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For this reason, the rooms in the fate of the Bmw status and Abraham share your hope, like you, for joining us open up four point: eight to five: five: two to five: that's AAA eight to five five to two marinas Witherspoon Syracuse New York, I marine. How are you and do a fantastic daybreak crop up my bucklers
you today I am honoured. How can I help? Well, I'm big phantom babies. Then I really like a millionaire theme, our thing. I've always wondered about as I work for school and we'll have a pension. If I don't work ok, maybe around sixty thousand dollars. I just didn't know how to calculate their into my network will technically, you wouldn't, but you could I mean it's not a big deal, you the way, the only way. Would not to do it as if they give you a present value, meaning the amount you could take. If you did a lump sum role, while, though they give you that amount, they do I am I am unaware- but that is that night I haven't looked into what tat would be. Now. I gotta have more years before retiring enough right, but if give you the lump sum of what you could take with you were you to roll it out and by the way you my out again by the way you might want to do that and rolling roll out when I re, then on it. The reason you technical
he wouldn't put a pension in the network. Is it doesn't, sir, I view- and you really can't do anything with it- accepts bend the monthly dollars you don't really have. We actually don't really have the actual asset in your control, but that's a technic that matter, I mean you're, just trying to calculate you're how you feel about your position and certainly the fact you're getting a monthly income. You know from This is a big deal. So it's a nice thing and then I just If you want blurred in there that were easy way to do, it is found out what they would roll it out for some good question: Eric Eyes Weathers in Detroit High Erika. Welcome to the diverse. I I was up well, I a person's life insurance that three years ago I'm sorry and I didn't
the company they weren't very attentive and through its this year too, in the company. I, like the agent and sixty guys were involved in terms term life insurance still better, always better work always bear well Question is verse. Portion of God is body. You need life insurance for my it happens to me or some day. How old is your daughter, thirty one? a dagger Brazil. You can't afford them on our own right now. I'm curious about something for my final expensive? Why can't we live on our own, if she's thirty one? She doesn't enough money with her work with job, you, dont need life insurance except I get your final expenses, and that would only be if you don't have any money. You have any money,
I get a pension and I get those security gonna any mother cried that nor have any money in savings I had four hundred hours saved this month is past month and I had to take it out What do you make your rights have twenty seven thousand? Well, I would tell you, there's gotta very small term life insurance policy, very inexpensive. After cover final expenses only and that's all you would need to do and keep that is inexpensive, as you can you don't make a lot of money to be spent in all this money on life insurance in your situation, because you don't have any by his counting on you to eat. That's not an adult, shouldn't be doing their own thing. Thirty one year old should be supplying themselves unless they have some kind of a massive disability or something- and this one can just, I know a good job, so I want you on your career in your income, get your income and build you up start to build up and
you're only fifty five years old, your younger than me eyes. Oh sixty five or misunderstood. Ok, fine! Ok! I want you to start I now have a career and retired. Ok there that, though, that is different, show you're, twenty seven thousand dollar income is your social security and your pension, yes unconscious of a small pension them. Nine hundred and forty one dollars, I think in fifteen transfer yeah. I would get a very inexpensive small term life insurance just to cover final expenses, That's all you don't need to be buying life insurance at sixty five years old on. Support a thirty one year old that should be gainfully employed. That's a very simple basic thing: and you need the money to eat with and if you could save up out of this you of a very
tight budget in a very limited income? But if you could save up anything, then you could do away with even the need for a term policy if we had ten thousand dollars and savings to bury you You wouldn't even made a term policy so, but if you a very small, inexpensive term policy. That's what I would do and I definitely would avoid any kind of cash value insurance. You don't it's very, very expensive and in your situation, you really can afford to be taken to the clear well he's gas markets, whether Sir Richmond Virginia hey, Mark how're you good day good afternoon, thanks for taking at all pleasure. How can I help I've got a question regarding some rental properties? four brothers and my mother owned seven rumble properties that were clear. No more you doin on three of my brothers want their cash out of date.
