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11/3/21: Election Disaster for Dems, Rx Price Controls Back in Bill

2021-11-03 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Terrible outcomes for Democrats in the 2021 elections, including in the Virginia gubernatorial election where Republican Glenn Youngkin defeats Democrat Terry McAuliffe

--COVID cases are flat compared to last week, while deaths continue down in the US, as vaccination will soon start for 5-11-year-olds

--Prescription drug price controls are reportedly back in the bill currently being negotiated by the US House and Senate

--30% of Republicans now openly support violence to achieve their political goals, according to a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute

--Fed up Texas Republicans buy billboards that say "Trump lostS" and place them all over Texas

--The wife of Trump-endorsed Republican candidate Sean Parnell claims that Parnell strangled her and beat their children

--A woman "accidentally" fires her gun, which was in her purse, during a basketball game

--Voicemail caller asks why people who have resisted getting the COVID vaccine thus far are being rewarded with financial and other incentives

--On the Bonus Show: More election results, new White House plan to reduce gun suicides, Marjorie Taylor Greene accrues $48,000 in mask mandate violation fines, much more...

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So today we start with last night's election results, which are, I mean I'll, skip to the conclusion there an absolute disaster for Democrats. They could spell major trouble for the Democrats and for the left to the extent that the left exists in the United States the Democratic Party, that's an issue. We can talk about as well, There are a range of opinions about how much of a disaster last night's results. Are that's fine, but it's not good. It's not good the big race, the major, race that so many we're looking out was the Virginia gubernatorial race, where the devil, I had a governor Ralph North them, who won by nine in twenty seventeen in Virginia, was term limited out too
tenders were vying to replace Ralph north them? It was Democrat Terry Mc Aleph and Republican Glenn Young can now the poles were. Very tight over the last three weeks. I continued saying it's basically even could be plus one or two in either direction. Terry Mccullough, a completely milk toasts demo. rat not particularly inspiring in any way, not particularly d pressing in any way other than sort of like distressing. In the sense of this guy really going to inspire people to turn out and vote the young and, on the other hand, a truly disgusting, radical republican playing up cultural issues as spected and, as Republicans have been doing over the many years and young can one young can want now interesting, you know, let's put aside for a second, no Republicans are claiming not that I am aware of in any of these basis from yesterday, even though you had some Republican saying it looks like Democrats are still
votes in Virginia and, if Mccall, if winds, will probably say: there was broad and now they're all silent, whoop We can't even deal with that today, because it so absurd, but as the results went as Results came in early in them in the night last night. One young and got up to even a ten ten and a half point lead. I think at one point as the more left, leaning counties with large populations were counted, the lead tightened and tightened, but it ended up being a roughly two point: win in Virginia for the Republican Glenn Young and now the sky Harry Part, the question we were talking about yesterday, including on our live stream, with many of our viewers from Virginia, and it's been written about extensively in the first, hours of today by all of the typical political voices is the Virginia gubernatorial election, a bell whether for twenty twenty two, some say. Yes, deaf led the spells disaster for Democrats and twenty twenty two others say no some say well may be somewhat, but not totally. What, then,
there's no way to deny is that bill whether aside for twenty twenty two when The last race for Virginia Governor was won by nine by a Democrat now, it's one by two by a Republican. That's an eleven point swing in one cycle: that's not good! For Democrats in Virginia period in a moment. Will look at the historical. It's not uncommon that in Virginia the governors race goes the opposite way that the White House went in the previous elections. That's not uncommon, but it still doesn't bode well for twenty twenty two. Even if you can see that it's a historical pattern, so we're going to talk Tat Virginia was a state that we were hoping was leaning, more and more left and Republicans wanted, Republicans want it and they want it with a really simple, too. and this is important to understand Democrat
are not very good at messaging, it's almost cliche to say it. We ve done so many interviews about it. We ve stock. To Thomas Frank about it, we ve talked to George Lake off we ve talked about, but in so many different ways. Democrats are not very good at messaging, in particular Republicans, no, the messaging that will get people to vote and that will get people to vote for them. It doesn't matter if it's based, in fact it doesn't matter if it's too really wrong. They understand Republicans that if they get their base angry enough and scared enough, it will motivate their voters to go to the polls. There is no way, and I hate that I mean this- is not even a political thing. This is almost psychology, so theology. There is no way that Democrats can get the same amount of motivation and energy to get their base to turn out by pitching green energy, equal of equality of opera.
