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From the head waters of Ramsay Solution Broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios debts that day Ramsay work that is done can just king paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw status symbol of choice and they were actually your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, triple eight eight to five. Five, two to five, that's triple. Eight eight to five five, two to five stars-
others our is Shelby in Tennessee. Merry Christmas Shelby. How can we help today by a Christmas day? Thank you so much for cooking, Michael. So my husband and I are in the middle of our gut snowball on our active dead. He also has a handful of credit collection from about two thousand fourteen eighteen thousand. Fifty. About a month ago, we received in the mail three separate letters from from bankruptcy lawyers waiting. There was a court case against them. So I got a well digging the sea It was valid, I called the county clerk and she said that the court case was valid, but there has been no active the honor and nothing has been serve. Yet, though my predicament in question is: should we pause our debt snowball so to speak on our active got to pay this collection, or should we take action only? If
when something is actually served who was by and how much was it for I don't even know the original creditor. It's been passed around the long, but it in the hands of a law firm right now, Bolshevik visually credit card or medical bill. What was it you know? I believe it was some sort of personal loan. For me, I think they were called the lending club at first and it for about three thousand dollars, which is what kind of makes me nervous. I'm sure that's gonna take us at least three months to pay them, amount and kind of pause everything else we ve been doing some really conflicted about to deal because I don't know whether we should wait. Lending club has a three thousand dollar unsecured alone. That is fine, years old. They don't own it anymore. They sold it.
They are sold it for probably around six or seven cents on the dollar, so probably paid under two hundred dollars for this ok. And so, if you were to contact the law firm and offer them a thousand dollars, they'll, probably shuttle it they have to argue weatherman, listening, listen to some whining and dropping around and all that kind of stuff as part of a negotiation within collections and by law firm, has no more of a law firm, the fly, the moon, except that they technically of law office. What they are is a widget, a factory that Prince off lawsuits on small collections in mass guy, and they Probably you're not gonna do much with this. If they ever did actually sue you.
Even when they win, then the only way they would get anything is to execute on the judgment, and that would take months more on top of it. Chances of them spending a thousand dollars. In addition to the eight hundred rendition of the two hundred they paid for the debt to try to collect the three thousand dollar death. It's five all this about zero, ok, what they do. They throw paper around, try to intimidate people to get them to pay the bill, and you need to pay the bill. So thousand dollars in your emergency fund baby step, one right! Yes, if this comes up, if it comes to a call them and offer them a thousand dollars. And how much are you have because that would, by the way, be the truth, Hutton settlement Info, I can't give you any more than that. I don't have any more than that. You'll just have to sue. Then than they will show you and then they would win cause money and backing shuttle the lead the judgment later because
I will this takes way too long and generally what they do is they play the odds they bought the bad debt and they play the odds and so they re going down there were they like, if you can imagine, going with two wheelers fall. Of cases of lawsuits and they file them all, once like a factory doing a shipment, I just hope a few of them hit and all they got those here about wouldn t on in their money comes back and so job it's a game. They took on the plane, the odds and debt There's a real slimy in the law firms that they work, whether real slimy large was a few exceptions, but ninety percent number slimy so just deal with like your dealing with slimy people, when I get everything in writing and dont, give them access to your checking account do not give them any employment information do not give them any except a cash offer in return for
in writing. Settlement offer. Ok, then I'll, send you a Cashmeres check or are some money or I'll do a prepaid debit card that? U turn on long enough without money, and then, when you turn it back off like that where they do not have access to your job, they don't have it As to your current addressed, we need to verify your information before we can have this conversation. Well, do you want conversation to end or do you want to get some money because you're not verified spit with me,. Because all the information they get on he's gonna help them follow. Garnish went against your wages, are soundly and don't get anything out. You gotta play hard hard Bobby cagey vows and serpents harmless doves and trot the settled when it comes up. I now really hasn't come up yet how guy that helpful, perfect! Yes, that was exact What are needed to now being very careful in very wise? Ok, don't get
anything you here only trust what you see. Ok, ok, thanks for the call open a triple eight eight to five five two to five may help you guys with this occasionally I get a question about this. There are basically three or four types of collectors out there there's a collector the calls you on your home mortgage. If you have a traditional home mortgage in your behind, they will call you from the mortgage. Commissioner. We want our they can be believed they don't have a lot of power, but they have a precise system that they have to go through in order for the FDA, CHE Insurance to kick in the Vienna insurance to kick in or the family Ip Almaty kick in, ok and so for them to get the coverages in the a foreclosure that they need? They have to go through. A very precise procedure, They generally you're not gonna blow, stir and create a bunch.
