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Lie from the headquarters of Ramsay solutions. Broadcasting from a dollar governmental studios adds that day, Ramsay show that is non cash is gang and paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw as those status symbol of chores. I'm dynamically. Your hosts thanks for joining us, open phones, AAA two five: five, two to five: that's triple eight, eight to five five, two to five Merrick,
Mr you America thanks rang out whether Erica's Withers Erics and I do hope, our? U Eric I'm an oil Dave ever you better deserve. What's up pleasure to visit with you, my wife and I have been there that freer than our own to the past twelve years because of the principal Deepspeech. Until we really appreciate that
I am not only got light bachelors degree, but off my masters degree, while supporting a family of several people, total good for now without having any student loans because of the principle to teach. So it did. It worked to better. So I got my nurse practitioners green licence. Last year, this last summer, my life and I spontaneously blob kind of thought dangerously bought a camp trailer and a pickup truck go along with it, to tell it while some money to do that and the question is: are gold? We want to get it off by the end of this next year. By the point twenty were able to do about you have times what the payment of amendment payments are, but my question is: do we believe TAT was full force in anything
turn it up a notch in and take the money that we are putting the two that fit. Instead of our income, they were putting into our retirement. Did we stop doing that and put a towards the debt figured that paid off and then go back to the ceiling for retirement? Or do we this kind of plug along with what we're doing now? Well, I don't know- you won't work our planet, yours, that's true, and I and I had a feeling you would say that This is users dried up, stupid dude. I may notice dire You worked all this time. You did all these wonderful things, you pull them all off and then you just go step and cow stuff up your knee I got that dog. I'd, ask you talk about a year and then some
so you don't. I If you want to apply our principles to this process, which you would go back to baby steps, so you would stop all retirement you'd clean out all savings down to a thousand dollars and you would apply to the stupid camper right here. And watch them reply everything out of your life, no vacations, no eating out your backup. Means arise your back on baby step to you. You regret You regret all the way back I mean this is due not. Pass go. Do not click two hundred dollars go straight to jail right. This is the penalty step in the game. And so yeah you to step back you if you're gonna do our stuff, I mean but yeah,
the problem was you fell into the trap of saying I can afford it myself yeah, you have more than what you forgot that you can never afford them so anyway, the eye. Other than possibly just sullenness crap I will just go back to baby, should have to clean that stop all retirement. Stop everything and clean any money. You haven't savings down, two thousand dollars and no vacations and no eating out until you get this done and work over time and brains and russian beans and scorched earth on lifestyle in an attack again. As someone, I don't believe you would do that. So I dont know what to tell you.
Because I think you are under the illusion. You can afford that you're just gonna did he Bopp along with it? I don't know, I'm I'm sad for you earlier. Our eye angels weathers in Kansas, I angel. How are you, what are you doing better than I deserve. What's up your baby, I'm living patriotic Baker come. I hired me to go back to school, about that, Martin back and made an imaginary and what to do he could get back. You happy. You joined the military and you're you're leaving to go to boot camp when. Lady Henry. Ok, thank you for your service to the country. So
what are you gonna be making orchard overture income gotTA, where the military training I'll make a bad that they back then what. Then there will be one that we can all get a job. Also this with a view to the national guard. Ok so you're making two thousand dollars a month for basic training which lash along Ok and then, when you get out of that you're on the weekend plan and they're gonna pay for they'll pay for what up to ten thousand dollars in school right back and you're. Gonna go get a job d with after that.
Right when you told me you got how much doubt again about very that bomb on what I got back you married and how much does she might? So what we do is we put our incomes together and we say power. Going to attack their dad as fast as we possibly can and whatever schooling, you choose, needs to be within the national guards budget, no dad for school, the Jeremy.
