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10/20/21: Worker Strikes Sweep Country, COVID Cases Way Down

2021-10-20 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Organized worker strikes are sweeping the country in the midst of so-called labor shortages across the US

--COVID cases are now down 53% in the US, with deaths down 33% from their Delta wave peak

--Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is left speechless as he is called out by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for his pathetic attempt at another gotcha question

--Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson attempts to take down Pete Buttigieg during a White House press briefing, but Jen Psaki quickly turns it around on her

--Donald Trump publishes a vile and disgusting statement about the death of Colin Powell, making it all about himself and how the media treats Trump

--Donald Trump appears to be panicking about the potentially imminent release of documents which will expose Trump's actions on January 6, 2021, the day of the Trump riots

--Bitcoin more or less reaches its highest price ever as it becomes increasingly difficult to argue it will go away anytime soon

--Michele Fiore, Las Vegas City Councilwoman, announces her campaign for Governor of Nevada, and is essentially Marjorie Taylor Greene 2.0

--Voicemail caller points out the absurdity of claiming vaccines don't work if any vaccinated person dies with an analogy to motorcycle helmets

--On the Bonus Show: NHL suspends Evander Kane for fake COVID vaccine card, Dan Bongino threatens to quit radio over vaccinate mandate, why the UK has a top COVID infection rate, much more...

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welcome everybody. I want to start today with the workers strikes that have been really spreading nationally across a variety of different industries and types of jobs, and I think it's very interesting, what's going on, there's a couple different perspectives about why this is taking place if and why this is the right time for these types of strikes, but the big picture. For me is this is a good thing without weighing in on the reasonableness or the specifics of every strike. Large employers are faced with the reality that, for whatever reason you believe there are so many open jaws, and we're gonna talk about that in a moment that employees orbit
and shall and poise or by former employees, have what appears to be some new found leverage which hopefully, they can use to their advantage. So, let's start first with the Washington Post, article strikes are sweeping the labour market as workers wheeled new leverage. The labour activism runs the gamut of american industry, powered by the same grievances, about wages, benefits and quality of life driving the great resignation. Let's look at a little more of this amount
chickens are leaving their jobs at staggering rates. A record four point: three million quit in August alone, hundreds of thousands of workers with similar grievances about wages, benefits and quality of life are choosing to dig in and fight. Last week, ten thousand John Dear workers went on strike unions representing thirty. One thousand Keyser employs authorize walkouts. Sixty thousand Hollywood production workers reached to deal Saturday night averting a strike hours before a negotiation deadline told there have been strikes against one hundred and seventy eight employers this year. According to a tracker by Cornell Universities, school of industrial and labour relations, the bureau, Labour statistics which records only large work stoppages has documented twelve strikes involving, thousand or more workers, so far this year, that's higher than twenty two
when the pandemic took hold in line, would strike activity from twenty nineteen and from twenty eighteen. The trend union officials and economists say is offshoot of the phenomenon, known as the great resignation which has thinned the nations labour pool and slowed economic recovery. Workers are now harder to replace, especially while many companies are scrambling to meet heightened demand for products. And manage hobbled supply chains, that is given unions, new leverage and made striking less risky. This is a really important thing to understand the one story that is this ascent. We being told is the reason there are open jobs and the real
Then why? So? Many restaurants, for example, are putting up sign, saying we got no employees, we ve got a closed, is lazy workers choosing to sit at home collecting enhanced unemployment? Now this is not only wrong, it's also incomplete and its also deceptive. First of all, the enhanced unemployment is all but completely gone and phased out. So yes, there are people collecting unemployment. The vast majority are collecting what is is standard in the state in which they in which they live, and that varies in some states. It's really not very much. The second piece of this is that the child care component is a particularly big factor because of the concern
about covert. If you have kids that are too young to be vaccinated, it's not just a financial consideration is also what about my kids, who can't be vaccinated. Do I want them in school or not or part time over two? So the school peace is a big piece of this. We also have this additional wrinkle witches anecdotally. I've had people write to me and take this for what it is, which is just an anecdote by I'm being a print about that people have written to me and they ve had listened David. My employer claims to be hiring. So when you hear about one hundred unfilled positions, couple people wrote me from different company.
Seeing my employer has twenty positions listed. Thirty positions listed forty positions listed, we're not interviewing anybody for these positions, and what these folks writing to me believe is going on, is that the companies are listing jobs in order to play Kate, the workers they have, who have been given the job of one and a half people or to people in some cases during the pandemic, so that the workers believe work were going to replace those folks who laughter who we laid offer, whatever the case may be, were hiring
but really is to keep the existing employs, doing the jobs of one and a half or two people com, as they continue to do way more work than they normally would because the company would say, hey, we'd love to just have one person doing a job. We use to need three people for two jobs or or two people for whatever the case may be so anecdotally, that's going on and then also the leverage is coming from. The particularly acute need from a lot of these companies to actually scale up logistics companies delivery. Beneath a lot of products, there's a couple products, I'm waiting for that are just heavily. I don't buy a lot of stuff, but the couple things I'm I'm actually trying to buy right now, I'm told gonna be a couple months before we can even get them to you and that is giving employees and unions. More love age than they would normally have. So there is a lot of good here. It's it's not good to have a supply chain that doesn't feel like its functioning properly.
