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11/23/21: Rittenhouse Talks to Tucker, US Backslides to Authoritarianism

2021-11-23 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Andrew Yang, entrepreneur, former Democratic presidential candidate, former New York City mayoral candidate, and author of the new book "Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy," joins David to discuss his third party, tribalism, division, and much more. Get the book: https://amzn.to/3cEjR3F

--Kyle Rittenhouse appears on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program to begin the process of being made a national hero to the American right wing

--The United States is listed as a "backsliding democracy" for the first time ever by the International IDEA think tank on the basis of the deterioration of civil liberties

--Democrat Beto O'Rourke announces that he is running for Texas Governor against incumbent Republican Greg Abbott

--Alex Jones and Roger Stone are subpoenaed by the committee investigating the January 6th Trump riots

--Voicemail caller respectfully corrects David on a recent math error related to expected value

--On the Bonus Show: Attorneys deliver closing statements in trial over Ahmaud Arbery's killing, cash scattered across California freeway causes chaos, COVID spike as bad as last November in some parts of the country, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
so we're going to start today with this incredible interview that took place with the now acquitted, Kyle written House on the Fox NEWS channels, Tucker Karlsson programme. This is a much promoted interview and it confirms every single one of our suspicions about how Kyle Rittenhouse would be treated after his acquittal, which is they're, making a hero out of a more at least they're, trying to end as you watch. These clip consider the types of issues on which this eighteen year old kid who killed to people when he was seventy,
is being not only asked two way in, but Tucker's reactions of full grown man reacting as if this is who we should be asking about such issues as the FBI prosecutors misconduct self fence and on and on and on so this is not only the exact, predictable attempt to make a hero out of Kyle Rittenhouse that we produce. did, but it is actually making him to be even more than that. It's making him an authority on self defense. It's making him so many more things, so, let's just jump right into it. Tucker Karlsson. Introducing this and saying this is the type of person you want more of in your country. If you can imagine that during the course of our long conversation, current now struck us as bright decent. Since
here: dutiful and hard working, exactly the kind of person. What many more of your country is not especially what about you never wanted to be the symbol of anything. So even just starting this with this is just a great guy. I'm Tucker and you trust me- and I tell you all the time what we need in this country and we need more Kyle written houses, that's how they set the stage and then immediately you have Kyle Rittenhouse saying this was about self defence.
The trial was about self defense, big picture which the right loves he's their hero. It wasn't Kyle Brennan House on trial, Alice Gas, and it was the right to self defence on trial, and if I was convicted, no one would be able. No one would ever be privileged to defend their life against attackers. Now what Kyle written House wants you to believe and what others want you to believe is that if, in this particular case there had been a conviction and again it could have been a conviction just on one of the council could have been well with the rose and bomb killing. It wasn't self defence, but maybe with Anthony Hubert, was
My instinct was, if there was was gonna, be any guilty verdict, it would have been written house and I would have been Rosenbaum, not Hubert, but that's neither here nor there. He wants you to believe anything. Any guilty verdict here would mean people can't defend themselves any more. However, that's an extremely myopic view of the fact which include his choice: to go there and his choice to go to provide medical help supposedly, but with a gun and on and on. This is not about adjudicate the trial, but it's the idea that what is this eighteen year old know about self defense. He got himself into an insane situation, got away with killing two people under the guise of self defence, but, now we're going to him for advice about self defence and what this means. It's crazy. Of course, at a certain point, you ve gotta bring up god and he believed he had got on his side periods Scott acquitted yeah, I mean like two days ago. That was the first thing. I notice that you seem very calm. You don't he might, someone has just been through a you know, has mine blonde
yeah and they inside our freaking out, but the Bessie. Do you freak out a real streaks out is like a chain reaction, so the best thing I can do is stay. Calm do feel like you, been watched over Billy gods, but on my side who beginning yeah, do you go about me? What what? What an amazing perspective that Tucker is eliciting here right and the entire interview was essentially like this and, if you what's very interesting, is it really illuminates the difference between a began to interview and a real interview because we're gonna. Look at an example of when written house is allowed to get away with something with Tucker, they never would have been able to get away with in court. He says you know after I did shoe Joseph Rosen Bomb. I was going
to render first aid when, in the trial through cross examination, it was clear that that that was not the case he shot. You decided that pointing listen remembering ear, you want to turn it over to the police. Yes, after I share. Mr rose and bomb he tried to grab my gun, I was running away. There's a gunshot behind me after I shoot em, I run around the car. Thou cynical render forsayd do even this. Amid this, this story is not the story that came out in the trial, rose in Bonn grabbed my gun in order to take it from Kyle Rittenhouse. That's a detailed that was left unclear from the case. I'm not saying was her. Wasn't of defence. Again I, as I said from the beginning, I think the fact lend themselves to a reasonable doubt that did this was self defence as Kyle written how site. But this story he tried
grab my gun and I still ran around the car to try to give him first date after the first shot. That's not really what the video appears to show but in a propaganda interview, you're allowed to get away with it. I wasn't two, because then there are a mob forming and tat calling for my execution. You get him and kill him, and of course, what's in between that that Kyle Rittenhouse doesn't mention are the three further shots to Rosenbaum after in bomb, was already seemingly disabled. So it's not about religion gaining the case. It bout understanding that this is a propaganda interview where he's allowed to give any more
