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12/21/21: Trump Booed as Republicans Turn on Each Other

2021-12-21 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Farron Cousins, host of Farron Balanced and Ring of Fire Radio, fills in for David

--Donald Trump's own supporters boo him when he tells the crowd he received a COVID-19 booster shot

--Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says she would only get the COVID vaccine "over her dead body"

--West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin says in private negotiations that he doesn't think poor Americans would spend financial assistance wisely

--Even though Joe Manchin tanked the Build Back Better bill, that doesn't mean Republicans are off the hook

--Donald Trump sues New York Attorney General Letitia James in an attempt to stop an investigation into his finances and business dealings

--Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spent $2.2 million this year in order to close three cases of voter fraud

--Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pledging $5 million to investigate and enforce the alleged breaking of election laws

--Steve Bannon says that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell poses a "direct challenge" to Donald Trump and has "betrayed" the Republican Party

--Roger Stone throws Steve Bannon under the bus over the January 6th Capitol riot investigation

--Alex Jones sues the January 6th congressional committee in an attempt to block its access to his phone records

--On the Bonus Show: Texas Republicans try banning books, right-wingers ready to seize power if Trump loses again, NIH Director says Trump pressured him to push unproven COVID treatments, and much more...

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welcome to the David Pachmann, show I'm Farren cousins once again sitting in for David Pack, when we got a wonderful show come up today, gotta talk a little bit about the January six committee, more news on Joe Mansion and, of course, Donald Trump. Billow Riley's history tour. We're Trump got in The trouble with his audience for admitting he had been vaccinated, so let's jump right it, let's start actually with Donald Trump and Bill. O Reilly during their history to or that was in Texas. This past weekend, Billow Riley talked Donald Trump about the vaccine. and encourage the crowd, take credit for it. Don't
this opportunity, but it was win. bill o admitted he had been vaccinated and then Trump admitted he had been vaccine aided and boosted that the crowd turned against them here. It is take a look at this entire clip of what happened, but look. We did something that was historic. We saved tens of millions of lives worldwide. We together all of us not me. We we got a vaccine done vaccines done and tremendous therapeutics, like regeneration and other things that have saved a lot of lives. We got a vaccine done in less the nine months. I was supposed to take from five to twelve years because of that vaccine, because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people. I think this would have been this spanish. Flu of nineteen. Seventeen were up to one hundred million people died. This was going to ravage the country.
are beyond what it is right now take credit for take credit for its a great. What we ve done is historic, don't let them take away, don't take it away from ourselves. You Lange that you're playing right into their hands when you sort of like that actually, if you don't want to take it, you shouldn't be forced to take it no mandate but take credit, because we saved tens of millions of lives. Take credit, don't let them Take that away from you, ok, so the president made new. You agree with that, both Jason and I are dachshund to yes, I gotta too ok, so down down down down down, that's a reserve tiny group of I, so they ve both gotten their booster shots and the audience wouldn't do thrilled with
that, but, as trumps, I don't worry just a small group of people who were here. I hears a thing most of what trumps said there, I'm ok with right! Actually, encouraging people like you should get the vaccine and then, of course, the undoes it by saying that if you don't want to get it, you shouldn't be forced to know mandates. Ok, see you kind of law, did there. But I understand you gotta play you base, but think, this. I've actually mention this all throughout this year when vaccines. became readily available. You didn't have to get on waiting lists there is still so much hesitancy within the Republican Party itself. Trump could have been doing this months ago? With these exactly in talking points right coming out, saying, listen trusted. I have mine. This was developed, While I was president, you guys love me right. So if you love We get yourself vaccinated and then, of course it
who would have done the same thing once boosters became recommended, but he didn't. In fact you can tell from that clear right there, he wasn't even sure that he wanted to admit that he got the booster shot because he was cottages. Yes,. And then, of course, immediately had to go on the defensive, ignore don't do that dodges, small group of people over here if who had owned this from the beginning. Again, I dont even care. If you took credit things that weren't, even yours, if it meant people getting vaccinated getting the country may be to normal, stopping the death and destruction the virus is causing. I would have been ok with that there's a lot ally's. Obviously that tromp is told over here's that I'm really not happy about that. I dislike can I ve spent hours, refuting them on my shows even on this show here, but taking credit for
vaccines, sure, whatever whatever it takes at this point, to get conservatives vaccinated to get them boosted and, of course, the remainder of the day crafts and everybody else out there we're all in this together. Okay, we have to come together here, and believe it or not. For most of what rob was saying there. It almost appears that that's what he was trying to do now. We know he wasn't pulling one of those everybody's got to come together and defeat this moment he was trying to take credit for what's happening today. He's trying to take credit for the fact that people are getting vaccinated. Dizzy deserve credit. For that, Probably not but again, I'm ok if he tries to usurp some of the credit if it means getting more people vaccinated right now in Trump counties account.