Unity and all these things that actually matter compared to how Republicans do it with fear and with anger, and Republicans did it in Virginia with talk of fixing education and getting rid of critical race theory. The very same Republicans think about the absurdity from a value standpoint, the same republic Who claim that as a value? They don't want government doing too. Much they want to limit the areas that government is even involved. They got people, anger, and afraid enough to go out and vote by think we're gonna get in there and tell schools what to teach that was a big part of Glennie engines. Can pain and the people around young in interviews with voters blocking voters in Virginia showed, they were voting. Young can many of them because they wanted him to deal with that. In critical race, nearing its absurd, its absurd and its key to their stated values, but it worked
and they won the race. Then we had the governance real race in New Jersey? Now it was believed to be a very safe for the incumbent, democratic governor, Phil, Murphy in the blue state of New Jersey, were Joe Biden, defeated done tromp easily and twenty twenty two by sixteen Biden beat Trump by sixteen in Jersey in twenty twenty and fill Murphy did jump out to a big led up front, but then is that went on and we watch the results come in the region, looking challenger gained and gained and eventually took a two point led now as me, votes came in overnight. As of I just looked at it, and hopefully this is not outdated by the time, Listen to that issue, but as of just fifteen minutes ago, the race has not been called and with ninety two percent reporting. Full Murphy is back in the
but by zero point: zero: six percent: that's not zero point: six percent, its zero point: zero, six percent about thirteen hundred votes, eight percent of the ballots still to be counted. Now, if Democrats lose the New Jersey, governorship it's a disaster, even if Murphy wins, but by less than not even less than a point less than a tenth of a point. It is what the margin is right now to match. If swing in twenty seventeen Phil Murphy, one by fifteen points in New Jersey, then by one easily in twenty twenty and now I'll fill Murphy's trying to eke out a wind by a tenth of a point as of fifteen minutes ago. So no matter who wins Republicans closed a massive gap in a very, very blue state. That also doesn't bode well. You were of the mindset. Well, Virginia, doesn't tell us much by itself. Well, it's not by itself look of Virginia and New Jersey and then what else we're gonna talk about more the results on the bonus show today. Some of the results very much expected a demo
Eric Atoms, one New York City Mare, a left, leaning candidate, Shall whew one Boston mayor and then it out, not surprisingly self described socialist India, Walton did not win the Buffalo Mayor ship lost by a lot by seventy points to a right and candidate. I know that many progressives were very listed in that raise up. It is not super shocking to me that a self described Socialist did not get elected mayor of Buffalo New York, Joe Biden, one buffalo easily, but democratic voters are not necessarily socialist vote and that's not shocking there and will look at some of the other results on the bonus show today. Now I do think it too Orton, to restate. that in a waterways this was a turn out victory for Republicans. There were anecdote,
Republican saying my democratic friends or voting for Republicans this time around in Jersey in Virginia in some other races and anecdotally. There are always examples of everything: some Republicans vote, Democrat demographic Republican, etc, but real it was using fear and anger to get turnout, for example, Terry Mccall, if actually outperformed Joe Biden among some groups, say. poor from NBC News pointed this out in a tweet and said you know among white women. College graduates Biden got fifty eight percent of that group. In twenty twenty whereas Terry Mccall I've got sixty two percent of that group and twenty twenty Mccall of built. The lead that Joe Biden Add among white women with college degrees, but wasn't enough, because other groups did not turn out in the numbers that Terry Mccall, if needed. So Non College educated white women voted for Young can buy in
even bigger margin than they voted for Donald Trump. So what we have an exaggeration of the twenty twenty results with the turnout, favoring Republicans now. Does that mean two thousand and twenty two looks less bad? Not really. This could point to a very bad two thousand and twenty two, because Midterms often turn out elections, so Democrats need to number one do some stuff now, but would it mean, but that some silly they need to get some things done, that they can point to say, hey, look at these things that we actually did you. You ve got to do some things, I'm going to talk about spending in infrastructure bill a little bit later, but say seeing that Terry Mccall of simply ran a bad campaign is myopic Jersey, shouldn't be this close,
Albania Supreme Court, one by Republicans. If democrats dont want to accept this as a wake up call publicly to save face. Ok, I mean others debate as you ever really admit that it was a disaster for you. Maybe you don't privately Democrats had better see this as a wake up call and it's almost more difficult without Trump on the ballot, as I have said before its harder to say, even though we haven't done much vote for us anyway, when trumps, not there when its trump when its overtly, friend among Trump. The we aren't trump message makes more sense because trumpet such a train wreck, even if you don't have that much that you ve done to point to you're, not tromp you're, not crazy in that way there's no trump. It's well worth, than these other Republicans, who also aren't trump its weak in terms of messaging its weak in terms of frame
and there is a very good article in the Atlantic this morning by Alain Godfrey and Russell Berman called. If Democrats Kendall whose Virginia vacant whose almost anywhere, which points out that young kin neither repudiated neuron. They embraced trump. He really didn't do either he he actually kind of played Coy with Trump, and we talked about this all along and Republicans ended up winning that rates no less, me now, after everything, I've said about how disastrous this could be. Let me just present to you the least disastrous and irritation. Just so. You know that there is one and it would be the following: its really common that in Virginia, the governorship goes to the opposition party. When there's a new president. So when Carter, one in the next election Virginia governance, gubernatorial went the Republicans when Reagan one. It then went to Democrats