of events, even versions of events not backed up by the Ex exhibits presented in the trial at an end that conflict with with what came out in the trial? Ok, let's look at another clip here. This case has nothing to do with race and never had anything to do with raise it had to do with the right to self defence right, I'm not a racist person. I support the be all and movement I support peacefully demonstrating and I believe there needs to be change. I believe there is a lot of prosecutor or misconduct, not just in my case, but in other cases and issues. amazing to see how how much a prosecutor can take advantage of somebody who sells case once again. This is another one of those examples of eighteen year old, Kyle written House on prosecutor, coral, Miss conduct, their making him an authority there. Making him I
Ro there making him a poster child when just because you were accused of a crime doesn't mean you know anything about supposed prosecutors or misconduct, and he knows that now, oh and people are commenting. Oh he supports be Elam. Ok, maybe we have no idea what that means. Maybe he does not denying that he does. It might just mean he supports be alone in so far as they have a right to be heard. at protests could meet. It doesn't really matter here, but he's learning the talking points and in this next clip going to see him. Do the FBI stuff just remember among the right now you have to criticise the FBI and he says I dont know if they're going to be to keep me safe. You know how the F b I works, which it with this. This is a classic red meat to those who know what to listen for IRAN. To look at the facts of what happened.
Do you feel the threats? I do. I see some of the thrive, some the things people say to actually sickening has. Are you confidence that the government will protect you from the stress cuz? That's course the garments job I hope so but we all know how the FBI works. I mean looking back, it's been, you know so he he's on because the talking point Spinoza, we gotta, be very sceptical and critical of the FBI that something that grew significantly undertone And that has become sort of a standard calling card. Now, of right wing media. So he's he's got that when he learned that one for sure of the topic of Joe Biden came up and Kyle Rittenhouse even know, given the opportunity to send a message directly to President Joe Biden size my case. What did you make of the producer states calling your white supremacist? Mr President,
if I could say one thing to you, I would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand. The facts before you make a state that that's on us. a thing to be called that now it's. Its actual malice, defaming my character for him to say something like that: defaming defamation, we're going to come back to that, because that actually comes up again now in the midst If this you might remember that all sorts of shady characters got wrapped up with Kyle Rittenhouse early on. One of them is Lynn: would this sort of Trump affiliated okey attorney, whose made all sorts of insane claims about. A covert as well as about the twenty twenty elections, and this is this is sort of a departure from what we ve been talking about he Kyle Rittenhouse talks about how he believes he was taken advantage of by some of the.
Lawyers who are raising money for themselves and he was kept in jail and it is actually. This is just a crazy aspect to this. How are you there, I was in jail for eighty seven days, and this goes This follows and with blent with who, when wide. Was raising money on my behalf and he held me in jail for eighty seven days disrespect my wishes me and media interviews, which I share, I've done when she said. Oh you're gonna go talk to the Washington Post, which was not a good idea. Language. Pierce. They said I was safer in jail, a battle with my family and then after I'm Bell a lawyer said that my lawyer said that John Pearson, Linwood, eighty seven days, a long time to be in jail in it, was
it was very long. I lost a lot of weight in there. I said Sancho and back. I know the feeling, so this is crazy. This is a propaganda interview, but it also shows you that these sort of predatory figures like Linwood there every where and there's no opportunity that they won't take advantage of and hear Rittenhouse talks about how he was treated in jail. Another Two there's two sides to this part: let's listen let, but I they have running water seriously. I had a phone also but I did not have running water slighted shower until November Twentieth, how warlike, over thirty eight first, two November twentieth. I did not take a shower. That's disgusting. In very I smell terrible, I felt sick. I loss away. My health was degrading. So, what's interesting about this one is this has happened in the car
text of the January six riots as well, where. We buy, we, I mean we on the left have been sounding the alarm, about jail and prison conditions, pre trial detention etc for more than a decade on this programme, and the right has not cared about it until It affects them, and so now you ve heard everybody from Marjorie Taylor Green too. Who knows who on the right complain about the alleged conditions, conditions in which the alleged January sixth trump writers have been held and now jail conditions? All sudden or a big deal to them, and similarly, now all of a sudden with the Brittan how stuff that issue is now they care about that issue. Now it's actually an important issue, but its again, the brazen nature by which they only care about it when it affects them,
there have been questions is Kyle Rittenhouse, gonna, sue media outlets for things they said about him, various legal opinions about whether that would go anywhere but Kyle Rittenhouse sort of encoded language to say. Yet we may do that and they would like to see you in a help, make us better. My some of these liars to account. Do do you plan to do that? I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now. So I'm but one day there will be some Nairobi accountability for their actions, that they did ok, you're you're in and are not you're, not gonna. Let them go like I said so, suggests thing there that they meet, there may well be defamation, suits coming and where those will go. We have absolutely no idea, but it's looking like there's going to be a very litigious year to four I'll Rittenhouse and then lastly, Kyle Rittenhouse, the the innovation and the heroism continues with Kyle talking about what kind of
