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7/16/21: Voting Rights Emergency & Deficit Hypocrisy

2021-07-16 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Fox News guest Morgan Ortagus confuses Japan and China during a segment about the Japan Olympics, apparently blaming Japan for the genocide of he Uighur minority taking place in China, and none of the panelists correct her

--Fox News host Neil Cavuto calls out Republican Senator James Lankford for his utter hypocrisy on spending and the deficit in relation to Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

--Caller compares the US's reaction to COVID to its reaction to 9/11

--Caller wonders what will be the result of Texas Democrats protesting the state's voter suppression bill

--Caller talks about voting rights and the Republican Party

--Caller wants to end exotic pet ownership

--Caller talks about what the US's response should be to the crisis in Cuba

--Caller discusses right-wing immigrants in America

--Caller compares Trump supporters to scientologists

--Caller wonders whether unvaccinated people with COVID should be a lower priority in hospitals

--Audience Question: What happens to drugs trafficking if drugs are decriminalized?

--Audience Question: When will COVID become the Republican virus?

--Audience Question: Could Trump 2024 spell disaster for Democrats?

--On the Bonus Show: French rush to get vaccines after health pass requirement, Kristi Noem criticizes other Republican governors, Roy Moore loses lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen, and much more...

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welcome to the show. As some of you may know, the Olympics are being held in Japan this year, an China is involved in a genocide against the weaker people. Now you might be saying David, why? Why are you telling us Two seemingly unrelated facts: Japan Olympics China, weaker genocide of that makes sense. What's the connection? Will the connection is that Fox NEWS Guess, Morgan or Tagus on Tuesday described the upcoming summer Olympics in Japan as the generous? I'd Olympics, apparently confusing Japan with China. I mean what the hell right, let's take a look at the club,
What is even more stunning as nobody panel even correct sir Cayley Makin Annie's on the panel. She doesn't even nobody corrected and Harris Faulkner says wow and around these Olympics, I like to call: the genocide Olympics anyway, I'm I'm stone the team that I'm not even sure that we should be competing because There is an ongoing genocide inch and John, so if there, if we are going to go to cayley mechanisms, actually nodding, if you're, not if you're, not watching Kelly's nodding about this country, if we are going to compete and have american athletes there in a country, that's committing a genocide, even more important Harris tat. The freedom of american flag, fully represented wow, says Harris Bognor accept that's not what's going on and nobody corrects Morgan Ortega's, Transformer Whitehouse Press, Your theory cayley makin, any nodding along This is not a minor mistake. will you know which countries tend to use buckwheat noodles? This is the topic of which country is accused of genocide against a portion of its own power.
Population. Japan has no involvement with the atrocities and, in April on Japan, actually raise concerns about the chinese treatment of the weaker muslim minority. Now I saw one comment which asked: is it possible Morgan Ortega's is talking about the Beijing Olympics of twenty twenty two or could you just be clueless and not understand that its in not in Japan, but in China? The weaker genocide is taking place normally when someone says these Olympics and the olympic start in a week. they're, not talking about some other olympics in some future. Here I don't know, I know that
My second language, but that's my understanding of ten what people tend to say when they say these Olympics and what's really crazy, is that Ortega's is a political adviser, served as a state department, spokes person from twenty nineteen twenty twenty one and she is making this mistake, which gets us of course to the next question. Do most fox viewers know the difference between China and Japan politically, or do they just both sort of sound like places that are far better close to where these so called China virus came from and they just sound like a lot of trouble out or no Japan, China, I'm not really sure. Maybe this is a part. Really fine analysis on Fox NEWS Channel, because they don't really did distinguish between these two countries are absolutely bizarre segment on Fox NEWS and, of course there are real questions about these Olympics taken
place in Japan, the questions really relate to the pandemic, not to the chinese genocide of weaker Muslim. There is also questions around the Olympics about the role of cannabis as a band substance, which is considered equivalent to performance enhancing drugs. Even though its not a performance enhancing drugs and in bite by some reports, it would sort of have the opposite effect of anyway. The point is: there's lots of issues to discuss related to the Olympics, holding them as Japan, renters covert guidelines, the role of certain substances in drugs, so many things to discuss the japanese genocide of weaker Muslims is not one of these things, because it's completely imaginary and fabricated. Let's talk about v, a political football that is the debt and deficit. We ve talked about this piecemeal over the last several weeks because there have been continued examples of republicans talking about how can we afford all
stuff that Joe Biden wants to do when there was no question under tromp about how do we afford anything and the guy exploded the deficit by sea? new faintly higher higher margins than we ve seen in a very long time? For any president, it's a political football in the sense that Republicans claim to have as a guiding principle fiscal conservatism. Part of that is balanced budgets, meaning you spend less than you take in. They also want to change tax law to taken less, and it's really just sort of a package of trying to restrict government from really doing things. That's really what's at issue with Republicans anything they can say to justify government not doing something, not helping people not being involved in something tabled.
