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8/13/21: COVID Deniers and Anti-Vaxxers Out of Control

2021-08-13 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Jesse Dollemore, host of the Jesse Dollemore YouTube channel and co-host of the "I Doubt It" podcast, fills in for David

--Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests either COVID isn't "raging all over the country" or that the vaccines don't work

--In Williamson County, Tennessee a crowd of anti-vaxxers get whipped into a frenzy over the school board deciding to temporarily mandate kids wearing masks in school

--Kevin McCarthy is selling T-shirts to his supporters that read "moron"

--Nancy Pelosi's office criticizes Republican lawmakers for not standing up to Donald Trump after the former president badmouths Capitol Police officers

--A QAnon-supporting dad kills his two kids with a speargun thinking they had "serpent DNA"

--New Census Bureau data reveal that white people now make up less than 60% of the US population

--Joe Biden points out the hypocrisy of Republicans fearmongering about the debt and deficit when they didn't care about how to pay for things under Donald Trump

--The Supreme Court rejects taking up a case over a vaccine requirement at Indiana University

--The criminal probe into Congressman Matt Gaetz is moving forward and now involves witness cooperation

--Kentucky Senator Rand Paul fails to report COVID-related investments for 16 months, in possible violation of the STOCK Act

--On the Bonus Show: Florida schools begin opening, Fauci talks about vaccine booster for immunocompromised, Mike Lindell's symposium concludes, and much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
Welcome to the David Pachmann show I am Jesse Dollimore Sittin in for David, while he's on vacation, listen, we got a problem with conspiracy theories. The United States is no longer a fringe element that believes that level was an inside job or within the land on the moon, nor or any number of disparate conspiracies conspiracy theories tat. The republican party is,
in large measure, lead and motivated by conspiracy theories, that it is the North star of the grand Old Party any more, and that is evidenced by their push against science. There disregard for the health and welfare of their fellow Americans and their families, and I want to talk a little bit about Marjorie Taylor, Green, but before I do, I get a lot of flak on my own channel for talking about Donald Trump and in an Marjorie Taylor, Green and some Other q and on adherence and end conspiracy, matters and, I believe, is important, because conspiracy is what led to the insurrection at the United States capital
conspiracy and lies, and propaganda is what led to over a hundred and fifty police officers being injured, some of them losing fingers, obviously, some of them losing their lives so to ignore these characters, is to bury our heads in the sand and just hope that it doesn't happen again. I for one am not prepared to do that. I will continue to talk about these dangerous individuals in our country as long as they exist. Now, let's talk about the lovely Endow wanted Marjorie Taylor Green, who is now suspended from twitter, but still finds places to go to talk about her in sanity, real America's voice, I have been called
a not a real american many times. This is what I suffer through. I've chosen this profession and I'm going to be attacked by wing. That's that's what it is, but to have a network that Real America's voice. It indicates that there are fake Americans. And I've been called that anyway, let's get to this a Marjorie Taylor Green Clip where she rambles for rough We met in forty five seconds, my incoherently at times, services concerns long and that's. Why I'm saying there's why research needed by the FDA before the FDA approves these that sales, because there is a proper manner once the vaccines are approved by the FDA, we're going to see the mandates for vaccines ramp up far more than they are right. Now there are going to be mandated night here, they'll become law in some cities
some states Biden would love to make the law of the land Biden would love to make it the law of the land that everyone is healthy and their welfare is is attended to that's your fear. She doesn't fear that people are dying of covert team. She is a fear that children are now at higher risk. She doesn't fear that our hospitals are even fill in she'll get to that in a minute. She fears that more people will get the vaccine. There is an on hinged thought process and I think that can really wrong again. I'm not that I am completely for people being allowed to make choices. Medical services further south and I M always win your aunt. I backs just
claiming you're, not anti backs, doesn't get it done Margie. You have to actually be pro vaccine the issues that middle ground, exactly how I feel about it. When you go on network after network you go on Twitter, where you have to be suspended because of your disinformation campaign. promoting anti back, seen, ideas, that's what makes you empty back see and I don't think the of the egg should approve the vaccine, that it doesn't seem to be that effective, especially with nineteen raging all over the country. At least that's what the media tells us every single day or did mean wasn't wanting
stop and start this much, but listen to things here, she's, claiming that the media is claiming that covered nineteen is raging all over the country, but it is true. We have statistics, we know what the numbers are. We know it's hospitalization rates. Are we note the infection rates? Are we not many tests are being tested, but two to to ignore the fact that the reason covert nineteen is outbreak breaking everywhere across the country, especially in certain states, Arkansas Louisiana Florida is because of people like Marjorie Taylor, Green, who are encouraging people not to get the vaccine is overwhelmingly non vaccinated
