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You Can Create Your Own "I've Had It" Moment (Hour 3)

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Live from headquarters of Ramsay Solution Broadcasting from what our car rental studios. That's that day, Ramsay work that is done, carriages gang and mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw, those bad choice, I'm diver, I'm sure your host. Thank you for joining us. Open phones are AAA they two five five, the two to five. That's AAA A too five, two to five Christmas America were glad you're weathers,
being is starting off this hour in Tennessee. I Christine Welcome, withdrew merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to you, how can I help and for both to talk to you, I'm in this is the only true divorce and all about to lose my husband's appropriate insurance, health insurance, I am also provide harder and don't having employees of what's myself, but I also really dont go to doctors in it. Ten years have been the one not grant is completely healthy, but I tend to go to like aquaculture is to natural gas, and things like that. It's I'm interested in looking into trying to find some sort of insurance weather can h affair in Athens. Their christian help premature to something like that. Would allow me to use that money for my departure like that. I don't know the that's a possibility and I was gonna see what you'd recommend for that the agency with a high deductibles, probably you're gonna, be your biggest bat magazine
deductible means lower premiums right, What you are saying is: is that you're not really worried about the timber, some dollar and under stuff it's the two hundred thousand. Our event that you need to cover user and that's what that's what bankrupt people. The number one cause of bankruptcy is not credit card dad not area should not, though it's not health insurance. And then somebody I want I want to have up interior immediately made today. Allow me I'm frightened, you're. Very, very. Allow me to use that money toward like acupuncture, an unnatural paper that, specifically with medical physicians, Well, the h essay. Basically, yours too, how to an AOL Sammy's count programme. One is the high did doctor
Low premium health insurance- and you can just do that and then you would just you know, Obviously I adore depend on the policy as to whether would count torture deductible to do other things, but the had a doctor, Well, you know what whether natural path or occupy acupuncture, usually not gonna, be covered in anything, traditional health insurance plan, it's it's just not observed, and that now that depend on it, the nature of the natural path, depending on the I will not repeat them, what the yoke degrees they ve got in and so forth. You know Did I may or may not be covered depend on the type of apology get into that point. So all of to say I would probably that route and then just know that europe-
we're going. I'm gonna meet your deductible unless something major happens, very the healthy new money, I put into the agency, knowledge or sailors to compile. You can't other two components that there's the component is just a health insurance component which has had a doktor Barton transposing and then the then you can, but you don't. Have to save money into an age, essay and action, savings account that has to be used for approved medical cash and I dont you can't you wouldn't be approved. I dont know that would be up to the federal tax law in that case is not up to the insurance company. So what does it all, but of its own a traditional medical costs of any kind. I mean look early buying a bottle of tie on all the UK, count. Buying glasses. You can count, and so you
you know, it's are fairly liberal interpretation of that. So you could use that money, but I wouldn't the h essay savings portion in your case until you were? You know really completely out of dead, and you built up a bunch of wealth and you had some extra money lying around. Ok, you're not going to use it that often and european court. As to whether what you have used it for is gonna count We're gonna get him of that, I would just say, make sure you have a bit Pumpkin emergency fund and put wherever health get whatever natural. Versions of health care. You have going on in the rhythm of your life in the rhythm of you. Budget and don't worry about it. You, sir, and just have the big mountain five thousand dollar six thousand dollar deductible cheap premium. The cheapest premium in get now anyway, health insurance policy and it's going to be called an HIV,
health insurance policy, which, by the way, is what I personally have our group plan. The vast majority of people on our team do that in our group plan, because the Hs aid, if you're out there is the least expensive way too by health insurance. Cover your medical needs. If you are healthy generally, or, if your very shirking a cry of a chronic illness generally were you know, you're gonna blow through the deductible and most The agencies have not all but most of them have a hundred percent coverage once you blow that Luxembourg, so if you're gonna oh you're, gonna, blogger deductible, then you get in the Hunter percent coverage ends up being cheaper or if you forego the doktor much which is common. Everything right now Margaret would then you you know you're, not gonna Comes out cheaper that way to show that's the direction to go. Open phones
