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8/21/20: Steve Bannon Arrested & Americans Embarrassed by Trump

2020-08-21 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Former Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon was arrested on fraud charges for his involvement in a private "build the wall" scheme

--A new CNN poll finds that nearly 70% of Americans find Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic "embarrassing"

--Caller reluctantly is voting for Joe Biden to get Donald Trump out of office

--Caller wants us to discuss the election systems of all of the states

--Caller asks about the future of the progressive movement

--Caller has a crazy story about being arrested for chasing down anti-Trumpists

--Caller talks about electoral reform

--Caller asks about Ben Shapiro being dumb or evil

--Caller wants other progressive independent media recommendations

--Audience Question: Should Trump replace Pence on the ticket?

--Audience Question: Why do most white people vote Republican?

--Audience Question: How do we fix income inequality?

--On the Bonus Show: The world-famous Friday Bonus Show hosted by Producer Pat Ford

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The David Dragnet Shout David Pack, my guarded. absolutely crazy news broke yesterday, former White House Chief strategies to Donald Trump Steve Bannon was around stood and indicted on multiple charges for defrauding thousands of donors through those crazy bill. Are we build the wall initiatives that he was a part of and it bad and three other people indicted in a federal investigation in the southern district of New York. What prosecutor say went down is that ban in and three others defrauded donors. By raising more than twice
five million bucks to build a wall along the southern border of the United States and that a Bunch of the money was used for personal gain there. There are so many Where is your remember when this was happening when there was this idea that hey, if Trump get the money from the lips or the Dems then we'll just raise the money privately turns out that Steve Bannon was involved in one of those schemes at the time. I said whose stupid enough to donate to this, to think that this is a project that individuals can actually do and if they did don't two it is it so stupid that they deserve what's coming to them, which is to lose their money. But clearly this is a scam and we were right, but the scam is one that Steve Bannon is involved in to the tune of twenty five million dollars. The other people indicted in crew include
Guy Brian Coal Fudge who's the guy we reported on when this money was actually being raised and, of course, now the distancing with Steve Ban and by some we'll start Trump, I'm sure will say this is very unfair. These were people king to do something that the dams didn't wanna do they were doing a good thing, raising money for the wall. Of course, that's not what at what's at issue. What's at issue is that it is was allegedly money laundering, wire fraud scheme and there there was this funny picture over the weekend of Steve Ban and being interviewed on Fox NEWS. And looking really haggard and a lot of people were laughing about it in commenting on it Maybe he knew this was coming and that's why his appearance was so bizarre and outrageous and federal, Peut prosecutors have a lot of details here. They say that when donors were donating to this project, they were assured
one hundred percent of the money be raised will go to build the wall, and I could tell that wasn't true. Many of you could tell that wasn't true. Anybody with any common sense could tell- they're, not using twenty five million to build the wall. People started writing to Brien Coal Fudge. And it started to get weird, and then it turns out that these guys were profiting from this profiting from an egg and again, I sort of said If you don't do this you're so stupid, you deserve to lose your money, still chrome, chrome. Quality, is alleged here, and so, if there are criminals and they can be proven to be criminals, they should be prosecuted. Morally, maybe there's a different arguments to be made, but certainly there should be prosecution and we're talking about these individuals taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the donations. Essentially, crew
eating. I really like their own slush fund in a sense, and now the pr will start and now we are going to see this turned to yet another one of these political witch hunts, as many claim that the Trump investigations have been in the Trump impeachment ever have been, but dont be confused if it smells like a duck and it walks like a duck, and it sounds like a duck. It's often a duck or some one pretending to be added. And in this case this was all of the above and more to sort of go to the end of the analyses and metaphors, but is any but cut. If anybody is truly surprised by this, I would be shocked, but that's the latest Steve Ban and indeed Are we going to hear back in an hour bourbon and was he like an intern, maybe for a brief period, and twenty fifteen know this
was on the National Security Council at one point, or at least he sat in the meetings. This is serious and they're going to pretend it's not. But this is absolutely outrageous. Speaking of embarrassment and shame, a new pull confirms what should obviously be the case and Yet in America, when sixty million people voted for Donald Trump, it would be wrong to assume that what makes sense will be. Most Americans are embarrassed, however, by the Trump Corona iris response. According to a new assess our ass Paul so not only are we the laughing stock of the world and the pity of the world. We are also embarrassed, which is good. We, should be. The right emotion is to be embarrassed by what we have done on this planet. As far as the virus is concerned. So a few notes from this pole disapproval of trunks
Handling of the virus is up to fifty eight percent great. But how does forty two percent of the country think Trump did a good job on the virus it's a problem. Aid in ten Americans are angry about the response and fifty one percent are very angry people should be angry, but that's deceptive, because Some people are angry because of how bad the response has been. While some people around, that they have to wear masks so that one is a little bit less clear. But then the headline. Seven and ten Americans are embarrassed by the response and we should be embarrassed because it's been embarrassing and now there are also two important indicators in this pole about when things should start to return to normal. Now, fifty seven percent of Americans say
