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From the headquarters of Ramsay Solutions broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios. That's that Dave, Ramsay show what TAT is dumb. Tanagers king in the pay of mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw status symbol of choice, phones is ours. We talk about your life and your money. The phone number is AAA eight to five. Five, two to five, that's triple eight, eight to five five, two to five well, a new year is upon us. I love a new year feels like.
Walking up to a white bored with nothing on it. I can write whatever I want on this White Board, and then I can go about the business of making it so it's time to dream again, a time to reset again a time to put the ouch and failures of the past where they belong in the past. I know. You're just means opportunity, an upside for me, Yama, glass, half full guy, and I want you to be to show you can do this. What are you gonna do this year? Are you gonna change? The sheer how you gonna use this wonderful day this wonderful month, this wonderful year, there's given to you with a clean slate to start again, Tom, the changing things isn't it. We always can't do that at the new year are based on New year's resolutions and everybody has a Saudi. We all come like a fresh start.
You know this year, I'm going to lose weight this year, I'm going to quit smoking this year, I'm going to be a better dad about her husband this year, I'm going to actually go to church. Every Sunday gonna get out of that. Fishermen are really stick to my budget this year. Maybe we're gonna go to financial picture. Firstly, finally, or maybe the shirt gonna quit doing, Dave H instead were actually going to change our lives and our family tree when he can do the sure, there's mainstay that the midday there's only one way that your dreams become a reality. You drink become reality when you blow this. In the midst of them, and you turn them into a vision. The Bible says where there is no vision, the people parish and you know what a vision is with work closer to call to go where you actually start to write down. What has to be true for your family tree to be changed, you actually write down. What has to be true. That is not true now, for me too,
way? How do you really build out goals here at the new year? We'll go settings been taught to me since I was twelve years old moment, everyone roasted business. They used to take us to motivational seminars on which geeky I know it's nerdy, but that happened in Israel when it's been a part of my life, my whole life and so go setting a second nature to me, but I have found that people who know how to set goals properly, actually win their seven areas of your life. You need to set goals in your head right, write it down, you need to have financial girls have intellectual Gulf swinging. Have some money goes where we gotta get out of that? We're gonna become an everyday millionaire and you can set the goals for this year. For this decade I dont care intellectual, are you married some books this year there nonfiction? Are? You can do something other than memorize everything on reality, tv there's, nothing intellectual about that Australia, family, gulls, ammunition! Things
It must spend more time fishing with my grandpa. I don't know what your family go, live, what your family, Galicia, spiritual Gulf and read through the Bible, this you're gonna take a backlash. You're gonna go to church on Sunday, not getting about that alone. Just online are you really going to engage something and change something or about physical gulls? You can run a half marathon, a marathon loosen waiter, you gonna do a spartan raised with regard to which a physical Gulf career Gulf can come and help you change job in some, we need to this his you're here to do that, for some of you refer you wanna toxic work, environment or you're in a good work, environment, you're, just too lazy to leave or too scared to leave, because you hey
every day, but it pays the bills social goals, Sunbeam Mile I've always told our kids grown up. If, if you wanna have friends be a friend, then maybe you need to be a friend to some people this year, but we need to set some time aside with just guy trip just a girl trip, engage some people and the one you're setting goals. There's a couple of things. Goals have to be five things, and if you do these five things in each of the areas that I outlined at will change everything. Your goals need to be specific and they need to be.
Measurable that's number one in one number want to. I want a loose from white this year. You won't it that's measurable, but it's not specific our make more money. You won't how much more money our paths from death, how much that it's it's measurable, but you need to get very specific, Alors thirty pounds on a pair of thirty thousand dollars, the sheer I'm gonna increase our income. Thirty thousand dollars a year, You start putting some actual specific things to it took to the deal. Then you can start to achieve these goals specific and measurable, first or the third one, as it needs to be have a time limit. Our loose thirty pounds went over the next thirty years. The next thirty days. That's not realistic. Thirty years is no one on notice.
The new. So you know where we're going to release thirty pounds in ninety days out. Ok, now we gotta go you're starting you're, starting to specific measurable, has a time limit. Thirty to thirty pounds over thirty days, all that's ten pounds a month as tuna pounds a week, increase your water and take decrease sugar in your bread and increase your sweat time on the treadmill. But thirty minutes a day and while I you will lose what you don't even eat, Oprah, it works every turn, your path, thirty thousand dollars a year on points of order month, o s traveller, fifty dollars every two. Oh god I sell something immediately. It makes it real. It comes alive, and then these need to be your gulls. You know why people don't you ve got sometimes is my wife wants me to do this? My mama always wanted me to do this year in yours, pitiful. Won't you have your own goals.