they will do it, but then, as soon as they want to spend money, the concerns about fiscal conservatism go away. This gets us to two days ago on the Neil Caboodle Programme on Fox NEWS, where a James Lange for James Lange, for it is not just a republican senator he's not just a radical extremist republican Senator something up the guy's really creepy, and many of you who have written to me about the same thing and new caboodle good for him, once in a while Neeoka Bhutto? Does this NEO Commodo calls out James Lank Verdun, says Where were you new concerns about Joe Biden spending when it was Donald Trump doing that spending all right? So, let's take a look at it. We're gonna go peace, by Peter out Michael Socialism, Senator on democratic, say: republicans are vying ones to start lecturing on spending of any sort, since that also piled up administrations packages on paid for piled up in its administration. That was even before
pandemics. Lampert starts shaking his head and you know he's got something good coming report gains have sort of like a likeness van yeah. Of course, we do they're going back to the twenty seventeen tax, cutting jobs like saying you cut taxes and you should never gets. Actually you need to raise taxes like we're playing into do is they're playing this giant, taxing Greece. If you look at what happened, the tax govern cuts in jobs act from twenty seventeen. We had a rapid expansion in the number of people getting employed. The number of people actually paying taxes, ok, so that suits the two things: their rapid expansion of the number of people employed. Job creation was positive in that early area of the Trump first comes only term, so there were jobs created at the start of trumps term at a slower rate. then at the end of Barack Obama's second term, that's number one so well, there was job creation, it was slower under triumphant Obama, but number to the job
creation did not accelerates when trumps attacks plan was passed. So republicans like to just point and say we passed the tax plan, the tax plan, what everyone call it and jobs continued to be created. The truth is the job creation did not act EL rate and if you are of the mindset that it was the tax plan of Trump that created jobs, why did job creation slow down after that was passed? The second pieces, more people employed the? Never this is the labour participation sort of talking point that they love to do remember that the United States is a country whose population keeps growing. So at many times we a record number of people working and a record number of people not working? It's a very deceptive technique that they will you there would be. I dont use it because as deceptive, ok, let's continue Eureka
an increase in tax revenue, happening sorting and twenty nineteen. Twenty twenty we're the fat guy that Fidel yours, it's piled up right and so did the dad, I'm not folds of new, for that's I'm just saying that whatever the boy by you boost the economy and I was clear: did it healthy economy? My point is that the debt miles off lecturing parties, euro stimulus, polluters, keeping his eye on the ball. Anything you you would you talk about jobs, then you're talking about revenue side, the fact that you're lying about those things the deficit went up in that that can be denied. What what is it? much money where we are Well, I get it getting back to balance is something that needs to be in the conversation, but I'll get so anyway. Neil Caboodle, pointing it out and You'Re- not gonna, get an answer from James Lange. This this is, really common one. In view of the problem I have with this entire debt deficit thing: is there is a real conversation to be had, and, unfortunately, we can't really have it with these people, because there
just operating in fantasy land. The truth about debt and deficit is complicated, a country's national debt is not analogous to a household. Where hey you know, if the ink this five grand a month and expenditures of six grandam on your falling behind a thousand dollars every month, you're either gonna start having to charge and take out loans to pay that on which you pay interest in you fall for the right. That's how a household thinks countries are different and then the suit. So, first of all in terms of what it means to have national debt relative to what does it mean to have household debt, not analogous Republicans loved him to simplify along those lines but more important, if a country's economy is continuing to grow even in evaluating the level of debt? We need
to be looking as debt as a percentage of GDP. If you have an economy that is growing at three percent a year and debt that growing at two percent a year, you're actually reducing the significance of that debt relative to the size of the economy. How frequently do you hear that discussed in these conversations about debt and deficit? And then of course? Lastly, we have to remember that there is debt that is stimulative and there. I'm sorry, you can increase the deficit. Now talk about the deficit, you can increase the deficit in a way that is economically stimulative and you can increase the deficit in a way. That's not so, for example, when you consider the multiplier effect of food stamps verses, rich people putting money in a savings account the stimulative impact of food stamps, which gets spent they get spent at local businesses, supermarkets, which
increases employment, but but but but that the economic multiplier there is dramatically higher than just attacks cut. For the rich, who mostly save that money, because they don't need that money to fund their lifestyle, that's another asp, of debt and deficit were one dollar of deficit is not always the same thing. The question is: what are we getting? What are we financing? Are we financing the rich his people, just saving a little more money that they don't spend, or are we financed in some social programme with a very high the player effect. So anyway, we can't really expect them to have that conversation. They don't care too, because this debt deficit thing is just a political football, and for many Democrats it is as well just on the opposite side. August sixteenth is the sixtyth anniversary of the if it Batman show it flew by it, flew by and we are doing a one day, membership special. I would love for you to take advantage of it. If you would, to be notified about this incredible membership? Special on August, sixteenth, get a membership.