Rear he wants to pursue. What do you think your wife be like after this I'm hoping I can live a quiet stress, free life and not be free of any a temptation, her or harassment. India's go on with my life as a normal eighteen year. Old kid attending college shooting the crowd, I am in college student at Arizona State University now in the trial it it seems like that was not true. Unless, thing is change, but that's really neither here nor there. What I mean you gonna go to campus a Think I am I I want to it's a lot of things we have to look into it. I don't know for sure yet, but I do turned going in campus and pursuing a career in nursing. A change it. I've been looking and of law. I may want to become a lawyer. I have completely decided yet, but I've been looking
I want to be a nurse. I been doing the prerequisites for how nice right so exactly as predicted. This is the new hero. This is hero and, of course, you can judge for yourselves based on your values. How you see the world whether you think that he is worthy of being designated this but wing and on everything from prosecutor misconduct, misconduct, the trustworthiness of the FBI on the basis of the fact that he killed two people and was acquitted for it exactly as we predicted on December fourteenth, we will be doing our next David Pachmann Show Viewer Town Hall. It will be on the pachmann. Live you to channel, make sure your subscribe to that channel at Youtube. Dotcom slush, Pachmann life, we're going to take a quick break and be back right after this one of our sponsors is Sunset Lake C b
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very interesting article about a: U S: added to list of sliding democracies for the first time visible, deterioration in. U S, civil liberties began and at least twenty nineteen says international think tank. This is the international idea. Think tank globally, more than one in four people live in backsliding, democracy, a proportion that eyes to more than two and three, when you included rotarian or hybrid regimes. According to the Stockholm based International Institute for democracy and electoral assistance, this year we coded the United States, as backsliding for the first time, but our data suggest the backsliding episode began, at least in twenty nineteen. The United States is a hyper for democracy and even improved it performance in it
dictators of impartial administration, corruption and predictable enforcement. In twenty twenty, however, the declines in civil liberties and checks on government indicate that there are serious problems with the fundamentals of democracy, a historic turning point k twenty twenty one! When former president Trump question the legitimacy of the twenty twenty election results, Hudson pointed to a decline in the quality freedom of association and assembly during the summer of protests in twenty twenty after the police, killing of George Floyd international idea based its assessments on fifty years of democratic indicators and a hundred and sixty countries. There are three categories: Democracies, including those that backsliding, hybrid governments and authoritarian regimes, another word for a backsliding democracy, is creeping authoritarianism or autocratic, zation, democratic decay, de democratization,
a gradual decline in the quality of democracy, the opposite of democratization. If unchecked democratic backslide, results in the state losing its democratic qualities becoming an autocracy or an authoritarian regime. Now there is another aspect to this. The other aspect to this is that when you talk about authoritarianism- and you talk about people like Donald Trump, it is not just about what they would like to see implemented. There's this other aspect we ve talked about which Princeton has studied which is whose goals are more likely to be made policy, and in that sense the? U S hasn't really been a representative democracy for a long time, wherein the put the policy goals of the rich and of big corpse.
Nations are far more likely to be made law than those of the average person. I mean you know you you look at things like is the estate tax, the estate tax, in which an individual we'll has an eleven million dollar exemption and a couple has twenty two million dollars in exempt money that they can pass to errors tax exempt money that benefits a very small portion of people, and yet it has been a main stay in some form or there to some degree or another for a long time. We talk about so many rules that benefit large corporations that that's been a concern for a long time. I'm an then now. In addition, you have this now want one last thing I do want to mention about this theirs Their aspect to this, which is there, is the belief from some on the right that aside, from freedom rankings and all these different things that there are great things in the EU,
like, for example, the: U S is just the best place to be doing business, to have a business to be an entrepreneur. That's also not true and its important. When we talk about pros and cons every place, pros and cons, and when we look at something like I know now, the U S is, it is officially backsliding democracy when they say yeah, but it's like the best placed to do business. That's also not true, and as one example. If you look at the open for business rankings and you actually look at what what are the places you see that its Switzerland number one Panama number to Canada number three Canada, Denmark number for Sweden, places that the right, often likes to say, are nanny state pseudo socialist places rank higher for businesses Ireland than the United States, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, many originally: U S based businesses movie operations or partially moving operations to Ireland, you have Finland, Netherlands, Malaysia Australia. Belgium say it's a very very
long list before you ultimately get to the United States, which I can't even find at this point, because it is quite far down the list, Latvia, Croatia. And, of course, this has to do with everything from regulation to amount of paper Work in the United States ranking forty fifth in the open for business rankings exactly the same as twenty twenty, so the important thing here, when they say. Well, you might point out this part. That's not so good, but this other one is really good. Actually go. Look it up, because it's not always the case and of course, if you believe in openness, democracy, anti authoritarianism, as I do You don't want to see the? U S listed as a backsliding democracy for the first time, but, alas, that's where we are- and this goes beyond just whose president this as this is a
to do with many different aspects, including surveillance, including corruption, including so many different things not going in the right direction. Let's take a quick breakin will be right back after this. I love roaming. My own food at home. Many of you have seen my gardening stuff on my instagram. I get great tips from the audio and one of our sponsors is lettuce grow, which is by far the easiest way to grow your own food at home. The lettuce grow farm stand is a hydroponic unit that waters and fertilizers. Self. You can grow more than two hundred varieties of fruits and vegetables at home indoors.