Situation one brother and I would like to keep the property is investment for the future, so obviously is required. A large amount of cash to pay them off so the way out it is. I would probably have to take out a mortgage just wanted. Europe I saw your words of wisdom on what to do a lot to do in this situation. What is the total equity? These seven properties somewhere around a million motor Show couldn't we shall off some of them and you take one that's cleared, azure part and little cash boy the possibility that there there's a million and a half equity to be spread split among four brothers. There are
of equity there to clear one of these properties as your portion is your portions four hundred grand give or take, between three and four thousand dollars. So if there's a three hundred thousand dollar paid property tat that you would like take that property if its paid for take that property as your comp settlement and then let them do what they want is with the rest. Have them needed over to you as Europe as cut right? If, let's there's a five thousand dollar property with a two thousand on mortgage. You take that property answer cash for your portion. Or that wouldn't be right, you you got you're only going to get four hundred and three three or four in a grande net equity to out of this, but anyway, somehow break out where we saw some of them and the cash
most of those guys. Maybe you end up with a property in a little cash, or maybe you end up with just a property, but I pick out a property then end up with paid for out of their shows a lot of money on the table. Here, there's no reason for you to end up in death. This is the Dave. Ramsey show, working hard to get control of your money. But if you do this, one simple thing that we all do: you are literally at risk of being hacked and someone stealing what you ve worked so hard for. Do you ever use public wifi, hacker
can use a simple device to mimic wifi and with just a little bit of scales they can take over your financial life. That's why I trust cyber ghost VP in try for free for seven days, protect up to seven internet devices and keep all of your internet connections. Secure download cyber ghost vps today from your appstore Thank you for giving us about other issues. The diver amnesia larger here at open, found strip alike ache to five five, two to five kilometres, an actual North Carolina are. You can't gave, thank God. How can I help
recently. I inherited my grandparents help. I mean athlete in here, but I'm going to hear shorter, in dollars. But I live in my grandparents house and, my husband and having to move because of a job, reason you don't know the two hundred thousand so we dont know by another, That's where we're moving and keep this house or if we should sell this house. Let us pay cash. Whatever to show the hall You live in you and you inherited Your grandmother yes Ok, then, why are you like? We, oh eighty, six thousand on it because we renovated at an end
ten years ago and well. Maybe two Tennessee actually must not. That far from Irish will be part of the USA, Canada Volga that is always from Asheville. Ok cool, horror, I won't levelling more complicated than there, but that the basic part of it I mean it is. It is still a mental and so we thought we may be put the house on hold for a year, but one is all the cash because in there Another job coming in its really complicated, and we want to do eventually investing in real estate with the houses we get about three and a grand for it. So we'd have about five hundred thousand to start our life down there and buy home, and then maybe some investment properties
ninety nine point. Nine percent of German will tell you, sell this house when you leave, because long distance lay a morning is a nightmare. And here we have a little property manager for sure now doesn't matter yeah! No one watching your property, like you, watch it and you're, not in the town, where the how houses you would never live in Chattanooga and go by investment property in Nashville and so that tells us that you would sell it now. The only reason you would not sell it would be that just the emotions and the fact that your tied to this home by family ties and that the only real that's the only reason you would keep it, but it is not the it's not financially wise or investment wise thing to do to keep their you're gonna, keep it spite of it, not being a good idea? Kay. If you choose to do that, you're just saying Meanwhile, my the notion- all of this home overrides the fact that its
good decision that mathematically I'm gonna takes, I'm gonna lose some money in order to keep the shell shuts. What you're saying if you keep it, but I personally wouldn't keep it. I would sell it. I'm not real tied stuff like that Style, Jake older. I get the more nostalgic I am, but I'm more nostalgic on something that is an item rather than a piece of property. As a matter of fact, I've been real, you're with my kids upon mud, the Mai grandkids as they get older I'll, be clear with them the note a we own is is our legacy, a business that we on our legacy. I guess he is our family. Her legacy is in full rather than be more concerned about you, know owning the man's bible, then keeping his house right kind of thing something like that is what I get nostalgic about. But are you can decide what you want to do, but what I
