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You Can Be Successful Without an Ivy League Degree! (Hour 2)

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From the studio. This is the Dave Ramsey Show to have a conversation about your life and your money sitting in for Dave Ramsey this hour, the best selling author of the proximity principle and host the control would show a part of the Ramsey network. Also, joined in studio this hour by my good friend colleague, Anthony Neil, who is the best selling author of debt free, curry and we are here for you this hour. You got questions
many questions you got. How do I actually fund college questions. You get some career questions, you stuck confuse scared, that's. Why anthony- and I are here- eight hundred and eighty eight eight thousand two hundred and fifty five? two two five is the number triple eight eight, two, five five, two to five either NEO Neil. Are you wrested from that book tour? I haven't seen much of it. You ve been all over America you're back here together. Press it. Man, I'm like you, I just wanna keep going up. I mean we. We were trying to make a difference. You trying to help young people get their dream careers, I'm trying to help them get the education debt free. So they can come. Talk to you and how to get the dream careers. So our rest, when I help millions of young people, so I like that a lot of speaking of which yeah I just look at the k, before we walked in the studio and it's unbelievable. Our start right of is right, a the coroner graduate with purpose and own. Your future next stay and Wednesday November twelve and thirteen at the gorgeous historic Franklin Theatre in France.
In Tennessee, and I am told they've opened up more. Seat so always like soul out now they ve come up with some magical way to put more young people in their Anthony. Tell us that of it's gonna. Be fun. Isn't yes can be fine? He know it's gonna be a lot of young people, so you know what is a lot of young people to have different smells and different attitudes. What is going to be a good time- and I'm just excited because one of the key thing I'm me focusing on his teaching our young people how to live with intention and how to be weird and not normal, and it really be focused Are they going? Are they becoming and solid? it's going to be a phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal event and tell America this little secret in the event, but can this is something that you are now working on it? We can't really say too much that would come out next month or so sad about it's gonna be fun if it is going to open a shop. Set the night, it's going to be incredible energy and then I'm gonna walk through parents, a very or construct that will
these young people as they get older and we're gonna? Look at clarity, what were you created to do? How do you figure out that big giant question? We have millions of adult, and that is all know the answer that question yeah and we're teach me how to look at what they do best and what they love to do most now, as get older they'll, get more clarity on that second half, but we all created to fill unique rolling three, and that means that we gotta do it into a walking through clarity and then How do you where you want to go once you know where- Is it so it's gotta, be a fun night details here to let you know we still have some tickets this may be available, but they're gonna go quick only ten dollars. You can buy them. Each day. Ramsay, dot, com, slash events or call triple eight. Any two pieces triple eight twenty two piece or day Ramsay dot com, slash it's the Ramsey Start right event graduate with purpose in own
future next, Tuesday and away the evening over twelve and thirteen, in our home town of Clinton. Is he going to be a lot of fun all right? So let's get to a social question here, because beyond take your calls you can engage with us on all the social platforms So this comes in Jesse on Instagram? How a someone supposed to pay for college with cash right out of high school. If their parents didn't set up and educate don't savings account and he does- to gain. I give this axe Ashley, often what I was on a book tour. That is what a lot of parents said. Hey, I don't have a esa. I don't have a five twenty nine for those of us right now. What is a ESA's educational saves account to an account that can set up to pay for college or to have pay for college, a young gay. But I will say it: do not allow your emotions, do not allow where you currently are to hinder you from acts.
