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You Have to Get MAD to Get Out of Debt (Hour 1)

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Oh, oh bli- of the Headwardes, a Fransy solution, Frogt asting from the Dollorcar Widd. This is the day Ramesey Show where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life and your money sitting every day, Abyt Presoken and I'm excited to be with you and excited to take your cause. So if you are sitting out there and you're thinking, this is the time Chris. I didn't S about geting, more focus on my finances at Weregin to make this year the best year. I've ever had it's time to get started all we hav WS, make a decision and then have a plan and a process to follow and you can make it happen. But I want to hear from you if you are
you've. You got a question. Give us a call. The number to call is eighty, eight, eight five, five, two two five again that triple ate eight two fives five, two to five wed love hear from you. You can also find us on social media on all the places. A Instagraa Anend, twitter and face book and all the things at Se Show- or you can find me personally at Chrisog in Thrty. Sixty would love to be able to talk to you and so tha. The goal of the is to make decisions to get better and as perusing, the news you can imagine em me throw my glasses on here. Tell you about an article that jumped out at me. Tells me that we still have work to do the real is this. This is the headline. This is from Seain N Americans have a record. Fourteen true n dollars in debt, o Kate. First of all, that's Truel Youn, I didn't say million. I didn't say Billy an. I said, Trillyon fourteen trillium,
as households o sing on a rekid amount of debt in mortgages, credit card student loans and other forms of debt, Howsold, Det ticked up a point. Seven per cent during the third quarter According to the New York Federal Reserve, I continuing a five year climb, encouraged by low employment, strong consumer confidence and cheap borrow cos that this is a phrase that he to jump in on This is a situation when you low on employment. That means people or working people are making money strong consumer confidence. Mese people are feeling good, but his situation here, cheap borrowing see the regardless of how we're doing financially, if you continue to borrow you're going opposite the direction you're trying to go, let me give you a piage to and economics here. People interest that you earn is a reward interest that you pay is a pin. So if I borrow some one else's money, I'm being charged of penalty? That's called interest.
And when we get this in our heads that we start to understand that we can start to take steps to put ourselves in a better position. So what we have to do regardless of what's goin on and the economy, we ve got to make sure that we have a plan, and so, if you're out there in your hearing this, don't let consumer confidence throw you off your trail. You ve got a no. Path and we talk about the Babis Teps here, while because that's the path that can change your life, that's the path that has help million people turn around their financial situation and truly understand how this works. Some going to the phones- and I want to to talk to some Mun Lusee. Here I got lined for a got Parker Parker. How are you a m doom walkrs. Are you o on not finish my friend? How can I help you? He had the question I'm on twenty four and about at Dave Step: five, no children on single My household income is about one twenty, two of ten hundred a a year, Bob
about a n on a hundred and one invested, an about not thirty four saved- and I was just it kind of wondering what what the next step- and I I am lookin at a house where, should I invest that who ket very good perk rooded you at this you're twenty four years old. Where did you learn about money? you know I- I min my parents- were pretty good, but I joined the Navy and I learned a lot there. Thatsa, that's where I am now. I I don't have any dead because to that that as fantastical thank you for your service, my friend up much longer you got to be enlisted I'm ot. Naturally out I got in tergges on working as an engineer now, ol cake, fantastic and where you are right now is that where you planned to be for the next five years or so odd five years or so Yeng, I'm going to Grange Goul Bu a works Fang for that is Wha, look et good and I say that as with the way you've worked through you got yourself out of Det. You've got a fully founded emergence upon in your investing. You know twenty for
old, already, halve a hundred, and one thousand always put away for your retirement is phenomenal. This next step, Parker's huge, especially as you Lookd by home. Ah, I won't a Herrjou to to make sure that you're thinking clearly on Whatf Ther looking to buy, but I want you to be intentional, with saving for down payment so, o have a minimum o ten per cent to put down as a down payment, so this would be where, Just in your money market accounts to start to stick some money. I would love for you to go into twenty percent down and here's. Why there's a thing? Uter Al P. Am I its private mortgage andsurance? He don't talk about this anywhere elle. O but reality is, is what this private mortgage insurance protect. The bank dan't protect you at all and in fact it- e hundred Fiftytyo three hundred dollars a month to your payment. So if you can go with a twenty per cent down payment. You won't have to DEA That p am MI at all. Now, you're single, you don't have kids strong income. There's no reason you can't get to twenty per cent, but I all
