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What I am asking from a dollar Remo studios, it's that day, Ramsay show we're dead, is dogged. Casual game of mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw as the status of joy. I am. They ran to your house. Thank you for drawing our soap and found that crippling eight to five five, two to five, that's AAA eight to five. Five two to five Michel's of this. Our in Nashville, high Michel, welcome today, Ramsay Show protected like,
You are definitely my mentor? Well, I'm honored! How can I help today? I got a question. I am starting a new lifetime, TAT free, I have a home, but I have listed for sale for four hundred and forty nine. Bowed them and I have the main comprise party that is bad for paid for cash. That gives me a couple thousand per month income- and I am looking at moving from the Nashville area to Florida and want to start a catering business and you need commercial property. They won't. Let you do it, then a residential property and the commercial property that I'm lookin at do in this than the hundred. Fifty thousand, probably a hundred thousand cash in the bank banking. About putting fifty down aching out
thousand dollar alone and fund? Is my how bout paying Madame and I'm off or not buying a new house? I have bathed situation with a brand wherefore Muslim six hundred dollars a month. It covered by my utilities with beach out the front door like out the back door. You now, I'm gonna, be investing in out the other three hundred thousand and I'm one Sidedly said: did you take that year? under, but on the other side it stop a neighbor making a really good again come now. It's not you don't have to buy real estate, two to go into the catering business can only around imbedded sobered, ten thousand lab closest my boundless. Thousand five hundred per month and they require a two year lease. By this commercial properly for a hundred and fifty thousand fell, not that I think my case.
In fact already pay, but I still would only properly then happened last night and we would do better to do it out of my residential place, but I've already checked, and indeed they won't give me the licence for that have to be commercial properly. So that's not You call that a property that is only worth one hundred and fifty thousand wrench for twenty five hundred. Now, whereas that happen, you ve got there some bad information age, and it's not alone. You got about you about information. Now, Look bad anew relieved that information and I promise I'll leave added. I have looked at the commercial profit Parties that sell for one hundred and fifty thousand do not rent for twenty five hundred properties for sale for two hundred and fifty thousand
we ask, and well I mean that fear by was one black out where it would be two million to buy not two hundred and fifty thousand dollar properties rent for twenty five hundred and one one hundred and fifty thousand properties do not rent for twenty five hundred a month. That's what I'm telling you there's something so you're, comparing the rentals in a different location where Robert I'm, not I'm not. I don't want that. Her property, you dogma, It is not as valuable as the property you're talking about rent to read thing. Ok, then, that's logical, that's what I'm talking about, I can make it that way. I mean, if you want to buy by my advisers, don't go out then I don't you I would really. I would really on the one block off for a thousand bucks. For twenty five hundred two blocks over and get yourself ordered and get your business going once you're busy.
She's going in your house sales, and you know that you're gonna do there's catering business for the next ten years, then by a piece of property. But let's, this business up and running, let's run it for a year or two. Make sure that we know what we need in a building, because what will happen in bed is everything costs twice as much as you think it's going to take twice as long as you think it's going to and you're not the exception. Those are the three rules and so the catering business is gonna, look different and have different space needs and equipment needs than you think it's going to going in You got a pretty good idea, I'm not saying you have researched it, but every business, I've ever been in every part of a business. Radio publishing events, whatever it is curriculum everything has parts of it that you can't see from the outside world and until you weight into the water and then you can tell the temperature, so I'm saying for the purposes of making a better decision on the piece of real estate rent as
expensively, as you can for one year or two years get the business up and running, you will go much wiser, purchase decision, and by the way you have the cash by them to, but no I, Not by right now I think it's a bad idea, you're gonna end up in the property that you don't need moving in an area you dont know. Yet I just I would, If I were in your shoes doing exactly what you're doing That's how I would do it. I would read for one or two years and learn the business, get the business running and then I'll know what the processes that it or what a real estate needs are at that point me A few is whether, since Seattle, high Matthew, how are you They are doing great. Thank you for taking my calling for changes in family trees here in the Pacific Northwest. Also thank you for listening. How can I help it absolutely so I've got Dermot baby step to and I've got