and to have an inability to access basic products. That's not good! That is less related to what we're talking about here. It's a good thing for labour and workers to have a little bit more leverage disproportionately. They tend not to have it. There are a ton of so called BS jobs out there right now and a big part of that is employee or employers. First, finding ways to nickel and dime employees who are w to employees, then shifting to a model of just putting people as independent contractors. Ten. Ninety nine, that's a big topic of controversy with who bore and similar companies and I've talked about this before it. It is mainly women. I dont think at this point I could work for some one else. I might be functionally unemployable at this point if I had to go and apply for
job and have a boss. Who gives me a schedule and monitors breaks in all these differently? I think that I've been working my for myself for so long at this point that I would not even be able to hear. I think it would be terrible, and when I speak to friends who are mostly in that position, most of the people I know are not working for themselves. It sounds absolutely terrible for a lot, not all of them. A lot of them have the job, so anything that can be done to regain some leverage is great and it appears as though, at least some of these strikes r r r helping do that now by the way, if you're striking, but you didn't both for candidates. You could have voted for either locally state federally president who ran on higher minimum wage democratization of the workplace. More benefits you should examining that as well, because that, in addition to striking, you could also be voting for the changes that that you want as well as a boss. I try to do all the things I can reasonably do as a small employee,
we have, as you know, we condense the production of the show into four days. There's no set schedules. We have an open vacation policy, we just make sure everybody's work has covered. I split health insurance. Fifty fifty two, some employers do more. Some do less were able to do fifty. Fifty we do retirement account contributions as a small employer. I'm trying to do what I can large employers are in dramatically different situations. I think, what's going on his very interesting and will see a what results come from our weekly cove inch Again we tend to do this Tuesday or Wednesday each week. A very welcome update is that cases and deaths globally and in the United States continue declining. Let's start with? U S cases? U s. Cases are now down just more than fifty three percent from their dealt a wave peak. The delta wave peak was about a hundred and sixty three thousand
in cases a day being down more than fifty percent is a great sign and we're coming down at roughly the same rate as we ve been seeing for a few weeks. If this decline continues for more weeks, we will be in nice, shaped by Thanksgiving Second, no guarantee that will happen by the second deaths in the United States. Those tend to lag cases by three or four weeks. Deaths continue coming down from their dealt a peak of just shy of two thousand deaths today were now down about thirty three percent. Now that still a crazy amount of death every day, thirteen hundred fifty people in the U S every day dying of covert, that's roughly thirteen times that
the flew on an annual eyes basis that close to half a nine eleven a day, but going down and not up at this time, is welcome globally, were still seeing clay cases decline. Globally. Cases are now down about forty percent from their delta peak, the delta peak, the global delta peak. These are bonkers numbers we were seeing six hundred and sixty thousand cases a day were now seeing about four hundred thousand cases a day, a crazy number but significantly lower and then globally covert deaths also declining. We did see ten thousand daily deaths from covert at the peak of the delta wave- that's down about thirty seven percent, but that still mean sixty four hundred people every day or dying from covert. Now how about vaccination? In the? U S, we ve really seen a sort of levelling off vaccination. A were roughly
two hundred and fifty thousand doses per day. At one point you might remember- and you see it on this chart- we saw daily. U S, vaccinations, go all the way down to about half a million a day that was MID July, then that then they came up to about a million a day, and then climbed and then back up to a million a day and now about eight hundred and fifty thousand a day. Now, that's not great. These are not inspiring numbers, and the other thing to consider is with more and more people getting third doses. You have to understand that this number of daily doses corresponds to fewer newly vaccinated people. because, not only before we had say, if there's a million doses and about ten percent of people dont go further. Second dose, every million doses probably means six hundred thousand people getting their their first dose now with people getting third doses, I dont no, what the numbers are, but you would imagine for every million doses, it might only be four hundred thousand people getting their their first. Oh, so that's not great
around the world, sadly daily vaccinations also experiencing a significant decline. At one point we were so in forty million daily vaccinations. I told you last week we were seeing about twenty five million were now sing about twenty million doses a day globally. We ve got seven point: eight billion people on the planet- that's not great. We do need to get more doses to countries that have not yet really gotten access and try to scale those numbers I've talked about, we are seventy eight million doses a day would be great. Where do I get that? Well, seven point: eight billion people on the planet- if you can do so,
