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12/17/21: Tucker Launches Kyle Rittenhouse Series as Trump Emails Get More Insane

2021-12-17 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson is launching an entire series on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial

--Donald Trump's team is sending out wacky fundraising emails claiming that the former president has been right about everything

--Caller doesn't think Bernie Sanders should run for president for a third time

--Caller isn't convinced that Democrats actually care about winning

--Caller wonders if Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the future of the Democratic Party

--Caller questions why Democrats don't play the same dirty political games as Republicans

--Caller believes either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris would lose to Donald Trump in 2024

--Caller's mom doesn't want to get vaccinated

--Caller wonders about the future of democracy

--David reviews some of the latest messages from fans of the show

--On the Bonus Show: The Friday Bonus Show featuring Producer Pat

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Welcome everybody. I have to start with some really crazy things today. The first thing is the next to kind of chapter in the martyrdom and lie initiation of Kyle written House. Now, I'm not gonna tell you the entire cow Kyle written how story, but Kyle written House was seventeen years old when he went to Canosa Wisconsin with a firearm, he killed. Two people shot a third claimed self defence and was acquitted found not guilty. As I said, he's done how these laws are written, that not guilty, this is not really the issue here. It's a Kyle's pay. since there are being emblematic of so many of the things wrong with the country a gun
culture, education, parenting etc? and one of the constant concern we knew what was going to happen was that Kyle written House was going to be made a hero. He got an interview. Hocker Karlsson, with the heroes welcome. He got to meet Trump etc. This is now taking on an even more insane tone. There is, a new series about Kyle Rittenhouse produced with Tucker Karlsson, hosting a narrating. It's on oxidation Fox nation is a fox news kind of like offshoot that includes rehabilitating the programme, cops so kind of gives you a sense of the type of content that they produce and its law. Good bizarre reality show me the two
make him look like a complete and total hero, so check out just like a little clip of this in just the entire vibe. It's all completely insane. Look at this I'll ring how covering ass it is nice to meet you here. I can't believe you're here that we felt was up above our friends of yours as you now here yet sets me you're, probably wondering how he ended up in this situation. For most Americans, car written house is more meme than man, but in real life, written houses working class, kid from the least privileged of our society, so yeah as I have said, first of all, who's the audience for this right. That's one thing to think about like we're, watching it as a guph and be. Is it so absurd? and because it's a media story that there is a media outlets. Doing this but There are people who watch the seriously and they go allow. What what a hero
what a great kid he did a great thing and remember you didn't do a great thing. He was somewhere, he shouldn't have been with a gun you shouldn't have had and caused a situation in which he heard for us. If I even book would concede, he plausibly feared for his life and he was did, but we don't celebrated. We say: while this was a tragedy, it should have, avoided altogether. The lesson wouldn't be he's a hero. The lesson would be would have me. It sends never to go in the first place, but this show makes him a hero, then, and this is just wacky. Tucker Karlsson, in a direct, a camera sort of thing planes that What we had here, he basically use, is kind of like a bolshevik style revolution. As an analogy
the desire for the imposition of an hour ago, tyranny in the United States and links all of this back to Kyle Rittenhouse. Take a look at this
tyranny. You may have heard the term used the most straightforward definition. It means anarchy for the people in charge, tyranny for the population and echo tyranny is a system in which pedophiles and criminals are released from prison by the state to terrorize the law might lighting defend themselves their prosecuted by the state for murder smeared by the media's terror sordid, which message terrorist. All is corporate, sponsored activist groups burn their country to the ground, we're seeing them, but we ve seen it before in the years before the Bolshevik revolution. Russia was deeply destabilized by crime and chaos and that set the stage for the Bolshevik take over in the Soviet Union. During the great terror political dissidents were put on trial, for daring to defend themselves against criminals in the Soviet Union. Could only use a knife in self defense after you'd been staff Zan Familiar the trial of car Rittenhouse may be the first Anna go tyrannical, show trial in the United States. It may not be the last, so the most curious part about that is the analysis is a.