Fifty k in consumer dad was not including mortgages, I've, a rental property, and I'm residents and I'm I need to get out of this debt. As soon as possible, and I have some stock options from my work that I can sell would cover the dead. I also have more stock options coming to me later this year and I want to sell the Congo that I own. We owe to the sixty three and on the Congo and Cameroon. The unit sold for five twenty five earlier this year and I'm wondering about the tax implications for those two things selling the condominium and then also selling stock, because I just wanna make a smart decision in how we handle this debt, even though the monies their gotcha along the condo? You should have an adjusted basis where you have appreciated the combo, any master, TAT notion which are adjusted by
this is your sale, price, minus selling, expenses minus the adjusted basis equals your game And that is at minus minus explore adjusted basis. The mortgage has nothing to do with it. Had nothing to do the calculation at all. The calculation is what your adjusted basis is meaning what you ve depreciated, property down too. Are you started depreciating at it acts, but you ve taken several years of depreciation on your tax return, that lowers to why? Ok, so sale, price, minus expenses minus why monitor adjusted basis equals your gain come point one five which has kept gangs right, ok, that one's easing the stock. I dont I suspect that this is ordinary income, because it was given to use a bonus and you ve. Never only if you never exercise the option right I did at the time of I'll, show you actually early actually on the stock, correct,
then it's I'm counting. However, my tat, I beheld it more than a year Allow me to take a little my fifteen days if capital gains right again in Britain on the game. Again is what you saw more modest, which paid for that shows you your games and point one fact: finding is the house only there's, no just found out, there's no justification here so go and see attacks partially get this guy carefully. Don't wish good some radio gunning, for you know that you're gonna be exactly right when it comes to dealing with it.
If there is so much more than just financial fraud, folks, there's medical ADI theft, employment, fraud, criminal ADI theft account take over title fraud and tax fraud. These risks account for fifty percent of all idea of events, yet they're not even detected by those pricey credit monitoring services and prevention plans. What a joke! That's! Why Sanders idea plan is the only one I've ever recommended, an used for my family and my team plus kids are covered for free on the family, Bland gotta, Zander, dot com or call eight hundred three five, six, forty to eighty two
Albert HOMES was our arms Abraham through your nose, Rachel Witherspoon Orange County, California Pie Rachel how're, you Dave and doing very terrio better than I deserve. What's up, Thank you so much for all that you do. I've been on your plan for the last year, really buckling down and getting out of my out of my debts. I really appreciate all you do I have a question about moving out of my my parents, house, I had the opportunity to move out with my coworkers He wants to get a place together at me personally, in getting out a dead. I dont have you no three: a six month of expenses, Paying rent and may have a home right. Now, though, no. That was something too risky to jump into right now or, if I suggest in our favour, certain amount of money and then move out. What's your income, why?
got a raise last week, so it's loaded closer to forty thousand and what your age and I'll be twenty eight next month, and how much do you have? so you have learned how about twenty eight thousand and then I have to report cars from about marriage knows totalling and about sixty? thousand, both the car. They driving does not have debt. Now I'd pay back. I feel that in cash good for you, I can be settled for about a quarter on the dollar by the way often they angry me like half of what they want. The ballot was. Do you for half of that when you got some cash drug together that you don't have yet, I'm sure you want to about marriage and momentary where the safety net, which is a good thing. I am glad that was there and I would have done the exact same thing
neither of your shares. How long have you been home? What I say Thank you, my grandparents. They let me live, thereby this July will be through Here's that I've been living there and how's your relationship with them. It's really good- I mean I love and obey. My family and there really happy enough for me to be there and urges really supportive of mean getting out of that right now, juvenile would listen. There's nothing relational, pushing you out. You know there's something that came out of them, you been there while, but now you're on a plan to get out and get yourself straighten around. What what will around costume, southern California, as you know really expensive. If I can find
This is about fifteen hundred. Sixteen hundred so well that will be led about eight, maybe nine hundred dollars roughly and social terms. Thousand dollars a year is gonna It's not slow down your debt reduction by that much. I am so you know I think I'm probably gonna stay would grow modest a little while longer unfinished your financial healing, as you, finished your emotional healing, from what you ve been through but I would shut it, set myself a deadline and say you know like one more year, I'm gone make a plan to be gone by this date. I don't care what they did is, but it down and start talking about it to them. Start talking about it to yourself start talking give her remained at that time to move out. Yeah I'll give yourself a little bit more room. There's nothing driving you out by the point for years. That starts to feel like time to go.
