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What Do I Do With a $100,000 Commission Check? (Hour 1)

2020-01-16 | 🔗

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From now on, the dollar tolerable studios diagrams Asia, were damaged on measures in the paid mortgage, has obliged the Bmw status roundly aroused by joining us open phones triple eight to five five to two AAA eight to five to two: grace is with us in Annapolis, Marilyn migration, our you re thinking
so much for taking my call I'm doing well great. How can help now forty five year old self employed graphic design, and might have been an iron out of debt, accept farmhouse and we have found a good work. I wish you all the issues that we need to have life insurance, but all that got applying for disability insurance policy and the company A new policy wants the permanently excluded, which I clearly he's my handle a lot for everything that I do get Graphic Divine I know there were commanded disability insurance, but there are when it couldn't be like in this case, could be, Most of the policies now are what are called on all policies, meaning, if you can't do your own occupation, the end or disable, but they dont pay.
Went sixty five, they just pay five years or ten years are too. Here's your whatever, take this guy was sixty five, ok, So in their offering me, the total disabilities are offered me freak out a few hundred fifty a month on an for partial sixteen twenty five a month, but I would have to pay twice in one. Seventy seven a here and I'm just trying to figure out city of gambling, but still it is. If we're all our all insurance is kind of gambling, all insurances, your transferring the risk of something to happen. And you're gambling gonna buy down burned down, you have homeowners insurance, as would rapidly bestirred here, but so are you dealing with an insurance broker? Yes, the shop several different places- and this is the best thing they can find for you right Nevertheless, let me answer, and so that was good, but then they said you know, based on I am.
Having nerve pains and my fingers and doktor without even running any such yes. If I got probably arthritis good you're, forty five in that happened, when you get older, Chancellor Schroeder showed that showed up on your medical them and would you I they one horse. I have closely their hands. You ve already got problems with them. That makes it a big majority. So random. After all, It was really the right random, but it's like I'm not. You know, iron marathon them quite a bit, but you know You might be going to be an artist in here that would bank you declared disabled nude collect from them, so the other to exclude that that would be normal, given that they found this on a medical transcript show but that would be normal now, the only other way you could go, I'm not sure it's worth it. It sounds like an awfully expensive. And you know you're you're. If you became disable
You're married, your husband has an income. You would be supported that way. I assume right yeah so like for you to have disability interests is awfully expensive and for no more coverage than you're getting an given. This exclusion, yeah probably would walk from now on. Be a way to beat it is. Are you a member of any kind of professional association? Nobody could be the graphic artists, America, Association or whatever you call it out. They have a girl, I'm I'm not actively. Member may now that I'm not ending on how expensive it is to be an active member of the guild. They very well may offer a group policy through that that it is much cheaper and might not even look at the medical so like if you're home builder and you join the whole national humbler sensation. You probably can get disability through their a lot cheaper than you good. If you just went to your insurance brokers,
that's one way to another way to took to beat this yeah. I'm with you, I think with you now, given that that you had a medical transcript in it says I promptly I, and so they say We're exclude that and yet you everyday use your hands do do graphics on the computer, and so you know you're not really getting much coverage in your pain, a lot for it shall I'm probably with you by wooden, but thankfully com. John, is in Detroit Michigan John. How are you, Mr Rehn, the great, how are you better than I deserve? How can I help all honour to talk you you I'd just received a large commission checking, I want to tell what to do with it. Congratulations for how much longer than the six year figure range May you made over her grand and one check idea. Yes out, agent enough, so purchased the night building in color,
mission out of it very nice good for you can gradually ass. Ok thanks use any money that comes into my hands on the baby steps. Until now, I am my baby steps. Seven at which point our have left to do is build wealth and give right, and that is why we step seven. So are you deaf We have a small credit card. I long Connachar payment of thousand dollars. We have a couple leases that I asked you about. If I should turn in early and I just use vehicle. What's the buyer and malicious than we have, really is told them are worth less than a thousand for both women and the other one is around now a letter by the car ok the early by out on the least when you buy the car
I don't really want to buy. My rather purchase said no use I'll come truck, will use this money to dump please leases and get into the cars in cash that you want to ok look at him and use them to pay off that the credit card death is there any other do other than your home, No, that would be it. We get. The vehicles were completely clean. Now, if zero dead accept your house now we put in the mouth, and she found in place of three to six months of household expenses and you're, not high commission we're in a commission such work. Which is highly volatile and sir, what that means you're gonna move to one side of that equation. Actually what six months of expenses once you ve got that and you're completely debt free, they will make sure you putting percent of your income into retirement, the of children. Ah, yes, we had two children college done we're working for debts. We then we can. I just I listen to you. Maybe six months ago,