Motion and all I can to stop so your mortgage collector is probably the top of the heap best collectors out there in terms of telling the truth, then there will be tough now that you're money they're trying to get their money, but in terms of telling the truth, the boss bottom of the barrel isn't that buyer that buys for nickel on the dollar in there can the odds and there really really really slimy right above them are the credit card actors with the national companies like discover and chase and far go and so on. If you get a collections, call from a credit card collector in one of those coming be aware, you are dealing with some of the worst human beings on the planet. They are trash their slimy, and if you don't me calling you that you're one of those collectors than go get a job you can be proud of, because your slimy ok and navigate, just right there, just above them lotta you and competent when it comes,
student love, so you have to be kept your local collection agency in your local town, usually good folks, but not always You can't be sure, but some of those are pretty good folks to there's a gradient in the quality of human you're dealing with in his collections processes, and just be aware of that. If you get behind on your bills, cuz you got to work through this mess. This is the Dave. Ramsey show Dental insurances, great, if somebody else's paying for it, but if your footing the bill, one dental die Com is a much better way from my listeners. One dental dot com is a disk
membership. That gets you on limited lower rates at the dentist, not just for cleaning, but even dentures implants, route, canals braces and more whether you're getting a plan for yourself, your family or your business. One dental dot com is the way to go visit. One dental, I'd come today and learn how you can see the dentist on a budget. That's one dental dot com Thank you for joining us America. While if you listen to the show from more than about five minutes, you hear someone called hey, I'm on baby step three and on babies that forum on baby sit up whatever some of you don't know. The baby steps are well, it's plan to help you not only get out of that, but become wealthy and incredibly generous.
And we want you to live the generous life with your family tree changed and the way you do that you get out of that. So you can build wealth and we walk you through exact. What to do when and how it's called the baby steps. If Have a specific question about the particular baby step that you are on people call the show every day with that, but were actually to do a baby steps out, weeks or and weak or so, and if you want to be part of that they now are. We might use your babies to question what you call him during that particular our and your particular babyship. So Emma Dave on AIR a day rams. Calm. Put your question and the baby step your on in the subject learn put most sublime like question. Or something like this. We know what it is Kelly pick it up, go through them in fact, who were gonna talk to that particular our. We never tell you what to say, but sometimes schedule the call so that we can stay on subject within. Circular our for doing a theme, our main, if we told you,
so there be no entertainment value at all and having you ought to some of your people. Some other darndest things that old scores and all move our old tv show a thousand years ago, kids say the darned. If things collars say the darndest things espousing thanks anyway, jump in and Dave on, air a day rooms you dot com, you dont have to have something bizarre. You can just simply of a question. It's ok! I dont want open you there why you don't have to Retaining you just gotta want somebody to help you and that's what we're here for Amy is where those in Florida high Amy welcome that ever amnesia, You Dave, I'm. The question are having a hard time getting a whole long as long as the owner. I really have. You got a lot of yonder on business. Just under two years, Ok, you don't need to years of tax returns, showing an actual profit, ok and the profit
of the business is what will be on your tax. Returns will be used to calculate your homeland and so can't say know! No, I get to write a bunch of stuff off right off called expenses and they reduce profit. So you're, not making any money. If you make no money that you pay taxes on and so, all right it all off! Now you? U dont you're, not make any money sharia profit user, how much around seventy five thousand a year. Yet there are great and you can in your showing that on European on you're paying taxes on seventy five thousand dollars. Yet there, when you follow your second Your turn you'll be eligible for a typical loan. Was everything else is in line. Do you have a credit score? You still in debt, and there we heard my husband spit as we had better get you got about other than his company vehicle they yet about
thirty thousand left on? Well, that's his personal name, and so he s dead. Yes, sir, to not borrow the money. He borrowed money, ok in clear that up before you get a house. Ok, we only the car payment before you get when you got how show when you're dead free. So he does have a credit score. Yet there is a good. Yes, there? So what I would do get everything saved up bill margins refund in the day you pay the car off, go ahead and apply for the mortgage. Ok and get pre approved, based on your credit score before dropped, because when you pay off all your debt and have zero accounts open your credit score drop right, ok and while its up there, you go and take advantage of it. Not why got the car dad, but while the score still up there as soon you get. The car paid off, apply for and then save up here,
payment and save up your emergency funding when you're debt free a hundred percent- and you have your merchants- she found a three six months plus a down payment. You re to purchase and you can probably put most of that either in a very short period of time, once you get rid of a thirty thousand dollar car on seventy five thousand dollar profit. Daddy is ridiculous. You shouldn't have a thirty thousand our corner business, not against any five. By the way that makes sense rationalization and no, we don't need the truck to do that. Use of the ways to do that business so I'm gonna quit by crap like that, it can never be profitable. Cabin is whether in California, Hey Kevin. Welcome that over him she shut gave. How are you I than I deserve. What's up, so have. My question is so I was recently laid off just about a month ago, and I received the most of my staring with my my coming this week. I have my. I need Maya unemployment benefits are set up for one hunter.