Going into college and college is expensive, it doesn't have to be expensive for Us to step back. We're gonna, do research when a planned wanted. When I keep get off of the table. Prime example of the average in state school can't will about six to eleven thousand dollars a year. So if you stay in state stay at home, stay You eat at home. Don't you don't make a camp is. This is ten thousand dollars? That's only eight hundred and thirty three dollars to go to that particular in state school and soda that's not like you know you can deliver pizza, you can ride up drive for uber drive for Lyft. You can find the money. The key thing when it comes to going to college is picking at the affordable school. I have no problem to going to either the school loans to go to dive the school debt free. It doesn't matter where you go. This is, did you pick the right school, that's affordable for yourself, and if you do that, you can go to college. Yes, it would be the best fit fit for you and you bring up a very good point that I
link that it's not just eight a m, a kids point of view on the brand name parents get sucked in this is well yeah. And I don't you know it in the reality is, is you know from research you talk about this on the roads are about your book last time you went to the doctor and you made the doctor, show you his or her too before they saw you. I never happens. Never so, what's the whole deal here worst the myth about the brand Certainly people but doesn't make it difference in your salary or your future: it his be real. There's, no studies that show that if you go to this particular Ivy League School, you have a better chance at winning sitting succeeding life. What Mason person win and succeed in life is exceed in life is if they are living, they have work taking their young man or young woman of character. If you have three things with a degree. You're gonna be six If you have those three things without a degree, you can still
successful, going off to any ivy school? That's gray! I have no problem where you going, but I'm going to be just as happy going to. I believe school that I will be with Billy Joe Bob going to a community college. As long as you have those three things, you will and can be successful mentioned trade schools? While I know in CAN Coleman show? I get this called just about every day. Should I go back the school for the whole we have just making my resume look more impressive and we dive the question? Do you need to go back to school to get a degree in order to act get the job you want it many times here to the answers will know. I don't need it, but I feel like it, makes me more valuable and the reality is, if the degree is irrelevant then having it on your resume. They're not gonna pay attention to it anyway. Here's what we know from research, the Arab hurry, manned your folks get. This spent six to sixty seconds gaining your resume. I can tell you right now if they spent
six to sixty looking at the whole thing it, but how much time really spending on the agree or where you get the degree and if you actually are recommended for the job, and you are loved Jeanne relationships to get recommended so that when you and they've already heard great things about you again here We know. Hiring managers. Companies want to know, can you help them win lots of ways Anthony to get that experience. There's It's a ways to get the skill set. You need certainly in thousand nineteen twenty twenty right around the corner. Folks, economy has his changed these are lowering the bar. So let's be smart about the education decision? Don't just do it because you think it's only way all right coming up phone calls are lined up talk to you about your money. Your life Your education, it's all
open the shower Anthony can Coleman sitting in for Dave, Ramsey, don't move more of the Dave. Ramsey show right around the corner. Hello America, you're listening to the Dave Ramsey Show I'm KEN Coleman joined by Anthony O'Neal, as we sit in for Dave this hour so thrilled to have you with us, eighty eight quintillion, eight hundred and eighty two quadrillion, five hundred and fifty two trillion two hundred and fifty eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five questions about money, college career, it's all up for grabs. It is your show so let's go,
Becca is on the line and Wiscconsin Rebecca. How can we help? Yes? Thank you both so much for kicking my call. It's a wonderful to be able to get through and talk to you. I will be as concise as possible and but I am thirty six and I'm just starting the gauge that and and currently forty thousand and that from a few different things and the jobs I currently have a marking sixty five hours a week between two jobs and one of the jobs that I have partners with Arizona State University to get there and or is there first bachelors degree um? Then I'm just wondering if that's a good option for me because of where I'm at an also um as part of this program they pay for tuition, but the employee has to pay for books and us piece so we're back at now. You
