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Think of the Budget Like a Contract With Your Spouse (Hour 2)

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Why, from the headquarters of Wales, usually broadcasting the dollar car rental studios, Abrahams Asia is non. Cash is king and pay off home market has taken the place of the Bmw as the status symbol of choice. I am diagrams your host. Thank you for joining us. Gary and California starts this out. I Gary welcome to the driver, Amnesia Dave,
just come to know you in the last year or so, and it's got to the point that I listened to your show so much that it's almost like a path of fire. A few there when that music comes on well, thank you Rafferty you get so the question is: how am I prepare for the future, given my situation here? It is in a nutshell, felicity on cancer for about a year ago. There was prepared for requirement answer a new site and got a coach Cynthia job to be excellent, and she
young, every dollar, two financial peace University. That baby sets back now got a three month murky fund, and I only have my mortgage to pay off great yeah. It's pretty good problem is, and sixty and I've never lived large, but never really saved either, and I want to get my mortgage. It will set the time, indistinct, California, I know math doesn't change, but you know the presence here. It was forty percent of my k, com and now its thirty percent, and I guess I
today. We can make what I saved up, but a hundred thousand, but to take a year off work because of a horrible working time might be found. It fell apart and I've been talking to can comment about a new career direction, but my situation immediately is my ball from the teacher principle said that she wants to get rid of my courses that causes a teacher computer courses and she wants to brought me down to maybe sixteen eighty percent of my current job, or maybe even lower inside and thinking I second job of job. Not just don't ask me anything but a second full time job if I drop down to sixty percent, but I won't be able to make that otherwise or maybe a new first, maybe a new full time drawn yes and I'm working very hard to try to find me
finally, my share of that. I'm I'm trying again so I'll get. My question is any thoughts on how to prepare the immediate situation of saving money to last week to the end of next year of whether that only six months from the drop in pay, but then I need something not only to survive but to say that for my retirement bunny, I need some serious action here on my part, not really not sure what to do so. What do you make now? a hundred, so they could make six thousand after TAT and you teach computer yet computer applications not to do wonderful course on voting that that's not my forty, by any stretch of time to what our school students middle school middle school placed the eyes did business courses to high school
don't get people around here. Don't really are really into business courses okra. Ah! Well now I think the your overall answer you already know, and that is that you just name no job answer yegg these skills like can common, would tell you and you start trying to figure out what you can do to make a hundred, because I think you ve got marketable skill at a hundred you just the particular school wherein is not gonna, keep you and I, sit there and weight on my income to drop from a hundred to sixty I'm gonna leave. So when is when is this drop supposed to occur? at the end of this year for the beginning of this challenge that exclusion beginning it excludes I'll show you
your ten months to figure this out. That may yet may plus said some yet, and so I want to. I want to get a jump on. It is with the less media sign up and I don't think there's a part time. Gig is your answer. I think you need a new full term gig, because the one that you do, the one you're having is going away basically- and so you say I got a ten month notice, a being laid off his way. I would look at it and I saw my take KEN Collins materials. Can Commons book proximity principle and I'm gonna go absolutely bananas? I'm gonna go crazy looking more and landing a job making a hundred and twenty show that decisions of this experience of being a blessing, and then you never skip a beat financially. If you do that, you never skip a bead on getting out dad or on your house payment or anything else. Instead of sitting in saying well looks like it's gonna storm
Looks like I'm gonna get wet. I wonder to get an umbrella, looks like it's gonna storm, If I'm gonna get wet, Marianna umbrella, known that get it. You, like you, said geared up and let's go land something. I really think that your option, I think, there's lots of options for you and I think, kids material the lead you right through that Randy is whether you talk. I Randy welcomes that. I Ramsay show Dame Great attacked here you two. What's up couple questions regarding a small business alone and it came about general plan and what steps to put it in a quick, backstory soap, my life, I've been operating family business for almost ten years and then exactly a year ago, it
God they found a buyer, are laws for four hundred thousand, so starting twenty nineteen, where the four corners of the business select the bad NEWS, the Geneva the drastically increased her income. What is your income gonna? Be? Four can be about three. Fifty two who remagen before one twenty, two single paid off to yours. Yeah? I think so warm in two hundred and two hundred to four hundred arrive, my question: what plan I'll spend this money now? Ok not with already party put up about one twenty this here. Ok,. And I can one twentieth of wanting horny while we started making receptive if ya, ok, good,
I may have yet an increase of two hundred thousand dollars and you are already Megan one twenty you should plot all of that to the dash ridden right, ok. Well, we had some personal that there were cleaned up. First start right away, spoken about they're, ok, Aguilar Drama Land or just trying to get idea and how the business, what makes them when it makes it and when it makes it one on about whether or not that baby step to fully focus on alarm or I've. While, where can I wouldn't know more about retirement, you get to smash cleaned up? I mean that we do not know what three years from now holds. We think we do were forecasting for planning or projecting, but we do not know What three years from now holds nearly as much as we know what next year olds so I'm gonna cleaners up as soon as possible, and then you ve got this baby,
