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7/28/21: Masks Return, Jan 6 Panel Launches

2021-07-28 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--The CDC announces that masks should return even for vaccinated people in some situations, including areas of high spread of COVID-19

--The disgusting anti-intellectualism and pseudo-intellectualism of the COVID-19 pandemic

--Republicans and media figures who claim to be "pro-police" widely ridicule and laugh at the police officers who testified on the first day of the House panel investigation the January 6 Trump riots

--Trump-endorsed Republican candidate Susan Wright is defeated by Republican Jake Ellzey in the Texas 6th Congressional District Republican primary election

--MyPillow Founder and CEO Mike Lindell offers $5 million to anyone who can disprove his voter fraud allegations, reversing burden of proof

--A Christian pastor named Dan Burgoyne from California shoves his hands into dog poop to make some sort of point about God

--Republican Congresspeople Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene try and fail to conduct a press conference, which is interrupted by people with whistles, people screaming, and more

--Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is caught obviously obfuscating his conversations with Donald Trump on January 6 when being interviewed on Fox News by Bret Baier

--Voicemail caller reminds us, when it comes to Trump supporters and "The Big Lie," that "it's not a lie if you believe it" per Seinfeld character George Costanza

--On the Bonus Show: Walmart offering college tuition for employees, judge forces accused Capitol rioter to unlock laptop with face recognition, full mandatory masking returning to Nevada, much more...

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Always suspect that it might happen because of the increasingly uncontrolled, spread of the delta variant and the resurgence in covert nineteen cases, and it is happening. The cdc coming out with new Mass guideline Yesterday we are going backwards. The masks are going back on in many many place,
and seemingly overnight, I'm already seeing more masks just walking around and yes, this is even for vaccinated people were going to look at the new guidelines and I am going to sort of couch at all in saying. The situation has not really changed that dramatically for vaccinated people, although it has changed its important to understand the ways in which it has, but this is continuing to increasingly be a virus that is being spread by on vaccinated people which is disproportionately seriously affecting on vaccinated people, and that for now appears to be the way it is going to continue. But that doesn't mean given, what's
hang on that vaccinated people shouldn't take precautions in certain places, so let's look at the new CDC guidelines updated yesterday when you ve been fully vaccinated. Okay, if you are fully vaccinated, you can participate in many of the activities that you did before the pandemic to vat. Maximize protection from the delta variant and prevent pie possibly spreading it to others where a mask indoors in public. If you are in an area of substantial or high transmission, that is a major change, whereas before the position was, if you're vaccine did. You don't really need to wear a mask anywhere. The new guidelines are, if your vaccinated, but your indoors in public, meaning not with five other people whose vaccination status But if you're in public indoors and in an area of high transmission, which you can look at
a county by county level, substantial or high transmission. The new recommendation is to wear a mask for me. What does that mean? Well, that means when I go to the grocery store, the mask is going back on. It goes on to say the new guidelines wearing a mask is most important. If you have a weakened immune system or if, because of your age or an underlying medical condition, you are at increased risk for severe disease, or if someone in your household has a weakened immune system, is it increased, risk, persevere, disease or is unboxing aided? If this applies to you or your household, you might choose to wear a mask regardless the level of transmission in your area. You should continue to wear a mask where required by laws, rules, regulations or local guidance. So this is a significant change and we are seeing the spike. I mean if you look at the: U S, Kay
numbers. You will see that starting! Oh, I don't know right around June twenty second about them. About a month ago, after getting down below ten thousand cases per day, cases started to go up up up, including even some sixty five thousand a case days now up to an average of about fifty seven thousand cases per day. Now. What's the hope here, the hope is that much like we are starting to see in some other countries. For example, if you look at the U K, which was essentially one of the Hobbs of the delta variant. We have already apparently hit the peak of cases in the UK that, at the peak in the UK of Delta, seems to have happened around twenty second, and they are now down from about forty six thousand cases a day to about thirty, two thousand, that's a significant reduction. The hope is that what is now a sort of levelling out, as you can see over the last few days, the cases aren't contain
to increase in the: U S their sort of flagging out, the hope would be. We are now going to be on the decline, but we don't know if we are- and part of that depends, of course on taking precautions so, let's not go crazy, one way or the other, but I think there's a lotta hyperbole on both sides here and I'm not playing a both sides game. The people risk Sensible for this are overwhelmingly the UN vaccinated people and the people taking no precautions, but the reactions have been sort of extreme on both sides. There's one side that two months ago said
pandemic has over many of these people were never wearing mass. Many of these people are still not vaccinated and they're going back and and to quote Doktor Anthony Fuji, letting it rip. That's an extreme reaction on one side because its clearly not over on the other side, are the people who are seeing this and now saying we are back to the pre vaccine, uncontrolled spread era. The truth is that for the delta variant, if you're vaccinated, you're very well protected and that protection is bolstered by people around you being vaccinated now just with the flu? There are people who are vaccinated, who will who are otherwise mostly healthy, who will get was called the breakthrough case.