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the David Pachmann Show doesn't have a money tree, I've got egg plants, I've got tomatoes, but no money tree in the backyard we do depend on the support of viewers and listeners like you, through the membership programme, to support the show you can sign up at joint pachmann com, it would be my pleasure to welcome you into the ranks of membership. Let's hear from some folks visa discord, you'd like to talk to me. The way we do it is to be a discord. You can subscribe free to the discord at David, Pachmann, Dotcom, slash discord and, from that point four where'd. You will have the opportunity to speak to me. Let's do that right now. I want to start today, with our collar from lantern named Taylor, Taylor you're on the air. What's on your mind, oh boy, a David, can you hear me back and right? Yes, I can a great expert taken. she's, been moving over Thea,
situation with current events, and I'm just I've been drawn a comparison between I guess you know nine eleven and today, as both too egg giving events Huge tragedy is really too and actors. an interesting different responses that we had done so check with nine eleven a few members commercials with I'm an american and it didn't matter who it was essentially non partisan I mean everybody was behind D. you could say that the goals of whatever their goal was up in time, invasion of Iraq. Has it. NL today. It is having such a stark contrast that receive an inn, shown. I mean you can draw a line in it: a partisan now that we have,
in I something to go against? What is it you so weird how, as lines been drawn so a question to you, as somebody who covers these types of events, is the differences between today and then do you find it It's more of justice, the situation of what kind it say you know something. I guess maybe ten. boys, as indeed a terrorist, safety verses. You know virus. You can't see with the naked eye which a threat on safety in we have like a unified goal we're seeing such a different response to it. Yes, I think that for the most part, this is related to the sort of verse debasing of actual policy
and move into cultural issues and as Rachel bit a coffer talk to us about earlier in the week, just basically focusing on optics an talking points, and so you are right that way: might have thought that in a nine eleven like way, the pandemic might have really united left and right, I mean listen. Much like there are pandemic conspiracies. There are also nine eleven conspiracies, that's not different, but the decision to it. people were united in the immediate aftermath of nine. Eleven seems almost incomes. Viable! Today I mean even a tie attacking doctors. You know all of this exact, exactly I'll. Listen, I have to ask. Are you calling from an aviary at which construction is taking place.
It seems that way, sitting back, surrounded by a lotta cardinals right now not brought about they were in the hall. I appreciate it should now I very good an interesting one to start with, let's go next too. I hope I'm pronouncing this correctly. Is it so Rob from Austin Texas, Ah, I David yeah, that's a sob. Sarah Bogot Great well welcome to the programme jump. Thank you I have question regarding homelessness problem That goes reaping across different parts of the nation measures. These. What would be the long term in a shop Tom solutions for homelessness. Well, though, I think that this is a great question, because. Short term, and the long term is different in the short term. We ve learned that it's cheaper to you just pay for housing for homeless folks and also the paper healthcare for homeless.
Now, unfortunately, if you're like a right wing, moral majority, type foot person, you would say well, they don't deserve that they haven't, earned that, but there's numerous studies that show the societal cost in terms of having people on this rates, uninsured visits to the emergency room, a police calls, etc. It's cheaper to just how's people! Now, that's not really a long term solution. Necessarily, I think, on the longer term, we really have to look at either government jobs programmes. Universal basic income. In some case, it's about minimum wage, it's about economic restructurings unit, so it's about a lot of bigger things that take a much longer time. That's how I would distinguish between the short term and the long term on homelessness. Ok, thank you My pleasure, I thank you for the courtyard de jure something else entirely
for being out there and representing not just my head type but also my has day I'll, be. Before yeah, don't even what is the name of the hair style? I don't know it just woke up and a little bit of gone, very good, exactly. I think that the work I just woke up and a little bit of com all right. Thank you, sir. I appreciate it very good, beautiful Funchal. Let's go next to Alex from Orange County and arrogant hearing. Yes, I can So have you covered what's going on in Texas in Texas Democrats, we covered it on the Wednesday bonus, show yeah, it's crazy, basically I'll explain to people who don't know just real quick before you get your question. Texas Republicans want to pass restrictive voting rights
This Democrats don't have a majority, and so their idea was prevent a quorum. Texas Republican said we're. Gonna have state troopers drag you in so Texas, democratic left. The state and Texas Republicans want state troopers to leave Texas end to drag Democrats back on some. My question is: do you feel like a Democrats, first, a futile you feel like yet or does it up? I mean? Listen, you don't have the majority eventual ie. There almost certainly going to get a vote on this, but I do think that, given this and given the time sick and corrosive and disenfranchises nature of the the voting restrictions that I like Democrats doing, what they can to delay it and showing the crew easy length to which Republicans are willing to go to drop, dragged them back, but I do think ultimately they're going to get a vote. No one needs
we changed it. Ain't gonna need a democratic. I'm sorry did you say a Democrat, majority you cut out of democratic governor like someone like democratic leadership, to like an idea, I mean so listen. The first thing would be for taxes to be run by a governor and state legislature. Leaders that dont want to do this crazy stuff. That step one. The other idea would be to really have super strong, federal limitations on what states are allowed to do in terms of voting rights. That would be the other way to prevent this from being an issue. I am using the USA and the EU should take em. I got my pleasure thank you for calling in very very important question and- that is very, very relevant right now. Why don't we speak next? While the phone lines are just pack, we might need to wide.
