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8/2/21: Vaccinated Rage Against Anti-Vax Climbs as Infrastructure Might Pass

2021-08-02 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--The vaccinated American population is increasingly furious with those choosing not to get vaccinated for their extension and exacerbation of the COVID-19 pandemic

--COVID is spreading roughly twice as fast in Republican counties as it is in Democratic counties across the United States

--Republican Senator Ron Johnson says on Fox News that he would support a vaccine mandate, if COVID were a "serious" disease

--Florida becomes COVID hell with record new case numbers and a new record for hospitalizations as Governor Ron DeSantis tries to ban most public health guidelines

--Newly revealed documents show that Donald Trump told the Department of Justice to "say the election was corrupt" when he was near the end of his presidency

--Donald Trump loses his mind over the apparent progress of Joe Biden's infrastructure deal moving into debate on the floor of the Senate

--Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says during an interview that Donald Trump has been meeting with "cabinet members" about "moving forward in a real way"

--Radical Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn attempted to board a plane with a firearm and a loaded magazine, which was seized

--Unhinged voicemail caller brutally attacks David over things he never said relating to vaccines

--On the Bonus Show: CDC study on vaccinated cluster missing key information, why DoorDash drivers are on strike, Zoom settles zoombombing lawsuit for $85 million, much more...

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Well, I wish I had something better to start with today. I do, but unfortunately covert cases in the United States are absolutely exploding thanks to not having oxygenated nearly enough Americans yet and because of the UN's vaccinated doing things that they really should not be doing. Plus the highly contagious dealt a variant, and understandably the vaccinated. Our growing increasingly furious with the UN's vaccinated, who refuse to take
the steps that everybody can take to help end this pandemic. I mean: are we sick of this? Wouldn't you accept, and willingly and excitedly go towards an action. If there was something you could do to help end this pandemic, they won't get vaccinated, they won't wear masks and they insist on large gatherings of on vaccinated people. Cnn reporting that some vaccinated Americans have lost their patience with those refusing the shot as with nineteen cases, surge and mandates. Return will tell you in a bit of We ve been going on in Florida, the Washington Post reporting that quote vaccinated p. Both are ready for normal c and angry at the UN vaccinated getting in their way. They claim to want everything to go back the normal that back to normal and in fact many
then never thought we needed to depart from normal, even in May Juno, whatever of twenty twenty in the middle of the pandemic, they never wanted to do anything, and yet they won't do the things that would help us get back to normal, and you know what its correct to be resentful of these people. You know at the start of the pandemic, things were crazy. We didn't know how contagious are deadly covert. Was we didn't know how much social distancing would worker to what degree masks would mitigate the spread, and there were differences of opinion in the midst of not you, having full information, and while it started to become clear that there were some bad faith actors there were. There were still more unknowns about what needed to be done and then, when it became clear, well, ok, yeah the masks we need. We need to stop large indoor gatherings the bleaching, your papayas that didn't make sense.
But these other things did and we learn more and more and they still didn't do anything. Then it was frustrating, I think, is the way I would describe it and then the scenes became completely widely available living in a way that other countries can only dream of, and a ton of those other countries are desperate for vaccines. And yet here you have tens of millions of people who just won't get vaccinated. Instead, they are more interested in spreading vaccine, DIS information and conspiracy theories. Wildly a response happily and humiliating way, that's their choice, and so now we have another surge. It's mostly on vaccinated people getting sick and in an and mostly on vaccinated people, get seriously sick and overwhelmingly on vaccinated people dying, but not only covert is here, it's hammock, and we are now stuck with these people. In a veritable idiosyncrasy so now
it is anger, and now it is reset resentment. And now its fury and its desperation in the world looks at us and wonders what on earth is going on over. There were desperate for vaccines. We want well well, we should, I think, I'm Joe Biden just said. Like four million vaccines to Nigeria, maybe it was a small small numbers. We have hundreds of millions, you just walk in and you get vaccinated and you're almost certain not to get seriously sick from covered and they won't do it. So I have to tell you before this pandemic. I knew how partisan and divided the country was over political issues, but I guess naively, I thought, if something serious happened like a pandemic,
we would come together and do what needs to be done across party lines. What an idiot I was a boy was I wrong my faith in even the most basic ability to count on the United States as a society to do simple things. Wear masks when it makes sense to wear masks, get yourself vaccinated when you can, which is now for everybody whose twelve or older play by the rules don't spread insane conspiracy theories about a virus. My faith has been completely eroded by what we ve seen. I was reminded of a Curt Vonnegut quote. That applies perfectly to our situation here in the United States. True, terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. Now my high school class was actually okay. There were lots of some.