In the country the voted for Donald Trump, which I am sure we all know by now, the death rate is three times higher from covert. Then the counties that voted for Joe Biden conservatives are dropping dead from Cove it at a far greater rate. Then liberals are That that's what that means as what the science is telling us and for these Republicans out there to take the opposite approach, which retching and talk about that just a moment. But Trump understands, I think, maybe to a degree that you can't kill your base, I think billow Riley to a degree again understands that, I think some of the people at Fox NEWS understand that you can't continue to let these people die and still a Your conservative out later you're conservative cause or your conservative can pain to be successful. You know,
here in the state of Lord. I always like to use this as an example elections at least at state level. The last presidential election was not close, their very close, typically decided within a few thousand or a couple, ten thousand vote Well, we ve had sixty two thousand people die of covert here in the state afford and again the numbers are going back up all over the country. There are rising almost faster than anywhere else in the country here in the state of Florida and again it is affecting Republicans more than it is fitting Democrats, because, according to the numbers, therefore less likely to have been vaccinated and boosted, then the Democrats so you're killing your base in a state down here in Florida that could be decided. The next governors race and twenty twenty two could
decided by ten thousand twenty thousand votes. Will you ve sent that many conservatives more than that to their graves show? How are these people not waking up an understanding that this isn't a winning electoral strategy to forget the economic impacts? Forget the human right, the empathy aspect of it all think of it from up early political standpoint. What do you have to gain from your base dying before the next election? We all know the answer to that. We know that you have nothing to gain you're, not gonna, win political favor from people who are dead and again I think, at least to a small degree, Trump understood that and of course he wants all the credit he wants. The pandemic tick. and just as much as everybody else, but he wanted to end show the heat say my administration is
the one that ended it we put the vaccines on the fast track. We got this done. We gave the money to big former. They did this in nine months instead of five to ten years, which, yes is the typical timetable for getting a vaccine ready and approved and out there to the public is right about that, believe it or not. But it is a selfish reasons, but at this point we may have to accept a who little bit of selfishness fur these individuals if it means they get vaccinated right. We can do the fact checking later we can. Erect the misinformation about who did what, with the vaccines at a later date, once everybody is protected once we finally for real for good flattened the curve, then We can have those discussions in the meantime if what it takes is letting Trump
out there and try to take credit for the vaccine in order to get conservatives to take it. I'm ok with that and I think a lot of people also should be ok with this. It doesn't matter which party is or is getting the vaccine when you still have such a large part of the population that hasn't even gotten a single dose. Yet that's a problem is going to allow for more mutations, more infections, moreover, crowded hospitals and more deaths. So at this point we are in what I consider to be a whatever it takes scenario, so if it means tromp Haagen some credit for the next few months in order to get these conservatives vaccinated, believe it or not, I'm ok with that.
But as I mentioned, there is the opposite side of the spectrum that appears to be far too prevalent within the Republican Party, and those, of course, are the individuals who say don't get vaccinated, dont trust the vaccines theirs. more of us than there are of them and of course those are. The talking point that came out of Sarah Palin at the turning point. Usa conference this past weekend, in fact pale and went as far as to say that she'll get the vaccine overheard dead body, which you you I've wanted to choose your words a little more carefully there, because we ve seen what this virus does. Eight hundred thousand Americans dead, saying over my dead body, probably not the best choice of words there. So let me read you what pale and had to say during her little q and aim at the teepee USA Conference,
we were led to believe that we wouldn't have to have the shot. Well, then, they change their tune, and now those of us who have had covered their telling does that even though we ve had it, and we have natural immunity now that we still to get a shot, it will be over my dead body. Then I'll have to get a shot. I will not do it again, probably not a good choice. of words there and, of course, before I go into what else she said, Natural immunity does not provide do the same level of protection as the vaccines. Studies have already shown that yes, natural immunity can provide you some protection from it absolutely, but it doesn't give you as much protection as the vaccines. So let's dispel without talking point right off the But let's continue because this is where things get where this is where she differs from Trump. You know Trump,
Oh you you should get it, but if you don't want to you, don't have to pale and actively encourage people to straight up not take it at all. Here's what she says There are more of us than there are of them. you need to all look around and realizes you stiffen your spine and take those positions, and we know our rights, especially when it comes to the government telling us what we have to inject. Our own bodies realise that those around you, as you stiffen your spine, their spines will if in two is so stiffening, a symptom of covert, because if it is then, I think she spot on there but what she said there's more of us than all of you. First of all, others not there. Actually more vaccinated people in this country than there are on vaccinated people. So right off, but you're wrong. If that is in fact what you're talking about again, This is Sarah Palin, though, so we really dont know exactly what she's.