individuals who are being hospitalized and who are dying still of the corona virus. It is irresponsible its shameful. This is shameful. What we are witnessing in this country, the mismanagement by republican governors and being being bolstered by by clowns like this, that let us hear my destiny, here in my state. Yes, that waiting rooms all but guess what the waiting rooms are full of all kinds of things, not just some car accidents trauma Other illnesses, cancer and so forth, but they're saying about thirty percent of those numbers being further cases. So well the news, try and tell us, the hospitals are slim hackneyed proven, that's just not the case. Everyone needs to get back down. I back down the common sense and remember that you know we're human
We can. However, we are going to catch all kinds of diseases and common values, viruses, air, we get hurt, sides so I am all for. Let's, let's be rational with this: let's be careful! It's because she s and let's not turn into an authoritarian regime, that forces are shots and arms of people. They don't want it remember during the passage in debates in the promotion of a bombing, are brought prior to its passing. Remember the republican conspiracy theory and the talking pointed Obama was going to imperil a group of individuals to choose who lives and dies because of the ultimate rationing of healthcare that was sure to happen death panels. They called him remember that Also, remember a note that there are no death panels and we have Obamacare, but secondly, that same Republican Party
Now the same death panels, they're gonna, be kill us that's poverty is now who cares if you're grandma dies? Snowflake everybody dies where human get used to it, reprehensible hypocrisy, the least stark lack of empathy. Republicans is, it seems to me to be so widespread. But maybe it's itself infectious, a contagion that needs to be dealt with they don't give a shit? They don't care about. America Air Americans all day there are about. Is their grip on power? The other element to
of these conspiracies that we're talking about day after day after day is the fact that Republican caught Congress, women and men are whipping there their constituencies into a frenzy. last night in Williamson, County Tennessee, which is just miles north of Nashville. There was a school board meeting in at this school board. Meeting they had medical experts testify about. There agreement with their support of children wearing masks in school region Charlotte Observer article about the melee that took place in order to play a clip of it. It is saddening. I mean really there's no other, there's no other adjective it it is, it is a sickening moment in american history right now that we're all living through war
Jeanne, the mismanagement of this health crisis at the hands of the Republicans governors all over the city, and then also your local municipalities, the shoe observer. Article anti maskers threaten experts over mandate in Tennessee schools. We will find view the two minute clip tumor clip, I'm getting ready to play. Posted on twitter by journalist, Matt Masters, with recorded at the Williamson County administration. Complex and Franklin Tennessee after the School Board, voted in favour of a tree for every mask mandate, amid rising covered nineteen cases, Williamson he has just south of Nashville. Sorry, I said north hundreds, Tended the nearly four hour meeting where thirty people who were allowed to speak the UK are in reported all of this, the board ultimately past the measure in a seven free vote under the new rule, all elementary school students, staff and visitors will be required. to wear a face covering inside and
buses starting Thursday, a notice on the Williamson County website states. The mandate expires September, twenty one eleven, fifty nine p m. So it is a brief temporary order to wear a mask. It's not install an iron long and sticking your kid in it. It's a piece of cloth over your face that mitigates the transmission of deadly virus. Watch this moment from these mania. They are stalking a health official through the parking lot telling him to take his mask
off screaming at him we will not comply. It's a mask you're a child abusers. They proclaimed everybody's taking notes body gets worse. They track around the side of the car and they started costing someone in their vehicle with their window rolled on this knucklehead and the teacher. sat down in America They are doing nothing. no people know what is,
getting ready to take place is an alarming thing, because it's the person who was trying to act as though there are reasonable keep calm. We want peace, we want peace who immediately starts parity in the same rhetoric as T shirt guy here. Turning to the person in the car, explaining to them. We know who you are, we will find you're, not a cop We know why We allow that we know who you are. You can live freely, but we know who you are. We will find you and
you'll, never be able to be in public again the same people who were very likely outraged that a man approached talker Karlsson, inefficient. Eichel shop and said something to in peacefully. This is a malay. This is on the verge of violence, so much so that there has to be cops planted constantly throughout the crowd all over. Place watch how this the rescue this another you never got a lot of money. I know who you are. Yeah No
me I'm an era. Wonderful example setting for children, the parents, yeah, and tat stick fantastic. This is a malay. It is. This kind of thought. Is this kind of behaviour that lead
and I don't think it's a scratch. I don't think it's a reach to draw a line between this type of lack of adherence to science and research and data and and instead I believe in conspiracy theories. I don't think it's it's it's untoward to the link that to the insurrection that took place. It is a frame of mind. All of this is taking place. These hundreds of people screaming, and wailing and gnashing of teeth over trying to keep kids safe over wearing a piece of cloth over their faces, inexplicable. Science has shown us that lowering your body temperature at night helps you sleep, I can't sleep in a hot room,