We were doing a little backwards good eye. We move then put money towards the cadets occasion for two years, but we weren't that free. So it ok soldier was clear up the debt and I think you're gonna have enough finish. The emergency fund get your cars. Inflation is still chunks among the kids college right yeah. We're really deal baby Suggs, two three, four: five: Many have enough throw some of the house, but I think you have used up all of it by the time you get five yet grandma here, but little bit toward the house, and I am hoping that off down, but it was here to give college wrapped up in. Let's be debt free of an emergency fund in place reporting, fifteen percent commissar for retirement. Once thanks and accepts access by allows autonomous and recovery But the total money make over which Walter exact steps backwards. I do them I do, though, in all the nuances and questions of people, I am slightly to the baby
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After all, that accept our home. This is not our retirement. What do you recommend our definite cash that outnumber wanted? Successor? Never horrible fix the new anti their good God, one percent. So my ripped, your parents off man- that's some miles when a job anyway, and so yeah you're gonna pay to income tax on the entire amount? It is a taxable that there is no penalties on this and, yes, I do not recommend you. Cash out retirement your retirement to buy off dead and pay, penalties and taxes, but I do recommend in almost every case your cash out on of an inherited. I re to become that free Athena. In Chicago high Athena welcome driver amnesia high. Thank you so much for taking my car sure. What's up. So I'm at a crossroads right now, in my life I actually just left my
spend about a month ago, and it was not a the relationship and I kind of uprooted I, for I was living in the back of my parents. Now they ve been really supported, and I believe I am the one who can restart my life. I have I know my career goes on. That has nothing to do. What I've been doing in the past- and I wanted to ask right on. What's the best way for me to get to my we are gold, given my situation right now that morning, with my parents and I dont have any doubt- and I do have some savings that my car, but I dont have a job right now and I am to find what would be the best way to get. To a vision that isn't really like has no rude right now over almost thirty, I'm twenty nine women less than a year.
This has was it was it was an abuse of relationships saw. It was good I got out of it will be an abusive situation for sure yeah. So do you were you working in a position before you Shan? What were you doing before I've been doing a lot of things I haven't. I guess you could say very prosperous degree I'm really good at like a analytics like working in Excel, and I did all kinds of different workin digital Getting in academia thought I know can go and make a lot of money. So you have, I would disagree and what now in applied map Eriksson economics and your views in data management and data mining and so forth, and you used to make how much. I've made anywhere between on using the gray anywhere between about forty thousand dollars,
he's out large a year? That's! Ok! Now that you ve got some which version the Chicago market. You could do that again, but it's not what you want to do. What is it you want to do? I want I have a dream. I mean Africa. I love to write on saw, but I really am passion I really want to help people. I am really interested in looks like, apology and even something either going back in actually becoming like a likeness psychotherapist or just becoming a personal coach and be able to help people in other ways and may be writing, though. It's not really laid out exactly how, but I do just want to help people violate communicating with famine, helping them with their problems, probably got a lot to do what you ve been through yeah. It actually does much
Well, hello goaded removal. Your mama bear. It's been about a month, yeah I know my I have a thirty year old, daughter, ok, and so, if I were talking to her with the limited information, have gotten into me, from you shot? In other words, I don't know you extremely well, but I am hearing several key things going on you ve been through a really traumatic, wounding, hurtful experience process, and It's gonna. Take you a little time to heal from that. So I would personally encourage you not to make a major career or educational path decision right now. While this is all wrong, I would give yourself about a year that he
and during that year, let's poke around on. Let's go and get about get back in the job market. Get your good position make an sixty or seventy thousand a year when I'm not saying do that the rest of your life, I'm saying give your emotions in your your your spirit. Time to recover you'll make a better decision. You know things pretty raw around you right now or your psychopath, while the two of you, if you have some weird moments in every day, right now, with what you ve been through the number than you, ve gotta issues, you're, not a human ok, and so you should give yourself a little time and during that year you know, join a non profit and volunteer coaching young women go by the domestic violence, shelter and offered a volunteer and coach
and answer and talk right, a blog use, your writing scales on some of your experiences in your thoughts as you as you spend this year healing and so exercise some of the muscles in the area that you think you want to move into that keep you energized moving in the right direction and with the information You gather by exercising those muscles the experiences you have during that year with that with the healing and with some money, the chill pile up during this year. You can make some really good quality decisions about this time next year about. You wanna do. But there is nothing on fire here. They're says you have to start school and go get your your your phd in psychiatry, psychiatry today as modified. I think that be a mistake today to make a decision.
