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12/6/21: Drone War Scales Way Down, Republican COVID Deaths Scale Up

2021-12-06 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Without much fanfare, President Joe Biden has scaled back the drone war to almost zero

--White supremacists from the group Patriot Front, formerly Vanguard America, storm Washington DC over the weekend wearing masks and marching to "reclaim America"

--Donald Trump Jr announces on Twitter that he trusts Joe Rogan more than Dr. Fauci, a statement emblematic of much of what is wrong with critical thinking in the United States

--Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene bizarrely likens COVID to cancer when tweeting about COVID guidelines and protocols

--The COVID death rate since May 2021 is now nearly three times higher in heavy Trump-voting counties compared to heavy Biden-voting counties

--Conspiracy theorists seem confused about their own theories as they claim that both JFK and JFK Jr are actually still alive

--Donald Trump puts out a barely intelligible statement containing a double negative, which hilariously turns out to be correct

--Donald Trump publishes a cursed and disturbing video welcoming attendees to Japanese CPAC

--New voicemail caller, straight out of central casting, does not like the show

--On the Bonus Show: Bob Dole dead at 98, debt collectors can now text email and DM, David Perdue will challenge GA Governor Brian Kemp, much more...

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I want to start today with something we actually talked about on the bonus show. Last week we talked on the bonus show last week, thanks to Pat choosing the story. Quite frankly, I hadn't even read it with, which is part of the problem. Joe Biden has quietly almost completely ended. The drone war that has become essentially the status quo of american foreign policy to slightly different degrees, since George W Bush, through Barack Obama and including Donald Trump and the corporate media, has barely mentioned it. As we were talking about it last week, I realized
really should be talking about this. More broadly, there's been this bizarre reversal on foreign policy perspectives, for the Republican Party really since Donald Trump started running for president back in twenty fifteen. When suddenly republicans were pretending, they don't like war that they don't like military incursions that they don't like interventionist foreign policy when really those have been the hallmark of NEO conservative republicanism for several decades at this point in time, and if you think back it sort of started with Donald Trump saying that Iraq WAR, that was a disaster from started with that, and it was always bs trumps. Initial political constituency was heavily made up of people who supported the Iraq WAR under George, W Bush and, admittedly, people who were sort of right wing reactionary. But
were not really following politics under George W Bush, either because of their age or because they just want paying attention, and so they bought it. They bought it hook, line and singer Trump and Republicans now there against war. Then it went to well the leftists who didn't like Hilary started, building on it with the killers staff and the Hilary he's going to start for wars, stuff and Donald Trump, isn't gonna do that. That became the story and it mostly transitioned right into Joe Biden presidency with this idea that if you re Elect Donald Trump we'll keep us out of war, but if you elect Joe Biden, it means that more wars are coming. Biden was gonna, go to war, I mean I don't even remember now by who's gonna go to war with North Korea and China and IRAN and Russia in all these different stuff. Now I said at the time I don't see any appetite from Joe Biden for doing those things
maybe I'll be proven wrong. But there is another story here that actually, what we're talking about today, one of Barack Obama's biggest foreign policy sort of conflict with my ideology- and I talked about this- all all through the Obama administration- was the Roma Trump continued, the drone war massively. He didn't talk about it that much because remember it was killers who was gonna. Do the war and the bombings not trump, but Trump continued Barack Obama's drone war, which was an escalation of George W Bush, is drawn war. Now, maybe Bush would have done more. if the technology had been more mature at the time Brok Obama had the benefit of that, but now we have the reality and the reality is that Joe Biden has almost completely ended. The american drone war Joe Biden not really saying that much about it.
The White House isn't really saying that much about it. Neither corporate media, but it's a huge massive story. There was that one strike during the with the Afghanistan withdrawal, which went horribly wrong, killed civilians just absolute disaster, but Joe Biden has almost completely halted. Drone strikes and air strikes in general, You have to call this what it is, which is a foreign policy victory in my mind, and it's also a communications and pr failure by being almost completely silent about it. Under Bush, we started droning
Barack Obama did even more Donald Trump continued huge debate controversy, but then look at what Joe Biden has now done enters office. First of all sets up a system that requires White House approval for any strike outside of a war zone and listen to these numbers in Donald Trump's. First eleven months in office heated one thousand six hundred air and artillery strikes per air wars which tracks drone strikes in Iraq and Syria alone, air wars, reports for under Joe Biden First eleven months, not four hundred, not forty or forty as Joe Biden has. just for four of them, are strikes in Somalia down seventy five percent from last year to fewer than ten, no civilian casualties in Yemen, instead of eighteen strikes last year, down to
for this is a massive change, but the real question is why the by White House has been so quiet about it. Is it because the Afghanistan AIR strike the drone strike what so on that they just don't even want to talk about the fact that there is still some droning going on. Is it because it will lead to Joe Biden being called week by Republicans, which of course, remember under Trump Republicans claimed they are the ones who don't want to do. Intervention is foreign policy strikes, war, etc, but at the same time, the report. In party has a long history of pointing the Democrats in. Oh, you dont want to go to war. You don't want to go to Iraq. You don't wanna. Take this person at that will then you're actually the weak. One is it a fear of that lets, keeping the Biden administration from talking about this major accomplishment. More is it.