We bogus analysis, its lasted in every in every way, it's pathetic to wet noodle, but do, you think the audience of this network. Of this. Show that watching it in a serious way knows about bolshevism or an co chairing I mean seriously like even it that this is. Perfect example of you know, people were you, ask: do you read history? They go yeah red, Billow, Riley's, history, boxing, was the audience here and It's all wacky and its met specifically to inspire a certain type of person to accept without quest. Meaning what Tucker is telling you and, of course, except that Karl Rittenhouse is here, truly just bizarre stuff. Here is a clip from the end and in this scene they port com written house it's so overproduced there
Kyle Rittenhouse, wearing a suit on a beach and Tucker celebrates that kind, written houses moving to Florida, which is a free state and also frames Rittenhouse as a victim who, now going to have to deal with all this for the rest of his life. How Rittenhouse wanted to move to the paradise of flora to the free state. Now he has his chance. Even so, he will never have the luxury of living life will never be able to raise the slander stigma laid on him by the media and by his prosecution. Those are the consequences of the trial of Kyle the next time you couldn't. I like how Tucker says you could be next, you know, one way to avoid being the next Kyle written House is: don't go to locations of unrest with firearms. Then your
I'm going to be the next Kyle Rittenhouse. Now, of course, Tucker would say well now, there's a million other ways in which you could be viewed. Domain by the system, the way he was but what and overproduced sham, and my prediction is that this show- will do really well with the Fox nation audience. So this is what we they would make him a hero. There make I'm a hero, they're, making him a martyr they're, making him a sage- and it is completely totally disgusting, but we knew what would happen if we talked for a while now about how the Republican Party has essentially abandoned policy like in some vague way, taxes bad and in a regulation is bad, but even so early in the Trump administration after the tax bill past The republican Party stopped being about policy rather about cultural issues, I am going to show you now a fund raising email sent out by Donald Trump Save America Pack, which has
closest thing to a policy platform on it. Trump lists a bunch of stuff. almost like we would list. Well, we want to make sure everybody has access to health care. We want to make sure that you're not going to be killed by pollution and that emitters pollution are regulated and we want to make sure that people are paying the right amount of taxes to properly fun social services, and here the social policy right sends out a fundraising email that looks a policy list, but its rays look at this trump that unites us, not writing this, but its being sent downward under trumps. Name friend. Have. You noticed that the radical left is now admitting. I was right about that we think they lied about before the election. And here is the list hide. proxy chloric win works. Now I dropped is a medication that works for some things. No evidence it works recovered
the China virus came from a chinese lab that not been demonstrated Hundred Biden laptop was real, well It was a real laptop or it was. the hunters, or it really contained the things you claim again this this is the it's like a policy platform of crazy laugh, had square was not cleared for a photo up. In fact, we know that it was the russian bounties stories was fake. It appears to have been real. We do to produce vaccines before the end of twenty twenty in record time. Ok, I mean That's one where it sort of what is being implied The M Rna platform allows rapid vaccine production, so went from says without me, it would have taken ten or twelve years. Not without em. Rna might have taken seventy two, the seven or eight years you nothing to do with them or, and that's why the vaccine was produced quickly. A blue state.
Knocked down, didn't work. You know interesting about that. Is they sorted it actually like early? We the situation where the covert cases in deaths were disproportionately happening in blue urban centres, because those were the places with the major airports flying back and forth China and Europe where the virus. was brought to the United States from Once vaccines became widely available, the case right and the death rates in red states and in particular in Trump counties, way way way higher than in Biden County. So that's wrong too, school should be reopened. They basically are open because of all mccrone. Now, if you colleges, it said we're going back to remote, but basically Schools are open political rights theory is a disaster for our schools in our country and our southern border security programme was unprecedentedly successful this is so funny because it's sort of like a stupid persons policy platform, it look.
Slight policy. There is really no policy like hydroxyl frequent works. It's a statement of fact it is to be incomplete. It works, but not for covered, but What's the policy behind it and this seems to be to some degree a reaction to realizing that We ve gotta, have something were kind of running on to get people to give us money. But we're going to make it really what is at the end of the day, cultural stuff and the saddest thing about it is Glenn young in victory in Virginia, shows us that this type of thing, He ran against critical race theory in Virginia, which was not even being taught in Virginia schools and he won Terry mockery, I've made mistakes as well, so this may be the close we get to a platform from Republicans. It's a joke. but, sadly it might work, and that we ve got a really be ready for twenty twenty two
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six Chris from Texas, what's Goin on Paper David, this is clear from taxes. How you doing I mean ever my but that I'm doing well. Thank you, one thing I'm wondering is like with bided I'm. I know some people are wanting Bernie to run again, but I don't agree with that because of the fact that, like I love burning with all my heart, but I feel that with Bernie after losing twice, I think it's just gonna make me look bad and I think it will hurt the progressive moving overall for him to run again just because it will make us look as if we are not willing to cooperate with greed Democrats I don't think it's about cooperation at all, but I agree with you. I think that, as a combination of burnt, Bernice failed runs so far as well as Bernice Age I, some people might be furious with me, but I think the window of opportunity for Bernie has closed first and foremost
Joe Biden runs again burn he's, not gonna beat him in a primary, so that already makes us look at twenty twenty. Eight and I just I just don't see it. I think it's unrealistic of. If somebody wants to change my mind, you can try, but I just don't see it. yeah. I guess I guess I'm just also worried us about the future as well like with binding the priorities going down a kind of one him to do other things like maybe do another you be I, and potentially also generally also doing something right along the lines I like maybe be more. Forgiving understood my bet, wait a second. How long would it when you say do another you be? I do you mean a covert stimulus check. that's probably on my list worried, but I feel, like I've been more Willy Brandt, you something along the lines of like maybe extending stood alone, fit for forgiveness or maybe giving students baby, at least for cancelling out at least ten thousand
do not that yeah. I have to tell you. I agree with those things. I want him to do those things. I never believed that those were things Joe Biden was going to do when he was running an he seems to have no interest in doing them. I just don't think he's gonna do them now. Should we should be pressure? Of course I mean this is what activism is for, but I dont and he ever had any interest in doing those things, but I think the point where maybe kind of converging on is the law. Need. Some kind of the progressive left needs. a charismatic leader, within the Democratic Party. I dont think its Bernie Oh see, I don't know, I think it's too early to say, but I do I've. Never charismatic leader is needed in the progressive laugh. I do feel like. I wish you a good candidate, but I feel like one problem that she has not only been her high levels of of being elected, is only the House of representatives I feel like should either legal lease. Maybe someone like watching it again, given
and or or or hostile for state level position, Ok, that's very good! I mean that there will be time to look at that, but it sounds like you and I are mostly on the same page one this question I have the two. I guess throw them out of a little scared about Republicans, eventually getting back at the Senate in that it in an house in two thousand point two wires and Joe Biden or any other Democrats, whether their power right now try to admit DC in the Rico. So we can at least give us some way of a buffer from preventing Republican from getting worse. again I love the idea. Joe Biden doesn't just doesn't seem interested, it just doesn't seem a priority now remembered DC would almost certainly be too. Democratic senators. Puerto Rico is a little bit more of a question. Mark Porter Regos, more conservative than some people think on balance, it would still be great for the Democratic Party, but finds doesn't seem interested in that year.