The discord tubes in order to allow more people in white we go next to Michael from. Is it Bay go or Bacco? I? Yes. Can you hear me? Yes, I can ya it's it's curse fields is short for bakers. So well I didn't know that was a nickname for Bakersfield you'd like it's. A nickname yeah got sometimes my of yes, so my question is: have you ever considered run like for future like and you can see running for president. I twenty four. I am not eligible to be president due to not being our Lord in the United States, okay, understood, gunship! Ok, if that was my question, I think you have a great deal. I mean I'm still considering it? I just legally can't be President's Autonoe either. What? If? What? If? What would favour change it? Then I
absolutely be their partially thanking our aggravated. Now, that's a perfect phone call if I've ever heard one, let's go next to Vega, from Oklahoma, hey David as the going it's going well. Thank you So I was watching the Texas Democrats yesterday and obviously it's very exciting that they got to go over to Washington D C. yeah. So what do you think about progress on the voting rights legislation like HR, one in. Our four and also the infrastructure package. They just revealed the three point: five trillion dollar package today, yeah so On the on voting rights, I'm not hugely optimistic about the bill. Iver,
has been my view for some time and has, as I'm sure you know, Vega, I would immediately change my opinion if the facts change, that's just the type a guy I am. I am not very optimistic on the Voting Rights ACT on infrastructure. I m more optimistic. I think Joe Biden desperately needs another man- your accomplishment and I'm hoping that it is going to that that it is going hello, yes, you're on their own out. Sorry, sorry, your boys went out for a SEC, all right Vega. Thank you very much for the call. I appreciated lot of important questions today and glad to have the opportunity to answer them. Let's go! next to Oh, I don't know how about Daniel from
California, also known as through new grumbler Ella David hello. Yes, so, like my user name, Nag wrangler suggests I'm going to be blind, so I guess I'll see you gonna be on the show. I know the possibility was teased last year shortly I mean the race to a million subscribers anytime. She wants its wide open. We were we reached out a couple of times and haven't heard back. She may be too big for this show it I'm not delusional, but she's welcome. Absolutely anytime, definitely indefinite day You know well, you're a good any interviewers I'll show you have an eloquent way of asking her how she juggles idealism with pragmatism,
and I also wanted to know what she would have thought of my prediction: worthless prediction that it will be able see, verses, vodka and twenty two for it will not be a sea verses of anger. In twenty twenty four, but I will make a note of it and ask her about it in some way. I guess, if she's ever on the show yeah. Well, I'm a gambler. I wrote the die, so that's my back. Are you? Actually, betting. On that I mean you could probably get action on that if you really felt that was going to happen. If I get a thousand to one odds, obeying membership. Ok, are a very good with illegal discount codes so affordable. Thank you. I appreciate that things were taken. My call our thanks very much, listen, I'm gonna, tell you right now be very careful with those discount codes I don't want anybody ending up in prison as a result of them? Why?
We go next to let's go to Nick from Florida, Nick you're on their allow science, It's bad. I just want to ask I care about the environment, and there is one thing where people are buying like exotic cuts down here, and I wanted to get like a piece of legislation, legislation to make it so that it's not as common earth like people are disengaged than doing now, without getting like a licence. Or anything I can do. I want to get a start in doing beautiful. You start with your local officials, so I would, I would start with I mean Oh, I don't know if you can, if it would that that has to be our know, enough about exotic pat laws to know they're, probably state level, but maybe some of this stuff is municipality. I would start with Mayor City councillors. State Rhapsody, Senator governors office right to all of them and and see. If any
but he is willing to work with you on that. But that's exact. I mean you have a specific idea. This is what our legislators are supposed to be. Therefore reach. To all of them directly and see who will listen to one more thing, you're a godsend whenever a future of diversities leaks, Ok! Well, I will. I will try to do it when you mean interrupt by going by being on or by helping on oh yeah, well I'll. Try to keep doing them. Thank you are a very good yeah, those exotic pats, that's bad news! Folks! That's really really bad news! Ok, lotta, p, You know. Sometimes I think, like ok, people get banned on twitter people get banned on on Youtube and stuff like that, but like even now during calls people are getting banned on our discord and there's a bunch more that are about to get banned. It's crazy! What people are able to do, let's go next it S. De from Dallas Texas Year on year,.
Hello, David, how are you I am doing? Well, what a pleasure The latter is all mine and expect this won't sleep so of culture, so on yesterday's show you covered these massive protests like these unfair Sam protests going on in Cuba, and I know their multi faceted like there may not be like a single thing, everyone's pointing to that everyone puts the blame, but a lot of Human american friends, and especially the greater Amy area, have raised the call for intervention of some sorts. Yet what if any kind of intervention. Would you sort so? Are we talking one of the people is actually the mayor of Miami who did that, whose father was also the first Cuban about again mayor of Miami there talking
military intervention. So I'm completely opposed to military intervention. I think basically, what needs to happen in income is: oh, you got what you got a dog there. I know I'm walking autonomous, don't sound like a dog barked, sorry, we, my preference, would be as someone so so just for context, I'm an anti authoritarian progressive. So, of course I am, against the cuban regime, Fidel Castro coming to power, nineteen fifty nine remaining in power until two thousand eight than handing power to his brother right does Progressive about that as a progressive. I have to be against that. I am also against the american embargo of Cuba, and I think that now. primarily really hurts the cuban people. It's not gotten Cuba to change their system of government, which supposedly was was what it was intended to pressure them to do so. What I would like to see in terms of Cuba,