because Joe Biden doesn't like the bragging. There's a couple people. Emu means that visit. It's not Joe Biden Constitutionally Joe Biden doesn't like bragging and that's why I'm doing it he's sort of brought his brag about accedes he's brag about it. I don't. I don't think that that's it. So a few different things, your number one, of course there is the reality that sometimes your droning, instead of sending in boots on the ground- and this was big debate early in the big campaigns, underbrush Obama, which was well, we maybe using drone warfare here instead of boots on the ground and if either way, we're gonna do damage. Do we prefer it be done without boots on the ground? That's not the debate now Joe Biden not talking about. He certainly doesn't seem to be thinking about boots on the ground, he's just
dramatically: reduced brown air strikes, and we should be glad about that. Let me know your thoughts number one about why you don't think it's been talked about by the binding administration and maybe just as importantly, number two. Why isn't the corporate media covering it, but they may be both related things, I'm in a scene completely beyond parody, beyond satire and also a horrifying scene. I mean it's. Both a group of white supremacists staged a bizarre rally in Washington DC over the weekend. They wore masks as part of their outfits, or maybe we maybe we're supposed to, The uniforms are, no outfits is a little bit emasculating and thanks to some kind of issue with you how rental trucks, if you can believe that some of them ended up being like stranded in Washington DC four hours, just based on poor planning,
of course. For me, the real story here is once again look at how this group of protesters is treated by law enforcement and others compared to so many others at protests around the country, but we're gonna get to that in a moment. The story is that about a hundred members of what is now called the patriot front. If that name doesn't ring a bell, I'll explain that is well in a moment. A hundred members of the patriot front group rallied in Washington DC near the White House over the weekend now Patriot front used to be known as Vanguard America, but they change their name. Why did they changed their name? Well, because someone affiliated with Vanguard
Erica murdered, a woman in that infamous unite the right rally in Charlottesville Virginia, so Vanguard America was tainted. Now they are patriot front. Ok, they were there chanting that they are trying to reclaim America according to our friend Zack, Patrice so from the daily beast, their outfits or uniforms consisted of white gaiters or masks sunglasses blue jackets.
Kathy pants Brown boots Hats Shin guards and asks they also had american flags plastic shields that looked really like toys. If you look at the pictures and snare drums as well now, how did police react? Well, police shadowed the group apparently to prevent conflicts from starting, and there are some who were upset that the police seem to in this case be protecting the protesters, whereas in left leaning protests day, the claim is our more antagonistic to the protesters and our instead
counter protesters now think that reality is more complicated than that, and there is much more that could be said about that. But the funniest part was the completely abortive climax. To this thing, we're dozens of them got stranded. There was, there are only a hundred dozens ended up stranded because they rented you hall trucks to get themselves to the rally, and one of the big trucks couldn't fit all of them, so they wait. four hours. As the truck made multiple trips, I genuinely have been unable to find answers to some basic questions about this rally. Did they have a permanent? As many of you know, one of the it's it's sort of like the equivalent of resisting arrest for rallies? You know why,
before how, when police decide, they want to make trouble for a particular individual or a particular group. This very vague charge of resisting arrest enters the picture and its ripe for abuse along the same lines when it comes to rallies or protests whose subject matter some don't like it becomes will did they have a per? met further rally. I don't know the answer whether they did or did not. Why were they allowed? Member police were shadowing them as they were stranded because the you hold truck issue and the truck was going back and forth. Stuffed with these guys.
