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7/15/20: Corona-Coverup Begins as Trump Spirals

2020-07-15 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--New York Times op-ed columnist Bari Weiss' resignation letter goes viral, and we discuss whether it's truly the bombshell that some are making it out to be

--American states are increasingly shutting down, choosing to follow reality and the facts rather than Donald Trump's lies

--This week's edition of Hatriot Mail

--Donald Trump seems to think that "absentee ballots" and "mail in ballots" are two different things

--Donald Trump calls an urgent press conference that quickly turned into a bizarre campaign-style event where he read criticisms of Joe Biden from a piece of paper and took almost no questions

--The Trump administration is ordering hospitals to stop sending coronavirus data to the CDC and instead send it to HHS, headed up by Trump tool Alex Azar

--Republicans are increasingly abandoning Donald Trump planned Republican National Convention in Florida over sensible coronavirus fears

--Voicemail caller asks whether Donald Trump is the revenge of racists for previously having elected Barack Obama

--On the Bonus Show: QAnon candidates are here, Burger King changes cows' diets for climate change, minimum wage workers can't afford rent in any US state, much more...

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