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When You Bring Order to the Chaos, It Changes Everything (Hour 3)

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From the headquarters of Ramsay Solutions Broadcasting, but all studios. It's that day, Ramsay show that is down just gang and made our home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw, the status of choice. I'm diagrams you, your host, thanks for joining us, open bones at AAA eight to five five to two I've, that's AAA eight to five five, two to five genie starts off this hour in Georgia. I genie how real I'm
Are you d better than I deserve? What's up wonderful question? for you, my boyfriend and I are starting to question whether or not we should be moving to buy a house now currently now know you're not buy a house where someone you're not married understood, and if that, if not that then He should go ahead and just by a half on his own and then I'm moving with. Well, that's up to you, but I doubt you do. Buy a house with someone you're not married too, because the legal entanglement the debt entanglement is. It is almost impossible to get out of if there's a break up if you're married and there's a break up. There's a process called divorce that take you through that
but you are, in a from a business perspective, a legal perspective you're in a general partnership with no agreement and you're gonna get your own give fried it's a horrible idea. I've seen so many disasters in the last thirty years. The dead this it sounds like a good idea. If you can't do all I just get married, you know, but now I would not buy a home. Before you are married with both of your names on the data, the mortgage we will be getting married rather relatively soon. The next six months, the mirror my eldest, went over and above the House Party, wait till the end by the house.
Under that me another way to do it and that that would make more sense. You know, there's it's much easier anyway, so yeah, but do not put do not buy cars together. Do not buy houses together, because people get tangled up in all kinds of stuff happens. Man in a jiffy every I've seen so many horrible horrible stories are. I Brad, as in Texas, Hey Brad, welcomed that ever amnesia makers must stay procedure taken my car Most importantly, we just finish the class a newly married six months and take your course right when we got married good, came without any tat. She has about seventy thousand and student loans and what I am
figure out right now is, do I help or pay off the student loans or what we ve done is I'm I'm. I take care of everything I paid off. I paid up like you flung open them about it. You front the glass cat, infranatural biodiversity. We told you you had to combine everything the preacher said for richer for poor. Sickness and health unto tee. All my worldly goods I pledge this was the old book, a common prayer, marriage vows is what happens when you get married. You combine everything, so she doesn't have student loans. Now we have student loans. You changed your the she brought into the marriage. You change your pronounced
We she doesn't have an income, you have an income, we have a household income, we have assets, we have liabilities, we have a combined everything. You were attacking everything you're, not doing her favor she's, your wife, you say the difference absolutely and let me tell you what that does it not only builds the quality of your marriage? Obviously it changes the efficiency of the math. The couples that handle money together and are are both in couples. Both members are gauged. The process were both on the budget were both setting goals together were in agreement, have the highest probability and all of the data we have from thirty years of doing this, of winning and becoming wealthy when of them drags element along or what we are doing, the one I'm a favor
somebody better ones are princess or whatever that kind of thing, it's almost impossible. A bill wealth so combine everything. Knit two together knit two together knit together: you are one changer, pronouns Chirrup Dynamic, since they are not absolutely dies You know we were just thinking it and try and we want to change that or or to try and also that our raw irae now do not worry, run down advantage of that. Not why you get rid of all the student loans and then do everything else are gonna. Be stepped up You put everything you have on that until the debt is gone and baby step too
Remember that our payments are due on that until October, twenty twenty one. Yes, that's my turnips, you squeeze every dollar out of your budget until you're, a hundred percent that free except your home, that's baby step to not do any investing these at new member there from the class yeah, no cathartic. Of course. Ok, I just want to know what I mean if we're doing some wrong in the class cause that that's what we should be teaching
and that's what them the material should have shown you what to do so. Yet you stop all investing. You take all savings that is non retirement and you throw it at our debt and our income goes at our dead until we're dead, free everything, but the house and baby step to that's the gazelle intensity. The complete focus, because your most powerful wealth building tools, your income and when you try do three things at once: not not any of them get done. Well, the power focus is what has given us, the at Ramsay, the reputation of causing people win with money And that's what it comes down to it. Don't try to fix this. It's not broken. Scott is weathers in California. High Scott welcomed that ever amnesia data pleasure to speak, How are you today better than deserves our? How can I will, of course you are this in Ireland, He stepped seven question on you too. You an just that in about three quarters the way through your book.