Why were they allowed to bring masses of people around in you halls which have no seatbelts for each person in the back? No padding against the law to do that as well part of the story of? Why was this the treatment that these individuals received rather then fill in the blanks with whatever exam You want from protests over the last year and a half sort of starting with starting with the George Floyd protests in the summer of twenty twenty. Let me know your thoughts are. You can find me on twitter at the pachmann and remember that we ve got on December fourteenth at six p m eastern time. We will be doing the next David Pachmann show your town hall it'll be swimming, live under pachmann, live you to channel that the second channel, not the one that these clips IRAN is on the second channel
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is not expensive and if the normal prices strike you as high which they shouldn't, but if they did I'm? U can use the coupon code better, twenty one to get a huge discount off of the membership of your choice. At joint pachmann dot com, a Donald Trump Junior made a big splash this weekend, tweeting that he trusts trusts, podcast, host comedian and Mme commentator, Joe Rogan more than he trusts Doktor Anthony found. She who heads up then I ate is the top infectious disease doctor in the United States has spent his career working on infectious disease. Now, of course, this comes as no surprise that Junior trusts, Rogan more than voucher, not shocking, but sadly its emblematic of a bigger problem in the United States- and, you might say, yeah David, it's called stoop
yeah. I know I know, but I'm coming to speak a little more specifically when it comes to authority and expertise. There is now a particular problem in the United States there is a logical fallacy called the appeal to authority appeal to authority is a fallacy where one Claims something must be true because it comes from someone believed to be an authority on that. Subject: are you might say: well, authorities on subjects are more trustworthy. That's exactly the point eminent get to that. As I said before, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and now that these radical zealots heard about the appeal to authority,
fallacy or code. They might even know that's what it's called, but just experts dont know everything. Ok, they are often quick to say experts from experts, that's an appeal to authority fallacy. Now, of course, there are two important details about the feel to authority fallacy. First of all, it's only a fallacy. If you claim that something must be true, only on the basis of a certain person saying it that then it is a fallacy. It might still be true, but it is the fallacy. Secondly, if someone is actually an authority
On the subject matter, it's not a fallacy unless again that the idea that only on that basis of it being believed that someone is an expert so give vent to put it away. That makes more sense given to competing hypotheses about some phenomenon, one from an actual export of a real expert and one from a lay person absent some specific. reason, an avalanche, sherry reason to believe the expert is wrong airing on the side of thinking the actual expert, maybe the one whose right here is not a fallacy. That's different did the appeal to authority fallacy, and this is unfortunately incredibly common right now uncovered. The actual experts are written off by a misunderstanding of this fella see now
there is another problem here. The same ignorant people who misunderstand this fallacy will often reverse it and they will end up saying this. Doctor has the right view uncovered and it's a doctor, so you ve got to trust them and then you'll Logan, we'll be like Scott ATLAS, radiologist, who knows nothing about infectious disease or it's a chiropractor which it's a type of after, but it's not an m and its
certainly not an expert in infectious disease. So that's one layer to this before I get to the other layer. It is ironic, maybe more like disgusting, that the right loves to criticise when, when they know what it's called, the right loves to criticise the post, modern attitudes of some on the left that everyone's opinion is valid. All perspectives must be allowed and on and on something I disagree with, but the right loves to caricature all the left as believing that, and here they are doing a version of it, which is saying. Well, you ve got an infectious disease. Doktor, ok! Well, that's one thing and then you ve got I don't know podcast horse, that's another. It is valid
for me to say I trust the comedian more than I trust the doktor. Now, of course, Don Junior is allowed to say it, but when they say there's an empirical reality and that's what so wrong. With this perspective on the line, this post modernist perspective of its all valid, listen! Well, if you're gonna be critical of that, then you have to be able to look inward and say I'm kind of doing the same thing here. When I say no, no, we must allow Romans view to be just as valid from it as an evidentiary standpoint as doktor vouches, they will never look, look look within themselves. They will never do that. Now, let's get to the second kind of problem here, the same ignorant people who so we ve talked about layer
on which is Junior, says he trusts Rogan more than voucher is like one where the same false authority applies. dont junior weighing in on this, and what I mean by that is there are people in this country who will also trust Joe Rogan over Fouche II, because job because I dont Junior, said it ok, so that this is like a second layer. It's like can cat unaided, expert confusion or like russian dolls. You know those men Rio, sugar dolls. One goes inside the other of expertise, confusion Don Junior miss analyzes, the expertise of Rogan versus Fauci on uncovered than others in turn. Miss analyze, dont, juniors expertise on identifying who is more trustworthy uncovered and that's where it really gets ugly job to make an analogy, imagine
I do not see he would never do this, but imagine SAM Cedar said I trust pachmann more than Rogan Annette. Many well SAM misunderstanding expertise, because I dont know a damn thing about him. I may enjoy does, but then trusting SAM to ascertain whether I or Joe Rogan know more about enemy. Is that, secondly, that we're talking about and unfortunately the Trump family looked upon almost like deities by many in this country, and they art, immediately taken to the idea that, while if Don Junior has assessed that Rogan is more trustworthy than found, she then that's good enough. For me, you get bottom line. Is we're in real trouble that essentially the take away here, We have seen a ton of bad analogies during the pandemic from Republican vaccines are like Nazi Medical