And they will end up hospitalized and a few of them are going to die and that's a terrible and tragic thing. But it's important to remember that that also happens with the flu, and we that doesn't mean we ignore this fact, but it also doesn't mean that we all of a sudden believe there's no protection and we're going back to the pre vaccine coded era. The truth is that the most part, you are quite well protected if you were vaccinated, you're, really unlikely to get very sick you are really unlikely to die. However, you could spread it. You could spread to someone who is in a more compromised position and, although that's the situation with the delta variant, the more people remain on vaccinated and the more the spread continues. The next variant could be more deadly than next. Area could be even more transmissible and, as we said before, imagine if this had an eight percent mortality rate or a ten percent mortality rate. If I dont
that people are looking to read about in this type of stuff right now that this deadline of people are looking for this type of fiction, but I recently read Lawrence writes a pandemic novel that I believe is called the end of October, where it's a very similar situation to the one we have accepted like a ten percent death rate instead of up zero point, eight percent death rate or whatever. We believe that the real infection fatality rate, be. That is a dramatically different situation, the more we don't get vaccinated and the more this continues to spread. It increases the chair, is of such a variant developing in the future. So these are the rules at this point in time. People asking me if I'm, if I'm cancelling my upcoming travel, I'm not an reason. I'm not is this situation of different pops and spreads particularly among the non vaccinated, is likely to continue for a couple of years, and so, if I'm not
willing to travel. Now I probably would shouldn't travel for years, and I've made the decision in speaking with friends who are doctors and others that right now, based on when I got vaccinated based on this particular variant and based on the fact that I'll be wearing a mask everywhere that its recommended. I dont see a particular reason to cancel that trip now, but A lot of questions are: where are you going and and what is your health status etc? Of one example: we're talking on the bonus show today, Nevada or Nevada is going fully mask back on and people are being advised to avoid LAS Vegas. The lover level of uncontrolled spread in LAS Vegas is so high. The case positivity rate is so high that that's a point where people are being told just don't go there and I don't plan to so that sir, that's the situation there. I want to talk
about two things we ve talked about many times before, but not together, and those two topics are, on the one hand, anti and pseudo intellectualism and on the other and the covert nineteen pandemic now covert? Of course, we ve talked about for a year and a half every week, and sometimes even more often we ve track cases we ve track. Deaths, variants, masks, vaccines and everything in between between. We ve also talked about anti intellectual and pseudo intellectual movements. In that's a really big topic in this goes back to the genesis of
Eric and Intellectual ISM in the eighteen, hundreds or even arguably earlier than that, but it also include simply an analysis of people who read books by by authors like Tucker Carlsson and Billow Riley, and they start to think that the educated- and they have a well rounded and and nuanced and detailed view of how the world works and the belief that one is much more informed than they actually are. But these two issues, anti intellectual ism and covered- are very much linked. There's a really good study in nature that was published a few months ago called anti intellectual is
and the mass public's responds to the cove at nineteen pandemic, and when I was looking through this recently, I realized that many of our previous discussions about anti intellectual ism apply perfectly to what's been going on with this pandemic in the United States, it applies to mask wearing. It applies to anti vaccine sentiment and to so much more and the article does a number of different things to assess how people came to believe incorrect things about the pandemic, be it about
the virus itself about public health measures or vaccines or whatever else, and the conclusion is not going to be a surprise. The article finds quote: we provide evidence of a consistent connection between Anti intellectual ism, encoded nineteen risk perceptions, social distancing, mask usage, misperceptions and information acquisition very, very much, not unsurprising finding. So there are actually two sides to the people that still won't get maxim vaccinated. That still think masks. Don't do anything who think the virus vague or whatever part of it is that they are part of a political movement whose leaders spent basically all of twenty twenty telling them. This isn't very serious. We don't need to do anything open everything. The economy is what matters most. That's part of it, which is Paula
explain in simple, but the side we haven't talked about as much as the anti Intellectual ism, a distrust of scientists and doctors. Distrust of authority feeling that they know more much like Trump, always felt that he knew more than his generals or doctors or whoever B cause they read whatever it was on Facebook or because their uncle told them whatever it was now. You might say well that anti intellectual view is based on their politics, so it really is still politics and I would agree with you, but these are still to do thanks but related phenomena, and then the last piece of this that I want to discuss is that the anti intellectual ism and the rejection of science is very post modern, which these right wingers claim to be against now, of course, most of the right wingers who talk about postmodernism, don't
about an iota of a clue, not even a scintilla of an idea of what postmodernism is, but to the extent that they sort of understand it right, wingers claim to hate the post, modern idea that they say exists on the left that air every narrative is equally valid. Every opinion must be given the same consideration as every other and I'll tell you what I am also against that I've talked about my opposition to that idea that narrative. Every idea must be given equal consideration, but those very same people are furious, that their anti vaccine misperceptions that their covert conspiracy delusions aren't being given the same weight. The same consideration, the same seat at the table as what medical, doctors and public health officials and science says it's truly, the height of hips,