Sixty three years old, I retired three years ago and any in the seventh step. I wanna be tired. Set up a donor, advised fund is being managed by an investment bank account, and my question is I'm thinking about converting it, setting up a private foundation in converting it to a foundation, and I'm curious to your thoughts were about the air. Versus foundations. Foundations have more cost assertion with running them and manage them. The downward vast funded cover interim step, its locker. A small foundation. So big and so we run a family foundation of ours, but we have a lot we're pretty substantial giving budget- and I don't know what you're doing- budget is but you're gonna entire, you can have more costs because you, administrative thanks to the donor. Advise people do for you, you do have some.
Stability with the foundation that you don't have a donor. Advised on revised all has to be given to nonprofit says you know. A family foundation does not a family foundation can set money aside. So phrases are, my daughter, runs our family foundation and has for almost a decade she's our director, and so she can do things in the community direct too. Person in need as the foundation without them having having to have to have a father Wednesday. Three but don't revised, have to go all has to go all to So, if you're wanting to do some unique things like that, and you don't mind taking ministries of expansion, you're, pretty large amount of giving the foundation started to have some advantages, if you ever log in to public WI, FI, stop what you're
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I remember what it feels like to be broke, the fear, the shame for in, but I'm afraid, my kids lump, that is in your throat. When you think a truck is on the way to get the furniture out of your house we Oh? How we're gonna make it, but at least I broke.
Poor is a state of mind, broke is impassioned through and you don't have to either Millions and millions and millions of people have now worked these baby steps to pay off that get past the shame. The condemnation, the fear. Change your family tree Lou. No one else. Other later you can live and give like no one else. They ve gone from knowing if they have enough to pay the light bill to being able to pay other people's lie bill. Now, maybe your new tuition you're not quite ready for financial biodiversity. I get there! That's! Ok! We created a three minute assessment for people you don't even know where to start you're like brand new. You don't know how to plug into this stuff. In three minutes, you're gonna get a free, customized plan to show you how to get started from where you.
Are right now, no more worrying about money. No more fish! no more, shame, no more launch in the throat it's time to get started, taking control of your money text. The word start to thirty three: seven, eight nine start to thirty three: seven: eight nine or go to day She dot com. Slash start out is whether syntax is welcome to the driver. Andrew show, how are you doing today? better than I deserve. What's up sort of question time for a new house about two years ago in mortgage crash, increase a thousand dollars cash up in all month. My my Am I am I escrow taxes Pierre Mind, MIT Andy
chew on all motor insurance is all wrapped up into my mortgage, the anomaly what they will do, so your Church in your tracks was one of a thousand dollars some twelve thousand dollars a year. Warming a period a period of two years, no I'm not I'm out of here if it goes up a thousand dollars a month, a thousand origin, mothers, twelve Thousand dollars a year, your tax and you're,. Homeowners insurance went up twelve thousand dollars a year. It did this year and it turned I know it bear the mortgage. I'm trying to. I would note that the lack of some dry you, I mean- I have the statements to prove it It appears that we talk to my mortgage company and invention.
Me that that then we bought the house and the house was built and we close on the march of two two years ago, in March the evaluation, the property taxes based on just the lad, let the whole thing Ok, I know structure I'll catch. It was originally calculator wrong with shockingly showing I so that makes I was in the beginning, It's the only beginning of ping like you, I can find about smells like twenty hundred. Someone is your taken by my take anti war after taxes in order to get about sixty hundred dollars between my wife. Why? Ok, you got far away Come on that. Now you're embarrassing, based it too, and that's what I was counts, because I'm with important language that to disarm monkey ranch basically coma. Down, there is nothing to stop us. But my question is that since
do you reckon man big, because what happened is that discrepancies? Because. I've been. Can I will leave the taxes in the ethical and maintain that catches from the original mentioned to me, you know what you're a thousand dollars, but because you, because of that two years ago, ass, yet another report where we are different and behind behind? I don't know they running and other running and escrow shortage is part of that they're making up the escrow shortage. He licorice majority, is often like motors to go up down from I met. My question would be do recommend for us to go ahead on make the escort shortage part of the actual death that pay off their debts. If you want to ask