want you to be aware. Buying a home is a business decision. You don't get Bien emotions. You want to see clearly you want to make to your decision, I call it. You are a decision about the type of home you buy right now and you want to look back on it. Hit ears, and you want to be glad that you made that decision, but listen to me to your decision requires that you pull up out of the situation. You don't make it a no decision. You wanto make a business decision, it's so Parker. I encourage you, don't buy your dream house. This is your first house and trust You were meet somebody and get married later, show you ow that House YE wanted when riding away ah Sha, so you want a slow down, but you wan't go with your eyes wide open am proud of you, young man, at your age and your stage, you're aheaded, again, he'd Drun, a fantastic job stay focus. My friend, you are deffinly, not Phinis, o Cang, I'm going back to the lines I've got Jake on the line from Colorado Jake. How are you don't mhen? thegavered silker thouh on focus did not finish my friend. What's on your mind, no
I wiked my head as bit of a fiastre last week, a ha hard o damaged by the a garage door from the building that we live in at the upside EIS is Just- metic there can be giving us a check, Lam, CANA's curious warrior by its sbindle, which way to go. We can either PA off the small bed on her dests, noble, which would be hurt car, ah or I could use that check to buy myself a beater I and get out from under MAA eighteen thousand dollar a trurcalent tefoo a come Ets. What size chequer we Talkin Bout here: Jake UT. Three four thousand whom wheeled that twenty five hundred on my lise scar, O Kt twif, I thought Is your wife's car, the smallest dead on the dead, Soball Liter, all right now? What other debts you said! truck her car. What else you have on there? Oh so we dan't one more credit card timulk at at credit cards student loans for her,
to the loders of a small little Idlyone's, Pat off about five came past couple months on paid up three debats, so the Laquenon de Pois bought in an n the cargase. What can hard me think they to GE much lurk, but Tom eminating that, and it will be good to me that you can be a cargo. I want you to be a dead free cargo. Yess, as that check comes in. Do not let that Checque sit in your check and account because Tell me right now: you're got to think that it's free money, it ain't free Al Right- is not pay off that wait! A few weeks the titles Gunner show up and you drive THA, Think told the wheels fall off any extr that comes in people. We have to attack the ded Silball we got to get serious, got us stay focus. You know why people you're not finished. This is the day. Ramsa show
me de Andd which your cellular service to pure talku as and saved money, Jat from Maine said I heard about pure talcu esay from Dave Ramsey Peared as is thee best self own service I have ever had. There is a monthly, affordable plan for everyone. Folks, all Takues ES plans include unlimited talk text and data and no contracts try risk free to day called pound
two fifty and say the Keyward Dav Ramsay, Crue and bellow every one you are tuned into the Dayerams, the show no date TAN have a call. I'm chrisoken filling Enterday excited to be with you and excited to talk to you. Eukaisara already on fire. The foam lines are lit up, so Shumedia is flying around. So listen if you've got a question of You want to talk about. We were to send us your your message, Fit's be a socialmediate. Look for us at Ramsey Show really refine, but listen you Coan also call us. The umbercall is eightyt, eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five again, that's triple eight, eight, eighty five, five two to five. I was just out in the lobby and we've got some fantastic guess out there I got two or three people out from Florida, ah, which out of a within florder, is here. It's warmer down there, I'm going back with them. They ve got a couple people in town from Connecticut
I know why they're here, your probl got twenty four feet: a stone lumb of ground out there, but listen if you're ever near Franklin. Are you in Nashville see us you'd get a chance to come visit the new office, a Goverinvales visit milissa over the Baker Street, CAFE Grabb a cookie, get something to drink. As you can chick out, all the different books, e have over there from all the Ramsey personalities, as well as some other ones that are preferred reading for us here, ah, but really want you to tune in we're having a blast talking to you and I'm getting back on the phones. I've got windy here on the line Wendy is calling in from Massachusetts Wendy. How are you. M Gan harrye on fucus and not Finishin Laidy. What's on your mind to day, ah my questioner Thog, my the Juniary collar Shan and eye he got into familiar Goold, which we couldn't afford or she is going to the state Gol an am as she took out our tas alone for by the time she grasor it Shald be
twenty thousand dollars in that and I went back to work so I could cover the lust of virtuition, but I've been able fave about fourteen thousand dollars, though, by the time Sou graduates, I should have enough to pay off for debt. He'd wo erly hard and Shee caves, ot, ten thousand Wo Thill. My quentionues. Do I Tal for debt. Oh Is that undermining her lake in life? Who you work? Tell har, but I don't want Hy Childem, you know, pull the lug out from underneath her and Gea Hyo work no hard, but I'm in Payi id off anyway, o got yo, or is that I get what WI is she working?