Trying to say or what she might mean, because that's how Sarah Palin operates. But if you like me the biggest shock, Out of what Sarah Palin said here was the fact that she was even at the turning point, USA Conference, to begin with, I at what point, did Sarah pale and become relevant again. Don't they have enough right wing, not jobs out there too. that role. Now that they don't have to go tap the well from the poorest hasn't been relevant since two thousand eight, that's a little weird to me right, nobody thinks about Sarah pale and anymore kindly and culture, a culture reemergence twice a year with a horrible talking point and then just disappear for like six months. Sarah one's been irrelevant since o eight, though so No, why turning point said you know who would be a good speaker here, Sarah Palin, maybe somebody got
for that decision. I don't know, but I gotta tell you it's a little bit weird because she's not exactly a news maker these days and certainly not a major player at all and republican politics, and probably won't continue to be one if she's incurred her base to do things that could get them killed. I'm fair cousin! You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at fair and balanced, we'll be right back with more of the David Back Michel, one of our sponsors as Sunset Lake C b D, a farmer owned company shipping super cool
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pachmann dot com, Slash c, b d and use the coupon code. Pachmann, that's coupon code, Pierre Kay EM, an you can find the url in the podcast notes. Welcome back to the David Pachmann Show fair and cousins from ring a fire I'll be sitting in for David all of this week, and if, by chance you want more for me, you can find me on Youtube Youtube dot, com, slash, fair and balanced, and, of course, you too a calm, slash the ring of fire wall The biggest stories that is still happening this week is more and more new information continues to trickle out every couple hours. Honesty at this point is Joe Mansion, the biggest baddest bad guy in the country today, Joe Mansion and on Monday,
The Huffington Post reported that Joe Mansion has, allegedly, according to two insiders that Huffington Post spoke to. Mention, has been telling his democratic com leagues! Then one of the main reasons he is objecting to extend the child tax credit that has lifted thirty percent of children in this country out of poverty- is because, if you give poor people money They are just going to spend it on drugs. Now, there's no audio, at least not that I've seen or has been reported on Of Joe Mansion saying these things so lets you no mention that right off the bat this is coming, from two insiders who spoke to the Huffington posts, they said this is what mansion has been telling people behind the scenes This is his talking point. If you give poor people money, they're gonna spend it on drugs, so
We have to assume at the moment, or at least for the sake of this segment, we're going to assume what they're saying is accurate again without a record, of this. Without a written down Joe Mansion riding it himself, we can't safer that Joe Mansion did say that, so, let's imagine that he did ok, let's imagine for a moment Joe mansion use. This tired, worn out republican talking point to trash, The extended child tax credit which again has lifted thirty percent of children in this country out of poverty. Thirty percent, child tax credit. That's been going out for most of this year has fundamentally changed the lives of millions of Americans, but it has been. I'm one of Joe mansions biggest targets in the bill back better bill, and is it Really because he honestly thinks that poor people, if they get cash in hand there just gonna by drugs, that really what he believes.
Does he honestly think that every poor person in this Everybody living in poverty is just on drugs. Is that what he thinks the cause of poverty? its suffering is here in the United States is only because the drugs somebody is living in poverty, that no way makes them more likely to do drugs here in the United States. Poverty, is not a manifestation that comes from addiction in its absolutely embarrassing and irresponsible for anyone left or right to make that claim in if this is in fact how Joe Mansion feels if he did really say this to his democratic colleagues, which I would love
any one of them would come forward and say: yes, mansion told me this: let's confirm it. So if this did happen, I believe at this point the Democratic Party would have no choice, but to kick your mansion out And I believe that they should, I believe they should kick him off of his committees. I believe that they should refuse to give him any funding from the party, not just based on this statement, either by the way, based on the fact that he is of straw doing the Democrats own agenda. Bernie Sanders pointed out last week in an interview with Chris Haze on MSNBC that match and cinema were acting like Republicans, and when you look at what Republicans have done this year, nothing but obstruction obstruct obstruct obstruct, especially in the Senate
But then, when you look at mansion and cinema obstruct obstruct obstruct, so it is as if they were acting like Republicans, not as if they that is what this is Joe Mansion understands, what build back better could do to residents of West Virginia they're not happy with and by the way the stories of important in ever since his appearance on Fox NEWS on Sunday about what Virginia residents unhappy the joke Mention is standing in the way of this, but it all comes down at the moment that child tax credit you know. Last week, mansion was confronted by reporters asking. Why do you oppose the child tax credit? He said it was be Ask your bs! This is true. I never said that. I never did that, but as he was October, twenty first is when the
These reports came out saying that Joe Mansion wants to cut down the child tax credit wants to put a cap on it. You know if you make over sixty thousand a year get anything at all. So we wanted the lower the cap that was reported back then he didn't call those reports bs, so he's lying. He's lying to us he's lying to his constituents, he's lying to the country about he actually is trying to do and again if this Huffington Post report is accurate, and again we cannot say for certain that had happened, but if this report is accurate than he is based, his rationale for killing the extended child tax. Credit on faulty and fraudulent information
