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12/9/21: Trump on Trump Violence As Ukraine Invasion in Focus

2021-12-09 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Democratic California Congressman Ro Khanna joins David to discuss supply chain shortages, inflation, Build Back Better, gas prices, the Freedom Caucus, and much more

--Joe Biden's White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki laughed off the idea of free COVID tests sent to Americans, but it's actually exactly what we need

--Democratic Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley moves to remove Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert from her committee assignments for her disgusting recent "Jihad Squad" videos

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, Senators Sinema and Manchin, and "Let's Go Brandon"

--Despite vocal opposition to vaccine mandates, right wing network Newsmax confirms that employees must be vaccinated to go to their holiday party in New York City

--Donald Trump is completely incoherent in a dishonest and pathetic interview on Newsmax with his own former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

--Trumpian lawyer Lin Wood attacks Trumpian Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in the latest Trump-on-Trump violence

--Voicemail caller finds a sinister anagram in "Delta Omicron"

--On the Bonus Show: Germany's new Chancellor, Senate votes to repeal Biden's vaccine mandate, SCOTUS ready to make taxpayers fund religious schools, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
Welcome everybody. Do you know You know me, you know my show, you know I don't care about political party. Yes, I'm on the left and right now. That means I mostly vote for candidates who happened to be Democrats, but I see political parties aside from there. Rural platform and views on issues really as organisms or entities that seek to justify and perpetuate their own existence there, not that different from corporations in a lot of ways? So I dont care about defending Democrats when they do bad things. I, call things the way I see them, and today I have to call out Joe Biden, Whitehouse, press secretary, Jack Saki and
every time. I do this, even though people often right music David. I like that, even though your on the left, you just tell it to us like it is as you, see it when what I happened to see as someone on the left not behaving correctly, some those people that is a David you shouldn't be talking about this. Well listen, Jen Saki does some things and she does other things not so well an early on in her press secretary ship when she would be unfair. heard for a question. I would say it and then the next time should be prepared- and I would say she was better prepared this time, and here is something that's really not good. Few days ago, Jen Saki was asked about what about like may be sending covert tests to people's homes. You know to stop the spread. The tests are not widely available Much as we would like their expensive in many ways. What
sending people tests and she kind of laughed it off scornfully by saying what so we're just gonna start sending people free test. So let's look at that video from a few days ago, look at what we ve done over the course of time with quadruple the size of our testing plan. We ve cut the cost significantly over the past few months and this effort to to push to ensure insurers are you're able to get right. You're in your test, every funded me two hundred fifty met million Americans will be able to get free tests, though I had just make em free everyone should we just stand once every American, maybe then than what hath then what happens if you, if every American has one test, how much does their cost and then what happens after that? All I know is that other countries seem to be making them available in greater quantities for less money. Well, I think we share the same objective, which is to make them less expensive and more accessible right. Every country's gonna do that differently, and I was noting that again, our task go through the FDA.
Of a process. It is absolutely true that the United States has failed unmaking at home tests, cheap and accessible and getting them into people's hands and the answer is, yes send every these tests. While that would be an amazing thing to do considerable. the savings would be given how exe Hence it is on average, for people to be hospitalized recovered. Think about the savings. Now, I dont mean necessarily send them to people who have an even asked for them? There is no doubt that in the U S with the environment that we have, there are people who would receive the tests and put him in the trash. I'm not saying just male amount, Willy nilly, but set up website to send people free tests and send them out when people request them, but she's right about one part,
If we send each person one test, what is that really going to do that's true, which is why we should actually make it easy for people to sign up and give him five tests. Give him ten test. This is how you get people who were exposed regularly to identify cases early and get em staying home. My sister right now has cope if she's in high school. Why did she end up with it? Well part of it is there is a slow process, forgetting the classmate is believed to have been the spreader tested and to report the results of that test. So it's a great idea, actual so a few days go by and then Jen Saki gets another shot at the same question and she does take a different approach good for her. She seems to recognise that first answer was a botched:
sir? The problem is, she ends up reading a pre written answer, which is a lot of words with very little meaning. Take a look at her next answer to the core the White House, its position on this simply a cast an eye
since you are the reasons why did ministration? Does it think that Sudan tests coming, I teach us to all Americans is a good strategy? Will let me let me give you an overarching, comprehensive understanding of how approaching this. To give you a sense, and I appreciate the question. In February, we wrote new guidance to make insurance cover a symptoms, asymptomatic, Barrack, PCR in point of care tests critical to helping the majority of Moroccans, have private insurance not worry about burdensome test costs. We could droop of the number of free pharmacy testing sites with a priority on vulnerable communities, and we ve also secured funding from the rescue kind vested in hardest hit areas. Ten billion dollars for schools to conduct testing nearly one billion dollars for rural clinics and hospitals and towards the summer we also planned for the school year. Ensuring school districts had the resources to set up a testing programme to ensure kid state in school. We also double down our work: to get testing to congregate, settings that were more vulnerable
and where demand was how it was higher and, as we have seen at home, test become more in demand. We ve taken steps on that front to make them free. So if you have private insurance or making sure you'll get reimbursed by your ensure for at home tested are so you get the idea, those like another minute, but I'm not gonna play at all for you, because it's this pre written, not very substantive answer and it became since we are going to send people free tests. I'm gonna read a bunch of stuff for you that we ve done, which doesn't include free tests and is not going to include three tests. There are places that are doing the free testing thing Monroe County New York is, bring it to some degree in Colorado. I believe, if you have kids in school, there is a way to get free tests in Seattle, there's a test delivery system and, of course, in other countries, look at what is happening in the UK in terms of people's ability to get free test, so the good part is eventually Jan Saki figured out that first hand.