You have your own gulls you need only and when you own it it'll happen and the last thing there's your goals need to be in riding on a lawyer for a man says when it comes to doing contracts that a contract is worth the paper it is written on and if he only said, if you didn't write it down, it didn't happen. It's as if a tree fell in the woods, and no one heard it. If you don't write your gold down, it didn't happen. Habakkuk too, too, in the Bible, says right the vision and make it plain. When you ride out your girls, you suddenly start to go. Ok, here's what I got there! I gotta do something I got change this something's gonna change. What has to be true? That's not true! Now and you start changing your life, your family tree. Your fists
your presence. Everything starts to move, it's gonna be a great year for you, I'm so proud of you. If your financial goals to get out of bed for good and take control of your money, you should do what nearly six million people have done. Take our world class money clashes called. If you haven't heard you been in a cave financial Peace University, the average family that goes through this says, saves twenty seven hundred dollars and pays off fifty three hours and that in the first ninety days, that's an eight thousand dollar turnaround in just three months. This is a big deal and you can find a class starting near you own line or right now or you can do it on line, learn more at Dave, Ramsay, dotcom slice of pay you financial peace university. Now, maybe your new to us you're not correct, quite ready to go into something that heavy just jump over and take a quick free, three minute assessment and will show you where to start its free and its customers plan for you text? The word start to thirty three, seven, eighty, nine or gotta diagram
gum! Slash start! That's text start! three seven, eighty nine or go to their rooms. You not come flying start. And will show you how to live your dreams. Baby We're show you and walk with you. Why you get these gulls, it's time change your life, you gotta bored in front of you draw beautiful picture on it, it's gonna be a great year. I love new years. This is the Dave Ramsey I got a call the other day and I thought it was worth talking about again. It was from a wife looking for life insurance for her family. She asked why I only recommend term life insurance system of cash value plans like whole life. I use
explain how you over pay for coverage, earn a horrible right of interest and don't get your cash value when you die. But this time I just had to go straight to Zander dot com and get a rate, and then we compare that right to the whole life plan and she immediately saw the huge savings. That's why suggests that everyone, gotta zander dot com or call them at eight hundred three five, six, four to eighty two and get a free quote Mozilla, fire Margo. Are you doing great out there doing better than deserve, sir? How can I get a I get back. We say what would they do in the past selling a property that do we that free, but for their mortgage selling upon we're gonna, have a close to fifty thousand hours left over. My question is: should I
the mortgage of my primary all, or should I take some of that agenda the requirement to do you, My wife is fifty one are you that free the home than the average for the army and you have your emergency fund already fully funded emergency funding born baby. It upsets yes, so you're putting fifteen percent of your income towards retirement. Already clothes were not exactly at the fifteen, but we get over. It that any kids college need to be done now. Ok, I then yard goes at the house. He would put it all towards the house another towards retirement because of our age? No, if you, if you want to Craig it up, throw thrown extra Roth on their something. That's. I think it is wrong for my wife wondering who completely funding urge. What's about what I was on your home for the moment about a hundred ninety mocha wooden
probably worth two fifty what's your household income around a hundred lookin slamming the how quick you and if you tell five thousand that doesn't keep you from brain off your house or guy. Doesn't it doesn't change anything really here? So if you want to drop, Sixty five hundred, you guys, are old enough to six thousand five hundred but our rather put then aroused I made that's fine and the progressive. Else? It's ok specially censure! little short on your fifteen percent. Cried I'm coming up just a little bit short on ad on. We get started your plan, probably seven. Eight years ago, we were in a day be graduated from that Nokia. You got your your good, I mean you're gonna, be fine! You, my good money, you're gonna, get the how Thou begun and about probably five years. That's I am also- and you know, if you keep Franklin ten percent of your income and you're gonna, retire with dignity, Euro being good shape, and this
this one move is not gonna cause one or the other thing does not happen, and so yeah. That's a good move that good question, especially since Europe get your appear. Fifty human common in thirteen or fourteen or somethin Four years on your baby stepped forward than you throw an extra sixty five hundred on at this. Your kind of brings back up a little bit. Is it's not a pervert science, here the whole thing is save and get out of that. This whole thing aunt. It is with us in Wilmington, Delaware, high Anthony. How are you I would my sure. What's up my speech? Should I just heard about you about two days ago. We stop lodging under you, don't you I don't have any debt And I have a hundred and twenty thousand large in the bank good for you, I don't