And that is unacceptable, considering how much this bill would benefit the american public. It's not going to lead to inflation. It's not gonna led to spanish drug use here, the United States. It would help continue to lift people out of poverty. It would help people be able to afford their bills. It would help people have a way, a stepping stone to creating a better life. That is what this piece of legislation would do build back better is literally right there in the name folks, but Joe Mansion doesn't think you should have it cause. Your mansion thinks you're gonna go by drugs, absolutely safe. Meaning that this sitting, democratic member of the United States Senate would result to republican talking points going
All the way, back by the way to Ronald Reagan, right the welfare queens, the people living I on the government Haug, while the rest of you hard working folks, are out their work in your fingers to the bone, but they're good, free government money not having to do anything. That's what since this is a continuation of the fraudulent welfare queen trope pushed by Republicans. the eighties and, of course, ever since then,. Not to mention the fact you're, just based on statistics. we know that means testing and, of course, drug testing, welfare recipients, government assistance recipients
yields very little results. In fact, from twenty eleven to twenty seven team, you had multiple states across the country enact some kind of drug testing in order to receive social, well welfare programmes. One per cent, one percent of the applicants who were tested tested positive for drugs. One percent over a six year period, so that alone kills Joe mansions talking point helps, kill that age old republican talking point too, but barely that wasn't enough. It didn't stop Joe Mansion from allegedly too as colleagues that if you give poor people more money than just gonna, go, spend on drugs now, as I mentioned, Joe mansion, of course, is public enemy number one right now, but same time, we all
have to remember that there is also fifty republicans in that sinnott body in all fifty of those publicans, including those moderates, moderates and quotes they're. All fifty of them against this piece of legislation to select just a moment and give them the credit that they are do because, after all, let's be real, honest, here the media, including those of us in progressive media. We have focused on out of energy this year on Mansion Cinema, tester put really. We also have to give some of that blame to all fifty Republicans in the Senate. He's not a single one of them, not Mc Caskey, not Collins, not Romney, not those sensible, reasonable, moderate Republicans, none of them port this thing either in this point, although it take his one literally
one because if we don't have your mansion, assuming we do have sent him on the other moderate Dems. If we got one Republican, ok problem solved. Loved problem solved, but we can't even get one. And that also needs to be a bigger talking point too, because mansion has many years before he is up for re election I promise you by then the public will have forgotten about this, that The way the new cycle goes as the old saying goes, the public doesn't have a memory passed last Tuesday. Cinema, on the other hand, is facing a reelection fairly soon, and things are not looking good for her according to the poles. But we have to make this a campaign issue for the Republicans as well, and that, of course, lies with the Democratic Party
Here's everybody's been focusing on the Democrats there. They also have to re shift some of the blame and put it back on these Republicans we're all week. Aware of Joe man since role in all of this and, of course, by the way. Measure white also said a talks are over we're gonna keep talking about this, so as actually pointed out yesterday on the show when me she sent on Fox NEWS. I can support this bill. It likely means this incarnation of the bill. But all those Republicans or against it. It wouldn't matter if you cut it down to giving every american a single dollar every one of those Republicans would vote against it because they know that build back or even in its scaled down form would still be a huge benefits. The american public and therefore a huge victory for Democrats to ride into the med terms. So we have to
dispel with the myth that there are moderate Republicans out there and that's what Democrats need to attack. We ve heard all the stories about the republican inviting you know, o trumps going after Mcconnell. You ve got members else going after members of the Senate. There's fighting. They can agree anything, but now, at the end of the day, they always come together to do what's not best for the american public and the Democrats have to hammer on that. Republicans have twenty cents AIDS up for re election in the year, Monday, twenty two so less than two, of months away. Twenty of those Republicans have to defend those seats. It's good Cost them a lot of money to do. This is very difficult Party did not only retain every single one of their seats when they have more seats up, but also when new ones, so
Democrats have a shot in making some inroads in the Senate here course it's gonna be hard when they don't have the thing to deliver to the public. So what you deliver instead is the talking point that we would have this if you had one decent republic in in that sinnott body. Because, right now we don't it doesn't matter if you're an extremist if you're a hard core corporatist like miss me. model or, if you're, the seemingly sweet nice guy, Moderate Mitch, Homage Mitt Romney. They're all the same? At the end of the day there all fighting Hence this agenda for political reasons only, and if the debt Creates. Can hammer on that of the Democrats can make that the talking point if they can, kind of ships and focus away from Joe Mansion. Who again, I still agree. He is the biggest villain, and all of this is-
for him. We wouldn't be having this conversation, but we cannot let these fifty republican get away without any of the blame cause. All it would take his one, but we can't even get that to happen. I'm fair cousins follow me on Twitter. You tube Instagram Facebook at Erin, balanced and, of course, the big you too, Gentle Youtube Dotcom, Slash, they ring a fire and, if that's not enough for you, I also hope the weekly ring fire, podcast, just good or o f podcast dot com to sign up I'm sitting in for David Pachmann, we'll be right back with more.
