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Why, from the headquarters of Ramsay Solutions, broadcasting from our car rental studios, that's the day, Rams Asia, that is dumb cash, is king, not pay it off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw, those Bateson choice. I'm diagrams you, your hosts, thank you for joining us, open phones, a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA eight to five, five, two to five,
Amy, starting off this hour in Michigan, I M, is welcome today, Ramsay Shep Hunter I want to take my car from you. Don't know me I feel like I know you are for things to thank you for a change of mind, her life financially and that free almost that free because of you, and How do you many times for advice on so you feel like programme a family, I'm mentioning a name every other day like they saw birthday so bad. I need your advice about my current situation. Would you but diver, I have a lot of expenses. And I dont know how to pay for them without taking out alone. Where did a credit card? While I don't really like credit cards, but like I was thinking of you not home equity, later something if I just literally have no money to my name I need to prepare the mortgage and pay for american food and things like that.
We have no money. I make too much money to be qualified. Like a red, and things like that. I get no aid, no help from anyone I have no money to my name's, I'm living paycheck to pay check and not really able to payments even doing that, because I have so many different bill, not enough so glad, but like just different bells to pay less for the house, the car, the insurance and all that stuff. So what am I heard? What do you make a year I made almost eighty and shall worry this broke. Am I mom and I do not get any kind of support, you make any invasion the dollars a year. I know, but I'm a man and I pay for child care for children, so warm lots of make eighty thousand dollars a year with two kids and they're not enclosed, broke. Yeah. Well,
they have most people have child support. Not I know I'm talking about a couple married with two children but the one person works and makes eighty thousand or to work and they make eighty thousand. Then I may troubled their bills. You got a single mom thing all twisted up here so What do you do for a living. I, a writer, ok, a new net, your taxable income is eighty thousand dollars a year. I think so This happened, my money on New York or someone riding corrects. Ok, to show. How much is your house payment payment is fifteen. How much is your car payment? I don't have a car came a good and what your credit card payments I don't have any credit cards how much Student loans payments? I don't know, student lunch?
an eight hundred dollar house payment. You make eighty thousand orgy or near to feed to kids three Three out here for two of the three ok, verily normal for most people that are working Ok, what you pay for childcare, IP three, fifty a week for child! Here, one dollars a month or two thousand dollars a month goes to your house payment in your childcare. Yeah, but I believe a lot of money for milk. Well, but I just have so many other things like I have my farmers insurance. My car insurance on energy utility on going trees- I just literally have like. Besides so my name right now and then I learned so freaking disorganized, it's unbelievable,
your budget doesn't exist, because I'm sure we are looking at I'm sitting here. Looking at six thousand dollars a month coming into your house- and I spent two thousand a little while ago, and so far you can't pay with food thousand dollars some something I don't know I don't have six thousand among so How many of you I have a son ten dollars a week, then I got what ten. Eighty seven week that I make out That's a thousand dollars a month such forty eight thousand dollars a year. That is not Seventy seven thousand manage taxes unless you're getting a fit. Thousand dollar tax refund I make seventy seven well, I got a bonus that seventy seven includes my bona. How much remains bash whites? What how much is your bones? it's a ten percent bonus.
And I m- allows an amateur bonuses, does not describe where the money is going beggars. Your tax reform last year, I didn't get a ride out and find farm. I didn't get any money from the size. I don't think I got if I got from it was very negligible. Maybe Five hundred, I shall here s the thing: hello, money in order to make sure I'm gonna throw out sixty four a thousand dollars a year and two out of my term blemish exactly right. Yeah you're take home pay. Are you putting money in your offer, a one k yet? Oh ok, and how much a maxim out were becoming a contribution. I think it's like twelve percent if the company contribution, so I'm just putting in twelve percent what I was having a good. A hundred per paper,
You heard me: ok, there will be four hundred, so I'm still are got. You should be getting home with you're going home with about four thousand dollars a month and you should be getting home, not counting your forum. One k with about food, he five hundred a month not only on your bonus but still ok, short years, would gather dust back up and I'm trying to run your budget out here on the air because it you're not making sense. So what part of Michigan are you in a big AL? Perfect? Ok, here's! What am I put you to everybody who called area? I am forty three.
