Ronnie on our weather's, hey guys. How are you good welcome? Welcome good to have you guys? Where do you live Cypress, Texas, outside of Houston, love, it fine and all I've heard of the debt free scream. How much have you paid off just out there? Four hundred two thousand dollars eight, and how long did this take five years and ten months good for you wow
our range of income. During that time, we started out at a combined income at about a hundred and eighty thousand dollars at per year and then over the course of time through you know, are giving and being diligent through our stewardship. We have now have an income of three hundred twenty thousand dollars. Do you guys do for a living? I felt sorry, I'm a teacher and he's and go ahead. So John Deere Tractor equip and been a Goodyear huh, it's been a good several well done. Well, congratulations! You guys wow excellent, excellent excellent! So I'm guessing with the length of time I'm in the amount of money. Maybe you paid off your house? Yes, I plug it in so you guys can graduate you should. I think yeah, how old are you two thirty, four and thirty two and a paid
Morehouse Freak in Houston, TX. What's the house worth three five thousand three hundred and eighty right so tell me the story: what happened five years and ten months ago. This started this journey. Driving by a church? I believe it was in our neighborhood. We don't go to it, but it's in a different church in our neighborhood, and I saw an advertisement for it and I just suggested to are there we go? We weren't, we didn't feel like we were struggling, but you know after we started taking all the classes, we knew we were throwing money away so and we were getting ready to build the house that we paid off and we had just signed a contract on the house. We weren't we almost backed out of it actually because of it. Well, we were nervous wondering if we could afford it. You know we were getting in over our head and we we sit down and we got into the class an realize we were eating all of our money. Restaurants and so
got a handle on it and realize that we were able to afford the house and and over the course of years this became get sales and through everything we had at our prior Dan and then the house, okay, wow so you're in your late twenties. At this point right, yes- and you look up that- you think we're gonna go ahead and pay the house off, and everything did you think about that at the time our readers think about getting rid of the other data of it? Hopefully we can get to the house. I mean once we got rid of the other day, that's kind of what
I just took a right, yeah, Zak yeah, that was our driving force wanting to get rid of the house so fun. This is so it is prior to all of that. Did you ever think you'd have a paid for house in your mid nineties. I always thought I had a car note to but yeah we were. We were training our people and we love new cars that has changed now. We sent that to paid for and a nice vehicles No car note love it way to go. You too, very fine, how's, your feel amazing. Yes, it's so freeing just to know that you can go and live an give like no one else, there's just so many options, an knowing where preparing for our future in our kids future and changing our family tree. How many kids are big,
two girls? Okay, I did that, come with you. Yes, yes, all right, very cool. Do they understand everything is gone? How older than five and seven? Yes, I got a little hand along yeah nine. They know no credit cards, no, no, no credit cards in the house, I know Dennis Band in they've been tellin, everybody that? We know that were coming here. Well, that's good and they have matching like us, if you can
see on your radio if you're not watching on Youtube. It's live like no one else, and so that later you can live in, give like no one else, t shirts that they've got well done, guys very, very cool. What do you tell people the secret to getting out of that is stay focused. Yes, thank enacted. That was one of the big things with us is staying connected arm. We have taken at seven classes over the time to we were just as students and then we've led five classes wow over the time of our journey and also to legacy classes in between wow. Thank you, amazing, wait. We love the program, and so we want to share it with others. And we love to talk to anybody. We can about it well, thank you so much yeah. I got another hour doing that for each gram. You should, I think, that's maybe step eight. If you have to teach the class definitely for filling the
Well, it is, and it also keeps you on track. It does vary accountability. There's nothing like two in the radio show keep me on track. I don't know choice. I have seventeen million accountability for I can't I can't screw up now. Well done you guys very, very well done who were your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you, you I'm honored to be on that list. Well done you guys! Ok, we got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you, everyday millionaires and definitely that or will be very soon at the rate, your going. That's awesome, I'm proud of you! Alright, let's introduce The- their names and ages again, Caden, five and Kelsey, seven pretty little girls. Also thank you ready to go. I love it all right. This is good stuff. How show and every thing mid thirties yeah they did that they did that, for you guys are heroes, I'm so proud of it.