A two five five two to five Sharon is where those in Massachusetts Merry Christmas share. And how can I help? Thank you. Thank you. I tell you about my sister to listen to all the time. It really great. I have them, I'm on public school, educated Massachusetts and when you sign of two republics, educator. You find something in your knowledge with their taking how your social security money is well aware that you won't get social security from those here that you weren't there I go to retire in the spring. I have three options. I have option a lump sum which my sister think shoot. You would recommend, but I'm calling to verify option b is. I would get a monthly guarantee pension an option c is: I would get almost the same as my Monday pension, but spouse inherits that when I die. If I download this was all calculated
based on the lump sum returning a six percent Right of return or six percent rate of return by regulation. Ok, interventions are highly regulated. And so we you die or if you choose the special survivor benefit win. Second person dies, the pension dies with you agreed yes or you take the lump sum. Who invested in something that would bring you excessive six percent, which would be a series of good grow start. Twill funds as an example. Europe, to an IRA in good grow start mutual funds and you'll make more. Why you're alive oh when you die a whole that money stays in your family instead of in the pension, so make more while you're alive and more when you die. If you, the lump sum and invest it well. Click on smartphone.
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risk free trial at tea? In not calm, that's see in dot com the lobby or energy solutions on the dead for each stage Chris and Holly are where those guys are you, Mary, Mary, Mary? A merry Christmas to you is: what are you guys live Cleveland? Tennessee Chattanooga did know it. Not well my wife for Madison building up the road from it so very so fine, and always to do a dead, free scream. How much you pay off two hundred and sixty five thousand How long did it take forty four months?
an arrangement counter and that on one o, seven down to twenty for up to one twenty five. Already there now. What kind of that was the to sixty five lots thing, including a big financed bed and their aftermath Rick finance to bear that you promised purchase decision. Now I made out now lots of everything. Was that we're ok, I'll stop asking? What is the big finance man? What you? What we're gonna bet you bought at the top of the line to repeated for whatever eight thousand dollars when Athos our bad that we had to finance over sixty a month of cautious loved it yeah I disagree. It ought to be, but it's a very bad signal. Precarious work, oh my gosh, so tourist thinking about that
big bad, and what else did what else was it? We had ninety five thousand dollars and the house that we paid and then we had a hundred and ten thousand dollars in school and ok, sure you're home and everything will be sold. The sharp I'll pay off my school loans for what we made in the house- and I am the last big debt with his glance and we just knocked out after a few years. Okay, so you're dead for everything, but the mortgage correct way really running right now, everything right, Larry, being yeah gadget was brought back to three big got it. Ok, wait, go good job! What happened forty four months ago, they put you on this journey, we were buying groceries on credit card, didn't have any money to speak of just lots of bad decisions that led to a sick and tired of being sick and tired moments. We just decided that we ve had enough and with her crying at the kitchen table, looking at the bills and me
I don't know what we need to do, and you know him crying on the way home from work. Listening to your show thing would never be able to do it out of that and then finally, day? He was like hey, let's start listening to day Ramsay and I was we would get ready together in the morning before school or work or whatever, and I was like. Ok, ever that's fine, just those entire yeah. Now that was oppose. I've never heard of you will know Van Gogh, ok, and so we were just listen to it and we will listen to these Jeffrey screens and would be like you know. I am I mine there not off his mean we're not If, as I thought so, he was just said: hey how how about it, can't do anything worse or Mars. Will try? This is if it works so in it worried it, so we started selling anything and everything I mean. While everything we had, we we saw things we didn't need. I mean we started with clean with tools, with a landmark as we decided we were moving until we does so everything we had a full
Women are basement sold at all what the lawn Marcel for things like for a dollar Was it wasn't like one agenda more one move? No, we didn't violence that I have talked to people twelve thousand dollar John. Their tractors that they motor yeah, ok, cool! When our gas for fun so you're selling everything inside your listening to the debt free screams. So was the guidance much that you had all came from the pot guessed. It was a large with radio show podcast I listen to that for years and then toward the end. We actually coordinated FBI glass, awhile hashed year yandah. It was right right at the end of our baby step to support our group, helped celebrate our being debt for you the line in the middle of that we had another group that also got that free said thereon three b or their working to pay off their mortgage right now. So we got to celebrate with them as we celebrated as well. It was pretty cool experience, the others love em. That gives you a push across the finish line like tea.