She working hard to attack and pay those off herself a hooker, and here, if he workedt vacation, not during the coer, Athe Ochre or it o lurking, he had strapped about the Dek Ge S, o ka Well'T. You know what he hears a thing, so you've gone back to work, but before we get to that, let me hit to stop side. I can't tell me first Wendy: how do you o? What's your financial situation? Lookd like? How much do you all have save for retirement? Am opay fell. The hoo were the complexity, In that I didn't understand one. My parents did there at state planning they put a large property and said my name, but then, when you on the planet, Ader have made. My networth, though high this meeting. Get any money except I don't get anythe money on the property or your parents still alive? Yes, Uker so letme as
When cow? Much do you have save for retirement? I have about a million o king all right, an an when, on out you own, you, Hume, Freing, clear. I like you already or I could do in Somesef Ilen Gan we' hold on a mat. Now all right see I'l witness a different complexity. Not what do you owe on you? Have any debt. Ah wel ever now? As you know, Ye Tot Thup, but let's try Wor more time. Wendy LI as lost. You have a Carlon. Now ucke. Do you own anything else. I right now. I have a credicard bill housing dies which I will pay off. Naturally, I felt the phone line Ethough Thein, I Ande Whistin, a rock I' feel it Wendy Nout Lests 'M, pay that thing off and get that thing out. Your like Wiotness Rouph, get back here, do your daughter once you all have trained her the fact that she feels a litte
dress about this debt. I don't think is a bad thing. I I really don't, and I love the fact that you are our lookin at it and your care enough. You want to dart to start off on the right foot up, here's what could happen. Let's think thus go down two pats. Let's say she does continue to work and she pays off the hows she going to feel about herself. I think she's got a Fiel in hower. I think she ought to feel im She's got to feel like she did this and lo and behold what if, as she graduates have some money that you are able to give to her. As a graduation present you see wrung, go on with this bank yeah see. I think it can be twofold, Once she did this, she paid off her two noils and so for a
her mind. She's got the feeling of what deat feels like she knows that weight on her shoulders and that's was pushing her. So I don't think we take away this growth opportunity for her because she's goine to learn some things, but I still think you have an opportunity to be a blessing for her and to be able to gift her with that money. As a as a graduation gift made, you buy our car. Maybe that's something you kick off if she's got an emergency fon. There are two ways, but I like the path of this young lady being as focus that she is That means you all have trained her and you've talked to her about money. Let's let her keep growing. I don't think there's aything wrong with that. I think in America today our goal as parents is to help people to grow up to be productive citizens too often times. We try to make sure that our kids oll ever have any struggle and if they never get a chance to have struggled, they 'll never get a chance to come to learn and grow. He'll, never get a chance to flex muscles to find out what they can withstand and to learn some lessons, and so we letim we got to. Let em feel that we got a. Let em push not didn't, see, Strug!
nnecessarily, but not all struggles, a bad thing struggle hi find out who you are and help you stand more of what you say. You truly believe so Wendy. I think this is a good thing. Let her keep pushing. Ah, I think she's got a lot of things that she can learn from this process and a proudo you and went you palefict cred a cart. I shut that thing down o K, ow witched send me a message when you do it get that thing out of your life. You're never did millionaire honey. You ain't got time for that. Next up, I'm alive, Patrick in California, Patrick. How are you I know Bery Harry I'm and not finish my friend. What's on your mind today, day I'm de mors Gan, on and the profets of getting the more furly so that whom late a Co dil my jonte with his grandma Ba and oh Abad place until bat a year, Ta Half go drug doleged up by Gall Albert RU. Do you TI an get myself together that LI?
