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Why former lambs, usually broadcasting from our car rental studios, rammed down just paid off a mortgage taking the place of the Bmw, those status, and I remember your host your job and we'll talk about your life in your money. It's recall the Tripoli eight to five five, two to five, that's Tripoli! two five five to two: shall we start of those our in Tennessee high Shelly Welcome today, Ramsay show
How dare you how you doing better than I deserve? What's up? Well, I'm my husband, I have a disagreement, are what we need to do with our budgets and we can't have reached a new season of life. He retired from the air force after thirty years and we made the Tennessee and we have a new mortgage, I'm have any there, except for a mortgage backed and couple years ago, we stopped paying. You are a because we wanted to pay off and other house that we out at the time. So we got that paid off that. Will you really were living on gesture and should right now and we don't have we don't really have how of the savings plan implemented, but he doesn't seem to think that we need to be saving anything because he has no at a sour, every man from his retirement and but I keep thinking and we
like a thirty year wound on our house, but I won't we wanted to pay, is his chamber without paying anything extra on it. So I wanted extra. The house still put money. The savings and retirement, but he early warning to be there right now. So I just wanted your advice on what you thought we should do now. Obviously we teach people to invest in retirement and together Humph paid off. We teach anyone to keep a mortgage, their whole life and we don't teach people to not save money and hope that they can live on their pension, crazy, actually, so yeah. You definitely need to be investing. How old are you guys? Andy fifty five and fifty three he's fifty five five five, he asked her and he doesn't work now. Why not right now? Well, that's a long story. He's tried again several yards and
he has been operates and job. We just didn't think they were right for a family situation, so he was giving impatiently just decided that we should just choose a place where we wanted to wear and involving there and that he could get a job that he hasn't really for a job in the area because he's building in applying and he wants to work. On that which is very expensive and He knew how to build an airplane. Well, I don't think so you there, but he said Think that he does but it's about a hand, thousand dollars good. Lord. Yeah now laughing that's but he's not listening to me, I'm not sure I ll help you. I think you guys need marriage. Counselling, disguise off the rails, he's fifty five years old. He quit work. And you ve got one hundred thousand dollar airline in Aragon. Here is building a hundred of them know. I'm fifty nine
work forty years ongoing work by the way you're broke me. Money Well, I don't think we're broke. I mean we do have about fifty seven thousand in our checking account, and then we have almost two hundred thousand retire make a cow, and we No, why a new building up one hundred thousand dollar airplane, one third of your network is gonna, be in an earlier, not building well involved in this part of your life, your attached to this mess so I'll bet not really listening. I only our day. Why should you need merge counselling out of things there's a whole lot of other stuff goin on here. I don't know what he's having a mid life crisis late or what's going on, but
you know you don't build a hundred thousand airplane when you're total net worth is to grant it doesn't make sense at all and arm, and you dont quite work if fifty five, when you ve only got two hundred thousand dollar saved and you still got a thirty, your mortgage, you are not done you're not done. You need to create some income and to go back to vesting and get this house paid off and when you're meaner, we talk about buying airplane four hundred thousand dollars, but none tell your millionaires and you're. Not added, don't make sense. I don't make sense at all. So again, I can't make someone behave. Stupid is not illegal. Show and you can either for that matter, but you're gonna euro suffer the consequences. If you stand by and just say What he wants to do again, really about it, you're attached to it your guy you're gonna as a ship takes up.