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first month, when you go to steady, emptied out com, Slash Pachmann, there is no risk, no long term commitment and the link is in the podcast notes. Welcome to the David Pachmann show running with Jesse Dollimore Synonym for David back the laws on vacation. Thanks David. I appreciate the opportunity to talk to your audience. hey! You know how Donald Trump ruined the red hat for everybody except for Magda, turns well, it's a funny story. He cover Mccarthy has now ruined the red shirt and taken the mega concept, the mega hat concept to a whole new level, because if you ve ever been break, best. If you live in an area with a lot of magazine, people keep it respectable, will try and use see across the parking lot somewhat approaching and they have a red had and you keep watch
and to see if it's gonna be a nice swoosh or of it's gonna, be a mega hat and if you ve, if he thought about well, I don't think I want to own a red hot just in case someone thinks I'm that guy I'm with you, I've been that to the cabin Mccarthy in response Nancy Pelosi, calling him a moron or reportedly calling him a moron is now set in tee shirts on his website with more on on them and then in small much smaller letters, the definition. So, if you're, that guy across the park- lot approaching the that at the store front all you see, is someone weren t, shirt, Pro claiming themselves be a moron having to read from his website here. Oppose the moronic mask mandate. With this exclusive t, shirt Nancy Pelosi
just called Kevin Mccarthy, a moron for opposing the mask mandate by the way, verbally in Paris, Theoretically, here you are a moron given Mccarthy if Europe I was in a mask mandate to keep Americans safe and healthy. ah back to the website. You're a top patriot, and We need you to get this t shirt to apply, those her and the Article left socialists and the radical socialist left, because Nancy Policy is a socialist, and then underneath Europe. Will you and one friend order your lemon addition? T shirt today, really Shellin for for multiple tee shirts to be sold.
Then here, which is a little bit more pernicious and not quite as hilarious- is this fundraising tactic that has been normalized across the Republican Party platforms for fundraising, if you ve, given up on House Republicans and our fight against the socialist left on check this box. But you still stand with us, leave this box checked and make your hopefully donation too bold, patriots, fighting back against Pelosi and this socialist laughed and then small print make this a monthly reoccurring donation. That is trickery. It is not clear what is taking place. There are manipulating if you have given up on that, the House Republicans on check this box, but if you're still with us
You patriots then check it and give us money on a reoccurring, monthly basis, a lot of people who give to the republican Party. As you can see, it's it's it's default for occupation, retired there a lot of people around a fixed income Donald trouble. Just reported had to give back like a hundred and thirty five million dollars or somethin wild, like that, I don't have the figure in my head, but had it had refund money from people they were built. Who were unaware that there was going to be a continuing charge? So if interested out there, you can go, get your moron shirt and walk around proclaiming to everyone, just how moronic you are in other in other Kevin Mccarthy. News which is not quite as funny is himself to tee shirts calling themselves. Morons Nancy Policy has actually called the Mccarthy
for something serious. When region this insider article Pelosi office rips into Republicans for terrorizing capital police after trumped called officer a murderer now Donald Trump still has his little blog is the website where he issue statements, How does he phrase them statement by Donald J Trump? Forty four President of the United States of America sounds really official on his low blog reading from the insider. Before we get to that, though, a spokesperson for how Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday excoriated Republicans after former President Donald Trump call they capital police are. Sir a murderer as he continued to whitewash the deadly January six insurrection that he incited quote the former presidents, against a. U S. Capital police officer is only the latest in a long line of vile republican attacks on the officers who risk their lives to protect the United, its capital on January Sixth, in recent weeks, Republicans have slant
These officers as executioners and murderers and insulted there talents and integrity on national television. Spokesperson, Urban Patterson said in his statement. Enough is enough: Patterson set off first present that day, who have called out the partisan efforts to downplay a violent insurrection, have been subjected to death threats and racist abuse. No member of the House republican leadership has bothered to condemn. this harassment or speak out in support of these officers, Patterson went on to say, policy spoke person, said GNP. Efforts to malign capital police officers are disgusting wrong. and a wholly unacceptable way to treat the officers who went through how to protect our democracy. From armed insurrectionists the artist Perhaps here Harrison said its long overdue for minority leader Kevin Mccarthy to get
his hands and stand up to the members of his Congress and party who have been terrorizing the Eve officers that saved the lives of countless workers, staff, journalists and men on January. Six, it's no less! then these heroes deserve and, of course, can Mccarthy's office did not respond with comment. So what what sparked this was this statement from Donald Trump on his goofy little blog site where he said this I spoke to the wonderful mother and devoted husband of actually Babbitt, who was me murdered at the of someone who should never have pulled the trigger of his gun. We know who he is. If that happened to the other side there we riots all over America, and yet there are far more people represented by Ashley, who truly loved America than On the other side, the radical left.