Do you getting closer to aid of thirty it exactly exactly. There's a lot of stuff goin on their kind like you, even if it, slow me down at that point on propaganda going to step out, but I might take a little bit more of a ride on this train. It's it's a pretty good drain. And you know it- you know you ve living there if you, but if you told me you ve been living there, since you were twenty Ottawa to move you see what I'm sayin yeah emotional maturity standpoint, but this is a different situation. You ve come back to a safety net after going through a hellish situation, so yeah the other rushbrook published a year. And the move or move now, either ones fun, but other I don't hear a real huge, a push in any of the circumstances. Are numbers you're, giving me one way or the other. John is whether, in LOS Angeles, I John, how are you Thank you for making sure. What's up,
I'm enables them to my wife and we paid off about funding fifty thousand did you? four hundred and fifty in baby step to hear from you don't want to go. I have a student loans that remains a hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars but I know that repayment longer payment program that reimburses need twenty four thousand dollars a year and that's an actual bill. To another ninety six thousand dollars. I can pay offered at much faster than men, but my question is whether I still go get well intentioned. Do that or weeks I'd be reimbursed a programme to reimbursement for over twenty years. Your pay it off into a savings account, pay it down. Any say: ok, cause, you know, much. We know we gotta derive pay the other. Ninety six, that you're gonna get back into a savings account so that, if something happens to step outside of that programme, they who, for some reason, then Can I turn that around, but go ahead and essential
that's, not abolish finished. Yet, if you had it paid down the money section. Yet ninety six and savings account, and then you got option to write a check at any moment, that's addition to your baby step. Three, that's just to offset this. Stood alone repayment, something you get sideways there there's an end agri ethics problem or something, and you need to get out of there- you don't golden handcuffed shooters leaving right a cheque, but if you know the four years and get the forty three hundred grand I'll, take the three hundred grand over the four years? Doc? Exactly? Ok, so household income is four hundred yet just under three. Ninety, ok, the two of you yeah, ok did you Craig through a bunch of debts. Anu there had to be a shovel. Yes, my life and professor, but we just had twin. So if we pass on
Most of our that's right now, just making sure they were ok and now there are fine and we're ready to pay again good for you. What what are you practising? What type of medicine had an ex surgery good for you and how long past thirty, six I'm glad you're, making good money. Man, I'm proud of you. Congratulations very well done all for all that you manoeuvring school, your whole freakin life, somebody out you some money in arm- and I'm glad- and I don't want you- know dumb doctors working on me, so I meant congratulation some prob, for you hope you kill it just keep doing good job good question to Melanie as weathers in Canada. High Melanie. How are you you D. Better law deserve what's up a complicated question, but I'm looking to twenty five thousand. I was waiting to hear your thought more complicated, Mappen, a brand new car Brandon Car is
whenever based model, while the general with Amazon cards go down in value very rapidly, and so we tell folks not to buy it and what goes down value more rapidly than a new car, nothing that goes down more value faster than either. So I will tell us, by a brand new car, unless they have a network of over a million dollars. Do you Heaven help me half a million dollars in assets, Let us make it worth. What can I assets? Investments in house and unchecked? we ought to have. Down limit investments. I have two went about Greece, but I probably all just over a million on what are they worth probably Blake break even I'd. Probably with I thought on the negative. We ended up everything you home and we should practise. What you owe
Your network is in excess of a million dollars. Ok and do much cash? Do you have. All we want nobody, Japan have probably forty five thousand dollars extra cash like available investment when your husband, twenty. Of that on a car and you're gonna pay cash for the car and your household income is what It has been worth penury one fifty to two hundred, but now it bother