Water you're gonna be the one get in your feet wet, and so you really do need to seek some marriage counselling because she wandered off to the city body ass, always saying to go around this discussion that he's disconnected is learned dangerous place. I hope hope emerge cancer can help ya open. A triple eight, eight to five five, two to five Jack ones in Texas How are you doing great? Thank you so much for taking on call sure, what's up but recently been given. I guess I guess a Christmas gift, a lot of money my husband and I will we make by two hundred and twenty a year and there we ve been given a seventy thousand and we already have pretty much all of our debt is paid off. The only thing we have left is our mortgage, which is three hundred thousand, and I've always stated
with our kid. I now work with the family business and I love the flexibility of it. I have a back. Finance, and just wondering o n and I'm looking into starting to go into rental properties, bug duplexes and stuff like that, and I was wondering if some of that should go towards the house or trying to go into Tunisia, the rental properties. I will now might be worth thinking about forty thousand to go towards the house, and this money came from where my mom occur and did she do a unified state tax credit filing,
or issue unaware that there is a gift tax. I knowed and she's aware that give tax it yeah about that taking care of sheep on the proper firelight, I'm not at the give half of this money to the government when she files yeah, maybe putting aside money. That's gonna go for taxes where they can. They can do this without paying any gift tax. If they say you know, stay planner, good tax attorney, but anyway, I aside from that, what we teach folks here and what I have done. My life jack and I love rail properties like you apparently do and I like investing in real estate and do not invest in rows. Timeless pay cash for it do not invest in real estate until my personal residences paid off, and so you are- and we would call baby
four five and six, do you have an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses? He asked me at fifteen thousand down premium emergency of that. Then you should be putting fifteen percent of your income into retirement. You should be taken care of kids college and you should be getting everything else. You can get and throw it at your house from your house paid offices possible when it is paid off, then I would save up and pay cash from offers. Rental, and I use that is your shortest passed away. It is not your shortest path to owning rental property. If you own rental property and properly, it is not a blessing, it's curse and I've done it both ways. I got a bunch of property two different times in my life. I strongly recommend you do it. The way I was laid out hope you listen to me. This is that empty shell,
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Cheryl is with us high in California. I share our. U I thank you for taking my call to steer and, alas, probably have more questions. Me. My husband was recently laid are, but because our went down, he went to ninety nine covered under the earth finish up a project from do come? Come here thanks to how emergency weird rating on next year to take money from his retirement. He is sixty and just pay off her house and get that so you don't have to worry about it. On my salary, how much is out on every five thousand emerging in your return on a couch
here's a cow were looking about twenty seven. These I remind you, haven't left out at the last couple of months. Between ireland- and you have a nice time well in my retirement, I have a couple hundred I'll know your father only five thousand between you today and we would use seventy five thousand plus another twenty five on taxes, there's no penalty but you'd have taxes on it. To pull it out and pay off their move. Now we do not want to. I wouldn't touch the road. I wondered at bullet other traditional and pay the taxes, yes I would pay off. Your reason is no penalties is, after fifty nine and a half, and it is a small. It leaves you plenty of money after we pay off the house. In other words, if you call me up
same scenario foundation. If a thousand in your house debt, which five hundred thousand, I would say, no, I don't you Only five thousand because it's mom enough percentage, I would do it definitely now. The other part of the equation as the sea needs to go ahead and we get the job lined up after the first the year. No use this as an excuse to go on cruise control. We use this as an excuse, the company he was picked up on. He may continue What's a one thousand and ninety the next year going company that laid him off the company will not oppose wars, but he was caught up in another company.
Come up, and instead of how long did it hurt him to monitor for good, led to a job even and if not then he'll lead to another dry and, if not, will be looking for another one right, click! Ok, good good! Shall I want these two subjects disconnected? In other words, I want. Career to be on its normal path and on its normal, if you call me up any, he didn't losers job I would have given you the eggs same advice. That's what I'm saying in so I'm not doing this because you got laid off I'm doing this because you ve got plenty of money and you should pay off your house and he should keep working. That's the processor because I want you you know, I think, you're gonna five years, you could end up seven years. You could end up over a million dollars in your retirement between the two of you and because you got no stinkin house payment.
