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7/20/20: Historic Trump Implosion As Virus Rages Out of Control

2020-07-20 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Donald Trump is interviewed by Fox News' Chris Wallace and it becomes a historic fiasco, with Trump interrupting the interview to try to find data that doesn't exist, Trump referring to World Wars I and II as "beautiful," Trump accusing the interviewer of being unable to do as well as Trump in a cognitive test, and much more

--The Trump administration has unleashed an authoritarian nightmare in Portland, Oregon, where camouflaged troops without badges are snatching protesters on the streets and taking them away in unmarked vehicles

--An explanation of how you may be getting tricked with confusing and bogus coronavirus death data, comparing deaths per capita, the case fatality rate, and the infection fatality rate

--According to a new Fox News poll, Americans believe Joe Biden is more cognitively fit to be President than Donald Trump

--Roger Stone appears to call radio host Morris W. O'Kelly a "negro" during an absolutely bizarre appearance on KFI 650AM in Los Angeles, California

--Donald Trump's niece, Mary  Trump, tells Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that she personally hear Trump use the n-word anti-Semitic slurs

--The Eggman calls in and launches a brutal attack on Jimmy from Philly

--On the Bonus Show: Enhanced unemployment is ending, police using drones to monitor beach nudity, renewed focus on SCOTUS amid Ginsburg diagnosis, much more...

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