in playing I'm trying to build my prayers and like it be loved. Ah my score was like five hundred and forty I got right now an got about Belnoon Det, then thergin that I or hope in Aadinfom a carloan said. I got um one, the Hyintraso Credch Gorgling, the giant and I know I know, tiry interest. I, with my credituson of e dimly Gian on to get it lower. Well, listen to be petrol. I gan fun and get the hears about getting out o debt wo. I here's a deal number long, Wuld NOK a word about flycoscore. They know you be rolled up gate now, Fikosqor, to me. It is not an indication of how well you're do it. A vical score means you get a chance to borrow more money to go further into debt and to be further in a hole, so
nter! Do that we don't borrow away out o debt ye get Ouo debt Y git mad! You put it down on a paper, smallest, the biggest you start attacking it. Throug the extra money at the one little one you make minimum payments on the other and you take a second job. Patrick, or to hear about your life change, but guess what life happens? That's the matter how we respond, and so you, like some Mite got Lo Furver, you battle some personal things, but you're coming back I want you to come all the way back, and that means you intentional. So the Deats Nowball people listen to me. You want to get seres about get not a debt lister Dat's out, smallest Tof make minimum payments on everything, but the little one and attacked the little one with every extra oll. You have to get not a debt's knot about math. Don't come Tell me where Chris I'm going to attack the highest interest rate. First, that's not going to work! Okay, I want to attack the biggest at first. It's not going to work ththe, smallest ones, first, because getting out a debt's knot about mathods about momentum when you have the confidence that you can do it and you
showing you that you can there's somp em in your back TE guess a little stiff. You start to stand up a a bit stray you understand at all. I got some stuff to do. I got a future to chase. Care. What's in my way for now, Cazuscona leave and debt's a whimp when you start to hit it a little bit and he threw ext e at it it shrivels up and I then she'll get out of hes like I guess what? Then you get your myney back people and now we're doing some stuff. This is the day Ransicg shot Tem MI, H,
No ever one on grishoga filling him for day. Weu were listening to the day, Ramsey Show and we have just wrapped um and absolutely Hectin Avenseason. We have been all over the place Dave and I were just in Charleston South Carolina where we dit af Financielthes lives, which was amazingly had about three thousand people there in attendance. It was rocking up before that in Sacramento. At our smart conference we had about eleven thousand people there. I was an absolutely phenomenal event just want to let you know a vent wise. We've got a couple of things: a that are coming up a in February on Valentine's day, be a got Atenight opportunity, we'll have our money in marriage event with the Rachel cruise and doctor less parrot, not they been Travelin around and doing this event. I'l quite often with Thei
be here and there at church of the city on February fourteenth, and so this would be a great opportunity to do a date. Night talk about money and marriage and learn, I wantid yo of all ages. In all stages, don't kar have been marredfor twenty minutes or twenty five years. There could be a great event, and I also an to let you know about something else- people were about to go on Kay. For the first time ever, we can have a rams. Cruise a live like no one else. Cruws at this grew is going to be March twenty second, through the twenty ninth, I we're going to be going to and pourting in the Bahamas, a Turks and Cacose Saint, us and San Juan, and it is the amazing and everybody was so pumped about this sold out in less than a month, and we've got a few cabins that they have released ah to us and the cruise its going to be epic, a Davin Argan A joined, get the
the other Ramsey personalities will be their Dave Christie Rachel, I all be there. Ure we got have world class friends of ours there, like Jeff, Foxworthy, Stephen Curtis, Chapman, a Minit, Shohun and culd Cheff and we an have several days at sea jam. With amazing experiences and entertainment. Ah, we were just a few. Months away actually, and so we got up. More cabins that have actually opened up. Ah, that's right: you can bill join us in March, and maybe you been to pay off the last few debts to open up or you finish. Your emergency, fawn and youre now you're ready, but listen. This is the time so what I or to do. You can join us to this unforgetable cruise. Here's, what you do verthe, Ramsay crews, DOT. Come now hear me with this o Cay people get on my say, I' talkd too fast, Somemos Domt go over to Ramsey cruise dot com right now to Claiy of the last remaining cabins. Now this is
to be a debt free celebration of a lifetime, and we want you to be there so again go to Ramsey cruise dot calm. Now I don't kn all the festivities, their planning on this thing. Ah, but I know to be there and o some of things. They have in store a Vetoad, a may get out voted. I don't know, but I refuse to wear that costume I's not going to happen. Ah, but anyway, listen to me we'd love to see you there, and again it's a live like no one else: crews go to Ramsay crews, dot com, I'm looking forward to and I'm excited adding people that have battled to become debt free, so we can- no one else. That's the name of the game, Ouratn America, a out Thereand, you've got a question. Call me o k, d right, you're ready for you. The number to call is Triplate eight to five five, two to five again, that's eighty, eight, eight, two, five five two five or find its own social media at Ramsay Show or me at Chris Opium. Three sixty. Let me know your question. I jump in a lot of it mma out here in California? And who are you and