Am I put on hold and Kelly's no such up with one of our financial cultures as much as my gear. As my gift and they're gonna sit down with you and help you learn to do a budget and put this together. There's no reason you should be this broke. There's no reason you should be this broke, there's no reason you should be theirs broke. You have got to just do the simple math on this: every dollar has a name Plan out where the money is going and lay it all out, I don't know where you're putting their money, but before you start talking that borrowing money to bomb milk, which is how you started the conversation because life just too hard as a single mom. Before I learned you made seventy seven thousand hours a year. You would stop your for a one k contributions before you, you, you don't borrow money to buy mill, because your fault
one case is funded now I don't think that's necessary, but these are the kinds of choices that you're not making consciously. Like spend, spend spend than you run out of money. I got five dollars to my name and on panic and its people from a single mom, and that's just In truth it disorganized and you don't have a good budget should I will help you with that. I'm gonna to help you, your budget going, go and put her infranatural vision worsening to what's gonna grow through the class get some people around her to go with the coaching and the chopper get this straight about this. Is that Abraham show this The time of year, your time, share maintenance fees or coming it's a painful reminder in the form of a fat bill that you boss?
then, you can't use and you can't sell one enough is enough times your exit team will get you out of a bad situation when the resort refuses to help you. The first step is a free consultation schedule wondered day if they can't get you out, though, give you your money back Gal eight for four nine nine nine exit are timeshare, exit, team, dot, com and schedule today, MIKE is whether in Nebraska MIKE welcome that I ran future gaping local trip what's up My wife and I just started debate I wanted to
and we ve shut down and get the budget put together, got a plan a question for you. She is not one or two percent on board with stopping. Therefore one gave contributions. Some from what we put together your about seventy five thousand, in that including a mortgage and from what we put together? We can do. We can get it done about three, to us, For how children go down- Conservative would be one sixty that number line occurred. Wouldn't you three years to buy off seventy five thousand hours, making one sixty two, five hundred dollar mortgage fortune on it childcare. I was twenty five thousand dollars a year out of one sixty
You gotta do this in a man a maximum of two years now ideal younger. You guys you guys have cut nothing out of your lifestyle in this budget. Still you still contributing to the four one case. I am not here so overseas, contributing about seventeen the employer matches about three and you know, I think her cheek He very conservative and I can t afraid that you, if we stop that you know where this onto the money so well if you don't stop, if you don't stop you're gonna miss out on more money. Because using all the data says all of all the millionaires that we ve studied says that eighty Ninety percent of them did not use caution with that.
They get out of Kosovo, stay out a consumer debt and the fact that Europe limping along making a hundred sixty thousand dollars a year with consumer Dat. Because of her theories. Being conservative are hold You back to wealth building is what amounts to Here's the thing. How have you been married about seven years? The reason you got married was focus. You focused on her. She furnished on you, the things you focus on you went out, and the problem with her theory is a sure not focused. I understand the mouth, I'm absolute math, geek, We do compound interest in my brain. I've been doing a long long time? I love the power of compound interest. I agree with her. What she has not seen yet is
not looking at your own budget with you and if she is she's not emotionally grasping that this is a temporary stop to the Fora one k for two years, how old are you too? we want and thirty and so if by time here three years old, you have He wrote, accept your house and you make a hundred and sixty thousand if you can become wealthy, but sixty years old, your mentally deficit I mean really that's absurd, where it right, but what we like falling off a freaking log with no payments at all anywhere except your house making a hundred sixty thousand to be able to allow the fora. One came up to fifteen percent like we teach and start you, kids college, like we teach pay extra on the house and get it paid off in ten years, like we teach
And you should be multi millionaires by the time you and your sixties, like we do you like, we teach that's what them half says and that's the supplier we're conservative margin hyper conservative you make almost three x the national average income in your household when you're only thirty geese right a show the bottom line is, is that the problem is she's facing. Is she has not been enough time to emotionally grasp the full play of what we're talking about she's, just looking the budget and her husband's gotten all excited about this, and she doesn't know if you're really going do this or not and so just in case I wanna. Keep to of our own came because I'm not sure we're do this mushrooms, gonna work really understood how it's gonna work, other then I think we ought to get out. There might be nice. But there is not a complete last
in person of truth or she grew emotionally and says, This is gonna, be worth it because it's gonna led us to tens of millions of dollars and that's what's goin on so. Basically yours last summer. I must keep out with my kids and we'll drop down Nicole, because we were swimming I tried to drive off with the anchor out. About ran really slow or what we oh, but it was slow and that's what you're doing. You're trying to run run the boat with the anchor out and so stop paulie agrarian go go, go that's what you do. I'm thanks for the com. Arabs Open follows a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five Ashley Judd North Carolina. I actually, how are you Dave under while Expec Mccall sure merry Christmas are going up.