shortage of five thousand dollars and bring your nose payment back down to go ahead and pay that put that in the debt put that in your debt. Snowball there's nothing wrong with that. Once we do, they were cut up. Do you recommend asked to pick out the actual taxpayers and also the insurance? Often just basically just pay the mortgage No, it's ok to have a nice girl account the problems, grow account was calculated be properly because you weren't in your taxes. Access ended in there. You see that That's not the following: escrow account is the fact that it was how right had been an actual by opening experienced there. There is definitely a hustler I saw a lively, but I didnt pay attention to and also on the often very much
of that. I have on my or it might be like almost two hundred bucks a month and that, in turn, that turnout is that I. The letter and the will to really wasn't. I guess not up front. Because when I, when I ever, she had the money to put more money down so I'll have to have a mighty open. My folly I of dollars away from my cabinet dumping on it, and so I'm going to let you know you have to wait until I told you that your mortgage campaign, I told you that, if I told you know somebody wrote should raised, are you sure better mortgage company but realistic to stay on top of that cause for five grand you could get rid of it. Now. Here's a good news: five grand Your escrow shortage going you blow through your baby step to you may
go in and reduce your principle on the mortgage by five thousand or so they'll dropped the p m. I, but I would do that last after you get all the other things done. First thing: is you gotta get outta this escrow shortage and get rid of your debts and by me step to but you're right. You ve learned a lot to watch very carefully that you put down enough to avoid him up in Burma, which is a twenty percent down payment, Fanny may loan and its p m. I on that necessarily come alone. You gotta get fifteen year fixed ripe and your, and then you know before go to the closing table you find out. What's your taxes are, and you look at that you go that feels like that's. Not right at seems awfully low on a house. This I'd have that oh wait, a minute, they're just tax in the lot they ever raised the taxes on the now shit. Ok, so you know you start to look the details as you're going into the closing from now on, because
no one's gonna, watch it like you and after you Bentley what you been through. Your watch it from the rest, your life. So I'm sorry your face in this that's a hard as a hard thing to go through, but I, like you, said it's a thorough lesson on the whole process. You can't just stand back and watch some one else do the deal you ve gotta keep your fingers all down in the money, because it is your money, then that's what I'll have to happen. So thanks for the call up and found a triple eight- two five, five, two to five, you jump and we'll talk about your life in your money, David, is in the Ramsay baby steps community a couple hundred thousand and there are now also almost three hundred thousand so check it out- lotta people in the community, the Facebook, Thee, Ramsay Baby steps gloody on Facebook.
When you started the baby steps that one does not emergency vowels. Ok for ninety nine two, but its twenty twenty and things are much different. Why do you not just the one thousand dollars to three thousand four thousand five thousand as a homeowner of an older home? There are many potential larger expenses because David it was never intended to be enough a thousand dollars. Just wasn't enough in nineteen. Ninety two dude, it's starter little bit of, by a little bit of a gap municipal to live with a thousand our emergency one which puts get your butt out a debt so that you go on to baby step. Three then build it up. So when you write the grid you can change in this. Is that I am she
switch your cellular service to pure talk, USA and save money. Jazz four main said. I heard about pure talk, USA from Dave, Ramsay Period, The USA is the best cell phone service I have ever had. There is a monthly, affordable plan for everyone, folks, all of talk. Usa plans include unlimited talk, text and data and no contracts. Try risk free today call pound fifty and say the key word Dave Ramsgate in the lobby of Ramsay solutions on the three stage: Jonathan America or whether say guys, our yeah, I did well. What are you guys live Birmingham down there
Couple hours down the road come up to Nashville. To do a dead, free scream on a Friday afternoon, attract a love it. How much of you paid off it off a hundred and twelve thousand wow four and a half years, four and a half years very good and your range of income. During that time we started off right around ok. Then we ended up bout. One. Ten k, nice doubled your income. While what do you do for a living? I'm an ideologists in our work, and I too, Ok, so why did your income go from sixty to one ten in ten period? I really have a job and we started added a career to the man here. Ok, we had just moved to Birmingham per job now cancer. I left my job behind down just took law to find something get get it rolling hope that makes sense or it, and so a hundred and twelve thousand was what kind of debt is about. Eighty five percent student loans, ten percent medical,
a five percent credit card. Ok, no, Carlos show. How are you guys remarried we're about to celebrate ten years? Ok shall appoint through your marriage, move. And decide you're gonna turn into this debt. Tell me the story out. You decide to go over the bed while I've been listening and fanny or show since pay two thousand nine and I'd always wanted to get our debt. I never believed I could married. I would believe we could, they wouldn't have any money, we're just poor students- and I was always put it off thinking when we get down with school, will start on it. When we get good jobs will start on a cap put in I'll put it up, put it off and in twenty fourteen, my dad diagnosed with lung cancer, and I spent that year helping my mom figure out with fine