how about I would surely would it frees up that? It just it'll go with you anywhere. You want to go and I would take my casual go to. China can start my life right it is in LOS Angeles, Brian welcome other diagrams. You show a bit it sucks. You're. My friend I tell my mexican family that you're the White Father. I wish I'll be ok I'll. Take it the why hillbilly man, I love your values, you're the bat euros. How can I meant well Dave to my goals this year with to pay off my car and two in that thing and averted I enough money too, open an index Andrew Vanguard, which, though I wanted to do, but I still need a pattern. Car, so I don't know which one I should do earth my car's worth about. After pay out about that people, hundreds,
that's what the left on it and I have thirty five hundred dollars. They ve got so three grand is necessary to start an index Homeward Vanguard sought to know which one I should do finally to well brown. We teach a thing called the baby steps, and that's the way that that's the framework with which we make decisions on which to do first, which do second, those guns. And we found that most things we do or baby steps. Mostly enough, you gonna build a how she lay the foundation before you put the walls up. You don't you know, you know. Building the roof until you ve got the walls up right, and so you do. That in order so that we build out with away their supposed to show our baby step number one that we teaches a thousand dollars or first thing you do save a beginners. Order emergency fund of a thousand dollars and then one short on that. Then you become debt, free everything but your home, and then once you ve done that after baby step to you, gotta Babyship three go back.
The thousand our account raise it up to three to six months of expenses for emergencies. This is all before You start investing and then baby stepped forward. You start investing in that's fifty percent of your income going into retirement of course baby step? Five is if you have kids near site for their college and seeks to pay off your house early seven as the last one and that's what the house paid off and no other dad emergency fund money going into mutual funds. Now you do nothing become wealthy and been outrageously, generous along the lights are all of that to say you have thirty, five hundred that allows, and aside towards my emergency phone at though twenty five hundred at the car will get the car paid off as quickly as I can. And then I'm gonna build my emergency fun and then I'm gonna start investing in retirement. Does it make sense to the upper? That's exactly the why the framework would lay out in your situation if I understood everything so give a cholera and Sir Jack is whether
Action Austin Texas, I jack our you got your boss, now wild Kelly's from taxes, and she can't tell the difference between often in Boston. So, what's up with that access for sure, how can I help. Our two thousand, I'm getting pretty large. Commission check coming up there soon down on thirty one, getting married the summer night. Now one granting a place. So I'm always one of the buy property, this house, maybe even a town out or something like the others, but it seems like them it is at an all time high right now, I don't know if I need to wait for what Nobody to wait until the market comes down. A little bit new
I wouldn't wait until the market comes down about. I would just waiting to even married a little bit it about a year being married to get to know each other well enough to make a wise home purchase together. You buy he's right now and then you get married no summer, your bond wrong house and she'll tell you about it somewhere around August so now you needed just type the brakes. Lobo takes a year, be unmarried, not close, your mother louder by now, as far as Is the market high and is the bubble going to burst? Real estate is corrected couple of times in my lifetime, but nothing you Stream except two thousand eight, there were some pretty heavy hits it came right. Back, came back faster even than the stock market did, but a real licence and nineteen seventy eight. I was eighteen years old, the first house I sold sold for forty two thousand five hundred dollars. That house today would be four hundred. Fifty thousand. So that's that's the the life
you that I have of real estate, and so even if Austin might be a little hot and not necessarily buyers market right now is, in our view the shoemaker run over them by something right. You know that kind even if that's what's going on, I still would buy. You might not be the. Last time ever to buy but by real estate and keep it three four or five years, residents and a decent neighbourhood, IRAN, He's gonna work. That's all your work I mean it really is so yeah work. Your baby steps get married, be married a little while so a bunch of money. Just thought of that bonus check in the bank and about this next year. Start talking about. Looking for a house is what I would do if I woke up in your shoes thanks for colony, The I am sure show