Dave question for you today, my wife and I are currently in babies that seven and my specific question is around five: twenty nine accounts ass, an allocation and specifically, what are you like that. You should just that allocation when you get when your child gets close the entering college than and specifically I've got a daughter whose sixteen years old who's gonna go to college, and a couple years we put away a little over a hundred fifty thousand dollars to promote the rocket, but about a grand below one hundred and for my eldest daughter go and yet you and I I don't you ve, given some advice of trying to reconcile two pieces on ope oftentimes and people have a very short time arising at all, not to get cute and over retirement. You recommend stay Foley invested, which I totally agree with you that you're gonna live another twenty to thirty years, but in this case, where you know that the eyes and his shrinking and and the goal is ultimately to utilise and deplete those funds. I didn't
a few. My recommend, as you get a little bit closer, I M not suggesting, like you know, some age based portfolio budget may be switching over something a little bit more state. Like a money, market, investment or something like that, what s going on. So really You can do either, but let us thank you what it does when you do this guy, because is you VE act, you gotta be got a real grasp on this and you stated your question beautifully. Thank you for the clarity of the Trade off is. If you stay fully invested, you are risking apportioned so, let's say out of a hundred thousand twenty thousand an aggressive growth fund and and the market is even an aggressive grow fund- is down five percent that year, five percent of twenty five largest, twelve honour bucks. That's your risk. Guy Mustang fully invested
Let's say you go you're on your way and you shall walk around with fifty percent portfolio and money markets, and so Two thousand, instead of making ten percent, One percent. And so we lost five thousand bucks. Ok right no gotcha the swing here is twelve hundred to five thousand. Is our worst case scenario of thousands guaranteed? You can lose out if you move it and the money market, the other, is empty. Being a risk and we'll take a five hour take a five hour here- to get rid of a risk of. Maybe, Lucian five thousand dollars, so I think it's gonna be a wash an opera on probably just taking the risk, and you can run about because when you actually do the nominal mathematics on it, not the concept. It turns out the irrelevant.
In your life situation. Neither of these things are going to cause nor keep your child from going to school. As you have done, such a wonderful job everywhere else does that make sense if make perfect sense, its talking about five thousand eight thousand dollars swing maximum unless just the hopeful world caved in which, in which case, be worried about the money markets, but you know I Everyone death, you ve, already covered it by doing the big deal, which is investing in Crete the next day. Well done, Sir loot. This is that every measure
in the lobby of worldly solutions on the TED stage Reagan Robin are where those guys are warrior, we're doing great hearing very honoured to have you guys. Where do you live ocean brains, Mississippi is just ISA. Biloxi, oh yeah, pretty area is very much welcome to emerge. Will thank you for having thanked for coming to visit and do your dead, free scream. How much will be paid off fifty one, though eight hundred and ninety, good, and how long did it take sixteen months good for you? and your range of income during that time? We started around eighty two thousand and went up to eighty eight thousand. What do you do for a living?