the eight million doses a day you're giving a dose to one percent of the global population a day that would be a great number were at less than a third of that right now. Few other bits of news at the any shall has suspended Vander Kane for submitting a forged, fake, fraudulent who got see. Vaccination card will be discussing that on today's bonus show. The UK has one of the highest covert infection rates in the world, why we will be talking about that on today's bonus show, and yes, there is a Miami private school which is making all sorts of bogus claims about vaccines, and they are saying if you get a vaccine, you got to stay home for thirty days that won't be on today's bonus show, but on a bonus, show upcoming wild wild stuff going on down there in Miami make sure you're following me on Twitter,
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our instructive- and they tell us a lot about number one. The motivations of some of the reporters in the White House Press briefing room number two They really open us up. Two very important conversations about law enforcement in today's case about paternity leave in today's Kazan about many different things. So, let's start with the first one. The were at this point familiar face in the White House, press briefing, Room Fox NEWS, Rapporteur Peter, do see he was speechless. beach was, as he attempted another another one of these gauchos of White House Press Secretary General Saki. The topic here was about losing police officers to vaccine mandates when of
Where's. The reality is the number one cause of death for law enforcement over the last year has been covered, not getting shot in the line of duty. It's been covered, we're gonna play the lead up to this, and you will see eventually do see is just he's he's quite literally speechless. He doesn't know what to say- and this is just the continued attempted show boating- that he does He may be thinks this stuff makes them look good. It really is you Emmy. He comes off looking like a smurf here. Let's take a look here. We go Mandy dismay. People, safer vaccine mandate, also means tons of police and military may want the job. At the end of the day, does a vaccine mandate? May people say now: it's really important every time they talk about all of these pilots might quit. All of these cops might quit. Remember we had in, for example, we have the Massachusetts State Police story. Oh
two hundred troopers or whatever might threatened. Ok, one of them actually quit, and so with all of these things, it always has to be how many people are actually quitting, fired were seeing that it's it's never more than one percent. In any organization we found, where turns our police and military walking off the job right, hundreds of thousands of U S. Service members remain vaccinated remain on, vaccinated is different than they are actually going to be off the job. Which is leading to questions about possible military readiness. L a county, staring five to ten percent of their workforce, could walk up the job and sells considering concern about that. Well, I would say what we point to or what I would point you too is evidence with a range of companies.
Organizations frankly, department of Defense can also give you the up to date, statistics on members of the military. I believe it's over ninety percent, but I would point to them presented exist, but there are other problems in the World Bank will remind team international here. Doing violence. Murder farce in broad daylight was what was that? What was the number one cause of death among police officers last year? Juno covered nineteen, so that something that we are working to address and police departments are working to address. If you look at Seattle as an example, which I know has been in the sum of the reporting, ninety two percent The police forces vaccinated, he's very quiet. Now, isn't it as our ninety three percent of fire fighters? Nine nine percent of Seattle. Eleven thousand plays, have submitted vaccine verification by or an exemption request safety will all these other problems, terror, robberies, kidnappings? Is there any concern if police,
where's is shrank Orpheus the size of the re military force trace the United States for localities may not be which, by the way, the military question is funny, because the military is not supposed to be used for domestic enforcement of laws, and there are, of course, as we know, situations where governors can call out state national guards, but like trumps idea of sending the military down to the- U S to Mexico Border to enforce the border, la that's actually against the law, you that you're not actually support it. So funny that eight, I thought we would. Arson and the military ready. What is the military have dinner with arson or robbery? Nothing. Finally, to deal here. Seven hundred thousand people have died of covet aren't so you guys get the point now, of course, any any one of you should be saying David. Is it true? Is it even true that Cuba is the leading cause of death for law enforcement? This has been fact tract of many many times. Here is just one eggs
and pulled the officer down Memorial page details, the cause of deaths causes of death in the line of duty among law enforcement officers in twenty twenty two hundred and forty five officers died due to covet contracting covered in the line of duty, that was the majority of the three hundred and seventy four deaths in the line of duty covered was by far the most common recorded cause of death gunfire seconds, beginning in early two thousand and twenty to the requirements of their jobs. Thousands of law enforcement officers and first responders contracted covid. Hundreds of law enforcement officers died from medical complications as a result of contracting the virus, while remaining on duty and interacting with the community. A message at the top of the site reads: Covid is the number one killer of law enforcement officers in twenty twenty and two thousand and twenty one in twenty twenty one, two hundred and thirty seven covid deaths were recorded. That also makes it a majority three hundred and sixty nine total deaths in the line of duty. Two hundred and thirty seven for law enforcement officer, so it is indeed a true.