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Nobody fool around around here are: I digress is whether certain Arkansas High Chris, our you good, sir. Than I deserve. How can I help I was calling about is currently heard about you about three months ago and I started listen to you. We actually started it. Financial base university, my wife and I last week I'll go online and we put everything in. We got a thousand dollars with a baby step. One cleared out good progress, Grech, we ve got we started out. We started our baby steps too gotta hundred dollar eleven thousand dollars in back taxes that we owe that they are. Sovereignty as from two thousand seventeen and didn't Applying the ride off seems like they come back honest or in a chapter, thirteen bankruptcy from two thousand and seventeen,
and we got a rv we bought a couple months ago and we're trying to figure out which hey, I know the Irish faced by our first, but I'm trying to figure out how to pay off the other two. As far as by higher the Irish, the Trapper thirteen and the army. Yes, her ok answer! What are you on the army, the earliest nine thousand I work Failed. We live in that army. It's our house, basically what it is. What were you living in before you bought it? We had old army that we bought two years ago and the four EL through honest about a month ago. This completely felt fell out of it. So ended up great. Norway is what we don t. You did fifty nine
thousand dollar upgrade. Oh, yes, I did and your system, it's showing we can still at everything off in two years on this trying to assure what is your household income level hundred thousand and what are you on the chapter? Thirteen bankruptcy total fifty three fifty three was the last I checked, but that included they included the today twenty seven thousand dollars worth of student loans. Also doubt that was included in that bankruptcy. They pay a hundred percent and Ukraine are smaller Vienna. John, some of the other items correct. Yes, the five year plan from twenty seventeen to twenty twenty three are: twenty? Twenty two, yes I'll correct! Well, I always if reasonable, if it's not completely out of school, I pay the Irish first because they have very high fees. Very high interest and unlimited
power screw up your life right. So I want to pay them ass soon, ass possible. So how my add another thousand dollar income? How much debt are you going to produce a month? A quite a bit? glad of it. I am. I am looking at about five thousand dollars, go on out mountain bills only by an off. So that's like to mention some change. The Irish is gone. The other begun in February and the fat boy. That's not too much. That's for. But you're the only held a wary all of them. We all of February all of December and where I'm sure
I guess there's not- that money left a mom lost, ok, so story months, I'm sorry stood at two. Ok, that's not five thousand dollars a month, so you gotta get your master, but our asses. First, the obvious second bankruptcies. Last and dont print pay the bankruptcy without arranging it.
With the chapter: thirteen bankruptcy trusty. You probably don't need your lawyer most of the chapter, thirteen trust aser. I've worked with him for years. Most of them are running very good office, a very tight ship and they are very consumer oriented and they have they if you'll call their office and ass for some help on how you can pay this early they'll help you set that up and you only have to go through your old attorney. Ok, ok, but that's the order. I would attack it, and so you ve got a hundred and twenty thousand dollars worth of Dat, making a hundred so you're gonna, be you don't be Chauvelin for a while, but you'll get there you'll get there and you got a plan now near your dad, and I can hear your voice the way you're talkin about this. So maybe you start talking about sixty thousand dollars. Ear you'll be done about two and a half years. If you stay on that track and that's what you said was five thousand dollars a month at sixty thousand easier
It should have February kitchen, the lover January, but anyway now now rash, but you do want of people out of your life and you do to get on a tight budget veins and restoration beans so and don't buy anything else on Dat, that's over open farms. Replied a two five five, two to five Zack as weathers in North Carolina Hijack area. Another important area better than I deserve. What's up, ok I'll, try to keep his insurance problems of course. If you need to feel any blanks. So around January, my wife and I moved to North Carolina had to live with her best friend, her bed, friends, freon fame, We live in a really crappy city in Colorado. We needed to get out and start somewhere new covered, but this was a good place levels of cannon out now up until May. I was I wanted to know whether a truck driver
so may I work for a decent carrier. I was with them for two and a half years, nothing against them, but that you had some freight problems. I wanna make any money. So may I switch to a different carrier. Then for about two months, but they waited to month into my employment to do a background check and they found a couple of things that they didn't. Like I'm a drive and record there. Very minor booze boy they got mad at me for not doing their mama application, even though I explained and apologise for the fact that I didn't know they were supposed to be on the application and they fired me and that cut my income significantly, because, thanks to the fact that they fired me, I got stuck in a really crappy carrier that doesn't make very much money, and I am rather believe like. What's in that area, I'm trying to break up the cash and pay off their debts and try to get the money needed to go power lines go. I want to learn how to work on parallel to get other industry, because if I
a job at closer to home. We have a chance of bringing my steps our home. They want all round combativeness breakin strategies, richer story. This is that ever ammunition.