when Bush senior one. It then went the Democrats when Clinton one. It's switch to Republicans when George W Bush one it's which to Democrat when Obama one switch to Republicans and now in the same way. From switch to Democrats, and now we have Biden winds and it's just a Republican. So if you want to point to that and say, That's how Virginia works. It's not really a big concern. You can find a justification in the history to make that claim, but with the New Jersey Numbers not looking good and with some of these other things not looking good, I certainly wouldn't be taking that chance and it's a complete plausible scenario, can't yet say likely. Lotta thing need to happen. Where were we ve got a year until the twenty twenty midterms, which I think
really gonna get going late February early March, it could be an absolute blood bath for Democrats and twenty twenty two. If Biden then does not run for re election, which is plausible and then you ve got You know like a not Super Popple Popular Comma Harris as the nominee there could be a scenario, and I always want to balance being realistic, but not being alarmist, but not downplaying things. we could have a scenario where twenty twenty two's a disaster for Democrats, twenty twenty four is a disaster for Democrats and you end up with Democrats time trying to take control back of something in twenty twenty six The Republicans have gotten a lot of opportunity to do some serious damage to this country, damage that will take. You know, twenty thirty to start undoing. I mean it's, it's it's a grim and dark potential path, and that's why it's him
to see every single one of these elections and contacts. So let me know your thoughts. Let me know you're in rotation. We're gonna have more The minor races on today's bonus show, which you can get access to buy having a member at joint pachmann dot com. You can find me on twitter, department and, let me know your interpretation, your analysis of yesterday's election results. One of our sponsors is magic spoon, breakfast cereal, sweet and tasty. Like the cereals I loved as a kid, but without the sugar or the carbs, every serving of magic spoon has zero grams of sugar only for net carbs, one hundred and forty calories and packed with thirteen grams of protein perfect, if you're doing Keto perfect, if you're doing low, carb great, if you're just trying to reduce your excess sugar intake and because it's packed with protein, it's great before or after a workout magic spoon, flavors include Coco Fruity, frosted peanut butter
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worship at joint pachmann dot com, you can use the coupon code felony twenty one to get a discount. It's a big discount, it's a very discount and you'll get access to the daily bonus show. As a member, you can sign up at joint pachmann dotcom so for this week's covered, date. We usually do this Tuesday Wednesday. I actually do not have news for you that daily cases have continue down in the United States for weeks and weeks and weeks really since the start of September I've been telling you weekly, hey guys good NEWS, you ask These are declining all the way down last week to cases being down fifty nine percent from the peak during the delta wave. But sadly, this week over the last week, cases are still there relative to that dealt a peak, but no more than they were last week. They basically flattened were down fifty nine percent from the delta peak. To be exact. average daily cases in the. U S are now down fifty nine
Nine point: nine nine percent so like basically sixty percent, not a big change from last week's number of fifty nine percent. So for whatever reason and we'll talk about may be why cases of hold off a bit in the United States now, sixty thousand, if we're declining sixty thousand, is better than a hundred thousand more than a hundred and sixty thousand, where we were at the peak of the dealt with as an endemic flat level. Cases are going to stand in need of steady at sixty thousand? That's not gonna cut it for getting back. what we would call normal. It's just wait. You high level. The good news is that debts have can new down over the last week, maybe not surprisingly, because deaths tend to lag cases on about a three to four weak delay deaths in the? U s now down about forty five percent from their dealt a peak, which was the two thousand now we're seeing about a thousand fifty eleven hundred covert deaths per day in the United States
a third of where we were at the very worst peak in January of twenty twenty one, but why way too high to be anywhere near what we would call a normal situation. Remember that in a typical flew season you a covert deaths are? U S? Flew deaths average about a hundred a day over the course of the year, so we are still seeing ten to eleven times the daily debts. From covered, then from flew in typical season now what's happening around the world last week we actually saw cases take up globally, little bit, and we wondered- is it true? or is it a blip sadly Globally cases have again ticked up just a little bit, not by much basically steady, Last week we were seeing about four hundred and twenty thousand cases of covert per day. now seeing about four hundred and twenty five thousand cases of covert predict, not a big change, but not a good number weevils
Seen global, that's kind of level out slightly take up, not a major change right now about seven thousand people every day. Around the world are dying of covert the big who's in the? U S over the last few days is at a CDC panel has unique Lastly, recommended that the Pfizer covert vaccine be approved for kids ages, five to eleven, that's a major step in starting to vaccinate kids five to eleven. That would be a major step forward in better tackling people. There is the belief that may be as soon as this Friday. The day after tomorrow, five to eleven year old, could start to get backs needed. We dont, yet no how many parents plan together. Five to eleven year olds vaccinated, that's a question and empirical question to which we dont yet have an answer,
Do you know that is going to be a different dosage? The dosage for five to eleven year old is going to be about a third of what it would be for adults, and importantly, you you mean have read. You may not the way that these, via doses are distributed for adults and twelve plus year olds is in isles that contain multiple vaccines. At one point, it was five with sort of a little extra. There was approval for a ten dose vile and you fill the syringe with the appropriate out from what is being said so far in order to avoid any confusion, not only is the dose one third for five to eleven year olds, but the vials will be different just so. There's no fusion whatsoever about from this is the adult, vile and you take x amount you have a different sized vile differently labelled when it's for the five to eleven.