Creasy. So we have. Yes, we have a political movement that spent all of last year, saying you don't really need to worry about this and not too big factor, and then yes, we also have this anti intellectual pseudo intellectual component of people who, because they looked at Facebook thing that they know as much as or more than the public health officials. But then the third layer on top of it, is the incredible hypocrisy of being against the culture. They believe exists on the left and it exists in some enclaves of the left. Although I don't think it's predominant that every idea must be given an equal seat at the table, but that's exactly what they want and what they expect with their ideas about vaccines and mass and whatever else and they become furious when social media platforms or elected officials or whoever
say: hey. You know what what you're saying just isn't based in science, so we don't need to give it equal consideration. Its hypocrisy presented indian anti in pseudo intellectual ism, plus the politics of the Republican Party around the virus in twenty twenty. Let me know what you think, and is there something missing from that three Laird analysis. I would love to hear from you and add to it in a future segment. We are getting very close. My friends to the sixtyth anniversary of the David Pachmann show The sixteenth is that day, the sixtyth anniversary of the David Pachmann show to celebrate. We will be doing a one day: membership special if you ve, been listening for one two, three four five six sixteen years and you ve occasionally thought I kind of like this may be all support it in some way. The perfect day to do it is August sixteenth. If you to get an email telling you how to take advantage of our Sixtyth anniversary discount.
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Police. They are the ones who are about America first and as if you needed more proof that this is an utter and pathetic lie. Over the last twenty four hours we have seen first of all Republic right, wingers and right wing media hosts. Literally rude against the United States in the Olympics, rooting against the women soccer team, a Rudy for other countries to win, make fun of gymnast Simone Byles for her pulling out of competition yesterday, slash the day before yesterday, with the time difference Tokyo, I dont know exactly when it was over the last twenty four to thirty six hours, making fun of her exactly America? First patriotic behaviour of how you would relate to or discuss someone who's halfway around world representing the United States in athletic competition, and then yesterday, after the first day of testimony of the house,
committee investigating the January six tromp riots after for police officers, whose lives were threatened as day did to defend the capital on January Sixth, widely republican, and right wing media hosts, ridiculed the police officers and laughed at the police officer and made a mockery of the things that they said in their testimony. Yesterday, we're going to look at some clips and just remember when you look at this, they say they support police. They say they defend law enforcement. They call themselves. Patriotic here is Tucker Karlsson, literally chuckling. At the things we have from one of the officers officer for known yesterday. Look at this people. He doesn't agree with in Washington, and that is on it. Optimal and it should make you very nervous, watchful site these psychological trauma he endured an excuse,
teaching our bill of rights. Yeah I've been left with ecological trauma and the emotional anxiety of having survived such are horrific- that a very dismissive chuckle from Tucker Karlsson, this guy we're supposed to believe he's a patriot and that he supports the troops any supports police, except when he doesn't, because it's just really not convenient. It's really not convenient If you say, while we should listen to the testimony of these officers, it implies some really horrible things about the people who participated in those trump riots. Next, here is a clip from news max. This is host a grants. Think field grant has now
been a law enforcement officer didn't serve in the military, but he refers to republican congressmen, Adam cleansing her, who is a veteran as a pansy, and then he marks another capital police officer. When the police officer told us that he thought he was actually going to die on January. Sixth, let's look at the next club. on from other law enforcement agencies, I'm afraid to think what career Jerry, six sovereign. That's a pretty good question gear expect that this will answer that question are pursue it further lovely reading the statement. I think the statement may have actually backfired on em, because you know the leader of the capital police really is Nancy Policy by the way. What Does it mean? I love that he's reading the statement? Is that, like a dig at that that an officer the Dominican Republic. Is it a dig at the guy's english language prefers in Seattle. I don't even know what it means that, because, as I love that he's right
things like all, if he wasn't reading it, he wouldn't be able to speak. I don't even understand what that means for you, ve gotta, ask in Africa about why they didn't have the back up, they so called needed. But you know how the rose I watch this hearing. They told us it was going to be political, and then I got this and the other congressmen Adam Kensington, and crying as if can't hold it together here. If nonsensical, it's about the most political thing I've ever seen. It is all theatre typical to democratic fashion. It is. all based in a motion on having a real hard time, believing a lot of what I am hearing, because the video doesn't back up nearly all of it. When I was there said he thought was committed. Moment you die well, there were no guns at this place. I've watched guns at black lives matter, protests and riots. I've watched bricks being thrown at officers during black luck. Now this
the dressed extensively, and there was not only a very long list of weapons described by the officers, but also officers described the the belief that there there were firearms there, although we should be glad that the protesters didn't start shooting at some be happy about not indignant about of matter anti for riots. I don't see any of that during this, so this is going to be a partisan event, brace yourselves I refuse to let my show that tonight we will most certainly talk about it, but there's no way I am giving this sham of a hearing the do of being at the top of my programme. Yes, so sting Field will be talking about it, but he is not going to lead the show with it very principled and defiant dissipate production decision, thereby by granting field not very deferential to police, not back the blue.