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You know you and I we have many things in common and many things, not income and one of the things we have in common is. We are pragmatists report the router President David is theirs. I would have had I I'm unnaturalized citizen, so I cannot do it something I owe unless the lodge angels, I will never be able to do sadly, but of but in our pragmatism. I think we both prioritize solving problems and that comes through in the book. It came through in your presidential campaign, etc to solve problems. You gotta figure out what created the problem so too, to what do you, tribute. The current division that exist politically in the United States. in a word David incentives, but one of the things I found in researching and writing. My book was that this is not normal. We are not in normal times He really wine a number of documents
way back to the value of the country. Then they're, not fans on political parties. The republican party comes about in the wake of the civil war starts out as the northern, Anti Slavery party, but the two parties, despite training power back and forth for about a hundred years. what kind of indistinguishable, ideologically until the nineties sixties, reorganizes things somewhat with a civil rights men, and then you have the end of the fair and his doctrine, the beginning, a cable tv in them these and so two parties have started diverging ideologically and politically really would last thirty forty years or so and that's given rise. Urban rural the by the educated, less educated divide, but all the political incentives now are around the extremes, because eighty three percent plus other congressional raises are decided in the primary
so in each party in order to get real like did you just wanna not get primary and which means you're going to be trying to keep people off your back in the extreme flight of your party say this very clearly with the Republicans war zones is about word about Trump then get attacks and cast out. So you have these political incentives around the extremes, and then you are media incentives compounding those extremes by separating us into ideological arm camps. this point of view of social media on top of it. So this is why we feel like we're careening towards political violence and worse, and I want to commend folks, I? U, because Do you see independent media? The antidote like you all, as ideological or
laboratory in many she's over. There are people out there like Governor YU, David hit. The polarization or feeling is now very predictable results of all of the political and media incentives that are driving the system. Ok, I mostly small issues I can take with that, but for our discussion today basically agree with with the assessment, so we then get to the forward movement. The forward party, bridging the gap, finding something that may be can cross the traditional party lines that more people can agree with first question is: what is it that you think would be appealing to people from these two, sometimes ideological extreme, sometimes just ideological differences
I would say that polarization is a bad thing for everyone. Let's say you're on the left and you'd like to get something done on climate change and right up like. Why can we not anything done on climate change? A republican senator said something to me that really hit home. She said Andrew. We get rewarded warfare, being an issue around and resolving it, and the example I have been using is Margo Rubio suggesting immigration reform than he achieved by the Republican Party has never mind, never mind nothing. To see two, if you are on the left in your life, why can't we do things that sixty seven, these eighty per cent of us? What? Then you want to try reform this system to become more rational and more responsive to the desire of the majority of us. You can go down the list on issues that you, your immigration climate change, much take climate change, I mean so I think this is where we might have our first disagreement completely. We believe that descended the system by explicitly and implicitly with things like that
our limits that we have almost always having to be campaigning for your next election. All these different things don't prioritize solutions to long term problems like climate change. I agree with everything you said and yet part of climate change is a huge portion of one side doesn't believe it's real or if they do, they dont believe humans are a factor. So this is where I get to your analysis is great. I dont think it accounts for it's more than that when one side simply won't accept the science, how do you get those people to buy an hour? So let's play this yeah? What
portion of Americans, don't believe that I would change real were caused by humans. The last I've seen its we. I wish I had the data in front of me. I think it's about half or sixty percent of Republicans dont believe it's caused by humans and maybe twenty five thirty three percent- something like that. Don't believe it's even happening at all. He also that lines up with, what I thought the numbers were roughly. So, let's imagine that you have a gross numbers: thirty, five percent of Americans who either Don't think climate changes caused by humans or is not a big deal or whatever it is in that percentage is declining happily or unhappily, because it is becoming so apparent per renders Serena you how republican Party that is motivated by that you know. Let's call it fervour argument sake: roughly half of the Republican Party or been more does not think climate changes and that we should do anything about
The problem is that the relative minority ends up controlling the agenda for half of the kind, free and then install any real move to change it. Yes, So, let's say hypothetically instead of having to parties, we had four parties or five parties, and you had progressive Democrats. Moderate Democrats forward is moderate and Republicans and conserve hooligans. Any reserve will be like hey Climate Change, let's. Not do a thing, but then you you'd have four or other groups like up and say we should do something about it. What you're saying here is is not minority rule, but its minority visa or its minority keeping anything. happening, and so this is the system as it currently is made up so
the thing that I want people to come to grips with is that politics may now is completely tribal and you can be very, very angry at one another tried says or feel rules, but the problem right now is that we only have two tribes and it doesn't take much to go up the works, which is why we're all losing our minds getting more polarized frustrated, yeah, and so this this gets us to really a discussion of of third parties, and I'm curious you. I have a view as to why third parties have not become more significant at the national level. I'm curious. What what your view is. My view is its essentially two things: it's not for lack of want of more options. It's not for lack of political diversity. It's not because of the higher for more political diversity in the major parties. People want that its two things, one, that the the side whose third party does best ultimately risks being a spoiler and p.