The lobby of Ramsay solutions on, but that free stage ray and amber are whether say guys our yeah real. Welcome. Welcome more. Do you love sick? I go I'll call welcome to Nashville, and here do a dead, free, scream We have paid off, we ve paid off too and twenty thousand dollars. How long did it take three years good for you, and your range of income. During that time we started one hundred thousand and most recently, One hundred and sixty thousand, we ended up cool. What do you do for a living? I am a product sooner in the financial services industry and add a fourth grade teacher. Ah some nuts,
How long you has been married three years so that this whole process, so we're gonna that was the two hundred and twenty thousand so hundred thousand dollars of that was student loans, twenty three thousand in the car and During that time we also cash vote. Eighteen thousand dollars of grad school, who so you two hundred thousand dollars, where you're degrees and so It will take more responsibility for that. I got I have two masses agrees: wine and information systems and an MBA Olga, and that took up a lot of that stood loan death. And that took up a lot of that stood alone. That yeah we went to so I have a masters degree in embryo has a bachelors degree, so were high at related Now the masters master highly educated, but we had a lot of that now, while while so you decide
get married. How old are you twenty five o clock us? While you got married at twenty two straight out school, I guess and start to new jobs and this mountainous sitting in front of you? How overwhelming and scary was that mountain when you looked at in those days, so I would say when we got me The first few months was the honeymoon phase the were and together like everything's awesome and then I'm calculating how much debt worrying and looking at my spreadsheet, like this, is crazy. So it was out of luck. Wholeness chest like it, I'm goin out Airum go on indefinitely. You cared so I'm looking for a quick fix found out. It doesn't exist, Rousseau asking any advice that they have friends of
bar does financial peace, university and audio? We listen to that in about a week and then jumped into the pot cast and from there we applied the principles and never looked back while acquitted coordinated to financial peace. University classes is while show through the time what you got going. You really got going there I guess I gotta tell you you're twenty five years, all you pay of two hundred and twenty thousand dollars in that and all we read about in these new stories. Are your age group can't get ahead? You're overwhelmed your beat up, you you're stuck, and you guys we're like freakin Gus per man, capes man, I mean you're, amazing, I'm so proud of you think you re much wow. What made you I mean? I know the first thing that has to happen. I mean leisure, just where did what the main open that up and you added up MR earn twenty. You come in it's gone like there's like our model and
you're over Whelmd and then you just decided some somethin flipped, and you start believing, and you tore into this- tell me that worked in your own minds in your relationship? save for me, I'm very a personality very organised, and I tend to light eggs and extreme, I'm not an end between type of person. So as soon as I saw this challenge, I might were gonna hit the gradual, but can I took some convincing? You have become so was a super extreme. I mean you have to call him down this little bit like by food. Yeah, real one single out of net lay back with something we need to do so. I was a true baron. You know, whether she has done and why we had a life. Where are you? Are you both glad you did this gap this fire, you did. The band aid rip off I mean you didn't want, go we're Santa years, you shouldn't
game on I'm not gonna sound is killing me exactly while so, when you're doing these financial, these classes now mean I'll just amazing. Twenty five years only about two and one thousand hours is like you, gotta be, would want to look at these people. Just go besides and right, I'm here and so on, because you did it you got no executions with these down in front of right, no excuses.
