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They're 32 Years Old With a Paid for House! It IS Possible! (Hour 3)

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A quarter of Ramsay, surely broadcasting from the dollar parliament studios it's that day, Ramsay show that is down she paid off. Mortgage has taken the place of the dream w status and I remember your host open phones are AAA eight to five two to five. That's AAA eight to five: five: two to five starting a shower of is Tina in California. I Tina how're, you I'm tramping. Thank you so much for taking my com, my pleasure. How can I,
So question: I'm I'm not where I have been an iron baby. Steps too, as we have quite of unknown, is coming up in the next six to eight months. He is an construction project management and the party is estimated to be over between, like February at Bay, are leases upwards of implementing and by we also assisting with those. I have good five times in the past five years, and this could be the first I will be with child, though thereby and we don't know if we'll be, we will be moving at two where we will be moving where kind of car
How forty odd, because of the high cost of living, where no added that we want to have a different life, and so I'm not sure if I should be putting the baby step two on hold and try to save up the money just because of the unknown coming up or if she just keep going when the project to increasingly one hundred percent work he's not he could stay on, but it would be a good timing. True did because I release is also water at the house again and he would use land another construction project in another state. That kind of what we're looking forward kill two beyond as we want about back towards the EAST coast, or you have worked out bout me, wear them how hard is rarely links something there. Basically quitting is jobs which are saying no human
need a project over at the end of the project. We could stay on, but he's choosing not to write or there's an option that he could get transferred to another location with the same company. Okay. So how often has he changed companies and found work really quickly, he's not really big and say that you ve been there were most of it. So this idea that used up a move after the projects over unless it's a transfer inside this company unless he's got another job lined up is not a good plan. Is it. No, it's not you. Ve gotta have something else launder before he walks away from this company are definitely yes, we we won't be moving without a job, but if he were to turn for those still be proving expensive
now there will be the customer being of quiet and especially for the further moves, so that kind of well worried about show if he does not get a job in another location, orders not get transferred you're staying, he asked. So what do you say to perceive trance of your leaving? Is noise,
is a greater than fifty fifty sounds to me like I want to really yes, I guess I thought we'd, both girl, the Navy and having the thirty than it's time, to leave California and establish stop your total money like over completely stopped baby steps to its. You just stop work in the plan run down you pileup cash. Do you get this? This move land out. I've gotta begin talking to his company sooner rather than later. About the transfer at the end of this project, ok, so that aid is it because if we can transfer with his company, my guess is: that's his preference. Isn't it it it if he goes in there this week and says: hey, there's this project, whether its February may, whatever it is. I was talking about moving to another state of this project. Can you
talk to me about transfer thy nope, not gonna happen, then you know she's gonna start looking for a job in another state needs to start that now yeah than me. If you want to leave at them and not have a hiccup because then you got a safer job gap and the move, if I don't have a job lined up right. So information from his current employer with clear communication is a really good thing here sooner rather than later middle limit. How much money you need to make the move once you ve got the money maiden, you need to make the move and you ve got the job lined up, You push start again, push play again and your respect brought back up and any money you have left over after the move would come out down to a thousand dollars, have to get settled into the new place and would restart your baby step to at that point. Kristen our Kyrgyzstan is weathers,
Dave cursed. I pushed around buttons there. She is clear stance in New York. I Kyrgyzstan, how are you still didn't push it one more time. I still get used to new equipment after a few months. How can I help. So my husband and I had a question for you China at a stand standoff right now, It has no dad. We are casting on following your steps? So, basically on baby step, six cuz, we don't have kids, but we are lucky to have kids so my husband and I I'm looking to renovate the house to include square footage, make room for babies He would rather save the money that we put towards the renovation and towards a new house. A new house is probably not in it for another five years or so just kind of wondering
Would you can deliver light? Had one can you not? If you can do the renovation servers and five years? Why can you not move shorter than five years, because the renovation by Anna Cost, like thirty grand saving up for a downpayment on a new house Not necessarily I will for the for the area that were living in and looking at the houses there Moving, aren't way up in house absolutely I mean we're, so weird I was not a renovation, but you want to move up to two hundred thousand in house. Things are not kept. That's not apples to happily, ok, it's so that set up for you to win this argument every time, not not every time but a lot of time. So, what's your current homework bomb, it's rough
around five hundred and fifty now surrounds you what's the most expensive home sell for half mile way, they could be up in the million two million usually offers you might be looking for. Six hundred six our house on your street. Overbuild, the neighborhood with the renovation so I don't care which one you do either one I'm going to you're not over. Building the neighborhood you're paying cash for the renovation or a little longer need to pay cash to move up to another, never actually First, renovation live there. A few more years, then sell it and move up
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Roger was us, oh hi. Oh I Roger. I welcome that over him. Treasure bank here what's wrong question for you, Dave was so. I recently bought a property, another property, so f1 home that we currently live in and then investment property that we own outright and then this third property that I recently purchased so that Emily and might be unlikely. Co, habitat and one household at the large home.