Who say I'd like a third visit, the age old, green party thing- I mean this is not new right. Oh I like this. It probably gets the people. I We don't want in power if it goes well, a number two connected to that. How politics is is financed in the United States while those are for me, the two main reasons. Why had? What do you see in a word incentives. So if you, if you decide to break from the major parties. All of a sudden. You dont have capital structure, you don't have votes, you don't have media, you're in the wilderness. Now I You want to return to the you're gonna method. for, whenever Tina closer to there, isn't one reason why the first big moved forward party is making is to push for actual voting combined with open primaries, because if you had Rancho is voting in an election, you could Green one Democratic republic in three and then no no need to worry about it. That's the problem.
now that the dew oddly was stifle any competition in any uses beer, its Ike If I had a book for every time, someone said only gonna mess it up the Democrats, even though the numbers do not make it clear that that's exactly what I've been doing, and I have set out to do nothing about you know a national raised like I'm, trying to get things done at the local over for twenty two, but if you were to shift to rank choice, voting that is borne out by disappears, which is exactly why we need it and also exactly why the duopoly doesn't work Talk about it because to your point. At this point, a majority of Americans want to move on from the dew awfully. We know it's not working, but we just keep being told. We can't have it because of this archaic voting system that we could change Evan offers got together to say. Let us do everything by ranked with voting. Worse for their effect, but the Please don't want that begin. The parties know that we actually don't like them very much about the only reason we're choosing a is because it trying to scare us about be so
The question then becomes. How do you I mean this is sort of like when an elected official says as soon as I get and I'm gonna do vote. You know. Election reform and campaign financed from its hold on a second you're gonna, come to power under the system We have and then change the system that worked to get you empower. It to go to incentives, it doesn't seem like you'll, be super incentivize to do that. The same question sort of applies here if we need to make the changes, you're talking about to campaign finance and how votes recounted first past the post in order to make the third pirate party more reasonable, more viable. How are we gonna make those changes, So the whole party has two major endeavours in twenty twenty. Oh god, number one, is that in it turns out, because the political parties are made up that we could actually get together and change too
open, primary ranked choice. Voting at the state level. Yes in twenty four states around the country of just don't know who us got together and it for people who think like this will never happen. It happened last year in one state, Alaska Twenty changed from party primaries to open primaries. Writer is voting and you immediately saw the result when Senator lisa- ascii of Alaska vote into a peach, Donald Trump. The only republican senator to do so whose upper reelection and twenty Twond two per approval I am also asking Republicans is now six percent, so it is generally politically suicidal for a republic undergoing its trump, but she can skip the party primary doesn't exist anymore. You have an open primary, so she can take your case. The entire laskin public and then say look like I'm an independent,
and bring me back. So if we make the same change that Alaska made in three four or five states around the country, twenty twenty two imagine six, eight, ten senators, some of them. Public and who are then free of the thrall of their party free to do what they think is. Right. Maybe they'll even support protecting secretaries of state from election interference later. This is something we could do if we have enough Americans get together and do what they did in Alaska, so that step, one which we don't have to wait for anyone to do. We can you arrange out there- and I was just the foreign party- is about training, gather that movement of the second thing is. We can support candidates who are fighting on principle as Democrats, independents or Republicans, and I'm going to call out someone who who died out people in your program talk much about. There is a West Virginia car
Man named David Mckinley, who co sponsored a casual leave bill that I love you for an voted. Yes on infrastructure he's one of the thirteen Republican to do she is now facing a fight with tramper and who the hell is going to help even Mckinley, like the Democrats, like always are. Against this courage, you know what to suggest that a lot of Americans should be getting behind even Mckinley End, some other reasonable politicians were endangered species because they taking five for doing the right thing. You men, so that's interesting, you mention a Republican is thereupon minute democratic right now that people in my audience might know that you think is particularly who did in tailored for the the. Mill you of the Forward Party, as you describe it. I believe Elizabeth Warrant came out as per ranchers voting,