there was no good scornfully laughing off what we're just gonna send people free does. Yes, that was not good, so she changed her attitude She then came back with you now something that clearly is not thinking nearly big enough in a sort of pre written answer communicating very very little one of the ways that we can normalize more to what we had before the pandemic, which the right wants to do, and at least the by the administration wants to be able to do in order to help the economy and so on and so forth. It's make sure that we can easily figure out who has covid
and free testing would be a major major piece of that. It's funny because her new answer, the pre written two minute answer that I played one minute of for you. It is better in that its less offensive. It's less free tests, the hell out of here it's less of that, but it doesn't actually get us anywhere closer to just sending people free tests, which is abundantly clear. They have no interest in or intention of doing so. She was prepared because she knew that first answer was no good it doesn't seem like they're gonna do the free task eyes, and this is one of the differences in a lot of other countries, the accessibility and the low or no cost testing options that are there. Okay, so it it's happening. again. It happened to Marjorie Taylor Green and it is now potential you going to happen to republican Congresswoman, Lauren Ober. We have seen numerous
videos uncovered in which law and Bobo implies or alludes to Muslim member of Congress ill Hung Omar being a terrorist wearing backpack bomb This refers to the squad as the Jihad squad and is generally a gross person. As a result, some democrats are now moving to Strip Lauren Bobo of all of her committee assignment. Is this a good idea we're going to talk about it? First, let's look at examples of what Lauren Bobo has been saying in a play three of them here for you she has told a very similar story. A few times here are a few of those versions of the story. what a fine in Congress no, I haven't gone toe. To tell what they owe me. She doesn't show up to work. Sorry, she rose by proxy.
I didn't feel want Omar the other day. That's it out you, the Jihad squad, decided to come in for work first. What is happening there, enjoy
I have no one story for you. Some of the other animals war is not the first jihads one moment I so I was getting into an elevator with one of my sapphires and United were leaving the capital we're going back to my office and begin. However, and I see a capital police officer running hurriedly to the elevator, I see that already its banks and he's really like it was happening. What did I laughed and there she is hot Oman. Well, have a backpack. We should be fine, so this
very vile stuff. As a result, Massachusetts, democratic, Congresswoman, IONA, Presley moving to have Lauren Bobo removed from every single committee on which she sets press Lee announced her resolution yesterday, morning. Let's take a look at that club. We have heard the hate, incredible threats that have been directed Arap, Omar and her staff words have consequences. We must acknowledge that and respond with action. We ve introduce this resolution today to do just that and to send a powerful message. Every Muslim and every marginalized person was ever question their place in this country or in the halls of power. We see you, you belong, you are powerful and you deserve a life free from fear and filled with dignity and love. How we were
spot and in moments like bees, we'll have a lasting impact and history remember us for it now. I have two views on this and I do want to hear from you about it. on the merits, if you just say, does woman Lauren Bobo deserve to be on any committees. The answer is, of course, not of worse, not on the merits. She shouldn't be on a single committee. She shouldn't being Congress. I wouldn t her to mow my lawn or of a run antivirus software on my computer, I want to minimize any any job at about six, even simple jobs. She has no business. I wouldn't want to doing anything or David, Sir. You sing, she shouldn't earn a living guys. Look let's take it. Easy, ok, she's, incompetent,
her presence in the House of Representatives as a legislative body is a disgrace, but to some degree, is it kind of a pyrrhic victory? When democrats do this to the very much deserving of it being done to them republican. They did it to Marjorie Taylor Green now, they're, looking very strongly at doing it to learn Bobo. What do I mean a pyrrhic victory? A pyrrhic victory is a victory which in so achieving the victory. You do damage show yourself or at the end of the day you say I won, but did I really? When did I really come out ahead and what I mean by that is the following republic: These are not the majority right now, regardless, so Democrats still control the committee's. You are stripping them, whoever it is both Bert Marjorie Taylor, Green, your stripping
of their committee assignments? You allow them to claim victims status, you allow them to martyr themselves and they immediately start raising money on it. I've been cancelled and so on and so forth. Wanna say it again, so that people don't misunderstand it's not right. long to remove them. It's right, o Bert, has no business being involved in anything in Washington DC. But what I am wondering is what is truly accomplished: for example, Marjorie Taylor, green within hours of being stripped of her committee assignments. She was fundraising, she was, Handing out fundraising, email saying they cancelled me, donate in order to help me do whatever I dont even know. The argument was, but it was they have cancelled me and give me money. So I'm not arguing that it's the wrong move. It's the right move on the merits,