Schools should not open for in person classes in the fall. Some have already opened, but that's not a huge majority. Anyway. Only fifty seven percent say keep schools closed in the fall for in person do remote for sports. Forty nine percent of Americans say there should not be in person sports. Forty five percent of Americans say there should be in person sports. These are really depressing numbers, even with this polarized, a country. You would think you would hope that almost everyone would realise guys. This is embarrassing You, we are not in a position to open schools right now. It's not about never open them. It's about. Let's just do remote for one more semester and then hopefully will have a vaccine and better treatments, and things can start to normalize in early twenty twenty one. No embarrassing schools shouldn't yet open
but that's not what most people or what nearly half of Americans believe now don't forget when you look at these numbers. We talked about this yesterday on the show some more between forty and fifty percent of this country doesn't even plan to get the vaccine, which will make heard immunity impossible in any kind of short to medium term, so the real headlines here are reversed right instead of wow, Seventy percent of Americans embarrassed by Trumps corona virus response. The red alert is woe. Thirty percent of Americans aren't embarrassed by Trumps corona virus response. That's where the focus should be that's about one hundred million people. If you include you know out of the full population which includes kids, but fine with adults, it would be some smaller number than that. Twenty percent of Americans aren't angry about trumps. Corona virus respond. What that's like? Sixty million people await Trump got about sixty
and votes in twenty. Sixteen. Now, if we go back to embarrassment for a second year, we should be embarrassed about trumps response to corona virus, and I am but we should be just as embarrassed by the reactions in the behaviour of a huge portion of the country's people. I've said before, when Trump leaves, we still have sixty million trumpets to deal with. We ve seen protests against mass, squaring we seen protests against social distancing guidelines. We ve seen people losing their minds in costs, goes in Walmart about Liberty and free M over wearing a man asking trying to stop the spread of the virus conspiracy theories about Doktor Anthony FAO cheated were he need security and his daughters need security. Bill Gates wants the microchip you. It is embarrassing what Trump has done, but
w embarrassing when we look not at Trump himself but at his administrations response at the people around him and at our fellow Americans at some point, we're going to be passed this and will be able to do a post freedom and we will need to include, in our analysis, not just an analysis of what Trump did and didn't do not just an analysis of what the Trump Administration did, didn't do, but we're going to need to do an analysis of the sixty million people who voted once for this guy and are going to vote for him a second time? Hopefully it won't be enough to give him another four years and we have to contend with them, for a very long time- and I have not got any good answers to this I've now talking about this for a couple of weeks and the main point is If Trump wins he's going to do it. With sixty five sixty six sixty seven million voters if from loses he's going to lose with sixty two sixty three million vote
maybe even sixty four million voters, even if he loses. We have sixty something million, trumpets and link in this country there on school boards. They are working in stores that go to. They are. Maybe your family there. Maybe your relatives, your friends, whatever? What are we? you about that, because we as a country are really going to be able to advance until we do something to weed out the ideology that got sixty million, plus people to vote vote for Trump, not once, but no doubt twice, or we have to figure out a way to make progress around them or despite them. And I dont know the answer. Is I'm always open to hearing ideas from you Sunday is the fifteenth, firstly, of the David Pachmann show August twenty third, I still remember that first show it was pretty bad, but to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary on site, they will be doing a one day, huge membership, special, the goal being
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I commend you David Pachmann, shelled David Pachmann, died cast today, new members of the day or Nicholas Writer and Peter soon sent. Thank you. You Nicholas and Peter also want to say thanks to Stephanie Christoph, whose today's long time sustaining? Member of the day, Stephanie he's been a member, you guessed it almost five years and is a very special person. I invite you to join these great people. Grab a membership at join pachmann dot com. Let's go to the phone lines at six. One seven
eight three zero forty seven fifty starting today with our colleagues from the two seven zero area code collar from two seven zero. What's your name where you calling from western Kentucky use a demon from Western Kentucky go ahead yet sir, I was calling first of all, I want to point out. I'm sorry. I've got an overseer ETA Biden and Harris are not my first choice at all. Ok, I think, the worse worse, you could got that would have been Biden, closure, ok, her after a little bit of agonizing, I decided I am voting by just because even Norman Kentucky- and I think if I voted third party, it wouldn't matter much anyway. I want to see trunk lose big in the popular vote. Just so we can't say: oh this was rigged. I think they're really needs to be a great big coalition rejecting him. I agree I mention this last week and that we have to run up the score
We see this as an electoral college contest, but given that we anticipate Donald Trump might either try to challenge the results, or claim it was rigged or whatever a bigger margin.