we would get at least around seven seat in the both in the hope At least that sounds of our right now. That sounds about right. I would love to see it. I think they should be states. I dont believe it will happen before twenty twenty four. Ok, I thank you for that. all David are my pleasure. If you again thanks Chris appreciate hearing from you a good question, specific good questions, let's go next to Jason from Huntsville Alabama, what's happening in Alabama these days, I sold out anyone there. Jason from Alabama you're on the air and it sounds like you're on another call. There. Listening to some kind of shock. Jason. Did you want to talk to me, or are you just like watching tv? I don't know well. That's too bad.
Go next to Nick from Long Island Nick from Long Island near so I wanted to ask you, since Democrats are really caring about getting anything done right now. Lake lowering prescription drugs prices because of the road blocks that we face in the Senate and the fact that Biden can can try to use pressure politics. You think Democrats actually care about winning in twenty twenty? Two, since, like they're, not like getting anything done So I dont know that I would characterize the situation the way your characterizing it I mean to speak specifically about prescription drugs bill back. Better actually has a bunch of prescription drugs stuff ended, including limiting out of pocket insulin costs through insurance to thirty five dollars a month which has major just in and of itself, given the number of people with diabetes in the United States,
I agree with you generally speaking, that the Democrats are not getting enough, done and there needs to be some other major policy accomplishment to be able to point to in order to justify people voting for Democrats in twenty twenty two, on whether Democrats care about winning in twenty twenty two. I do think there are some Democrats who have been given the numbers and they ve been shown here is what's going on with redistricting here's. What's going on this, We're gonna lose the house in twenty twenty two and some may have given up. I dont and I disagree with that position but I dont know that it's that they don't care. I just I think I just see the all the situation a little bit differently than you. While you know another big issue that I hear a lot like shows like two. I too they talk about how you know they save legalised. Bribery has something to do with not getting.
Popular provisions done- and it just seems to me like, like corporations, really want Democrats to lose elections because Republic, would. It would make sense because Republicans would easily just grant them more tax cuts. Don't you think so now but now it's not as cut and dry. There are lots of large corporations that understand that the economic policies of Democrats are more demand side stimulus rather than trickled down supply side stuff, and they know that those things are good for them. Many corporations realize if everybody makes a little more money, we now have a. We now have customers with a little bit more money which they can spend here, like that's a demand, side, stimulus, economic idea and the truth is for most of most corporations- they're, not really most preparations are not pull.
The in the sense of the corporation, is liberal or conservative they're trying to do its best for them and often its hedging their bats. By donating to both sides, I mean that's the sick reality of it, you look it cable, I s peace and cable companies. You look at big food. Most of these companies are donating some to both sides so that they can have friends in power, no matter who wins yeah. I think that pretty much answers my my. directions all Nick from Long Island. Thanks very much appreciate the call. Let's go now. Two Cody from San Diego Cody having to be in San Diego this weekend. In fact, how the weather look can hear me. I can hear you Cody at saw just got done raining down here about it sits. Looking pretty good today are a good, well yeah, I'm hoping to have a nice, certainly sunny, weaken here. My question was first one
I will just sir. I keep here. Like all these people, Yes, I mean obviously on the right, but a lot of people on the left have like a problem. Seen her policies, and just I guess personality and everything, I was just wondering what European wasn what you feel about her. What you want you think about arrive. in early tender agree with her and like a lot of what she does yeah, I think come. I think o c is extremely skilled politically in terms of her ability to communicate in terms of her ability to participate in congressional hearings and and question people. I think gets a lot of issues right, as I've said before. I think she lacks some knowledge when it comes to certain economic ideas and on some foreign policy stuff, but she still relatively new. We would exe.