experiments conducted by Yossi Mengele vaccine cards, proof of vaccination. It's like a Nazi Yellow star that they made the Jews where, during the Holocaust or last week of the week before we heard sherry, Tenpenny, say vaccinating a kid is like a very late term: abortion because you're killing the kid with the vaccine. So very long list of these bogus analogies- I'm not gonna, go through all of it right now, but the theme is absolutely horrifying. Disgusting analogies that makes no sense whatsoever. We now have another one from radical rabid, reprehensible Republican ran to her Marjorie Taylor, Green and this time, she's comparing covert to cancer in thinking about how
decidedly. We reacted to the pandemic in USA, which Sir hold on what how it with her yes, she's doing it. Marjorie Taylor Green tweeted over the weekend, every single year, more than six hundred thousand people in the. U S die from cancer. The country has never once shut down, not a single school has closed and every year over, six hundred thousand people of all ages and all races will continue to die from sir now, of course, you all in the audience, because you're so smart, because it so obvious you realize covert, is a contagious communicable virus. Cancer is not contagious. That's the analysis that that that's it there. Is that there no more analogy here, but there's
Are there are some other interesting aspects to this that I think are worth thinking about. We do spend. Is it millions? Is it hundreds of millions? Is it billions to try to control the development of cancer to try to understand what causes it when there are cancers of known HANS public policy to try to prevent it from you, we ve got a lotta regulations about cigarettes where you can smoke taxing cigarettes, etc. Higher life insurance costs. If you smoke how much pollution factories can point up pump out which causes cancer downstream? Ok at some level, it's because it causes cancer, much more to it, of course, but we do a ton of stuff to try to stop cancer, which is not contagious. Sometimes we do clothes who permanently because of asbestos pride. So, even when Marjorie dealer Greens, as we dont glow
schools over cancer. We kind of do I mean is what did just one example, but Buildings get shot down because of his best, those which causes mesothelioma meat meal of humor. Given that why wouldn't we do be doing a ton of staff to try to stop something like cancer that kills people, but in this case it's something you can get from being sneezed or coughed on coded can also kill you and you can get it by someone who walks by sneezes on. You wish you can with cancer, and when I saw this I thought man. This is,
Billy dumb, but then I thought with second, we should be doing more to prevent cancer and, interestingly, we have shut down schools. We do do things, we pass significant public policy and then I realized hey. You know what preventing cancer is really tough, especially for cancers that we dont yet understand the cause of which has many with the virus. We know the cause, we know how its transmitted, we have a play book and it's a simple one: vaccines masks where appropriate, testing, sequencing, etc. We know the plan So in the end, yes, it's a very dumb tweet, but it's a tweet, Marjorie Taylor, green things will get us to say well covered guidelines. These are bad. We shouldn't be doing any other stuff when you really think about it later. One is that's really stew, cancer is not a communicable disease. When you go to layer to it, makes me think, while in the case of coal bid, we know exactly what the causes
and still so many people dont do the basic things to stop it spread, whereas with cancer with many cancers, we don't know what causes it at the end of the day. The problem is that stupidity does seem to be contagious. People see these tweets and some think that there are good arguments and they repeat them and in the end they don't get accelerated. They don't do the things that were supposed to do in order to stop the spread of this disease. Now, I'm not even getting into it in this segment, we will get into it what's happening with covered right now is bankers and it's not even clear that it is yet because of all mccrone, we're gonna get to that. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow in the meantime more on this on our instagram, where you can find us it David Pachmann show you can also follow me on Instagram, at David DOT, pachmann we'll take a quick break and be right back one of our sponsors.
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Five dollars for shipping so to it, greed. That is now even surprising me and I've been followed. this for a while covered is now the republic in virus in the United States, now liberalisers he'll dying and we're going to look at the data in a moment. But that's not exactly the point here. The vaccine take up up
egg and mass guidelines have become so partisan and so skewed politically that the cumulative death rate, particularly since the vaccines have been widely available. I guess we roughly may have twenty twenty one is now a three times higher death rate in counties that boded seventy percent for Donald Trump compared the counties that boded only thirty percent to Donald Trump. This is its stunning from a sort of disconnected analytical perspective and it's a tragic dataset. When we think about the unnecessary life, that's been lost and even if they don't care about people dying
This should be a wake up call for Republicans if they care about future elections. Listen to this from NPR since May of twenty twenty one. People living in counties that voted heavily for Donald Trump during last election have been nearly three times as likely to die from covered, then those who live in areas that went for now? President Joe Biden, we have some of these data visualized people living in counties that went sixty percent or higher for Trump had a two point: seven times higher death rate than those that went for bite counties with an even higher share of the vote for Trump saw even higher coded nineteen mortality rates. For example, in October, the reddest tenth of the country saw death rates six times higher than the bluest tenth of the
three. It is absurd to a degree that is even surprising me at this point in time now, over the last few weeks, the gap has shrunk a little bit, but in those super red versus super blue counties, it's still a five and a half times higher deathray. Absolutely incredible! Now, let's go through some of the talks.