It cannot be allowed to get away with this. There must be justice. There is veiled threatening language in statement. We know who he is listen. Ashley Babbitt was tragically killed by police while she was in it. attempted overthrow of the United States government. She endeavoured to overturn in a free and fair election, she attempted the middle of a riot of violent overthrow of the government she attempted to enter the House floor through a broken window of a barn door, a blocked door. if she had entered. Who knows what other insurrectionists would have made it into the United States House? amber, and who knows what
and, of course, what kind of violence what kind of Malay would have taken place. Ashley Abbott was an adherent of q and, on the same, conspiracy. Theory group that believes Hillary Clinton ripped off face of children and drink their blood too, view herself with the power of a dream, chrome or some other nonsense. Q and on is dangerous. Federal government has warned that there is a threat of domestic terror surrounding people who believe the theory? It is not something to take lightly. Actually, Babbitt was not murdered, There is a major threat from Cuban on; no, it isn't just. insurrection, it isn't just playful ideas about wacky conspiracy theories,.
There are other elements that have that they have human effect in impact. This headline is a tragedy for the New York Times. Look I'm I'm I'm a father and two to think about the state of mind of this man who killed his kids with a spear gun because of Cuban on its remarkable. I don't understand how someone can go through with this and be convinced things that are so out of this world. Reading from the New York Times surf instructor, killed his children and claimed cure Non made him do it. Fbi says a California servant instructor confessed to killing these two children with a spear fishing gun after abducting them. Tell him investigators that his belief
in the conspiracy theories known as Cuba not made him do it. The authority sent on Wednesday, the FAO there are Matthew, Taylor, Coleman of Santa Barbara drove his tooth Euro zone in ten months, daughter to Mexico over the weekend and fatally them on Monday, according to an FBI investigator in a nine page criminal affidavit that was filed in U S District court in LOS Angeles on Wednesday, the FBI Special agent wrote that Mr Common told the authorities there He knew what he did was wrong, but that it was the only course of action that would save the world income stated that he believed his children were going to RO into monsters, so we had to kill them. Special agent Jennifer Ban and wrote. She wrote this m com. Explained that he was enlightened by Cuba, Non Illuminati conspiracy theories and with receiving visions and signs revealing that his wife, a sea, possessed
serpent dna and had passed it on to his children. Mr common describing Self- is inherent of Cuban on the pro trunk conspiracy movement, whose followers hold closely hot cold. Falsely, excuse me, then, a cabal of Democrats and still elites engage in pedophilia and worship Satan. The conspiracy movement has been the subject
warnings by the FBI, followers will resort to violence and they are right. The F b I was right. The warnings were right. The homeland Security Department is right. The sky took his kids in Mexico and shot him in the chest with a spear gun. Imagine the agony, the death, the suffering, that's, not a quick, that's, not a quick ending to a life. Their father did this Cuban on is not just a playful set of goofy thoughts. It's not. It is nothing but virulent and sickening and dangerous, and now to children, won't grow to be adults, and this guy's gonna go to Paris.