backed anybody to lack knowledge in some areas. It's not like a big deal. You know it's not like a big attack on a sea, so I think she has major potential to be a huge player for decades in the progressive movement if she wants to, and at the same time she may not want to. She may want to do this for a little bit and then do something something completely different. So I think, in terms of thinking about future of the progressive movement. We don't wanna, put all our exit anyone basket, if that makes sense, does the real. I guess my my other question would be. I heard a lot I get it was in the past. There was an article that came out and destiny talked about it a little bit that people were talking how how much voter suppression actually facts elections. I am, I signals that, like it's probably gonna, work,
the combination of my clutter, suppression and redistricting tactics that kind of cumulative effect. Alas, and what, in your opinion, realistically how much I watched you think, like voter suppression, tactics actually other this is such a hard thing to answer, because the first thing is which elections right, which elections are we talking about a presidential race? Are we talking about congressional districts, for the House of representatives are not actually I'm not asking you to give me. The answer is under sink in order to really answer the question. We first need to define that then are aspects of this. That can be measured and aspects that are tougher to measure so, for example, if someone is reject did from voting because of a specific rule. We could say wild. That's definitely someone whose vote was effected by voters oppression, but if there are people who, who, because of their awareness of
voting, has been limited in this way or boating places or whatever the case may be safe I'm not even gonna. Look at boating this year that sort of like soft voter suppression and I dont really. I dont trust that we can accurately one to five. in any real way. So my answer is in in sum, total There is no doubt that boat or suppression tactics combined with gerrymandering have an effect many races are won or lost on that basis. It's a very difficult question to answer, but here really important thing the fact, It's a difficult question to answer doesn't mean that we should fall for well, then it must be having no effect that would be fallacious took to go to that. I tend to agree not so the questions I have. Thank you so much for your answer. Thank you for going got greater greater hear from you.
Why don't we go next to tarry from Fresno Terry? You are on their pay dividends. it's going well! Thank you. So I wanted to ask about the idea of optics in inter political issues. Because it seems like opted, stone really matter across like party lines, but in so far as like, like Democrat on Democratic, like what's the purpose of arguing optics in something wind clearly not what's happening. I don't know what you mean so give me. Give me an example of an argument. Democrats have with each other about optics. What's an example like optics of Ale Sea, going to the met gala wearing a dresses tax. A rich ok like that. There have been arguments about like
it's not a good look for. Somebody who is fighting for income inequality who is going to like them I'll wear a bunch of rich people are now, I see and then lived. There was the counterpoint which was like no it's great, that she was there, because she was a defeat. She was something different instead of just celebrities in whatever, and that's exactly word like that- art that debate you're talking about yeah things, bad nature because, like ultimately, I think it obscures like act. Issues? I tend to agree with you. I tend to agree with you. So for me that debate was not interesting. For me, the optics debate, that's more interesting is actually one. That's between Republicans and Democrats, and I ll give you an example and tell me if you think this is more more relevant and interesting. We ve talked about hypocrisy in politics before and we ve talked about how now take take foreign policy first, Republican said it's patriotic to go to war when it was the Iraq war and then what
Obama? Obama was unpatriotic because he wasn't willing to start wars and he was going to leave the country open to attacks, but then, when it was Donald Trump, the Patriot thing again was he won't get us into wars, but Hilary will and then now with Joe Biden it's. Why is Joe Biden giving Russia warnings so their totally hypocritical right? The the the problem What is the right doesn't care about their own hypocrisy, whether wild the left does seem to care about hypocrisy? That's really interesting to me because it raises questions of, Should The left also stop Herod, caring about hypocrisy and double standards, or how do you take? advantage of the hypocrisy of the right if their voters don't care about the hypocrisy. For me, that's like an optics debate, that's much more relevant and substantive yeah
and I can understand that, although I would say from my perspective, you can't win a basketball game if your opponents have done are shooting people turn I mean like you have to play for same game that everybody else is playing so low to me. The art conversation in so far as like they don't care about hypocrisy, but we do that conversation it just stops because, like not willing to play the same game, and you already losing you know them I agree, and this gets too to a lot of our discussions about. Without committing crimes or doing straight up immoral. Things. Democrats have to recognise that we have to use the system we have to try to win, or otherwise the system will just get worse. Yeah and I to some degree I don't think I'm not wholly against and granted. very much so on the political extreme, like. I am fairly. in time. I was like one of those be
Who was all about the Spirit of the game? Right like you ve? Would you play basketball right, yeah, so when you got play basketball. You respect the foul with somebody calls a foul you're playing a pickup game. You just respect the call should argue it. You don't do all that, but like if you're pushing against people who are you calls and we'll just shape points off. Do all sorts of then. What's the point if you're not gonna, do the same thing right. I guess the question is yes, yes, exactly and those with the the problem becomes when things are more life or death in basketball, and you end up with really bad options of having to degrade yourself, maybe or just let them be the only players which is also terrible didst. Do you got it? You got some tough decisions to make. You absolutely degrade yourself in every instance of giving If the choices like letting a bunch of your constituents maybe lose the right to have abortions. And like maybe playing a little bit unfair or do,
the same things that Republicans do then I feel like the option. Every time is, do what's best for your constituents right right, all right all right, very important issues. I push appreciate you bringing them to me today, thank you all right. Let's take a very quick break. We are going to keep taking calls right after this short break. So if you are holding don't hang up work, right back to the phones. one of our sponsors is blink. Ist who's been supporting the David Pachmann show longer than any other sponsor blink, as does the apt that lets you listen to or reed an entire nonfiction book, and just fifteen minutes blinking. That is the way to absorb those books. You can't make time for blinkers takes top, none fiction. Titles pulls out the books key, take a ways and insights and give to you in the form of a text or audio explained that you can consume in fifteen minutes with blinking?
