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7/29/20: Fixing Policing & Avoiding Demons

2020-07-29 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--A first step to fixing policing that looks specifically at dealing with traffic enforcement, the most common way that people interact with police

--A New York City protester is thrown into an unmarked van by police not in uniform, bringing that discussion of authoritarian policing to another city

--Republicans Lindsay Graham and David Perdue get caught darkening a black opponent's skin and enlarging a Jewish opponent's nose, respectively, in two recent campaigns ads

--The Donald Trump 2020 campaign is accused of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars, including to their own family members

--Donald Trump admits, in a bizarre coronavirus press briefing, that he is really jealous of Dr. Anthony Fauci, asking why people like Fauci but not Trump

--Donald Trump tells a black reporter, in a strange moment during a coronavirus press briefing, that he looks like Michael Bloomberg

--Donald Trump doubles down on his support of Dr. Stella Immanuel, who warns of demon sex, anti-religious vaccines, and much more

--The David Pakman Show YouTube channel reaches 900,000 subscribers, officially starting the race to 1 million

--Voicemail caller asks whether Donald Trump is a liar, or is regularly lied to by his staff

--On the Bonus Show: Major League Baseball season already falling apart, the coin shortage in the United States, police agencies pulling out of Democratic convention, much more...

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