I would like to do away with the american embargo and then work in a global coalition to encourage Cuba to hold elections and to not be authoritarian, but- and this is a big boy- It can't be that the? U S is in any way involved in the election or runs a can did or any of that stuff that so we have to be able to draw clear lines. I am not core arrogant intervention in a cuban election, but what I would love to see is for us to get off of the hypocrisy of cuban embargo start to send aid and do more things to help them. When people and work with a diverse I mean listen, even you what were hearing from world leaders about it's time for Cuba. Actually have real elections and that that would be my preference ear I trying to see what you're going with their, I am
there's, a lifting the embargo and absolutely on board with returning free enterprise to the islands. But I thought We have to be little cautious because, like we see this with a lot of countries that were once terrorism. Is that authoritarian development is now a new trend. Other guys, so I dont know only permitting free enterprise is necessarily going there. the island in two people, democracy. So I totally yvonne you know it won't and in fact, it's important to understand a lot of the new authoritarianism, including these parties in Europe, for example its very what's going on in Cuba. Again, it's been since fifty nine, it's a totally different animal. What's going on there and the approach needs to be. four and I agree with you here- yeah and prevented like there are
like there has been a regime in exile here in the United States, since a regime like the cuban government in exile here in the United States, that sore like a lot of people looking to free cable, took up to so I hope, the blue card and drawn that I could eat. I dont know if they're right, wing authoritarian or I don't I don't know any. I couldn't possibly comment on that. I have no knowledge of what their perspective is changed. then I'll leave you there. Thank you for taking my call right. My pleasure yea. I wanna be it. If I dont know about something I just can't comment YO government in exile. That could be anything I died, big, be whatever. Ok, let's take a quick break If you're holding don't hang up because we're going right back to the phone lines momentarily the longest time I was having trouble finding snacks that are healthy, but actually taste great and fill me up and satisfy a craving, and that's why
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been really enjoying it. It's very grass roots and independent, which I love, find the strategic voters, podcast on all major podcast platforms and make sure to follow them on twitter. At strategic voters all right. Let's hear from a few more people in the David Pachmann show audience. We take cause the discord. You can find that David Pachmann dot com, slash discord. Why don't we go first in this segment to MEG be MEG, be you are on their high in the air me? Yes, I can, Oh, my god, I can't believe I'm talking to you. Ok, I can't believe I'm talking to you make us my husband and afraid. Ok, so I really have the big question about the March format. The care for all, because I dont know anything that I saw it on humanness report? And so I got excited about it and then, on the sudden I looked it up more and there are all these controversies about me,
What is organizing it and gathering information. So I keep on trying to get more information on it and no one is giving us formation, and so my husband reserved a hotel in arson, and so then he's like are we gonna you know that you are aware. I said I don't know, because I can get more information on really enow nervous, because I trust the humanist report. But I don't really see anyone else covering it. So I would have you know you. I d know a thing about this. Is it an a Texas March for Medicare? For all? I know it's. It's NASH oh and its in. I think it's like an thirty different states or something that and then that is when. Is it taking place a June twenty fourth which especially the birthday Medicare, but the June of twenty twenty? Two now Jim I mean not you and I'm sorry, July twenty. Fourth, oh I am, I just don't know anything about it. You know with with all of the I dont really
go anywhere. And I'm trying to avoid big crowd. So I couldn't, I really couldn't tell you anything about it. It's. It strikes me as an implausible that NEO Nazis are organizing it, but it certainly but certainly plausible that NEO Nazis or infiltrating it, I really dont know a thing about it. I couldn't I wouldn't say, but I you know what I appreciate is that you're even asking these questions, because two people end up at events. They don't even understand. So I like that you're you're, investigating this what I really appreciate it I've been watching you for years and years vanished. The thank you so much very taken. My call my pleasure. I'm glad you have spoken to use it. All right. Hey hide your husband for me: beautiful, okay, perfect, bungle, really perfect uncle a beautiful call, the likes of which we ve only
about. Why don't we go next? I'm hope- and I hope I pronounced greatly- is it Kumar from China? Yep can't get rid of it. I can hear you fine, ok, thank you, I'm! So I'm a chinese immigrants who currently lives in Canada out. I still Dolly stood, speak perfect polish. So please bear with me no you're right unsuitable great. So the other day I read this quote from Rogers. Couldn t go! Something like conservatism starts from the sentiment that Good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created. So my mom is a very interesting case when I think about this she's against everything that has been going on in China for the last few decades. Her family were victims of the
cultural revolution. Yes, she wants more democracy, human rights, protection, YO checks and balances for the government. So I guess in back in that, since she is progress but when it comes to, U S, politics she's, a huge tromp support Andrews because Trump, his hard on China and I guess she's just a bit- you know from a by socialist sided ideologies, because the chinese government has never really put it off and has done a lot of bad things under the name, socialism, so she will be a conservative if she were in the U S today, and I can speak the same for most of chinese immigrants of her age in you in the? U S, interests