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Let's go back to the phone lines, and here from a few more people, we dont really use the phone lines anymore. We use discord which you can find it David Pachmann, dot com, slash discord. That is the place to find it and chat with me. Let's go two Tyler from Colombia is that Colombia, South Carolina. Tyler from Colombia on there. Hey David sorry, it's Tyler from Columbus, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, gotta you're on the air. all the time in a long time listener. A big fan of the show. Thank you My first question is, I don't really think given home directory with come on heiress and Joe Biden. I think we would assuredly lose if we run either of them and twenty twenty four
By its image, order on, I think, is a secret election and I think you know Kemal heiresses, not a good choice. Who do you think if we're up to you You picked me that democratic nominee and twenty twenty four- I you know I have no answer because at this point there is really nobody in the Democratic Party that I'm genuinely excited about, and that I see- and when I say excited I mean not only do I like them on policy but that I also believe they are sort of like political superstar of sorts. You know there was something like him. Her hate him. There was something about Bill Clinton when he entered the national scene. Where was this guy a political superstar. Different than you agree with him on every policy or anything like that? But it was ass. He had a certain something Barack Obama has certain something I dont think Joe Biden really has it, but The circumstances still allowed him to win, and I am with you. I think that,
particularly if Trump is the nominee, but even if it someone like Rhonda Santas, who seems right wheel Looking now seems like the other possible guy. I dont that Biden wins reelection and I think if he stepped back and other sort of a coordination for common Harrison, she's kind of just handed the nomination, think schebitz Trump or to Santa. So I am extremely concerned. What I'm trying to do, though, is say: let's through the midterms first, because what Happens in the mid terms is going to really determine the context in which twenty twenty four takes place, but I am is worried, as you are right now, you think, there's a scenario in which Democrats hold the house. I think it's possible, but unlikely. I think we have to fight for it ray. I dont know what what number I would attached to it. I would maybe call it ten or fifteen percent, but that's hype. This,
Stakes are so big that you ve gotta fight. If these wept, when a ten percent shot you gonna fight for that that's all right. Thank you. So much for the call very much appreciate you d want to I'm not trying to be unnecessarily pessimistic, I'm kind of explaining explaining it the way I see it. Let's go next Next to Jeff from Dallas Texas, Jeff, IRAN. There. Bout literally sounds: I wanted to make you you're not actually underwater. Are you. No. I was running out o my god. Ok, going on outside the house when you get away just so first awful show my first I'm calling it seems very excited the job you thank you. So sorry numbers are nervous. I've never done before. No, you didn't red eyes. I can but there's been more talk about the.
Alright, unfortunately, Jeff your services so bad, we can't hear you're going in and out so we will have to try to make the connection at some point. In the future, let's go next to no word from New Jersey, Noah you're on the air. Nowhere from New Jersey year on year. Take near me David. Yes, I can go so I don't know this is a good question to ask. I thought maybe, as information on a kind of a two part question. I guess so I live in it to live at home with my parents and their both republicans. my dad has. The vaccine is considering not getting them the boost your shot. I just got my booster shot. And my mom is completely closed off to the idea of getting the vaccine whose eyes wandered said you had any insight.
sort of how to deal with a sort of family interactions when that sort of the dynamic Well, why doesn't she want the vaccine? She's? not quite on the level of Cuban on but she's kind of you a little bit paranoid and definitely has some mischief misinformation misleading her Ok, like what does she believe about it? I honestly Tibet, I don't even really now. I know she doesn't really believe that there's like, I don't think he believes the whole tracking device thing, but I think that she just doesn't think it works. Maybe she thinks it's necessary yesterday. She said that my niece has a cold and, I said, is definitely a cold or is it covered and she said.