you working sixty five hours a week and I could have missed it. But what is your yearly income like? What are you making a year? Ok, so that's part of my issue and so I worked as a nanny full time and then I also work part time at a coffee shop Starbucks and I make around thirty two- I think thirty thousand dollars a year yeah after after taxes after taxes, okay, so close about twenty five twenty five hundred a month and man you have about forty thousand dollars in debt right now, yeah I went to culinary school. Okay, eight owners will Did you get the degree there I I did. It was a one year. Are you using that at all certificate for a little while the culinary industry is
very taxing, really long hours with not a lot of pay out. Just really went up Why? Why do you? Are you entertaining going back to school to wear that you would get the tuition paid for in? What's the what's the purpose where it works where's, destination am I I'm trying to figure out a career path when I've been praying about it. For a long time than I'm thirty six now, I'm so on. So we want to press pause any kind of conversation about. Do I go to school? This is like saying all right: we're gonna go on a trip, everybody pile in the car, and everybody knows where we going to go. I don't know what we're just going somewhere and that's just not just more. I suspect you have a couple of ideas, but there's some fear and doubt going with. Is that fair? Yes, okay, so have a fun little exercise, okay, all right Rebecca. If I could. You something tomorrow, making it's just say: thirty: five or higher
dollars a year. And there was no risk. You are guaranteed, to succeed in this, so you just to try it we're not locking in for thirty years, but space on something in your head and heart, something you always wondered about. If I take the risk when I give it to you tomorrow Rebecca what is it say it? I would love to people I really have a heart for people that are not from here to help acclimated and also to learn the language I lived watch a little while and I was told I was really good at that. I'm also really patient and I was just like seeing the light go on We have focused so here's a good new negation at some point yeah. So here's the Good NEWS. You have the talent to pull this off and you have the passion. This is where the sweet spot exist, where
use what we do best to do it. We love you most. So this is great Rebecca. You got some more clarity. Here's the deal! You just don't think you have what it takes. So there is some doubt or you're afraid How would I get qualified to do this and still be to pay the bills, because I'm facing all this debt can Can I go after the dream job while I'm in debt and answer is yes, so do you what it would take to get qualified, because that's the second stage stage one is get clear number to give. If I do, you know what it would take to get qualified to get hired to do that work. You just told us in on the job, and it could be as little as a certification or it or it could be as much as for your degree. And so on, then why are you so? Let me just say that so, let's go do some more research, here's! What ahead of you here your homework! Let's go! Look at the options that exists for you that dont require you to go back to school. Because that's not a good decision right now now, let me
it is to give you some long term hope what if, in the two years ago that he she gets out of debt may be eighty months she just does whatever takes. He gets out of debt that, for your Greece still there to actually get that dream. So one encourage you on that, but I was Won't you to actually go. Do the specific research to find what are the jobs in that area, helping grants come in and get assimilated. That's what I'm going to call it for lack of a better description and what are the areas I can do that with just a simple certification which, by the way, you could probably do that and still hold down the two jobs. So that's what she's got to do Anthony three? and once you figured that out, we ok boom was take that step. Let's go, do it and then once more all five right we're getting connected- time we make sure we get connected, get an opportunity and you don't have to interrupt any paycheck folks. That's it you ve, gotta, hear Rebecca, doesn't have to lose a paycheck. She do the certification and the connection. While she still working those two jobs and there when she gets
she's, going to substitute that full time job with the new job understand. Three, not one time. If we talk about missing a paycheck, not your, I can, and I love it. I love it. I would definitely say when she does a research when she identifies what is that I I I still would have a problem or taking advantage of the free education, the State University note what you get that active if she needs the degree I salute yeah, so I'm open to both those I like that art let's go to another question from social media, twitter boy, but you get what kind of glad to get this would cause? I like this question, as well as accurate, tweets, no Anthony talk about education being important. But what is your opinion?