Yeah, so my question is how much conservatism in the? U S? Do you think comes from the sentiment that things are generally good and we should not rush to change it versus you know the actual policies or idea like in my mom's case. So I think there's too that there is actually there are numerous immigrant populations that are, that tend to be conservative, or at least are frequently conservative. One is as you're talking about China. immigrants of a certain age. Who are really only conservative in in one sense as your pointing out, but at the same time sort of have what what we might consider more of a left, his critique against the chinese regime of the cultural revolution. That's one group we ve also TA about certain latin american immigrants, in particular cuban Americans, some and his way islands and then also there are some centrist. So then Latin Americans, who just kind of
that voting for moderate Republicans because they see them a sort of likes as pointing out exactly there like things, are better in the U S than they were where I came from, and it feels like those moderate Republicans are sort of trying to things in that way there not on board would like the radical right stuff but they're, just like I'm kind of a moderate conservative and then we also have another group- is theirs surprisingly high number of eastern Europeans, including Russians and others who tend to surprise me often when they, when I learned that they are actually pro trump, and I think that there is a couple different things. One aspect is they see american republicanism as the op did of what they abandoned in their country.
Leah wrongly, and therefore they just sort of gravitate towards it. That's one piece of it. The other piece of it is exactly what you're saying, which is the idea that if you think things are sort of pretty good, then Sometimes you say well, let's keep things the way they are, and conservatism by definition wants to conserve that so yeah, I think your analysis is is good and I think there is even more to it. Ok. Thank you so much my pleasure. Thank you for the call. That's it it's an interesting topic. I like this one, let's speak to a couple of other people. Why not right? I mean we're doing it, we might as well. Let's talk to her about Tom from Boston Tom from Boston you're on there how's it going David going well so a couple weeks ago you her we're talking about needing like a mass deprogramming fer. You know the conspiratorial thinkers and the hard core trumpery yeah.
Last week. We you mentioned that you're reading going clear, and it got me thinking that I really don't think that a mass deprogramming is very likely. I agree with. I think I think we're much likely to see a Scientology type situation where it's just slowly chipped away at. I think that it's possible that if more of trumps records come out during this soul, be, case with his company that could do such damage, I really think you're just gonna see all of these groups that kind of came together to support him splinter off it. I mean I think about that- is Scientology in us have any four million people voted for Tromp Scientology at its peak was a fraction of a fraction of a free, action of that area so varied. We could be talking about it. If we're just do with we're doing that, we had better. We might have to work to wait two thousand years right. So I guess that is that there are a lot of a lot of comparisons
draw their reality, legendary con man, it's actually crazy in reading. So what what time is talking about is that I mentioned and reading Lawrence Rights, sort of profile of the history of Scientology and I'll run, Hubbard called going. clear and in reading it the way people kind of Scots sucked in is very trompe in EL run. Hubbard himself is very trompe in its super interesting to read, bigoted so analogous to tramp tramp ism yeah I mean, I think I think you're right nasty programming is difficult. One of the most efficient ways to mask the programme is, with with a completely authoritarian, take over right, but that's bad that's a bad way too deep because you're, all you really doing, you refrain from using average exotic right. You just reprogramming. There's something else in it in an equally authoritarian way, so its top Ya'Ll. As I said, I don't really have a solution, but your solution likely is sensible.
it'll just take a really really really long time. Unfortunately, I dont think, were I don't think it's gonna be a quick thing now now by no means. It was ass. If you haven't read Lawrence Rights, the looming tower definitely give that a red for. What's that one, that's his! his history of Al Qaeda in the lead up to nine eleven. Oh ok, I'll, take I recently read knives Pulitzer winner. He wrote it level a pandemic, novel called the end of October, and I We all know that as well. You will have to check that out. Yeah he's quite good he's very good, very hour. I Tom. Thank you aren't thank you very good cause about books. I mean guys. What more can you ask for right? It's just an incredible day here let's go to Brian from Gains Ville Georgia. Today, I David you're doing well. Thank you, sir. It seems like we're on the verge of more mass hospital
positions from the stealthy variants. Maybe we near in Georgia is especially here. Georgia, so I guess my question is since vaccinated people, for the most part have largely kind of return to two, mostly returned to normal worse, nor into go into movie theatres. Now, even what's it, I hate to either suggest this, but it should at some point hospitals consider prioritizing, for example, when somebody gets into a really bad car accidents and they need instant medical attention versus somebody who's on backs and aided and needs medical attention. I just I just I feel like that, because of the wave of that the new corona virus way that's coming through. That's the hospitals are just going to
yet possibly even more overwhelmed. Then when we first went into lock down- and I dont think it'll get that bad because are a lot of people vaccinated who are very unlikely to at the virus and if they do There are very unlikely to be symptomatic, and if they are there very unlikely to be Hoss was I so. I think it's not going to get that bad. I do It's going to get bad, particularly among the non vaccinated population, but wait what you're suggesting is complicated because so like, what's on the fund Mendel of what you're saying correct me. If I'm wrong is not getting vaccinated, is an irresponsible action. So therefore, If you need medical attention as a result of that, you should be lower priority more or less. That's what you're saying right? That's what I'm I don't! I don't know if that's what you're done erased, get away revision, hospitals. Consider that right as an option idle by showing that I don't think so, and the reason why, as we know,