I gotta call the other day and I thought it was worth talking about. Again. It was from a wife looking for life insurance for her family. She asked why I only recommend term life insurance system of cash value plans like whole life. I use explain how you over pay for coverage, earn a horrible rate of interest and don't get your cash value when you die. But this time I just had to go straight disaster dot com and get a rate, and then we compare that right to the whole life plan and she immediately saw the huge savings. That's why I, suggests that everyone gotta sand or dot com or call them at eight hundred three five, six. Four to eighty two and get a free quote
the lobby of Ramsay Solutions Joshua, whose work I judge you on? How are you I'm doing? Well they? How are you better than others are good to have you order? You have served Savannah Georgia, our love, Savannah lettering eyes down there, not long ago, wonderful, very cool, so you're here to do your debt for eastward? Yes, Sir Robert, how much you played off that a hundred thirty thousand dollars very cool and how longer that take you eight years for months Seventeen days wow, look at you, yes, and your range of income during that time, shot off around thirty thousand ended up around sixty thousand will look True man, are you saying what do you do for a living on the fire,
down there were you. Firefighter ammonia when you're making thirty yes, sir I'll catch, you work your way up through the station now, lotta, second jobs and third jobs supplement. That's got you. Ok, very coup show or Canada, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. This was seven thousand and credit cards. Sixteen thousand My dream car, which was a Bmw and a hundred and seven thousand for my house. I pay you paid off your house. So lately ass a lover. Yes, I saw me So what does this house worth about about? A hundred ok, very cool holder. You in thirty years old, thirty years or at least part this. When you were twenty two, yes, sir, while an
started doing our stuff or you were just working yet knows my journeys. It's a pretty interesting one, my brother bay, his wife, Jessica, invited me come to F, p class and other I mean I don't know everything about monies will learn something through it when you're twenty two, yes, sir, why? Yes, sir, so I was at Yale. I was okay with money, so I thought How is it like stressed out of but I just wanted to learn something. Sir. We went to this class you are doing the snowball effect and I think that makes sense, and then what was that Turning point for me was your video with the Gazelle Runnin away, and the media, actually the videos funny in all our interesting thing. But what you said right at video really just like the point home you said do you know how many videos we had to go through to find that won't like like right, then light
I don't want to be one of the videos that he had to just search for, That's all. I want to hear your answer. Yes, so it wasn't the video that thing right after the most people don't go away unawares and in that connection I am irresistibly we're ok, I know that's great learn about it. That's all the video to me with a joke, but that the words right after relax. I know this is serious. People don't go to one Ria, that's while I am the one where Sir We know that a day after this, so with my departments casual. We work windy on and we two days off so that today's off may we ran We were on fire. Owned, a chimney sweep business and with our eye, but man I was taken calls I gotta warehouse job for day job Friday and whose long good work and so like some days I get off
Fire Department go to the warehouse and sweep a chimney. That night I was given a man. It was great, for about a year, I was pretty boring lunch on in the warehouse. I would eat. Peanut butter and jellies damages the hour. So did I rationed it out? I knew that a loaf of bread could go away, in a way I in a jar, jelly peanut butter? Could last me too, weeks I read aloud, and it was great. I was now that guy is, but it work we're here. So I started doing this now of all the credit cards, and then I'll. Show you how you got out of there. Yeah? I know working to very jobs like since I've been fifteen. I've had two or three jobs at a time in now. Now we feel
that energy have your brother and sister lover, they ensure neon hello, great support system, great support systems coup by it's funny side, but yet then, like the Stopped a little bit, we, we came into a low season David and NEWS a party it started with at the warehouse I got laid off. It was totally unexpected, but Dave your principles and practices of all this. I had just pay off my beemer about two months before I got laid off was so my initial thought was I'm mad. I don't want to be laid off and then my mediate second thought was have to sell my car. This is wonderful, so we it was so that was just a blow. Right there and then like public still going through my low season. In that started it and just dams in that the budget at it.