people, but a lot of my high school classmates are also spreading conspiracies on Facebook. So it's more like we ve woken up, and the people who had no business running a lemonade stand in high school are now running the country and part of it has to be past. Generations didn't have such ready access to misinformation and conspiracies about anything that happened like they had it with a lot of stuff, there was war propaganda. Whatever but now there is no break to the signal boost. If you get a notion in your head that the vaccines are oh and Bill gates and whatever you can just go on Facebook or wherever and you find information that just reinforces that Hare brained belief where, in times past on some issues, there has always been propaganda, but on some issues there was not such an easy way to signal boost any Craig.
notion that you had, you don't really want to accept the signs. Well, here is a full social media platform from Uncle Bob went and you can choose to just insulate yourself with that stuff, so we're in real real trouble here, and, as as I've been telling you guys, we are starting to see this dealt a wave pass in Europe. I mentioned I'm going to be in Spain next week and will have some great guest hosts here It looks like Spain, UK and other places they are. They are seeing a rapid decline after the delta variant took hold their as vaccination continues in many of these countries, including Spain, have surpassed the? U S in percentage of people vaccinated will look at those
there's a little later. It's not clear how long the numbers are going to continue worsening in the United States were at a hundred thousand cases a day again and will look at that a little bit later Florida, its unconscionable, what's happening record hospitalizations in Florida, like wrecked record, going all the way back to the beginning, so we're in real trouble and its correct. It makes sense that the resentment of the people who just choose not to get vaccinated is growing dramatically. Now many of you have been asking scope is going to become a republican virus. Is this going to become a Publican pandemic in the United States, because when you but the numbers if Democrats are getting vaccinated at way higher rates than Republicans, and if blue states have much more cautious rules about large indoor gatherings, etc, then read states
Won't it eventually become a republican pandemic, and the answer is that it overwhelmingly already. Is we have new numbers that Philip bump wrote about in the Washington Post, which showed the new infection rate in the last couple of weeks is twice as high per capita in red counties than it is in blue counties in the United States so important. This is at the county level, way more precise than the state level. You know the thing about. Looking at the state level is you can have a blue state. That's fifty three. Two hundred and forty six, a state that Joe Biden won, but you might really have a much more precise,
division. If you look at red and blue counties within that state, now some of the county's might only be slightly blue or slightly red, but it's a much more accurate and precise way of slicing and dicing. This and the numbers are shocking. In the last two weeks on average, blue counties are seeing 10u cases per one hundred thousand residents, where is red counties are seeing twenty new cases per one hundred thousand residents. The new case rate in red counties counties that voted Trump rather than Biden, is twice that of the new case rate in Biden County. That is a stunning gap, and it's actually you can make the case that the numbers- don't even tell you how bad it is, because when you consider that blue counties tend to be more densely populated than red counties, this reflects very poorly unread. Counties like the default position for positivity rates is that red counties should be doing
better than blue counties, all else being equal, because you have a lower population density. It should be a little more difficult for it to spread when the population density is lower. The fact that it that the new case rate is twice as high in red counties, even despite having lower population density, is incredible. Now the other important thing is the delta variant, which is significantly more contagious, the delta, it is affecting the whole country, red and blue states, red and blue counties everybody's affected by the delta variant? But if you consider and compare counties today, versus where they were a year ago, meaning not only pre delta but pre vaccine? We are basically seeing the same partisan spit split. On average, you see
even even consider. Comparing to a year ago, you are seeing dramatically worse numbers in the red counties than in the blue counties. Now the media question as well: how is how is the Trump electorate going to react? Howard, the trump people going to react while there are already doing it, they are saying the statistics are fake to make them look bad now. That, of course, would require all sorts of conspiracy involving a whole bunch of different agencies in multiple states, red and blue states. The simpler explanation, a sort of casual outcomes, razor is the data, might just be real and it reflects what's happening within these different places. That's the most intuitive,