It much less doing it right for leading the glass, obviously under the teaching, on the videos, but I mean, but you got there leading it in that hold you so accountable that it was powerful for other people to say you ve already paid off this much that we can do it too. Yeah. That's all you're, a real person you're, not just on Youtube here right now, Where did go guys so proud of you who are your biggest cheerleaders other than your of pay, your group- and you too, and I will tell our friends and family, once they figured out like either. There are serious about this, though you know everyone has their oh yeah, you can't do it, but public happen. You always need there you're always, but once I realize they are pretty soon about it, then they were. They were super excited on for us and we talked to them constantly about finance. Is we have young nieces enough use and we try let them that way, but pretty much our church family are family. Everyone around us was pretty really encouraging very cool word girl
What are you tell people the key to getting out of debt is communication via the budget for sure and having a proverb. Thirty one life to be man, I am, it is definitely a walk. I faith we live and we breathed in after guide. So that was why I gotta do it when it was hard when it was tough, When we never stop tithing, we always gave you know what we could. Not I wire yeah, he always supplied now and then what then two hundred sixty four thousand five thousand Forty four merger YAP pretty cool married ten years and we just celebrated the southern Balkans for four years of the tuna has been this journey down, yeah in the middle of that that twenty four thousand dollars we had to put on hold because we moved and our income went down pretty
you're mad. So in a way which has had his school lawns laughed, so we just made their minimum payment for that year and then we move back as the move was just not the best thing for us and by the grace of God. We both got our jobs back better than what we had before we allow, and so then we decided kicking in gear, so anything that I made when all toward today in wages lived off his one income, because we didn't we live in a very minimalist. We need a lot of things, so we just stuck to it and had a golden cup going Loco for, except for their logo, to I'm off. You two been done, you're sure, no problem, correct revenue, while good for you got it wasn't Tom all, but you had to write like a queer, but are you you have to back off mathematically throughout to survive that I ask you what you do for a living reality I'm a high school and teacher and I'm a Ottawa gesture for an insurance company. Ok, very good good, for you guys were very funny all love it proud of your excellent job
Well done world on how you feel pretty amazing. Some real. If it's a real right now, like a rose, we ve been waiting for a while. So it's now we're here is kind of like yeah. This is this is for real, that of making those several thousand nor payments every month out and not sitting in the money were actually seeing. When you come into the account known, it's like a. We ve got some momentum. Now we can get. We are looking forward to buying housing. Are you are on the right way beautifully done? We gotta go, of course, organs book for you every day millionaires and that's an ex chapter in restoring you are definitely on the way you got control of this difficult shrubbery. Are? You can do anything well, very, very proud of our. Chris, Norway from Cleveland Tennessee, two hundred and sixty five thousand dollars paid off and boy bore months. One also, the twenty four to one twenty five km the Matera debt breach grew three two one
What I found, happens, right, they're, beautiful beautiful when you have sick and tired, I'm sick and tired of being, should contain moment when you finally say I've had it that's when ever the changes and it can be any category of your life. It doesn't have to just be money. You know what I've had it working at this toxic place with these toxic people is killing me. I've had it, I'm gonna rate can comas proximity principle an almost I take this job and shove it you can say I've had it about the dead. You can say I've had it about the mismanagement of your relationships. You can say I've had it because much Bert
life is empty and I don't have one you can say: I've had I'm gonna lose weight and get in shape. You can say had it and when you do when you really mean it, that's when things are getting ready to change that flag from you goes all the way up through your being this Is that ever amnesia
thanks for joining US merger were glad you're here open following a triple eight eight to five five two to five Christmas to you right Joe is whether in Kansas I Rachel welcome to the neighbour amnesia thanks David taken? I call America, Can you sure? What's up I'm a question and if we should sell our house or stay in it until we have enough money for a down payment, so we started your programme. About an hour monthly