I'm a supervisor at the golf course blind rehabilitation centre on was CBS for you, nurse, ok, very cool burnt, wonderful, good for you guys. What kind of debt was the fifty two thousand twenty thousand cars? Twenty thousand foreigner. Ninety instead loans, three hundred treatments are three thousand and credit cards and runner in medical, now just normal, absolute, just Bob and long even married just over three years. Ok, murder couple years and you look up in their debt everywhere and something happened. What happened to me your story? Well, she had. We just give me on board a long time ago, just not with your plans, and she is better for the dead news. Is we got married coming into the marriage I came up with. I came with most the debt, so I was a little ashamed of it and was trying not to think about it, not feel like
We didn't think about it and had to deal with it. I got better. Didn't denials of debt always workshop level literally Of course we have all things: called hurricanes, come up and largely celebrating, or one year anniversary up and get Limburg and hurt, aims, chemistry, two oceans, brain I say we- I came home early and will be damaged or house. GotTA estimates got a couple estimates and the cheapest one was a thousand hours, namely okay, so on so we got and do the repairs, the house, and so after they, since the invoice where I oh here's our credit card and no, I won't take credit cards like what we're gonna. Do we just mineral near premature savings on our trip, so that was a kind of a point as we basically just little Bryson beans known your plan, but because we had to that weak in the so that was the starting point of why we decided.
And it had bought your book stating in line in Walmart as impulse by allow as a nurse in school, and it was a bad. It was the world's largest coaster cup layers of as us, our reading it- and I said well you to do this plane. You actually have to have money and I was not making money at the time I just put. It lay forgot about it. So if a cash, others contractors didn't take your credit card, you have a pinch even ouch moment. What happened, then? What did you do? You had your wake up? Call what happens after the wake up call. They caused remembered that I had your book now got started reading it.
Somewhere around here on the shelf. Is the answer to this problem a cast us our rhythm book and acid, which we can do this right and my manager at work that happened to use a was us than they re? Mrs pack, s dumpling he's got upon cast sailor. I listen to it and heard a deputy scream and if someone he was making had just as much as we did making the same amount of money as we were in got out it close to you As I said, we can do that. So I knew I had to get Robin back on board and that one hard she was already smart. Well, she had got a burnt out, but is because, Just so adamant not about doing it rush, you got tired of trying to get me, I'm bored so
her. Listen to that same deference cream and she looked at me said we can do this mocha. So you took the book and got it out to start doing a budget, absolutely game on cool, wonderful, great job, guys you thank how's. It feel it's amazing is, I can't begins. Did till you help how grateful we are that we are dead. Free is Frazier amazing journey lyrical, so one people find out you paid off fifty two thousand and sixteen months and they asked the question How do you do that? What are you tell them well Suddenly rights is all about creating a budget and sticking to a budget and tell him that, of course we run your plan.
And thereby? Oh, what I'll do the sum? I will if you and we both agree to do this? If we were gonna dig European, do the plan you Dave issue, do the violent stick to it? It work has been proven that work and we now we're not the first person people to do this and we get out that by doing your plan, but Robin this I got a better way of saying we do what we did well, and I think you know a big thing for us. Our fishermen, who I was we as soon as we decided to start getting out of date. We set a dollar eight, so each month as we were paying off, I just gotta that much closer to the girl said to me that that right,
really helped a lot, but we both know that you know that this, the story isn't in our own, we hit appoint, were, like you said, are breaking point and for ice. In that moment we decide to get on your plan, but we also decided to surrender our finances to the Lord and to quit doing things and our own strength, and we just when we threw up our hands. We gave it to him and allowed him to step in, and from that moment we said, okay were given him, the first fruits of our of our money. Our time that's going to Hamburg. Just that we're gonna start praying over. It were and we just started, surrendering more and more of ourselves. All Marilla sermons are now we really and truly are walking in freedom and peace and emerging doubts. The game changer for us and, as you know, has just said
the rest of our lives. That's very shy. Von very well done were very well spoken good for you. That is a very big key and We talk about not doing Dave is one of my friends. You probably heard me say the city he finally did this when he submitted himself to the point they said and taught when I quit trying to fix it, and I just did what you say do that's why our working and what you're saying as you submitted yourself, you put, one in authority over you called God and, changes are relationship with each other. When you do that, a treasure relationship with Lord, when you do that, you change your relationship with finances when you do that submitting submission Is it is somebody human beings have trouble doing submitting to anything. Each other in your marriage or two
