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10/27/21: Religion & Vaccination, Audience Turns on Fox Host

2021-10-27 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--COVID cases are now down 59% from their Delta wave peak in the US, with deaths down 35%, but cases globally are increasing again, raising questions about the path forward

--Examining whether any religions actually prohibit vaccination in the context of people claiming "religious exemptions"

--Fox Host Neil Cavuto's audience wants him dead as a result of his advocating for vaccination, partially a monster he himself created

--Dr. Deborah Birx estimates that Donald Trump's administration could have prevented 30-40% of COVID deaths had he taken the pandemic more seriously

--Republican Congressman Mo Brooks throws his staff under the bus, saying they might have been involved in planning the January 6 Trump riots

--At least 5 former Donald Trump administration staffers are actively speaking to the January 6 House committee investigating the Trump riots

--A fan of Charlie Kirk asks when they can "use guns" to "kill these people" during an unhinged event

--Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is hit with multiple complaints alleging that she illegally spent campaign funds

--Voicemail caller is a serious victim of vaccine disinformation and a great example how difficult it is to combat disinformation

--On the Bonus Show: Democrats target billionaires with tax plan, college enrollment continues down since pandemic's start, judge won't allow Kyle Rittenhouse's victims to be called victims, much more...

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