It is indeed true, and you can just see no kind of the confusion on Peter Deuces- face that there is always some degree of confusion with all of these things and in this case, What we have to remember is covered leading cause of death for law enforcement. Number to threats to quit, or people who are as yet on vaccinated is very different. Then ex per cent of the workforce is now God. United Airlines was a big one where they announced a vaccine requirement for employees, and then it was a oh, my goodness look at all these people that are still on vaccinated and as the deadline approached and approached and approached so I think it was like one third of
one per cent of United Employs actually remained on vaccinated at the time of the deadline. One third of one percent may be half of one percent, or something like that. So always keep that in mind, but just speechless speechless. Alright, let's now go to the next incident from yesterday's press briefing, even though the U S and parts of the world have been dealing with supply chain issues, and shortages delayed shipping times since the start of the pandemic. In March April of twenty twenty that's been going on now for over a year and a half the right now is blaming Joe Biden, transportation, Secretary, PETE Buddha judge because he's out on paternity leave and not fixing the problem, which I guess what they believe he should be doing this all came to a humiliating climax yesterday during the very same Whitehouse Press briefing that we ve been talking about today, Jen Saki fielding a question from new
MAX reporter Emerald, Robinson Emerald Robinson cited. A pole I was unable to find, which supposedly says sixty five percent of Americans believe PETE Buddha Judge should get back to work. He's on paternity leave is premature twins that he's of raising
and John Saki responded. He is at work. You know I had a phone call with them today. Let's take a look at the club and then we're going to discuss wholesale that sixty five percent of voters think that given what's going on in that work is our summit. I was on a common policy in this morning. A peace and he's in the department area was an emerald. I think we are getting at here. Is this question about whether men parents, women should have paternity and maternity leave, and the answer is absolutely yes, oh god. In our view, that is the policy of this administration. That is what were pressing to make law. So it's a reality: morn women, parents, fathers across the country and we're not gonna back away from that. So there are so many things to talk about here. Now, of course, the truth is
entire PETE. Buddha judge thing is its hypocritical, its ignorant to some degree. You can argue it sexist in the sense that paternity leave is seen differently than maternity leave by many on the right, and maybe someone left as well, but certainly by many on the right and it's sort of thing Lee, veiled or maybe not so thinly- veiled homophobia, its both sexes and homophobic, actually with regards to beat booted. Yet so, let's, let's go through it its hypocritical, because, first of all, when Donald Trump president and the lane Chow Mitch, Mc Connell's wife was the transportation secretary and there were shortages during the pandemic, runs on toilet paper, canned goods, pasta or pastor, as some of our friends in the UK like to say
everything. No one was claiming that a lane chow was responsible. In fact nobody even mentioned Alain Chow during that time. So that's the hypocrisy if we its ignorant because they seem to think we have a system where the supply chain and transportation infrastructure depends on one guy and if that guy's out, because he had twins everything breaks down. If that were the case, it's an absurd system for a country of three hundred. Thirty one million people would be a pathetic system. It's not. The entire supply chain system doesn't depend on P Buddha judge. Ok, next, it is sexist, because very often paternity leave is simply not taken seriously as maternity leave. Sometimes it's as simple as who has the breasts: it's, not the guy. Ok, so paternity leave is somehow less legitimate. We know outcomes are better for kids when they are spending time with the parents. Earl it all these different things. We know, but there still this degree to win
Paternity leave is just not taken as seriously as a form of sexism. It's not reverse sexism, I dont use terms like reverse sexism or reverse racism is its excess. Is it interpreted differently merely because it's a father rather than a mother? Yes, that's that's the case and its also slightly veiled homophobia, because what made people start focusing on Mayor Peat to begin with Mayor PETE, ah at and his husband chased and chasin of gay couple that, if adopted, twins, what the focus of the focus started on may repeat because Tucker Carl. indeed, this disgusting segment, where he said Mayor PETE's on paternity leave. What is he learning how to breast feed and it's about the feminine zation of gay men, etc, etc? Game and want to be women, so PETE Buddha judge would be trying to breastfeed, etc and then
Lastly, you know, as John Saki says, he's not even really fully off right, he's working remotely to some degree he's having meeting You could argue that bad, you could argue really. He should be able to be completely off on paternity leave. We do have a deputy secretary of transportation. We ve got an under secretary of transportation. All of this nonsense about the war on Christmas toy delays, shipping delays, supply chain, PETE Buddha judge. It's really all met to be an attack on Joe Biden, four things they never criticized Trump over. That's the big picture. They seems it seems they don't realize. Pete Buddha judges actually doing some work anyway, but then you ve got all of the other stuff. Wrapped in with it the sexism of homophobia-
the ignorance, the false belief that the country's supply chain and logistics infrastructure depends on one guy and Jen Saki. She went with one approach, which is he's not really even fully on vacation like he was on a call today and that's like a counterfactual, but there's all of this other stuff, that's wrapped up an implicit in emerald, robinsons question and then by the weight. Lastly, she said Emerald Sixty five percent of Americans say PETE booted judge should be back to work. The opinion of Americans about PETE Buddha judges, paternity leave, a sort of irrelevant, but I looked. I couldn't find that Paul I've. Maybe the pole exists. Maybe it's a pole like of people who visit the news MAX website, I dont know, but I was able to find no evidence that that Paul actually exists. So who knows what that's, even based on we'll, have more clips from this press briefing on our Instagram, make sure your following us there at David Pack mentioned
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When this week about the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, we ve talked about the political side and powers legacy is someone who, while he found it, some of areas of reason is the Obama era, and defending Barack Obama against misplaced Islamophobia and criticising Donald Trump for the absurdities that Donald Trump was he was really one of the main perpetrators and selling the Iraq war to the american people in the global population. We talked about that. So that was one piece. Second piece was the medical side. anti boxers swarming to weapon eyes. The death of Colin Powell saying look, the vaccines don't work, he was vaccinated. He died of course. Eighty four year old, with both cancer and Parkinson's, does not really