I own my oars me and my wife, I dont know the house. I currently will end DAWN Gale to invest money. Does I think everybody in trying to scare me so my question to you is what I wanted invested. I've been watching you from a few days, but I dont know what companies and, like I don't know. I got here what you're saying, but I dont know what that means in the true. Why number one take your time, there's nothin on liar you here you. How old are you, nuts, I'm thirty five and which are hustled into one thirty, you ve done very well congratulations, excellent job. For four years ago I was almost organic, shut up real or can also start here. How'd you get drunk god I'm encounter way to go very noon. I love it good for you welder uncle. Ok, so you know
whatever you do. You go online and you went all and on saving money in and its paid off warriors of very well done, sir. So what I if I were in your shoes unless at a portion of that one, twenty aside and call it my emergency fund, three, six months of expenses, you probably already heard me talk about that year and then in and then the rest of it is either gonna be used for purchasing your first home and or began from investing both things. You need to do in the next couple of years, but there's no. Rush. Those people might states with money went to get in hurry. And you know why you know why what you ve done is worked a you're comfortable with it and be you understood it you weren't real. Unlike you were getting scammed unit about doing something. You don't understand, so you use the same principle going forward on your investing in a home or investing in you know some mutual. As for your Roth gyrations stuff, you just slow down, and you with somebody new learn and Udall
about investing enough. It's not it's like you. Gotta get a masters degree in finance, its not rocket science, Sit down and learn about it, it's like being learn to operate a car. You can learn the operator Russia, but there is not much to it, but you just learn about it to where you are making the decision Dave RAM, she's, not making the decision some day Ramsay, since you two's not making the decision you're, making the decision and you understand it and don't put my entered until that happens, cause it rob your piece it'll steal your peace of mind right now that one twenty very safe and gives you peace of mind, if you in, This is something that someone else's watching over and you have no freakin clue. What's Goin on Europe, lights, with worried about it gives you the exact opposite of the effective, should give you which the sense of power in the sense of investing of confidence and peace that from a financial point active anyway that that you can move forward. So
I would tell you to do- is jump online at Dover, amply dot com click on that smart vesture! and put in your staff and rob knowledge to the smart, vesture prose there in your area. So now I'm one of there's no obligation that charging somehow, whether an ear for someone with the heart of a teacher. That's how we let them and I'm cause you're. Not you not there to be salt you're there alone and if you learn, then you decide what you want to buy. Oh, how do you do for a living construction. Ok, I answer construction technique to do certain things to build a certain whether framing or whether forming greater damage doing steel work or whatever it is a process that you use their. That has to be learned, and when you learn it, then it cannot becomes automatic true of investing it's no different than just what you do every day for a living in so the other. This is how
you do it once you know how to do it, you just do it and it's not. There's not a big, actual heavy lifting thing going on here, so just sit down one he's guys regales with the heart of a teacher and begin to Do not for your pressure from anyone, including me, or them to put money on something until understand it and then, once you stand? It I use, as you have already heard, growth start. Mutual funds from Roth I raise and so on. Then that's what I recommend you move towards with your baby steps and our time by using the larger portion of this money for a down payment. Get you guys are home and let's move onto that, get that part of your life. Long down and dial them and stabilized, and that's the Purple controlling all these money variables very bosses state stabilizers these different corners of Europe.
If it allows you to prosper, then, and continue with your dear sobriety, which is an awesome, awesome path that your so proud of. You well done. So all I will send you a copy of the book the total money make over, which will give you the exact step by step plan through what to do and show you what to do just as a gift to you on the part of your kind need success at your having here. Thanks Anthony Procedure, colony phones, a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five. You jump five top Richard zones, devotes turned down for term insurance by one company. Should I keep my universal policy, you should keep universal or whole life policy. If your uninsurable can't get term in turn down by one company, does not mean your uninsurable. Can't get term, and so you bed until you have you always keep your current? turns into you, have new life insurance and place, always even if you think, you're not sick.