So what are you thinking about studying and why it's gonna be a sports management all get the light with poverty? I want to get involved and get them ok. So what would you do your job, evil, lappin, beginning anything before that it will be the time for let's go, let's be sure you do the degree within the budget that the National Guard giving you and their very generous to help people with their education and so yeah. You lay that budget out and So that's doing no harm to your get out of that plan, and then you got a job you. I've got a job, we're on tight budget and we're attacking these debts straight down the line from there and that's how I would do it so hey thanks for the call
again right for your service to comprehend all our motions, Mugabe, the book total money made: over his mind Christmas gift to you. Does that I've Ramsay chef, how often You get the best of both worlds, not very often right. Well with the rate secured program at Churchill Mortgage, it's possible, you can see here a low right now to nail down your budget, an average drop while your shopping for home, though view the lower right. So, if you're buying a home this year, you'd be crazy, not to call Churchill and get your right secured now go
Churchill, mortgage dotcom are called triple eight. Two hundred. This is a paid advertisements, animal s idea, one five, nine one: animal less consumer access, dot, Org, equal housing, lender; seven, sixty one old, Hickory Boulevard, Brentwood Tennessee, three, seventy zero to seven thank you for joining us. America were glad your dear David is whether some Missouri Merry Christmas to you David Christmas Eve. How can I help today, Sir Walter it on your
advise, even though it was a wise policy. I kept at all my wife and she passed in September optional because well she had Alzheimer's, and so that worked out. My question now is that free, except for the home, and another home. Let I ended up with I. We tried to love for siblings Bailed out a brother end after several years of trained to deal with that that didn't work. So I bought my sister's out. So I have forty one thousand dollars left on my brother.
Brother stewards and I've got a hundred and seventy one on my existing else, which I have agreed with the kids that I'm, what wait me six months before he said what, under what my arm. But now I have opened above my emergency fund. I am about three thousand dollars, and so, but I'm sixty I've, only twenty three nay, nay, wrought iron, so how much to appear on the dead to throw money back? How much came in the insurance policy after Kyoto, Gaston so port? Eighty, eight thousand, that's the eighty!
Jimmy you having cash exactly alpha and you are one seventy one, so you don't have the money to pay it off. I don't know We need to pay up my. How was your income sixty three an open to work. Another two or three years. I will start drawing survivor benefits next year, has altered sixty six. That can do that without how long they lived in item thirty three years, only remarried pretty well waiting. Six months is probably wise because you make clear decisions after letting some of the grief clear away, because I know some Abner share and we ve been married. Thirty eight years I wouldn't be, will think clear for about that period of time. So waiting a little bit to let the fog, conall, lift
before you make a major decisions are good idea. It sounds like an awful lot, a house considering you have virtually no nest egg, so I dont know if you end up keeping it what's the house, you alright, that your brother's living in sixty five and your furnishing him for housing, no! No! What is his is paying I've got like thirty nine dollars a month there I love over and above the payment on the House, Others down on that house, there is a dead over forty thousand forty one. Thousand madhouse, and he pays. You basically pays the payment he basically based debate, as do all the maintenance now there's just one
the reasons why I took it over recalls? I've been doing all the maintenance, money on their house every year. Yes, sir, it what's wrong with him. Had the polio when he was young, disabled all his life, never girls and basically he found credit cards in lottery ten years ago level off his home in my sisters- and I bet
They are now recovered home and kind. It's kind of you to take care of it are so well. I mean after the smoke clearer for the far clearer on this. You know you ve got to decide the two things in the next five years, while you're working and receiving this rather benefits, and that is how can we build a nest? Egg number one another to outline a clear all these debts. You do not want to go into your retirement years with mortgage debt and no mistake and so what is the home you're living in worth? Probably right around two hundred thousand leg? I did refinancing of medical that and so forth. For my wife of her. She ended up in a nursing home,
so the only money you have for the next day would be this. Eighty thousand that's left from the life insurance policy. Right, yes, plus the twenty three in my Roth right. Well, we ve got a really concentrate and focus too and the next five years. We are these mortgages because they d stabilizer for your retirement big time and my question is new- save some of this back Romanus egg, or do I throw everything it at paying off the more? It is. That's what I've been saying lot to Dave well, to start with, I would say: let's do nothing for six months with the eighty thousand and let's do not have the house for six months at the end of that time. What
probably gonna those amongst our clean up that with it and are certainly pay off the little house where you brother lives and he can keep paying you. The payment is ran in an even need to know its paid off right and on absolute without that houses in you're gonna go ahead and do that now. If you want to talk, I not the end of the world because you're not gonna, move him and you are going to care for him. That's not really an option for you. I get that and you know then you ve got. The side of this house is too much house if it's gonna eat your lunch, the one you're living in after six months- and I think it may be- I think, a great it may be that you're gonna have to move to something cheaper in order to be able to aggressive. We build investing in that. That's what it sounds like two May, given your income versus suddenly one thousand are mortgage and we just don't have the money to pay it all off, I'm so sorry, you're going through all this, it's a horrible thing!