two to Abbas at work, a leader it at work to a pastor and your church, and then submitting to the Lord? He is the Lord and so you know that that this whole thing of non toxic thing. Caught white thing or something like that. But this idea of submitting to something but cause you're meeting I I'll have the answers. Some one else does. That is huge. That's very insightful. Well. Well said we like that lot, In doing that, though, like just things, are changing like how is it just? It's not working! I, our marriage, was better. I started working like we're like we have money now in biggest joy. Now is actually not what can we buy now it's how much we can give away now were able just write a check to our church were able to just buy things for people and not think twice about it and that's been. The great joy actually have out of all
absolutely well. Don Yom will allow that, through your biggest cheerleaders, both verve appearance of my parents are whom watching them. We were hoping to get to come up here with this, but I d got ill at the last known better, but are both for appearance or real big cheerleaders autumn, mainly are both of us. Why we actually other obviously well done guys are. I again and Robin Biloxi Mississippi fifty two thousand dollars paid up in sixteen months making. Eighty two eighty eight we got a copy across oceans, everyday millionaires for you, that's the next. After an your story counted down, but Sarah Debt British grew three to wine where awesome very, very cool you guys
very well done by Lloyd taint, make eighty do thou. And they pay you dollar bills and short on milk. This is that I Ramsay shop.
vagaries in Kansas? Welcomes programs. You show Zachary Merry Christmas height, they what's up twenty four- and I wondered if I should buy from Bankruptcy- is I have about twenty thousand a medical bed and I owe tuna have tangible nor my current cars were bad about twenty two thousand, our call to find an appraisal, seven grant and you're twenty years old point four years old money for and what do you make a year? Thirty, what do you do? I'm a delivery driver for Amazon com? What Europe?
employing career was over the next six years. Honestly, I never went to cower journey things on Bob are gonna be stuck here. I am at now in six years or you where, if you keep playing an hour, Are you plan on driving and Amazon Drug for the next forty years? I know your plan, I hope not but now my rang. All of you know better, not as it is not about hope. You need a better plan. You need to do mindset of what I'm gonna do and what it's gonna take me to give me there I want to do when I'm thirty years old pays me a hundred dollars. Year. Eighty, largely Ronald care. What is it I want to do for a living that I enjoy doing, and then I can make good living for me in my future, family and so forth, and you do look at that for your work and forty hours driving the drive and truck.
For the eighty hours we great now at Christmas well. There are many other than Christmas. Your work and forty because Durant Christmas like more money. They pay you by the hour. Yes, ok, you're, making a lot of money right now, Yes, now, ok, then or slow down after metal, in January the work, a lotta returns after Christmas, even okay. So will be your income in in December, but say probably Five, five hundred a week and settlement on four hundred. They more now if you're an eighty hours and William paid by the hour. You not a double. Your income is dependent family guy, chapter six days a week for eight hours at sixteen twenty five an hour, so well. That is not, however, out what that's not eighty hours sundays
still I have my mouth- is not that good from they little you'd have allowed for through Sunday that I'll go home any pay at all, so gotcha, ok, so one thing Do we wish to average? Does we need to get your better income and a more stable and predictable in camp? You pick this because it was something to pay the bills right. I've been doing this for four years. The chief cause driving drowned all I've ever now. My wife get mad at me, but dragons all I've ever known. Why does she get mad at you, because you don't want me on the road abandoned gray accidents, and that was still a most biomedical builder. I'm gonna metal ride my bag as it is. What does she do for a living? she lifted stay at well that, firstly, What you desire agree is to start thinking about your career field and what you want to become and what you're steps are to become. One of those
because I don't you, I want to only be what my boss isn't it the fleet of bans, instead of being the one, actually deliver, and I would say that want to be the one that owns the contracts and everything else, no there's a goal that takes, but that takes a lot of money. So we have to figure out what steps are to get there and when I have you, you said secure financing be driving six years from now, long term trucks source figure out how to do that right. That's the first, The second thing that is: are you bankrupt now, you're, not banks, you're just scared, not a control. And you don't know where the money is coming and where the money is going, and I wondered I love your bankruptcy. Would give me a fresh start if it would be better if not but it's not necessary, you ve. Only twenty thousand dollars in that on the medical, and most of that will take twenty suits or take twenty twenty five cents on the dollar. Call him and negotiate with them and work them down when you