And you're not worried about being insured, but you still keep it in place. An abundance of caution. You never catch of current life insurance until you have the new life insurance in place once you have it in your hand, policies in your hand cancel shall get in touch with Zander Assurance Z, a in the yard, Zander Insurance not harm their walk you through and look at your medical condition or whatever it is, bothering them better see. If you can get it sure, if you can only when you are, then you drop your own policy
it's the season of giving switcher cellular service to pure talk. Usa, save money and get a free copy of my book. The total money make over and a copy of Chris Organs book everyday millionaires. Folks all appear talk. Usa plans include unlimited talk, text and data with no contracts. Try risk free today call pound to fifty, say the key words Dave Ramsay and receive fifty percent off your first month. That's pound to five zero key words Dave Ramsay, the lobby of Ramsay Solutions, Jody dropped by from Gerardo Missouri Jody? How are you Dave? I'm dead Harry you better than I deserve. Welcome to have events. Make things rather me. So you got a question I do. I have a what we'd Dave do situation
taken a few and my fiance hundred are taken a few again or were taken together this weekend. I feel like I know the answer. Those by just would really like your guidance on what does so just started my new job on Monday on. That's why I'm here in town and I'll be travelling with Miss Hales wraps I'll, be travelling. Some, maybe we're once twice maybe three times a week I will be. I have an expense account swelled reimbursed on everything, but I don't know here's my question as I dont know how to have a budget for it had a plan for it. I think, because I dont know, dollar amounts right. I don't know exactly everyone keeps telling me everyone he was telling me like you to credit cards. You know the points in the miles and I know I know that's not the answer. Like no Dave Dave. I can't do that able like that. So my my question is: how do we had I planned for this? How do I budget for the kind words about what we want to show its act? cultural marketing type products right good for you and things go well let loose
have to you some examples, because we don't know yet in your situation exactly what are you estimating your income to be? Seventy is good, showed the brush do, it is set up separate, checking account aside with a debit card on it just for travel and because the problem with expense accounts is people will use their person credit card for things on the road they are okay to put on the expense account and they use it. Also for comfort, stuff right traveling starve for things that are not ok, but you got hoping set up under the illustration. I need it for my reimbursable expenses, but people end up running up all the time, the travel, because they they buy stuff that cannot turn in on their expense while there on the road, it's nice, not ok and or they line do turn it in which would never come in. That's what you figure out, what your actual reimbursable
Spencer's are going to be in a given weak or and how often where they reimburse you you know, I don't I don't know. I think every paper, to every other week as one I'm assuming, but I'm not a hundred per cent shown that that would be fairly morbid. Ok, so we would state every two weeks show two weeks worth of expenses will just make up a number two thousand dollars ok kind might be more, might be less you figure out, but you find the real number and you put that much of your money in the account one time and they as you spend down your money. You turn the expense report the next week, two weeks later, they give you the money back. It comes back up. I saw you report in their one time to prime the pomp so to speak, and then I dropped down. It's only dropping by reimbursable dollars that you're gonna get right back two weeks later in our discussion here so come from
up, so I say you spent seven hundred dollars. It goes down seminars. Yes, I'm allergic to put in there always gonna have that two thousand and there that's just sit there went up and down up and down up and down up and down and use a debit card. You don't have to go into the credit card business. The credit card is right the dangerously situations. Again, I travel a lot on travel as much as I use begone all the time but travels rough. Those people who think travelling is romantic or something don't do it happens, is we get tired and we over eat and some people over drink and some people do other things on the road and it can just be. You know that Silly expenses just for comfort, because you're just uncomfortable drawn wrote. And our people to spend money is what amounts to an you'll end up with ten thousand origin credit card, that of honouring the bird boy expenses. In I blank in a situation like yours, much? Is your gun begot? So you ve got it
to that end, by having that real money in there has been a real debit card in it being reimbursable stuff, you'll, be super careful and your watch it and you'll do it got a problem. The pump one time show there run dry. During that week period of time if it's a two week reimbursement, so you gotta get all that dialogue and get it come on the expenses and how often it's gonna come, and in that tells you what your goal is to set that thing up and get your goings that help Yes, it's variable. Thank you. Migration combine he's our thanks. Congrats on the new job on the numeric verity things are going good, are attacked where this is San Antonio high Tommy? Welcome the driver what's up well on twenty seven years old for my company, I'm kind of the road warrior I'm home thirty year, I'm travel the countries work luckily the road or make them to their paid for them and then at her and all the receipts for eating running whatever else I used until it otherwise saved me quite a bunch of money that I wouldn't be saving. If I'd been home all the time with a gun, Jackie Job,