Popular vote is better than a smaller marge, and so I agree with you exactly I did want say ass. Your mortgage, pragmatic left with meaning people. I do think one way we can screw up. Is we don't need a shame? People yes feel different. We need to explain to them this in the best description I ever heard and produce a bond along with its quick. There is a left wing you tube or who said, if you believe in what Bernie and what a yo see stand for, and you look at the amount of work they put in and what they fought for. If you think oh we're, just gonna will put this electronic get it because rocket right president, you pretty much helping destroy everything they work for, because I don't think Biden it necessarily going to become progressive when he gets elected. But it's gonna be a lot easier to convince him and Harris to go for medical care for all and go for pre college in legalizing. Their want of it is tromp, and I think we have to understand that and we have to look at the down
our votes and we have to look at this as a way of reactor term helping to infiltrate the Democratic Party unless sounds really machiavellian mail. But a debate makes sense, and I think you know Matt you, you and I dont think we're going to get Medicare for all because not because of Biden did but because most democratic senators don't even supported. But that's it that's a specific thing. You are completely right that, with Trump we get zero percent of what Bernie wanted and with Biden we probably definitely get ten percent and are in a position. To get another, fifty percent- I listen it just numbers right, and so the only real argument would be. I want to destroy the entire system to build it back up the image that I value but there's no historical example. That tells us that's how change happen so I would reject it.
Historical grounds, but you and I think, are on the same page of course, and one more thing: email with Bob Stopper. I started with coil worse and I think the best thing he said if he said basically implied he's going to vote for Biden and Harris, but he said that does not mean I endorse them. That does not mean that I'm not going to criticise, but I think we need to be able to point out when they do something wrong. Just like our member, when your big Bernie supporter, but when braided some you thought was the wrong thing. You could not but by it right yeah I mean listen. All that voting for one person over another means is you think, you're better than that other parent? You think they are better than that other person, that's all it doesn't mean anything else, and then we go and when we had to do the work all right. My friend, thank you for the call I appreciate it. We are taking calls at six one, seven, eight, three, zero, forty, seven. Fifty let's go now
two Ronald Reagan, who is on the line today, Ronald what's going on? Oh hey! Do how the gone good? How are you Good, I wanted to say I really appreciate your tone of the town of you, so I think that you are taking the threats and what was staring down very seriously which, throughout his than she done well, what's coming in November and what you can on another four years. If we don't do the right thing, got it
yeah, I'm an upheaval that enable gazing on the last inside a boy. You know they do this time in a place like for another and some Dnc lackey or anything like that. But it is really frustrating, I think, to see people I'm treating. This is sort of like situation normal and its mad at you, wanna see gas. I don't know if it's possible to line up a week of shows or something like that, were you break down to limit the battleground state than their electoral systems and who's in charge and what those states, but the voting should look like, because you think I know what you know like I'm at the workplace would likely to see some irregularities and- and it would be good if
People are prepared for bad. I think that today is good enough. I think to be totally transparent. I think a week of shows listing state voting systems would be pretty bad. I don't. I don't think my audience will appreciate that you two weeks would be even worse than we twice as bad, but what I will convey need to do is to let people know where it is that can find out in their state. Where can you leave out. When can you stop early voting. What's the process for voting absentee, can you drop off your absentee bout that I will keep giving people the resources to figure that out, but I'm not gonna do two weeks of shows on that. Unfortunately, well yeah under Habermas, very glad that we have done that fair people keep up the good work and when my good friend, who I mean, look you dont a book is unusually, I want you by whom I met literally through the majority report,
he's not he's now David Pachmann Member and like a big, any sharp doesn't mean. So that's huge. So you know, I don't want you to think it all and estate coming from the Reagan. I love it. I love it all right, my friend, their political murder, or it will see a thing Ronald Reagan, not Reagan, like the President Reagan, like a re like a cathode ray gun, as if, if you can imagine that ok, let's go next to our collar from the six one for area code, who is finding themselves on the line today from six one for I David does is Goulash Genie from us call Ohio who lost Chinese. Kay. I realizing when you send super chats. I've been mispronouncing your name, but I appreciate that now, the hooker
could I remembered but of ideas that I have a question on fur. Like the longer the long run of the Progressive Party sigh, I recently saw a clip from the car coonskin show where he talks about. You know he gave his input that it is the left and progressives want to enact progressive policies on they would have to take over the Democratic Party, because we were obviously led to party system, and I was just wondering what you're what your view is not like. What do you think that an over running up the other democratic Party is the way to go or do you think a third party is an option so that you know the lesser of two evils. Argument doesn't really exist anymore, so I was wondering what you thought about that. Listen, you really have to work both angles. At the same time, obviously, in an ideal system, we wouldn't have a two party system where, if you're, not a democratic republic in at least at everything other than a local level, you essentially