We are also. Not only do you put a different amount in the syringe, but it will be coming out of a different, vile, all meant to reduce confusion. So that's going on the other is that a few of you sent me, which I don't think, there's really any reason to panic: right now it doesn't sound good. The headline is that there is a potentially faster spreading dealt a very at a why for dot, to which has I've been spotted and eight states before people feel about. It is believed that a wife for doubt to spreads fast, than the main delta variant. But there is no evidence at this time that it causes more severe. Illness of vaccines remain effective against the a wife for doubt to variant. and in addition to that, it is not that there is no. At this time that it is going to become a dominant variant anyway to sub lineage it staying as a very small fraction of circulating cases and it's been around for weeks, but it is being studied its
a descendant of the delta variant of I may get my third dose this weekend Netherlands recently announced. Everyone will be able to get third doses, including people under sixty. I spoke to my doctor about it. My doctor said right now: It's not something where I'm saying to you, sir. That's how my doctor talks to me. He said Sir he's sir, going get the third dose for sure, but if you get it, it's fine, there's no downside! I was vaccinated with my second dose at the end of February, which, but should that's been what this also nine months at this point, since my second dose. So I'm looking very strongly at getting my third dose this weekend. Let's put it that way. That's the latest uncovered we'll see what happens between now and next week we have and potentially good news about the infrastructure and spending bill do oh The news is that it appears Kirsten. My office is saying, and Senate Majority Chuck Sumer seems to be confirming that prescription drugs price controls may be
back in the bill. Now, on Monday, we played video. and audio. I mean it be weird to just play video with no audio. We played audio and video of Bernie being interviewed over the weekend? Bernie Sanders senator from Vermont saying I'm still working on the prescription drug price stuff, and my hope is that we're going to be able to get it in the bill so, let's look at what we learned in the last twenty four hours, Kirsten Cinema, putting out to stay men, Cinema Office statement on the historic Medicare Drug Negotiation agreement, a quote From John La Bombard, just in Cinemas, communications Director act Senator Cinema reached earlier agreement with President Biden to include historic, Medicare drugs, negotiations in the reconciliation package policies that omitted from the initial framework, at the request of members of the house, speak policy reached out to Centre Cinema this past weekend to continue negotiations, the senator welcomes a new agreement on a historic transformative, Medicare drug negotiation
and that will reduce out of pocket costs for seniors. Ensuring drug pray This cannot rise faster than inflation, save tax dollars and protect innovation. To ensure era and Americans continue to have access to to lifesaving medications and new cures and therapeutics. We also thank representatives, Peters and trader, for their work on this historic agreement. So there questions like what the hell is going on here, we then heard from Senate much leader, Chuck, humor agreeing they are doing this. Let's go to some clips of chuck humor. I am pleased to announce that agreement has been reached to lower prescription. Drugs prices for seniors and families in the bill back better legislation fixing prescription drugs. thing has consistently been a top issue for me, year after year, including the Van the majority of both Democrats and Republicans Ten Ewing was chucks humour to say
more specific about what it is. That's been negotiated in the direction things may be going here, empowering Medicare directly negotiate prices in part B in poor D. This deal will directly reduce out of pocket drug spending for millions of patients every time they is it the pharmacy, your doktor? It will cap out of pocket spending two thousand per year, ending the hey we're alive. Changing diagnosis could mean thousands upon thousands of dollars and new expenses. Okay, so some space fix there, and then just a few more details here from sight minority are silent. Majority leader, chucks, humor, and Senator Cinema right, has told me she supports this agreement, so I think we're there not everything we all want to. Many of us would have
didn't go much further yeah, but it's a big step in helping the american people deal with the price of drugs bright So I mean listen. Should we be happy that something related to controlling prescription drug prices is presume? we're going to be in the bill. Guess yeah! Maybe we can be happy about that? That's ok, that's reasonable! Should we be furious that this was even a debate. And that is one of the many things in addition to paid leave more environmental, regulate, you'd, all the different things. We talked about Medicare expansion that was pulled from these bills. Yes, it's to step in and disturbing that worry having these negotiations today, no question about that should progressives, still kill the bill, as I suggested last week. Maybe they they should do. Listen. You guys know that I'm the ultimate pragmatist in the past, I've taken heat for saying, don't kill it
because it contains some good stuff. Last week I said the bills. Now been so guided me Maybe it is time to kill the bill because what we mostly have a sort of like it, restructure slush funds for corporations etc, and as it may, maybe it is and that a bunch of people became furious for amazing, Gabriel, pragmatic Pachmann, killing a bill that actually has stuff in it. That makes sense that my position at this point is if this can be passed soon in the next few weeks, so that its truly done before that the House and Senate recess for the end of the year, and it does have some climate related elements in it and it does have some worthwhile infrastructure spending and