points that you will hear from the right. Mostly, the talking point on these numbers is you gotta control for age Republicans are on average, older republican counties are on average, older and the age difference explains the difference in death rates in the the response is no, it does not even one controlling for age. This is the trend dramatically higher death rate in from counties rather than by counties. Now, on the other flip side of this, going back to where we talk about with Marjorie Tailoring earlier, the higher the Trump vote share, the lower the vaccination right. This is not like cancer, even though Marjorie Taylor Green said, we don't shut down for cancer. This is not like cancer in that
with cancer. We don't know the causes of many types of cancer cancers with many we do with many. We dont many different types here. We know and the trend is clear, more vaccination lower down and we also see more trump about lower vaccination rate. These are the Trump vaccines as they like the same trump came up with them drop. Wants you to believe he synthesized sequence, the virus himself and his voters still don't want them now. Obviously we don't know the politics of the individuals who die abiden voter in a red county and still die, and they do a trump voter in a blue county- can still die
and they do. But the association here is extreme and it even goes beyond. This is likely on the basis of the lower vaccination rate. Among Republicans, now the lowest vaccinated demographic group in the United States that even the deaths in the blue counties probably skew towards Republicans relative to their share of the population, a lot of right. Wingers call me on my voice, mail, and they say David. Why are you they dont say David, Sir? Now they do say David or even worse, names. Why aren't you talking about how black people won't get back sedated and every time I checked the numbers to see has something changed and it hasn't black folks do have a lower vaccination rate than some other groups, but it is still significantly higher than the vaccination rate. Among Republicans, reply
Organs are now the largest on vaccinated group. There is no single demographic factor when you look at gender race. Education elaborate across all of these being a republican right now is the signal that you are most likely to be on vaccinated right now. At some point, the public health tragedy that has been this pandemic could become a
political tragedy for Republicans. If they keep going with the current approach, I'm not giving them advice. My concern is I care about people's lives regardless of their politics and, as we said before, your decision not to get vaccinated doesn't only put you at risk, but we were beyond that. If republicans care about election strategy, you would think that they'd be saying it's not good for us to this report currently lose more of our voters than they are losing of theirs. I dont know what it'll take to get them to change their to others then used to be a real and serious problem in the United States regarding access to mental health services on diagnose mental illness, untreated mental illness and over the years we ve covered conspiracy theories and conspiracy
and call dish. Thinking called like thinking by interviewing all sorts of different experts, and they ve told us about the connection that exists to mental illness. Now this doesn't mean every conspiracy. Theorist is mentally ill. Not at all. That's not what this means, but we ve explored in detail. The connection that exists
there and how sometimes delusional paranoia and schizophrenia or whatever it will lend itself to be captured by whatever the conspiracy theory of the day is, and it can create some confounding factors and figuring out what's going on, and why look? In the last few months, Q and on the conspiracy group has been increasingly focused on going out to Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas. That's the sight, of course, we're former President John F Kennedy was assassinated in nineteen sixty three and something really interesting and got a bizarre developed. Some of these people have started to say, J F K Junior is actually still alive. This is this. Is the late son of J F K, the former president? This is an important detail. J F K.