no power, even the few independence in the Senate, caucus with the Democrats, in this case its Bernie and Angus King. So I would be working to try to change campaign finance and how elections are structured, which are really the two big issues that we need to change if a third party is ever going to have a shot but simultaneously, if you only do that and you dont infiltrate the Democratic Party at all, you could lose five ten, many a hundred years, and who knows how long that first process is going to take so you need to be doing both you ve gotta, be able to walk and shoe gum at the same time, right yeah. Absolutely I mean I just. I always thought that the answer is somewhere in the middle and you don't have together. To one side or the other day. I appreciate that they do so much data banks were all right. Thank you for the call great to hear from you. Oh, you know what? Let's do this I'm gonna put. This furious trumpets Jimmy from Philly. We agree,
He would call in because he has some insane situation going on that I want to hear about. I hope are able to talk about it rationally Jimmy Where are you there? My friend younger? Ok? So what I want my email me see if I can set the sub Jimmy and then I'll start getting your input genuine contacted me saying he had a go fun me and ice looked at it, and it looks as though Jimmy complained to me that someone stole his trump lawn signs, but then in the go fuck me, it looks like Jimmy's raising money for legal fees because he got arrested so Jimmy explain what happened. Ok, I'm sitting today the day before someone stole put through my palm signs are recorded that morning, Someone stole another. Well, I'm reported that once you are gonna hold on energy on Ebay. I wondered if we're going to do this, we gotta make sure we have the details clear. So I want to make sure we understand
You, u awoke and looked outside. Your trump signs were gone and you called the police and set on reporting the theft of mine. Sign. Is that what you mean by reported it? Yes, ok good got it yeah, they came out there. Time and again, when I called the next morning about, is added to the report. Got it yeah, that's answer, but I say I barely have a few direction on. Basically god my sign, you know in the black we young black men, and I never felt menaced David. They were having a ball. They were gleeful, they were one so quickly. I didn't have time to stand up. They grab more signs. What happened to the car they drove around the block three times a lady of Trump then just stopped at the light
at the start the car get. Maybe you'll start with my mind. You know just a mad, so big didn't like a baby? I gotta get the barbarian me one demonstrate like lunatic. Ok, so Jimmy they paused those pies, because I don't want to miss a second of this idiocy and I want my audience to fully understand it. This is now separate from the initial the insight You reported your out on your lawn having a beer and for men who you believed to be black and find their race relevant days steal your long signs and drive away, but then there circling the block. Is that correct, yes, to block screaming at worthy? tromp, ok and then only in the area and the little black. I got a pretty good vision. I do with glasses but ended
Jimmy and then you go. You run after the car you run out into the street and right after the car yeah we're. Ok, and obviously the car is obviously a car is faster than a person. So the car there were stopped at. Why can have been half a block away? Ok, ok, whenever the guard. They gave him the clock. Never gonna beat me up, but they never had the intention. They were twenty. Some support something out here as with mass would get in, and I would like in any case me back to my house, why did you come to me? Listen Jimmy issues. I understand about the process. Your love be blocking their property, but the moment you step off your property You're probably drunk and I have to arrest, you saw a volcano Jimmy hold on. I won
commend you now that you're speaking more quietly, would your audio is coming through so much more nicely. So, let's keep the quiet voice. Now, here's the one detail you skipped over. You claim that these four men chased you back to your house and then the police show up. The at what were these four guys doing, then? Did they run away while a raft, America, the cough, came, maybe five minutes later? Ok and the cop says you can be drunk on your property, but once you leave your property, its public intoxication? Yes, any seven, because I baby alleys, depriving them. If I didn't have the video. I have a video you and dad you gotta go so I, for my part, am I I got no static, so young you were arrested for public and toxic. If I understand correctly drove me hold on, you were arrested for public intoxication for chasing a car full of men who had
stolen your trump signed in your new red crap? Okay, so it gets better police station and the entire cost at all I blow the breathlessly you're, not that big usually would we get a cooperative public dumping. We respect in all our, but we're not gonna copy to the chair. Don't act up which I did you hit me myself only says all friend she's a com you can go like ordinary people began to any such luck. You can sit there for an hour. Just keep talking. There was reason you Jimmy arbiter in twelve minutes. One hour goes by two hours goes by three hours goes by