what it's definitely a cold, because kids get calls all the time, and I was like well yeah- really an argument. So here's the thing right. First, you ve got to figure out what it actually is, because you said a few different things. You said you don't think she believes the tracking chip stuff she made, I believe the vaccine works or she may not believe that the vaccine is necessary. The these are all different things so much. A process would be an obvious. A? U have to decide for yourself. How much you want to argue about this with your mom, but my process would be first rate They figure out by listening why they don't want the vaccine. Only when you understand that, can we even go to the next step. The next that would be figure out what would change their mind. So if they say well, the reason I dont want it is, I don't think it's safe, you would say: well it Your personal doktor told you it was safe. Would you take it yeah? I trust my personal doktor great try to get to talk to a personal doktor, other people might say. Well, I dont believe that its effective. Then you say well if I showed you what,
If who said it was effective, would you change your mind and maybe she's as well? I don't know if, if If you showed me data or whatever that the point here is first, you ve really got to understand why she doesn't want right now. It doesn't seem, like you understand that, well enough to really move on to step, to right, ok and do I have time to ask another question: Viagra had good, so I you know I've spent time following people that used to be in my life that are hardcore Republicans simply for the the fact of sort of entertainment stuff that they would post would be entertaining to me. So I was ended up unfollowing most of those people because I just felt like it was actually ended up being draining to myself and I didn't think it was healthy. So I just wanted but kind of wondered if you feel that being so involved in Polish
and having to keep yourself updated with it so much if that sort of drains you mentally yeah and- and so all I have to do this for work. So my facebook I have on followed certain people like that I went to high school with that completely lost their minds like there's with theirs is one one woman HU. I went to high school with graduated with me at this two, I knew she was sort of a republican and before the pandemic she would post some gun stuff in some religious stuff. At the panda She started posting every insane link to every conspiracy, theory, vaccine, stuff, out she Bill gates a Micro ships, everything everything, everything I just don't follow. You have begun to just its overload if I'm just browsing Facebook and keeping up with what my friends are doing. I just I just dont need to be seeing that I do think the considerations different like I work in this field so like when I'm looking at twitter, which I use for work, I can't just
get rid of all of the crazy right wing stuff, because I'm reporting on it I'm covering it, I'm engaging with it, but yet it is draining, and another thing I recommend is take day. Off entire days off. I don't follow. What's going on on the weakens, barely at all like I'll, see my mom on a Sunday morning, ensure Billig, did you see and I'll be there? I didn't see it. I checked out after finishing the Friday show, so I think scheduled time away from it is really important right. Thanks Dave, taking the corporate my pleasure very good questions there, I like it, we had a couple dropped calls today, but the ones that we got were really really good why don't we go next to let's try Marcus from Manitoba Canada, Marcus your honor? I David please make sure that your discord doesn't bling, where we ve already heard one blink and it's very distracting nobody. How do I turn off
wings, I'm sorry, you gotta turn off your notifications in your settings. Just turn all sound notifications off, but you can go right into your question. Ok, I've been I've been waiting for a long time to do this. I ve passed over every time, and he was going straight to the question my something something that I've noticed exert concerning development? That's really serve been taking place because you could say across the democratic world, but I think especially notably in america- is this, I think, is growing tendency to view democracy. But it is this growing cynicism about democracy is kind of view of democracy as a sort of purely instrumental device right for
simply serve a means to the end of a lasting, whatever policies, whatever ideology of a particular side wants to enact, and I think this is a very dangerous development. I know about you, but I was wondering what what what what is your view of of democracy? Do you think that democracy is something that is inherently valuable at that is such some some something to be valued in itself? Whether or not your side is the one that has benefited by it or re think that it is something that is sort of merely
instrumental value. That's only valuable if it max policies that we that that we, like that I gotcha I dont, have either view my view is so my view is not that democracy is valuable, regardless of the outcomes or regardless of another. I dont believe that democracy is valuable for its own sake only, and I dont think that democracy is valuable only as an instrument that allows my side to win. I think that there is, and in between view, which is we can have a number of different systems, and could be a system that is a good system, even if my side doesn't always win and die
generally speaking my view on democracy. I dont think democracy is valuable for its own sake. I think that democracy has a lot of problems. You go to. You know us rates of Red Socrates on democracy. In the lot lot of fair criticisms of democracy. We talk about many of the modern competent people get to participate, just like others who were informed outcomes are sometimes bad. It can be system can be corrupted, etc. At sea dont think its valuable for its own sake. At the same time, even when my side loses, it doesn't make me think we need a dictatorship or we need authoritarianism or whatever. I do think that, on its merits, it's the best system,
We ve come up with so far, but that doesn't mean it's the only good system. I am open to another system being better, so it's Ivan in between view on that issue meant, I think, that's very reasonable perspective, but it is something that I have noticed, among obviously very blatant on on right, both in the U S and in in various other countries that, like another, Ivan, really pretending to care about democracy anymore or their their pretending, but in just such a transparent way, cynical away. Yes, absolutely If help ok, I guess he's got good question interesting topic. That's going to recalls today will talk to everybody again very soon. Sorry, I was unable to hear from everybody today.