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to his creator that damn things aren't good, because the census report just dropped, there's been a doctor I'm in the population of white people in America, and that has got there something that is going to say, hit him and his white supremacist cohort into a dizzy. Rita from the New York Times this. This article, a rise in Hispanic, an asian population fuels you growth census reports. The United States grew significantly or diverse over the past decade as the populations of people who identify as hispanic and asian surged and number of people who say they were more than one race increased. The census bureau reported Thursday overall population growth slow dramatically over the past decade. The growth that did occur, an increase about twenty three million people was made up tiredly of people who identified themselves as hispanic asian Blue
back and more than one race? According to these data, the first racial and ethnic break down from the twenty twenty census, the White population Here we go. Are you Tucker Carson with your great replacement theory and your your ear. Your not whistles to white genocide, which is a racist concerned, mercy theory that white genocide is happening through low birth rates and the promotion of higher birth rates, with people of color real, reasonable the white population, the United States, for the first time on record, declined over the course of the decade, people who I did by themselves as white on the census form have been decrease as a share of the country's population. Since the nineteenth sixtys, when the United States opened more widely to immigrants outside of Europe. That drop was driven in part by the
Jeanne of the white population in a sharp drop in the birth rate. Again this was expected. I need some these dips or the increases in in the rate of population of locations, for instance, was surprising. But this has been long foretold in white supremacist circles as something to be fearing that diversity is our weakness, topical Some famously said that immigrants make our country poorer and dirtier, and Lord Ingram, his long wind about the changing demographics in our country that nobody voted for. No white people are asking for this. This is good news. Diversity is a strength, racial diversity, diversity of thought, it is our strength when people have different lived experiences and they all work together.
Drawing upon the the disparate lived experience. is that each other good things happen evidenced by the our country, that progress. We have made over the course of the last fifty sixty six. the years when things were not good in America. Other news Biden has been given a lot of press conferences lightly. Joe Biden actually called out Donald Trump. He used the phrase my predecessor but Joe Biden called out Donald Trump on the in the same level of added an end to the debt? The Donald Trump did and it's only insane because of an interview that I'm gonna reads: snippet from from from March twenty six team. Sixteen, where Donald Trump claimed
we're going to pay off the entire nineteen trillion dollar national debt inside of eight years and instead what Donald Trump did was at about eight trillion dollars to the debt, rather than pay off. Nineteen trillion really from this article Biden, slams Trump for racking up eight billion dollars in debt, as he vows Democrats will pay for their spending plan by taxing the rich Ellison. A lot of people caught up in this debt deficit and they treat the I've been states economy as though it's a health hold budgeting situation. That debt is bad and you must have a balanced budget, because that's what you do with your cheque book There isn't an analog with the way of government runs, There isn't a correlation between the two, because it's completely different, you dont print money in Europe final household, the United States,
government has that power now save the risks of inflation. Its manageable ray from this article after months of negotiations, the Senate past President Joe Biden, one trillion dollar infrastructure bill on Tuesday a day later, President made sure Americans knew his economic agenda would represent a sharp break from President Trump quote: This isn't going to be anything like my predecessor, whose unpaid tax cuts and other spending added only eight trillion dollars and his four years to the national debt. Eight trillion Biden set on Wednesday here, in more full context are those remarks from Joe Biden they're going to be fully paid for.
This isn't going to be anything like my predecessor was unpaid tax cuts and other spending at it. Nearly eight trillion dollars in his four years of the national debt eight trillion dollars. They didn't even report to try to pay for their tax cut, which went straight to the largest corporations and the wealthiest Americans the investments I proposed will be fully paid for over the long term by having the largest corporations, including fifty five corporations. It paid zero federal tax last year and the super wealthy begin
pay their fair share, though, still make a lot of money but pay their fair share. That means actually reduce the national, improve our fiscal position over the long. My bill back better agenda is fiscally response. The fiscally responsible way to reduce the cost for families, in fact you're hurting economist, the board confirm this, and you know, as a matter of follow up, Joe Biden has promised that he's not going to raise taxes on anyone. In less than four hundred thousand dollars a year. So if, if you're out there, You make four hundred and one thousand dollars per year, good for you and your text likely going to go up, and that is ok. You have benefited greatly from the opportunity.