but what I am wondering is whether we end up helping Republicans more than hurting them when we do this to them because they go to I've been cancelled, and I told you that Democrats cancel people, and now you ve got to help me get on cancelled for Beaufort. It's almost a dream scenario, less work, she gets talked about and right wing media it gives or something to fund rests on. So what really needs to happen is she's removed from Congress that some much tougher and certainly much longer uphill battle so, let me know what you think net benefit or not when these folks are removed from their committee assignments. Remember also Tuesday December. Fourteen six p eastern will be the next David Pachmann Show Viewer Town Hall. It will be the last town hall of the year. I hope you'll join us
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Trump probably gnashing at the bit, so he can point is demonic finger at binds failure to prevent Putin with love. This support from his wanna be fellow tyrant. Yet there is going to be this amazing double standard that takes place, maybe not from drumming crumple, say something. But who cares right, but from from people on the right where all along during the Trump administration they said, hey guys, we want to be friends with Russia. Why you want to go to war. War is bad. Now we now pretend not to like war, let's all get along Putin's nice Putin's good, all these different stuff and then, if Putin does invade Ukraine. Those The very same people will say why wasn't Biden tougher? Why is Biden?
beta. Why is Biden week? It's going to be an amazing double standard, and I I would say I look forward to it, but actually horrifying, quite frankly, but yeah we're going to be watching the reaction from the right, including trump, about what ultimately happens their next post ispot. It was interesting, hey David, do you think it's likely? Cinema and mansion are bleak, being blackmailed, wouldn't put it passed a significant percentage of the Republican Party, who is proven themselves to be willing to do anything to subvert Biden, to blackmail to members of the Democrats in order to stop meaningful legislation from passing, you know, that's not typically the way things work in the Senate, usually in the Senate, they dont use blackmail which is more like like big stick. They use the carrot, witches. Here's the stuff will give you. If you do or don't go along with this or whatever the case.
b and that's more frequently the way that the way that it works rather than here's, what we're gonna go. We're just gonna! Do you? If you do the wrong thing? It's here's! What will give you if you do the right thing and of course you could say these are legalised bribes to form of of bribes, so blackmail, I think less likely goodies. As Donald Trump liked to say, ah more up more probable. Another user posted an article about a let's go and in the store that opened in the state of or the Commonwealth is Donald Trump likes to say of Massachusetts
I dont know too much about right. Wing means. I know that let's go Brandon is a big one right now this can't possibly last too much longer. Can it like? I already feel like the way I gauge what the right is obsessed with is what kind of gutter trash my live stream live chat is filled with and a few weeks ago it was filled with people, just posting, let's go brand and over and over again in all caps and of course we were banning every single one of them and we were seeing a lot less of that right now in the comments in general. So it feels as though, let's Brandon is already kind of dying down, but if it's not it's such a lame mean that I can't imagine it would last too much longer I think, if you're just now, opening up the let's go, Brandon store it. doesn't seem like particularly auspicious timing. That's that's my instinct, but let me know if it's going to have staying power
The case may be joined the discussion on the sub. Read it David, Pachmann, dot, com, slash r e g, I t so we we ve already done and expose ay of fire news is hypocrisy on vaccine requirements on air, we ve got the fox hosts in particular Tucker Karlsson, Lord Ingram Hannity entertaining the stuff as well. The daytime shows that bunch, I know you'd older than the whole group. They ve been softly and sometimes not so softly, pushing against vaccines promoting unproven, too.
men's and cures, certainly against the vaccine, requirement very aggressively against them, and yet behind the scenes, we learned that Fox NEWS has an even stricter vaccination policy than the one that Joe Biden proposed. You ve got a not only be vaccinated, but if you aren't you ve gotta be testing daily rather than weakly and you ve gotta be wearing a mask. Okay, we talked about it already. We know about the Fox news hypocrisy, but what about news MAX, because NEWS Max the even further right network has been completely off the rails in an even wacky or way than Fox NEWS on vaccines, covert, uncovered aided conspiracies and it turns out that this week, news MAX had a holiday party in New York City and, yes, everyone had to present proof of vaccination in order to attend a negative test alone would suffice. You must show your vaccination card or a picture of your vaccination card here.