on trade schools. I absolutely hate him, I'm just glad. I love choice because I love any type of education. I love trade schools. I love community colleges, I love tech schools. I love you to school, I love any type of education. You know Mark Cuban said something to me. Awhile back, he said every single day. We should be learning how to learn, and so I believe that if you want to go into a particular trade, for example, if you want to be a welder, I do not go to Tennessee State University to become a welder go to trade school. Now. Here's what I tell young people all the time make sure that you know that's a trait that you want to do long term. Great point. Make sure that you know you want to retire as ability or you want to start your own business. Well, your own welding company, because once you get that particular trade and you try to go into a not the career field that that tech school
not follow. You so makes you stepped back you- and I say this on a time you can't keep debt offered a table, but it also wonder research impress we're gonna, make sure tat. We know I'm gonna be happiness particularly train until I'm fit these sixty year and was the best way to do that. I owe what s shoe you I'm so glad I I yet here's the so, let's say you're a young person and, and you don't want to go to college cuz, you kind of figured out. I really want to in the trade. So let's just say that you love being in the electrical field, or you know You love work in your hands and you love to be a carpenter for the day. Opportunity may be a general contractor and make some serious money, and so your Does a four year degree make me a better carpenter or would worker you know the answer is no, so you got to be able to sit on mom and dad go ahead. I've got a plan and here's the plan between the summer of my graduating year, and maybe I want to work full time for a home builder and
you get in there and work every day for three it's in the heat and you figure Is this something I want to do long term, which is what you just said in the id here's parents, I'm gonna talk to parents from all. You got to okay. If Johnny comes to you with that plan, so does he have? plan. No, I'm not! Okay. With that. I want him to go to a four year university, where I graduated from yeah bad idea. Mom is dead because you're going to send them to school for a degree, you don't want and can't use if they've got a plan and the plan involves getting in proximity to the field they thing want be in. That is a great move. Why proxy those three things they get a chance to learn, do and connect parents relax a little bit their young I on purpose: don't go anywhere more Ramsey show right up,
welcome back America. This is the Dave Ramsey Show, I'm Ramsey personality and host of the KEN Coleman show Kim Coleman joined by another personality. Anthony Neil best selling author of our latest best selling book debt free degree- and we are here for you this hour triple eight eight, two, five, five, two two five triple eight eight, two, five. Five. Eight two: two: five the number and, let's get it, started this Jerit is on the line in California jury. How can I really appreciate your time is hoping you could clarify decision for me my phone died in July became a Duluth news and acted the budget in August. Between August and now we twenty six thousand dollars in dollars. We have a three down the left between a truck loner personal, a personal loan in, comes the question prior to starting the debt snowball. I had begun some additional career training. There is a three
the process, I'm only one step in about fifty thousand dollars left of training to accomplish. Having a hard time. Pressing pause, a training until we could get the debt snowball finish and save up for our emergency fund. When would you expect if everything stays the same as it is today to pay off the debt less than a year the be paid off and for five months while it's been building up the emergency fund. Okay. So for five months now we we we finish, maybe step two and pay off the debt, and so are you cash flowing, I'm assuming the a thousand as you go or if you already set it aside I know- and that's that's why I would have to stop- is because we don't have that cash available. I started this whole process out. Under alone, still feeling that was okay and then during the process I found Dave, Ramsey and all your
programs had become out a listener, better believe example ended up all the advancement training, but it the end of the world. You're gonna, it's not like you're, not gonna, get to get back into that and even if they said well, you you have to start over. I mean You are so closely Anthony paid off twenty six thousand dollars and in three or four months here, the house office, so close around the corner. I don't, I don't think I feel bad about that at all. I think you oughta be focusing on how impressive your have been so far and that you are not far from becoming debt free working on emerging fund, which makes that training really easy to cash flow Jerry. What is your? What is your household income right now annually on my work? Just went back to work full time and our two fifty to two. Seventy two hundred. Fifty thousand dollars a year. I, when it is correctly right okay, yet so yeah, I'm rocking with cannon. This will make you already clearly wake making way more than average American,