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Thomas and a desire harass, intimidate and retaliate against a pride citizen who she views as a political opponent. She, of course, being New York Tourney General Ante should James. This is Without a doubt. In my non lawyer expert opinion, one of the dumbest the legal arguments. I've honestly ever seen. This investigation has already resulted in criminal charges, criminal charges against the Trump organization protects crimes and CFO Alan Weissenburg. Show how on earth are you gonna, go to court in front the judge and say judge, listen up. You know this investigation that is gonna put our. F, o in jail and causing. Some legal headaches with the organization whelp its politically motivated the gene.
Look that's a book, but there's there's criminal charges like it's. It's bore fruit. Wait! Wait. We have actual results from this nominal investigation that show criminal on doing so how Are you going to sit there and tell me that this is a witch hunt when we ve found which, as you know, I mention this. Moving on my channel fair and balanced diet. trot might actually have a pretty good case for legal malpractice. At this point, that's how bad. This argument is now here's the thing if this investigation, which, of course, have been going on for about two years, if it has gone on for two years, And they couldn't find any evidence of criminal wrongdoing. You may
a very slim chance of being successful with this particular argument right, you know, if you're looking at something for two years and still can't find anything at all, you ve poured through the documents you have had. The depositions and you have thing, then that's a good sign most likely that there's nothing there, but there is a there. There's there's a there there and there is that there have been criminal charges on tax related I guess you would call them activities. So. You can't say that this is purely a political motivated stunt. When you a guy, that's probably going to jail for this, so the court it comes down to timing right, why at any point in Past two years, Donald Trump could have filed this ridiculous law suit. In said, Europe,
Bing after me, because I'm president you're a democratic you hate me and blah blah. He could a file the lawsuit after the fire charge. Were filed against see if a wound, Weissenburg and, of course the Trump organisation itself was also indicted, but he didn't he waited till now. So now we get to put on her speculator glasses and try to figure out why my best guess again, this is just my hypothesis- is add something big coming down the pipeline. Why wait till now? Probably because you know something As we know, they ve got a hold of Donald Trump financial documents. We have seen that this investigation seems to span beyond the state of New York. At the moment the others incidents in Chicago that are now also being reviewed. You ve got some actually also having a Mirage
Esther New York, all of its centering around the same thing, did Trump and is organization lie about the value of their properties, to both tax authorities and the banks was it tax fraud or was it bank fraud or maybe was it a little bit of both its worth? Looking at up and now Westchester? That's what you're looking at over in Chicago and that's what you're? Looking at New York bunch of different trump owned properties that are all being investigated for the same thing with what's happening, Westchester for the record, they ve got the proof they ve got his presidential filings where he showed the property was worth one thing: they ve got the local tax revenue reclaim it's worth something far less than what he claimed on its financial disclosure forms. So maybe that's what it is. Maybe the walls closing in a little too quickly form. Maybe there's too many invest
nations going on and he's doing what he can, the file, this ridiculous lawsuit, maybe stall little little bit because at best that's all he's gonna do this is I'm going to get this lawsuit thrown out of court, but it may slow it down a bit. It may allow for a little bit of appeal here and there it's gonna get tossed out of every court. It goes in front of that's a given again because the argument is very stupid, but it may be just enough for Trump to delay it enough to maybe come up with a decent legal argument. for when things finally go totally sideways and speaking of investigations what's happening over in this of Texas, Texas hardy General Kin Paxton. Tromp sores has been investigating Voter fraud in the state of Texas Right, even though Trump
handily, one, the state of Texas. He still wanted an audit of some of the areas. The Joe Biden, one much like he's wanted here in the state of Florida. I get more than just a moment. In Texas, they finally cave and said all right, we're gonna invested eight, because you want us to investigate was recently announced that can Paxton Office spent two point: two million dollars this year investigating voter fraud. Twenty thousand lawyer hours investigating voter fraud and the state managed to close three cases. twenty twenty one. Two point: two million dollars three cases: twenty thousand hours of work, the Heavens, what excess was able to do this? You and it's actually quite remarkable, because last year, Texas Club
