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10/19/21: Anti-Vaxxers Swarm Over Colin Powell's Death

2021-10-19 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Bill Scher, Contributor to the Washington Monthly, Politico Magazine and Real Clear Politics, and host of the history podcast When America Worked, joins David to discuss the latest with the conflict between progressive and moderate Democrats in the House and Senate

--Anti-vaxxers swarm to the death of vaccinated, immunocompromised Colin Powell, with Fox News running anti-vaccine propaganda all day long

--Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson goes straight up anti-vaccine in response to the death of Colin Powell

--An awkward moment on Fox News as guest Dr. Nicole Saphier calls out anti-vaccine reactions to Colin Powell's death as Fox reporter John Roberts looks on just moments after he tweeted anti-vaccine propaganda in reaction to Colin Powell's death

--Right wing media personality Dennis Prager announces he has COVID and is happy about it, and announces he's also taking five medications as a result

--Fox News publishes one of their most dishonest graphics in history during the Sean Hannity program, looking to blame Joe Biden for COVID deaths

--Donald Trump asks his supporters to donate $45 to "solve" election fraud in the latest attempt to grift his own followers

--Voicemail caller, who is a teacher, says that one of his students told him during class that "Joe Biden belongs in prison"

--On the Bonus Show: SCOTUS backs qualified immunity for police officers, Democrats eye carbon tax, Biden quietly deciding how to restart student loan payments, much more...

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