God hurry you, oh I'm doing fantastical like your voucher, ol, pippy and stuff. How can I help you tho? I have a questioned. My husband and I jave got married a cop. A week ago he eyed the Onwe Combide our Det Allt bind, I M tho. My question was o my cuted loans is like Tol Ifty one thousand dollars and they range from like they're like ten different lovs Gide of it see, may range fror, two by twenty Ine hundred dollars, Toint seven thousand now my hut is want os credit harded, like ninety five hundred so, I don't know if I should brake up the student LOS and might put it individually into my Det Nobal or Gofits Pais like Scart atackies, but dear Lond after we Pofe Buck got your got you so right now. The student loans right now are all individual loans correct. Now, if I o
on like one umbrella, LO, I guy Okajin and each Winer's ten differ long, loking an so em, oh cape, it's one or two ways: fits if it's all under the same name of the loan and you've got five to six individual loans, then a you would treat those as individual, so as you make your debt snowball out, you would start off, listened at smallest, the biggest and so would do. Is the ninety five hundred dollar credit card, fall in whatever order you're going through, so I still attack it, smallest bigges biggest if they Howa if they've been consolidated and there to one ah and you've got one big payment N one big loan, that's a different ball game. So if it's just one big one, let's sae for exam one loan, you consolidate Ed Tenderferlon nto when you'v got this fifty one thousand at the payments like thousand dollars a month, then that would be the largest debt that you have on the dead. Sill ball, the Credi card Wul go in front of
So the mindset around Thisanna is getting out of debts, not about map it's about momentum. So when you attacked the infers what you're showin yourself is as that you can do this and so you'd make on payments on everything else, while throwing every extra dime toward the smallest debt. So that's how you go about that and looking at this as you all ar newly weds and you try to start your life off right and I'm proud of you for being plugged ANA. This money stuff and talking about it, but I wanting rd you, how do you go further faster? That's what I want TED to ovfe you to start to brainstorm. Just As you have that debt and again, I know it. Dan't take long to accumulate det, but getting out of debt is much more difficult. Sho can have to make a commitment to it and be focus, and so what are you guys willing to do? It might be taken on an extra job. It might be working a little extra and converting all that overtime towards the debt. I say this because you guys taking a couple
is right now, as you just got married and you are getting focus and really Zerone in on this together in a couple years. You can knock this out right long before you start talking about starting a family or any. And you truly get a chance to start off on the right foot, and so I just want to commend you guys to continue to work together. Tay Alines they connect it and don't stop. You've got a great opportunity to keep growing forward. I got a messagen o Instogram I'd, says some e hey. I wanted to ask: mob had passed away several years ago I was the only the on her life insurance, I'm ing to join the army, also want to get a really nice car, a scion, they're, really cool, and I love them. I don't want to waste the money, but I really want this bran new car. What would you say?
well, first and foremost, I sorrtyo hear about your mother. I glad to hear that she had life insurance and you have an opportunity to receive that those funds. I think those funds probably mean a lot to you and you want to do something of. Vicantce. I also like your mind, said of wanting to join the army. I think it's commendable. Those are the true heroes in our country, not necessarily athletes or musicians and saw him. I love that of yor. Loved you think it, but but then you say, as car really cool and a wanted, and as brand knew this, where you lose me, o Kang, you don't Anto. Do this like here about to go into the army you What's me, ans you'd not go see your car right, your be runnin around and in in mud and climbing things and jump it out of plains. Don't you no one eat you on
LL onter do this. Yet what you could do, though, is pause and wait. Let that money sit there and, as you get ready to move forward, you could get a car. That's newer to you. Aur Brannew cars uh. They depreciate quickly at an appreciating asset. So I would rather you be more intentional, be very aware of the decisions you're making and go into this slowly be careful oftentimes. When people get money into their hands, they they tend to to get so exc, they want to hurry up and do something, and you want to take your time. You want to think this through. Your mother was very intentional, leaving this money to you and know you want to be intentional with it, and so is this something you by a car, that's newer to you and again. I just want to caution, because