Month, how's the new job or concrete, say how's, the new job you God now? We are unemployment, job you, but a moment you aren't you re employed. I have actually been actively applying as well as I haven't been giving any by, recently. I show you the way you're applying, not working. You should get a job and twenty minutes. Where do you live in California, in warfare, Would you like to my we are used to make about sixty thousand a year doing what I was kind of like a technical support, but customer rapturous part up so you could do tech support for somebody and make fifty, and hell? I right now that's a highly sought after position. You should not have been unemployed for thirty days, I was a little bit of a process, those working remotely so kind of getting everything all settled out of Maya. My current office here at home was kind of a a bit.
A half. Sorry, you were working remotely and you had to say out of your office. Yeah. I have a home office that I was working out overnight, but had returned with marked by company laptop and some of the stuff that I had before from Why did they take more than one day because you know they they laid off about the company, so I had to get them of bar equipment given over to Santiago. My company is taking of all will add one. They laid you off that income pick you had to drive the equipment to them. You are correct, and they want in their shepherd. I believe, if you didn't make censorship, those about eight hundred dollars, you ship, Like spent thing IRA, mileage in time was more you contractually obligated to return their equipment at your expense.
You know I mean I was reimbursed or it, though, on the way they took care of all the expenses and everything, but the labour and who can take from one day to blow the crap out of the car and drive the shanty going back when he bent over the other twenty nine days, applying forgot nonstop contemplating are going back to school and figuring out. You know how do I keep my fine? You know I have a special. Pack, you don't bother car alone as well as I was standing up for you. I benefits shifted a worst case scenario. If I can't get a job relatively soon, I can go back to school, full time and live offered, eating you'll need to go back to school. Gonna, get a job. You're no plans at all to reason to go back to school, except you can find a job. Only reason we're going back to school cause. You wanted to pursue something you're technically I with my life degree the little bit irrelevant. It had a hard for me to pick up
that I been applying for- and I give you not I've been applied- I ve been doing your job. You know what I was. There I forgot prior to my. How long have you been better than a technical person offer baby about it? you're. So at night I wanted for free. I don't have site. Are you twenty four, not I'm older. How long you I am twenty years old. What did you do before that? Prior to that? I graduated about three years ago cited in this role, for it would have been three years, is coming study you, I thought you should one year Ok, a misunderstood, ok arm around we heard what is let me like is you: are you fallen
Turning to the idea that applying for jobs is actually gonna, get you a job, it doesn't give notice that right, I'm a job of your blood four hundred yards and covered with about. Then you had. She wrote responses bright correctly, so obviously which does not work it. What are you doing gotta, kill, common dot com and download his free stuff on how to put you resume together and I'm going to say you, a copy of his book Rwanda Scheiler called the proximity principle, which is how to get the career that you love. Do you need to be working tomorrow, its region, you're, not working. I don't care what you're doing driving peaches whatever you need a job too of doing something immediately
doesn't take thirty days in LOS Angeles, to get employed. This is that over amnesia The lobby of Ramsay solutions on the dead three stage- Samir Engineers, are whether hey guys our you better than we deserve all. You is a merry Christmas to you good to have you guys? Are you from Seattle, Washington, open? very girl and all the way over here to do a dead, free scream exactly to what should be paid off three hundred and sixty thousand good for you
and how long this take took about four and a half years, Dave wow and your range of income. During that time we started out about a hundred thirty up to two hundred thirty thousand wow. What do you do for a living? An internal auditor, a bank and I'm sepia for a large public accounting from couple of account of you now, some very cool show. What kind of debt was the three hundred and sixty two you're right here and see me hey. We did couple were big weirdos over here. What's this house worth Lobo Estimate about six, fifty two seven hundred we conservative, not devalue, like the number, you do, twenty nine, both of us. Not all your brilliant errors are almost huts luggage. It feels touched by area so how? you been married Almost five years was actually you got I bought a houses had left paid off, was dead. So Tom