when it was up on the ballot in Massachusetts last year. So anyone whose for ranked rezoning I'm excited about- and there are a number of from Democrats and democracy were, farmers who have taken that stands at inquiry- might have done so as well. I'm I'm really curious about the coalition. That you envision to some degree. You know when I told my audience that you were going to be on the most frequent question I got indifferent. Iterations was who exactly that currently consider themselves to be on the right his Andrew Yang, imagine bringing into the forward party into carnival make it a little more specific. You know we would a man. Given that there is lots of progressive Democrats, more centrist Democrats, even some folks who really consider themselves son, Chris, maybe in the kind of line of even like a John Mccain who, like the idea of some of the reform you're talking about it and that all kind of make sense to me when I think about people who believe Donald Trump won the election vaccines
the covered vaccine Magnetizer you causes autism, whatever the case may be, etc. But you know, the package of ideas that I'm talking about one hour are those people that would it even conceivably say This forward party idea that Andrea proposes in a coalition with the left, makes sense and number two are these: even people that you want as part of your coalition. First, Let me say I want everyone is part of the coalition you can vote, we can disagree on a lot of things is all to the good. If we agree on the fact that this dual please now working is designed to turn against each other think us. So that's one of the principles of the former party is that look. I can disagree with you on a lot of stuff, but we can make common cause on this. Then we can go back to disagreeing with democracy is actually set up, succeed when you know so money I mean. Let me ask so even I mean to to make it really specific if people on the right
say. The republican party is to centrist I'm an extreme white supremacist or something like that, but I think we need to get rid of. We need sing. transferable vote or whatever and can be used you. You still welcome that, because you are on the same page on that one issue. Yeah they're gonna help us transit is no more effective democracy. lay in, I don't need to know what their stance is. Things that I disagree with people have a sense of where our coming from ok but right now. I believe that there is an existential threat to the country as a result the greatest designs lie in the history of the world at its end. If, if you will help us resolve that design flaw, then we can have a discussion about anything else under the sun at a time when the democracy actually will stand the test of time. When we agree transition to a multi party system, were you can't make any autocratic or authoritarian decisions you have to solve?
get two or three other parties onboard. Ok, all right, fair. So on the question of, is everyone literally welcome? The answer is yes. That's! That's fine, that's legitimate, so so that that's clear now in terms of to whom that currently typically votes for Republicans would this appeal: where are you on that? there are all sorts of folks who are displeased with Trump there's a personal line. You said the other day, it's like I voted for tromp, twice I don't even want to back. There lay their borders out there who are concerned about the country, and I am heartened by the fact that I've got a lot of incoming Directions of support from military veterans, members of law enforcement former law enforcement who despair about the state of the country. They see where it to- and they say this is what I and waiting for there is an independent community,
that right now is politically homeless that there are very numerous. There are forty four percent of Americans concern themselves independence, and I would say that we are seeing a lot of them come in like one of the things I would suggest. First, if you look at the appetite for third party attire among with Republicans and independence, that's. So, if you imagine who is going to draw a third party energy like if arrears and I come from a like by the number- is likely to come from those groups and imagining that every report our former republican or independent, is excited about Trump, is is not right, you know, but but saying that that group is also open. The Democrats is also not right. I have encountered so many Americans who just shut down when you have a d next, her name for which I filed unfortunate, but the thing I want to suggest a people is that again, all politics is tribal at this point
What we need to do is we need to have more tribes and words that we have a chance if we stick to two tribes were done last thing, I want to ask about and we're shifting gears a little bit, but because your background in technology, I am very curious as to your insights, particularly as someone who who use social media really effectively in the demo primary run that you made all the talk now about the so called regulation of social media. One interesting artifact of this has been the rapidity with which those who have for.