some money to offer them a lump sum saw me a two thousand dollar bill I'll take four or five. Boxes, settlement in full, because old man oh bills, do from a twenty four year. Old are not very collectible and so they will work with you. They will saddle don't put em on payments saddle lump sums So you can settle, therefore, five thousand dollars, and then we go this car mesh straightened out. So who told, the car was where seven thousand hours The phrase that I dealership a thorn that's been an accident for its work less than one it should be, and why was it not repaired when it was in the accident at will prepared, but they damn. It says it was an accident, but Kelly Bluebook value puts it down lower yeah sure managed revaluing. I better call the repair has been done here,
had been done. I've got that does not explain why a twenty thousand older vehicles worth seven. Well, I haven't paid on it since February for urban compounding interest on late beef. Why isn't it. When repose. I don't know, I'm not hiding the car, I'm not doing anything. I've told them that they want to come, get it taking, come get it, but I just can't in April to financially afford it. We got roped into dealer, promise zero down. Delivery driver that I'm using my own car and my car got hit. I needed the car in the Steelers stay where we can get you in this car for zero down and we didn't have any money saved up and I needed the car for work. So so you might want to show you my stupid, but decision yeah, I've done that to run after I get desperate. I usually get broken. That's what happened to me I'll, be careful, get desperate. That's when you make done decisions so high
I could well. I think we work our way out of the car worker. Why are these things and rough get your written budget to do something: to get your income up and get your career moving in a better and from direction. Does what you describe to me- is you're, not making you're not, in eighty hours, but you getting the hours you should be getting even in the month of December, which should be a bizarre busy month for you, Sir there are. Two things was put you in your wife and a financial patient diversity, and we will show you how to get our budget. I'll show you how to start managing the money that you have very carefully and very tightly and then I am also going to send you a copy of kin. Commons number one by showing book called the proximity principle, and it's all about your career and your career direction and do you are going to to get off your butt unintentionally do something of his career. Are you a forty year old with a mental wrought in your back
DR and ran for Amazon and you won't do that as an intentional use of your precious life, your precious I thought you were gonna, be something to do something, and you know why, because you have the abyss. Do something and be something, and I want you to do. There's no shame and drive and rock right now, but you To have a game plan or to be something different or you won't be no one accident They succeeds at these things. So you want our bunch attraction contracts and run a truck and got me, no issue without all shall like a good plan to me, figuring out how to do it and start making the first steps to get there and steps will be to get rather's debt without found bankruptcy. You're not bankrupt, you're scared disorganized control and you need a better. Than the one you have holdout Kelly or pick up guys get started on this. We will pay for every bit of it or give it to you as a gay The only thing we requires you actually attend the class and
that some day when you're, rich and famous, you found a scared twenty four year old and you give them the clash for free gift one Christmas. Merry Christmas! you, Sir I've been found, AAA eight to five five, two to five so giving gives like that's funny you, financial pressure virtue for Christmas right now. Some of you Our position is time for you to pay it forward. You ve already been the recipient, someone but you or you bought it. It has given to you finance, Peace? we the Torah money, make over all the stuff on sale in our store right now for for Monday, weak I just love saying that made it up. We're doing charmer Monday the whole week, apparently everyone s very deep, you go. Our book sail on all the best selling books are most of em. Universities that deal daveramsey dot com, check the store for the bargains or call the Ramsey concierge team at AAA twenty two piece. Eight hundred and eighty eight two thousand two hundred and seventy three, three,
Fades breakdowns in senior executive police are for the show you don't you didn't, listen or watch anywhere with a day. We shall have all your smartphone catch the whole show or watch the highlights and check out days upcoming, guess the app store downloaded today make more money doing what you lot of check out. Christie, rights, business, boutique, podcast, precision
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