I was going to that was on autopilot. To me I wasn't the hard part, so I due to get some of ice on how to stay motivated back in December, two thousand and fourteen because I was had everything paid off except the house, and I do want to do the house like and did some math like me and three and a half years of, but like this summer it should and paid off, and I all junior like Josh, take baby steps, to celebrate what, in your leg, take your balance and it up and when you hit a milestone, celebrate and You say that I'm ok take you! like I'm. Not that way too fast. Soda, I didn't like two years in fourteen Mona photograph. If I weren't not necessarily because you gave me the motivation to visually see when I needed to celebrate and have little breast in sir,
so often, because you asked me, you are basically asking me: hey: do you have any, hobbies. You can do likewise like camping in hiking, which for the record. I really do think that's a good way to recent yourself. So I did couple times, but I did it: we. Finally I bought a boat and accessories? I have a motorcycles I buying stuff. For that I did go hiking camping into all of us that you have a great life I'm leaving the semi retirement lifestyle now. Third, oh yes, Sir Verde, yes mean me my dog, Mr Tony living out. May he is so many decades now we are so proud of you well, thank you very very well. They had so we get a copy of it,
ogled retires bar book for you. Yes, I want that to be the next chapter in your still absolutely that that your millionaire- and I think it will be a link- you will be able to say stop in his garden- is on fire. Message is awesome dance, yet we with a fully fledged emergency I had a low iris gear. It was Well, I'd probably meant that I took the wrong button. They set out like sitting under books, not like, but let's have fun with it. I wrote a letter like I know we're gonna Bankrupt America. If I don't get this fifteen hundred dollars plea blah blah blah. It was just a funny thing, but I paid it, but it just twenty two
this letter is an official document in Irish somewhere without one just eight inconvenience world Joshua, there were out of your mind. I appreciate our Joshua from Savannah Georgia. One hundred and thirty thousand dollars paid off in a ears bore months. Seventeen days Megan thirty, two sixty his eyelids is paid for he's thirty, making sick the that's just awesome. Well done counter down Let's hear debt free scream, three two one love, it well done world on world where that values. So when are you gonna do. He's making authority when he started this.
Thirty thousand earlier, he paid off everything, Kyle's car or bow bought a motorcycle pay cash for everything. The average farther, but you if you're sitting where he ship snuck in a payment wow. This is the Dave Ramsey.
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Listening to the show in answering the questions, you probably can be a big help to somebody. In fact- a dedicated adviser who will walk with you through the entire experience to get you everything you need to lead a group if, you're to start changing lives and were ready to help. One of our advisers would love to talk to you about becoming a financial peace coordinator get started but the word leader to thirty three seven, eighty nine. Leader to thirty three seven. Eighty nine Thanks for joining us. America were glad you are here. Dan is in York, Pennsylvania, damn. How are you gonna do about yourself if better than I deserve. What's up I'm goin to get your opinion or your files on a network, marketing or level multi level marketing namely the care company em? Why look there? The old
am, I guess there probably still the largest, for I cite the wiser They were like number thirty, seven and earth number. Thirty. Eight imaginable entrepreneurial companies, how our total companies or email elms I heard more warm entrepreneur, oil company, so am I be walking home accompanying? I don't know what the hell you measure would not have been. A real company is mine, might be an entrepreneurial company, were not an email and so on, but there are no ammo is probably the oldest, that used to be the largest, I'm not sure if they have dwindled down or not. But anyway, though, there cannot set the stand back in the bay. Ok like I was a kid show. How old are you I actually gonna be twenty four next week. And what are you gonna do with your life when your fifty one you wanna be doing now, retired now. Can we want to do nothing well,
not doing nothing by I'm going to pursue some kind of teaching career and music, a drama than find my drums the whole life. Then that's really wide I'd like to do it as a living. Ok, so you would love to be approved. She'll drummer and may brazilian dollars doing that. If you could just write your own scrip right now, sure. Ok, that's why that's what I'm asking multi level is selling and the people that make good money in t level like a hundred thousand dollars a year or more are sales managers and recruiters. What you do for a living if you're making six figures in a multi level or network market problem is? You are recruiting people training them placing them, because fall out a huge because by