prove or disprove anything about the effectiveness and efficacy of vaccines at a population level. So those have been the two big stories, while the former President Donald Trump has now come out of the woodwork and as put out just a disgusting statement about Colin Powell now my view on this is this is sort of like, regardless of what you think about the politics of Colin Powell. This is a disgusting statement from a former president which we will look at as USA today, reports amid tributes to Colin Powell, Donald Trump disparages, former secretary of State, a day after the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former president from disparage, the diplomat and decorated general in a statement released by his office Powell died Monday of
with complications Trump statement echoed his actions after the death of other prominent Americans who he considered foes, including Senator John Mccain, civil rights icon, Jean Louis and congressmen, John Dingle or Dingle Dingle, who was the longest serving member of Congress. So let's take a look at the statement from Donald Trump because he is off Twitter and Facebook and off who knows what else he's off and his blog failed miserably. Donald Trump puts out these statements through the Save America Pact That's another drift under which he raises money supposedly to do good things, a verb, someone and heating
to keep most of the money. Ok, so he put this out yesterday, Stephen by Trump, ok, wonderful, to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously so called weapons of mass destruction. That's true be treated in death so beautifully by the capital. F, fake news, media hope that happens to me some day. He was a classic rhino. Rhino again is republican in name only if you
in that always being the first to attack other Republicans, he made plenty of estates, but anyway may arrest it. May he rest in peace and right below you can donate to the Save America pack. If you like that statement from Donald Trump we're back to zero days since former President Donald Trump was a national embarrassment. I genuinely thought this one was fake. I really thought this was fake because it so absurd, but it's real. It's it's horrifying Lee real and I I sort of laughed to myself. Thinking back Ah, when we were told after some Trump speech it. This is like twenty seventeen he's clearly now moving to be more presidential, more sober and more adults, and all of that
that was like four years ago, and it obviously still has not happened, and this is essentially basically an envious reaction to coverage of Colin Powell death as the USA today, article mentioned Trump attacked, John Mccain for being a prisoner of war, while John Mccain was alive when John Mccain passed away from still had bad things to say about John Mccain: it's not a huge shocker. This is not about. We can't make substantive policy critiques of people when they die. This is not about. In the case of really bad evil people even saying hey, you know what when Russia Limbaugh died, I don't is death on any one. I don't wish the the trauma of that to people's family I'd I'd. It's not meet a wish for someone's death, but I can recognize that they were a dramatically damaging influence on society as
was rush Limbaugh week. We can do that and similarly with Colin Powell, someone who I found to be generally speaking, unintelligent guy interesting to listen to on many topics and someone who, as a Republican may be opened some other publicans during the Obama era, into real, considering a reexamining some of their beliefs by saying, hey, not only is Obama not a Muslim. What if he was it's kind of unamerican to say, then he shouldn't be president pointing out that Donald doesn't represent. We know kind of Mitt Romney John Mccain type republicanism like these are reasonable things to say, and a sales person for the completely misguided war in Iraq, based on lies about weapons, ass destruction and eat me. We can recognise all of those things but to see such a disgusting envy. Obviously envious statement from a former
isn't it a very much on brand for tromp very much in line with what we cut we ve come to expect, but absolutely and completely disgusting. Let's talk about this continued battle over documents about Donald Trump actions leading up to and during the January, sixteen twenty twenty one attempted insurrection, also known as the Trump riots. Donald Trump is panicking about the fact that documents may soon be released, outlining his activity on and leading up to January, say The best Levin has a great article in vanity. Fair, called Trump sounds: pretty panic about Congress finding out exactly what he was up to one January. Sixth, let's take a look at what she writes and you can find this article indeed description
today's Youtube clip, as you ve no doubt heard by now. Donald Trump is extremely unhappy about the work being performed by the House Committee investigating the January six attack on the capital Zuma Billy, because he knows that what they will find will make him look. Even worse than he already does, which is saying a lot given. He already looks like a guy who tried to throw overthrow the government, because his parents never hugged him as a child. Unfortunately, for trumped, Joe Biden thinks it's actually very important for Congress to have access to the information it has requested. Concerning the days surrounding the insurrection, and earlier this month rejected his predecessors claims of executive privilege over the documents in question. Yes, Donald Trump through lawyers has tried to assert exam
if privilege, so that these documents are not released. That has so far been rejected. So now, instead of letting the investigation unfold like an innocent person with nothing to hide, would trumpets instead sick, his lawyers on the government per the New York Times, former President Trump sued Congress and the national archives Monday seeking to block the disclosure of White House VI
related to his actions and communications surrounding the January six capital right. This is a panic to man. This is not how an innocent person behaves, which has been a trend with Trump in twenty six page complaint. A lawyer for Trump argued. The materials must remain secret as a matter of executive privilege. He said the constitution gives Trump the right to demand their confidentiality, even though he is no longer an office, and even though Biden has refused to assert executive privilege over them. The lawsuit touches off what is likely to be a major legal battle between Trump and the House Committee, etc. A best Levin goes on to write in what is now basically boilerplate language for Trump and his allies. His lawyer, Jesse been all claimed in the complaint that, Biden is simply sucking up too liberal Democrats who want to see Trump a noted saint who's, never done anything wrong in his life held accountable in a political ploy to accommodate is partisan. Allies Biden has refused to assert executive powers
privilege over numerous clearly privilege documents requested by the committee, now. We actually have a legal opinion about this in explaining why executive privilege does not extend to a guy who tried to have the results of a free and fair election overturned, Whitehouse attorney, Dana Remus told the national archives quote, the constitutional protections of executive privilege should not be used to shield from Congress or the public information that reflects a clear and apparent effort to subvert the constitution itself. What Trump was up to on January sixth would destroy the very fabric of our constitution, no separation of powers and therefore the documents should be released. This includes schedules, calendars and movement logs about virtual or in part meetings or events Trump attended and who was present communication in between the White House and from allies pushing to overturn the election. This stuff is good disaster for tromp. That includes community.