And I was doing well, is bouncing around through the steps one Bruce back, and I hope that I haven't set myself backward with this plan to get this other mortgage, but I've taken out for for us to Co Habitat is a family. Show the home you were living in was paid for and then you about an investment property paid for and now you bout another home to move what your parents into with you guess I was the idea, so I have some. Extended family living in it now, but it's large enough that we could, Tina, move into the home and it would be for my my mother's, either in my sister's, gave me to join us in the home. Sounds exciting. I didn't hear you know he had a separate living quarters in the bar in the basement. With a you know,
I think that it would mean for almost as if it were to family in it and it's on eight acres. So I don't want to get the money in. It were think what you pay for it to work made three forty, nine and your mortgage, how much on it so slave I had to refinance the house that I paid off to qualify for that loan so monthly. I so we haven't been homage mortgage that you have now three hundred and forty nine, all three of them present property that you live in, that you would move out of what would it sell for. Right now, probably around one hundred and fifty that would probably sell for between may be eighty and one thirty, just depending on the market that it comply. Swayed over there in that area.
Mother or sister contributing to this other deal, not presently if they move in, are they contributing? Yes, they would, they would be paying rent or utilities. Your family had, as you re doing this now know, there's no. His doing it was just did, sir. Does the desire that we have all had to one and try to be in on one plot of land and co habitat? same house and to avenge laid provide care to my mother is what it will have to be so is trying to plan ahead for for that and is being an knowing that I'll have to be her caretaker. Well what I would do have very clear discussions with her in her sister and I would have
even to the point that I probably would have some things that we, the three of us, agree to your sister, you and your mom and your husband. I shall like house rules, boundaries and well yeah. What's gonna happen when your mom dies and your sister still there and we don't need this house to care for your mom? I'll call. You haven't discussed that danger to write and what happens if your sister decide she wants to leave. Is that ok, so she made someone had married, moved Oklahoma. Yes, I would be back that for sure I mean financially would be able to carry the bills on her own. So that way, no one's feelings are hurt, or no one is bankrupted by someone else
having often screwing up this deal. What's your household income, so together we make up one. Eighty Loca show you can cover the issues around than the next question is: are quicker, you get this thing paid often as you did, go backwards, you're, three or four hours and bad course you went back, but it's true. How much does goal now? Do you want to undo it some of it by rental are selling the house are both when you eventually is not a battle. Take a chunk of mortgage. I want to get back to get free Which also take some of the financial stress off of everybody else's decisions or health conditions or whatever but good house rules and boundaries are going to necessary.