seventeen cases related to vote or fraud. So that would seem to indicate to me That, since there were fewer this year, obviously the twenty twenty election in Texas was far more gear than their previous election, the mid term elections and twenty eighteen three case. That's it Joe little over seven hundred thousand dollars per case, nearly seven thousand hours per case is what this day, Texas spent in terms of time and money to close these three cases, the fact of the matter is the voter fraud is not common in the United States and ensures heck is never been common enough. To overthrow the results of an election to overturn the election to swing election, one way or the other, but Europe is still show just bent on trying to prove
even in the areas Biden, one in a state that Trump won by a lot that somehow it still wasn't much trump can't stand losing any thing any county. No matter how blew it is, he still wants it to be. Read. Because any person in this country voting for Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump, is an affront to Donald Trump and fortunately we have these republican governors out there, like Gregg, Abbot in Texas and, of course, Rhonda scientist over here in Florida, who are more than willing to spend whatever it takes to make a mockery of their entire. State, even though they both assured us that hey things are totally call your. We didn't have any fraud when tromp ask him to do something there dang sure gonna do it,
even if it means spending twenty thousand hours and two point two million dollars to close three cases of possible voter, fraught. Let's, let's remember that's closing three cases that doesn't mean three people were found to have committed voter fraud. It means those three cases are over with either they found the evidence and they charge the individuals or they couldn't find any evidence, and they just ended it. This report doesn't say which was which we do know there's at least one case that they did. and but the other two may have been completely wasted, all the money, thousands of ours, of people's work for absolutely nothing, but none, to be outdone. Folks, as I mentioned Florida trying to give in to crops Craig demands to in our Trump Loving Gov Rhonda Santos over here in Florida is asking the
they'd legislature to give him five point two million dollars so that he can create an office of election crime and security, dear now, he is urging the state legislature to give him this new office when they resumed their session next year. Obviously, it's not gonna happen in twenty twenty one and fortunately for him, but again try. Has demanded that we do some water therefore, not only of the area's Biden, one five counties Biden, one south Lord of the big ones did RON. Desantis is sure. Let me go talk to the legislature that I just got to get about five million dollars. I got to hire roughly fifty people So you guys can be good, as can be a job creating thing ray. We're have a new floored agency, forty nine permanent staffers. whose sole focus is gonna, be looking into voter fraud. Yeah. I imagine, there's gonna be some downtime at that office. So, hey
when the state of law are looking for a job. You don't really have to do much, maybe wait and see this new office get created costs. That would be the job free, because the problem we have here is that actually there is voter fraud in Florida. We found three cases just last week. It was revealed all three of them from the retirement community called the villages and all three of them Republicans seat. This is Why tromp into scientists and abbot over in Texas? This is why you gotta be careful what you wish for the vast majority of the voter fraud cases that have been found from the twenty twenty election have been Republicans voting twice. Obviously some of the more notable cases we have. The man who voted for his deceased mother used her ballot voted for Trump
Man who voted for his deceased wife used her ballad to vote for tromp the three people down in the villages that it was revealed last week. they voted here in the state of Florida. They also voted absentee from other states. It didn't say who they are. did for about their all registered Republicans, so we don't have to even use our imaginations to wonder how those boats went and, according to my group, words, they think there's even more. Voter fraud that took place the villages which is predominantly republican. So Rhonda Santa's. I'm gonna tell you this man. I am action ok with you creating this division. I truly am because what or fraud does need to be addressed if it exists, and if you want to vote time and resources to it than dang it. You better find some voter fraud here in the state of Florida and according to the rule, words according to an ongoing investigation, apparently the first place you need to go are those
retirement communities, where it is predominantly republicans, because that seems to be where the It is running rampant much like the other things that. Been running rampant in the villages. If you don't know. I'm getting out. I suggest you, Google, it. It is at one point at least one of the highest rates of Stds in the country. When they're not doing that, apparently some of them are committing voter fraud as well, and that's what we're dealing with here in the state of Florida. But let's not pretend Second, that voter fraud is actually a real problem that we need to be devoting millions and millions and millions of dollars, and thousands and thousands and thousands of ours towards fixing Arthur cases out their hecuba. We found plenty this year I mean we found a couple handful of em, let's be real, most of whom are republican.