Do not the thin blue line? It's none of that stuff all of a sudden, because they only care about that. When it's convenient, he was republican, congressman Jim banks. This is one of the guys that Nancy Pelosi said now, you're not gonna beyond this panel here blaming the police for what happened on January six wow, it was the first day again tragic stories from capital police officers- variances. They never should have happened if the leadership of the capital, police and those who oversaw the capital police would have done their job leading up to January six, we re in the capital police officer you what happened to the police on January Sixth is the fault of the police because of what they didn't do, leading up to January six icy. It's the fact that tromp incited a riot, and then they rioted Andy beat police officers with flagpoles and spare spray, and all this difference of its the fault of the police skies. Remember this guy supports the police. He's he's all very much prolonged for him
and given them better equipment we would have. We would have warned them about the intelligence report and I believe that January six would have been a lot different capital. Police leadership would have done their job if there we ve been true leadership at the top and oversight that didn't happen, and why are those questions not allowed to be asked committee. What is the speaker trying to hide by not allowing me and Jim Jordan and the room to ask questions about exists? Jim Jordan, we're going to talk about a little bit later, but it's it's becoming increasingly clear that Jim Jordan has no place on that committee because he's an accomplice he can't possibly investigated because he appears to have been an accomplice and we'll get to that. A little bit later, Jim Banks, of course, also voted not to certify the election part of perpetuating the big lie. These people are truly disgusting and then last here is Lord Ingram from Fox NEWS. She actually had the gall to call the US testimony from the officers performances
and ridiculed them by giving out performance awards, take a look at this. I want you to get to the bottom in that way and warn him in a moment, but sad about politics at all arrest performance in an action or all the winter is Michael phenomenon too many are now showing me. The hill doesn't exist or that hill actually wasn't that bay. Difference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful so Lord Ingram, making a mockery of the entire thing and
This is the movement that claims they support police. This is the movement that claims that they are the defenders of law enforcement, but that's only when it's convenient to them. These people are really disgusting. We have some very interesting political election news in the Texas Sixth congressional district republican primary. This is too Republicans running against each other. The Trump endorse candidate lost and it wasn't a huge blow out, but it was a loss, and this is our first signal about twenty twenty to which is going to serve to inform what happens in twenty twenty four from the standpoint of the republican presidential candidate and whether that will be Donald Trump? Remember that we are working backwards now in twenty twenty four Republicans will need some candidate to run for president. The question is: is that going to be Donald, Trump well, Trump Running and twenty
or will be informed by how do the trunk back candidates do in November of twenty twenty two outer Republicans do in November of twenty twenty two in the House and the Senate. Well, to get to that, you have to start looking at some of the primaries that are taking place right now and in this to Texas, six congressional district. So far, Donald Trump has one loss in that Texas, congressional district Jake Elsie, the non Trump Republican has defeated the Trump backed rival Susan right, so chalk. This up as a ass for Donald Trump? Let's take a look republican, Jake Elsie of Texas, one, how seed on Tuesday night over a rival, backed by Donald Trump dealing, the former president a defeat in a test of his endorsement power since leaving office. Elsie's come from behind victory. Over Republican Susan right. The widow of the late rep job I run right is a special congressional
should run off near Dallas is likely to be celebrated by Trump antagonists, who have warned again discontinued hold on the republican party. Elsie was carrying more than fifty three percent of the vote in Texas is six congressional district with results from almost all precincts reported. One of the things we ve seen from this campaign is a positive outlook. A reagan republican outlook for the future of our country is what the people of the six district really really want. Elsie said to supporters: the run off election came down to the two Republicans in a race to succeed. Congressmen run right who, in fact very became the first member of Congress to die after being diagnosed with covert nineteen Susan right of Republican Party activists in widow of the late congressmen carried the endorsement of Trump into the special election run off a few differences in policy separated the candidates
giving the race in north taxes, the feel of a republican primary far from running on an anti trump platform. Elsie did not try distancing himself from the twice impeached former president. He instead sought to overcome the lack of trumps backing by raising more money and showing off endorsements, including that of Rick Perry. So this is actually a really big deal in a sense. Twenty twenty four hours now and what I mean by that is, we are getting into although we still have a little why this was a special run off the we still have some months until really get going but were starting to get into primaries for twenty twenty two which are going to deter- and what happens in November, of twenty twenty two, which will determine what happens in twenty twenty four and Donald Trump already backing some primary candidates and the first one here has lost. This was the Trump candidate and they did not win. So what this is it? Oh, it's a sample size of one. We still don't know what it portends for the bigger idea of Donald Trump being akin king may