household right now. So I'm going to put that on a pause, because once you clear death, thirty seven thousand dollars, if you could pay that off in the four to five months, then when I'm looking at is that you can go back to school and go ahead and pay fifty thousand dollars cash. But here's the thing: the Bay, steps work. So once we pay off the debt jerry, I need to go ahead and set aside three six months for emergencies, because I'm pretty You don't have that right now, but making two fifty are. You should be able to get to that. So maybe you get back into the program next year, but the truth be told. I'm going to step back in and ask myself do I really need this education because it might gonna go from two fifty to sixty to seventy five or is going to help me go from two fifty to five hundred to a million. You know, but I'm not just going to do this program just to go up a little bit. It needs to make a great Dan. My my my income, because out you making great money, that's right when it again, you got to choose peace over progress here. Yeah financial
over what you think is progress towards at next up. It will be there and you're gonna be It's so much smarter, but thank you so much for the call. All we go to New York where TIM is on the line TIM. How can we help hey guys, thanks for taking my call sure, I'm too one twenty two, I graduated with a four year degree. I have twenty five thousand dollars in student loans and I have to start making payments in February, I'm a job now making thirty two hundred a month. I've been barking two jobs over the summer and saved around twenty two thousand dollars and right now, I'm living in an apartment and I'm shaving about two grand a month, but I'm thinking about starting a new job in the city. It's like a government job and my table
down drastically and I'm worried about during the transition period? If I should keep an emergency fund your if I should pull my money towards that that I just I don't really feel comfortable giving up my left there yet so tell him ass his question. Mrs mission very correctly you're twenty two years old, with twenty two thousand dollars cash in the bank, the only oats
five thousand dollars a student loans. What what other debt do you have outside of the twenty five thousand dollars in student loans? I have no other gods. I just had a sixteen year old, he paid for car okay. And what are you looking to start in this, this new job that we have a decreasing your pay? I know in January January, okay, cool. So this is what I'm doing you know TIM, because I what I really want to help you set yourself up for financial, wind, okay, I'm taking twenty two thousand dollars and leave a thousand dollars in my bank and I'm paying twenty one thousand dollars today. When I hang up, the phone from talking with me can impair paying off twenty thousand dollars of my student loans, Dan I'm and take some more money, I'm going to pay off the other four thousand dollars now what this sister just gave it just gave you a pay raise, so you gonna lose some some income you have coming in, but that's the only thing you don't have to worry about is just your your rent and you have a car. What part of New York are you it? Could you not in the city driving a car? So what what part New York are
No, I live in Nassau County, so so outside the city, My question is why you're smart guy Can. I assume that you're taking this job in the city for less money, because it's a short term less money play its going to lead to a much better situation. You see a ladder. Is that what's goin on yeah within five years, if I get the job I'm guarantee today, eighty five plus overtime, ok but free. I love that. I knew smart kid, but let's forget five years. How soon do you get back? I know you gonna take a decrease to start, but what does it look like per July, to where you would get back to where you are this moment exactly Gonna be awhile, because here you know starting its forty two thousand year, for is that fifty thousand and then that next year is, when you see the day, increase all right
well. Okay, I like that you got a plan. Can I just challenged you before you make this move to look at to try to find three other ways to get where you all to we want to go. I know that this job that you've been offered is an opportunity right now I mean it's in your hand, and going all right, I'm willing to sacrifice to get there but are other ways. I know the answer, but do you know of other ways to get ultimately where you want to go absolutely not are the only one I have all my eggs in one basket. This is the only way in the universe to get where you want to go. I mean, if my goal is you know, financial peace then could build wealth. I could work another job, but for this specific line of work I would have to go through. They are okay, stallion, beginning all right, all right, deal, then that that meets the test for me, but Anthony gave you a financial advice, he's actually right because even now that he would do
you gave him he's saving two thousand dollars a month on his current sally, so he's going to the new job, completely debt, free, yeah, and- and you know what time I think, what can't was saying to you that it the route that you're going is not the only route, but sounds like you've done the research and you're saying that's the best route for you at this time, and so on. I'm okay! with that. There is okay with that, but I would I want you at twenty two years, oh making over forty thousand dollars a year and your one hundred percent debt free did you really take advantage of that right now. Could you gonna had have ain't? Come you going to lose load a bit, but remember Let us set aside at thirty six months of emergencies, especially why your New York and start investing right now. My one go ahead and just really start thinking about the future. But it sounds like you're, a smart kid. I mean you to his over twenty two thousand dollars in a bank? I'm high? No fifty rose. You don't have that much money debate by the way, still the sixteen year old car,