The notice that news max and doubt which set reminder on NEWS Max holiday, reception city. Regulations require that you show a vaccination card. A covert test alone is not sufficient. Now news MAX made completely clear that as a company, they have no vaccine requirement whatsoever. This is Europe I am it for this particular holiday party, because it's in New York City- and these are New York City rules. But wouldn't you think that if this goes again their principles. If they are so opposed to any such requirements, wouldn't they put their money where their mouth is and stand in defiant opposition have the party in some other state have the party at a price.
Residents find some way around it like it doesn't seem like it would be that hard right now in their defence- and you know I have no interest in. I want to encourage good behaviour, not just call out badly behavior news MAX, has parted ways with a couple of the wacky or anti vocs people that they ve had on air. There's this guy Steve Cortez, former Trump adviser. He recently left the network as a prime time host, for example, and he was very publicly against news. Max vaccine rules and sources told the daily beast that it was because of that loud opposition to his employers on raw
because it was the last straw, Steve Cortez and NEWS Max parted ways. We talked in three weeks ago. Maybe it was more like four. Five weeks ago the White House, corresponding Emerald Robinson from NEWS Max she was in bonkers cuckoo for cocoa puffs land tweeting about bile luminescence tracking devices in the vaccine, and no one else was she talking about Lucifer race and give you something admit, but did you talk about? A black lay are even remember anyway. She is not coming back to the network after her completely off the wall. Claims about the vaccine so good for news max. As far as that goes, I've actually had a couple of very polite, exchanges, with that some some higher ups at news MAX,
they're, not obviously crazy. It does seem like it's for money, meaning it's it's sort of a grief, the thing that news MAC has operated. Maybe I'll say more about that in the future. I do want to serve out anybody there, but news MAX clearly not standing in opposition strongly enough to them. Seen requirements to say we are going to a private residence or will do it in. I don't know what the rules are in New Jersey, but maybe we'll do it over the river in New Jersey somewhere else. They are just going with the rules and it is not a shock given what seen Fox NEWS do and all of these other complete and total hypocrites. Let me know your thoughts about that will have more coverage of this on our instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann. are we will take a quick break, a lot of exciting things coming up on the programme and mere moments? I love growing
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a demand resurgence after there was a demand evaporation during the pandemic. It's now pretty clear that it's more than that, but what's your kind of general assessment of what we're seeing right now overseeing insulation, and this is why we need two things: we need to pass bill bag better, which would put more money in the pockets of working families so that they can pay for their groceries and gas it with lower prescription drug crime, Bro prices. It would deal with some of the supply chain issues by investing money in our ports by providing an incentive for people to read, returned to return to work, and so we need to pass it. And then he said you know: Ass Larry Summers has said the FED needs to to make sure that they stop. In my view, the the mortgage by acts
and start by increasing the money supply of that's largely on the fact that they can take that action. Let's pick one item which is gas prices because it gets so much attention. You know four years I have not participated in the you either blame or praise the president for what's going on the gas prices we met? My best assessment is: if a president wants they can tap into the Strategic Reserve which will eventually lower gas prices may be eighteen to twenty cents, a gallon on what might be a temper.
very basis emitted. It seems really that President'S don't have very much to do with gas prices, but yet it's a very popular political football to throw around, isn't it. While this president, I think that the right thing by having tapping the Strategic Reserve eighteen cents per gallon is as significant them in that make means a lot to folks or who are struggling, but in terms of dramatically lowering prices. It has more to do with that. The oil companies, and indeed in when, when oil was twenty, two thirty bucks a barrel dating, invest now that it's a much higher there. They they want to reap the benefits, and so the long term solution to this is price stability, which is more electric vehicles. More renewable
energy, so that we're not dictating when at the mercy of the vagaries of the price of oil by death in the short term and the present by taking the right action. A when you too, when we look at some of some other things like, for example, used cars in a big area of price increase, starting with the pandemic and continuing through building materials is another one, although it seems that lumber is a sort of coming back down. How involve do you believe
governments should be on individual areas like these in trying to influence price, as involved as it can be a way. We have to be realistic that the governments are usually don't have that any tools to fight inflation. I mean it goes back to Gerald Ford with wind and whip inflation, and you know it's very hard to do, but we should do what we can in this case. I think the three things we need to do is put more money in the pockets of working families so that they have money to deal with the higher prices make sure we're dealing with supply chain issues at the ports and make sure, where incentivize more people to work, as so that you can deal with some of these supply issues and and lower prices. I guess I have one more thing, which is: if those concentrated industry,