how has some, although not nearly what we would like to see a prescription, drugs price controls. I say pass it, but I think whether the individual bill is killed or pass. Is as it would likely pass. Given what we understand about it. Now, it's not going to be enough to save Democrats and twenty twenty two so balance. Would I rather some things be pass than not? Yes? Yes, I would is it essentially even going to be like a pyrrhic victory for Democrats to some degree get it. Maybe it's not gonna be listen. We looked at what happened yes they were the results past a milk toast bill is not and to be nearly enough to vote to motivate democratic voters in a year to voting. November of twenty two May terms compared with the effectiveness that we know the
fomenting of anger and the fomenting of fear on cultural issues by Republicans will have on their electorate so path the bill sure you know, I'm not going out there doing, kill it. It's just more. An exercise in France, nation as to how long this has been going on and how much weaker and weaker weaker. The bill is now it's gotten slightly less week with the addition of the prescription. Drugs controls, ok, pass it fine, but if any he thinks this is what's going to save Democrats in TWAIN? Twenty, oh! No! No! No! No! And you today's election results across the country should be of reminder of that, we're going to take a quick break will have more coverage this on the David Pachmann show Instagram what you can find it David Pachmann show you can find me on Instagram David dot pachmann after the break will be talking about a new posts. From the p p r r. I public rule a joint research institute. I believe it is telling us
Thirty percent of Republicans now openly support using violence to achieve their political goals Michael is how many support it, but don't openly say it so we'll talk about that after the break and much much more, one of our sponsors is called privacy. Privacy is a totally free service that I've been using for years. Privacy lets me create virtue, full payment cards with one click, and when I use the virtual card the money is taken out of my bank account, you can create multiple cards, delete them. Free. them set a spending limit on them. Let's say I'm signing up for a free trial and it requires a credit card privacy. Will Otto fill a virtual card amber and then after signing up, I can delete that virtual card, so I know I'm not going to be charged again, something really useful and very practical or let SAM ordering food over the phone, but I ll
My wallet somewhere, I don't have my real credit card on me. I can use a virtual card on my privacy, mobile, app but really the best part is you're not out there. Exposing your real credit card number so you're not is susceptible to data breaches, an identity theft. Privacy is a totally free service and you'll get five bucks to spend. When you go to privacy, dotcom, Slash Pachmann, you can find the link podcast notes. So we know it intuitively and we know because of what happened on January. Sixth, that there are some republican, some portion of the republican electorate that is willing to turn to violence that sees violence as legitimate or at least justified in order to achieve their political goals there is a new study from the public public research public little public religion, research institute that looks very.
civically at who are the Americans that are we to turn to violence, to achieve their political objectives and we're going to look at that right now. Salon summarizes this as an alarming finding but no surprise. Many Republicans now ready to support violence, New P, r R. I pull finds direct links between Frumps big, lie far right: media and support for potential violence new public opinion research, but the twelfth annual american value. Survey from the public religion. Research institute has alarming findings close to a third of publicans and the survey. Thirty percent agree with the statement. True american patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country that's more than the combined total of Democrats, an independence who say the same thing at eleven and seventeen percent respectively. Let's look at the numbers, we're gonna
some other elements of the study because it really well done really interesting. The question was: how do you agree with this? True american patriots might have to resort to violence in all to save our country per the affiliation and selected attitude so, first of all, almost one third, the Americans do believe that true american patriots might have to resort to violence, to save their country right. Eighteen percent of Americans say yes, the largest group by party identification. is Republicans. Thirty percent of Republicans believe violence may be justified to save the country. What's very interesting is that if you look their media consumption, the Republicans who trust mainstream news, only twenty two percent believe they may need to turn to violence of the Republicans who most trust Fox
news. The number goes up, the thirty two percent believe they may need to turn to violence, and a Fox news is too liberal for Republicans, and they only trust. Far right. News presumably stuff, like news MAX away and in conspiracy stuff, then a full forty per cent of them. Forty percent believe that violence may be justified, which is starting now seven percent of independence and about what The ten Democrats also believe the same and in terms of specific beliefs, if you believe that the twin twenty election was stolen from Donald Trump? There's a four out of ten chance: that you also believe violence may be necessary or appropriate? If you believe God has granted America a special role in human history. Twenty seven percent chance, ok, so those are very varied, serving numbers for one very specific reason: there are thirty per cent of Republicans
willing to admit in a pole that they would be supportive of violence? How many Republicans would be supportive of violence, but aren't willing to admit it in a poor. It some number for sure- and I dont know exactly what what that number would be, but that's also a significant concern. Now, there's lots of things to look at in this study. Just couple of others in terms of attitudes, and I encourage you to chat we're linking to this check out the entire study. One interesting question that was studied is has the? U S always been a force for good in the world has there never been a time you were not proud to be an american, so overall seventy four percent of Americans. Believe America has always been a force for good in the world and fifty eight percent american say there was never a time. I was not proud to be an american, not surprisingly republic.