because you're not gonna need a minute and they're not not at all, but subways cheap, real cheap, but it made a again. I take my hat off to your working hard you're thinking, You really living attention live, you have. A plan is going to get free. The right now and paid off Instagram me show me: you paid off twenty one thousand dollars like some accountability? Hey is already looking at his phone, I'm looking at the right answer before and they are getting a new triple a. Two, five, five, two two five, the number to join the conversation here on the Dave Ramsey Show: don't move more coming up,
this, is the Dave Ramsay Show I'm KEN Collins joined by Antonio Neil, as we sit in four days, the shower, taking your calls about life, money, funding, college figuring out that angel question. Why am I here? What am I supposed to do my life? It's all open. This triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five triple eight eight, two, five five, two five and we're gonna go to Massachusetts. Where joy is on the line, joy. How can hi? My question is about hope in women in a different situation, your our joy we're having a hard time here and yet so suing hold that phone rules still in very close? Your mouth was try that again. My question is about helping women
not a domestic situation. Okay, like they have no job experience, because different stay at home, moms of how such like twenty years, or they have about help from that. If you have any type of plan or advice for this situation, sure well, let's start with what kind of my do you need to make? Is this something that you can do part time volunteer or does this need to be ideally a full time job for me to help it could be found, I'm sorry it could be about
about ok. So what is your specific, which I want to make sure here? You you did, you ask me how to get started, helping those women yeah Lake in helping them or is there are something in place that you know of where they can go? Oh yeah, how or ok great are also the answer to that is yes. Now I don't know where you live in Massachusetts but it, but I could tell you that I feel confident within a thirty to sixty mile radius, there's probably somebody there helping a women that have dealt with physical abuse. You know there could Some governmental agencies. Again, I'm not familiar with your local government, but I I would feel confident there, some nonprofit parachurch ministries of that are offering services and so the it. But what's interesting to me
is. Is that your very specific and who you wanna help and there's a why to that? Tell me why I guess I just cannot situation, but the churches are helpful because they blame us further problem. Ok, so let me ask you this: who helped you anybody on some ninety
someone. Okay, are you out of the situation now? You're? Okay, yeah? Okay, so I love this so joy. I just wanna tell you something: you're, an amazing woman number one to have survived this and now you're looking to thrive and help other people, and I want to commend you on something out of tremendous pain. Comes unstoppable passion every time every time. So in this situation, you've identified a few churches. Probably maybe you look for help, and- and- and I understand you have us salty taste and a negative taste in your mouth, but I wouldn't throw everybody into that category. So here's the here is the nonspecific answer to the question. There is somebody in your neck of the woods in your zip code surrounding zip code, that is helping women who have dealt with and are dealing with physical abuse, and you need to find them
you've gone through this and I don't think it would be very difficult having gone through this yourself to do some more online research. That's where you got some help, and maybe even through your online sources, I would ask who's doing some on the ground in my area and then all you to do is show up and say, hey, I'm here to help number one. I can tell you right now: joy. They need women. Like you, somebody who has dealt with this and survived it. You have got a perspective in a voice that few others have for these women who need you right now and so they're going to say yes, joy. We need you and get in there and volunteer and then who knows where this leads, but that's what you need to do if you're not familiar at the top of your head of some places you need to some research. You can go online and figure this out locally and, if figure church out locally,
open give him a chance, go see. You know what real help looks like get online same thing. I just told you and you will find somebody who's helping these women that are abused and battered, and you show up and I'll tell you something a big part of your healing joy. Is you helping and I'm so happy that you step through this? I know it's been correct. Well I don't know, but but what I do know you've been to tremendous pain, but I know that you're very strong on the other side of this of this struggle will be tremendous strain then you giving their strength to others is is what makes you an absolute hero. Thank you for calling, let's go to Melissa now, who is on the line and California Melissa? How can we help guided, not talk to you both, and so I'm calling, because I want to know if I should even bother applying unless didn't long for a borrowers defend application.