face, run aspartame holidays or will Tom thing to face any time, but certainly right now- and I am but as you as you come through- that six month period time, if you won't come talk again I'll talk to you again, you can remind me what I say I am pretty consistent, but are they gonna pay off the brothers today and on? I think, you're. Probably gonna move after six months in order to free up cash flow to be able to build on this day over the next five years before you, seventy years old and publishing, put two three heart: thou knowledge together and you know, get your smaller homeless paid off the takes you in return and that that's the goal I would have for you, because those are the two key to creating a solid plan,
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Kirsty are whether some Madison was content for a dead boy. You scream hey guys. How are you a merry Christmas to you? How much would be paid off one hundred Sixteen thousand dollars in three years and eleven months, we paid off on our five year wedding anniversary for most people go off and get an upgraded ring or something on their anniversary and we decided to get paid out instead that works. For me, I like it and what was your range of income during the three years and eleven months?
eighty five thousand to ninety eight thousand and are now back down to eighty four thousand. While very good. What do you do for a living? I was I started in so short, went to sail And now I'm back in so short a poker and will come, and I was in a hundred and sixteen thousand yes, that was given that time, ok, I'm sorry Jeff? What do you do? Africa? Suddenly I thought no ray. I'm sorry, no problem? I was now a distribution and I'm in sales, ok, cool. So what That was the one hundred and sixteen thousand we made up our house our markets where people I love it and you guys have only been married five years. Yeah, What's this house worth. About a hundred, sixty five thousand very cool, will tell me Laurie. What happened three years in eleven months ago, which you on fire and how well.
Dave many years ago, I back when As a kid, I was always actually pretty money conscious, but then over time I got bombarded with. Their you'll always have a car payment ill, B, I have a mortgage payment stuff. So then, in my twenty years- and I thought most- twenties, I tried that out and never really worked well. And then over time I went to a divorce and I started back with nothing and I was living at my parents, house, and God bless them for King Assent and letting us live there and I was actually in my old bedroom. I grew up in and I had a star little here, a moment where I said There's got my window, summon up put me in my, kids, in a position where this is never an issue again a man
the official I've had a moment. Yeah I've had it correct. So I saved up lots of money. I met Firstly and started explaining my philosophies of wanting to too wide. Do things differently financially and things then, and it starts from there and my wife s quarters yeah when we started dating, I had a lot of that. I'd always grown up thinking that that was ok, that's just how gonna, be that's life. You're gonna have a mortgage, you gonna, have student loans, and then just told me about his financial goals and his plans, and I thought, while I love that that's great. Let's do it lets. Beware Darwin tackled YO, If we tackle my student long got that out of the way I got my medical bills paid off and we set Building up enough stag, while we are running an apartment and then what
able to buy a car with cash cause. We needed upgrade my car, and then we discuss putting money into failings we built up, put em here, need help him and on our house and then we bought another car cash during that process. And then I got pregnant with our little one. It was there. Saving a lot more money and to an emergency fund just in case we needed it at that point, but one I and the baby came home healthy and safe. We put that big lumber money down on the house and just cut tackling it while vertical. How does it feel to be completely out of their know, how payment. Yeah. Maybe it's an awesome feeling. My came home right away and I took my shoes often when the backyard and help the ground they felt better and it allowed us you free up. We still follow.
The same lifestyle pretty much but like I was able to take a calculated risk on a complete career change, and I feel a lot more comfortable now being able to do that, and I'm only one month in and two big learning curve, but I really don't have any fears about because we don't have that you discover tat very good. What do you tell people? The key to getting out of debt is. Working together being on the same page, having a strict budget in saying no to things. Celebrating the small successes yeah. So while we were going through this process, we had a chart our get out in that chart and every ten thousand dollars above them each payment that went towards principle, we would, the charred in and that we would go and have a celebration out to dinner. Some of them just to do it the celebration of way we hit that now, let's keep going down.
We just kept doing that every few months and that gave us that momentum to two went one really work, and the most important part that we always tell everybody is this: is a lifestyle change? It's not ass to get that next Del paid off. It's your whole life that your changing control from now on, just like you said the bedroom matter time. This is it right. Are there any more, very cool, well. Congratulations you guys very well done were proud of you gonna copy of Chris, organs book for you every day, millionaires, that's the next chapter in your story, and so very who are how soon everything german grossly Madison was gone. Two hundred and sixteen thousand dollars paid out three years in eleven months, making eighty The ninety eight counted down, let's zero dead ray.