Speople will run forward in this, so quick that they're not really thinking it through. I got another one from Twitter. It says I'm inheriting my mobs home when she passes away. I wante not, should she put me on the deed now to have avoid inheritance tacks or put it in the will? Well, a tonetia here's. The thing you Gus are our talking about some estate planning steps and what er courage. You to do Sho'Ld get over. All view of the whole thing is to sit down with an estate planning attorney. I walking it through. You know, there's that you you looking at putting it in a trust if the home is paid for a the trust, might be the best way over all. Ah, but the trust is the owner, not you or hurma. So that's something to talk through, but you can find a go over to chrisokan three six. He got calm
the Driamk button you can find someone you could talk to this is that a Ranto showm, fellow of one. You are listening to the day, ram to Jove Timekhrisoken filling in for day, and we have had a glass so far he has had a questions, and so, if you're out there, you got a question I want to hear from you. The number to call is eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five again, that's eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five
or, if you prefer, you can find us on Social Mediat at Ramsey, show or me at Chrisogan three six. They would love to hear from you a that at Crisoga, Tres as might my Socia media Hade on Insta gram. Twitter thinks buck all the ngs. Just what love to hear from you and to take your question. So I'm going to Vgot clean on the line in Florida plain. How are you GN are Youi a UN focus, the not finish. What's on your mind to day ahself, I have sent fuoleft. I gactually liveed like hers for the first five years of my life, Ilter LAT part of thatwas, you I'm back Myor, repain every year. Till is as up a hundred Cain. There now, and I didn't know if I should Tarny silt back and pee the Factes honor, because it is not a raw looturn, an fighted on it from Inklet. There o take go that's fantastkic. How old are you? I'm pretty thickne six years old, and so did your
Teach you about money, Agaby they have always. I I told me that I need the masure that I stay below my names. I advase to stay with much money as I can't right. No, that is fantastic, so you Ved up a hundred ten thousand, so I'm assuming caling THA Yu'Re completely out of debt. Yes, theere, the and you've got an emergency fun. Yet I dare I like you. That is fantastic and so now you're looking at this, and you think it about Kate. What do I want to do and how do I grow forward? So where are working at a non prophet or school? I'm I regreefo o k, urring and so looking this Stot you're your wanting to look to convert to a wrath. Aye, Yek, Ocka and you've got a great opportunity a to be able to do that. Here's the deal and walkin through ah the options you want to make sure that a youd take the right step and you get the right,
So I want you to reach out to one of our smart vestor prose. Have you ever worked with one before? I am not o ka that? What these are people see all the time people would call bave and ask hey, we want to find somebody. We can work with. It's not gin a trot to sell a stump, but Thot help us, and so that's where he started the indorsed look a provider programme and so he's vetted people all across the country. It's a strenuous programm that people apply to get in, because what they're saying Kalin is the Durgn agree to guide people to wait that he and I talk about they're, going to teach people and makes her the resting. In the gross thought, mutual funds and doing things the right way, and so we ve got an entire network of these investment professionals- are called smart, vesture prose all across the country, and so you can go to day bravely dot com and click on Smart Vesta. Pro you'll put. Your sip code and you'll get a list of five to six people that that art near you that that you can call to interview to talk with now. I think it's important to call and
terview them, because you want to find the one that's the best fit for you. You want to find the one that you feel like hay is this somebody that can come alongside me and help me reach my financial goalsand en so you interviewing them talking with them. Getting a feel form, then you pick one than you can meet with him, and I want you to take your stuff in from your fo. Three bee set down talk with them a they're going to be able to guide you on the investing side, but you also are got in wanet to talk to Attax Eel P and again Taxin doorslocal provider, because you're going to have to talk with them and to Figrot Ocate. What are you paying in taxes to convert? I love the idea of you doing this tat at such a young age. At twenty six years old, I means youre goin to be able to give this money acredible up,
unity to be able to grow after tax. Say us tha thing: people don't realize. Wroth means tax free because it's after tax money, so wroth Ar Ray Raw for one ca. All the raw things Senator Rost was o a love him o ka is that's awsome, and it's gives you great opportunity. So you doin it that that age 's going to set you up for some incredible growth, but the key is going to be wegan to make sure we get the right people in our corner right. We always want to take our cars to a good mechanic. I will ask friends hate you, no, a good mechanic, because it's someone has Goin to guide you right or good dentist or good whatever, but we need good investelet professionals. Our financial future depends on it and so go to day brains. I not Concli con Smart Vester Pro Kcoling and sit down and have a conversation with them. I'm very proud of you in what you've done: a twenty six debt free with an emergency fon and over a hundred thousand already save for your future. You young lady, have begun your journey to becoming an everyday millionaire and whant Hou to