My big and that heavily invested, based on the fact that you ve got a heart for hurting people because you ve been through. And on all its wonderful. You got heart for hurting people. Larry Crab says the to us that are healers, including me, are wounded. He wrote a book called wounded, healers and Those of us that work with a limp because we ve had something happened to us or brought it on ourselves and and in my case, will go on broken my twenties and start over those of us they walk with a lamp. We are better healers because we understand when somebody's hurting Can people when the hurting scared financially like people that, Ben their dope and are even intellectually grasp it. But when you men were you ban, you see things differ and I ve never been where you ve been even more memorable, but we see things through different eyes after that, I think use this hard time in your life, and you
you to be a healer in the future, which is what you desire is, but let's give it a little time to decide exactly how tactically, how that's gonna manifest itself, go, make eighty grand next year and bank all of it and get your on your own and you know be self sufficient confidence competent young woman that regained her confidence after an abusive thing, that's an important step and arm you know that that's what I would tell my own thirty year old daughter is: let's decide today not to not to decide but to begin to take little baby steps in the right direction. Exercise some of those muscles and I think, there's a lot of wisdom in that and you were going to do what you're going to do but that's what I would do if I woke up in your shoes or if I heard this from my own daughter- that's what I would term
is that every measure, a goal
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Where every solutions mark and Jennifer, where those guys our little wonder more, you guys from Cocker in Georgia, What's that near close one robins arbitrary I'll, a middle state, gotcha welcome to Nashville here in New York. Last Green T shirts, ultimately be weird, worry, hashtag and live like no one else. Right under our eye vary. So much of you right off. We paid up eighty nine thousand good for you and how long did it take very teammates? and your range of income. During that time we started off eighty thousand, and now we are one thing: ok guide
very good. What do you do for a living employee I work for. The air force is a and splashing management gotcha and I'm not billions spent with over nursing homes? Ok, wonderful good for you guys! So what that was Haiti we had. Car loans, credit cars, personal loans, medical Beals, those, You gave a normal of your everywhere, how I ve been married six years six year, very So what happened two and a half years Thirty, two months ago, the change, the direction our story actually kind of started low before that date in January, as thousand fifteen, our daughter was born and other first out they have heard you say this a million times. We are having a child would make. You start acting like a dog That has happened. We started. Can each other and you know what what our dreams
four Hannah, her daughter and one of the dream, as we wanted to pay for a college is now looking at our finances and seal. You do in Lama, well, when you got payments coming out years, you don't have any money to say you ve got right, so we just started before even started on you play and we were very unorganized. We had, she had taken account. Taking account we hadn't, combined or even killed, or even in so we decided to ship combined it goes on, checking account. Start looking online. Just land is how to get out there and say money in you, the old number one. Only we Looked online. I found a class finance peace University of scientists for that. Jennifer as laid down for we need a mix of network, is we're doing wasn't working.
Integration is a wake up, call and raises a lack of courage. Everyone comes in and goes I found this class. I found us up or going what you say: authorities yeah. I'm already exists. It was just awakening experience to go through financial peace universally. Even before that we we decided to get on the same page in one or two First, I would deal we saw Matra. Let me tell you about yesterday. This is our third time paying this truck off. We were just then a habit of taken out islands in any kind of We wanted to do and we are aware- time pay for this. They so wish. Zella. We had. We had some good work, So we have cash to pay for vehicle when we went ahead funded the baby steps, and they will We started financial biodiversity, wait! One that is added feel
The fire and adjust we just start run and so my car soldier cartoon. What am I gonna have about a year later, we won't go fast unearthly, get we get more intense. We saw her car afford They were upside down and we had a weird Barlow bit to cover and then just get some about a two thousand on the car. But in overall our debt drop. Nine thousand dollars, others, I think those with smart move radical yeah. You got what you went crazy with. The cars going out you know, leaving people had to be shaken. They are people were, but we had a lot cheerleaders too. We are grateful my parents are both above our parents. Bored they are sportive, that's good, even towns. Where were you know two thousand Alec our broke down and weaken bar of it?