requires the fewest assumptions and it's the simplest explanation, so some people will will claim the numbers are just fake in their made up. Others will just ignore the statistics renewable it'll in it, and it could shift over time. It might begin with denial. Then it will go to anger about the people. Making up numbers to make red states look bad. then, who knows, or they might even invent something whole cloth, you know Biden is bringing infected immigrants from other countries releasing them into red states to drive up the numbers or something like that. But the truth is this is exactly what you would expect based on the different behaviour, the different attitudes and the different vaccination rates The other thing you might see by the way the other thing you might see as a result of this is some of the red states. Just click being down on reporting this stuff we're going to look at coded Hell Florida later, we still don't even know if we're getting accurate numbers from
order. The numbers we're getting are the worst in the country and the worst that Florida has seen in the pandemic single day record more than twenty four twenty one thousand cases in good day over the weekend. We don't even know if these are truly the numbers that are coming out of Florida and given track record. It's really unclear, so it is wild. What is going on right now, the world is looking on and horror The vaccinated are looking at the Un Vaccinated and, seeing what are you doing? What are you doing and I have actually a really sort- a disturbing voicemail today about how we ve been talking about vaccination that'll, be a little bit later, but after the break will look at Florida and will look at a whole bunch of other things that took place over the weekend. It is August we are two weeks till the day from the sixtyth anniversary of the David Pachmann show on that day, August
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that the David Pachmann Show is really a programme, unlike any other, not only because I have no idea what I'm doing, but also because were funded directly by our audience. Our programme is funded by people like you, and you can sign up and grab a membership. It join pachmann dot com. We do an extra show every day for folks, like you who sign up, you also get commercial free audio and video feeds of the show. If you would like them, occasional member, only town halls you can sign up at join Pachmann Dotcom. So this you just have to see to understand the please and total disconnect from reality that has infected yeah infected the republican Party. When it comes to the cart corona virus Pandemic republican Senator RON Johnson appeared on Fox NEWS over the weekend and he was asked? Could you ever get a vaccine behind get behind a vaccine mandate? We know you.
Not for one right now, but could you ever get behind the government mandating that people get a vaccine and RON Johnson said? I mean this is completely beyond parity. He said I could only do that I could only support a vaccine mandate if there was a deadly disease spreading now, of course, he means more deadly than covered Let's take a look at the video and then discuss. you see that if you have this virus and you spread Irish and your own vaccinated. You have a chance of being better gents being hospitalized, but I don't think you can mandate someone get vaccinate I'm pretty sure tat. We ve never done that before and was a month ago when both Camel Harris and the presence it. I can't force anyone to do it, but Europe is doing. Could you ever get behind a vaccine mandate for everybody known, not lesser, some incredibly deadly disease? I mean much higher infectious child erase, we have with covered. We want. We don't know the final infections child, you rate,
So he says he could only get behind a vaccine mandate if there was something really deadly spreading to which he clearly, as is referring to something much dead here than cove it, and then you later on when on to say, not downplaying covered. But you know something about the fatality rate of the flu. He said now: let's, let's break this down in parts, this hopefully will be useful. Some of you dealing with the Disan formation in your local communities in your households, even based on the calls I got last week. The flu case fatally rate the sea. F R is about zero point. One percent, the cove it case. Fatality rate, is three point. One percent, that's thirty one times higher thirty one times higher than the flu. Now you might say. Wait David Winnie Mean three point: one percent. I thought that the death rate of covert was only zero point. Eight percent. Remember we ve got different metrics here we're talking about the case fatality.
rate, that is, deaths divided by known cases known cases because of the number of unknown and never tested covered cases. For a variety of reasons. It is believed that the infection fatality rate is zero point eight percent, but here were comparing the case: vitality rate of flu and the case vitality rate of covert three point. One percent for covered zero point: one percent for flew thirty one times higher okay, so that comparison is weird. Then you have how infectious are. They are zero, which is the or the are not is a measure of how infectious? How easily spreading a condition is the are not for the flu is somewhere between one and two four covered the are not was originally believed to be somewhat higher. Without take
any mitigation measures. So probably in the area of two to four and the whole point of the mitigation measures was try to get it below one, so it stop spreading, and the Dell variant is believed to be way more contagious were still learning, but it could be something like five to seven were not totally shore, but the delta variant is dramatically more contagious. So the flu comparisons all would point to taking covert We serious way more deadly and weigh more contagious than the flu. Now, of course, if you say well, let's, I wanna compared to something like Ebola, something really deadly. It is absolutely true that Ebola is really deadly. Ebola kills the death rate of Ebola, really varies depending on the medical facilities that are available. There is also much smaller sample size, but a bull is death rate is estimated at twenty five to ninety percent of those infected. The infection, fatality rate of Ebola is at an average is about fifty percent. Now a big portion of that is.