Are set up to be everyday millionaires going into retirement and everything to be great, so going good question. Thank you for joining us Is it eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five? for being here, America were glad here. Mark is in Virginia, I mean how're. You doing very well, Sir good to talk to you to what's up so I have a quick question. It's been a really emotional, but yet I ain't your rollercoaster over the past year end We know the baby steps. Will we went to financial position of earthly and like but circumstances, causes too for me to be out of work for about eight months and then Why were you out for our minds? Because we had just before that we had had a child justified lost my chops you're, just where I live, Just before I had lost my shot, you give her at last my job and with me losing my job. We couldn't afford the day care that we were paying Eric
so you know what I did was. I stayed home. I watched the child for the cut that cost. That also did freelance work, because I do video photo stuff for small businesses or your work here now, yeah yeah, I recently got a job making launch took me making about thirty, two thousand, which is about a thousand less than when I was before I answer your question today is what well the question is is because we had to move for this job we moved over to Virginia and the cost of living is our different. What I had heard a had headaches, and the thing is that we are. We can't even really afford a lot of things and she's looking for our wish is trying to get one. But it's like. I felt this everything's on fire because, like just the moving cost and stuff like that- and it's like how do I add- because I dont know what it
anything like what can I do to you. You're not gonna cut something you're, not gonna, pay something. Ok, until she gets a job and should get a job quick, and so you guys I've gotta start thing. Through your moves, more carefully, you moved into Spencer area lost her job. And you did all of this for thirty three thousand dollars job. That was that's. What's put you in the pickle, so you do. Is you prioritize every dollar and when the money runs out you quit and here You quit food is first prioritization food is, zero for restaurants, broken food that you cook at home and feed your family inexpensively is first for the European family has food. The second thing is lights and water. You have the utilities hooked up on the new pleasure renting right. Yes, yes,
God you have enough to do those two things. Don't you? Yes, I feel better already on warm and labelling. For yes, now they pay the rent. A much as Europe we read is around seventy five unlucky. What would we could find cheapest? There we could save gas, also closet, where I would be working, so we could save almost costs. As fifty percent of your take home pay dude here, it's impossible. She has to work towards starting tomorrow, she's gonna give journal or you have to move back to where you came from or you have to move out of that You can not pay. A nine hundred dollar ran on two thousand or de gondi, not for very long ago. You can do for a little while, but it sounds to me like. By the time you keep the lights in the water on and you buy food and you,
You ran, there's, probably not much left. You have a car payment. We have much left about a ten dollars on the car, but it just about just a few days ago I had an accident and we have to pay the deductible to get the car back and I don't have a car, so I only have the car really currently. So that's also one of those things come up now again you're you're, so you can get a car. You need an extra job annually. Delivering peaches every night and she needs a job starting the day that you guys can start to get this balance, but its food, shelter, clothing, transportation utility before you do, Anything and everything else just has to sit until you get your until you get some income in. Man, I'm sorry your face in this. This is the date shut up
and my last saw where those from Rochester New York to do their best free scream. What's up guys Europe's most, how much of you paid off seventy four, thousand one hundred and forty two dollars alarmed at the stake. Thirty one month- total but really the last twenty one months- we were gazelle, enhance, got it and your range of income during the two and a half years, Seventy three thousand two. Ninety three thousand clue what I'll do for a living? I am in sales in project management, for building supply company
and I am a mental health councillor for a Non Roca, very good work. That was a seventy five thousand ten thousand was deemed student loans. I had almost forty thousand in student loans and then a truck and a car for combined twenty five thousand. Oh there we go. You are vehicle, bore yeah? What about shallow murdered? You keep em I sold my truck old and where we got the gazelle intends that, with what camel dragging its feet. A little bed was on board, but once he filled the truck you'd like Yes, you ve, given up my truck we're doing this thing, we're doing a hundred percent while, while while maize, using very cool so what started this thirty, one months ago,
We have too little boys and our youngest was almost one and we were in oak, have re examining our goals in and what we wanted for a family and just realising there. You know I really to be able to take our kids on vacations and experiences, and we never did our debt, which I'm thankful for, but I wanted to be. It will do things, and we just couldn't do that. Also realising. We were one emergency way from a huge catastrophe and just unnerving so to really got think ok what it what we're gonna do here. We need to change something then what happened I have known about daydream thee. My grandfather used your programme to help my parents, we ve been kind of Dave issue for awhile and knew of the baby steps a little bit by. We just really got on the same page and said: ok, we're doing lesson and started chipping away in and throw every penny Amsterdam right, very cool then, and then