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off when you go to all form, dotcom, slash, Pachmann, that's L, L, F, o r m dot com, slash Pachmann the law, given the podcast notes are let's get into emails for the weak. Remember you can email info David, pachmann dot com. If you have something to say, please use the email address sparingly, because if you use a lot your emails we'll get out o flagged into the trash. Unfortunately, I was actually tat. We were updating our system the other day and We actually have close to a hundred different people that email us so much that their email surges being auto filtered. So don't be one of those folks send an occasional message. If you have something to say. First, one actually comes from state from Facebook and says could you be any more delusional. You constantly spew propaganda and claims that are easily disprove, easily proven false. Then you never retract you're, a pathetic joke
I have to congratulate this person. Seems almost like a legal requirement that if you send right wing hate mail, you mix up your end. The Contraction for you are, while you apostrophe ARI this, person actually got the right you're here and They really should be commended for that. Now everything else. They say of course, untrue. They don't status site anything that I was wrong about or correct me. There also wrong that we never retract. In fact, when I made aware We got something wrong on the show. I will usually opened the following show and actually just say hey, I got something wrong yesterday and here's what it was. I apologize, here's. What the here is, what it is Ok next, one from Chris Chris says vaccine hesitancy in other countries. David, Sir. I recently read: there is vaccine hesitancy in other parts of the world. I realise that in America
Most of the hesitancy is politically based. What is your opinion of this phenomenon in other countries? Love your show, listen daily paid subscriber keep up the great work. It's differ. An indifferent countries we ve talked about vaccine hesitancy, for example in France, verses in ITALY, in other countries as well and in some places it is political as influenced by what's going on in the United States. So there are other countries where folks have been convinced by the rankings of american Right wingers about it. storage area in its oppressive all of these different stuff, and if the sort of gone with that There is also a pretty sizeable anti big farmer sentiment in in some other countries that drives vaccine hesitancy, and you know in the United States we talked about this with the Nicholas. Is Chris two weeks ago,
before the covert vaccines in the United States. You had an anti backs on the left and you also had it on the right. The law wing anti backs, tended to be motivated by distrust of big farmer. I don't trust big corporations. the anti back on the right ten to be dominated by? I dont trust the government, meaning if a school requires my kid to be vaccinated and trust that or whatever the case may be, and so you had a kind of cross over of anti backs from left and right in the United States. Cope Anti VOX is overwhelmingly right wing there, it's it still exists on the left Jordan Klepper recently did some interesting interviews with some folk. enough at the allay area and they don't seem particularly right wing. They seem more distrustful of vaccines along the shores of lake RE, key homeopathy herbs, type thing which
more and more of a left wing thing, and you see that more and other countries as well. You see that in ITALY, we see that in France as well. So the answer to what drives anti backs in other countries is: it depends on which country and others a little bit of everything floating around a next email came from p p. Who says: hey David, I was wondering if you could shed some light on this new found. She bill gates, email thread that Alex Jones and Glenn Backer Saying, is ice Ok gun that covered was a problem of gain a function, research and then them, along with Madonna, had the I've seen created six months before the virus came out and released it on purpose. and all kind of wacky stuff you, I can't count items. Unfortunately, I can't should any light into the That sounds like five or six different conspiracy theories, blind did together into
smoothie of sorts and I have no idea how they all come together. I've never even heard of them put together into one conspiracy like that. One thing I is is important to consider is if the conspiracy is so confusing that you can't even really come up with plausible motive linking all of these groups together, like assets, are made as before. finding motive alone does not prove a conspiracy theory, but if you can't even find motive or your standard or even really understand what the theory is be. Skeptical of the people that are telling you that this is the way that things are Stan wrote in trumps. Weird sniff. Does David. I haven't heard you bring this up yet, but another one of trumps big tells is that sniff thing he does after almost every sentence very annoying in a pretty good indicator. He spinning and other yarn keep it up, but
I've never seen the trump sniffing as a signal that he's lying because he said Almost all the time now, you might say, will you ever David he's lying almost all the time, but even when he says inconsequential things, I see that the sniff more like an attacker, maybe something related to medication. He takes or something like that, and it is notable he'll say. Ah you know I come home and Maloney has said to me, sir. You were on tv and then there's the sniff there For me, it's less about lying. It just seems to be a verbal thing that Trump does maybe maybe related to medication, but it never seem specifically like a lie signal. The big lie. Signals I've identified are blame. Someone called him, Sir, like when you that the infamous story, the one is the obvious lie. When he said you know, when I came into office a general, came to me and said sir. We have no ammunition we're out of bullets. from Obama. And I told him well, let's by more like that story. Couldn't have happened, that's a lie the other one is, he says, and it's really a shame
you know who say well, hundred thousand dead people voted and they they took Mitch again and Pennsylvania, Arizona from me and it's really a shame. It's really a shame that's a sign that he's lying and then the other one isn't it should never happen again or we can't let it happen again. The date took the election with an insurrection on November. Third- and can't let it happen again he's lying when he uses that one and also many many others, but the sniff one for me that that's a different category Leslie Rodin with a non political question. This is actually a really good. Question Leslie says Hey David love. The show would appreciate your input if of people go on vacation together. Would you split the car of the vacation rental per person or per bedroom. I've always subscribed to per person, but discovered recently a friend uses the per bedroom calculation when device per bedroom, the single for pays more further room than the couple
in my mind, all other parts of the rental home in its amenities would be considered equal. So why not the bedrooms in your opinion, which is correct, you could really go either way with. As you know it if, when, let's imagine not a vacation rental, but let's imagine an apartment right because at a vacation rental you don't usually pay for electricity, water, you too It is few rending apartment and you ve got a couple, sharing a room and then said A person sharing a room- It seems reasonable to me now you would say: ok in terms of space. We have a room, and you have a room, so that would be split equal, even though its two people verses one, but you would just for the fact that utilities are gonna be higher. For that you people and how I do that you do that. I don't know you say: well, we will pay, I guess you to save the utilities are paid separately, will pay two thirds of the utilities but half of the rent that seems reasonable. Mathematically on it.