So what are you told? The key is getting out of that. So we would save a key as three different things. The first one is to be content with what you have. That was something that we definitely learn together. Is that there's not much that you need and to get rid of those wants and be content on? The second thing that we decided was a key was having faith in God and knowing that he's gonna provide for us, and he showed up several several times when we, when we needed him the most. As long as we were typing in everything, we knew that he would be there for us and then the third seeing doing it together to get together. So we we really work together and we budgeted every month and make sure that we were on the same page. So that was your third because Davis,
As you say, the budget is like the contract, so we both have to agree to it. If, if one person doing it, it's not gonna work, see you in your spouse have to do it together, yeah absolutely why I'll wait ago, guys way to go. Answers really great answers. So how does it feel now that you're done me we're done? this part. You gotta move on to get the next chapter, the millionaire chapter, but I mean that way. You knock this out. Boomed. I mean there's nothing to stop you now. If you're amazing, we recently found out that were expecting. You were starting a new family that free, so it that's a really great feeling to have regular. Let you that some girl well congratulations life is good beyond the way to earn twenty thousand dollars and the wider Europe the girl man. This is amazing, making great money both of you got masters you're in good shape. Here we go, MT. I mean you really have the you got this thing by the tail. Very,
very well done. Think life not gonna, be Did you know that, but you by learning, to work together on something this big this fast, you can work together Whatever comes at you, I'm gonna be great you, those big right, who're, you biggest cheerleaders these people over here, who are your biggest cheerleaders, these everyone who are these people, so I have my parents and my two sisters, then my aunt and will raise parents ah We have a lot more family that couldn't make it that this is who we could have come down, but, of course, our closest families, and they were cheerleaders dry alot of our church till the point they combination from Chicago with you punish thinking, call it awesome. While they ought to be impressed with you. We are thinking regulations very, very proud of you, guess what we got a copy across oceans book for you, of course, sorry
by him number one by seller every day, millionaire. If you are on your way, you ve changed your family tree and not only that there is a need audio and you did that a twenty five years old, while your impressive, impressive young all right here we go Ray and amber from Chicago two hundred twenty thousand dollars paid up in thirty six months. Now, beyond the way married thirty six months making one No one sixty does numbers again seventy thousand dollars a year for three years. They ve lived on beans and rice, counting down, let's era, furnish three two one dad.
I get boomers on here to do their debt free screams. I get second marriages honour. Do their debt furnished room like a single mom? Don't do that every screams not in the last month or so, an inordinate number of millennials married couples in their twenties that are paid off all there stood alone that So please don't tell me that this generation as lost their minds, this generation, this millennium generation their amazing their amazing, absolutely also the ones that are also the other half sucks but the ones that are also awesome. Oh man you denial, they're gonna run run such down every time a lover, I'm so happy form John you guys this
Ramses Shell, as promised back with Zack and North Carolina moved North Carolina Stable, Friends took a job with a different carrier.
They let him go because she didn't disclose some try Violations, nice got it job of the carrier and wants to work on power. I think, that's where we left in a minute ago, First summary what you told me so far, Sir the fair summary and then how to make a brief me and beyond say the reference amount, they are. The only do that are working in the house. Right now is girlfriend got as I in turn could use disabled. My mother, I moved out there and she's disabled and working on getting ever I for it, but as yet to get it so doing some household. We make roughly that we, both so we started our job, but if you add up what we should make an ear comes to roughly twenty eight eighty or twenty eight dead, twenty eight eight hundred My main twenty eight thousand were trying to view together you're, not together the two. What do you mean? That will be the two of us today
What do you make? Oh, my poor. Make forty four hundred a year does shock. Ok, and so on, and why is your wife not working over that? fiance or your wife, onawandah gushers, your wife, I married couple in the house are not ok, your wife was your wife. I work. You got the rearing. Lady problems were trying to find a job that she can do. That did that her anxiety won't effect because you had a cycle of she'll get a job, her social inviting gets really really bad and she d to quit has she seen a councillor for this. More work and I'm getting one where we are the other problem, is we ain't got a vehicle and we have no way to get into town to get to the doctor.