So if y'all want to root it out, if you want to put your own people in jail, fine by me, I'm not going to stop you. But if you want to pretend that our elections are somehow unsafe because of all the fraud that where I draw the line because the evidence tells us otherwise, I'm fair cousin djinn get me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram at fair and balanced youtube dot com coms. Lastly, ring a fire: Areaway podcast outcome will be right. Back with more one of our sponsors is called privacy. Privacy is a totally free service that I've been using for years. Privacy lets me create virtual payment cards with one click and when I use the virtual TK
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cast notes. Welcome back to the David Pachmann show I am Farren cousins from ring a fire sitting in for David Pachmann this week and if you ve been joined me feel free. Please subscribe to the ring. A fire podcast go to our O. F podcast outcome, an subscribed or you to channel at Youtube, Dotcom, slash the ring of fire or youtube dot com, slash, fair and balanced: let's go right back into the news. We ve got a lot of republican in fighting and, of course, more news from the January six Select committee. So let's jump in first and foremost Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon is unhappy with much Mcconnell, because Donald Trump is unhappy with Mitchell. As we all know, Donald Trump has been engaged in a month, long battle with Mitch Mcconnell that is kind of had some highs and lows and Trump trying What is new, nickname form, the old broken crow, the old crow, the broken old crow lot, a different matter
patience he hasn't quite settled on one yet, but either way, he's mad, admit, Mcconnell and of course he is encouraging Republicans to oust him from his leadership position. So this pass Friday on it war room show Steve and joined in and attacked Mitch Mcconnell for what he sees as a betrayal of Donald Trump. Here's what vanity said he is a direct challenge to present in tromp. Tromp is trying to lead this country through these horrible times Mitch Mcconnell that dirt bag right there Gave the Biden regime two and a half trillion to fund their madness, their madness. These are horrible times he says and more funding madness ha. You know really gets me about that before I get into the really the heart of Europe, here is what the hell are. They doing a horrible times.
what exactly are conservative so mad about right now, other than losing the twenty twenty election? What Their lives has changed since Joe Biden came along. We haven't had locked downs. we have vaccines readily available were on the verge of approving an actual Kova treatment. So you can't complain about the covert stuff. He hasn't changed your taxes, so you can complain about that. So what exactly organs? nerves angry about with the Biden administration, honest to God. I want an answer that I want a real legitimate answer from conservatives about what you're so mad about from this administration, and I think that is a question we should be. Asking of them on a regular basis. Why are you mad? What is done? makes these horrible times Converse
for another two hid her right. Folks, let's get back to what Steve Ban and said, he's betrayed Donald Trump. He said, and this is because, of course they are worked deal out, Mcconnell Chuck humour to allow for the debt ceiling to be raised. That's where this, the heart of all of this at least Steve abandons gripe. So we get hired ceiling rights for the: U S doesn't default on their debt and according to ban, and that's a betrayal of trump trail of tromp. You know that Old retired guys sit another in Florida playing golf he's been betrayed. He not in power. Steve sought I know exactly what you're so mad about betraying Donald Trump, because the man
and have a job he's he's retire, but again, Mitch, Mcconnell Donald Trump and of course the abandoned been in this feud. Tromp is trying to back report kids for Senate two of them have pledged. If I get in the office, I'm gonna kick Mccoy a lot of his leadership position, trumpets encouraging other Republicans to do it. So far, not a single sitting Republican has signed onto this idea of kicking Mitch, Mcconnell This leadership position. Let me explain why, but to explain why I got a real a little bit more about what ban and said here here's what you're legacy will be. People are going to three: go up in their mouth. You have betrayed the republican party. You betrayed the movement you're only there, because. trump you never had new loyalty, the man who's been representing the people
of Kentucky and the United States Senate since I was who years old so since the nineteen eighty STI early, nineteen eighties he's only there because of Trump Steve No, you said a lot of dumb things in your life and that might actually be one of the dumbest Mitch. Mcconnell doesn't o any. his success and, let's be honest, it has been a success for him to Donald Trump, like literally none of it. Mitch. Connell's legacy is not going to be people throwing up in their mouths unless, of course, they're on the left because his legacy is packing the courts with these corporatist judges. His legacy is tax cuts for the worse, The his legacy is obstructing any kind of forward. Progress for the EU I did states of Amerika, none of which he Goes to Donald Trump he did it.