This doesn't turn out as romantically as you think. It's going to my you don't want to have something like this that you thought was gonna, be all fund end up being reason that your relationships all end, because you can't deal with the in a healthy way with a natural friction. That's got beetle coming from living under the same roof, so really work that stuff out. If your family's really good at that, that's fine, but if you guys just others, romantic idea that its going to be like it was in the first time your mother uses her mother voice on you as a grown woman, making a hundred eighty grand- and you don't like that, crap how you going to deal with that. That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about that happens here, Cuz you're not a little girl anymore you're, a fully accomplished woman as a matter fact more than the other two probably cuz you're the one. Putting this whole thing together right. Anyway now the treasure morning. I thank says
just doesn't sound as romantic as it does to you and I hope it works out the way you think it's going to, but I think the best shot you have it. That is lots of clear guidelines that house rules in communication or what are boundaries or whatever you want to call them that's where families get in trouble in business working together is they they don't separate the business transaction from the family business family aspects and you've got to do that. I mean when I'm here and Rachel Cruze here on this site, I'm her ceo and she calls me Dave when I'm at her house on Papa Dave hold in our new baby, and so I changed hats when I go over there and she called me your daddy year whatever then, but so you have to have clear guidelines and that's how
Can work together and how you can do conflict well, because you're gonna have it so just do all of that, and then yeah probably also offers are the two houses and work towards being that free again and then go Bassam rentals with pay that I pay for with this. But this is obviously a thing that is very. We very precious to you cause. You spend a lot of money on it and you ve got you ve, taken several steps backward financially in order to do this, so it obviously means a lot to you very I think for the call Craig is Weathers correction, Idaho, I Craig. How are you I'm great data you better than I deserve. What's up My wife and I are starting to baby steps. And then in a new body listed out all of our current debt. The baby steps to death- and my question is about the dead
about half of them are currently making monthly payments on and the other half or kind of the sitting there may be paid on when growing older, they have a bearing collections. There's a couple that has been there for seven years about the least one soon. The stones been their lesson here. Ok, I would make a little too to debt snowballs them one that snowball of your active payments, but things are currently paying on and one list of the ones that are in collection and then I would work through the one that your actively making payments on first smaller, two largest and then I would work the ones that are in collections. Second, and I would work them off as lump sums nodded and payment- when you get to the ones in collections, make a phone call the smallest one find out what it takes to pay it off. If you agree with that amount, get it in writing by email or something else.
Then pay it off and proof of that kind. Station, of how much it takes to pay it off and or that you settle for and that you made the payment in hard copy, The rest of your life on those that are old Ramsey Show
Stephen and Christine are on the line, and I see all my screen. You got your dad furry. Congratulations! my and living in Dallas Texas are very good, Two hundred thousand dollars summer, how long this take you having here seven year awesome and your range of income. During that time we started off about seventy five thousand dollars and with a couple promotion than some good luck, we're about up to two hundred
call. What do you do for a living? I'm a teacher and I'm a data scientist very good, very good, while you're careers are on fire for sure. Well done, So what kind of debt was? The two hundred thousand was pretty much everything except for credit card tat. We had mortgage Riyadh Hospital payments, we had cars and we had student one she paid off your house. We did on top where people yeah well done, job guys,
What are you two thirty two with a paid for freaking out and Dallas Texas, you got it. I love it. What's your house, I mean what's isles worth how about you hundred thousand or how? How does it feel to be thirty, two years old and have a paid for everything? It is the most comforting feeling there is the peace and breathing there. They are just come from a year. You you have applied at two hundred thousand our house. That's completely yours. You got it. That's pretty amazing! That's pretty amazing how long you two been married ten years next year, a couple years in your marriage. You decide check out all these debts and then go on and play through and knock out the mortgage and everything we got married.