on page thirty, one hundred m. We paid off overtime, two thousand dollars last year and we have about five left and that's just student loans and stooped I'll phone and I we live my husband, but our house before we were married, ITALY, Fixer upper, he bought it for eight thousand dollars in situ better how The first year we get married? put a new reform. We have removed the trees and we put about ten thousand dollars and renovation of the house a lonely had occurred and other kids we have to now and things getting from the trade in our house we are You know we wanted it up, that's right, but were kind of stock, Whether we need a stable were Or sell our house and move into a rental, we touch with a real estate agent,
and on the east. I bet a threefold. Our health, We will only get back what we put into it and which would be the twenty eight thousand show. How old are you? I just one in five and my husband has twenty eight when you're thirty five, which of these two paths got u quickest and easiest to where you wanted to go. When you're thirty five you're living in a home that you home, that is nice and efficient size for your family right right, which of these two paths get you there the fastest, not direct question. Ok, I wouldn't, I would think we would sell the house and then just pay the rent, the ethics,
if we stay in the house, I'm gonna in a few years we have to reduce the plumbing in the electricity to free the silent now and get out of the money paid. Idas of writing checks all the time The boy: how far is it that free we have eighteen thousand left on it that we show that we are saying is: is it might actually beam cheaper over the scope, three year period of time to rent. Yes, it's about I've looked into crisis because I know you like us to do our homework and rain here is about five hundred and fifty a month plus utilities, my point is that by the time we put all the repairs into a house that you're not gonna, get out
next three years, you probably could have rented cheaper, which puts you at the thirty five year old version of you in a better condition than you would be in today. Then, if you stay there, so I think this leads to we in this house is what sounds like. Do you following my reasoning? Yes, that makes sense to me and that's what I was feeling that, and I just wanted it to be confirmed that, don't you think we? but that does not put any more money into it. Exactly what's going on out there, and I don't want you to go round the TAJ Mahal Thou. Ok, now I ran out of Europe. Because every dollar you're spending on rent is dollar that going further down payment on the Big House right right right and you say fifteen year fixed in your more fixed more where the payment is no more than forty five percent. Exactly exactly what I got that works, yeah. You know you ve got everything laid out, so here's the principle.
But are used and you can use it in other discussions on the future. Ok, ok broke people that stay broke. I ask houses gonna. Make me feel today, and they say thank God. It's Friday, on Monday, wealthy people don't ask how much down and how much a month they ask how much and how does this decision affect me? Ten years from now, not ten minutes from now. Ok and, if you'll make financial decisions that are the right decision, long term there, almost always a little bit more painful short term right, but there always work out long term. If you'll do that, that's cool being a grown up, but
only a grown up job, but most people are grown up, most people are, and most people just spend, spend their but off, and there like impulse because a tram look like someone else's instagram for and they just impulse their tails. Often they have nothing to show for it, and It really gets people bond, so you have to. To delay pleasure to say what is the best to see which one of these decisions leads me to the best position. Five year ten years from now twenty years from now, not five minutes and not by the weekend, because of it, God. It's radio got its money, those people the blow everything every weekend that they make and then complain about. You know the problem of our culture and how they can't get ahead instead of laying pleasure to win and that's what what you're talkin about here, you know
We are being very wise, wise beyond your ears. The way your posing these questions, that's my point so you're doing really good job Rachel, really really Job Alex's Nebraska Alex welcomed the diver amnesia Alex. I will get rid of them gosh? If you didn't know, if you think about riding a bike uphill, I'm not talking about a neighbourhood on company like a steep mountain road roads takes grit takes determination. You really gotta work. Today the top where you got endurance, you gotta motivation and of course I am not talking about bikes and talk about investing.