these young people on charging prices above the competitive price, in putting pressure on those industries to charge a fair price there's at it. I guess we would call it plausible. Maybe we don't have to say probable, yet that Republicans may well take control of the House of representatives back next year and end would assume control in January of twenty twenty three, given that we don't know at least what will happen after November. What do you believe realistically can get done in terms of major legislation in the next year
that that would pass not only the house but actually descended and become law for all. We need to make sure we win or its devastating for our democracy. I mean to have people Margie, tell a green and others that in charge ass to the House of Representatives is a fake that really no one, in my view in the democratic cited should want engine take get should take very seriously. I think we have to ask you if the past bill back better with a lower prescription drug clause, lower childcare cause lower elder care cause. We need, in my view, deliver on the fifty dollars await the president. Can unilaterally forgive student loans, he ought to do that. Have some forgiveness stood alone voting rights? We have to deliver voting rights, as is our chance to do it or were basically stopped. Would state voters, suppression laws and we need
make sure that, where tackling immigration evidence it doesn't make it into Bilbil get her. There has to be some delivering on immigration, so those will be some of the things. I think there are the priorities for next year on on student loans. I get a lot of emails from people who say I'm really mad that Joe Biden is not moving more quickly unforgiving. Some student loan debt- I came in to this presidency, not believing that Joe Biden had any intention of doing I'm not I'm not praising or or thing I'm mad at him. I just never thought that this was the priority for Joe Biden, I didn't think he was gonna. Forgive any student debt. Is that
your view, or do you think that that's something he might be able to be pressured to do? I think you should be persuaded to do it. I think it can help really build support in with him, went with young people around the country and is the right thing to do, and he understands every being married to the first lady who was an educator how much debt were saddling the younger generation, but now I don't think he's gonna do fifty thousand as Senator warns that consumer and I and others have ass, but could he do ten? Twenty thousand men were dead, materially make a difference in people's lives. Ass the lonely, and I think it would be one of the biggest things he could do to build momentum for his presidency. You mentioned Mark retailer green as some in my audience. No at the house voted to stripper of her committee assignments some months ago Your colleague Diana Presley had now suggested
I was doing the same with with Lauren Bobo overheard. Multiple recent videos related stories about being an elevators within ill Hung, Omar and the jihads squat, etc. Are when what's your view about doing that, because it obviously correct on the merits, and I would go further these folks have no business even being in the House of Representatives, but is it not a pyrrhic victory? In some sense, where they end up saying I've been can sold donate money and it gives them attention debit. Your ass, he ran. I was talking to a friend of mine on the republic inside yesterday. He said when you get a kick me off. My committee psychical raise a million bucks amounts at my my less so this is why I think the speakers being judicious about this discussing it. Obviously we have to take action. It has to be clear that act and racism that kind of Islamophobia has no place, but we don't want to make representing a bear, a martyr in and do something that's going to further fuel our platform in that, Sir, why take the speaker
take your time consulting the cock, as I will support whatever action genes of checking. We do need to take some action behind is sometimes we learn that there are interesting, polluted, go bedfellows behind the scenes where public led there's a lot of conflict and their friends behind the scenes up right now with some of these personalities that exist, for example, this rift between Congresswoman burdened and in ill hung over
it. Is there more palpable tension behind the scenes where it is not nearly as collegial as it tends to be? I think on some of the fringes. Yes, there are few people know. Probably you dont interact with you, don't even sometimes say hi to about not among the vast majority I mean I still have good relations on the other side. I was speaking, I speak. Oftener represent a calmer. We disagree strongly on issues of our oil and gas, other issues that he is always the engages in good faith. There are there are dozens of members on the other side. Why stop work when you have to get legislation through? I want to talk a little bit about the general approach that you think the Democratic Party should take going into the twenty twenty two election, one of the things that makes it increasingly tough to run against the kind of modern republicans of the Trump and Post Trump era is
For the most part. There are not even pretending to be about policy anymore, thereabout obstruction there about cultural issues like critical rates theory, if you're a Christmas tree was burned and its part of the war on Christmas, her or whatever the case may be, so that very silly, but it also makes it sort of tough to run against them, because if they are not arguing on policy, it's hard to fight against things like the left wants to turn this country into a socialist country or these kind of vague statements.