and the system that was set up to provide you, the the opportunities to make that kind of money for the rest of you, which is the vast majority of you watching your taxes aren't gonna, go up, even today during this same press conference, but Joe Biden reiterated that he's not going to raise the gas taxes it's not something. That's gonna happen, so the article continues the passage of Infrastructure plan through the Senate was a major achievement for binds build back better agenda. During his remarks. He doubted the plans for creating jobs and boosting economic growth. Among other things, he also use this achievement to criticise the debt that came from crumbs tax cuts, saying that Trump didn't even attempt to pay for them, which is a fact. Even when things were good prior to the corona virus. Coming on the scene, Donald Trump was rocking a trillion
and a trillion and a half dollars worth of debt every single year. So all these publicans out there. The MIKE leaves of the world and the TED Cruises of the world can zip it. They can pipe down, about their concern about suddenly and our children with debt. Now they can stop it. Because you didn't say anything, then you passed. overwhelmingly passed a tax relief bill four millionaires and billionaires with all regard for how it was going to be paid for how the all that was left in the government conference was going to be made up. We just saddled another eight trillion dollars onto our power, children. You scream check a little into the reserve data. The national debt rose by almost seven point: eight trillion dollars during trumps time in office. During that time, Republicans approving major corporate tax cuts.
And added two trillion dollars to the national debt. A measure many Democrats and economists said favoured the wealthiest Americans. They said that, because that is the truth now this is what resting in March of twenty sixteen Donald Trump sat down with Bob Woodward of of Watergate Fame, who still works for the Washington Post. We gave an interview in which this particular segment took place. This this interaction took place about the national debt and what Donald Trump plans were to combat the national debt and continue deficits, and indeed how he planned to maybe pay down the national debt. Donald Trump says we ve got to get rid of them. team trillion in debt Obviously I am reading my voice because Donald Trump doesn't sound
like me, nor does he he's not a coherent bob. Woodward replied. How long will that take? I think I could do it fairly quickly because of the fact that the numbers and then what work energetically says, what's fairly quickly: tromp well would say over a period of eight years and I'll, tell you why Woodward would you ever be open to tax increases as a part of that to solve the problem trump? I dont think I'll to the power is trade. Our deal are so bad Woodward that would be Two trillion dollars a year, meaning would be paying off to trick billion dollars of national debt every year, but order to do that. You'd need to not have deficits. Donald Trump. Certainly deficits of one in one and a half and two trillion dollars
good. Allow you to be in a position to pay off trillion dollars in that trunk says no, but I'm renegotiating all of our deals. Bob the big trade deals that we're doing badly on with China. Five hundred five earlier this year in trade, we're losing with everybody Republicans aid, this who planted thinker, they fell for it bamboozled by a con man by a carnival barker by a drifter by a charlatan. Donald Trump did not pay off a single dollar in debt, as I've already were referenced. added seven point: eight thousand billion dollars to the national debt, great great job
listens and now that we're we're trying to spend some money for infrastructure, we're trying to spend money on stimulus to keep people from losing their homes from four to keep people from in homeless to keep people who are unemployed a fly, out. Then they want to ask about how we little powerful, was hypocrisy at its finest one of our sponsors as privacy dot com there giving you five dollars when you sign up for their completely free service at privacy, dot, com, slash, Pachmann, I've been using privacy for a little over a year. Now you ve Herbie, talk about it before it's a lifesaver and here's how it works, takes just a couple of minutes to set up any. You buy something online or on the phone instead of action. using your real credit card number, the privacy app and the browser plugin. Let you give each company
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because I know I won't be charged when the trial is over. If I use a virtual credit card number you keeping your identity private by not telling companies who you are you keeping your bank or credit card info protected against data breaches and identity theft, and it's free and, like I said, you'll get five dollars to spend when you sign up at privacy, dot com, slash, Pachmann, you can find a link in the podcast notes. Welcome back to the David Pachmann show I am Jesse Dollimore and before he started just wanted to say thank you before I lose my chance and I'm not back here again and tell possibly David go back on vacation and possibly maybe asked me to substitute again, I really have enjoyed doing this and I've enjoyed some of the interaction and have the audience. I don't recall. Why are you tube comments because its Youtube, but I just wanted to say thank you and if I,