not just to get the work, not reverse were very supportive. Now makes a lot of difference insured, Jennifer you go into financial patient university after he signed up early in this process, and you are like, I think this crazy. How long did it take you in the class before you start one? I think we need to do this. I mean that for three months can a whore. You know, after their hours in it TAT way, they are without for it very good now, if they never change in our lab she's. Thirdly, the count was down, those actually work and they pay a lot. We can arise Where are you same goal. We gotta take college for integration. I gotta do this very good, very good. What do you tell people to keep? It is out of date, is isolated. First may just be willing to. When you get caught it knocked off. The horse:
Firstly, there is capsize where we got we had to go to a thousand dollar merged and I'm gonna The breath I ask is what, but when it happens, is picked herself up and keep going, don't quit occurs There's a there's light at tunnel that I, what about you however, what each people the key to getting out, I dare say beyond the badger and you gotta work together, you both gonna, be on the same tat. You just gotta stay with what was your biggest budget fight. When I was doing. I think she was they were closed and you know sometimes we just said you know, let's wait till later or just use what we got here, we're not going without clothes and then things, but
somehow funded that come up just one big time or what are very often. How does this cat it? When we get along pretty good news, we wanted to work there's, don't ever big fight, and sometimes you just wine a little, wine and good job. You guys well done, I'm proud of you. I know your parents are well that so you brought had a grace with european unity is upmarket danger. I just want to thank you for the financial patient. Virtually is that class just changed our lives. We, Not only did it show how to get out of we, we got our life insurance.
Jeffrey didn't have any. I have very little work. We were both road or wheels. Get that straight. We start contributor like ages, I just any other stuff. Besides it's getting out there, that's us that finance peace, universities also thank you. We actually one night, a class rebooted three at our church, and I wanted a sister Turks arms. We don't. What I would like you to do? What appreciate that keeps us motorways ages. The Mets, albeit a big deal because you are you when you put the whole package together, like you, ve done with the proper ensure and a life insurance and life insurance. The wheels ally, Costa there's a different kind of peace than just get out of that gives you Could you just been diligent all the way through it and make sure you get your family cared for research, and we show ya do ever better that thank you for bringing that up. I'm proud of you guys, robot Frazier. That mark
a foreign Hannah grace from Georgia they paid. Eighty thousand dollars we spoke with a cock. Thirty two months make an eighty to one fifteen counted down. Let's hear debt, you scream three two one knew very well done, diligent, the diligent prosper the Bible says, the diligent prosper due diligence is excellence in the ordinary everyday. When you do stuff like you, get your age essay funded, yet your will implies you get your life insured
Blake and you get out of that say: that's the diligence of the excellence in these ordinary things, and this causes your family to prosper. Well done does very well by market Jennifer. I am very proud of this. Is that Ramsay Shut
This is where the North Carolina expressly welcomes the programmes we should. Thank you. Thank you very thing. You do you and your team. Thank you. How can I know new job offers a day depended care flexible spending account. Is it worth it for paying for day care? Yes, yes, yes! Yes! Yes, yes, because what you do anything you put in there is pre tax. So let's say a thousand dollars was like a thousand dollars. Thousand dollars in their there's no tax on it, and if you take a thousand dollars and you bring it home it gender, seven hundred, ok, and so I, if that were true that means, every time that you pay the day care a thousand
you paid seven hundred ever in the government gave you three hundred dollars, but where that guy now what I do thinking that, but that its pre tax way to daycare its excellent benefit for an employer, putting on an excellent actual benefits Oh great, poaching, marginal spending accounts. The only negative is anything that Left him there at the year at the end of the year. They keep so do not over fund. It. Ok, ITALY under funded. So what is your day care budget a month markets that sixty five make it the seven eighty four the year when the MAC Second do and, as I say as five thousand lerigo you're under funding it automatically them? So that's perfect Yahoo. I would put the whole thing thousand through there, which is gonna. A view about fifteen hundred dollars a year. That's a nice benefit, that's an eye. Thanks I appreciate the gall Andrews next in Canada high under our you.