How do you run against that? I am not convinced that just continuing to talk about policy like a train, it is actually is, is what's effective, only lead with patriotism. We talked about how we haven't aspirational. Measured for America. We have a vision in America where we actually win. The twenty first century were proud of being America. Debt relief should be taught to be proud of being Americans and what we want to make sure that people should have to be forced to leave their home towns. We need to bring prosperity and and modern opportunity to places that have long been left out, as they could have dignity, so they can still be kids can say with their families and that day, from promised all these things, but he hasn't delivered in and we will try to build a strong, vibrant, great America. I think we'd all emphasized the patriotism enough. The aspiration enough you have to get to people's hearts to get them to think tat. They really have a vision that they care about this country. They care about,
my community and then you can get into the specifics, but you can't lead with the specifics. Without what is the end? What is it? What is the purpose of human beings? Orangist economic actors, yeah? That's what seems extraordinarily difficult about the situation, which is, I feel there strongly that when there is a policy debate, we win the policy debate very clearly. But if the, if these circles, Answers don't allow you to be speaking to a public that is expecting to have the policy debate and instead they want
the debate over who is socialist or patriotic or whatever the case may be, if it feels like a losing battle in some sense, while we can win that debate, that our values are the true american values, our values of freedom of thought, I d, as an expression of full respect for people of all faiths, are fake respect for community of fur civility decency. These are the american values that we are standing up for in the fulfilment of those values and spreading opportunity and prosperity. I think we ought to frame them as were standing up for the deepest american values. The fundamental american values and not that were here is our five point plan just to put more money in your pocket that matters, but people care holistically. They want to see our nation thrive and succeed in it.
on and on what their places in this nation, and we have to speak to the deeper aspiration that people have in and people are very much vote on identity before I let you go um, I'm curious now in thinking about twenty twenty, two, of course, every member The house is up for re election. Many and very safe seats for the number of truly contested seats is, of course only a fraction of the total one. Slash three of the Senate is is, of course, up. There's a number of governors. Race is etcetera. How much taka behind the scenes is there about the role that the former president,
Donald Trump is going to try to play either in general in the mid terms or in in specific races. And does it really matter in terms of the strategy for Democrats, I do think he's gonna play. A role is already playing a role in Georgia. Challenging and incumbent governor is challenging some sitting house members. I figured it provides an opportunity for Democrats that when the Republican Party so divided in their still having people or denying Joe Biden illegitimate election running for office on the platform, but I don't think it's sufficient for Democrats. I think it gives us an opportunity to compete to not be written off to maintain our majority, but we have to have a vision that delivers for people and convince them that we really are speaking to what,
What matters to them in that matters are not just economically matters to their conception of our country, and only if we do that, then we can. We keep the house do think the Virginia gubernatorial from last month was a warning about making it too much about running against. Trumpet I'm because young can seem to kind of ride the fence. Well enough that it was not a good strategy guy. I don't think it should be all that trouble. I think you can be also about some of the extremes in Congress or musically said. Look. You want some of these people to be chairing the next committees and to be in charge of the new Congress, but then I think it has to be a clear vision on our side of what we have delivered, what we're going to continue to deliver what we stand for people ultimate we need the positive the affirmative to vote for someone. Yet, though, the more I look at next year, the more I'm of the mindset of hope for the best and and prepare for the worst, and hopefully it works out not now poorly congressmen row Connor representing
California, seventeenth District always appreciate your time. Thank you, David. I always enjoy being on. Don't forget that the best way to support the David Pachmann Show is by becoming a member which gives you access to the daily bonus, showed the regular show with no commercials. You also get access to our entire archive of every episode dating back a really long time and plenty of other awesome. Membership perks go to join pachmann, dot com and use the coop on you'd, better twenty one for a huge discount, join Pachmann Dotcom. Many of Donald Trump recent interviews are so short form where he gets such little time. To really flesh out is bonkers answers there's just
of less of an opportunity for him to hang himself with his own rope and don't get me wrong like he still looks like a fool, you look at that recent interview. He did with Mark Alabin. He did Mitt to crimes specifically obstruction during the interview completely provoked. So he's not coming off like an angel in those interviews, but have a new interview from this week. That's a little bit different were Trump was allowed to sort of go longer, maybe less constrained because it was unused max than by the sort of fast pace, nature of the fund. News interview. You might know that chance by Sir one of Donald Trump Swarm repress secretaries now has a show unused max and Trump appeared on that show, and he got opportunity to answer different types of questions, and not only is he said, Slurring up a storm in sounding disoriented is often the case he's made.
No sense in terms of the substance either and telling countless lies, but lies that are important. Why? Because they signal Trump's plan for two thousand and twenty two, and maybe even for two thousand and twenty four in terms of republican strategy and in terms of his involvement. So, let's look at the first clip the topic of trumps I shall media company truth. Social comes up. We talked on the bonus show earlier this week, Donald Trump hired con republican congressmen from California Devon Nunez to run it Devon. Nunez he's gonna, be resigning from Congress in order to run trumps, social media company and immediately tromp is bomb. Throwing when asked about the fact that there is an ethics investigation into Devon newness. Of course, there's ethics investigations into me. Members of Congress some Republican? Some Democrats is nothing particularly pernicious about this one, but immediately Trump is Bob growing. Take a look at this patently accords Other reports say is already looking at that company. So can you comment on Devon?