I'm a flavor that you enjoy. I know I'm David, I'm not really anything like David, but if, if Enjoy what to do? I would encourage you to find me on social media finally on Youtube and subscribe following interact, and we thank you a little bit of good news here related to this appeal, core some rare scant news that is positive coming out of our six three conservative Supreme Court, and that is the fact that any country Barrett actually shockingly has rejected a a high, cream and which solidifies a lower court ruling about mass mandates vaccines at the collegiate level right from this NBC Headline Supreme Court rejects Channel Indiana Universities, vaccination requirement. Eight students asked the court for them, the order arguing
the risks of vaccination outweigh potential benefits to those in their age group. Nonsense on its face and be of legal precedent. This isn't like her charity. They really have no, they have no other recourse, but to do what Amy Coney Bear did this? Court refused on Thursday to block Indiana universities requirement that students receive a covert vaccine to attend classes in the call in the fall semester. It was the first link test of a covert vaccine mandate to come before the justices. A challenge to the policy was directed to Amy Connie. Bear it the justice in charge of that region of the country who denied it There were no noted dissent from other justices. Look, it is a nonsense political Your war, bs argument that Republicans are entering into. for generations, for instance, to emigrate to this country
You must have a slight of vaccines, but I went to boot camp for the United States Marine Corps There are all kinds of vaccines that I was required to undertake because I was Joe Mean them military. If you go to college, my wife in undergrad and her graduate degree had to have a slate of vaccines. That's the same when I went to school elementary school there are. Knock relations that are required. This is a nonsense non starting argument. That is all fuelled by Republican Culture war, be ass. eight Indiana. Students asked the court for an emergency order, arguing that the rich Six associated with the vaccine outweighed the potential benefits to the population in their age group, quote protection of others, does not relieve our society from the central Canon of medical ethics requiring VI
monetary and informed consent. End quote: they told the justices seeking an emergency order to block the vaccine requirement. A federal judge ruled last. that the school had the right to pursue a quote reasonable and due process of vaccination in the legitimate interests of public health for students, faculty and staff, the students have many options. The judge said such as applying for an exam in taking this semester off viewing club is online or attending another university in higher Lee. You got up Jones Snowflakes, pull yourself but by your bootstraps and make a decision the seventh? U S, circuit appeals based in Chicago agreed. It noted that the Supreme Court ruled in nineteen o five there's precedent, this again the supreme
court, ruled in nineteen o five, that a state can require all members of the public to be vaccinated against smallpox. Indiana requirement. less demanding the court said allowing Emption for students who object on the basis of medical conditions or religious beliefs. an argument can be made that those are appropriate certainly a medical, getting relief based on a medical condition. If you have an actual medical condition, certainly your mural compromised, were afflicted with myriad of other conditions that might possibly would qualify you for that religion. Little slipping Slipper, a slippery slope than medical, I believe, because anybody can make up anything and say it's their religion, so
That's where we are, and there are a series of other cases that are role in their way through some even hearing them, universities in California that are likely going too meet this same exact fate. So Republicans, in Congress Congress, people in general are often shielded from the rules that they put in place for others, often times Congress They will skirt the law. Sometimes they will act brazenly, as is the case with Matt Gates, and I have covered him on my channel for a while. Now this case, that's rolling through this investigation, that's happening the Justice Department looking into his untoward, Moral behaviour with children, which is an interesting since these touring the country with the queue at on Princess Marjorie
the green and save the children. Is there there motto. Well Matt Gates his associates, Joe Greensburg, is now actually cooperating with the government and its not looking good little matter gates, ABC, says, gates, associate providing feds Intel documents as probing to come. Fishermen continues sources Former tax collector Joel Green Burg is cooperating with investigators. None of this is good news for Matt Gates. They were thickest thieves. These two sending then MO payments to under age girls, with with notes like books for school to add insult to injury as the federal investigation into Florida, Rep Map gates continues into the summer sources. ABC News that Gates is one time wing man has been steadily prefer.