I lied when your house's by war by God, oh of it, yeah well you guys very very well done absolutely fabulous phones. A triple eight. Eight to five five, two to five b j is weathers in Georgia. I be J, our you, I'm gonna think taking my call, they sure. What's up and what my question about an baby stats for five and six has been, and I recently finnish baby step three and so were ready to go. Are investing up to fifteen percent school. But I have a question about that. Yes, we met with a smart vesture pro last week.
And currently I'm a teachers. Though I had six percent in my income going into the teacher retirement with them automatically and then also have two and a half percent going into a world three b, but this man declaration is how to get it. No, I'm not. I'm really sad, though the smart Esther Pro suggested that, because of because my has the narrow a bit late, getting through the investing the aid that we should be doing more than fifteen percent, but we're still we still have our house to pay off. So I wonder who would be around now? Ok, that's what I cant figure does what an end so and I guess my question for you is how how would you recommend that we get to the fifteen percent outwardly recommended doing I'm? inside of my hasn't fifty one, Lord Jesus, ok,
all fifteen percent and what you do just take. Your annual household income, what your total household income before taxes and that ninety five thousand such fifteen thousand dollars is what we gotta go right, you're, putting six percent of urine gum automatically and a teacher. You can count that are not counted in the fifteen. If you want, if you count it, then you would reduce that. Take your shower item. Six percent reduce the fifteen. Thousand by that much and then we simply do rock paper scissors matches. First, Roth is second and non matching. Non Roth is third. Ok, Ok shall be any matching available now. Neither one of your kind shall then do you have Roth's available either. One of you not through my employer now. Does your husband now than you do Couple Roth I raise and
they're, not gonna, get you there. Quite dutch twelve thousand work accounts of six thousand. You can do it. We rather ironic and you'd, be there, but Hang on. I want to borrow until you pick up, and I want to learn his name, the smartvestor pro please. So we can teach him to correctly. Do this power scripture of the day psalm, seven thousand three hundred and twenty six? My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever Truman Capote said
is the condiment that give success its flavour boom. That's good It really is a spice content, contentment. Sense of accomplishment. There is. Sense of gratitude for the journey when you, when you reach some of the milestones that someone might label, as quote unquote, being successful. There are all kinds of those things you could be successful at the married ten years. Celebrate your ten year anniversary, let's saying gotcha for ten years, I've been married. That's a successful marriage. So far, right mean kid graduates from college and doesn't move.
Your basement that successful right are you just look at these different things and you say, while in every way She go back into the weather was there? Is there were some moments? There are some problems. There were some issues. There were some failures. Along the way, but you didn't queer you kept going. You persevered as failure is not permanent right cause you to stop and that's why you every screams or so visceral, because they had their more months along the way setbacks along the way they did. Damn things along the way. We all do no one's different in that regard and save you you. Ve gotta figured out that you mean you don't have figured out. That's all. That means every body as mess that are so well
open phones, a triple eight eight to five. Five two to five Kyrgyzstan is whether in Minnesota, I care how're. You can. I be briefings you can make sure what's up I repeat we have to. We have a total of ninety one thousand dollars in. I got no ball and the Good NEWS, Is that I definitely have a fire, I'm almost. I want that didn't want payment last to pay. My respects has, of course, Aren't you a position this year, which has really light a fire and excitement to get their paid off? I think we can do it in a year, but my question, as we have for a kiss either blundered a family and are all this is actually a junior in high school and unfortunately, just due to the rocky sides. It's all history that I that I have you haven't participating for her college and I just want to make sure that I'm following is that and that we should continue this. That's no wall
I think we can be way hopefully in a year and then work on cash line. Her college would be clear of dad and then work on cash catch. Your college- and this also means you, you know you made a red, Anthony, toenails, Jeffrey Degree, which I'll send you and so you're, not from a very very important for her to concentrate on GPA, are a sheet. Score. When she takes it and read books, how to take the easy to take a class on how to take the OECD. So she qualifies for more scholarships, gotta Anthony website start applying for scholarships soon, because you tonight we long before she dominating them and on the other, start chart learning how to do the essays and make application for hundreds of scholarships. It turned out for most of them. She well she's gonna, do the work, but scholarships You go to school, good aim BT scores and drew create these
things that line you up and choose a school. She cannot should be instituted, go. She can afford her mom and dad don't have two million dollars just under any where she wants it. She's gonna school there in Minnesota. I thought he could not bear it eyes and fight for putting money I now they can now opening hours. I want clean up the debt, ok, perfect You can get national if you have zero money, but you ve got to work. Words are plan announced, are aiming at that and you guys with her and thinking through it, and just start ATLAS lay. Our budget must start looking at the schools will start talking about what it takes to combat we're what work she's gone. There should not be working when she's in school all of these things are fine. It doesnt mean your child abusers. Did you go to college I dare you. Why are you wearing knowledge? I did a lot of effort to work all the time.