says: will look like an damn right when he passed at the end of twenty fourteen actually state our families in Virginia, and I stay, but my mom for party about a four month again helping her gave Together, like this is what you pay. This is what you, oh, I found out some debt. They had a small amount shorter, how to pay it off and then, when I got back home in twenty fifteen years like why I spent some time hope my mom get everything straighten. Why haven't I? everything straight with ours and down to that, when I ve alt and a modest one word: and ass. I doubt that when I began the conversation with her about like, I think we should do what day Ramsay teaches those cities in the car. I listen to him all the time with them. So I regret we took a trip back to it later from Birmingham to address for like for hours in the car. Are you sure, raptor attractive into we listen to them. She was like I'm on boards need know what to do So she would write ago. So much
working on our budget on the way back to Birmingham from it landed at that same trip, a love, it so cool, four and a half years later you ve gotten rid of a hundred and twelve thousand die. Large, some long time, four and a half years, it's if Thou art in about me, that's that's that that took a while millions of pushing on So how did what? What allowed you to stick with it? That long, those most people against day was stuff four and a half minutes wanting to help to me as on pretty stubborn, and I like to see something, and even if I dont like a book- and I want to finish it not like a movie I'm going to finish its hours. You stick with the pain and sorrow of not be able to buy anything just to get to the end and see it's. My stubbornness and determination help, but just the fact that we are encouraged by your show and by all the tax free screams. We are encouraged to keep on going and just keep doing it. So what do you tell people that secret to getting out of bed
definitely a budget. Having a plan, you talk about how you can wander into debt. We can't wonder out so we easily got in debt, but we have a plan to get out of it. And so, when I talk by coworkers and friends, you just gotta just do it. You just gotta, make a budget. You gotta make a plan and you gotta get going and then being diligent and discipline to just say no to stuff to know. There's a reward at the end, there turns a big picture in a goal so erika he can't knew all this stuff, but wasn't doing it until his mom. He helped her and then it gets you in the car your listening to those cities, what was it that you heard that said to you will be able to pull this off really. I think we were at a place where we we needed to make some decision and early in our marriage when we both got married or when we were married. We were both in college still, so we didn't start out with a laugh
Loss of income anyway in so many of our early years were spent not having money in that led into just a lot of frustrated I'll, say conversations he says, arguments about. How are we spending our money and I think it really had got into the point where, if you're telling me, you have a solution that can make this work than I'm in because was my thought to myself through. That was, for instance, when I would go to the grocery store and I would add, by our groceries- and I would come home and you'd always say what did you spend and it felt that no matter what I did spin, he was always disappointed in that amount. Because we just didn't have any money to spend, and so I urge you didn't: have a certain amount gathered round were right, and where do you live freedom despite that's exactly right, and so it was my first a moment when we had a budget is the first time I bought groceries than I came home, and he said what did you spin and Waiting for that moment needs that. Ok, fine! As long as you're in budget and it was that freedom
To finally be able to make choices, knowing what my guidelines were, but before we were working within that stress of not having money but not knowing what was safe and not safe to be spending which just really lead to a lot of bad conversations. I just really helped our marriage is out of points at whatever you ve got I'll. Take it. Let's try it love? That's fine, very cool good for you guys who are your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you. Our families. Are families are on board her parent, my parents. There are encouraging for us to get yet done and I'll even say the show that often say in the beginning of our debt, normal. It's really exciting. We had some small things that you could power And you saw it happening and then you're in that and a maybe middle, where we had big student loans that weren't going anywhere anytime soon and it just felt like you were stuck and so watching the show in seeing the debt free screams and seeing where others were doing it in reminding ourselves, we can do it too. I'm gonna, getting
emotional response off of it was enough to carry through in and maintain the excitement until the inward really started to go world hunger, gas, oil, the proud of you think you honor corner. The thing is: is during the four and a half years. We use a lot here. Your teaching, your principles in cash flowed alot of emergencies that came through and because we had a budget- and we are already in that mindset wherever to cash flow. Other stress of moving twice in the middle of that the stress of haven't, replaced both of our vehicles during all that- in distress of having here you're first child, we re better, though it weren't emergencies like derailed us. They just slow things down in Numb. Your teachings helped us to introduce, keep her head on and keep going after it and you brought I'd be with you. We arrive in in the picture woods. What's your name data Vader or I little Veda harder. We go, we get a copy, aggress organs book for you and that's,