The four hundred and two thousand dollars paid off in five years and ten months making one hundred and eighty to three hundred and twenty Craig Ann Ryan Kelsey Ann, Kaden counted down. Let's hear a debt free, scream, thirty, four thousand three hundred and twenty one We well done you guys very well done wow, absolutely beautiful, fabulous, done life is good. Well, that's how you do it man you wake up in your mid twenties and you say I don't want to have a house payment even and then by your mid thirties, you don't it can be done. That's amazing!
question that comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee means, even if you miss measure or Wrong color they'll remake your blinds for free. You get free samples, free shipping and with the new promo they run every month, you'll save even more use the promo code Ramsey to get the best possible deal lens in Kentucky, I've had my head in the sand for years about our debt, I'm now ready to work on it, but I'm worried about the old debt from collections. It's so overwhelming. When I list our debt should August the snowball on all that including collections or just current debt? Much good question. When I always recommend you do to death snowballs, you do it at snowball. First, with the deaths that are current and you're paying payments on, but does getting those paid off, then frees up more money.
Work on the others, the ones that are in default and their bad debts you're not paying on him anyway. So just let him sit there in a second that snowball. So you worked. You work your first step, snowball and clear off all the ones you're paying payments on and current with that gets rid of all those payments that debt snowball is done, though you're going to work down the other list differently, because you're going to call one the first one, the smallest one, an get in again. I'm not with them on what you're going to pay it off said letter whatever get it in writing an know. Electronic access to your checking account and then you to send them the money and you have it in writing and you have a copy of the receipt where you pay them a staple hard copy in a file for the rest of your life, then you go to the next one and then the next one and then and you may have two or three of these working at a time but you're paying these all off in lump sums, and so when you got a two thousand dollars debt on second debt, snowball you're, going to call him up and say you know
I know you say it's two thousand dollars, but when I quit paying it was eight hundred, you sure, have added a lot of fees to this I'll offer eight hundred and they'll say: ok will take eight hundred. The problem will say it like that, but you have to work it out and you get it get an agreement struck. They will take for that debt and then you send them a hundred dollars do not set the second snowball up on payments. Do not set any of
Oh bad debts up on payments, settle them all in lump sums in writing before you send the money and no electronic access to your checking account. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
Well, if you haven't heard there is a new podcast in the top ten, it's called borrowed future, and it's all about the epic student loan crisis that we have the epic debacle. That is, the student loan mess. The Congress continues to fund. Yeah, if you haven't heard these episodes, they're amazing hundreds of thousands of downloads on these episodes, the seventh one of eight lands on Monday or just landed- I'm get I'm getting lost in my days now. I can't remember which it is, but it may be the last
coming up this Monday actually, but if you follow them all the way through I've been listening to them ahead of time, because, obviously I hear them before they get posted right, but they are absolutely amazing. It's a new endeavor for the Ramsey network. We've not done this type of podcasts before they've always been one of us just yakking, one of the Ramsey personalities, and this I guess I'm more traditional documentary style with George Camel being our or being the host of the thing all the way through and were interviewing whistleblowers and people inside the industry and
exposing how predatory the industry is and how to control it is and how lackadaisical and stupid Congress is an how ridiculous the typical student loan borrower gets themselves into. I mean it's an amazingly broken messed up system that has gotten this nation now in the mess we're in with one point, six trillion dollars in student loan debt and twenty five percent of the student loan debt holders are in delinquency of some kind default are delinquent, one slash, four are screwed up, in other words, just to give you a little perspective, the average mortgage or the delinquency rate on mortgages is not twenty five percent. It's one point: three percent one point: three percent of the mortgages are behind: twenty five percent of the student loans are behind. Well you
I have to qualify an like have a job and stuff to get a mortgage to get a student loan. You can borrow the amount of a mortgage, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and be eighteen years old, and you don't even have fog up a mirror. You don't have to have a job. You don't have to have a credit score. You don't have to have anything. You just walk in We taxpayers are guaranteeing you're alone for you, because we believe that much an ridiculously stupid movements of education. I mean it's oxymoronic to me that were stupid about education in this nation. It's a paradox: how are we stupid about cation kill us, and so we over pay. We study the wrong things, things that are not applicables on the market place where you can't make the money back, that you spent there's no return on investment for the education and the parents and counselors and colleges and universities,
and Congress and banks are all just going along with it. The banks are, in a killing on it, universities, the killing on a Davis on Don fettered supply of money. Thus the. I listen. Let me tell you what happens when you have an unfettered supply of money prices go up DA. Of course you know I can't believe how much she's Grudou universal. You been shoveling money in there like it's all coming out of a firehose and it's your fault, it's my fault, because we haven't done a lot of Congress that wouldn't get rid of this thing is a created problem. It was What happens when you have government intervention in economic system? You screw the economic system and that's exactly what happened here created an absolute monster, absolute ridiculous, so borrowed I'm. I can go on for days about this.