At all the newlywed debts and all that stuff- and we said you know this isn't going to work. We really need to get that free. A co worker turn me on to financial peace, university and Weave so a couple years and a marriage is when all is started. You see you there. Most of your married life has been working on this the seven years. Yes, definitely and we added a kid in the next period so that it can support good for you how why so what's the secret to being thirty, two years old, having everything paid for house and everything, I would say it's the monthly budget meeting the driver, I'm the one who arranges it, but Christy Christina, always comes and has something to say about it, and just every month we plot, a little vial at all in and knock it out, there's no silver bullet, but you do it for year after year and month after month and you're going to get there,
you feel weird. If you don't have that guideline on how to live your month, a large portion of that seven years. You were dead, free everything, but the house right out of it in an off the house. Yeah. Ok, so you been in baby steps for five or six for how many of the seven years I'd say, probably last, four years or so about two or three years to get everything up to the house and then knock the house out. That's perfect you're going to be so freaking wealthy, Two hundred thousand our income Univee payments in your thirty two years old I mean the math on this- is mind boggling where you going to be, if you never get a raise You're! Twenty million dollars a sixty five, seventy years old
maybe you just learned to invest than you do what we D tried, I actually to add, are we got our index and hopefully will be doing good day? The economy keeps going away at it. Yeah you're gonna be fine. When you are paid for house in Dallas Texas S most loud, Well done guys very, very very well, so cool you're. Sure leaders. Oh my gosh, you I think I are local, which we actually started: Financial Peace University at the church and some other people taken it over. But it's been really cool. Havin, a community that had to walk through this together weapon doc were actually calling from our church right now, so collapsed, how to make a big announcement Sunday morning and tell everybody can be done, spread the hope. I love it, good job, you guys very, very good, very, very proud of you- would get a copy of Christians book for you day: millionaires you're gonna be one in twenty minutes away. You're going up the next chapter in your.
Story. You are on your way. What was your house payment eyes about thirteen thirteen hundred a month now get buried, go where you go in your thirty two percent. I love it. Our eye, Stephen and Christina from Dallas Texas to utter a thousand dollars paid off seven years making seventy five to two hundred counted on. Let's hear that free screw three to wine where the level of it well done. You guys very, very, very well. I got to put it in the calculator. Let's see, if I can get it in here. Thirty two to sixty two will be thirty years. If they invite,
the sugar outbreak was thirteen uttered will make it fifteen hundred if they don't do anything, but the House payment, and we know their number more than their right, but if he does What's your house payment does for you just getting the house paid off just that one thing: game: good, Lord Goodness, hacking! I can't Yom! Believe me if I told you five, one thousand five hundred dollars house payment into a mutual fund from a Thirty two sixty two is five point: two million just the house payment. So what if I'm half wrong and like you should a resumption. I don't like your assumption. Either years. As people can't do this,
years ocean is stuck while those guys, with thirty two years, always paid off. Everything. Do you This is like zillion dollars and ever carried out to seventy two if I say they invest fifteen percent of their income without getting a raise. That's another! Thirty. I'll send dollars a year. Fifteen percent of two hundred thousand, which is another many five hundred dollars a month. Another nine million dollars is gonna approach, twenty five, twenty twenty five may and ours by age. Seventy two just invest. The house, payment of fifteen percent of income. If they don't know more than that, let me I'll be with us. They'll do more than that and still have right life. Let me help you is there? Income will go up data scientist freaking world- revolves around data right now, and data Scientists are in great demand, they're going to do unbelievably and.
Again, let's just pretend I'm way wrong, but we have created here is not merely you retiring with dignity, but when we say you changed your family ray. What we are saying is your old man, Rockefeller you're, the first one year, man Vanderbilt you're, the first one. I visited the built more mansion over North Carolina, while back. Oh man, Vanderbilt the first one right and you know what are these guys do, while those were those guys were obviously national, icons and business, and they made today what would be billions and billions and billions and billions if you put yourself in position that you live a great life, your outrageously, generous and your heirs are
or who have been trained and know how to behave: they're, not deadbeats, living on the back of your snoring cocaine, They don't have their own reality show. But you're airs good Charlotte people of character and you Give them twenty five dollars. Do you know what it is one more generation to half a billion in one more generation? So that's what I mean by changing your family tree and it all comes back to a couple of thirty two year olds in Dallas. That decided. They got married to get out of there.
