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11/2/21: Private Jets Flock to Climate Summit, FBI Ignored Tips

2021-11-02 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--400 private jets descend on Glasgow, Scotland for the COP26 climate change summit, and we discuss whether this is the "real issue"

--Yes, President Joe Biden was falling asleep during the COP26 opening speeches, and denying it doesn't change reality

--It is revealed that the FBI received stunningly specific tips in advance of the Trump riots of January 6, but declined to act

--Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told police to shoot rioters on January 6 during the Trump riots

--Despite threats that 10,000 NYPD officers would quit over the city's vaccine mandate, only 34 of the city's 36,000 officers have actually defied the mandate

--Democratic Senator Joe Manchin holds a bizarre, Kafkaesque press conference about the spending and infrastructure bill that he is largely responsible for holding up

--In a clip emblematic of the fabricated culture wars in the US today, a man interviewed by The Good Liars says that Critical Race Theory is the most important issue in the Virginia election, but has no idea what Critical Race Theory is

--Fox News' COVID guidelines for its annual meeting leak, and they are extremely strict, with proof of vaccination or negative tests required, as well as masks

--Voicemail caller reacts to David's recent jury duty story by confirming that "most Americans" are not competent enough to serve on juries

--On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat's road trip to Florida, John Deere doubles wage increases and boosts retirement benefits for striking workers, Pennsylvania Governor offering 5 days of paid leave for vaccinated employees, much more...

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