Patient with Rudy Giuliani, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and Steve Bannon Whitehouse Community actions with MIKE Lindau known as MIKE Pillow, who spent the last year spreading baseless, conspiracies, etc, etc, Listen, we know what Trump was doing in broad strokes right that the the arc of January sixth visa fee trumps involvement. Was he encouraged the insurrection during his speech in the morning gleefully watched it happen refused to send in the National Guard, as things were, getting crazy and people were saying sending the National Guard and then start to get annoyed that the pro trump riders looked low class and trashy. Those are his words and then he did a video saying: hey guys, go home, it was great. We love you, your great people, your justify what you're doing but go home? That's basically what happened now
filling in would be how much planning took place in advance about what was expected to take place. How much did Trump knowingly coordinate with others to try to make exactly this take place because the big picture, that's the whole point of this thing, was delay the counting of the electoral votes to somehow allow the Supreme Court intervene and make from president for former years now how the Supreme Court would have intervened, how you would really in a semi permanent way, delay the If the vote had the idea, maybe my pants would help pen said. I can't do that. I simply can't do that. A lot of these details either are missing or just make no sense whatsoever that all perfectly reasonable. We know that, but the big picture is the Ark I just described for you and having that filled in with documents, communication, Nemo's phone calls etc
would put beyond any doubt whatsoever. What was likely trumps specific actions in order to cause exactly what happened to have happened, and that's. Why he's panicking weather? will ultimately publicly get these document. We don't know remember that a lot of this is about. All of this is about the release of these documents and communications to the House committee. Would they leak if they got to the House Committee
maybe, but we don't know whether they would actually deliberately be made public. So that's not even actually what this is about, but clearly Donald Trump believes as possible that they would so we'll see. Ultimately, what happens with the documents trump panicking, and rightly so, because of what what is publicly known points to what is private right now is probably even crazier. One of our sponsors is comments here, coffee, the world's first froze in coffee I ve been very impressed with the coffee. I've had from comments here, committee or sources there, beans from some of the world's best locally own specialty, roasters and the committee or team is the of their own way of protecting the fresh, yes and aroma of the coffee by taking its concentrated liquid form and flash freezing it. So it keeps those original, flavors and nuances answers. Comets here comes to you frozen
just add hot water or for iced coffee, you just melted, you can use it to make a ton of different hot and old coffee drinks, the way they lock in the flavor like this, you really can tasted it tastes. Fresh I've been getting it one of enjoyment out of competition. They ve got a great variety of coffees. It's delicious. The way you make it is super convened yet and you'll get twenty dollars off. When you go to comments here, dot, com, slash, Pachmann, that's c, o m e t e r dot com Slash Pierre K I may, in the link, is in the podcast notes for this episode. I dont often talk about this on the show But I've mentioned often on that I've owned Bitcoin for a long time and over the last any four hours. I got like ten or twelve different request to talk about. What's going on with Bitcoin and it's in the
you so much in the last day or two at that. I think it does make sense to talk Bout it in the last week, we ve seen some major mainstreaming of Bitcoin and at this point, the idea that it's just going to go away, is seeming very, very unlikely to me an almond going to explain to you why, but to give you some examples of the mainstreaming of Bitcoin. Recently here is, for example, AMC Entertainment, which owns a movie theatres, CEO, Adam Aaron, who says They are going to start accepting Bitcoin light coin and a before the end of the year and dozed coin next year. Take a look at this. Never doing that we're gonna set before urine. We will set time like point barium does all by year, all by right now for the aims you give. by year end Bitcoin like
very well, I think, will be able to take those going on so again. changes where we're entering the twenty first century in a big way We have also learned over time, and some of these decisions were actually made made long ago. about how more and more college endowments as well as financial advisor e type companies are holding a recommending holding some percentage of assets in cryptocurrency some examples. The Harvard management Company has invested in Bitcoin since two thousand and nineteen according to one or the Brown University endowment has invested in crypto currency now for some period of time. hey. Morgan is now or has been since about six months ago, suggesting to investors. Maybe look at putting one per cent of your portfolio in Bitcoin.