because of where it Bola happens, Ebola overwhelmingly takes place in poorer countries where people often end up dying of shock from fluid loss that would likely be lower if a bola was only in a country like the United States because of more advanced medicine and access to it to more advanced medicine, but there's no doubt cove. It is way way less deadly than Ebola, but its way more contagious, Ebola is transmitted by bodily fluids and it has an hour not of between one and a half in two and a half covered, and especially the delta variant, are way more contagious than Ebola because of how it spread. So the point here is when someone like RON Johnson says: oh, you know I'd think about it
the mandate. If we had a really serious deadly virus spreading, what exactly does he mean how deadly and how contagious? We have to be asking that because, when they say oh flew flu but hold on a second, let's figure that out, because you could have something that's way more deadly but way less contagious, and you could have a similar expected death toll because you're going to have fewer in actions because it doesn't spread as easily with a higher death rate and you could have the same number or more people die. My instinct is everything I just said is an even a factor: When someone like RON Johnson says this, my guess is he'll say I would look at Maxine mandate. If we had a serious disease spreading and then go to him and he would say: ok tell us exactly what a mat. What disease combination of our not and death rate would qualify
serious in your mind, and my instinct is hell move on to the next talking point. I don't think they actually really know what they're saying they're just coming up with something to not have to be in favour of about vaccine mandate now and then, if there was a different situation, need to come up with. A different reason to oppose these guys are clueless is the point that trying to make. We are now going to talk about Florida. What is going on in Florida Florida has quickly become a covert hell. Scape, we are seeing more care This is basically in all of the United States, as I mentioned earlier in part because of the more contagious delta variant. and in part, is because not nearly enough people have been vaccinated if you can believe it. As of yesterday afternoon, only forty nine point, six percent of the United States has been fully vaccinated, we're not even at fifty percent yet
even though vaccines are widely available. Safe and free day are free, so cases are spiking and lots of places, but in many of these places, hospitalizations are not spiking nearly as much or at all, because of the high vaccination rates are like. Vermont would be one such example, and there are many that you can find the: U S state of Florida, which has become a cartoonist trompe and farce, led by republican Governor Rhonda. Santas was hit. Not only has hit not only a new single day pandemic long case record, but it has also reached a record level of covert hospitalization right now today, right now, as we are recording today show there is a record number of hospitalization for covered in the state of Florida. Why is wrong. Dissent is doing. He is trying to ban any kind of mass mandates
and get everybody in school now, as you can see here, Florida is setting its own new single date his record. They did it on July, thirty. First, with almost twenty two thousand cases, depending on the day. Florida is ready. early registering between twenty and thirty percent of the entire countries. New cases, that's in one state, the state of Florida. But if it were merely cases among vaccinated people for whom it's mostly a cold it wouldn't be that big of a deal but floored as hospitals are completely filling up. First of all check out the positivity rates in Florida, which are eighteen point, one percent for the state Brower County. It's a fourteen percent positivity rate Miami dated twelve percent Monroe County, sixteen percent positivity. If your positivity raid is above about five,
five? It means you're, not testing nearly enough and you're, not capturing nearly enough of the people. Were sick. When, when you have an eighteen percent positivity rate, it means there's tons of people not getting tested who have the virus and are spreading the virus and then maybe, most importantly, hospital is ancient, are at a record the Associated Press reporting that Florida breaks cove at nineteen hospitalization record with more than ten thousand two hundred patients, the Sunshine state had ten thousand two hundred and seven people hospitalized with confirmed covert cases. According to data reported to the. U S, department of H, H, us, the previous record was from July twenty three of twenty twenty more than half a year before vaccinations were widespread, so understand
hospitalization today in Florida is about twenty percent higher than before anybody was vaccinated. Florida is now leading the nation in per capita hospitalization. Some people saying will David Sir of Florida has so many people, yes, but Florida is also leading per capita hospitalizations. In the last week, Florida is averaging fifteen hundred adult hospitalizations a day and listen to this thirty five pediatric hospitalizations every day, thirty five kids in Florida are being put into the hospital with covert and then what about death swell because part of Florida is vaccinated? We don't expect That's right to get as high, but deaths are also climbing in Florida, much more than nationally daily deaths in Florida they were down to twenty two a day there now up to fifty five day more than doubled and based on the recent case explosion. We would expect