story. What happens well, starting at that point, when we bought her house, we were big it tv fanatics, you know we love watching people by their house. Designer their dream home and then, at the end of an hour, their crying tears of joy. In our case, you know we're like we wanna hit, we do this ourselves, we got the ground running, we looked into and we got big quotes we heard them expected. We weren't ready for it. We were debt free prior to a house in you know this added stress on top of it was. It was making me sweat luckily had former coworker Eric was listening right now, Kay doing he teaches Financial peace University in Vienna taught me the principles and a start: the podcast in a week later I was sold out. I don't want to go into the renovation I wanna know I wanna go to college opposite. I want to have no debt. Listening to your show, I knew I can describe moments. Hey, hey, hey, baby, crazy guy on the radio who tells us deliver life a different way. I knew that
the slowly, breaker down and intolerable. You know our goal, setting goals together and that sister wee Wee wee, red. Let me your life, not theirs, Rachel, and finally got hurt flip the page and get us on it and start working. Emma cohesive unit, and you journey with and working hard. We ve been sacrificing a lot and out through the middle path. You know I didn't feel like we never get there. You know, but each month he paid off tomorrow, to keep off the mortgage, and now we will have another dream of being here: Gunnar Jeffrey Sweep. Ok, so where are we? run it did you buy a house that NATO renovation side of Judea has the river occurred knows no, so you're living with all the stuff that you want a fixed still, yes, but now you're gonna with cash is level to lose the more just cosmetics that we wanted to do in kitchen I thought you knew that easy now here we can make a quarter million dollars and know tat, no, no payments in the warm while so you flip
Donna child adjusted in reverse. We did so you had to sit down and say this is gonna. Take four or five years before you get your new kitchen hard to do but I dont it was on a work trap and I read the book and I remember still typing up the text message saying. I think we should do it. Getting home equity line of two hundred three hundred thousand plus our mortgage Gary down overwhelming now offer just cosmetic looks of something we didn't really need urgent, tv goes into the trash outcomes, financial, peace. I love it. I, like it good amateur happier now than a kitchen Someone is renovation, start with
had a baby, so we're we're can affect others here. Baby first for first would render the gallery do the nursery first, exactly but yeah you lay out a schedule now and with your cash flows and watch it go into this room than that. Rumour had this work in the network and you will drop another to undertake their pretty quick at this round. Oh yeah does it feel to have no payments, Why not yours and you didn't they never expected us Fisher shorter. You tell people key to getting out of that is, I think, the key You know working as a team, especially as a couple working team setting the same goal, setting goals that in order. Born in Europe. Our goal was there you know, have children and have the potential for her work. Lesser even stay at home, and I feel like we're way. How now to be in a position round comes, and we wanted
they home she can easily do it just short term and long term goals. I had to have something to see and each month we would click the button of seven or eight thousand submit ten thousand, and that cannot work kept me going like. If you push up and without me I'm not gonna, be happy Watch big junks, I'm in your hidden, big ol, junk someone! Please let you go you ve three hundred sixty thousand dollars in four and a half years new up aid for six hundred you don't know how to turn on your shoulder Seattle. That is that's impressive. Thank you, thinking very, very impressive, your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you, both of our parents. My parents are here, only unworthy my parents idea and both of em if that free they both average on. I was Is there no, and he was right to it- was don't buy anything you can't buy in cash and they put us both your college, which we early lucky for you and Cars don't buy anything you can pay for cash. She ought to have them
I said only just had applied to the house that we, you were already free when you started this fixed up your house while the way to go and gave way to go we're so proud of Europe, I think very, very cool. So this is what was the hardest part four and a half years in your married, an artist was probably in sacrificing. You see a lot of people go out to dinner. Cars skying on vacation, that's really temptingly, be ok! We're can get money? We can go. Do those things too, but our goals were little different and now we can live like no one else. You know come in here Atlantic came out from Maui Life is different. Now life is good, not cut are we write in there and had to Nashville Emily essential to its awesome? Well done very well, then we ve got a copy slogans book for you every day, millionaires number one best! Seller, you're gonna, be one if you're not already you're, very,
close and congratulations proud of you and your mom and dad are proud, so your bay- is how old is Threem. Three months old and what's his name, shaven and here comes, mom and dad awry, mom, Shannon him off with a headset screamed and three month. It's a good thing. They try. I like it. It is engine now from Seattle, along with big jaded, three hundred and sixty thousand dollars paid off in poor. Years, making one thirty two to thirty there, why nine years old, everything's purred bore zero dead, breeze, greame three two one, What you gave your step doesnt work in an expansive real.