in twenty twenty two, but this is already an interesting sign and when I was interviewed by up trumps former lawyer Michael Cohen, a couple of weeks ago, Cohen said he doesn't think. Trump is ultimately going to run and the reason Trump won't run is it's going to be cleared a trump that he's not going to win if he runs in twenty twenty four: that's Michael Cohen's perspective. He may well be right. He's been right about many things and he's been. You know it did not write about some things. If, indeed, Trump is going to be convinced that he's not going to win part of it will be that the people he chooses the people he backs for twenty twenty two loose and that is at least what we saw in the Texas. Six congressional district will have more coverage of that race and others that are coming on. The David Pachmann show Instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann show one of our sponsors as privacy, dot com there, giving you five dollars
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during the pandemic and said: Tromp was a gift from God and we thought that's probably as crazy as this guy's going to get and then, of course, it got crazier and crazier, Michael and L, who claims that he has voting machines in his possession. same MIKE Lyndal. Here, is now sort of reversing the burden of proof. After saying, he is going to be able to prove that the election was actually. stolen by Joe Biden. Now he's reversing it in saying he will give you five million dollars, if you can prove to him that the election was installed was, stolen by Joe Biden, which is of course, a very, very different situation this insider reporting, Michael in Dallas, offering five million dollars to anyone who can disprove his allegations of voter fraud if they show up to two. His cyber symposium he's going to be doing the symposium in August, Michael and L,
staunch ally of Trump leading promoter of voter fraud. Conspiracy theories says: he'd, give five million dollars to anyone who can disprove data that he claims shows election interference, but there's a catch to be eligible. You have to attend his upcoming cyber symposium, which is taking place in South Dakota between August tenant up, so there's five million available guys, but you ve got to go to South Dakota, deal with Michael Endeavour and people who support him for three days and the event is an open to the public. According to. add for the event posted on Windows website, Frank. Invite These include politicians, cyber security experts and the media, though it will also be streamed for seventy two hours on Frank, Lynn. Dal said he wants the symposium to be the most watched, live event in history and
aiming for a billion people to watch via his website. I can't imagine a billion people are gonna watch this has reserved eight hundred rooms, but few officials said they would attend. There's also a really there's a funny other thing to this, which, as he wants media to attend, but like normal reporters, they can't take a free from him they need to reserve their own rooms to maintain independence and its just standard protocol. So this actually report, as we have said in theory, I would go to this thing, but because he reserved all of the rooms, I can't take a free, I'm from Michael Endow, because then my reporting could potentially have been influenced by the fact that I gotTA free room. I have to say I got a free room, etc. So he's almost shooting himself in the foot. Ok here is live where MIKE Lyndal talks about the five million dollars today, I'm forty five million dollar to any a candy that comes to them, so that Europe is a decision by the two. This apology taken proved: the data is not the twin.
Twenty two thousand twenty election did you just say thereby Lillian did you just say: five million dollars, that's correct, yeah, so just ear, the concept of burden of proof is shifting from. I have proof that something happened to you. to me that it didn't happen, as many of you know, when we ve talked about burden of proof and logical fallacies up, Reproving, a negative can be very, very difficult and in fact many conspiracy theories are based on the fact that they put others in a position of having to prove that acts did not happen, whereas really, if they are the ones making the claim, they should be able to bring us evidence that did happen, one other really funny thing and there's a visual component here, which, if you're not watching you you're, not we're, not gonna, fully appreciate. There was this exclusive appearance that Michael
How did I guess on his own show where he revealed the packet captures, which prove the election was stolen? What you're going to see? Is there it look? like the matrix? It's just long numbers scrolling up the screen
its of no meaning whatsoever. There is no column headings. Take a look at this and I'll describe it if you're just listening today is this. Is this is big news, this figure? Why don't you for? I want you to put that once again, there were announced what those fact outside that data backdrop. Third get our letter role again that yet I ran against rolling, fried bread. I really want everybody to know that this is where you know that this is what the Cyprus is. The real deal here. Everybody says all tonight we gotta show earlier, but today today, branded today is on July, twenty second thirty, nine July twenty second birthday July. Twenty second, ok towards so all that's happening is numbers are scrolling up the screen like crazy and