Morgan Stanley has actually started offering its wealthy clients access to bitcoin funds and a number of new funds and eighty acts have gone, live even in the last several weeks, just picking different things to show you? The breath of this NBA owner Mark Cuban says that soon the mavericks will accept Doge coin for tickets to the games
and the mavericks have long been accept long for some period of time have already been accepting Bitcoin for payment as well. So all of these things together, what? What is the point here, I guess is the question. This is not a segment about, is Bitcoin good or his bitcoin bat. In fact, the the longer Bitcoin is around it sort of like saying: is the dollar good or is the dollar bad? These are financial technologies that exist and really it's about. How are they used? How are they regulated? What do they mean, etc? This is not about is Bitcoin used for criminal transactions. Sure it is that the dollar is still the primary currency used for criminal transactions, not a super interesting conversation for this segment. What about energy
use for Bitcoin Mining, an important topic for sure, not the topic of this particular conversation. The conversation today is: is this going to be merely a passing fad and it seems tougher and tougher to argue that Bitcoin is going to be a passing fad now notice that I haven't talked in this segment about the price of Bitcoin yesterday today, Bitcoin roughly equalled it's all time, high of about sixty four thousand dollars per coin. This is about adoption, and this is about use. It's tough to imagine Bitcoin just evaporating. Could it be regulated into obscurity at this point? Maybe maybe, but it would really require coordinated action lots of governments, and even then I am unsure there are each yes, there are funds, mainstream funds, any tasks which are based on crypto currency at this point in time
now a my recommending. Anyone do anything in particular. Absolutely not that's not what the show is about. This is not a segment about by Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin, or I think Bitcoin will be worth acts at any point in time. That's not it at all. I wondered if this might be something with lasting potential back in twenty fifteen
so I bought Bitcoin back then and a few other points and as they ve gone up in value, I've sold pieces of my holdings to lock in gains all with the idea that I have no idea where this is going to go. But now my thinking is as follows: Ness seem Nicholas. Taliban wrote the book. The black swan wrote the book anti fragile, as well as other books. Very interesting work seem Nicholas Tab, and he says you know in thinking about like, for example, what books to read and what has stood the test of time and likely will continue to. He says you know if something has been around for five hundred years and people keep reading it. It's quite plausible that it's gonna be around and people are going to keep reading it for another five hundred years. That might be something
worth reading. Maybe if the topic is interesting and if you know of everybody make a decision for yourself a book that's been around for a year, we can say: it'll probably be around another year, but its harder to say it'll. probably be around another five hundred years and in fact most books written in the last year are not going to be read five hundred years from now along the same lines, Bitcoin was crew, aided in two thousand nine. That's now been twelve, almost thirteen years, it's hard to imagine it going proof in the next month. It's hard to imagine it going in the next year and so the longer that it goes particularly when you see trade volume so high and the price is certainly a signal. as well. It becomes more and more reasonable to think it's going to continue being around and that's a really interesting change from.
Was being said in twenty eleven and what was being said in twenty thirteen, so again just to be really really clear. I have no idea what the price of Bitcoin is going to be. I am not suggesting any one buy or sell it, but at this point as a financial technology, it seems as though it's here to stay, and it's quite plausible that it's been here almost twelve, almost thirteen years, it's quite plausible to me it's gonna be around another twelve or thirteen years. At that point it will be twenty six years and if it can make it that on it, becomes even harder to imagine that it's just going to disappear. That's my perspective at this point in time, I'm curious to hear of from folks- and please comment on what I've actually said, which has nothing to do with what I expect the price of bitcoin to be. I have not said a word about that. A cup People in the audience have notified me about Marjorie Taylor Green to point: oh ok,
This is a woman named Michel Fiori who is running for the governorship of Nevada and, quite frankly, Marjorie, Taylor, green to point o seems like us, pretty good way to describe her art, In the LAS Vegas Review Journal, embroiled in controversies, Michel Fiori announces a run for Governor LAS Vegas Council woman, Michel Fiori, said Tuesday. She will seek the republican nomination for governor casting herself as a champion for conservative values amid a cascade of controversies that figure to be election cycle targets. We're gonna talk about those in a moment, but she is under FBI. Investigation for campaign finance she's been accused of being. Making a fellow council woman's finger in an assault in city hall and more so we're gonna get tat it. That, in a moment, here is the Michel Fiori.