Continually investing over a long period of time is the most proven plan, the building wealth, very few people catch lightning in a bottle. Very few people have this instant idea that makes them rich most people that bill wealth do a steadily with a hustle on the ground, the hustle around the house on the ground and to get there you gotta have somehow yet have cheerleaders. You gotta people saying doing the right thing: Europe, people helping you with your nutrition,
Gunnar people think about the whole thing and that's where the smart vest reproach come in. We are not in the investing business or investment advising or selling investment business here at Ramsay, but we do have a network of smart vesture prose that we have very carefully down the due diligence on that will sit down with you with the heart of a teacher and help guide you, and these are people. We recommend and you're gonna hear advice from them. That's consistent with what you hear hear show. So, if you're interested in getting your college fund started, your Roth Irae started doing a roll over you're ready to start investing. In any way click smart, restaurant diagrams? You got com rob down a list of the smart. Mr Prodi, in your area, you select the one that you want and you sit down with them,
now several amendments like the one you want. I dont care the point being the you're in charge of this, and here You do you're always looking for some one that has the heart of a teacher. You never just do what some person says with your money. This is how people lose their money. You don't know because I said do it. They rams. You told me to this. Not as did it not even think about it. Now you never do that. And I wrenches, aroused I remedies of- I saw you understand the investment before You put money on it. Why you need an adviser? people in the financial world that give you the yeah they that a teacher with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman. What's so important, so quick, smart vessels a day rooms with our common will help you get in touch with what those folks This is that I ran Felicia
Power scripture, the day of easier to wait for by grace, you have been saved, very faint, and this is not your own doing- it- is the gift of God, Thomas. Wanna said: faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand, open phones, a triple eight. Two five five two to five Alex is weathers in Nebraska High Alex welcomed that ever amnesia. And if I did on the spines right, I better I deserve, sir. How can I oh all right? full time. College student working part time living on my own and
barely scraping by right now and understand a curious what you would say when it comes to paying off school while working and living under on paying off school. Paying for paying out on, as I go on your pet can't cash flow dollars. You go along No I'm paying for about shattered semester like half of each them. Certainly laughing loves. Ok. So what is the semester cost between forty five hundred and five grand? Roughly as for your borrowing, the other two or three thousand per semester, yes, generally about five hundred faster, ok and you live on campus, What am I live on my own and not without you remit, ok, and how much is your room after utility? Is it's about recent came up and on what? What
earning when you're working generally it around set out in the fifty bucks a month or about a thousand a year during school. Mental do set up in the summer and there are some other stuff well. What I would tell you is your eat, your job stinks. You need a different job. You can deliver pizzas four nights a week and make fifteen hundred dollars a month. And ass, you might get seven hundred dollars a month and that would be the difference in you not going into debt to pay for this. You ve got very inexpensive tuition. Where are you going to College University in Nebraska its form,
five hundred out of sorts nine thousand hours a year, roughly nuts about right, that's about normal state school. So what are you doing? What what's your job right now? I work part time as a server at a assistant linked, assisted living and memory tariff solely about solving our deal Am I getting money? That's your problem, so I mean do you can buy a lawnmower, cut grass and make a lot more. I do not on the side, occasionally As I said, the ones you right now so long showed mean snow blower in the winter right, but they are. My point is that there is a whole lot of different things. You can do that I'll, make you a lot more money than what you're making and work more hours Inga, and I think you know Here- here's the thing: we're talkin about five hundred bucks a month completely changed
whole picture done it. Yes, and so we ve got a fit. You know what you got his retool you're your job idea, what you're for your job and typically it's gonna, be something that has a bit of a self employment to it. Ok, rather than just go in and clock any on and Megan seven eight ten twelve dollars, I mean it can be a dog walking service. I dont care If you have an I've, talked to several young people that are really doing online stuff, and so they they literally or making a couple a three couple: a grand three grand a month as part time, gig building websites for small businesses, those kinds of things so I don't care what your talents are. What are you studying a major advertising, a public relations right now I wonder
there's, not some sad, gig, hustle stuff. You could do for someone in the pr world. I've actually looking You are so high that on the shops, I'd probably help him you pay me a little there and let us look at some local businesses, yeah, I mean anything. You know whether you did it out with you did. It is a sad, also self employed, but at first a good publicity. The our firm in the area that doesn't want to pay. Somebody hourly still pay them say? Listen you! You call these. Seventy we things will give you x number dollars and you that on your own time and you get these links and these articles pushed out or whatever it is trying to do, that they can outsource to you. As a tin, ninety nine, but you can make up, make a lot more than you can, you know thrown too should the assisted living thing and so again appreciate where you are you really on top of things you are this close to doing this whole thing that free you ve, almost hold your way through it by the way when you graduate none.