as his role and the Assisi well. I don't know anything about the ass. You see, I do know, the devil is fantastic and I guess we just put out a release said the releases that he'll be coming on, and you know this is just the continuation of witch hunt. Anything you do they want Look at it, they look at it. They don't look at themselves at all. Look at hunter that look at anybody, all they do is look at Republicans. Devon is apparently the guy I take care that he will do a an incredible job of our side. And have a voice. Eventually you like to have you end up with pure communism? It's a disgrace. What's but you can end up with a communist stick, communist nation and so were dead. And we just put out the relation Devon were very proud of that were proud of him
and might take it got a chance of being a very important day. Actually, I think, is going to be a very important day, always victim Devon. Nunez is a victim. The right are victims of this, she'll media left wing, everybody's communists on and on and on now hilariously, entire interview, as that, as of our many of the ones Trump has been doing lately, are supposedly to promote trumps book. The thing about trumps book is that it's a picture book which is just amazing and in this next clip I'm in a play for you they to suck up to Trump. They always do an Sean spacer sucks up to trot. By saying we under
Stand you wrote all of the captions were the book because remember it's a picture book most president's writing books trump instead publishing a picture book in which he writes the captions, it's beyond parity, but the topic is trumps. Opinion of what might pence did on January. Six. Take a look. You know, Mr President, in the book there's a picture of you with vice president pants, and you saw about the caption that you wrote. I understand you wrote all the captions on these photos says that you got along great, except on one issue by president pants on Thursday said that he did the right thing on January. Sex in your mind, did he do the right thing in his absence? Is that obviously the one thing that you didn't agree with him on a totally any didn't? Do the right thing
and is a person who is a good person. He didn't have the aid didn't do whatever it is it you might say he should have done, because that I think you agree with me and a lot of people agree with me if you see that the election was fraudulent of you see that there are more votes than there are voters. Give you see many of the things that went along and and they're they're coming out on a weekly basis. More and more and more and you'll be seeing more come out. It's not me. It's a stage now look at what is going on in Pennsylvania, they're, sending subpoenas too many people, and now the federal government try and stop that, because I don't want that to happen. They got away with something that is, in my opinion, the crime of the century and instead of going after antique and be a lamb and all these people that killed a lot of people and burn down our cities by what they did, the destruction they going after people that were protesting the election, the alert
She was the insurrection the November third day was the insurrection. The January six day was not the insurrection. That was the protest. This is really stunning snuff from still saying it was pensive choice not to do what he could have done. To steal the election from the guy who really want it and, as we have heard from numerous legal scholars, pence could not have done anything to steal it. Hence realized he couldn't steal the election and he wasn't going to make any kind of buffoons fish attempt try, and that was the right perspective. Pen sought legal counsel on that and the legal advice was very, very much sound. The other notable thing about this is that trumpets stopped even pretending that the violence on January sixth was bad or that it is carried out by
His supporters who wants to play it both ways. Trumps new story, which he seems to be sticking with, is the insurrection was the November elections. I really one at day did an insurrection and they stole it, and it led to Joe Biden being declared the winner that that was the insurrection. Per Trump January. Sixth, on the other hand, that was a protest. It was a logical protest because the election was stolen. It was a peaceful protest by my supporters. from supporters, but any violence that there was was black lives matter and it wasn t for, of course, a claim for which there is absolutely no evidence, and despite that, it is trumped supporters that are being treated poorly. That's not only an inaccurate revision of history to very dangerous one, because if it convinces many people and its convincing quite a few, it is part of this possible. Now
coup attempt that we talked about on yesterday's program then- and this is the last clip that will look at, although if this is interesting, if you can stomach this, I encourage you to find the entire interview it's available. Online trump then does his routine of stating states in which he did very well. He sort of stopped short of saying I won these states, but their states were, we did well, and these are states. Trump is looking at being involved in in twenty twenty two, and so this is actually massively consequential and we're going to talk about why in a moment, but first, let's look at the clip that most, but we want a big numbers in Missouri and you did mention Ohio where will also be involved, but we have time I made it won't be they want primers for quite a while in all of those states, and we have some time interesting things going on in this place. I love it
and so they know you have a lot of very interesting candidates in pencil vainly to show whether it be involved in the process. Yeah. Ok. Mr President, congratulations on the book. Our journey together is out tomorrow, it's available at forty five bookstore com. As always, your time is greatly appreciated and thank you for honouring us well. Thank you both very much and keep it the good work you doing great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So why is this so important? It's important, because this is the clearest signal yet from Trump that he will be involved in twenty twenty two races, any mentions Zuri. He mentions Pennsylvania and maybe he's gonna support, doktor eyes in Pennsylvania, and he mention some other states now. This is a signal from Trump about his intentions. The question that remains is,