large they hire people who are not people that wannabe salespeople and most I'm no make it so you're too, over is very, very high, and you are constantly recruiting hiring training, recruiting hiring training. That's what you want to do for the living for living for the next ten years, multi level, Network marketing could very well lead you into a six figure income and you would be in control of your destiny. That's a good news! nor is it doesn't sound like that's what you want to do. Yeah. I've always really hoping to do it. It's kind of a part time job as I'm workin for time. My wife's work in full time, the kind of propeller yourselves through the baby steps. Here's the thing derailing the way they pitch the star in a network marketing? Is you see become? wealthy and retired cause. You actually mentioned that earlier right. When I have you wanna be, aren't they retired? You shall yourself as wealthy doing multi level you dont accidently part
timed her multi level thing to a million dollars. It doesn't just witnessed like you, show up and you go get through your friends in this thing- turns into a million dollars. It's so the ten years of very hard work as a master, recruiter, trainer and manager of salespeople those of them. That makes a regular national friends at my command. Algeria and I've got a like a thousand or two thousand. Thousand people that I met that were in it for three months and are not anymore? Ok, but I actually no more than five people and network getting they make that made a million dollars a year at one time or another, but they didn't do that part time, and they didn't do that part time for three. Yours and then full time for two years they became profession motivators professionals, strainers, rational managers and horrors and salespeople, and they have rhino
the skin, because people come and go every twenty minutes and they don't get their feelings, hurt whenever buys mad and turning over they just go get another one. There's gonna be another, and that's that best There's nothing. Evil are wrong with the business, but if you think you're gonna hurt People in there all three gonna be with you ten years from now, you are getting years off a business for that matter, but multi level for sure. Ok you have I've had at folks workin here, I've got thirty that amendment me more than fifteen years at seven hundred, and I got now- by four hundred that used to work here. Tom during the last twenty five years- that don't work here anymore in so that these then that's a traditional busy model, that's not turn overboard business model. That's why I'm asking people of salary that have to sell anything that is show up get money. You know and so I it's a different thing- shall you got decide what you wanna do
if this is in line with your career gulls and with your personality style and what you want for a living and you don't know, hi rejection and you don't mind. Motivation and you don't mind, turn over and you don't mind that stuff you can do very well at this again. I've got some friends that just over the hill over I got a friend that was is where they call him the black diamond or whatever. It is an inadequate and he s made millionaires year anyway for years for years, and I very very well, but for every one of those there's ten thousand state too much and and my other friends, man right and because I call on all her friends or drugs. Arms are met in moral or something like that. I don't know shall have some clear if you're gonna do it and if you're gonna do it. Into it and say this is gonna, be my career as a part time job look at it and go ok. What's the typical person making three then get some real numbers, not what you can make if you're a superstar. But what is it
typical person making three months, you probably make more drive and lift problem. Check it out for yourself. If you're good, we may have a goodwill chauvelin down as other drummer. I don't know you an you, unama talking out of it under saying, don't just say: Alonzo go make some money, because these people, all my money that I'm talking to because that's not the way it works, is a very Her skill set that you will develop or have two to to become wealthy in those world and that world and on Russia raw, whether at all but two up Teachers got in there, sure got in this link. This all teacher may level teacher the not being a teacher anymore. They became a sales manager. And yet this guy used to be the construction worker and the goat he's done now. What he's? Not a construction workers more now he's a sales manager, so what he does for living and not so
when they put up the examples of quote regular people unquote who become wealthy. They not use regular people. Skill set to become wealthy, that they use the skills necessary to grow that particular business and construction worker can become an I t, professional if they want to be A teacher can leave and become a doctor if they want to be, you can change careers and becomes for another career and that's what happened there. It wasn't that you know that, teacher used my forty two thousand a year. Now then like foreign and point out the yellow, they're, not teachery more ourselves manner what they did and how turn over situation so that that's what you're facing and now my family's good people, good foe, Round law people, the Lord's, are strong Christians. Most of them are not Madame you just need to know what you're getting enough and what it's gonna take for you too,
feed and whether it fits your nose. Long is this. This is that I Ramses hey is telling says you pretty certain funds. Magnificat Abraham suggest this episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service, it didn't have a chance to write it down. Don't worry. We was everything that is mentioned during this episode in the podcast. Show that section thanks to listen,
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