Road, future podcast, be sure, you're listening to it, uncovering the student loan crisis. You will learn all the details about the belly of this thing, and the last couple are the best because they start telling you exactly how to avoid getting student loans to start with an how to get out if you've got and so we actually have a solution to the problem number one Congress should you should stop allowing the loans to be made. The government should stop ensuring student loans. If you have senators and congressmen that are running for president, you left Winger d'angers. Out, there are saying we ought to forgive the student loans, it is intellectually dishonest to suggest for giving them, because they are bad there, so onerous drawing the little millennials, and so we have to forgive them, and I want your vote and I'll I'll, forgive student loans, but it's a.
Actually dishonest to say that if you're still making the loan should do for us is that's bass backwards, people you need to stop making them before we can even have the discussion I'm starting to forgive them. That's thing one! I think two is we're going to stop the need for student loans. 'cause we're going to show you how to actually get a quality education and actually pay cash for it in any possible scenario. So if you know how to go to school debt free- and you don't qualifies stupid after I, you how and Anthony O'Neill with his number one best selling book debt free degree shows you how and then three I'm going to still be here: and I would have would get a student loan debt for decades now and I'll still be, how to get out so no more new ones, because the Congress, no more new 'cause you're not going tomorrow, and I'm going to get you out of the ones you're in this will actually solve the problem. I don't need a policy.
Think tank to figure this out. So we have declared war on this crap. It borrowed future podcast as part of it, giving away ten thousand dollars scholarship at Anthony O'Neal is five thousand two hundred and twenty five hundred ten thousand dollars worth of scholarships. We've got a free scholarship, search tool, identity, Oneal COM, ten thousand scholarships for your kid search college calculators. Are there? We've got all the tools, we're going to work this and work this and work this in work this and we're going to punch Sallie Mae in her big ugly wart infested knows I mean this is ridiculous. It is got to stop so check out episode, five drop this week, I'm catching on now. That's what this says an so that means this. Coming Monday episode six will drop. Thank you it's right here on my notes. If I would actually look, you know instead of just ranting, but
it's just every time I get into this. My blood starts boiling. So I love this podcast though it's one of my favorite things, we've done in a long time. I have not checked it out, jump on your apple, podcasts or you're. Good later we're real Spotify. Where we list you list your podcast borrowed future. There's eight episodes. You will be spellbound all the way through it's worth doing, five star reviews everywhere, hundreds thousands of them actually were five thousand reviews now all right Chris ills, Weather's Chriss in California, hi Chris welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show. Oh my god Dave. I can't believe I'm talking to you. I can't believe I'm talking to you what's up. I have listened to you. Since the recession, and I want to say when all those people who are losing their homes, he did such a good job with them. I will never forget that. Thank you! So here's my question. I was run My condo and the landlord is selling the condo one hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars- and I have my
we find is around ten thousand dollars, but I have eighty four thousand dollars in an individual brokerage account have a little less than nine hundred thousand or eight hundred thousand in full. Okay and rock well- you go I well, you know my goal before also sold this to become a millionaire, and I didn't realize how closely was becoming a millionaire make sure there you think it's. So if I condo. It will put me over the million dollar mark. Now I mean your net worth is not going to change ' by buying the car, unless the condos worth more than you're paying for it? No, I doubt it is. I think what they got. A price is probably what it's. What are your your you would buy for how much one hundred and ninety ok and you put the eighty four down right. Well, I was thinking of putting I don't wanna put it. I just want to put the
percent down about three one to let the whole eighty. Four, I don't know I just you're, not a hundred thousand dollars. I guess you're right, you're, you're gonna be okay. Just how old are you thank fifty four? Okay yeah. You can't get at the nine hundred without any so we'll leave it alone. Right yeah. I wasn't going to touch any of the rock. I wouldn't take your emergency fund, but I take every other nickel. I can scrape together out of the corner of the couch and out of that brokerage account and throw it down, and let's get this thing paid off as soon as possible, but yeah I would buy this condo yeah. You've done a great job way to go. Awesomeness proud of you good work. I like that. I put this hour that I ran to show on the books are going to change jobs. Our producer Kelly Daniels are such a producer and phone trainer. I'm Dave Ramsey over and we'll be back, hey
associate producer in phone screener for the Dave Ramsey show this episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service and didn't have a chance to write it down, don't worry we list everything that is mentioned during this episode in the podcast show notes section thanks for listening.
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