This is supposed to prove that Joe Biden didn't really when the election and as if we need to take this seriously, but some cyber security people looked at it again. If you don't really need cyber security people to look at it, but then there's no column headings. You can't max these numbers to anything in part. Killer. There are not evidence of voter fraud of any kind, never mind fraud. That suggests it was actually Donald Trump, who one even a single state that he lost like it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. So anyway, if you wanna go to South Dakota between August tenants and twelve, and I guess pay to go- I don't know if you have to pay to go or not to this symposium and then you can prove that Joe Biden One or that there wasn't fraud. I guess better said, there's five million, Box in it. For you, ok, as many of you know, I am not a Christian. I truly don't understand that much about Christianity, but I do feel like I have a sense of crazy when I see it,
and today I have video for you of Pasture Dan Burgoyne from California, playing with dog poop shoving his hands into dog poop. During a sermon too, I guess make some kind of point bout sin or something like that now I want to warn people if you're having breakfast, if you're having lunch whatever you're doing that there is going to be video here of the pastor, doing Scott Illogical play with dog poop onstage during a sermon now the con there is it there shockingly there is. There is context here, which is my discussion yesterday of the tax exemption that churches receiving the United AIDS. I didn't. I mentioned it off handedly, but I got a ton of emails from people talking about David. I agree or disagree with your your point about churches and tax exemption, so warning,
we are going to look at a video here in which this guy's playing with dog poop check out the build up to this done and importantly, consider whether this type of thing is what we, the taxpayers, should be subsidizing so that churches can do this and yet not play tax could not pay taxes. Let's take a look. So do you know what God equates sin in the Bible? He equates poop. Filth. Woe and by no this is not a brown, and now this is not snickers but our own tubes masters in my life. This is great day. Dear God, do you know how what a crappy idea guys God sees now? This is important, some one, forty one verse two may my prayer beset before you like what like insight,
may the lifting of my hands? We like the evening sacrifice your sin- God says, has hidden my face from you, so that I will not be here So when you come in and you say, and God the gods of my life compete with who you are but armed Clearing. That, I believe, are you guys understanding how this is building up to smearing himself with dog poop cause? I'm not. God says this is what I see What really trying to score some brownie points with God we might say, and what I say comes up like a sense before me, oh my god, and what's going on in your soul, I can see and ways nobody he's playing with it. Like clay now can see, and so you know what you say: oh God,
create and me a clean heart and renew and may arise spirited cast me not from the presence and cake, not the whole, this spirit, but me, and you got chance, covered off of your thumb and got a say in what are you? Why do you want me to do what you do you want your ways or do you want my ways, because you can have what you're getting the welcome that what a crime be way to make a point. Don't you think it? So that's that's a church. Their tax exempt a Burgoyne quotes saw one forty one, I guess it's very two or line to about lifting ones hands up to God. I think maybe the point he's trying to make is that we are merely dog poop without God ever or something like that. So what is this desperation? Is this mental illness? Is it? What is it? Is it gripping of some kind and at some
wine if you're spending your Sunday digging through your own dogs, Pouponne church in a church on a stage. Don't you have to reconsider whether God has laid out a good life for you at some point? Isn't there question. Is this what God wants you to be doing playing with poop on in a church? And this is what gets me back again to the blanket tax exemption for churches? I get it if a church runs a soup kitchen, organise it separately, give them a tax exemption if a church even runs a school, even if it's a religious education, if they're doing good education, otherwise, and teaching real stuff. Let em organise as a nonprofit educational institution, but we have millions of people- who were of lacking health care We have hunger in the United States, we have people without homes etc, but this guy gets a tax exemption for Scott Illogical Games. Something is very, very wrong.
and I remain convinced that the blanket tax exemption for churches needs to be done away with. I'm not saying there are situations, I'm not saying there aren't situations where it makes sense that our church would be tax exempt, but this stuff has to stop. This stuff absolutely has to stop. Send me your thoughts, and you know just just a crappy story to go to break on here. One of our sponsors is steady, M D. Primary care, the easier and more affordable waited do primary care and they're, giving you fifty percent off, because you are in my audience. You just answer a few questions daddy empty will match you with a licence, primary care, physician, that's tailored to your needs, you'll have a one hour, virtual appointment and start a meaningful relationship with your new doktor from then on. Your doctor will be available to you by text phone and video chat. It's not some random doktor on call your steady
doktor has a limited number of patients. You get the attention you, serve and they can help you with anything your primary care, Doc. Normally, would it's very cool how it works? You dont need insurance. It's just now nine bucks a month, no other fees, Rico pays for visits, take the free quiz and see which doktor is a perfect fit for. You, you'll get fifty percent off your first month. When you go to steady, emptied out com, Slash Pachmann, there is no risk, no long term commitment and the link is in the pot, Ass notes are right. I have for you today some of the funniest video Ives come out of the political world for at least a day or two now for firstly, several months to republican Members of Congress not gates curve We under investigation for a litany of possible crimes and Marjorie their green anti mask anti backs com.