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Oh sir, stuff Paul is Weathers policies in Florida. Hey Paul welcomed the diver empty shell, hello, David, ready a book and I, with my wife, we spent a lot of time in the car. Listening to your show, and I have the phone question for some stats to help you get the picture, I'm sixty five, my wife will become seventy this coming April and she will retire. I have a social security income one thousand eight hundred dollars a month. And she has a social security income of two thousand five hundred dollars a month. But the point here, she's working right now? She will work until April. She's got a great job. She makes one hundred thousand dollars a year. Okay, so we've able to save money we've been able
play all our debts, except for the mortgage case of the reason. For my call, I have several questions. One of them is: would it be worthwhile to continue to throw money toward principal, even though we're starting to run out of time? And we won't have enough time to pay it off, and we know that because, just because of the way nature works time, it takes to pay it off The time probably we have to live at least live a quality life. So should we throw the money instead to or invest Hoping that the nest. Keep on growing rather than reducing, the mortgage to question must be on your home. The whole of the mortgage right now, ninety four thousand in your sixty M, sixty five and she's she's, should be solely in April seventy in April. And how much do you have in your nesting?
we have about okay. My IRA has two hundred and forty right now. And she has retirement package that is made out of text. The former employer and employee, or for one key, that's easy to on her sight all together, that's three hundred and twenty two k and following your advice from your book, we do have a safety net. Safety net? What you would call the emergency fund when he? Finally, right now
were you in your wealth? We both in great health, here's the problem. Your son of assumptions is you're, not gonna, build path, nine be thousand dollars, and thirty years is that pitiful? You are likely to live statistically into your nineties when you make it to sixty five and you're in good health, statistically used and a really good chance of making in India high eighties low nineties average death age of a mail sent me for female seventy six, but that includes infant mortality, teenage death and so on. So when you're talking about a healthy, sixty, five and seventy euro still working making a hundred ran, which tells me they're. Mine is very active and they are too that you ve got another thirty years for this house to go up in value and too your largest expense, because the only expansive really got laughed and said
you're sitting there with roughly three and fifty four hundred thousand dollars in your various accounts. Without a house payment, you can probably live on the social security pretty comfortably and off of the income that remaining off of the other things invested. Well, if you were even one hundred thousand dollars lighter, which he would be if you pay the mortgage off, so the on pain of mortgage off out of your nesting and be dead free, your house's sitting there you ve, got that freedom. You ve got that security for the next thirty years.
That's, a good thing to have is to know where you're gonna live and that you have a place to live so yeah glad you didn't tell me it was eight hundred thousand, but I'm cause. I would have been moving you, but you're in pretty good shape their life. You take four hundred thousand forfeit evaluate, take a hundred thousand off that still got a pretty decent little nest, egg products which are more in it between now and the time she retires. If you get pretty aggressive on it, while she's making really good money right now and on european, pretty good shape their living off the income off of that gnashed egg and the social Security and any other pension plans or anything you ve got you're gonna be fine. That's what I would do. A definite would want to be dead free and have that Stabilized going into my golden years: hey thanks for the call open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five that's eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five
Ralph is whether some Tennessee rather short on time, go fast day with an honour to talk at you, you term, I have what I can where to be quality of life. Ethics question me and my wife are going into baby step two, next week or two and monthly? There are three events at my church poker on saturdays I'd like to be a part of so I'm wondering if you think I should be a part of the ministry and fellowship at my church or if I should seek- what time, every Saturday that I can how much debt do? You have twenty four grand in eighty thousand? How much does If you want every other Saturday, how much do you make on a Saturday now run. It would become a half so be like these are our you anyway,
four to twelve hours at kind of unpredictable. Okay. Well, that's not an ethics question to attend events at on a Saturday or church. That's not an ethics question It's a question of what you enjoy and your spiritual person, personal spiritual growth. You pull that off. Without maybe going every other Saturday, but you can balance without What do you want to be? On that note? I don't care puts out our votes will be back with you before you not in the meantime, remember ultimately only one way to financial peace. That's too one daily with the princess crises, This is Jane child producer of the Dave Ramsey show you can now listen to the Dave, Ramsey Show on Pandora and Spotify for all the ways to watch and listen to check out our show page that daveramsey dot com show
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