what point dean? What happened in Your brain says: ok, we're guess all the truck. You said it having a reason why we are going through water. Why was a family in we're, looking at their finances in it. Just wasn't lining up. And I knew something had to change it truck window on payments on top of They care in mortgage were just at the break even line, and there is no way to make those all the reality. Without changing something had to break the law. Georgiana going, I headed by my Dave, Carte Blanche about driving it would you buy? I got a two thousand ten equinox. Ok, that's not too bad what you priority cash, I paid- six green for it-
check for sixteen, and I paid off my stood alone with that cash wow and that broke the lobby and and in blood, you just said: if I'm at the trucks, Leven Wade, doing nothing, we're doing this thing You haven't! You turned up the heated that point as I what I heard it was the moment for me the out. He was kind of an intention, and I will love Indeed, I am bored just because I knew what it had. What I had to do, I don't blame it on Bio. That's normal good! For you good for you gas! Was it worth it absolutely hundred percent. We have had such a huge like sense of relief like I wish I could describe it better, but as soon as we put pay on that last payment. It just like this
I didn't even realise how birdie burdensome at what it was until it was gone. It was an amazing know when you're free- that's when you realize you weren't yeah, yeah changes. It really is a tightness across the top, your shoulders and down your back, and you really feel the actual burden of it people are realised that that's gone and we'll having any payment. You can breathe different. It was a big leave in our family and something we are able to share with our boys, making it less payment, You know let them know even at a young age what that means for a family were go back now, if you'll get where were so or so excited to be in a play, where we can. You know, have them wriggle room and plan for vacations and budget for things that that we had to say no. He'll for for so long and now, oh, it's it's a scam.
Budget line we have. We have an entertainment budget which we demand for so long as exciting as an ice ass. What you tell people key to getting out of debt is Definitely having your, why so being over us, had we had our. Why which are changing our family in and what we could do, but when we kind of gun, today that last twenty six thousand and it felt like okay, we were chugging along at that that last night wine we made up. We're chain with like twenty six rang for a thousand dollars each and each one? We put another reason why: how much you know just so we can keep motivation and remember: why are we doing less like when we were kind of starting to lose motivational little that while not lose motivation, but just say like: where do you get tired through you? Get tired, tired, emotionally and physically exhausting to go through that. The aim is not. This is not an easy thing. You ve done it it's very real? Who are you? cheerleaders outside the two of you
we had a lot of support from our church. We ve actually gone to your series at our church are captured. About you, almost nothin certain instances when it brings up a kind of funny two goals that you have for families and there's a bunch of families working through your programme as well to the church, sorts could dance ideas off guess that emotional support, a man who need our family with supportive while some of them in all kind of gave us somebody looks and now they're, like all that's good for you, but they were still super proud of us who are supportive of us going through we ve got a copy Chris Shoguns book. For you every day, millionaires Suzanne What's on tap for your next, that's the next chapter in yours to keep playing through and now
become wealthy so that you can live and give like. No one else. You're on your way were very proud of you here I can tell you that congratulations, encamped, think Dean, a Melissa in Rochester New York. Seventy five thousand dollars paid off Thirty, one month making seventy three two ninety three, including the sailor, his truck Canada, Zira dead, free scream, three two one. What is now it's done you wanna get in financial trouble, work less. You want to get out of that work, more speed all share in common that their income has gone up little. When three year old, Elysium Isabella and the first hour race,
and from forty to fifty two by baby sitting at twenty bucks an hour now, the couple hundred and forty two hundred and ninety, while they got out that these guys. Seventy three two ninety three all motion over here: a debt free scream where their income down, while their ordering to get out of that It always work more, not lass, there's a grey way to go when you're broke, tat, work it's a sure, fire money making scheme. You don't sit on your butt and hope doc is gonna fly in the window. You go out shoot the dock block the dock cook to that's what I wrote that comes from it. Doesnt accidently occur in you're, freaking, oven, you. Make this happen. It's the only shot that you have to create your destiny That's what these guys do,
proud of him. Well then, this is the day Ramsay Show our scripture, the diverse Peter five, ten and after you ve suffered a little while the God of all grace was called you to his iter of glory in Christ will himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you, Bradstreet said if I, if we have no winner, the spring would not be so pleasant if we did not sometimes taste of adversity. Prosperity would not be so welcome.
