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11/1/21: Real-Time Conspiracy Fact Checks + Halloween Trump Horror

2021-11-01 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Bill Maher's interview of former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer about election "fraud" shows why it's so difficult to count on fact-checking conspiracy theorists in real time

--Donald Trump's Halloween weekend interview with Fox News propagandist Jeanine Pirro was very scary

--An unhinged anti-vaccine rant at the Chandler USD Governing Board Study Session & Regular Business Meeting provides an example of the overlap between COVID and anti-vaccine conspiracies with antisemitic conspiracies

--Donald Trump panics and pulls out all the stop in order to prevent his daily schedule in the days leading up to the Trump riots from being provided to the January 6 committee

--Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz talks about blowing up the metal detectors at the House of Representatives, and also says Democrats plan to steal votes, one-for-one, as needed, to win future elections

--Melania Trump rolls her eyes and looks disgusted with Donald Trump, but the real story is Trump's usage of the racist "tomahawk chop" during an Atlanta Braves game

--Senator Bernie Sanders is still pushing to get lower drug prices into the spending and infrastructure bill being discussed

--Joe Biden's White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID

--Voicemail caller says it's time for progressives to kill the spending and infrastructure bill

--On the Bonus Show: Facebook changes its name to Meta, the strawberry Pop-Tart lawsuit, Southwest Airlines pilot uses Anti-Biden chant, and much more...

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