Margaret like Seattle. Well, you'd have to tell them that, because they didn't believe it and they just decided that they didn't have to put once ahead of being the free, because all of the chemical smoke fix up were once a couple of thousand. Oh God, medic fix up yet to come on out and no cash flawed and make a total money there in great shape and so they just you know. Most of us wish that we lie. You hear him they are made. You need anything has almost no thing that you need There's nothing in the mall that you need for sure. All of those things are called wants. And there's nothing wrong with buying some wants, but don't lie about it to say I have money, and I want that that sometimes I like stuff audition stuff I wanna buy. I want and I have the money- but I can't say I need a new car-
I've already got several Need another, am. I right I'm pretty sure is car guy, but just cause wanna doesn't make it a need, because you want that person probably have sixteen shut up, because you want that tree up. That's enough! You can count on need a vacation. No you! Don't you just warning call the ambulance you wanna vacation, save up and take This is the Dave, Ramsey show
for joining us. America, visions that Abraham show open Foams AAA eight to five five, two to five, the nieces and marijuana High Denise work under that Abraham ship, days power you better than I deserve. What's up, Forty one years been thing man, I am sixty one and he is sixty five. We got done a lot of dumb things and we ve got a lot of blessings:
I've found you in January annual area. Eighteen and I personally went through financial peace. He did not he's got no, work on every dollar. I cancel out back there. Not cancel. Balmy keeps doktor contributions like you said, and what is that all three to six months was of emergency money would have died, he gets a pension fund rubber. I had play and on starting back with our eyes, but here Certainly my heart surgery, though one of the building industry are going. I should I start bad children the baby steps. Do you have any idea what the bills will be? At least twenty percent of?
well whatever it wandering Sophronia, you dont know my twenty or thirty thousand dollars for twenty rising, like I'm in your way right. That's what I'm Gaza and what your household income total about. Thirty five thousand a year. Ah yeah, you need to stop every. In Paul up courage to get ready for these medical bells. If you're gonna have a thirty thousand dollar hit, making thirty five thousand? Ok Romania, the money saved other than your emergency phone made headway, eleven thousand in both their I. Yet we got here. For those whom we know the storm coming. We just don't know exactly what the arrival date is right. Right now is not a theory, it's happened and the bills are gonna. Come correct,
Ah he during sixty five, so he went on medical. Will you just got to ascertain what the actual out apart. It's gonna, be and try to save that as fast as you can and assumes you save that, then you restart your other stuff. And does it's gonna kill your ability to save right? I am James Man. Are you listening to really wanted so you're, not working anymore, yardage liven up with him. Charming. Now I am I work and make about twenty thousand year in his return, which prevent he is retirements fifteen month, and he looks, I got ok sure you're, not thirty.