every day millionaires that'll, be the next chapter in your story and you'll be ready to go so it's. Jonathan America, Birmingham Alabama hundred and twelve others paid off and borne out making sixty to one ten counted. Downloads era infringed three two one way of yours. I love it is how it's done right there at the sound of a friend, three being changed through people deciding you're gonna, take control of their destiny, they're going to take chaos and bring order to it and when you,
CHAOS in any area of your life and bring order to it. It changes everything. Then you start to have a sense of controlling your own destiny. Do thou your marriage and thou your kids that we career Kin, Commonwealth people, take chaos in their career, bring order to it and that's what we do around here all the time and then that cause you to wailing. For action and be able to go in the direction you're supposed to go very well down Jonathan America and Veda very well down a hundred and twelve one thousand dollars paid off in four and one slash two years making starting out of sixty. He gets a job that takes it to one hundred and ten and they were able to attack this and push it through plus a bunch. Other things like blood without any more that, while they were doing this beautifully done beautifully done this
is that I Bramley Shell, our scripture. The limitation is three twenty five. The Lord is good to those who wait for him to the soul. Who seeks Mark TWAIN. Continuous improvement is better,
then delayed perfection. Abby is weathers, Abbe isn't Ohio. I envy welcome to the diver amnesia thinking so much for taking my car prior to speak with you, you two what's up While I am in a very unique position, I am returning for you this year and I lost my husband in an accident about a year ago, the bitch have been a little challenging, but I do have thank you. I do have some positive, but my my question for you today and I've had many fine thing. I've put funding quotes. They have to deal with this last year, But I'm to a point where I do not have any debt I have college paid for for my children. I too two little and I have a very unvaried blast- was that of a great job on the pediatrician. So I'm in a very good position, and I kind of was always the purple person other relationship before he passed away. But my question for you,
I'm trying to plan for retired and arm and I'm in the process of converting a traditional IRA to a loss which will be happening over the course of the next few years. I maximum retirement and they recently added a lot below one case which to contribute to it. So I'm like I must areas. They only match three percent and so and I'm the high earner. Obviously, so I was curious, do contribute. Obviously that emerged in the one case and then do I put money towards B. The rapporteur when care or do I need a full of three, be I'm not exactly sure which direction adapt. Our do the Roth Fora, one k between those two choosing between those two and that the rule of thumb is match its Kullak rock paper centres match and each Roth Beach. Traditional show your pecking order. If I take all the match and in your case
match happens to be in a Roth for a one guy, and then you would take that Roth for a one k MAX it. What does your income monsieur? why do I have a hard? So it's probably gonna be about two, fifty good for you till you also. Can you cannot qualify through the front door on a Roth, I re, but you can do what called a back door Ross yeah. That's what I'm planning to deal with actually started the process of, but because it so they say, don't touch it for years, as were converting the amount over that you have currently so, I'm leaving I be in my plan to do whatever the total of fifteen percent of my contribution towards retirement would be at this point. Under One third and open a brokerage account put some money and mutual find that what the difference would be between one contributing at work and what I would be contributing on top of whatever the fifty percent total would be fell. I'm not sure if there's
only lacking you. Why are you kidding interfered name regime without just the Fora one guy, but you can all live so do another six thousand dollars in addition here for a one k with with a back door wroth and if you ve got some existing funds at your converting the Roth, you could use the taxes that creates towards fifteen percent does not effectively in investment so effectively melting, beyond that? I want you get on the house and get it paid off. You have your emergency funding our ad free examine outright long, I will ever know everything paid off. I was their life insurance. Are you just handed out altogether? no, I had life insurance before my husband ass. They had a pretty good emergency fund that I was willing to about ready to put all of that towards the lack of my to learn that, but I had for medical school and anyway, I'm glad you didn't do it. Could I catch flowed some expenses that he entered the marriage was that I seemed obviously I