Forty guaranteeing our him forty six? hours a week. I worked my bought off. You know how to get there do some of the other quote. College experiences and I'm not about that. I just you know I wouldn't Borrow money to get to not workshops and go to a frat party. You know So this is just a few hundred yards ridiculous. So this the situation is kids in and it's not gonna cower. She can get the edge creation, which is all that matters in this scenario,. Absolutely wanted asking in the game, and we really want to be able to help your she's gonna have you're gonna, skin and erosion of skin in this game, so old on openness, then I will send you a copy of Anthony on eels. Debt free degree book number, one best seller to show you how to go to college that free and it can be done. It absolutely can be done and you are
hilarious. To me, some of you are sure you, you worked so hard at being victims, social media is full of trawling, victims rights, Algeria is no. I dare he just go out of touch with the real world. No, I'm not actually notice freakin statistics, the frequency I must say that you can go to the. Bridge in state college for ride around ten thousand dollars a year. Tuition live here, but in your mother's basement, go to the Inn State School thousand dollars is eight hundred and thirty three dollars a month. The each person delivering pizzas born so we can make fifteen hundred a month. Now You do the math. Of course you can go to college that free, but you have to college you can afford and your gonna have you be living in an apartment where the skylight in and jacuzzi Racquetball court, well where
call the way ambulance Jim is whether such Tennessee Merry Christmas jam. Merry Christmas. Better than I deserve. How can I help I'm twenty nine years old about ten years ago, became our economic, Capellan, bitter stupidity, and because of that, having a very difficult time, finding a job is in carbon. Gary ten dollars an hour and I'm lucky to bring it about four hundred dollars a week and currently. Forty thousand little over forty thousand dollars in bed and just how my vehicle, reboot and other than banker see I'm having a very hard times in any way out an act.
I found one of your videos on Youtube the other day, and that was the first one. I've gotten to know that I've seen or anyting the after watch more and more notable there's any anybody based off what I've heard so far is anybody that can help point the right direction I felt like it would be many very tough decade Well, the Good NEWS is you're you're not bankrupt. You have a crummy job correct and so simply increasing your income. You could dig out of this mess. Pretty quick mathematically. And so somehow we ve gotta get you moving in a career direction that doesn't care if you have a only record from ten years ago, and that could be all kinds of salt, employed things, there's all kinds of things. I don't care about that as long as you're, a good person. Now, that's all they care about you know. So
doesnt prevent you from working most places, I mean we would someone here that had a ten year ago, phony thank is lost qualified and all the other position in on it, you'd, where an electronic stuff? So it doesn't you don't keep you know some corporate job, Let us turn it down automatically right, but what our daily but shall be on that site, and I hope you on the money sad to cause I've been were abandoned. Trouble myself, not that kind of trouble, but I ve been down on my luck, shall hold on El he's gonna, put you through financial Peace University and I'm gonna. Send you can coalmines book careers read it immediately, proximity principle. We get to work on your career, shouted equation, Jim hope that helps. When you call me anytime, I ll try to help you more. This is that Abrahams issue. I'll, be back before you know it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's the walk daily with the principality says he price increases
you would like to be geared every scrape live on the show make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, flash so reticent. We would love for you to come the National until Dave your story, mommy. The only thing we talk about around Here- get life, changing advice on your career, my good friend and career expert in common all again, bunch of. Seventy percent of Americans are going to work every Monday and they don't want to be there, but for a myriad of reasons they feel they have to be there. That is our crusade, subscribe to begin Commagena wherever you listen, the potash hates James User of the day, Ramsay show this
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