whether the candidates want Donald Trump involved, but if he can raise money for them imagine they are certainly going to let him do it and with how did out trumps preference would be be involved, endorse and campaign for people win an use, those successes if it happens to justify running in twenty twenty, four and being the Republic now many basic look at what I did for us in the mid terms. That's his plan he's making a very clear right now and it very much might work now, on the other hand of things that might work versus might not work. We now are seeing almost daily installments in this confusing bizarre of aimless republican civil war, but today we have a new wrinkle, the republic, Civil war has mostly been anti Trump Republicans and pro Trump Republicans fighting other, like I said earlier this week,
This is a civil war. We want to encourage a good thing for this to be going on. Yes, today's episode. We had Dan Crenshaw sort of offence rider continue, to ride the fence and tried, while water, in the midst of the civil war saying. Well, you know the Freedom caucus people who claim to be very protracted. They didn't really vote with from that much but people like item cleansing, her, who is seen as anti tromp, actually did vote for Trump Dan Crenshaw, finding a way to write the fence that was yesterday today there is a new wrinkle and now It is just straight up trumpets on trumpets civil war. Today we have trompe and lawyer Linwood, that's the same guy, who briefly represented Kyle written House in that's relevant. Linwood is also the guy who was involved,
all sorts of twenty twenty election high drinks that very same Linwood, trompe and lawyer attacking brutally trompe in Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor, Green, even within the pro Trump wing of the Republican Party. There is now trouble in paradise and we should incur. I urge that we should foment this Linwood is now accusing Marjorie Taylor Green of being under the influence of not not alcohol, of the devil, I have two Kyle Rittenhouse claimed that Linwood exploited him to make money, Marjorie Taylor, Green tweet, tweeted, quote links. Go to jail for what he did to Kyle. I also fully blame him for wage You lost our Senate seats, he's from Georgia,
and we know him as a life long Democrat, not a Republican. He Griff did off of Trump and told people not to vote on January. Fifth saying their vote would be stolen. when word has now gone to the daily beast and said he's thinking, Suing Marjorie Taylor, green for defamation, suing Fox NEWS, propagandist, Tucker, Karlsson for defamation, and he responded to this by saying quote: I mean from a biblical perspective. I think she's under the influence of the devil, because people that follow Jesus Christ, don't lie Marjorie Taylor Green, is a liar drier. Conclusions. Linwood also told the daily beast. Green was one of a number of deep state right wing agents working to destroy his credibility, not a surprise there so Wendell Wanna, take extremists are fighting each other. You know that all is not well in their world and I take
who interest in this one. You already know this type of inviting can only be good for the left. It might not help the left, but it might- and it certainly does not help the pro trump right. If the left knows how to take advantage of it The more interesting piece is that this is yet another data point that what unites these people fundamentally is not actually even support for Donald Trump. There was one layer which was these are all Republicans and what unites them is conservative values, no, the Pro Trump Republic. and had completely different value. It's just from says, I'm a republican, so they ve over Republicans vital with it with that we were done with well, maybe its support for Trump that actually unites them. Linwood and Marjorie Taylor Green both claim to love trump. They both support trump, they both say Trump, is great. Linwood claims Trump actually won the election Marjorie Taylor Green claims, tromp actually won. The election Linwood wants that
the election back, however, they can Marjorie. Taylor wants wants to take the election. However, however, they can both believe Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense. You get the point. But as soon as there is anything but complete deference to each other. Personally, they go to war. deep state, this the devil that your subjected it even the very Trump ism that supposedly unites them, is not enough to go beyond the personal for these folks, it's a complete and total drift, and the question is whether the left will figure out how to take advantage of it and actually winsome elections. Unfortunately, I remain very sceptical that the left actually knows what to do with. We'll talk about what the left could do with this on an upcoming show. If you have ideas, certainly let me now- I have some but always interested in hearing from hey this is really funny. Are we have a voice? Mail number? The number is too one. Nine to David B
The other day and one of my life streams. Whenever viewers pointed out you know, Alma Kron can be read, Has an anagram witches, moronic what the meaning of that was, but the guy Eric from Mass who told me that wanted it to mean that we should shouldn't even pay attention to Grant find today's collar found in even more pernicious, anagram Tiggle. Listen to this occur the food Corey from Indianapolis. Yes, I saw your life dream last week. I think it was a super tram mention that army crime is an anagram from Iraq. Is that its own across not on Nicaragua? But yes, I realized something or more sinister, which is that the word Delta Army crime doesn't anagram or media control. Right, though, I think this might go a little deeper than we previously thought. Yes, any knight, I checked it out for myself, it's delta,
Oh my crime, not Delta Omni crime, but it is a perfect anagram for media control. What it actually means, I couldn't tell you, but at least conceptually some very suspicious stuff going on. We have a great bonus show for you today become a member folk sign up. It join pattern, doc You'll get instant access, Facebook,
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