Larry is whether in Florida I Larry welcome to the diver amnesia. Things and Merry Christmas day, boy you're fired up today. I like that doc analogy like this one: a pause to thank you for all the profound life lessons in life, changing directions who give all of us within graduates of land, for peace, university and dedicated and into everything. Ramsay. Thank you for your work, your team and Kelly's great work. I want to come to you with a difficult. Property management judgment if she was, if we will Winston or some other colleagues of Eurostat Uncle Dave Business with facts and then I'll get your important. I think it might be helpful to other people too. My family, has a summer home up in the northeast in New Hampshire and its in US What were we area? We spend about a total of eight weeks where we have great neighbours, and God,
get along. Well with everyone, a trait immediately adjacent property was sold in this. This past They too are very young couple years a young child. They don't appear to have traditional employment positions. I have not personally met nor have any of the other three labels. I think with feeling is they may be not that friendly people, this new cobbler. Be that as it may, we recently were worded by one of our other neighbours. Very large number of heavy wooden shipping powered, had been dumped on our properly there had been observed, on this neighbours property, and we have documentary proof of that and we want to get your thoughts on. How was the best thing? I don't really have the option. I won't be back up the ritual able I don't have the option remark on their doors. I greet them and having viewed them, I'm not sure I would,
I'm a senior citizens. They look. I don't think that the candidates jobs at Ramsay Operations days, but the three options we came up for them What you personally, why? The latter treatment options we have an attorney write, a letter to the option c. Does the matter to the police, who I think would be very supportive because with statutes have varied, two major calling and penalties if it's over fifteen pounds of stuff, but you can't run someone's property, you can end up, at least under the statute books, with your driver's license suspended for up to six months in community serve. Clearing things, the other obsolete, we're leaving in favour of the options for having a private investigator grow older greet them. Ask them I've. You know, she's so admit what they John, regardless
when we have the problem that stuff remove not put any other neighbours promptly and taken to a will otherwise disposed of and give them a and, if that was ignored, then go to the police, but he wanted uncle raves view we try to get along with neighbours, and we had the mindset very rarely on the property, is rural area, but its semi world. We have otherwise excellent neighbours now dear. Any contact with the police department up there at all these trees police, unfortunately, new personally suddenly died of a heart attack? We don't know The gentleman has taken over his position, but we have every reason to believe I do support now and that I was just wondering if, rather than shinning the place, I just don't want over. Overdue. This ah create more hostility.