I went to this young age awaiting your golden. Existed the decision to attend, I t t tech and arms and then, of course you know the schools clothes. I was there for three years. I think a total I took out of it. Forty thousand dollars each student loans. I had not really paid on that over the last couple years, just in the last year, my husband and I have become more better with their finances budgeting and all that that's so that's why I'm kind of trying to find out what the best the tackle that about one thing I want to apply in IRAN for a year and Jesse. We know at what point our house are you there balance it out to decide what the best course of action, so you borrow forty thousand Melissa right. What is the balance of it now, I know it's not at forty thousand about what about fifty How do I change as eighty? I was now has just
brown and what are the debt? Do you have right now? Is the total amount of debt within a family? Are we actually don't any other debt. We have no car payments, we rent, so we don't have a mortgage leaving Highty right now and what and what is your yearly income households? about ninety ninety thousand. Okay, any children for children for children all right because it yes. This is what I'm gonna do. I have no problem to apply for. I think if you apply for it well, that's great see, see see what happens, but I do not want you to wait for an answer. I need you to aggressively start attacking this right now. Okay, I don't want you waiting if it happens in the
come back in a few. They forgive your loans. Are then that's great, but if it right now, I wish Cena right now. It's not happening only one percent of the the people who have even apply for the state for the government's loan forgiveness program has actually going through. So what I want you to do was go head, apply, doesn't hurt because they they did close down and I get that there. But then here's what you need to do is take control of your finances and of your future. All right so go ahead and put that on the baby, the debt, snowball and just going ahead and attack it. Let me attack it now, attack it fast in attacking aggressively and do not wait for them to sign off on. You got a debt free you making ninety thousand dollars. Maybe you can pick up something else extra to help with that, but you see said it. You took out forty now you owe eighty. If you sit there, you let go some more. It's going to become ninety in the next scene. Does a call can become a hundred as a go ahead, a tack it right now, if you graph,
we'll take you two and a half years. May you be free to where now you can start investing into your children's college experience sorry this had to do some other stuff. All right so are you are you are investing into like for one case or anything right now as well? We're just we're just about to get started with all that yeah right now we, okay yeah. We don't do that. You were terrible illicit you have day. Total money makeover, I good and you need to re read that if you've already read it and you need to act, we do what Dave says chapter by chapter. Section by section baby step by. The step. It absolutely works. All right and you've got to take tremendous confidence in that that they've already got a clear path for yet you've got the book. You need to read it and, more importantly, believe it and do it and double for you.
What you're gonna be able to step through it. You know and the it's it's amazing. You know we we get to do the shows and and and do a lot of offense and is so many people out there struggling right now, and I I just feel like somebody out. There needs to hear that, in the midst of your struggle, when you feel like you're about ready to give out, you got nothing left that you need to reimburse the struggle because you're it Do you want to get in get out or not, but let me tell you this: it's the struggle that gives a string said the butterfly has to it's actually a caterpillar and has to struggle as its becoming a butterfly to get out. But when it gets out it's the struggle, it gives us a strength. The flying stay with the process. Its work Hey big thanks to you that any over hanging out with me for day rams for letting us do this. One thank Jane Child or producer arson.
Producer Kehl again, but most of all you, America, thank you for listening. This is the day Ramsay Show. Aids breakdowns in senior executive police are for the show you can illicit or watch the anywhere with a day rooms and shall have your smartphone catch. The full show or watch the highlights and check out days. Guess the asteroids downloaded today, money isn't the only thing we talk about around here. Get life. Changing advice on your career from my good friend and career expert can comment on my can com and show, according to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend, you can call me show is for you, everyone has a sweet spot, yours
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