Long time claimed, businesses should be able to do whatever they want. As long as it's not illegal are now demanding that social media companies be forced to allow messages that violate their terms of service. To be up, that's a hypocrisy we could talk about, but I want to focus on that necessarily today. What I'm curious about four year perspective is what should be the regulatory infrastructure as to the social networks, particularly from this point of view of political bias that John Junior, whoever else are regularly tweeting about an and sort of thing. We are the victims here. What what would you like to see? I think our government needs to modernize its approach to social media technology in general right now. It's behind the curves, laughable or embarrassing. This is also an algorithm. Our guarantor proceed David mean The reality is that our congressional you or understand these are eighties if it is binding, verses, trout in twenty four wished
It looks like it's going in that direction. There combined age will be a hundred. Fifty eight. So then asking our government to understand. What's going on, social media is at least right now, a bridge too far, and that has to change. If I were in charge, I would be getting into the guts of these social media companies setting what Jonathan Height suggested as like a filter. Where you end up, being able to do disliking, nor ignore people who are customarily aggressive obnoxious and you can watch it if you walk or get those messages if you want, but you set up a waiter reward. People intend to be more balanced. Normal in their conversation. Ok, is out of the energy and social media rewards the more aggressive or sensation let's take yourself accepted again, you just like keep keep it even here in Europe unless you well, you should see the emails I get, but so
sounds like you're, not saying you would be in favour of the government going to Youtube and saying you ve gotta leave up anti vaccine content. Oh there are certain things that you'd have to say are in the public good that you know and there's disinformation and there's this information that can be destructive in a way that in our like it, if you were society. You do not want to say, like every idea is the same, including I Is that by the way in this case, could lead people to lose their lives. so so? In other words, you want to make it easier to control ones. Experience on these platforms, but
not take the approach that some on the right or saying, which is these come, these platforms should be forced to allow content that violates their terms of service again as long as it's not illegal on the basis of discrimination, uncool, unknown race or sex, or this type of thing. While I would echo its own, this also need to see your themselves say. like. Why are we in position to make this decision and the reason there making? That decision is because the government is absent. One of the social media, see YO, said: look. We should get together. Tech government meet yeah nonprofits and set rules the road. So it's not US doing the content migration decision than you yelling at us about it before Wherever they draw the line, they're gonna get yelled at you know. I happen to think that conservatives are based in terms of saying, like, oh, you know, you're sledging conservative content is like a certain content, actually performs great on a lot of these priorities. and it is, I think we should be concerned about its the deteriorating
Mental health of our young people, Tina girls in particular. So if you're a conservative like mad about that my mind, hip right if he had not been oppressed like isn't that a big Eurasia the fact that anyway- and I guess then the question would become a face. we knew that was going on and was hiding it for a period of time. Are they really good faith players to be involved in figuring out the regulation which is sort of a second order question? What did they the at the table, but we should stop pretending that companies are going to do anything other than one's going to maximize their financial returns. Wearily anxiety was, you expect them to do so. Thank you. So if you have that expectation and then you go, and its aim is what we can do- that there are major fries returns lower and tough luck in open, and so one thing just as like a random things like maybe Instagram, should turn offer teenagers we midnight and so now. Let me know me: he's looking at pictures of your classmates, something we don't want you to do
just like a random thought, so you can see that God, like will basically be excited, but that of course not be like all we made money, then who my all die rattling monopoly. The book is forward notes on the future of our democracy. I really a priest, Eight reading the book and we ve been speaking with the books author Andrew Yang, always great having you on, and I really appreciate your time. Thanks are due to be there. One of our sponsors is all form hands down. The easiest way to custom, build your own sofa. You choose the premium fabric, you want you to the sofa size shape color, even the color of the legs you can surmise every aspect of your new sofa to make sure it's the perfect fit for your home. I got my first all forms
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that this might happen and it's happening better orourke former democratic presidential candidate is running for governor in Texas, against republican incumbent Gregg Abbot. I think number one. This is great. This is exciting. It would be fantastic to remove Gregg, Abbot, Gregg habits. Approval ratings have been set king and sinking and sinking in the context of his total, humiliating farcical mishandling of covert plight. Can better or work. Actually win in Texas Partake Thirdly, given some of the things he said about guns in the past, I hope the answer is yes, but I dont no better or rurik held the gubernatorial campaign. Kick off in Dallas announced candidacy, Monday. Three Republicans are also running for the office now the rally speech that he gave Was goody. Euro is easy, good, speaker area. Can all all considering ease excites people to some degree,
Let's listen to a little bit of it, Greg Abbott chose not to expand. Medicaid would not take yes for an answer from the federal government when they offered to pay zero dollars and ninety five cents on the dollar for expanded health care. In Texas, we are the least insured state in the country by a Texas mile. There are more who cannot see a doctor, Phil a prescription or take their child to a therapist than any other state in the union. In this community we still see people dying of diabetes, one hundred years after insulin was developed, which cost pennies to distribute. Still some people in Dallas cannot afford to buy it and are dying of it. The common flu curable cancers. These things are taking our mom's order,
our grandparents. So these are great talking points, but are they the right talking points for Texas? I dont know the answer. As five thirty eight has written about Texas voters have soured on Gregg Abbot, but that doesn't mean, though, vote for better Orourke Abbot is now as popular as he once was. His disapproval has now climbed up close to fifty years. Approval is below forty five, but the question that five thirty eight asks is what about voters in look Abbott versus better or work- and it looks, ok- for better Aurora, but he has similar dislike numbers, tick, gabbett and he's not even he's. Only now stop
to run for something he's, not the incumbent, governor, Dat's, potentially a red flag, the point in favour of Gregg Abbot. Quite frankly, is this horrible abortion law. That's been passed in tax and very the point in favour of better work against Reg abbot is the abortion law has been passed in Texas, which we discussed that, certainly something that could mobilise voters, but I have real concerns, because I imagine that this clip is going to be played on repeat this was when better or work during the democratic one of the democratic presidential debates was asked about firearms, and this is my advisers always just don't even talk about firearms ink in campaigns, because it really just mobilized Republicans to vote against. Do but remember this: are you proposing taking away their guns and how this work? I am if it's a weapon that was designed to kill people right, so that did well.