The vehicle. We had quite a completely crap out on us about five months ago and so you're not working on him get and forty hours area. There are ten heavy technical. I work more than that I get paid by the mile and they do this Let me thank all the flooding pay scale like Norman. The bottom line is that four hundred dollars I make very fit thirty four cents per mile limit the thick set. Oh, my lord I'm Goin seven sent the mile and my bit that listen, I mean you're money. So what were more nature of your traffic violations they got these folks so upset that they fired you. When you didn't tell him about Now I had a couple of tickets that they knew about the couple violations that I got mad at you Small rollback accident
two years ago, my foot off the pedal I roll back but a hundred feet, and I bumped into another truck it you have to call the law, it is hardly do any damage but bilbil my record yeah. What I'll send it back in? back in may I turned a little too short and backs owing to my trailer. Could another truck and took out the headlight again. Accident, not a big deal. They would have meant that I didn't this called, though, that I got twenty six, who I'm trying to think of you Doing almost anything else starting tomorrow, because you make a dollar an hour, I mean you're, gettin Euro Gettin destroyed on this current gig, and so I am wondering if you can't get a job driving somewhere else. Make I mean you oughta be Megan were five times what you're making
unless those number, unless the two small rex and the two tickets from just make you unemployable. I really like that, makes me unemployable is the fact that the company fired me does try getting another job. Nobody'll hire me due to the fact that I got fired from that last carrying that's just not true. Ok, people, how people having gone for the gas fired all the time if they can, if they need a driver and they think you can drive- and these things don't count too much against you and showing you could get, even if it wasn't a traditional trucking outfit? If it was a manufacturer that had a truck and needed someone the drive it, you could get a job making sixty grand doing that, as long as you don't what you're getting a young get into one of those caused the roommate. What am I right here and find a place that hold propane tankers and their short on drivers and even said they help me get. My have met endorsement right now,
as a matter of working with what I got to get me in a position where I can stop and switch job cuts a drunken is: I have to turn the truck back in Nashville and get a ride back home from Nashville because, unwise. They're going to charge me to send a driver out to cover the truck honestly, okay. Well, we ve got the, but the real problem is mathematically that you're you're lying flat on your back after getting knocked out, and I gotta get you up far enough that you start making some money. I mean if you had a basic little car of some kind. You could deliver peaches and make more than you at night and make more than your making now just at night and so just getting a basic car which would go a long way than just get up off your back, and so, if we can get your wife earning some kind of income
you weren't, some kind of income gets you guys in a better position than Europe. Now, because you have your living situation is a renders. The two of you need to be on your own and a tiny one. Bedroom grudge apartment outback, somebody's house living your life, not living with this crazy world you're living in and get your careers going both of you and get her some counselling so that she can hear deal with some of this anxiety that she's dealing with, not only so she has a more productive life, but so she has a higher quality of life, because I'm guessing that this affects a whole lot of things, not just the workplace. So best thing I can think I'm going to give you a copy of Kim Coleman's book, the proximity principle and Madison if he would prefer to have the audio since he's in the truck that'll, be fine. It's sending that if you'd rather have that than the actual book itself, because it is all about your income is all about you getting a different employment situation and if I can just get you make an twenty thousand Argius
that's a substantial raise over where you are get you guys, up in little apartment, get her Megan twenty thousand dollars a year. While then we can afford to pay for her coaching or counselling wing. Forty get you a little car, some guy. We pay cash for all of the sudden. This thing starts to unfold, but we gotta get you up a fort. For war living with a bunch of other people who are disabled and not working that just a weird situation have gotten yourself into so you ve gotta, get free of all that and get a real clean up. The law. If that in front of you here are I've militia, is whether some Arizona militia short on time. As your question right, quick I've been wondering quit my pregnant gun on with my future, then, under five people do another the development programme. About two hundred them? If anything, we won't be able to say that much my friend if it would be very tight during that period of time I beg your pardon job, I'm make
twenty seven thousand reader for hours, If I'm a nurse fourteen hours fifteen, I believe my husband work full time, but I make twenty seven thousand around sixteen hours a week. That's really good money. For the time. For the time your hearing and well, the thing is, you know, what's up may hours or in a week and take sixteen offer that your children are suffering chair. Who does not like your work in eighty hours a week- and you never see him now you're, not workin five. You know, you're, not organ o t in the e r and everything else and in your purse, beyond that. Sixteen interest to day right arm overboard I actually believe that, while bearing croquet- oh-
they're, not in what you anyway now so bearing prepay I'll show you only if The various public finances you work from the lily. Had I do that if they go to sleep, I like that. The student, another work, you do you do from home and it goes like your work and water in school anyway, and I am saying you don't, honey, I don't care. I thank you, This up in your head down. It's there is no longer one on here Your children are not suffering dungeon me like I'm just an old grandfather. What I wanna, that puts us our that I ran to show in the books
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