my gross income, was sixty. Six thousand include the tender nor bonus which fluctuate based on company profit. This results in thirty three thousand net, currently have sixty two thousand, my checking account while involvement or raw target one. I don't have any. There are many that let it go, but I do have a degree, my monthly expenses, because never home comes up less than thirteen hundred a month, including went water Netflix everything my sister just bought a house, I'm wondering if that but I should be doing so that I'm not just getting my money sitting in attacking it out. I can keep putting it into other forms of mutual funds, but I've been told Europe I refer retirement upstairs you recommend the house. Do you recommend more dusting, I just here, I'm not home, it may not be feasible, have something that just sitting without my eyes on it. So you
apartment. Now I do look at them thirty month. What I would do is take these sixty thousand tricky, let's allocated a portion of that in carbon. An emergency fund had separated out into a different account in them. Above. That is your down. How old are you? Ok, if an watch? What do you mean you might fifty grand she's if I woke up in your shoes and I was twenty seven. I would buy a condo in a nice neighbour, a nice combo. Ok, ok, cause! I don't have to worry about the maintenance. While I'm gone on for about a year. Being cut, I don't have to number one single, don't screw with it, but how much group Rather I, but I found it shoes on just like him. I do you wanted you don't, have a yard to cut today. That's a good thing right. You don't have to worry about maintenance today and if you're gone someplace springs a leak, there's a landlord there. That knows it in the same will be true around the property management firm over
seeing the eight your way for the condo, and you can actually Somebody look in on it and check at every so often in that kind of thing. Pending but how long year gone only on stance, but a condo but causes those issues and arm it- gives you the same benefits as the apartment, but got that ownership and it's gonna up in value and you ve got a good downpayment saved in the way you're working man, you procurement by the thing all pretty quick liability on your work and manufacture and do I cover drywall in quick? What's allied Odeon only by a condo policy. Homeowners policy that were specifically written for dominium documents, and it does your exactly right. Withdraw all in and out. Your HIV covers your exterior structure Condominium association covers the exterior structure with their with their policy, and so there's a fire. For example.
All of the exterior from the drywall out is on their policy and your contents calico contents policy, on your apartment, except you, ve got all the kitchen. Washers inside there so that when you're sure that's your baby as an example, those kinds of things but the condominium policies are very standard: they're fine, Will condominiums and I've got that on all of them, and you know it's a good investment again. I won't be careful that you get a condom, good everyone's gonna go up in value, but you're not over purchasing, and it gives you but her own target some of this money. I guess you're just doing really good with money and you're looking for a place to stick some of it and you're doing ten percent going into your retirement. Your baby stepped forward and then above that, reach over pilots Thy Condo office energy can and that's gonna put you in a really cool place and of that's exactly what I would do. If I woke up in your shoes
but I personally you can even by house we all my house, I don't care I Finally, when we met with about twenty seven years old travelling in your shoes up job, you do whatever you want a good question. Joining us. This is that over amnesia.
Steve as well as in Lexington Kentucky Sleeve Welcome room. She makes the questioner and above all, to pay up gotta Coroloni back in two thousand and four or one cologne that just about fourteen thousand prepay the Fora one, but I have about ninety five hundred hours to apply I wonder if it would be advantageous to pay out on the car alone or just wait. What are our children come on? How much doubt of your paid? Also for and we got up all workers, there were household incomes about a hundred barricade year low a couple months out from closing above. Hush curiouser, what you recommend the short term
oh you're. Gonna do this in just a matter of months, so mathematically, it's not gonna matter much! It's just of how you want to think about it for a while out of step with the Dutch, no bad, which the smallest and so what I would do there is just that means that knife I've hundred such an account and you you know four thousand dollars to a forty five, or two it until you got the fourteen thousand. That, unlike a month. And then you pay off before. One Kalen, which is good and then of course, Don't worry, I'm not the car out shortly thereafter, paying off either one increases. Your cash flow, because the Fora one k alone has a payment asserted with it, so does the car so on, but the cash flow neither want these debts is not the man here. The magic is the ratio of your income. The remaining that, as you said, this is just a matter of months, so I'm gonna stick with it understood for one since its smaller you're, almost there you'll be there in a month
and on them so that ninety five hundred aside but forty five with pay it off next month and in hand but I call on my thanks for the call congratulation. You're. Almost there I can see the light. I can see that I can see the finish matters dollars a man. How are you going I am going fat boy right now. I can't believe I'm thought or you're gonna be underwhelmed brow. How can I help? Ok, so the I got a new job and I'm still going papers that day gonna be out at the end of the year. I hope, but my student allows. Which I just got under a hundred thousand of my paycheck grey, I checked the Arabic the year onwards quiet around the first of the year. I can up into the for