things are far more likely to believe that the Democrats, but it's not like Democrats, are slouches that the poor trail, the stereo type, so to speak, Democrats. Don't really like the? U Democrats, s democratic very anti american attitude. If you look at these questions, it's not that low, I mean sick. Two thirds of Democrats Believe America has always been a force for good in the world by the stereotypes of patriotism. It's not very unpatriotic. Ok among other group White Evangelicals and White non evangelical Protestants seem to be the most stereotypically pro american. Now I say stereotypically because for me, being pro American B means very different things than it means to these groups, but by these definitions, followed by White Catholics and then hispanic catholic maybe not surprisingly, the religiously Anna
created are those least likely to hold these stereotypically patriotic views. about the United States of America. One other thing: we we kind of talk about This idea of idealising the nineteen fifties that is prevalent among the american right and when they talk about conserving and getting back to America was great. It's often the the nineteen fifty that they have in mind. One of the questions that this really is a great study. You shouldn't you should really page through it. People were asked: do you think life has mostly changed for the better, since the nineteen fifties of among Democrats close to two thirds believe life is better now than it was in the nineteen fifties among independence, about how,
believe life is better now than it was in the nineteen fifties. Only twenty nine percent of Republicans believe that life is now better than it was in the nineteen fifties and that's very telling when we think about conservatism. What are they want to conserve? What are they go back to an end. It seems as though it's often this kind of nineteen fifty idea, it's not wrong not wrong, not not wrong. To believe that the last thing I want to look at what traits do you associate with being truly American and a really excellent question where you see agreement where between all Americans, Republicans and Democrats there's not much of a dick ants are believing in individual freedoms like freedom of speech, Republicans endemic. Basically, United Dat, something that is truly american, believe
every citizen should be able to vote in elections, almost exact numbers between Democrats and Republicans, accepting peep of river diverse racial and religious backgrounds. You start is a little bit of a split Republicans, slightly than Democrats believe that, but where you re we start to see differences is answer, questions like being able to speak. English is being able to speak English aside of being truly american, ninety three percent of Republican say yes, whereas only sixty apron democratic us, believing that capitalism is the best economic system. You see a twenty seven point gap between Republicans. Democrats on whether that is a sign of being really american believing God. There is a thirty three point gap. Almost eighty percent are Republicans believe that to be truly american, you must believe in God, less than half of Democrats believe that and then an interesting one being of war.
stern european heritage, a sort of white supremacist belief as being Truly american one fifth of Republicans believe that, but almost one fifth of Democrats believe that is well ok check The study were linking to it, and I recall, of course, that when it comes to this openness to violence, to solve political problems, recall that Republicans claimed to be about line order until they are not, they claim to be about boarding the police until January six, when suddenly they didn't support the police, they claim to be about business, damn. Until some business has started, saying: hey, we want our employees to be vaccinated against covert. Then they weren't about business freedom anymore. I could spend the whole show giving you examples, but the point here is the regularly fantasize about things that they claim they don't want to see, they claim they want to prevent the collar. Of society and yet increasingly their willing to cause it in order to achieve what they believe will be successful. Political outcomes,
I continue to see January sixth as a sort of trial for more violence in the future, there is barely been consequences for the riders so far, starting to see some no consequences for the insiders, including members of Congress, Trump staffers from himself, and so it shouldn't as a shock to us that the number of Republicans willing or who believe violence may be appropriate to achieve political gain, is as high as it actually is. So send me your thoughts on that. Here's an inch. story. There is a group of FED up report gains in Texas that are buying billboards that say Trump lost. These are Republicans who don't like the big lie. Republicans apparently, former President Donald Trump has been pushing for audits, even in states where he won, but some anti trump Republicans are putting their foot down in Texas, My San Antonio reports that three billboards have sprung up in San Antonio that bluntly declared Trump lost, while at the same
I am demanding no more audits of the twenty twenty election in their state. Remember that republican Governor Gregg Abbot, we're gonna audit for counties or something like that number Trump one taxes but lost overall according to my San Antonio, the billboards, are being sponsored by an organization called Republicans for voting rights spending. A quarter of a million dollars to pay for billboards in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan Virginia Wisconsin and Arizona a Trump backed audit in. A zone are conducted over the summer, failed to prove that Trump one, the state and in fact, gave Joe Biden more votes. Despite this from continues to push for more audits. In matter want to spend a lot of time on the story, but imagine
eating huge signs to tell you something is obvious trump lost, but they do and Republicans in a lot of these states, including Texas, because this latter Republicans some of these other states, because people Republicans in those states have become convinced that Trump actually one those states, even though he didn't lots of the Republicans. I think it's important dimension disavow this one fairytale their lot, their tens of millions by which estimate of Republicans who disavow fairytale that Trump actually won, but they fully believe other republican fairytales. They believe trickle down economic works. They believe the national debt should be thought of just like household debt and so, while you give credit where credit is due. There are some Republicans likely Cheney who don't believe the fairy tale that Trump
on they believe many other fairytales that are basically just as destructive to the United States. Also remember that lots of Republicans dont literally believe from one. They see saying that Trump one as a sort of loyalty, Testa Loyalty oath in a war that see themselves as fighting. So for some of these Republicans that might see these billboards telling them Trump lost. Doesn't change. Their view on the fact it's not even an empirical argument for them, it just Ex them see you as the enemy, and to these public and to continue to say tromp, one Republicans willing to admit that Trump didn't when are actually the enemy so be. It Republicans can spend money doing whatever they want in this case it? I guess, train. convince other Republicans Trump didn't really when many of those republican sort of We know that there are some republicans who believe literally trump one, but for many of them This is what I say to demonstrate that I'm on the team