medically higher death counts in Florida. In the next fifteen many days. Meanwhile, Governor Rhonda Santas is almost campaigning for the virus bragging about We're not gonna do mask mandates, we're not gonna do guidelines were never shut. Anything down were opening everything? Do everything send kids to school, but no masks and school? If you were trying to have the worst numbers in the country you basically be doing what Rhonda Santas is doing in Florida. Will it get him negative, consequences or will he end up as the republican presidential nomination, twenty twenty four- that the question and began? we do have a real problem in this country with ignorance, I am not ready to say this will definitely hurt Rhonda Santas its cut it it's possible that somehow, because of the republican Electorate, Rhonda Santas comes out of this. Looking like a freedom loving hero rather than a covert house, scape creating
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A month. We have learned more and more, in particular, about the efforts that the Trump administration went to try to steal the twenty twenty election. In the period between November and January, there is a stunning stunning new port from the New York Times. Where it is now known that Donald Trump went to the Justice Department and press them to declare the election results. Corrupt trump wanted them to say this was a corrupt election to then allow from Trump. We don't even know. That's the really scary part. Let's look at this important article President Donald Trump Press top Justice Department officials late last year to declare The election was corrupt, even though they had found no instances of widespread fraud, so he and his allies in Congress could use the assertion to try to overturn the results according to new documents provided to lawmakers the demands were an extraordinary instances,
president interfering with an agency that is typically more independent from the White House to advances personal agenda. They are also the latest example of trumps wider. Jeanne campaign during his final weeks in office to deal legitimize. The election result rubber, William BAR said in an interview and certainly privately while we found no evidence that fraud or or improper actions related to the election impacted the results in any way. That would that's what the d o J actually found. The article goes on to say: listen to this. The exchange unfolded during a phone call on December, twenty seventh, in which trumpet pressed the acting attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy Richard Donoghue on voter fraud claims that the Justice Department Department had found no evidence for Mr Donoghue warned that the department had no power to change the outcome of the election. How many people told Trump that pence d o j
trump replied. He did not expect that. According to notes, Mr Donoghue took memorialize the conversation just say: the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and two congressional allies Donna he wrote in summarizing trumps response? Tromp was hoping that if the d o j could just say it was all corrupt, then Trump and his republican friends would figure out some way to use that too. I guess try to. that Joe Biden from actually taking office, Mr Trump did not name the lawmakers, but at other points during the call he mentioned, Jim Jordan River the kind of Ohio whom he described as a fighter, consider that Jim Jordan was named as one of the five members of the house that Kevin Mccarthy wanted to put on this commission
We investigate what happened on January six. This is more evidence that Jim Jordan was more of an accomplice than anything he could be, as an investigator has no business on that committee. Reverence Scott Perry who, at the time, promoted the idea that the election was stolen from tromp centred around Johnson who'd front praised for getting to the bottom of things, Mr Jordan. Mister Johnson denied any role in trumps. Efforts to pressure the Justice Department Russell dies spokesmen for Jordan member Gordon voted to overturn the election results in key states, quote congressmen, and did not and has not and would not pressure anyone at the Justice Department about the twenty twenty election. Mr John, and had no conversations with President tromp about the OJ questioning the election results said his spokeswoman elects a heading. no did. He had acknowledged Joseph Biden is the President Elect, but that he also called for what he sees as erection alike, erect
election irregularities. That's my truck tumor moment to be fully invest. Aided and addressed to restore confidence in future elections. Perry did not respond to requests for comment. He has continued to assert from one but has not been tied it directly to the White House to keep him in office. So listen. I actually dont think there was really a master plan here. I dont think Trump has the foresight or the organisation to really do this in an organised manner. My senses trump had the idea he could coordinate and put all of this stuff together. Let's, let's get in a Rudy and other people going around making claims and filing court motions. Let's get the d o j to say it was corrupt. Let's talk about In people active on January, six trump might have had the idea that he could put it all together as some kind of master plan. I dont believe Trump is actually capable of that