And J F K, junior to different people, J F K died in nineteen, sixty three JFK Junior died and ninety ninety nine two different people. This is sort of fringe, even for some of the key, went on people like only some of the Cuban on people believe this, but the idea is J, F, K, Junior still alive. Now, the bulk of Cuban on is based on the idea that Donald Trump was in parentheses, sent by God. Sometimes it sent by God. Sometimes not Donald Trump was sent to fight a Satan worshipping group of child traffickers, mostly Democrats, among other things, that the big piece there's an offshoot of cuban on that believes that J, F K Junior is still alive. Based on, I don't even know what might be Neurology hard to understand it, so the
gets us to this past weekend, where there was like a the executive is a holiday q and on rally parameters of some kind in Dallas, Texas and I'm in a play. A short video here where you're gonna watch and you're gonna be able to hear protesters. Saint J F K is alive to people say, J F K is alive and then someone else has J F K Junior to they seem confused about which J F K is supposedly still alive, and some of them apparently are saying that is both take a look at this, insane. Video lie
you'll find out. Karin Scheele measure set so now, J F K still alive. I hadn't even heard that, before what do you think is more likely they don't know the difference between J F Candia kid you near, and so they heard some Q people saying J K, juniors alive. They don't realize that that's J, F, K, Sun and so their dissent, J, F K. That's one
possibility the other possibility. Is they genuinely believe that its J F K and not J, F K? Junior? That's the one, that's actually alive option! Three is some other type of confusion. That is a good good luck, figuring out what it is now again. J F K was former president assassinated in nineteen sixty three. If he were alive today, he'd be a hundred and four years, all its possible. It's not particularly likely, even if he did somehow die in nineteen sixty three. I'm sorry, even if he somehow didn't really die of nineteen, sixty three figured out a way to stay alive without it
knowing everybody was in on it. Nobody spilled, the beans could be a hundred and four years already not super likely, based on actuarial tables for men born in nineteen. Seventeen when J K was born. On the other hand, JFK Junior, also known as John John, he died and ninety nine in a plane crash and would be sixty. One today way more plausible. Neither is true they're both dead, but if you're gonna pause it that one of them is actually still alive, I would go with the guy, who would be sixty one, not with a guy who would be a hundred and four no evidence of either but statistically warp more possible. These people are really confused and, to the extent that they are not violent, seeing this is more sad than anything else. The problem is increasingly. There is the concern that the Cuban on people, when none of it comes true, because now there eight years
none of this stuff coming true. There is the concern that, as their predictions continue not to come true, they will go over the line into some kind of Jonestown type Mass suicide, maybe even taking other people down with, let's hope now, let's hope not but J F K confusion at Dealey Plaza over the weekend. I love growing my own food at home. Many of you have seen my gardening stuff on my instagram. I get great tips from the audio, and one of our sponsors is lettuce grow, which is by far the easiest way to grow your own food at home. The lettuce grow farm stand is a hydroponic unit that waters and fertilizers. self. You can grow more than two hundred varieties of fruits and vegetables at home indoors or outdoors. I lie,
Of my let us grow farm stand, I've grown, edible flowers, tomatoes, strawberries, eggplant; it only requires five minutes of maintenance. A week, biking growth, thirty six plants at a time it uses ninety five percent, less better than traditional gardening. No packaging, no waste. I didn't even know it was possible to grow food like this in a portable unit, but I love it. Let us Ro is giving my audience fifty dollars off the farm. Stand just go to let escrow dot com, Slash Pachmann, that's l, e t t you see, e g r, o w dotcom, Slash, Pachmann and use code pachmann for fifty dollars off the link is in the podcast notes I have to tell you. There are stories we do on this show, which are extremely multi fund. seated in terms of what they mean: geopolitically sociologically, all these different things.
And sometimes there is just a story that is too funny at an absolute based. level you all know about the big lie at this point, I'm sure This is the lie that Joe Biden didn't really win the twenty twenty election. Donald Trump really want it. It's something trump and his followers of the pushing really since even before the twenty twenty election talking about mail in ballot fraud before the election even took place, no evidence for any of it, but then they really got going with this stuff on election night, when from came out it too, I am and said we ve basically want it's over when that wasn't the case, and of course, couple days later, it was confirmed. Actually Joe Biden is the one who want. The claims range widely from they stole boatside digitally with hackers who knows dead. People voted
the mail and ballots were fraudulent. All these different ideas, no evidence for any of it. Of course, over the weekend, the former president put out another one of these unhinged statements, which now are appearing really just on his website, because he's banned on Twitter and he's banned on Facebook and all of it, and it actually is- and I would argue, I'm enough proposed to you this says the most unifying statement that Donald Trump has ever made as a result of grammatical error, Quaker that there is really no other way to put it. Donald Trump statement says, and I'm just going to read it to you,