at my work, I won't have my emergency fully funded emergency fund up bought, it I'm in a job where, if I got fired the next day, I could go, do believe work and not really method Not one or the loss of employment is not the only kind of emergency travel. Go out on cars and people die in other states, knew by airline ticket all kinds of emergencies pop up and loss of job is only one of the types of emergencies that you can get into so now. I'm gonna finish up and get now. If you get to three months of expenses, in the three six month range then you're there and you finished up your baby steps, but you want you want that emergence fun in place before you start before a one gay that'll comeback bite you, if you don't do that What are predictable? Ok, I predict. That you're talking to me in January, and you should be
in January. You ve got to decide to get into the Fora one guy and you're gonna european the day is you're gonna pay off stood alone in December? I predict you're gonna pay it off faster, oh yeah. I helped there of the year, which is going to give you you ve got so you ve got an emotional momentum. I can tell that by talking to you on this whole thing, your game I mean you're, leaning in your leaning towards a tape. And so you're going to some things are going to happen on the positive side of the equation, and you're gonna knock this thing out and you're gonna have your three months by January, so it's gonna become a Anon issue, but if it, if I'm wrong- and it does become an issue finnish emergency fund before you start your world good. I want you in your for a one day. It is a leading indicator to becoming today, millionaire being your phone one case big deal doing Europe. Ira is a big deal, getting a good girl, start mutual funds
money for your family long term, steady, steady, steady, it's a big deal, it's the biggest data points in our millionaire study that Greece and the team for the everyday millionaires book. Seventy percent of those millionaires, You steady investments and were millionaires because of their fraudulent gay. The Roth I raised Oh, I really really really want you there, because the goal is Did you not only out of bed, but in today ready, millionaire, let's go, let's go and so on, but I also know that when you try to skip step, you'll get your knee kicked and you have a sore Murphy will kick your knee so make sure you have your fund before you start your for a one guy, really good question thanks for joining us, Corbians Weathers in Austin, Texas, a carbon welcome the day Rams How are you better than I observe? What's up? Ok have an interest,
questions to me and my husband- we're looking approach of the house, but I inviting about it and he is ready to jump in with those seeds, and our issue is quite and what the best guess most affordable way for us to go about. It is secure We have a unique situation to where we are fortunate unfortunate, how we got the fortunate enough that we, both medically retired when the military we receive. Four thousand a year without working on that having committed or other people, but we working. We both make about a hundred and twenty excellent, though For me, I say: let's go more around the ninety range, because what I do and the license Mabarak Europe is so my work is in it out, but he is a project manager many thousands of to me as a safe annual income to judge by the price of a house, but he is ready to go
I don't, I don't think they're using your entire income is unsafe. Ok unless you have a real reason, than vague worries that you actually dont think I will do your job. Our plan. We are planning to do a hefty down payment because, right now we are renting, but we live so well. Within our mean for saving about four thousand a month. There were alike when it on making sure everything paid, and we have a happy down here. We want to do- and I know that you also say fifteen year takes no doubt about it our morbid broker, because we are going to be the aim- has also push them The idea was, I think, I'll, have your answer, but has pushed around the idea of doing a thirty year, just paying twice as fast as possible but to it makes no sense. I want you to do everything you do you do a fifteen year.
Any new, really wouldn't Olivier alone. There more expensive Finally, my alone. Now wait a minute wait. A minute. You're on disability so yet they're gonna waiver going away of the funding these for you. There is a lot better it is unfortunate that we get paid, but its fortunate a proper needs a future. I should very well you served her country and get her down it. So I mean that's: that's what that's Bora are gonna, I mean it's, I'm sorry. You went through that, but I mean I am proud, as a taxpayer that you're getting that money. So thank you. Thank you for your service to both now a fifteen year fixed the Vienna might be cheaper, given those these that are waved a duty or disability might probably history, but actually but affecting them affix put as much down as you can and the reason for bodies much damage against money laundering paid off as fast as we can.
But no more than a fourth of you take on pay, but I would use your total income, the calculated you're you're. Just really I mean Europe, conservative really good but are in your personal nature is you're. The tightwad denials and you're just you're just want all everything back, but I think you're fine, like your fine, the two of you or go getters, you watch what you you're. Very intentional. I would do that washed her anger paid off as fast as we can, and that's the idea, of course, because a paid off house in the family, the steady use of the retirement plans, are what led to this everyday may enter so on very good stuff or carbon. Thank you again for seven, country worry, I'm not exactly what I was doing your situation, thanks for the call open forum eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five, you jump on talk about your life, your money recall around here are thanks to dream child producer Caledonia. Our social pressure and foam surrender
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