this woman, who regularly compares things to the Holocaust and then apologises for doing it and then does it again. They try to hold a press conference. Now the press conference was meant to be think about this in defence of the January sixth trump riders in defence of the rioters, not Louis Gates and Green, who normally claim to be all about supporting the troops and supporting the police gates in green, apparently believe that the defendants, the accused rioters, are being treated too harshly by our legal system in terms of detentions and the like. This is not an issue. They have any other time, except when you have but exclusively trumped up orders having been the alleged perpetrators. Now, all of a sudden they care about the harsh treatment of these defendants by the justice system. So they hold this
ass conference and imagine that being your primary concern related to the January six riots, instead of actually investigating what happened in who incited it. But that's their position, so they try to hold a press conference. When I say try, I say that because it goes hilariously off the rails when protesters shut it down with screaming and whistles and our friend Lauren Windsor, asking that gates on repeat whether whether he's a pedophile, let's get into the first clip and what the funniest part of this one as it gets shut down and Louis Gomer, a wacky republican congressmen. He sort of tries to just keep going, but nobody cares once gates and green start leaving. Nobody even listens to Louis take a look at this as everything about it is perfect.
The latter is interrupting the price down here for the elderly. The railway is due to the raising the whistler interrupts, the press conference. Louis Gomer tries to speak, but the it's just you, laid out. Nobody cares. Everybody's leaving ladies and gentlemen, when you saw here today, is again the intolerant lass up that the with the boys you heard there is, I guess, an anchor of some kind for the Youtube General Right Side broadcasting network, so the whistles are just absolutely fast, meeting the entire thing gets shut down here is here: is another clip of the whistler really preventing this from even from even getting going I'm. It is really incredible.
I thought My so that's actually the whistler in the yellow shirt. If people are watching right in front of the right side, broadcasting anchorages whistling and whistling man yeah in view of the world. All right now, I'm against hearing law, and doing anything Athena Force hearing loss of on people. Of course, I think it is well to remember that it out, but part there is in Onus on. If you want to hold a press conference in public, then there is the possibility that, because it's in public people are going to show up, I think
it, starts to get over the line. If you blow the whistle really loud right in someone's ear, I'm I'm right there on that. But two the same way that you are choosing to speak in a public place, people can to yell or blow whistle in a public place as well and then it all. I mean just that the level of derailment is crazy. Let's look at one more these cliffs Google right. Renewable raw materials a what been now now this their word. weapons at the at the January sixth riots, but the whip all, is a weapon. Now I mean it's actually quite studying how havoc and chaos. One guy with a whistle kit can actually wreak at this one event. Okay, so then we get into the point
where Marjorie Taylor, Green and Matt Gates, they essentially just get run out, and they start litter running away with security or staffers or whoever, and then this is there's another layer to the mimetic aspect of this Matt Gate start being out starts to be asked on repeat whether he's a pedophile and it turns out that that's actually learn Windsor, who we we is. If you don't know, a friend of the show take a look at this. They go. Who are you? look like God now. Obviously, child sex abuse in bed Ophelia is not funny
The image of Lauren with a huge cap like who even This is a camera that big anymore it ate. It almost could be a prop, and it would add to the committee government chasing gates and saying you have had a file is amazing that we actually have Laurens video from under current with a different view. let's take a look: You guys you mean are you so just
salute in total chaos and again it all goes back to their. The whole point of this press conference was that yesterday we had the first day of testimony in the House Committee, look investigating the January six riots and the reaction from Matt Gates and Marjorie Taylor? Green? Is woe There really not treating the accused rioters very well in the justice the men. Of course you- and I have been talking about the fact that too often nonviolent defendants are held without bail or held with a bail, that's too high for them to make so their stuck in pre trial detention, they can Mount a defence. There are unable to make money, there are unable to parent their kids if they have kids and it just perpetuates the situation we ve talked about that when it comes to nonviolent defendants, they now We are all of a sudden concerned about bail being too high or bail
denied to people accused of actual violence in some of these cases, and now all of a sudden day care, and they want the criminal justice. Before I mean just all completely and totally pathetic- and the entire thing getting shot down. Who knew that a whistle me? Listen, I remember, being eight, I remain wreaking havoc with a whistle, but was never able to wreak this amount of of of havoc in its absolutely fascinating to see all right, we ve gotta, get to something really really important. This needs to be I M going to show you a video that justifies law launching a new investigation into Republican just mention Jim Jordan, and whether he was an accomplice in a greater way than we already knew too. The January sixth riots think back a week when Nancy Pelosi said Joe Jordan and Jim banks can't be on this committee investigating the January sixth riots and at the time I said Jim George,