campaign add it involves trucks, it involves guns. And, yes, I think Marjorie Taylor Green to point out is a great, nickname for Michel Fiori I myself you and I'm running for governor. I spent my whole life biting the establishment. I was the first female majority leader and about assembly and one of the first elected to endorse Donald Trump, and you better believe I was attacked for imagine as a badge of honor bragging that you endorsed Trump before most other people. Look as if that something good
Washington, Post called me. I gotta tell you how underground and political magazine said. That was the lady Trump and I don't care. We need outsiders fighters, not the same old, boring, moderate compromise, Lou Blazer politicians by the way, if you're, only if you're, only listening when she said the same moderate politicians, she pushed over a tv that an image of Mitt Romney on it, which, which again shows you, the police go alignment that's happening within the rope
Working Party right now? Let's start with a three shop plan than vaccine mandates and ban critical raised theory notify the Joe Biden Administration is coming after me. Now understand that you know she says beyond vaccine mandates, Ochre ban critical race theory, by which I suppose she means banned the teaching of critical race theory, meaning that the governor decides what's taught in school rather than teachers and educators, and then she says we're gonna stop voter fraud as governor of Nevada. You have no invite meant in elections in any state other than Nevada and Nevadas, not even one of the places where it's been seriously now that has been serious anywhere, but whether they ve really got out of their way to allege that vote or fraud took place in twenty, when there is a little bit of it, but really the states were Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona so
as governor of Nevada. What are you even have to do with voted for it? It's all crazy. I shall be ready for the night. Ok, so is in the middle of a number of different problems. The in December of twenty fourteen, it was reported that the IRS filed dozens, Tax leans, totalling a million dollars against her and her home healthcare business, the leaned against the business involved. Unpaid, employ payroll taxes, nice her. She said I am one hundred percent in compliance and blamed her Ex husband as she's dealt with the vote. nothing of her home healthcare licence. There's an FBI, invest negation. This is a very beleaguered individual also in the days after the storming of the who s capital. On January. Sixth, she attended the republican national committees, winter meeting on Amelia Island Florida, where she said to the New York Times, I surely embrace president.
so a number of different problems and controversies for Michel Fiori She is a running for the governor of Nevada and I think Marjorie TAT. She themes in some ways, even wacky than Marjorie Taylor Green, something about the video makes her seem even more unhinged, but maybe- Buddy that we're going to get to know by the way. I also want to mention November. Second, in Virginia there gubernatorial election. Just because we're talking about gubernatorial stuff, if you live in Virginia, make sure your voting on November. Second, I plan to cover the results of that race live. I think it will be interesting as bill share told us yesterday. He said either the results of the gubernatorial race in Virginia, could impact Joe mansions willingness to do a or be when it comes to spending, infrastructure, etc. So that'll be an impact full and meaningful
a race in Virginia November. Second is the date, and is that right, I hope, I'm too yes November. Second, I'm so we're gonna be streaming, live the results on that night We have a voice mail number. That number is too one nine to David P. I love this voicemail. This is this is sort of a response to vaccines, don't work because colon how old died. This is really nicely done. Take a listen to this is your back and sir. I have proof that helmets don't work. There is somebody
who is in a motorcycle accident and they were wearing your helmet and they still die. Therefore, we know that how much don't work and their just implementing these helmet laws in order to divide us right as American. I think that you should know that every base, no, that is, we gotta play for a free of. Thank you, sir, very very well done very well done, and at this point I mean listen. We set everything that we can say about. The death of Colin Powell all from a political and a medical standpoint we ve covered the weapon, is asian foaming at the mouth Anti back, Sir ISM. That has resulted from the death of Colin Powell, and this is sort of like a nice nice, nice cherry on top. We have
such a good bonus show for you today we may actually record and archive this one. The end aid shall has suspended San Jose sharks, player Vander, Kane for twenty one games, because he submitted a fake covert vaccination. he forged one and submitted it is twenty one games, even a strict enough punishment and These suspended whither without pay. We will talk about all of those. We will talk about all those details on today's bonus show. Secondly, a right wing. social media influence. Sir and radio host Dan Bonn GINO is now threatening to quit. His radio show over the coming this vaccine mandate. Now he also works for Fox news. He's not said anything about Fox NEWS is vaccine mandate, which is one of the strictest
of any company were aware of. We will talk about what's going on with by China and, lastly, right now, even though globally covert cases are declining, even though in the U S, cove cases declining the United Kingdom, has one of the highest covert infection rates in the world. We will talk about why, on today's bonus, show, don't miss the bonus show every day we do other show it's an extra show. We ve got this our show that you're, watching or listening to right now and we do another show I'm joined by producer, Pat. Where we talk about more stories, you can access the bonus show by becoming a member at join pachmann dot com. It's easy, its quick. It probably takes a minute for some one of average computer skill join Patman Dotcom. We have a discount
owed. It'll save you money better, twenty one use it. If you want or not it's your choice completely or choice. Not only do you get access to the bonus show as a member, you also get a commercial free, audio stream of the show daily, a commercial free video stream of the show daily and when we do our view were town halls, as we did last night members get priority. It's almost like tea. I say pre check for the live town halls or I don't know you don't views whenever analogy you want lotta great member benefits, sign up it. in Pachmann dotcom. We will see you The bonus Joe in ITALY, peel almost like the cap
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