written and then we're going to unravel the grammar of it. You really have to pick it apart. Trump says anybody that doesn't think there wasn't massive election fraud in the twenty twenty presidential election is either very stupid or very corrupt. This is a Trump statement I can agree with now, let's break it down, we you have to really take a part- the grammar, okay, so from says anybody that doesn't think there wasn't fraud is corrupt or stupid. So if
from had said imagine this is the way I unravel these double negatives. If Trump had said anybody that thinks there wasn't, fraud is stupid. That's really easy. You dont think there's fraud you're stupid when Trump says anybody that doesn't think there wasn't fraud. Trump is saying if you believe that there is right, if you believe the big, why that's a double negative, you're, stupid or corrupt, and that is exactly right- it action Two I was looking over the weekend. I was losing ochres away. If you don't think it wasn't. This is a statement that I agree with now sure does Negative phrasing is kind of weird but Trump trumpets finally correct about something here, and this is of course, the ultimate self own saved by syntax. Bizarrely enough in its surreal in some weird way, when you think that this
I had the nuclear codes for four years. Could this be the subconscious truth? That Trump actually believes that if you ve fallen for his lies, you're the stupid or corrupt one just trumped simply have no idea how double negatives work and in a sense, It's the perfect unifying message. If you're able to unravel the double negative. The way we ve just done- and you understand it, you agree- if you are not able to unravel the double negative. Maybe you also fell for the voter fraud, lied to begin with, and
though, you also agree with the statement. It's it's incredible that he has figured out a way to really make a unifying statement that just about everybody, will believe and we're supposed to believe that he genuinely earned good grades at the University of Pennsylvania, so there it is. If he does get back on Twitter, it will be a very very dark day. If there are kids watching today, I would send them out of the room before I play for you. What I want to be
for you right now, I have some cursed, video and audio to play for you today. I don't know how many of you remember, or even knew, a very strange factoid, which is that there is a pro trump movement in the country of Japan and we ve during previous life streams. I played video of these programmes rallies in Japan. Some with very strange costumes related to trumpets a bizarre bizarre thing. But if you didn't know that certainly a fact you can get through life. doubt knowing, but, alas, there is some pro trump called issues in Japan and there is even enough that called see pack Japan now see back. Is the conservative political action conference its that at least once a year, I guess
warned that some years they ve done it twice all sorts of right wing speakers, it's a gong show of absurdity and pabulum for the right wing masses. Well, there is a sea pack, Japan. The movement in Japan is so big that they have their own see back there. It was this pass weaken and this time around the conference had such illustrious speakers as Jim Jordan. Mac Warner not even Mark Warner, whose a Democrat Bow MAC Warner, republican Secretary of State of West Virginia then a whole bunch of other people. I've never heard of, and I would that money you haven't heard of either and Donald Trump speaking to them. Remotely Donald Trump recorded an introduction video for the event it so bizarre.
Its cursed. It could give you nightmares, which is why I say: dont show this to children scarier than married many horror movies. I am sort of likening it to silence of the lambs crossed with the shining. That's the best sort of combination that I could be used to describe it. So, let's look at the short clip see if you can pick out all the things that are bizarre are about this. You would like to begin by thanking everyone who has been so friendly to the United States. We have an incredible relationship when Japan we have for a long time like, think and J? I give up there japanese conservative union work into it the weather said, match lap and resumed his with which back in the United States has been really a powerful force. Our relationship with Japan, and has been a gradual. I worked with as you know, remedies are being for a long time. We were strongly together.
Career on so many other problems, including problems. Frankly with China, it was Honor to Hell are released, chip in terms of trade, has double we ve gone into a strategy, Well, it's been really rather incredible to see. What's happened between the United States and Japan, where's that I was the president of the United States, so I just like I only ruins having a fantastic time you're with me Friends- and you are my friends and congratulations on your tremendous success. I look forward to being in Japan shortly and when I am, I will stop by and say hello a wonderful evening, so some truly cursed images of Donald Trump, the camera is so far from the guy. Why is that? It looks like some kind of strange horror movie
cinematography, the audio terrible as usual. With these recent trumpeting, there is not even a MIKE autumn. The stuff that he's producing down in Florida didn't even make em up cameras. Twenty thirty feet away. You can barely here He's in a gaudy ballroom of some kind he's wearing tuxedo he's facing them, camera with his arms down at his side, hinges forward at the waist. The way he often does, everything is weird he's kind of twitching and making strange body movements. There is nothing normal about this video, but also notable even in this strangest of strange videos, Donald Trump can't even tell basic factual truths. What was the one sort of substantive element of that video from saying we ve doubled trade with Japan. We have not double trade with Japan.