To the graduation about twenty twenty three. So twenty two is so you're a freshman, I'm a sophomore, but I'm looking at taking about five years classes. Why? Because my first my first year college, I essentially failed one semester once clashes between both semester so having retaken glasses. Why did you feel able to remedy a situation where I had to work in order to pay off my just pay off my living just survive? Basically, I had ass. I had a stupidly higher and back. Thank you I'll, tell us basically living off food insurance and all that, unlike Hunter, she looks up. I got ideology, you're you're, doing a really good job as a super young guy trying to find your way through. This figure figure this out
the lessons that you have already learned and the lessons you are learning, while your ploughing through this are really gonna, set you up for the next decade, because you're gonna have some things that come out of this. Like you know, you really as the stupid high rent. Now you and our talking realising this other gig isn't paying you enough, and we can do this without student dad and you made it good choice in terms of the EU to study, you made a good choice in terms of where to study it in state tuition, very reasonable. Women. Do not you A lot of really good choices? Answer you really are just about three more good choices. From having this thing on the run, and this will encourage I'm I'm I'm pretty impressed with you for your way through some crap to get to where you are, and I think you might even be able to play catch up, because once you start getting your head around the idea that I'm workin crappy jobs, that
a while to get this to get these tuition paid. You're not gonna want to stay in school any longer than necessary, because your trapped in the crappy job to get the tuition pay. As you know, in the sub standard college, life that your life and so you're gonna wanna crank those clashes up and get out of there may sooner than you ve got in your head right now. But You don't really really good, sir. I think you really I am looking in from the outside? I hear a lot a lot of good things in life. Richness that you In the lessons that you have learned hold on. I'm gonna have Kelly, send you a copy of of Anthony on eels, book debt free degree, I want you jump on Anthony site and learn about applying for scholarships and see how many of those you can get every minute of your making spare time is not spent playing beer palm it spent applying for scholarship.
And let's get through this thing without any more dad and between that are paying job. You ve already made good college selection then have some scholarship to this. You know we re We could see your whole situation turn around dramatically. Future. Company'Ll meal dot com, the website out. It's got a really good scholarship search to alone. It he's got a bunch of other things on there haven't, do help students situation and will send you a copy of his number one best- selling book debt free degree, which is what I'm trying to walk you through a show you how to do but dude. You are just This close and you ve figured it out on your own cause. It's obvious that you are on your own, so not anymore. We got your back brother, you, cholera term that we can help I'll be any got anyway. I can't I like guys, like you that are scratching and hustling grinding you're gonna make it you gonna be all right brother. You won't be right. That puts us
rooms. You show in the box thanks to James Childs or producer, kill it, our associate producer. I M D Ramshorn your ocean, we'll be back with you before. You know it. In the meantime, remember there is ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's the one daily with the prince of peace right, Jesus aids, victims in senior executive police or for the show? No, you can listen more watch being where, with Dave Rooms, you show your smartphone catch, the full show or watch the highlights and check out days upcoming, guess how did he asked or download it today? more money doing what you love check out: Christie Rights, business, boutique, podcast crises,
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