Thousand you're more like forty, something if you're makin, twenty and he's making eighteen, that's thirty. Eight, ok, you're right, I'm sorry but shook her and then your side jobs on top of that up over forty show, but either way you still don't. Have you no turnin, fifty thousand dollars coming into something like that, and you don't know big parliamentary and you gotta. Twenty thousand are built come in at least leave. So we got a you know. What you might do is talk with the docks and maybe even the hospital and try to add, try to figure out what you're going to get billed for even talk to your insurance company and try to figure out what you can get bo4. But in the meantime we know it's gonna, be a bunch of nearly did you stop everything and polyps from cash to get ready for it as fast as you can the surgeon get that behind you, then you get back to saving towards your nest egg, because your debt free and you know your building, you're you're beyond the emergency funds or your build an earnest egg and getting the house paid offer your next two goals. So thanks for the call open
a triple eight eight to five five, two to five Johns in Virginia, hey, John! Welcome that every measure we very much welcome a merry Christmas to you. How can I help I am sixty one years old and my wife is to extend thought required on disability article working household incomes, I found a hundred thousand dollars was her source was cured him, which is about thirty five thousand dollars per year. As I have just gods of small credit card, they want more campaign off. It's only two thousand dollars into them, paid off about about the two
all we own two homes, ah they're worth about nine hundred thousand combined, are mortgages. Two hundred thousand the about two hundred thousand mortgage on whatever one's paid off. How can I know TAT day the problem I have it. I thought you many toys. I've got Greek about, we ve got three cars, but I can check ski and I've got you didn't I just do you know I'm wondering If I should go ahead and pay off excel a couple of cars to accept the fact that more money on them, you're not gonna, get back when I put into an just move, but I can't get psychologically passed before the nice enough. I bought this car per ten thousand two and a half years ago. When I can only welcome that's what I was paid to this was an elderly lady, as we just I just thought. I'd just hang out
the problem. I have I like cars, my every couple years, I by an old one by one million and pouring money into the prepared millions of having to pay the credit card, and then they all stood like ten thousand and all about sixty I'll do the privileges of the thirteen and then four years later, our fight guy don't be this car. But I can't get passed with psychological aspect of war by solid seven, I've lost six thousand dollars I guess that! Well, I think I think the thing is we ve got to decide what you're buying a car for in the future. In the past, is over what cried the decisions already been made? You bought a car It went down in value selling it not showing it just means you admit it all. Already low lost the money but selling it just means admit that you ve lost the money right. Yes, so but then The next time you get ready to do this. You buy. It sounds like you like tinkering with them. Well, I don't do as much.
As I do. I love driving the, but I used to have maximum not do all the work on nuclear whereby a car in such a way that the work that you're going to do actually enhances the value not just gets turns into lost money because the lost money, part of the fix up, has not been bringing you real joy right. It adds value to my life but as long as you're, you feel like you, ve got up like you. Ve got to regret in the back to intervene on the back of your tongue, is bad taste in your mouth
I'm from outside and look at the window right now. Look at what the Cartagena just block, yet I should get rid of it, but I just put new tired, voted and at this point from the past year, if I did, I feel I had that biological no thought well, I think it would have got, is put all that money into it now. Well, an evil again, you ve lost the money shelling it just major admitted it show. That's all that is in the question is: what do you want to drive and thus do that at the least expensive way possible, and sometimes at major manufacture, a person of means abuse by car and rabbit, but they all go down and value pretty much rare exception would be if you had classic cars that you are doing is a hobby, and you really know what you're doing in your buying a bargain on a clash of car Like me, I've got nineteen sixty core rather to frame up restoration that one actually goes up in value, but on the Corbett sitting. Next to it, it's new goes down in value more, so it's pretty much offsets,
but yeah you just colleague, I know what you're getting enter go. I can accept this loss fund. Actually and emotionally, as part of what I'm doing in that's pretty much true with all cars that we have that and that's why you want your cars to be a smaller percentage of your overall income, so I tell you tat not to own with motors and wheels added together equally more than about half your annual income, which you have not violated that so there's nothing in this discussion What are you crazy? You know that guy who are you thirteen thousand our garden when no value to five of work a few years, that's collecting normal stuff. It's gonna. Do that the thing you When asked yourself, when you doing repairs are, are they Prayers, I'm gonna keep it long enough to justify it and you just saw the car like it is before I do the repairs and that kind of stuff, but tiresome breaks just part, operate in a comment. I thanked for the call Pritchett you ve been bar the show today,
What about puts this particular hour in the book shower thanks to James Childs, our producer, killing or associate producer and phones greener. This is common As for your dollars and a sense, it will reach you, live on less than you make a concept Congress can grasp its the day. Ramsay show hey it's Kelly, associate producer and phone for the Dave Ramsey Shell. If you would like to be your deputy scream, live on the show make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsay dot com flash, so it registered. Who would love for you to come the National tell day your story, Make more money doing what you love check out: Christie Rights, business, boutique, podcast crises,
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