writing a motorcycle is really dangerous compared to driving a car. Would we today, people in motorcycle accidents should be de prioritized from car accidents. No people will say that now we know that smoking is a self destructive and and negative to your health activity? Does that mean, if used. milk and you go? And you have? I don't know a pulmonary embolism, modern, even of smoking and cause now, but some lung thing acute. You go to the amount, is your room and they go sorry. The kid who broke his ankle Gets priority up because the the kid doesn't smoke, the kid was just play: basketball agent, it just what you know: hospitals have a duty to treat and they have triumphed. Proto
halls, and I I just I know what you're saying, which is its such an easy thing. You just go get vaccinated. You reduce the chances of clogging up the medical system. I just don't think in practice. It's gonna, be. It's really is something that can be done. I see I see, and I think I think you're right, I don't. I don't think it will get that bad, but I am also looking at this from this perspective of like, for example, when we went into lockdown, yet a lot of us stayed home. We were off the roads, we didn't know that helped with They help to some extent with with car crashes yeah, which, like its I'm, I'm a traffic engineer, for example. So I see I have seen throughout this year the EU, even though there were fewer cars on the road an increase in there is increased, particularly in deaths, yeah per capita that has happened a car accident that the earlier yes, indeed
sir. I noticed there and I think some of that is possibly due to you now. Ok, there's fewer people in the road, so people feel more comfortable dry, at higher speeds. That's when those collisions take place, absolutely desperate as the theory. Here too. I mean in the same, then, are you if you were driving irresponsibly fast, so we're going to treat the person with the headache first that it just doesn't work that way. It is not the way our system works and indeed, but a very, very important topic, and I appreciate you bring it up, Thank you David all. Thank you very much, aright guise of excellent topics today, for the most part that does it for calls today we're going to take a quick break, we'll be back with more show today and we will take calls again fear not.
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is very different than what happens to drug trafficking with legalization. So if we just see decriminalization of drugs of in terms of possession, you're not gonna see a drastic change to trafficking in that Case the cartels won't really need to change anything in order to continue being profitable operationally. I dont think that they were see any anything major change, but you would start to maybe see some changes when it comes to American Institute since may be at the prison level. You would see some differences, although I dont think they would be as big as some people think I'm in a get back to that you would probably see more people suffering from addiction willing to go and seek treatment because of this word deep
Criminalization is no longer a criminal thing, but I think, for the most part, from a dealer standpoint from a cartel stand boy from a gang standpoint, and we know about the overlap between drugs, drugs gangs. You would see operating we see them operating basically the same way they do. although maybe they would shift a little bit to air areas where you could leverage, something that is still completely criminal? Roy than decriminalize, but still not really, Kay. Remember that when we talk about decriminalization, an legalization, we're talking about possession for use and the idea of
went even in cases of legalization. You still need to be licensed. I mean look at cigarettes as an example: cigarettes which are legal. You still see a black market for cigarettes and you still see we're trying to pay less for them by going obtaining them in ways other than the way that the government has established through regulation should be done at now. If you actually saw legalization, I think that that would take a big bite out of the black market. I think you would see if there was real full legalization where state government or federal government or both says, as has been done with cannabis, and a lot of places already. This is now legal as long as your license to produce and sell it, there are some limits in terms of how much any individual can have or grow, and you need
be twenty one and you need to be paying taxes in this way and that type of thing you would still have a black market which would likely be cheaper and you still see that, but it might It actually impact the level of violence to some degree. You I think that you up, would actually see a decrease in the amount of violence, but it would be less violence related to the production and distribution of that substance. You would still have gangs and cartels my Expectation would be if you legalise more and more drugs, you'd, see gangs and cartels go in the direction of human try beginning organ trafficking, extortion, kidnapping protection and that this example or model for that is look at the United States during alcohol prohibition in the early twentieth century. It created a different, criminal world, and then when it really go. It's not
Criminality went away, it was a switch. We ve seen mafias switch from and, to you know, from alcohol too, gambling or prostitution or whatever the case may be so then left I got the prison thing with decriminalization of personal use, amounts alone. I. Actually. I am not sure that american prison populations would dramatically decrease and what I mean by that is the following: yes, some people do end up in prison simply for possession of personal use, drugs, for the most part like overwhelmingly, people that are in prison for drugs are in prison because they either were involved in the trade and had amounts that are far bigger than what would be decriminalize
or legalised, and what we're seeing already at state level bears this out or its drugs connected to other crimes as well. So I think if you were to legalise decriminalize and say everybody in prison simply for a personal possession dry the charge is being led out, the? U S would still be very, very high in terms of per capita income incarceration globally. and I dont know that simply decriminalizing or legalizing personal use amounts is actually going to be the big improvement from a criminal justice standpoint, as some people believe that it's going to be those of the numbers I found you disagree. Let me know: hey David. What with republic and Anti acts or ism when will cove it become a republican virus. This is we ve talked about this. A little bit increasingly cove it. is already becoming a more and more republican virus and in the United States. What are we