I remember the cell door eat protocol- is the test me. You can all be here all night just because you want to set a common task, may know you're just blow and under the legal limit for Gonna, give you a ride home visa So I call my lawyer and he said Jimmy they got here. Basically, it's an unfortunate situation You know he said I improbable, probably then the medication that signs were stolen before and you know the Dame yeah we're running around the block. You you were thinking correctly said, but by law, yeah, you're gazed at anything, Jimmy. I'm in applying you protect each other, deploying all lose. Then you can call me up a bit of lying dead right. An aside decides stormy. She loved Jemmy decides to three hundred. They would go for me, Initially, I was trying to hundred
Jimmy order. I we were just all. I need to cut a manage this a little bit because its we're just all over the place. So as it stands right now it it sounds like you're, saying you're not going to hire a lawyer for fifteen hundred because public intoxication, it's not like you gonna, go to pray in her jail. You gonna: U hundred boxes that right were if the buyer, but you re, not, let's make you David lawyer whose down apply lose in this war had never was a case for me, I'm either by a boy I protest. While lawyers they thought banks have been arrested for protesting many times a big case? Everything back yard, and probably two or three more refined- I lose a day's work right, so this marketing it there was taken on the chin attended by do use The smarter thing to do would be not to drunkenly chase. After boy in your neighborhood. Is that smarter? Why you swore thing to do
big not to go on my lord and steal my property right, madam talking about you, can only control your actions right. You can control those of others if this is true, but here yet nobody here, although I wanna keep get keep on the core part. So in our conversations you revealed that you were previously arrested for domestic violence. Which is why you don't see your daughter regularly and now, you ve been arrested for public finances are true. I told you my boy by Golly, because our mother, his poisoned, how, against me I've seen my daughter review their bid at incident took her do well. Every amusement park under the sun, but the you know you buy the one hundred dollars wristband at six flags and you go on the ride twice and my hundred dollars, I would spend every gun, I took the kid out every Sunday, All right? You knew I was shown and I went to me. You know
that you- and I don't agree on politics. I reject your your racist, xenophobic homophobic views, but it sounds like you're in a tough spot, sir. I'm sorry to hear that I David David from a racist Frankie. How big is this guy? a very short story. No no. I mean I thank you. You ve I've. I've told you, I would go to you if you called in we, we ve, given you about twice the time most callers get. So, let's put a pause on it there. I think the audience gets the story now and I think we ve done enough for one day. Jimmy ok, but I just want to tell you the harbours, killing me I dont know what that is. Not a relative of unity telling you back man back then made each girl get going. You decide you reminded us earlier why, how many and saw me Some left, his compatriots commander, my channel, respectful
I gotta get there's just. I have to cut it, because this is no ending it. Ok, we're gonna go to with Reagan then right back to the phone line. So don't hang up if you are holding today
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from nine to eight Haitian. What's going on, I'm just curious. Why you know what I'm talking about so I dont bother circulation. They have been second, Tuesday or whatever. Why are that? I think the way its neck and it's the first Tuesday after the first Monday, so it couldn't be. The first of all thank as is the idea why no one talking about and above all I don't they just like. I would question wise man on a weekend anyway, so why don't they talk about making it? You know the weak, instead of just one there. Ok, we'll pay nobody's going to talk about a belgian people, do talk about either making election day or a federal holiday. Although its unclear the net benefit of that. Because
A lot of people. Work on holidays anyway would just kind of like change whose able devote there's a discussion about voting on the wheat. The all of these things have been discussed, but is very difficult to do. It certainly isn't going to happen between now and November, but is there some particular reason why you think this time around it should be done, will be abandoned a great you. Could read out you're very narrow if you have allowed name aided D got here on Tuesday there you don't eat it. When Wednesday, whatever so there is your way to do it legally would be instead of extending vote. To multiple days, you would just start every day so right, now early voting in states that have it it's usually only a few polling places and its limited hours. The way to do what you're suggesting I think Sean would be on October. Twenty seventh, we say poles open today and they will be open through the end of November third and give it right so start
with a full day early voting in all pulling places. That would probably be the simplest way to do legally and logistically right? So, instead of this argument about Marilyn balance and fraud, that's not gonna happen. Why don't you stay just start talking about that either her dear I mean, not being discussed, because I just don't think most governors are going to do it and logistically to keep pulling places. You know people volunteer, so ahead of time to do Polwarth one day, if you're going to say were now can have seven days of Paul work, I it is a logistical nightmare and I get lights not being discussed, but as an idea, I think it's a good one. Well you're gonna happen over the rear