that I'm doing the right things and and that I'm I'm I'm playing the role I'm supposed to play? Send me your thoughts were going to take a quick break and we'll be back with much more right after this. if you follow me on social media, you know I love growing. My own food, in my back yard garden and our sponsor lettuce grow, has made grow, food at home, simpler than ever the lettuce grow farm stand, is a vertical stand that can be inside or outside. Were you grow over two hundred varieties of fruits and vegetables. The farm stand waters and fertilizers itself. It does all the work for you. You can grow up to thirty six plants at a time. Let us grow sent. Do the seedlings, and then your food is ready to eat. In four to six weeks, I've had a great experience with the lettuce grow farm stand. I've been growing, delicious tomatoes, strawberries eggplant, it only takes up four square feet:
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can had lost trumpet have said. Well, I endorse them, but he didn't really embrace me young and did win, and presumably trumps, going to take credit, their trumps record actually not that great on endorsements, but not only from a number standpoint. Trumps also endorse some really horrible people. One such person appears to be Senate candidate Sean Parnell, who now is accused by his wife of strand in her and beating their children, theirs report and rolling stone about this, which says wife of Trump Bat sent Candidate, Sean Parnell claims strangled her beat their children a strain wife. Lorry SNL, also alleged the republican candidate, told her to go, get an abortion, Laurie SNL, the estranged wife of Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell testified during. Court hearing on Monday, alleging that her husband strangled her Parnell denied this also met made other claims, her testimony, which alleged both verbal and physical abuse,
place during a hearing and Butler Pennsylvania. Any child custody proceeding over there, three children in their divorce case. She had previously sought temporary protective orders against parliament. when he seventeen and twenty eighteen, although both were later expunged. Former President Donald Trump, endorse. Sean Pernod in September is run in the republican primary Parnassus vying for pencil, is open Senate see in twenty twenty two in which shaping up to be one of the most hotly contested Senate races next year. That is a big race. She said he tried to choke me out on a couch, and I literally had to bite him. He was strangling me in another in Did she claimed Parnasse slapped one of the children so hard? It left visible, fingerprint shaped welts. She also testified he verbally, abusive and another incident, she alleged he forced her out of a vehicle and told her to go, get an abortion. Now, that's politically
relevant because unpronounced campaign website he states- I am Pro life- will always vote to protect the unborn. If true- and these are allegations, if true, it would be another instance of hypocrisy, of a gap between stated values and how actually live in real life. In a statement issued, the campaign Parnasse denied the allegations and said he would present the truth to the court next week. Let me emphatically state I have never raised a hand and anger towards my wife for any of our three children. What happened Diane Court, was not justice. Nor did it have any basis, in fact or truth. Now, a lot of people will write to me. They'll, say David, how you know you can't say these things, happen? These are allegations which have been refuted and that's absolutely and completely fine. I'm more interested in the reality. The undeniable reality that these types of allegations, even when prove credible, no longer torpedo your chances, at least, if you're a Republican, we that
really seen. You could argue to a fault over the last decade. The owl, Frank and Incident bill is arguably one of these, situations where Democrats hold their own two very different standards than Republicans. and there was a time when something like this would kill your shot at winning in times of really change. You could argue that a key moment in this trajectory was when the access Hollywood tape came out with them, try talking about when you're famous they just let you do it you. Just Robin by the you know what nothing happened. Nothing happen there was a time when that could have ended a campaign. Today it will. Even necessarily get Donald Trump to revoke his endorsement of you. For now Donald Trump has not provoked his endorsement of John Porno. I wouldn't expect him to for the time being help. Sean porno could end up being the republican presidential candidate. This wouldn't even necessarily disqualify him from that. So it is very much the case.
That the Pennsylvania Senate race is going to be a big big deal in twenty twenty two twenty two Two elections in the United States are going to be wide ranging an important. There are actually a number of seats, a pen Albania, Ohio, maybe maybe Missouri, North Carolina and Alabama, where there are retiring republican senators, retiring republican centres, doesn't mean a democratic. Win, but it at least will not be a Democrat going up against incumbent and those are real opportunities, and, as we talk before about the Joe mansion problem, I continue to say. The way to fix the Senate is by flipping some red states blue. not by primary mansion and then having whoever defeats mansion if anybody lose to a Republican in the general in West
Kenya. Is it just its literally not a solution and that it actually gives Republicans and additional seats? So and to keep an eye on the shine Barnett allegations another beauty of an endorsement from Donald Trump. These are just allegations for the time being just important dimension that there is a reason why, in this stories, Youtube Clip I'm using the word accidentally and quotes because when it comes to accidentally, firing Can we really shouldn't be using the word accidental? We should be using the word negligent we should be using the word reckless. There. headline as its being reported by W Ella Wax and others is that. Woman had a gun in her purse during a basketball game and she accidently fired the gun. I dont think accidentally is really the right word that we should be using here. But the story is a woman has been given a five hundred dollar bond after fire
a gun at a basketball game in Madison Madison Mississippi. That is a core to police. The incident happened inside the gym roses: Scott School Monday night during the guy, caution. Alexis MC runnels reached into her purse to grabber phone, but accidently fired her gun. Nobody was hurt but the game was suspended, while investigators escorted MC runnels to a secure office inside the school Mc Runnels did have been enhanced concealed carry permit or permit is some folks like this, which allowed her to have the firearm. At the event, however, she was charged with the discharge, a firearm within the city limits of medicine, in violation of the city of Madison Ordinance, Mc Runnels, was given a five hundred dollar bond and a court date to appear before Madison Municipal Court. Accidently means negligent discharge.