Does Donald Trump not realise that the data is widely available. Does he assumed? No one will care? Does he not realize he's lying? I dont know, but if you look and were putting it up on the screen now, if you look back at the last twenty years of trade with Japan, you see that it's actually been really study into that nine at the sort of bottom of the great recession. It declined but otherwise trade with Japan has been notably steady. There has been no doubling here, and this is considering both imports and exports. So what's the concern here, because it's very easy to laugh at tromp and see him doing these weird videos, though he's just a loser passed his prime any. Is
is tomorrow. In fact, we're gonna look at video of every once in a while at his club of moral logo. They do weddings, immoral, logger, sometimes trample like walk into a wedding or he'll walk into the dining room or whatever, and he will speak to the crowd and often he'll start talking about the big lie. He'll start lying about the election or whatever else, really really weird. Tomorrow, the book, a video from doing exactly that, so it's all fun and games and the guy's a loser and nobody's paying attention to him in any kind of serious way, but every pulse so far suggests that he would still, when the democratic partner, the Republican Pro
Mary and he would win it easily, the only guy polling, even anything of note, was Rhonda Santas when there was the most recent struggle and so as much as we laugh, it would be even more devastating if, again, the guy is able to win in twenty twenty four to many people when it was Hilary versus from said: she's, not gonna lose she's got it. She doesn't need my vote, I'm not going vote at all or maybe about third party or maybe I'll, even vote trumpet Guph, because Hilary he's got it and look at where a goddess three Supreme Court justices. Maybe the end of Roby weighed one of the most humiliating mishandling of covert globally. and on and on and on so as absurd as it is to see Trump relegated to yelling at dinner dinner guests
admiral logo we're doing bizarre videos like this most of the Republican Party based on the polling. We have would put him right back where he was for four years now. The horrifying reality hey. This is exciting. We have possibly possibly new top boy smell collar. You can call my voice mail any time to one nine to David P. Is the number this guy straight out of central casting you, you ve gotta. Listen to this! Just no introduction just take a lesson they gave you right. I mean that we should view. Was that a lot of time to listen to the gable Dagon away anchors gonna do that he talk a lot of pressure ladder.
Just think that lie jumping over to the dinner. I I'm pretty sure this is real guys. We are. We we looked up. Who this actually is This is really a guy from where he sounds. Like he's rubbed its. It appears to be completely real pressure and we gotta we're gonna break my language. which they gave me Jimmy Carter that there may have been radiant slip there. Maybe, really does think Reagan was terrible, but he doesn't want to admit it why it took about this guy that pressure, gashes up people.
nobody's country, legal, and these things are always funny, because you know, when you really breakdown, did this guy's a character of these funny. But when you break this stuff down the gas prices, they have nothing to do a job When they were low under Obama, I wasn't praising Obama when they were. on their tribe and low under tribe. I wasn't blaming tribe. Is the president has barely anything to do with gas prices. The border situation has barely changed since Donald Trump left and Joe Biden took over United it it's it's funny,
but this this is what the nice disinformation and this guy now, who believes all these things that aren't roguish dishes. Bulgaria is controversial bad day regime than about it took about promoting drunk from top. You might be learnt what this guy talk about, the pressure to Vice President Klaus joke. They know they should remain in the class in the circle. No, of course not only have I been so critical of Joe Biden in some areas that many of my own viewers say David, you gotta you gotta, be easier on binding, but
praise the guy when he does things right, like almost single handedly, ending the drone war, as we talked about at the top of the Schuman Day, this guy is a real right. He's waiting to be passed, the guy this guy up bad about them. We do junkies I'll bet? You put this one now junkie, Sonia junkies, not a term I use, but again, Hunter Biden has nothing to do with the Biden administration. What do people want me to say it all by militia to it like everything, my little fellow you shall, I could guide daddy's talking, then don't do that. Don't watch in harmony with people get upset that there are so many shows out there that I think are trash.
I don't want a single one of them when you ve got to stop a pleasure yoke, white pressure, the measure joker, and then they got the other guy, the little boy there at the people from the new version of the better but who's the love boy. By the way anybody know what that's about it lived there. The wish pressure in the wars precisely in this country, and I can spend every time I see these two clear collected- break the t rightly fish. I wish there were everybody's that every day with the coordinators any got better than others marine be killed for no reason at the guys up
Instead, he preferred to deal taking the Norwegian, an issue that should now. How can our just easy? It's gone very, very boring, but that is a fascinating cos that is straight out of central casting, of course, not making a single good political point but certainly saying it in a very very funny way. Are we have, great bonus show for you today we will talk about the death of Bob Door, a giant of the Senate. Ninety ninety six republican presidential nominee against a bill Clinton in the eventual reelection, a bill Clinton. An interesting guy has passed away. We will talk about bobbed. All dead collectors can now text, email and direct message. You on social media deck collector a very interesting profession and avers cringing
but it calling it that a lot of scams in the world of debt collecting we are going to talk about it on today's bonus show and also in addition to learning that Stacy Abrams is going to be running again for governor in Georgia as democratic. As we are now learning that David Purdue, the former Georgia Senator Republican, who lost to join us, Is going to be challenging Incumbent republic governor, but of republican Governor Brain Camp that's also very interesting. Camp, presumably, would be the less trompe of the two candidates. we're going to talk about how that raises gonna break down on today's bonus show due
Mr deeds bonus show get instant access by signing up at joint pachmann dot com. You can use the coupon code better, twenty one to save a bundle and also remember that our members at joint Pachmann Dotcom get priority access to me during the upcoming viewer town Hall December, Fourteenth six p. eastern on the PAC man LIVE Youtube Channel. That's it for today show see you on today's going to show backwards. Another show tomorrow,
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