I'd rather create a minimum amount of conflict or drama to get the response that I want and then, if that does, work. I can always turn up the heat, no pun intended, but the ya do you feel The private investigator was long. Is there someone that has the right kind of demeanour if they go their economic Barney? Five, it's like I'm doing good, but I will send them. The message: hey, we want to be good neighbours. You probably didn't realize it that's over on airline. Maybe you thought it was your property line or something but its clearly their property lines are out of town. They would come by themselves, but they could because you're never here damn you now, if you guys Take care of the ocean just be good neighbours than Everything'Ll be cool and and if they are going to authorize your guy, if they don't give a positive response to that, then you just say: you know. Really we don't want to have to go these other rules, but we can contact. Attorney, and you know we can have a job
put against you get turn it over the police and they can come down to visit you we don't do all that we just won't be good neighbours, and so you we're just gonna, pretend like you, did it accidentally, and that you're gonna clean up and we're all gonna be great neighbours and just get the stuff back on your property or get rid of it? One of the two I can't stay our priority or large, it's a very low. Volume you it looks like they moments. Must you used a truck because its work over. Clearly Our problems are now. That's not the point. The point is I gotta, be always I'm gonna give him a nice option to just cleaned up as kindly is possible. If that doesn't work, then I'm gonna turn it up. If that doesn't work, then I'm gonna turn it up. They holding up. Would you be concerned about retaliation and damage to the pressure and all sure yeah absolutely, and if they that I'll put him in jail. I can turn it up again like I'm not going be intimidated by the people on going to be kind to them and firmly.
Explain that we're not going forward with this kind of behaviour and arm I actually, if you do nothing than they're gonna, get the idea that can do whatever the flip they wanna do overture place so doing thing is probably going to invite more trouble than hostility, but again to have God I'm over and build a jerk and trying to protest drumbeat, Barney, five for some discovering behind and look ass. We can do the seas the hard way we don't want the hard way won't be good neighbours. We say in I'll give you guys I this may be messed up. You didn't realize this was our property but you're over on our line, and- and you know you need to get this cleaned up in the next ten days or two weeks or so, and if you'd down then You know you begin at her letter from our attorney and a clear that wild and multi showing the police down here, and they all right you up for the ocean than you're gonna clean it up. So here's with why here's the thing we're gonna, clear, gonna, clean this up.
It's just my will regard the hardware the shop way and we just want to be good neighbours. Man and the numbers don't dump crap on other people's property. I mean you know so innocent. You just have a kind of gentle firm message and don't invite trouble in If you can help it, but not dealing- or that is also inviting trouble, show your smart to address it, but I think the first thing you do: share police down there, you're gonna get him a hostile reaction. Obviously So let's give em a shot at just being a good neighbour and I'm just person to person, personnel and the gout. The folks were come over here, but they live our town and early up here. A few in the summer, and you know you need to get this done. The next
we shall check back and make sure it's cleaned up and to weaken its not cleaned up in three weeks, then we're gonna have to take other steps. Ok, please don't! Please don't make do that and that's that's how we would do it if it was our property and we do they cost of all time was tenants and with neighbours and trees fallen over the property law on someone else's property, unknown, Bowers stuff, like that, all the time intently on property, more stuff beyond the more repairman you have to know and the more conflict you get to have issues part of it so smart way, rounded amen thanks for the cop. I wish out that help show, but I I you know, I think, you're the way you ve assessed these folks. You dont have a high opinion of them. Taking the soft rout so just be prepared to
go ahead and quickly ratchet the heat up and you say: we're gonna, send the police and the other folks down there and have the call that chief oblation is go hates that by talk to me, you can talk him out of it without us having to actually file a warrant with you, but we can file criminal, but maybe you can just talk to them and in a kind of do you know Andy versus Barney. Instead, obscenity Barney down there listen Andy down there, and now he could always work it out in the carpet, sometimes idle help, because I don't get crosswise with the local police folks. Their smart, even if they're running criminal activity, especially the running from one that puts us our that I've Ramsay Show in the Bush will be black. Was you before you not in the mean time, remember, there's So Molly only one way to financial peace, and that's the one dealing with the prince of Pigs Rice Jesus,
hey it's Kelly says he producer imposed reign over the Dame Ramses. Shall you would like to be your debray scream live on the show, make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, flash so and register. We would love for you to come the National until Dave your story, if you're looking for fun
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