election. There are more than one day. I don't think it's gonna having movie here, but I am open to it. You know who can say what will happen in the future right. So, basically, Democrats would have been good to have two thirds about right in the sun in order what actually passed whelmed? It would probably be easier to do it at the state level were governor because governors control early voting, so you don't even have to do it in the Senate an ogre. Rather they did ok. Thank you appreciate it. People are thinking. That's good. I like to see that our let's see here, Let's go to our collar from the seven three one area code, who's calling today from seven three one Never let me guess it is whose US little David from Jack intimacy, love it what's going on, so I was watching a clip from the same theatre should show the other day, and he made a comment that I do
slight issue with- and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on it- I mean I'm going to have to take your word that you're you're, quoting it accurately, but go ahead. Basically, he was talking about some right wing commentator. I can't remember the name of any said when it comes to right wing commentators. It's essentially, you sometimes need to ask a question
equally stupid around the time they that I agree with you and well. I don't think I can understand reed coming from because I look at a guy like Michael knows, for example, I think he can in turn story misrepresents doing things, and I can see why you would see so my bad is evil where you can look at me like that wall, assault on the daily wire, and I could see why you think he's may be less than in Belgium, but I honestly think then Shapiro, I think, he's very intelligent, and I think that he, you know, I don't think that he is actually trying to MR at his audience. I think he believes that conservative economics is the way to go I think it's kind of unfair to refer to someone like gamins evil. Once maybe stupid is a pejorative, but if he really believes conservative right wing economics is the way to go and
we know that it's not from having you know a hundred and two. A hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty years of evidence to suggest that it we don't have to say that he stupid, but we could say he's wrong on the facts right like if we were able to say Shapiro factually wrong that tax cuts for the rich stimulate call me he doesn't have to be evil and stupid is a bit of an ad harmony, but we could say he's just wrong right. Could we call it ignorance, yeah? Fine, ok, so I think may be stupid is to procure it if, but what we're talking about his ignorance to the facts, and I think in that sense it sort of getting to know what's going on here it is it bothered me a little bit like I said, I'm from Tennessee Young, even though on a progressive of tons of friends and families who were conservative and my dad is broadly the smartest Britain operate boy now in his mouth, Ronald Reagan, Ban and all that, but then
baffles me that he's so intelligent, and I still believe that. But I think that the great guy in a very smart, the welcome as easy. He may be very well. Maybe, but is it possible that, because of your dad's ideology, he may be selectively ignoring certain facts in order to keep his ideology neat and tidy. Yeah, but I make them a bad person, I think you're saying, but on the thing everybody does what a little. But I guess you could say: conservatives do that more. I think that if human nature, it is no, there is no denying that that I agree with you, but anyway I was. I was wondering what you thought about that. I wasn't a big fan of that comment, but I could see where you're coming from I don't know it sounds like you don't like the tone, but you mostly agree with the substance yeah. I guess there now.
Right. My friend, thank you for the call. I appreciated David in Tennessee wow a lot happening on the phone lines today, let's go next to our collar from the eight five zero area code who's calling today from eight five zero David is Luke Luke. What can I do for you? My questions about Bill Clinton speech last night from democratic national dimension? Yes, a couple nights ago, because this is Friday, raiment. Oh gotcha get out wondered what you thought about the lighting up the room. You know the lighting was amazing. Actually I mentioned this during the lives. Rightly it with some of the most pristine lighting that I've seen and it almost looked green screen like they got it wasn't head on right. One side of his face was just at just softly brighter than the other side, had depth it had size. I mean it was you know the gaff offers and the grips deserve. A round of
regulations bill Light, Bill Clinton relating was amazing, but also a quick question and a comment to make sure. Ok, I was turned off the politics and the whole merit. Garland thing happened in the last year about Obama's presently ripe and I was thrown back in once with the rise of tromp, like even surreal. To this day, I've been looking for a political commentator who are well reasoned in their arguments. There not tied down like tribalism or anything like that very fair and reasonable political commentators are guy lean left personally, but that's what I'm looking for your appearance is on the job broken up. Tat brought me to you, and I was wondering if you can recommend anyone sort of meets the criteria.
Bet, you do this sort of well reasoned, eloquent political commentators. I've been recently brought her name. Is there a destiny? Oh you mean I'm that remain Stephen Kenneth Destiny, but now the second are there we go back, but him you is there anyone else. You can reckon some problem due to your show Anna your duty, I don't like that. You know it's really just me. I can't I can really just recommend more of my own show. Unfortunately I could, I would not normally Here's the thing to be on I'm the wrong person to ask because I dont, even I barely know who's out there like there's a bunch of people who are my friends who do this stuff, but I'm actually, I was talking to lands of the serfs recently he knows the landscape of the commentators on left and right, so we're thinking of doing a collaboration soon, where he's sort of going to expose me to the good.