The Reagan he did it under age, W Bush, he did it under. George W Bush. It wouldn't matter HU. The republican president was Mitch. Mcconnell was one of the guys calling the shots the entire time and when he had democratic, President's Clinton, Obama. Now Biden he's been the charge for obstruction, none of which again he oh Donald Trump. So bad, you're delusional. If you think that Mcconnell owes anything to Donald Trump. If anything, it's the other way around Mitchell Connell's good at politics, and I will give him credit for that. He is a horrible person. My opinion. Who is enacted some horrible policies and blocked some great ones, but when it comes to being a Republican? Who knows how to do things Mitch, Mcconnell there's no one better than him, and that is literally the only praise ever get from its Mcconnell but see ban and has more problems than just Mitch Mcconnell, because Stone Steve Ban in law
Time, ally, turned foe, has now once again gone after Steve banning this past week, Roger Stone attempted to throw Steve Bay, and under the bus with regards to the January sixth insurrection by suggests thing, via his telegram, account that Steve Ban and may have been the one that cause the capital riot what he said, it is highly likely that Steve Ban and really gave the order to breach the capital and maneuvered patriots and dangerous positions on Neophyte Steve Ban and was willing to try crazy things. this to curry favour with tromp who had a no interest, so he wrote it in balance, bs, so more looking in fighting now. This is an interesting accusation from Roger Stone who, of course, was thrown
the bus by Steve Van and himself during stones, criminal trial banning testified against him, so stone is hasn't bad blood against ban, and ever since that happened, but of course, Donald Trump gave Miss Presidential pardon so these two weirdos, I guess you're fighting over- who gets to be Donald Trump right hand. Man is gonna, be Roger Stone, or is it going to be still Van well, The stones are gonna pull any ponchas here he is actually trying to say, did Steve Ban in is the one who cited the capital right now, that's a strong accusation right now, Roger if you ve got evidence to back this up. Please do come forward
I know you in your you'll text there you suggested it you didn't say you knew it happened. You just said this may be a thing they all deeper bud were counting on you. If you can take doubts the ban and been by God take down Steve and do it, don't you sit there with wild accusations? Are you can't get away with that? You can't make these questions and then just let that be it now. Man, if you ve, got something put it this way. As the airport say, if you see something They something so important that, on you, Roger Stone, Have you got any evidence at all to suggest that Steve Bannon may have been involved in play? the capital riot. inciting the capital riot in calling the people to storm the capital, please come forward
handed over than our committee, and maybe for once in your life, you could be a hero not just to the republican dirty tricksters, but maybe to the american public as well. trying to appeal to your human side. If you have one, having only knows if you do butter. I'm all with you if you want to take down Bannon, just it out there and finally, speaking of the January six Committee, Alex Jones has this added to sue January six committee and, of course, eighty in to stop the release his phone records to that committee. now his argument. Little interesting, let's hear here it says, quote in the lawsuit declarative. Judgment that the subpoena to Alex Jones into subpoenaed eighteen t serve no a valid legislative purposes in excess.
The select committees and Congresses constitutional authority in violence the separation of powers principle contained in the United States constitution? Now, if he had stopped before you got to the separation, of powers, you actually had what's not considered to be a terrible legal argument. The separation of powers has nothing to do with what you're talking about, though, So you kind overstep there. Let's get this right, the constitutional basis for the House of Representatives, a committee in the House of Representatives to carry out these investigation believe it or not. Is that included in the constitution? No, no! It's not, That's something a lot of people do not know, but the constant,
it does not say specifically explicitly that the House of Representatives gets to carry out these investigations. However, precedent tells us otherwise court cases Supreme Court cases tell us otherwise, because the Supreme Court for several hundred years now has interpreted the constitution to basically say that the founders intended for Congress to have this power, because you know all other duties, that's actually what they site. So the courts have told us. Congress does have this authority.
even if it's not always very specific legislative purpose and for the record, the history buffs out there. You may already know this. This goes back to one thousand, seven hundred and ninety five, when Congress can conducted its first investigatory action really haven't all throughout the eighteenth century, or it was Tuesday, the 19th century, the 20th century and, of course, all the way to today and court cases all along the way, reaffirmed Congress priority to actually do this. So if you were going by the strict letter of the law in the U S constitution, this legal argument is actually not that absurd, which will disappointing. But when you look at past court president, when you look at the precedent that Congress itself has set the powers that they have won in these court cases, then they absolutely have the authority to do this, even if it's not for it explicitly legislative purpose.
now. That may be the only thing, because that still I consider it a very legal or a very grey area in the legal world that may may do something to move the needle a little bit, but I seriously doubt Courts have already ruled obviously in this particular matter, not necessarily with Alex Jones, but in Tromp trying to claim executive privilege from other committees also saying you can't have my my financial arguments, because, if not for legislative purpose, ports have said yeah, we don't care that doesn't matter, don't have to be again constitutions if you on this can depend on what kind of judge it goes up against, but of course, Alex Jones if he was in committee haitian with these individuals inside the White House on the day, the riot obviously would be a person of interest which would make it a valid subpoena. If, of course, Congress does have the authority to even conduct these
stations, which is why, as I continuously say, the committee needs to turn their documents and everything they have over to a special prosecutor and let the d o J take it from here. You avoid questions like this. You avoid some issues. Everyone he's a winner. We got some great content, come up for you in the bonus show, I'm Farren cousins been sitting for David Pachmann the day you can find me on Twitter. Facebook Instagram at fair balance are aware: podcast, not thanks for watching you
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