Information and handing over potential evidence that could implicate the Florida congressmen and others and others others in the brawling probe form seminal county tax collector Joe Greensburg as part of his ongoing Cooperation with prosecutors has provided in together with years of Ben moment, cash transactions and thousands photos and videos, as well as access to personal social media accounts sources, said again, not good, not good. On its face that met gates is creed. or a sickening vile, allegedly pedophile, but also that this This man is the leader of the Republican Party, a stalwart example for young Republicans everywhere, and this is what we got private
messages exclusively reviewed by ABC News, potentially shed new light on the process by which grew in Burg allegedly met women online who were paid for sex and introducing to the Florida to congressmen and other associates. This investigation is just going to end here. There will likely be other powerful people within the infrastructure. of Florida leadership, who are implicated in this green Burg, the guilty in May to multiple federal crimes, including sex trafficking of a minor and introducing her to other court on court, adult men who also had sex with her when she was under age, agreed to agreed to provide quote substantial assistance unquote to prosecutor As part of their ongoing investigation, magnates should be quaking in his boots, instead,
he's touring the country on his mega parade trying to whip up crouch into effect z and maybe inside another insurrection, the first of which he was so fond. Matt Gates, isn't the only Republican in trouble, impossible, trouble, on the same side of the capital, ran Paul headline from the Washington Post unsurprising line. Might I add, ran Paul this sixteen months late, that his wife bought stock in company behind covered treatment, listen senators and Congress people. I dont know that we should exclude them from investments like stock trade, I don't know it's tough, I think to say one way or the other of definitively it's a little there needs to be more options on the table and looked at as far as what we should do to curb
kind of self dealing, Insider trading benefit from the intelligence that they have and I don't mean intelligence. Like brains, I mean like Intel on the ground and me they are. They are behind The scenes able to know things that are coming down, especially related to our current health crisis. No, What is happening in getting briefings to? secret and otherwise therein, the know and if they use that information to enrich themselves there at an advantage, and it advantage that isn't baked into the job. You don't run for Congress and represent constituency, in order that you become rich, ran Paul, Miss Your noble warrior of truth, Mister liberty, that's not! We are therefore reading from the article cindered Paul revealed Wednesday that his wife bought stock and give
sciences, which makes it viral drugs, used to treat covert. Nineteen on federal. twenty sixth, twenty. Twenty. What a coincidence. A shocking coincidence that on February twenty six twenty twenty, they bought the stock, and this was before or the threat from the corona virus was fully understood by the public and before it was classified as endemic by the World Health organization. The disks You're in a filing with the Senate came so sixteen months after the forty five reporting deadline set forth in these stock act, which is designed to combat insider trading. So regulations. There are rules. There are stipulation there are: there are rules that he has stipulated two that he is bound by affording after you, trade, you have forty five days to report it for ethics controls and just so the public knows what
when on any waited sixteen months after the forty five day limit in corporate and securities law, said the investment and especially lay the delayed reporting of it. your mind, trust in government and raised questions about whether the Kentucky Republicans family had sought to profit from non public information about the looming health emergency and play by the? U S government, to combat it, several senator, so large amounts of stocks in January or February of last year, prompting a full of insider trading probes, most of those estimations, conclude in the spring of twenty twenty, according to allegations from the Justice Department to lawmakers under scrutiny. Remember Kelly Leffler bar from North Carolina. All of this, not good, they are true. to enrich themselves with the knowledge that they,
have from their elected office self dealing in the age of trump seems. Like anything goes the senator, ought to have an explanation for the trade and, more importantly, why it took him almost a year and a half to discover it. From his wife said: James Dean Cox, a professor law Duke University, Kelsey, Cooper spokesmen for Paul said the senator completed a reporting form for his wife's investment last year, but learned he recently while preparing an annual disclosure that the form had no say an area we didn't send it, we didn't mean it that way. technical way of saying. Oh yeah, we didn't send it He sought guidance from the Senate Ethics Committee. She said and filed. The supplement or report guidance from the Senate Ethics Committee, she said and filed the supplementary port Wednesday, along with the annual disclosure which an author, informer communications consultant lost money on
only on the investment which she made with her own earnings the pearl. the purchase was of between one thousand and fifteen thousand dollars of stock and jelly add, which makes the anti viral drugs fifteen thousand dollars of stock in Gilead, which makes the how they're saying they lost money. The company stock was worth seventy four dollars and seventy cents per share. On the day of the park, since per share on the day of the purchase and rose above eighty dollars in March, stock, was worth seventy four dollars and seventy cents per share. On the day of the purchase and rose above how that their reporting. Now they lost money on it now how their reporting that they bought it. It has since fluctuate worth sixty nine dollars and eighty four cents on the day of it has since fluctuated and was worth sixty nine dollars and eighty four cents on the day of Paul's disclosure more than A year later so because they may,
that investment had they had they have they. This stock skyrocket, and the main all kinds of money. Who knows what would have taken Who knows how long we would have had to wait or if we would have ever found out at all disgusting? ethical, good use of his office to enrich himself. He and his wife, no good, no good, and it is pattern about practice for Republicans skirt the rules while screaming from the rooftops about propriety. American- the ball values and truth and justice. And the murder American wet unacceptable. Senator ball
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