million dollar now worth intellectual. Have your annual income in your Bangor yeah yeah! That's the one time on those people by about brand new born for twenty a money. So I didn't mild wrote about you! Dont want be brought about by you. They need to be a small percentage of your world. That's a small Berlin world! This is that every measure twitter, cellular service to pure talk, USA and save money jazz four main said, I heard about pure talk, USA from Dave, Ramsay Period USA is the best cell phone service I have ever had. There is a monthly, affordable plan for everyone. Folks, all of
talk. Usa plans include unlimited talk, text and data and no contracts try risk free today call pound two fifty and say the key word Dave Ramsay. Randy and the south, where those in Warsaw, Alaska, hi, guys, don't worry, I they were very good to have. You see almost green, your death free here we are might be another Sarah from Launcelot known to be one we were up there last hours, a grey plies, you live in a beautiful area, so
How much did you pay it off? We paid four hundred and ninety five thousand dollars, and in forty eight months, for you Diane and you're range of income. During that time, elevated on up to two hundred thousand very cool. Good. For you guys, that's great work on a debt was the one. Ninety five thousand dollars of it- was ring. A thousand dollars would really student loans and arrests the honey a thousand. Was the house you push, why to play ball, How old are you guys? Everyone, for thirty years old you paid poorhouse.
That's so whacked out. That's amazing what allows worth probably here, fifty to seventy eight, love there's a girl. How does feel that our house parameter in vain Don't forget you get. A lot of weird was bad because you we're out of it. So amazing well done well done. So There are worrying. Forty eight months and your thirty one and thirty four. So this must have been you got married four years ago, for years now, so you come out from the money Mona go pay authoring by others to lower our escape Blount go through. Show me the story. What happened at the way we started
are said four years ago, my my brother keys, actually MESSENGER I can give and his wife were doing the baby steps. So we to the library, picked up the double money make over and since then we basically just drank the coup. The need is laying down and was paid paid her today that bad hundred a hundred thousand of that was actually paid off and was thirteen months we really disconnected accelerator and under his arm. Well, you see the light at their little use, pounded on exactly like. I can see the finish line Britain for the line here well done well done. What do you shall people the key to getting out of debt? Is you paid off your house and your thirty one and thirty four every year at TAT Point I, the Bible that their budgets Do you know following a plan?
and making sure that your accountable to yourself in together, and we will definitely down that every month, but that you know back in the first. Though there is a couple months back to back there We didn't do a budget and after some time, people started to fall apart. Relax guy, we gotta get back on the budget and we all agree with everything that we said. We view the fact that we did it with we're intentional, whilst All of the total money make overbook Nokia coup vapours cool. Fine, I love it or your brother law set you up man, yeah yeah! We originally did you know, it is fear, offers a thief. I feel pretty exciting to teach others anything now employed infection
well. What? If, if haven't you guys stand up for the class one hundred percent free done, in fact them nothing will that is infectious. That's amazing very well done vector hold on how in the world How does it feel to be your age with paid for two hundred. Fifty thousand on our house, hiding in the old weird celebrate by under Hawaii once we have that eighty seven, but were even more excited about looking into the future and enable a living like no one else, that's a pretty or something to look out feature that way. So you did that Why trip to celebrate the EP Did you go in Hawaii Maui? Oh, that's a nice Alan. What was your favorite part about that trip having it actually
the two of us on a vacation that we haven't done in a while in and ridden and relaxing very cool. It's a beautiful, beautiful cohesion, that's a great one for every girl, that's fine! guys. What do you do for a living? mechanical engineers, animal you couldn't medicine, technologist, excellent wow. You guys are on fire. This is so awesome, I'm so proud of you. The job pure new or thought you were weird, but also people look at it. The weird that boy had been cheerleaders like a before. We were literally it for a lot of other people as well, so we encourage people there to get rid of daddy. It's got a funny. I just add a couple, this morning. What my ipod retailers bragging about as the areas?