You better than I deserve. What's up, so we have just recently paid off our house. Yea here, so we are completely that free and just want to ask you a question about next steps. Ok, so We live in a two bedroom townhouse pretty paper. We have a family four and one on the way so we here for a little while for years more to say about anti cash. Corn, Elijah, good. So. My income is roughly a hundred thousand year. My wife, that she is maternity leave really isn't making anything she going back to work. She won't even up: ok, you have a hundred dollar household income, what your town Ellsworth too,
hundred and forty two fifty someone you move up. What? What price would you move up to? Roughly four hundred location? one hundred and sixty thousand it's gone up in value during that time, so you need a hundred and something thousand dollars. How long is it going to take you to some thousand dollars or our question is I'm I'm putting away the fifteen percent a month, My employer matches four percent, so we have the nineteen since no that's going nineteen percent, my income is going into retirement. My question It would make sense to go back to three baby steps be now banned, know what what is your age. I'm sorry and my wife is cleaner Nokia. Will you got plenty? time. You're gonna be ok
to Hear- is: what's gonna happen during the next three years, five years, whatever it is incomes going to go up and the value of your account now she's gonna go up horse a value. What should run buys gonna go up to write, is we're not dealing with a fixed item to do forecasting with the item, your your income- is not fixed. It's you see some increases and the valley, The town ashes is not fixed and of course, your target is not fixed, and so we don't know exactly where you're gonna end up there, but now I would stay at fifteen percent. If I were in your shoes and then I would just save, aggressively, I would take extra jobs, any other money that comes your way, inheritances bonuses, anything else, throw lad in the house, fond, don't consume it time get your hands on anything just still at the house. Fun, though in the house, one thought the house phone and
but we know if you save thirty thousand dollars a year, that in three years and some change you'd have another hundred thousand, but with a stone out, you'd almost be there. So I think your three, I think you got three year plan. You might have a four year plan somethin like that, while doing the fifteen percent, but it's gonna be tied up tight budget to do that, but you catch Spain. I can send you back and that you know that and you didn't ask to go back into bed. Man, Cindy's and Mobile, Mississippi, I'm sending how're you hire I'll, be out there. I would think so. I'm looking at killing on. Where are you from woman? Ok, how can I help well with a new to the financial Police University were entering our third week? and my husband is the fiduciary for his brother who passed away. He was a one hundred percent disabled veteran and he left quite largest,
My husband has an attorney in mobile who is taking it to the court at the six months and then it'll be and my husband and is concerned that the veterans, the station will come round and any day or maybe three years now no. We need that money back because it wasn't used for MIKE. And I dont know shortly after my money that came from the visa is right in the huge state. Yes, so they gave a lump sum due to his disability. Now he was one hundred percent. Golden every month he received money than the veterans of it station and my husband paid all his care. Bills and everything like that, but because MIKE would give it away. On the first day he got at the veterans Administration, familiar family member to water, his estate and some my husband to doing that for twenty years now. This is obvious.
Grew less. Now it's not they're, not gonna come after that they pay. They paid a disabled veteran for being too soon. And her family member managed it well for the good of the veteran who has now passed. They they ve got no standing whatsoever to come after the ok all right now, I think. You're fine is your husband. The soul No, no, he had written a will with my brother, my well with my husband, help to give some to his nieces and then distributed a Marxist, providing brothers and sisters. So much was the size of these, but I think it around fifty. I think each other. Three times siblings. Seventy m d fibre, five six meters- will get ten thousand each from I'm, not really sure now, for some gold coins, your husband's, a good man, I was he was very much and
We ended up taking to all his veterans Administration Appointment bit the last years of his life, because the Ba Healthcare was not patient. Unless MIKE had a representative there of microbes on home for disabled We met him that item back than the money, definite with your husband to a good care of it must now MIKE Mike, don't know that we are or was, but we're gonna get there because we have financial, university, I gotta, suddenly, there's no jumpstart Moussa. Life is good Cindy. Thank you for common procedure, taking care of it. Open phones triple eight, eight to five five, two to five. You jump in we'll talk about your life and your money. It's common sense for your dollars and since then Please explain the difference between Roth for a one k, Roth IRA regarding limits, taxes etc. Can you have both? You can have both those?
the fifty five hundred a year limit, still apply. It applies to the IRA. You can fully fund a raw I re and a Roth for a one k in the same year. You have fifty five hundred dollar limit for your Roth, I array, unless you're over age. Fifty, then, you have a sixty five hundred dollar limit, your maximum for for a one Kayser. Eighteen thousand, five hundred that you can put into a for a one k, plus whatever your company matches, If they do, they cannot match in they can you you can put in it off. The match will be in a traditional and you can role that to too and pay taxes on it. The matching portion, if there is a matching portion, some their excellent
grow tax free all of the above. We, I suggest you put it in good mutual funds across four types: growth, growth in income, aggressive growth and international always pick mutual funds with long track records that about performed the Essen Peak and they exist. Lots of that puts this hour of the day. Rams shout his genes, childs producer of David Show. Did you know you can now this into the Dave Ramsay Show on TAT Door and spot by for all the ways to watch and listen check out our show page, it gave Ramsay dot com. Slash
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