Bad, including the underbelly of of right wing, commentary and stuff. Like that. I really would not be able to say there so many people out there now doing their thing, but I just don't do any watching of content like mine up as a personal, I just get, it for this stuff. Where I wanted disconnect- and I dont I watch you- Know- chess gardening instruct on you too. I just really dont know I dont know. I would thank everybody, but I'm just one last comment on my yeah. I your appearance is on the move is just you lead Petersen ghetto? Yes, that's gotta, be the funniest stop other seen in my life. Thank you. Thank you. I'm DR would some day after the pandemic. Hopefully I can be back on with him. There incredible, not actually take em. I call David aright my friend. Thank you. I appreciate it great to hear from Luke there that is
going to do it for calls today much better sound today during the cause we will take calls again the David Pack Shell, David Pachmann, dad got the number one funding source for the David Pachmann Show has been and continues to be. Membership and membership is not just a feel good thing you get. Access to the world famous bonus show every single day just for members as well as commercial, free, audio and video feeds of the show day. In and day out, you can sign up for membership very, very quickly at joint pachmann dot com that joint p, a Kay EM, an dotcom if the normal prices strike.
You was high by all means used the coupon code vote soon. Eighteen, all one word all lower case become a member. Today, the David Pachmann show David Pachmann Dotcom. Ok, Let's get right into audience questions the first one is about my pants David would replacing MIKE, hence help Donald Trump get reelected. Would it help him in the polls? so it's extremely unlikely that replacing pants would help Trump and it has the serious potential to hurt Donald Trump and there's a few things you have to understand about Vp Picks, VP picks the the
the situation. The risk reward with the vice presidential pic is a symmetrical, and what I mean by that is a bad vp. Pick can hurt you much more than a good VP pick can help you, because a good VP pick essentially causes no drama causes no scandals. Stays out of the way is a reasonably ok debater, so that in the not particularly high reviewed vice presidential debate. They hold their own and they essentially just they know the talking points. They don't get hugely embarrassed, Reno, Sarah Palin, in her VP debate- really didn't do well, but it still didn't really really hurt Mccain pale and that much amended it already wasn't going particularly well for them, but
the other hand. If you have a great VP, they don't do that much for you, and so that's why the ace a symmetrical nature to me would suggest that unless pence is a problem for Trump its risky to replace him- and you also have to remember replacing your VP is a sign that something is wrong. The than the varying muse of replacing the VP, if Trumpery, do it, even if he takes pants and replaces him with someone like equally o k that could be a wash, but the news that there's chaos and disorganization with in a word days before the convention at this point, the Republican national convention that could actually hurt Donald Trump and there if we look at pen specifically, you could also make the case that he's complement
to read a trump in some way. I know that from now pretends to be religious and he says when he was in his late sixties, he stopped being pro choice and now he's against abortion, and all of this that you know he read the Bible. Why don't believe any of it, but to the extent that anybody does her, doesn't believe it MIKE pensive Angelica credit credentials, probably help Trump in some key states with the evangelical base, which again Whitey Vendela goals will talk about this later. Actually, white evangelist tend to vote Republican. Would they be turned off from Trump? If pence wasn't? ere I dont know so to me, a bad VP can really be a problem, whereas a good VP, just kind of keeps chugging along pence in terms of demographics could actually be good for Trump, and a replacement itself could signal trouble and
could backfire. Now the one thing I am interested in, that's that's, maybe a little bit different this time around. We are going to have a democratic, female VP candidate, debating a why evangelical, older male Republican, in the VP debate now, if you think back to Pailin versus Biden back in two thousand eight, a Sarah Palin is just not oh as as quick or or well versed in policy or skilled at debating, as is common Harris, but the dynamics were where you had the democratic way. Male debating against the younger republican woman, and that is a different dynamic.
Particularly in these times where xenophobia is now welcomed into the open by the presidency of Donald Trump. The the racist right. Wingers are more willing than ever to say the things that they were, probably always thinking, etc. I am interested in what the sort of side bar around the debate. What is going to be the right wing coverage? How are they going to deal with common Harris if birth or two point out is any sign. The early questions about is Kamel Harris actually eligible to be VP. It could get very, very ugly with a woman of color on the democratic side debating evangelical White Republican Might pence that's in September. Actually, no. I believe that the VP debate is not even until October, so we have some time unless it gets cancelled, but I think that's going to be interesting, but should trump replace PET pence, probably not problem.
Hey David, why do most white people vote for Republicans? This is that this is a complex question that requires a lot of different exploration and the answer is not because white people are merely racist and they vote for Republicans that that that's not, if that's what you believe, it's overly simplistic there of course elements of racism, but that that's really not what this is about. So it is true that when you look at current polling and you slice indecent demographically by age by race by ink you all these different things by education. Donald Trump is winning among men by not not by a huge margin. Donald Trump is being among white voters and Donald Trump is winning.