appearance Thoy did a great job because they were teaching, but you were listening and that's where the game changes. So that's fantastic iv, a am back on the line here. Let's see, I've got a Hilary on the line hiller. How are you acret an grey o if in honor to think with you- and I got a Fay idea- buarded your book lat night? Oh well, I'll, see Inlike you! I like your a lot. I preciete you reading the book. Ah, so what whate you doin write down? What? What da are you attack in debt? Are you building wealth? I am a tacking dat, O Ky, how much Dat do you have a? We have Ben a been, and I have fifty one thousand total oket wouldn't break that for down for me. What's that, fifty one thousand? What's it made up of of about seven Thoumen of a Carloan Hein, o a T Anmie fate at lone tat, forty three thousand boqet or le see I like Hilory aid that you know your numbers IR ain't. You knew exactly what you owe on ocape this as fantastics and what's your question for me. Yet at it might Weepen
Aing Yedo over the minamum. We Bhen knock in the oul and I' due I new to the Daberg Franmly principles. Ah, so I'm Sifs kind of starting to think more intently, Abo lease, my husband and I actually have ninety thousand in our personal savings and treckings right now. It's just sitting there now that SE, a thirty four thousand dollar bonents that my husband just got through his employer um. So my question is douises boom. Tak Us Tak, these things off to day Ditly and Spall, and then Wey it even maybe have enough left to go ahead and fund. Are our full emergency find or do we did keep work? hold on to that. Ninety thousand and iande I don't really here? If you wait till I get my I like you a lot universal above This is I'm serious because you all have had the mind fit of some savings to begin with
and now what I am about to tell you Hiller take a deep breath for me. Well, I good it res. Am I tell you you're about to start right in some cheques, all right now, here's the deal this stood, o you're about to tell forty three Thousandos Whath stood Lon by you you' re't, ready to advictit. You can to get it out of your life. You gon a car. I mean seriously, and you look and what you were paying like how much you ol paying on stud lons right now. I a go cop about the drapped me go again and making it a Helpg nonter. No, I understand so. You got about two thousand. How much he got going out to the carrage month, a unine bi, o key, so you've got two Almost twenty three hundred dollars, leaving you each month right now, correct WH, O K. Here's a deal you pay Soff, you got ninety thousand. You pay off the forty three thousand student Stoodlong, the seven thousand on on the car, and then you take this.
You go. We were already sending out twenty three hundred a month right, so you keep that mine. So you got that if you do that, you got your funded emergency found almost as well along with that money. Now you guds are immediately. Esteped for. Were you investing fifteen percent cent? Greencop. Remember we just got twenty three hundred dollars a month for you r, sending that out you're, not sending that out any more. That makes so now listen. You go have to husband you're going to have to sit down and show the numbers on that, so you guys going to have to breathe careful. Because, what's going to happen, is your blood pressure is going to spike cuz? I told you to write checks out of this. That you all have been saving up but see nobody counts. The debt will count the savings, but we don't the debt like it's a cousin or something. No, it's not it's an enemy, it's stealing from you. So check, get the student out of your life get the car T your life, but you've got your fully funded. Emerget fund start investing in your for one case,
Listen to me, you gos it well on your way, wow see. That is a crucial moment, because most people would just want to let that money sit there and sail cates by safety net, while the deck continued to churn and prime and prime and get bigger and grow. So we got an opportunity Hilary, and I appreciate your calling. An listen for all of you out there listening. If your won't bay be stepped too, and you've got more than a thousand dollars sitting in your savings account. You need to use that to attack debt, get this debt out of your life, because when you get the Denn Outo like you'd, give yourself a rays. You ever think about that. You can give yourself a rays without having to go in and talk to anybody that you work with, not to beg anybody. You get to make the decision just by getting more focus and more serious about the attacking, well listen. I want to think all the callers. Thank you for calling in thank all of you for tuning in and listening, I want James Chales producer at filling in for Kelli Aman, o roges as a social produced at a day on the show and one f, they all
fortuning, im and listening. This has been the day ram. hey it's telling since you pro du CIR in Phon Spreiner for the Da Bramsie shell. You would like to be your Depreyt's gream life on the show, make sure you visit Dave Ramsey, not called Flycho and register m. Who would love for you to come the Natuonal until day, you're a story Make more money doing what you love check out: Cristy Wryght's business, boutique, Podcast Cressy's Spiring and equipping women to become successful, running their own business,
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