creation. I think I would take a totally different approach quite frankly, and its who proposes it and honestly who makes more money, Either there is a lot of situations. I've been in word sort of like if someone if someone is financially better off and as I'm the one renting I'm running this house either way come on. You know, Gimme, throw me a hundred bucks Serbia, whatever the case may be that's often the way it actually goes less than on a per person per bedroom basis, but as a general thing on on a vacation rental aisles heavily on per bedroom? Her bedroom? Let me know what you think Evan wrote in and says conservative hypocrisy about natural immunity. David Sir, I see many conservatives and vaccines sceptics, spouting the use of monoclonal antibodies to treat covered, such as debt Prager or your more recent segment, Anja Rogan, supporting it this year,
very counter intuitive to their baseless theory that so called natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity. Is it not hypocritical that they are so against a vaccine that will strengthen the immune system against covered, but our will, to take a different drug that also strengthens european system against covert. I understand the drugs and their effects are different, but from their perspective, So called natural immunity. They are set unnatural substances you're putting into your body to fight off off the virus. Of course, yet a antibodies me. Listen when they say they don't trust the vaccine, but they trust the anti bodies the Pfizer vaccine is now fully approved the anti bodies are only approved the emergency you so it's it's a lower standard to when they say. I don't trust big farmer. The monoclonal antibodies are also made by big farmer and they are far more profitable and I think about two thousand dollars per treatment. Then you know into thirty dollar vaccine. So the money argument also doesn't make sense. And yes, in a sense, you
or you are generating immunity. Not simply by fighting off the virus, but via the integration of Either anti bodies that you did create into your body, so it is absolutely hypocritical. Along those lines as well, very, very good point and the buggy. What's the answer, the interests that are actually care there used against the vaccine because all the arguments they make against it. For part when you see that they're doing a global anti bodies or other big pharma treatments or things that are not actually FDA approved either James wrote in and Congressmen newness was on the evening at it on Fox and my job, I dropped their work. planning about hundred Biden, making money with China, and now he shouldn't be allowed to fly on AIR Force One and he was trading with the enemy. These are the same people that had no
problem with the commissioner's making hundreds of millions of dollars, while working in the White House and DE being granted trademarks by the chinese government My advice on this Hunter Biden, stuff is, do not even engaged just took just ignore it like I don't really know what they're saying now about Hunter. I know some right wingers write to me and say David. You should be talking about Hunter hundreds, no involvement with the binding administration and, of course, the criticisms of Hunter apply up. I, but maybe not but close to all of the criticisms of Hunter apply. certainly the Jerry Vanka at Minimum, if not also to Don Junior and Eric Trump, they don't I bear, I guess: that's that would be the exception and Tiffany everybody forgets about yeah, it's just. I would even pay attention. Quite frankly, back from. Orlando has a crazy story and says Wanted to share a story I overheard, while at the office yesterday for cod,
I work in Orlando, occasionally have to visit the corporate office in temper. When I arrive, I overheard our sea. Oh, oh and CFO, complaining about the traffic on I for and how it's all part of binds America. You see David. According to these highly overpaid executives, ever since Biden got into office, nobody wants to work since nobody wants to work. There is less truck drivers on the road that would be fewer. Since there is fuel truck drivers on the road trucking companies have to hire people with less experience, although I thought nobody wanted to work and finally, since there are more inexperience truck drivers on the road. There is more traffic because by virtue of being less experience, they drive more slowly, I get makes sense right couldn't possibly have anything to do with our crumbling infrastructure. Poor pub. transit options, etc. Nope all by stop. Yet that's that's pretty full on. I mean that that's whacker it so specific and
it's sort of a problem even say it's an explanation in search of a problem sort of, but I don't even know how to say it fully, but that's really wacky and Zack. I'm really sorry that you're working around that that that kind of nonsense. Hopefully it's not like that every day a thing for all of your emails. You can send yours too info at David Pachmann, dot com and we ve got. Opponents show plan for you today you can sign up at join happening and otherwise will be back with one one.
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