Among uneducated voters. The more education you have, the more likely you are to support Joe Biden. The answer to a lot of the white support for Republicans actually is religion, and I want people to be very, very carefully understanding what it is that I'm saying here white evangelicals, overwhelmingly vote for Republicans White non. Evangelicals are pretty split between the democratic and the Republican Party. So to say it another way were it not for white evangelicals, the Republican Party would not have the advantage, it has among white voters, and this is why you might see american politics and you say
there's more support for abortion. Today, then, there has been at any time since Roby weighed, and yet they still the Republican still kowtow to being against abortion, and they still try to play. You know they trump speaking at them, for life in all of these different stuff. The reason why is that they are dependent on them
white evangelical voter not only for votes but also for donations. Evangelicals are just over a third of white voters. Okay, so you've got all white voters. One slash three of white voters are evangelical. They voted for Trump, roughly four hundred and twenty one, eight thousand two hundred and twenty other white voters went for Hillary. Fifty six two hundred and forty four according to exit polls against Trump in twenty sixteen. So when you slice and dice the electorate, you you start to understand that the analysis that white people prefer Republicans, it's not really getting at the core of the issue, which in this particular case is religiosity, now
any time you look at these distinctions, you have to be able to separate causation versus correlation. Ok, I don't know exactly how that affects the white voter element of it, but, for example, with education, you see that people without a college degree are the most likely educationally to be voting for Trump people with a college degree support Joe Biden by by a pretty big margin. People with a post graduate degree support Joe Biden by an even higher margin, the more education you have, the more likely you are to support Biden over Trump. I actually believe that is causal. I think that education as a process make
you less likely to be banned, booze old by stupid, talking points from tromp like, I know all about trade, and I will fix it. The more educated you are, the more likely you are to realise Trump knows nothing about trade and he's not going to fix it, and you should involve for it, so that is causing to me with some of these other things: religion, race, whatever. I think that we have to explore whether the correlations have a causal component that sort of not really what we were taking had on, but that's the situation. Yes, white voters support Republicans, but were it not for white, even Jellicoe? That support would be very much in question David there's a lot of discussion about income inequality. If we accept that
say problem: how can we actually fix it? Ok, this is a good question. Let's not debate whether income inequality is a problem, let let's, except that it is, and that's not what this segment is about. We can talk about whether it's a problem in another segment. I believe that it is in I've outlined why many times the most important fact to realise about fixing income inequality is that we don't need to come up with anything new. We we have essentially all the ideas we need to deal with income inequality. Now to be very clear, I dont believe that we need perfect distribution of income, perfect distribution. Equality of outcome so to speak, is not naturally occurring anywhere. I don't believe it would be good to force it. I'm not a socialist. I don't
leave? There would be any reasonable, reasonable expectation that everybody has the same amount of money. What I do think as a social Democrat, though, is the bottom should be lifted. There should be a safety net that says we're not going to allow people to bought, fall below this level and then at the top. You should have more restriction about ok, if we say billionaires, are ok, are multi billion airs, turbo billionaires were at work. Why do we want to be saying now is when you ve got a really be redistributing. It's a grey area. Different people would put it at a different different spot. We have all of the different tools but The problem is getting the right combination, so, as an example should the minimum wage be higher then it is right. Now, of course, is a fifteen dollar minimum wage nationally going to solve the problem of inequality, no we higher minimum wage exactly what it should be probably depends on the state that were in, but fifteen dollar minimum wage. Is even a living wage in many states based on cost of living. So do we need to raise the minimum wage? Yes, there will be
people who come in and say well. The higher minimum wage is better. Why not just make it two hundred dollars an hour? That's not an equal Brian Wage anywhere and that's a red herring, don't fall, for it? Do we need a more robust social service system funded by taxes on the very very rich, but that includes financial transactions and some of these other ideas. Yeah we ve got the tools, we know what it would look like. There's just no political to do it right now. Do we need better educational access, regardless of income, because one of the great equalizer is education and unfortunately in our society. Yes, there are scholarships. Yes, we know about that stuff, but the reality is there is,
low income, mobility in the United States and part of that is because there is not widespread good education that is accessible to people who start off in an economically disadvantaged position. Trade is part of it. You know Trump talks about trade at some trade. Things can be bad for the middle class. I'll concede that you gotta look at trade we can look at things like universal basic income or a value added tax and there's pros and cons to all of these. My point is: there are no new tools that are necessary to deal with income inequality, but we have to get away from doing a thing and let the markets handle it, because we know that doesnt work. We know that doesn't work, I'm fine. As a social Democrat, letting markets work
to direct resources in many industries. As I said before, I dont need the government making all the cell phones or making all the aeroplanes, but I sure, as hell, want the governments involved in regulating those industries and well regulated markets were private industry as manufacturing stuff. I'm fine with certain areas need to be taken out of that health care education. You could argue that some day, The level of housing should be taken out of that. It's a debate in the grey area, but we ve got all the tools. We need to figure out how to put them together in the right proportions. Send in your questions for next week's audience questions through our website, David Pachmann DOT, We have a great bonus, show for you today and remember that on August, twenty third, the fifteenth anniversary of the David packing so we will be doing a one day: huge membership special. It will be based on the theme of fifteen.
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