Well, no, there was otherwise guided by ensuring that all is a separate but yeah. I just want to tell you, I was you have been added When I listen to you so much in the last year, tell every medical student in Lebanon and high school student and college student locate with me that they have got to listen to you. They protect some from bad. They taking out kinds of loans, it's just a racket and oil. I shall grateful for proud of your advice. Thank you, I'm sure, had the year you have had, but I'm glad that guy we were european anytime. You need help you just gimme your back on Julie is whether some Idaho high Julie welcomed that show hybrid hurry up better than I deserve, what's up I live on twenty acres ere I wanna do. I will end with what the twenty acres in due time and I want to sell the existing howled and building
There is a feller market market at an all time. High might have been to take alone now, with the equity, take them they'll be other among the other ten. What I'm sure what the house at your living in is not a good house has done. It's ok! It's a cabin neighbouring Russia, you're wanting to upgrading houses, the prize the idea. Yes, that's the best part of it, and I want you, I'm a one. Seventy five on it and I want a job that down be verified that seventy five grand brand unturned to pay off the Werner, fifty m M, or
We don't have a bunch of anti cancer or retirement. Well, you need to be working towards getting your baby step, foregoing in putting fifteen percent of your income towards retirement. You can do that self employed as well and not just try to create some kind of land. The yield a bail you out of having no retirement, but aside from that, if he saw from that, you have to ten acre tracks and in your wanting to sell one of them that has the cabin on it and use the money from that transaction to build on the other track and you're gonna end up. Unless that right, that's the plan- and he doesn't want to do that- he wants to do what he wants to keep them, maybe a rental, but it's like seventy miles out by the town were later the old man who, in my opinion, that is that you're right you're right only to beekeeping around you don't need to be keeping a rental with dad on it. You need to users,
and now to cause your house to be closer to being paid off and be a house that you want to live in longer than you want live in the cabin and you need to start putting fifteen percent of your income into retirement to get things going. Our Jason's, whether in Texas, hey Jason, well The day, Ramsay show very like you, my father, passed away recently on the executor of the estate Are there the lower on over undergo personal background, moreover, undergo his ass, at once? I will add up to at last the total bear. No, we can cover there.
Fifthly, we negotiate down the credit got that they were not possible. Even our attorney said that the credit card companies will settle projected a sixty cents on the dollar. Is this true business ride? Ah, it's an estate its yet if they have full information and they choose to do it with full information which would be shocked that they will negotiate, they might they might, but if they know that there's ashes thirty cover the dad, I don't know why they would well. I wouldn't really up to me yeah. Maybe I'll tell you why I mean you know if they have a brain, they're gonna ask you, you know you, you can call up and say
secular the estate I'll show you the paperwork. To show that, and you know we have ten thousand dollars with you when offer you seven thousand dollars. If they say well, are there in the essentially state, then you would tell them and then they would say no, we want or ten thousand dollars or if they say, ok, we'll take seven thousand and they don't even ask you didn't, do anything wrong in law to omit and had anything wrong, you just my german offer, they took it to settle an undue, settle, would sell off about like now. You can you, need a settlement in full and now the estate or be taxed on the debt forgiveness, though, be an income tax on that on the debt forgiveness serve you give you wanna be sidelined, more than four seven thousand five hundred that twenty five hundred our different you get a ninety nine on it and it'll be tax of all to the estate as income. Greater income tax for this day, but that's not
but yeah as long as you're telling the truth, and they choose to settle that. Be fine. When I meet you with it at all, it's a lot of work to go through as much dead as you got here, Whatever a bizarre that IRAN should show in the budget will be back with you before you not in the meantime, remember So when we only one way to financial peace and that's the walk daily with the prince of peace right Jesus hey it's Kelly associate producer in phone screen of the Dave Ramsey show this episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service, it didn't have a chance to write it down. Don't worry! We list everything that is mentioned during this episode in the podcast show notes. Section thanks for listening, more money, doing what you love check out: Christie, rights, business, boutique, podcast crises, firing and equipping women to become successful, running their own business
where's your eye, and I help women all over the country, take their ideas and passions and Hobbes and turn them into profitable businesses. If you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you ve ever wondered if you could make money doing it, I'm here to help. Join us on the business duty podcast, where we are equipping women to make money doing what they love hear more from the remedy network, including Christie Right Boutros Boutros Podcast. Wherever you listened about gash, hates the producer of the Dave Ramsay Show. This
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