We have to stop normalizing these incidents by calling them accidents and that's why I'm calling this quote accidently it's the wrong: it was a negligent discharge that was related to the reckless handling of a firearm. Imagine now it didn't happen here, but it happens. The time imagine ending someone's life with such a dumb mistake. It's happened. We ve covered the stories When I mean this is now a kind of a whole other topic in a sense because some people pointing out this was a legal concealed, carry individual licensed even the classes that run in many states- are kind of a joke. As I said before, I don't talk about whether I own guns, so I'm just gonna couch this generally there many liberals, I know that own guns who have said the class is really can be.
Ass by more odds and we oh, that to be true because of the number instances where it's not a critic. Somebody criminally obtained a gun doesn't have a permanent doesnt, have a concealed carry permit whatever people who are licensed and up to date on everything that there are supposed to do, who behave recklessly and negligently with firearms? And if an until- and I'm like a broken record on this, if an until accident These are actually treated like the serious negligence that they are. I don't think we're gonna see anything change. The Madison Catherine Incident is just a perfect example of this, where Republican Congress in Madison Catherine tried to board a plane from I think it's somewhere to Charlotte, maybe was Asheville to Charlotte or something like that, and he tried in the sense that he had a firearm in his carry on. He tried,
board a plane to get through to USA Security with a firearm, and it was chalked, always Naxa. He didn't know the gun was in the bag is, if that's an excuse, if you don't know where you're firearm is, if you believe, the firearm, that you're responsible for which is a huge responsibility. If you believe that firearms is in one place and is actually in a different place, that's reckless there. negligent. It's not an excuse to say I didn't think it was in my in my bag. That's an indication that we should be. nobody should even be allowed to have that gun. It also were broken. It You know it's an issue, we're gonna continue covering and the extent to which this something Democrats should should be running on. I've said before I don't know that it's pragmatically speaking a good issue to win elections, particularly in places where it's very purple purple took two reddish but its initiatives not going away any time soon. here is an interesting voicemail about vaccination incentives. We talk about carrot versus stick. If you want to call me,
you can call to one nine to David P. Any time of day a few hints for voicemail number one. Don't leave me three. Five, seven twelve voice smells in a row. If you do that, They almost certainly are not going to be played. That's one bit of advice. Second, bit of advice do not leave voice males that are the full three minutes long. We have never played a three minute voicemail on the show that's the maximum that is allowed on our voice. Mail system, voice, males tend to be between thirty and ninety seconds and number three get to your point quickly and this voice mail does all of these things its thirty two seconds long. We can hear the collar clearly, he gets right to his point and the question is: why are people getting rewarded for not getting back they did in the sense that the longer you wait, the more likely it is you'll be offered a hundred bucks or free sports tickets or whatever the case may be. Ticklish David furiously wire
getting worried for not taking the vaccine wires states giving people who have taken the bad thing, money right, I really cannot understand the logic behind it. I guess slices and says this thing: the carrot and stick mentality, but it really like it. I don't I get it. I got in the long run. Guy was a participant in the fight to end my only dollars right now listen. This is a good point, which is, if you did the right thing, because it was the right thing to do early You typically got no reward at all. Now some states said we're: gonna do a lottery, and no man- When you got vaccinated you can you can enter to win, million dollars are sometimes less whatever, but there are many cases where the sent you ve got a hundred bucks get a gift card get whenever they are only oh,
two people getting vaccinated after certain date, and it only starts because not enough people are getting vaccinated. So in a sense it is sort of backwards in that the people eligible for the rewards are those who did not get vaccinated when they could have and morally speaking when they should have, I get it, it's a very good question in it, something I continue to struggle with. At the end of the day, I don't really care because I just want people getting vaccinated, but there is no doubt that the collar makes a very good point we have such a good bonus show for you today. I can't even put it into words, were going to give you more results from last night's election, some of the less prominent races we're going to talk about them on today's bonus, show speaking of firearms, which we just did the White House is introducing a new plan to reduce gun suicides. It's very common, that whenever you want to talk about guns, safety right, wingers will always say. The real issue is something else. You talk about mass shootings, they'll say the real issue is handgun homicides, not mass shootings, one off Hamas,
and then you ve got to talk about those they say. Well, the real she was suicides with guns. Well, these are three different issues, mass shootings, single gun, homicides and guns suicides each requires a different approach and different solutions and the White House a new proposal for dealing with gun suicides, gonna talk about that under his bonus show, and then lastly, Marjorie Taylor Green. Has, I guess we could say quietly accrued forty. Eight in dollars and fines for ignoring the mask requirement of the House of Representatives, has she paid it? Has she paid any of it will should be forced to pay it. We, talk about all of those stories and more on today's bonus show sign up. It joined I've been dot com and you will get instant access. I will see you there or sadly, if you're, not a member we'll see you tomorrow, but I would love to have you on the bonus show. You can use the coupon code, felon twenty one: it's not really a felony to use the coupon code, but these disk sir, so extreme that
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