With a democratic crowd but, as I have said before, that can really crush you in Texas. So I'm excited about this. It would be amazing to remove incumbent republican governor in Texas and replace them with it. Democratic challenger, we're gonna, be following this race. We're gonna be talking about it, a lot helping and in hoping to inspire people to get mobilise there. I just don't know of better work is actually the right candidate. It I'm not the only one who has this concern, so we are going to continue following that very closely. The legal problems for consumers- see, theorist Alex Jones and for former Trump Associate Roger Stone Continue, and you might remember that, on the one hand, Roger Stone was convicted and subsequently pardoned, but he had has had his fair share of legal trouble. Alex Jones is in the middle of multiple lost,
its including some related to his conspiracy theories and false claims of a false flag. In the context of the sandy hook, shooting back and twenty two and they both now have even more legal troubles. Alex Jones and Roger Stone have been subpoena, by the House panel investigating the January sixth riots. The panel said it subpoenaed Trump spokesman, trick Taylor Buddha, which Republican, political, operative, Roger Stone and spirits him longer Alex Jones, as well as to others in a report by CNBC, the House panel as the new recipients who have been ass, protested, many documents are believed to have knowledge of the plans and funding for the rallies January Sixth, now: work went to see whether they actually respond to these subpoenas or whether they will end up being held in contempt. But these are clearly key figures and there's a few different things to think about Alex Joe
Steve Ban and has also now been indicted for his ignoring of a subpoena from this committee. So a few different things number one. It really seems like Alex Jones is an important figure in the January six Trump riots the day before the riots there's a video that was posted to his website in for wars, dot, Tk which shows him telling a crowd in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. We have only begun to this the globalists or global fish. As he says, we have only begun to fight against tyranny. They have tried to steal the selection in front of everyone I dont know how this is all going to end. He said, but if they want to fight, they better believe they ve got one. That was the night before the January sixth riots This guy seems to be up to his eyeballs involved in this thing, and he has now been subpoenaed. Roger Stone has now been subpoenaed from spokesmen Taylor Buddha, which has been subpoenaed and, of course,
and ban and ignored his subpoena and has now been indicted for that will ever really learn the full scope of the planning that put the pre planning that went on. I don't know if we well. I really doubt, but it's pretty clear, that these guys are up to the rebels in this stuff and the January six Committee should keep going and going and going. There may not be political consequences. In fact, unfortunately, I think they're probably will not be. The elected officials who were involved are mostly in safer, districts in safe red states or not even up for reelection when it comes to senators in the immediate future, and they will likely all get reelected and they're probably will be legal consequences for them, but when it comes to people like Alex just whoever they can get, they should pursue. If that's where the evidence points in that is absolute, where the evidence is pointing right now, so continued legal trouble for Alex Jones and others and will see what comes of it away
voicemail number. That number is too one nine to David p. You can call absolutely anytime you want yesterday, on the show, I saw off. Handedly made an analogy when it comes to asymmetric risk and a mathematical term call expected value, and I talked about a ten cited die and I incorrectly said the expected value would be five
I got a number of polite voice, males and females sing David. You got that wrong. Here is one of them, David, Sir. I bleeding mistaken your discussion of the value on the show. Yes, if you really ten cited die and earn the amount of money that should die such as one dollar, one geographer to accept her eyes, you discuss the expected values. Actually, five dollars in fifty says not just five dollars. Yes to try out of all the numbers from one to ten ended by set aside dippy, you need a nine cited died for the expected dahlia behind dollars, which are not sure. Is you metrical possible tenuous every hit your attempt to and
these statistics into the show and keep up the good work. Yeah I received many corrections. The expected value of the imaginary ten cited die is five. Fifty, not five. The point I was trying to make still remains, but I appreciate being corrected and I appreciate the audience for keeping me honest, but also accurate, and it is an expected value? Five, if you don't even know what I'm talking about, not a big deal. We have a great bonus show for you today Maude arbitrary, killing with three defendants in that trial has moved beyond closing arguments and is, as we speak, in prosecution, rebuttal and we're going to talk about how this case differs from the Kyle written. case on today's bonus show. We are also going to talk about this bizarre incident where a truck carrying cash,
had some kind of an issue where the cash and that of scattered all over a California Freeway and it caused quite a frenzy, will also talk about the difference. a freeway and a highway. I still don't understand it. Maybe there isn't one. We will also talk about the covert spike. That's going on in some parts of the United States, things are as bad right now as they were last November. Law I and what is the outlook we're going to talk about? All of it on today's bonus show you can sign, on my website join Pachmann, Dotcom become a member, get instant access to the bonus show we will be, tomorrow with a new show and then off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving, but many program still coming up between now and then,
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