credit score now. Why do right now? He deprecated with every funny like something from The problem with one eye and the centre, your head- you he gathered right well done, I'm so proud of you, your heroes, man. I love it very well done what we ve got a copying so book signed by the man himself retire inspired number one by selling book. That's the next chapter, your story to be millionaires, and you are well on your way. Like you said they live like no one else, and we have already done Hawaii eleven, like no one thousand and giving like you said, like no one else so proud of you guys very well done Randy and Sarah was so Alaska hundred and ninety five thousand dollars bite off. That's where I everything thirty one and thirty. Four years old, they didn't forty eight
It's my get one fifty to two hundred counter downloads, zero dead, freeze, green pray, I love it. I live in a very, very well that man, does revealers down if they just save a house payment age, thirty, one, the aged, sixty one! If you just, save a house payment, one or thousand house to Grandmama right. If you just Hey yourself, a house payment from thirty one to sixty one. That's going up ten million dollars in and of itself is used. Me wealthiest can be unbelievable.
In such an incredible position, love it! So can you do this? Can you I'm talking to you I'll you with that? The answer is yes. Yes, You can do the issue can be dead free. Is it easy we'll move. Winning is never easy resolve, A price to be paid for winning Otherwise we wouldn't respect winning thing is hoard life sacrificed for four years go on vacation, while all their low friends were gone on vacation in
their low student loans that still living in their spare bedroom and keep an extra. Room just for Sally may say that's what I mean by weird normal broke. Seventy percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck seven out of him, houses on the street? I have too much money left at the end of the money, but not that gobble. No, not damp. They don't even have a house that, for you, can you even believe that into your spirit. He breathed into your show the bar or his slave to the lender. Do you discover how true that is, when you don't even have a mortgage,
this is the Dave Ramsey the other option for us like hand, causes poverty but the hand of the bill. Again later it look or two who says dignified and glorify common labour. It is bottom of life that we must begin now at the top, our course, that comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee means. Even if you
mess up. If you miss measure, you pick the wrong color their remake your window blind for free, but blondes, not commune, we'll get free samples, free shipping and with the new promos I run every month, you're gonna save money check out the poem code. Ramsay blinds dotcom our coasts. From Anthony in Florida, I'm trying to figure out what the best option for saving for college for three kids. Should we open twenty nine for each or go with the flow of pre paid option. I never do prepaid college. I always do five, twenty nine and always invest them in good growth, stock, mutual funds or in I say in educational savings account either one, but I don't do prepaid anytime. You pre, pay anything. You prepay, your funeral, you prepay college,
you prepay anything. The only thing you make all that money that you gave them is how much it goes up between the time you prepay it and the time you actually use it. So you prepare your funeral And twenty years later, you actually die What did you make on that ten thousand dollars or that forethought dollars or whatever it is well. You may whatever funeral inflation radios and by the way, this by four percent. So you make about four percent on your money when you prepay funeral, so you don't prepay. If you know you invest the money and now the investments for your funeral same amount of money by the way same for college. What is called, to which all God, George, do don't, go I know, but what are the real facts?
Ok, let's just get away from all your feelings. The facts are that college tuition has up an average of seven percent a year for the last fifty two years. Seven percent a year lecture inflation rate show seven percent on your money. When you do pre paid college tuition, sought bad that's better than put another thirty one percent right, but you gotta put mutual found and made ten or twelve saw Puerto mutual fun. Side of about twenty, nine or the USA make ten or twelve wallet. I was up seven year make it more than its going up. Your actually made in ground on the college. Experience fellow see what I'm doing, that's how it works. Folks, David's in Seattle, hide David Welcome today, Ramsay Show, I don't think I can get my sure. What's up, my wife and I were wondering what we should do with our extra money.
