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8/14/20: Kamala Birthers & Racist Dog Whistles

2020-08-14 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Kamala Harris birthers immediately surface to question her eligibility to be President or Vice President of the United States

--The Trump campaign jumps into full Willie Horton mode tweeted out mug shots of black people accused of crimes

--Caller asks how bad coronavirus would have to get to convince Trump supporters

--Caller asks if the Democrats should go high or low

--Caller is angry with coronavirus deniers

--Caller no longer wants to vote for Joe Biden because of Kamala Harris

--Caller worries their vote won't count in the 2020 election

--Caller discusses political hobbyism versus political activism

--Caller asks how to convince Republicans to tax the rich

--Audience Question: Would strong quarter three numbers rocket Trump to reelection?

--Audience Question: At what point would a military coup to remove Trump be not the worst option?

--Audience Question: Will Republicans back Trump's push to delay the election?

--On the Bonus Show: The amazing Friday Bonus Show with Producer Pat Ford

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