is more likely a witness or a co. Conspirator then he can really in any realistic way, be an investigator of what took place on January. Sixth, he appeared yesterday on Fox NEWS with Brett Bare and Brett Bear asked him. Did you speak to tromp on January? Sixth and Jim Jordan is caught obviously trying obvious skate. You ve gotta, see this. Let's listen to it line by line. Ok here we go. Many is obviously giving go down a number of different roads about who knew what, when who was talking to coordinators of the protests, did you talk to the former president that day, I've talked to the fore. president umpteen times. Thousands I mean I mean autonomy. Ok, did you talk to the press? And on January sixth, and Bow Jordan's, as I've talked to the president on thirteen times and Brett, Bear tries to clarify exactly the date on which he is referring to the former present
umpteen times thousands may or may not, founded on General Phillips, countless times I talked to the programme. I never talk about what we talk about that you're. Ok, so he still how he says I talked to the president. He still not saying on that day, but it seems to be what he's conceding here, that's appropriate is idle talk about what happens in republican conferences. To talk to the president numerous times. I continue to talk to the present time yet ongoing research farmers. Yes, I mean I've talked to the presents. I've talked to present so much I care about. he seems to be realising. He can't just lie in saying no, and he seems to be realising Brett Bear is going to keep asking the question so here ICE, the slide it in and says yes, meaning. Yes, I did speak the Trump on January six, but I've talked to him so many times,
can't even remember all the times. I've talked in their Albany's, I've taught him, but I've certainly talk to the present and, and on that day was, can you share any of the inside of you of what he was thinking about that very clear question? What's the relevant, the relevance is, I alone can fix it. The book from Carol Lending and Philip Rucker says It has multiple sources who say: tromp was basically giddy on January six, the reason from and send in the national guard? Is he loved what was going on? He was giddy. He was absolutely loving it, and my guess is that when Jim Jordan spoke to Trump Trump expressed being thrilled, what was going on now, what Jim Jordan said? We don't know, but it's obvious why Jim Jordan doesn't want to talk about what that conversation was like hot breath of people. We need to come testify the people who can testify to the
fundamental questions. Will one of those people might be Gm Jordan? What exactly was trumps mental state when you spoke to him? Was he giddy about the riots? Why didn't the United States capital? The people's house, have an appropriate security posture on that day and what have we done? Those are the people we need to hear from those that that's information testimony. We need to get that's what we should focus on, but I don't think that many Thompson, the chairman this committee said requested wasn't about any Thomson. You know that the question was about your conversation with tromp things on the table until we raised this issue about the speakers offices, the one who knows what what is it really posture and why it was the way it was once we raise our voices it while everything on the table. Ok, so he clearly doesn't want to talk about what he said to Donald Trump. Now, what do we know about Jim Jordan? Well, we know that Jim Jordan was part of a meeting of house Republicans that took place in advance of January six about how to overturn the election. We know Jim Jordan was there
been widely reported. We are aware that on December twenty first of twenty twenty Marjorie the Green Matt Gates, Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks and Louis Gomer, really a cast of characters were spotted at the White House, and the reports are that they may with Donald Trump. So we know Jim Jordan met with tromp about how to overturn the results in advance of January sex. We know that Jordan, voted against, certifying the results and we now know that Jim Jordan, through his obfuscation and his distraction. We know that Jim Jordan also spoke to Donald Trump on January six. We also know that tramples reportedly pity. On January Sixth, about the rights. We also know that Donald Trump was responsible for the military, not getting to the Kapital as quickly as they could have on January. Sixth- and here is the slow drip about the truth of Jordan
potential role on January. Sixth, my guess is that Jordan's fingerprints are all over the January six riots I'm sure there was lots of locker room talk about it and the idea I mean imagine Jim Jordan, tried to argue his way into being an investigator of the January sixth riots good for Nancy low see for saying you can't beyond the panel Jim and the reality. As we now know. It is that this guy is almost certainly a witness to the UN's inciting of that in his conversation with Donald Trump, and he may even be an accomplice in what took place on January sixth unbelievable, truly unbelievable a we have a voice mail number that number is to one nine to David p. You can call that number absent. Lately anytime, you want, you got what you want to call it for
like many people do go ahead. Here is a voice mail, just reminding us. You know this question of: do trumps. Supporters believe the stuff that's being said about the action or nod and Seinfeld is instructive. In listening to take us into this, David I wanted to buy a classic. Is the collar doesn't pause, the show they call wild? My voice is playing in the background. That's going on here now there, as we will learn from our friend George, I'm right! It's not a lie if you believe it and here. You go right now, one year later, spokesperson for trouble, it is disturbing that Roma inclusion. Thank you. Yes, I mean, I think, it's just a line from Seinfeld but I think it actually is instructive. It's not a lie if you believe it, and many of these people certainly have drank the coup laid and that
an appropriate term, giving that, given the cult like nature of trompe in a followers and acolytes, we have a great bonus show for you today that we are doing talk about Walmart offering tuition for employees. Is it is it a real genuine thing? Is it a marketing ploy? Is it both? We will also? about a federal judge forcing an accused capital rider to unlock their laptop with facial recognition and what this means for the future of such investigations and full mandatory masking returning to the state of Nevada people told to avoid LAS Vegas like the plague, although I don't even know if, like the plague, has the same meaning now, since many people didn't seem that in avoiding it all of those stories and more on today's bonus, show don't miss it sign up. What happened.
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