Just finished saving up for emergency fund and enough money to purchase our next car. Will we have our next kid good? didn't about five hundred thousand dollars a month of savings? We don't know, if you put it more in our requirement, account they dont mortgage faster or put some more money into stocks were anything but I dont by single box so that one's easy. What we do tat. People to do once their debt free other than home and you then you have your baby. You have. Your emergency phone implies that baby step three. We call it than that. Due to what we call baby steps for five and six, which we do simultaneously baby step for, is for thirteen percent of your income going into retirement. Are you doing that much yet we contribute five percent in their company and access by guide. Then I would raise that that would be my first goal. I want to get you to fifteen percent of your household income that you are not counting the match into
retirement and for a one cage, Roth IRA Roth for a one gauge. What are you available to you in good growth stock, mutual funds. I spread I for one k, personal for one k investing in always recommended across four types of mutual funds. Growth grow An income, aggressive growth and international law spread across the four one fifteen percent in the that then start working on. Kids college got kids get. You have two kids, what you don't for college, nothing, yet when we started low college- fine, like we were just talking about a minute ago with that question of the day and you open in the USA is the first two thousand dollars a year perky it. If you want to do that. That's a hundred and sixty six where's and sixty seven cents month coming out a gigantic out two thousand dollars a year: figure young as such. I really really good start on college by gets can take our most of it, in other words and you know, when your baby you to start these- that another one and use
doing that, anything above as we address Carla, Jean living above that we throw at the house. So in Our case right now, I'm bar first goal, is to get you up to fifteen percent of your income going into retirement at what we call baby step forward now, if you hold out I'll, have Kelly pick up and we will send you a copy of the book the total money make over it outlines these. Baby steps of exactly what to do when they do it, how to do it, we're not to do something window. Do what and it walk you through a basic really straight. Forward. Clear plan for your financial planning is going you right where you need to go so long, Kelly, I'll pick up and it's the baby steps monster I just called the total money make over it'll help you get this done air, is weathers in Kansas City, high Erin. How are you I'm doing my god. How can I help my wife and I are based?
we on baby sat for so we got about twenty thousand dollars in the bank. It turned out that were pregnant with triplets guiding. However, we get movement or health and we're gonna have to do some remodeling. So would you men taking that that twenty thousand? where do the remodeling or is it better to do on equity line credit better, not to be modeling well worth, but we were at ten kids, now, so, you are blast, unbelievable. We Arbela wow so the twenty thousand dollars. Is your emergency fund right? Ok, or to use that money. You have to declare this to be an emergency. Well, my wife,
I therefore feel that this is an emergency with the goods coming in and not having a space for him. Where's, your household income. Well, the right now it's about twelve thousand a month, but my wife all happy dropping out a workforce, though it can get around about eight thousand Amanda and what is the of the renovation? What is a good question? Why, We have not learned the final price back. Would it be really close to that twenty thousand dollars? so you're willing to have ten kids and no money and renovated house. While that's a big emergency, so what I'm probably don't have I'm in your shoes? Is The cash flow, this renovation during pregnancy out this wonderful household income, my emergency fund alone like I don't know three thousand dollars,
without noise a month. Here, I'm not life, but you you gotta, get the renaissance. I use it scare made it up have to engage in zero money. Yeah scare made it up. Ten kids and a home equity loan to bid you can't run dad every time we have a problem, though, if you do you, then we broke your whole life. The eyes, My wife and I've got a workforce for probably a year ago in and then what you get yeah? I'm gonna come back up, but yeah, that's four thousand, the other twelve right, the gate Nor can we allow mouths to feed, but you gotta good income. So- and you got no doubt right except the house right and how much is your house payment? I didn't get to it and he wondered among welcome You guys get on a really tight written budget wherever dollar has an assignment every month.
You know, I'm gonna squeeze out budget real time, because this is important, but there there's renovation, apparently I don't know I mean you're, the one saying it is: I'm not there. I can't even imagine triplets Orton Gauge either want by now? Why health but I got tell you that the idea of being at zero money, even one hundred thousand our your income scared made of death, and I can't going to! Dare I think that suicide, so I you, some bad choices here to make gonna do my best to catch followed to avoid the bad choices? what's this hour that I've Ramsay Show in the box will be back with you before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's the walk daily with the prince of peace
these guys are suggests Giles producer of the day. Ramsay show I'm excited to announce. The word now carried one six hundred radio stations across the country to find one near you today, Randy Dunghill, Slash. Money, isn't the only thing we talk about around here? Get life. Changing advice on your career, for my good friend and career expert can comment on my can com and show, according to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend,
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