We know that last month, for example, ninety nine percent of those who died of the corona virus were unboxing, aided, not a hundred per cent, but ninety nine percent. When you look at the twenty percent of the country that doesn't work get vaccinated. It's overwhelmingly republican somewhere between forty three and fifty percent of Republicans. Don't wanna get vaccinated, whereas most independent Stu and almost every Democrat wants to get or has gotten vaccinated, so you ve got this big gap in vaccination by political affiliation by party and overwhelmingly the people that are dying of the virus, now our people that are on vaccinated, so I believe that it already is to some degree and very soon, will be even more of a republican virus. Now the question that someone bull have been. Writing in with is a slightly different question, which is: is it possible that, by virtue of Republicans not getting vaccinated,
and the virus overtime, killing more republicans that it will actually have an electoral impact because more Republicans than democrat we'll die and therefore Democrats will win more elections? Prob? We not probably not there's a couple different things here: first of all, When you look at the number of votes, you know Joe Biden got. Eighty million Donald Trump got. Seventy four million that two hundred and fifty four million votes right there covert has tragically killed more than six hundred thousand people. Fortunately, that number low relative to the voting population that I mean made there's some local races where, if it's a really read county it's really like almost all Republicans who die from covert over the next. You know year, whatever up until the twenty Twond to elect maybe there's like a local race where it could make a difference, but big picture. I don't expect that that is actually going to make an electoral d
friends. The other thing that you have to remember is republic, at one of the things that we we know from early in the virus that contributes to spread and people getting sick as population density and because Democrats more than republicans like to live in cities and because cities and urban areas tend to be more democratic, that's a structural disadvantage when it comes to virus debts. For Democrats, relative to Republican So I think, increasingly, this is going to be a republican virus. I don't think it's going to have a electoral consequences. If you disagree with my very rough kind of back of the envelope math on it, certainly let me know David. Is it possible that running trump and twenty twenty four could actually be a disaster for the Republican Party yet mean list, if they lose its bad. That a lot of this stuff is figured out in retrospect. If, if Trump, runs in twenty four loses then guides it's bad if trump runs and many foreign wins, then it's good by definition,
because they won, but I think that the better lens through which we should view it is even Republicans who don't like Trump agree, that having trump for four years was better than having Hilary and when you understand that you get a sense of the reality that even if we listen Trump Twenty sixteen was a disaster for the republican party. Trump one day lost the house in twenty eighteen, they lost the Senate and twenty twenty. They lost the White House in twenty twenty twenty twenty two to be determined how they do so. It was a disaster to run. and yet the Republican Party is still mostly united there over well, mainly behind Donald Trump. Two thirds of them say they would follow Donald Trump to a third party. If that's what it came down to in order
keep supporting Donald Trump, too. There's a reason that the Republican Party continues to embrace him big picture, despite the fact that he lost everything for them and it's become really really clear over the last? Ok fine years ten years, even really starting with the Bush era, all during the Obama pure phase, it really kicked up, Republicans have given up on policy, and in all, were about fiscal conservatism. Now they criticise the budget as a political cudgel, they use it as a cudgel, but then what thereby blows up the budget, they don't say a word about it, they say: support the troops. Except when they down and they support the police, except when they dont. All this stuff is bogus they ve given up on policy, given that now the Republican Party has decided that their basically going Be a meme and on the left, type party focused on talking about communism and socialism in this type of thing. In a sense, trumped up good candidate for that, because Trump number,
one brought in people who don't care about policy and never did and work engaged in politics and for the first time they paid attention because they like the idea of how Trump talk in the fact that it wasn't about policy. It was just about meaning, essentially trolling in some sense and even establishment. Republicans who may not like that realize well, if it's Trump or Hillary, ninety nine percent of us still prefer Donald Trump. So when we say could two thousand and twenty four be a disaster for the Republican Party, it could be bad for them in that lose and they might lose really really bad like they did in twenty eighteen and and twenty twenty, but as far as fracturing and destroy, republican Party. If anything has been proven over the last four months, I guess or be a six since the election or wait. How many has it been? No, it's been eight months since the election, that's crazy. if anything has been proven its that, even when they lose Republican still, seem very united, that even a mediocre candidate as they may see, tromp some of them is better
then Hilary it's better than Joe Biden, and so from that standpoint I dont think it will be terrible for Republicans to run Trump and twenty twenty four what if he loses they'll be energized again. The way many of them are energized right now we disagree with me. Send me your thoughts also make sure that you are signed up at join packing dot com so that you get access to the bonus show on which today we will be discussing many exciting. Important story. We will see.
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