his general demeanor seems to have been if I can just get people even if those people dont really we have the legal authority to change anything related to the election. Rudy going around get d o j to say it was corrupt, get eat, oh Brad, RAF inspired in Georgia to say we found these or maybe he could put it all together, wrap it up and tie it with. bow and somehow remain president now he was probably closer to pulling it off and we would like to admit- and what I mean by that is imagine if the rioters- the terrorists, the insurrectionists on January Sixth, had actually guy to a democratic Congress member and held them hostage or got into my pants They may have been successful in preventing the certificate vision of that election for a little bit of time. Now, in a sense, they delayed it ours they related hours, but not days had they actually taken
hostage which, which we believe many of them wanted to do? They might have actually been to delay it further consider how many times tromp was told by different officials, you're being told false information. None of the things you're saying are true and Trump still would respond effectively with I dont care, I don't care just say it stolen and I'll figure out a way to use it to try to keep the drift going and then, of course, that also gets to what a lot of this is about, which it's been used by tromp to continue raising money. But that's the news, the sitting president, pressure, the Department of Justice to say the election was corrupt. That is an attempt to destroy our democracy if he had gotten his way and it he had got if he had gotten someone at the d o J D say that and then he had used that to say the election was corrupt. It's an valid and I am going to what
their martial law some kind of state of emergency, whatever he was ginning up with Michael Endow, the my pillow guide, the White House that day that would have been a step towards the dictator that Donald from very much wants to be and think back, I'm in consider what we now know and then think back to when Bill Clinton had a conversation with Loretta Lynch and that like a big rightwing scandal. You mean even remember that, and it seems laughable that that would even count as a scandal, given what the former administration tried to do. It's absolutely crazy, and next I want to talk about, what's been going on with the infrastructure bill, which also sent Trump into its easy. I have said a few times now. Joe Biden must get another major piece of legislation done this calendar year Twenty twenty one or it's going to be a really tough A pill battle in the mid terms, the mid terms are now a foregone conclusion. Traditionally, almost always when a party takes it,
it house in an election year, two years later in the first mid term, they don't do well in the midterms, that's typically the way it goes in most cases. I dont believe that it is necessarily going to go that way in twenty twenty two, but it could, and Joe Biden needs a major legislative accomplishment, for gently for America, there has been major progress on the infrastructure bill. That Democrats have been trying to figure out how on earth can we move forward on this with Republicans, this is great news, for the country is good NEWS for Democrats, but its apparently disastrous news for the former President Donald Trump, who has blown gasket over this attacking Republicans now mind you so far, all that happened, is that late last week, Republicans in the Senate went along with starting to debate the infrastructure bill if not even voted on the package together do just starting the process right now that alone has Donald Trump, absolutely losing it trump. Putting out a statement quote
under the weak leadership of Mitch, Mcconnell Senate Republicans continue to lose him lost Arizona. He lost jobs, weird I dont remember Mitch, Mcconnell being on the ballot there he ignored election fraud and he doesn't fight now giving Democrats everything they want and getting nothing in return? No deal is better than a bad deal fight America not for special interest in radical Democrat rhinos are ruining America right. Alongside communist Democrats, I dont know if there is anything that accurate in that It has real old man yelling at a cloud energy to it. If you notice but think through the things he sang their first of all. How is it
Mitch, Mcconnell lost Arizona and Georgia. It was Trump who lost Arizona and Georgia. He was the candidate Mitch. Mcconnell was on the ballot in Kentucky only where he one now maybe Trump is referring to Mitch. Mcdonald's, poor leadership led to republican senators losing in Arizona and in in Georgia? I believe Trump is more responsible than Mitch Mcconnell, for those losses as well makes absolutely no sense and by the way, when Donald Trump spent several years insulting the late. John Mccain, who was very popular in Arizona. Did that help or hurt Trump in Arizona, but it was somehow Mitch Mcconnell Bob Trump barely one in twenty sixteen eked out, just barely winning in a few states lost the popular vote, insulted key people increased. Its failed uncovered alienated nearly half the country any thinks it couldn't be his fault that he and his republican colleagues lost in Arizona and Georgia, and if they do
did it someone else's fault for sure, like it's really really a complete inability to take responsibility for anything now, there's a ton of words from statement about this, but it can be translated in this way. I'm really mad. That Republicans are going to go along and give Joe Biden and accomplishment, because it makes me look bad because I couldn't get infrastructure done. That's the translation of what trumpets sang and it's not even just that Trump has been pushing Republicans to reject the deal and not work with Democrats and report begins, at least for now are signalling we'll do it or we might do it. It depends on how the debate actually goes over the bill and for all the slamming Liz, Cheney and others. Being Rhinos Republic, in name only those Republican see much more on the same page worthy other than with tromp on almost every issue, its wild. How Trump as the outlier gets to call the
where's Republicans in name only so the real story here is trump fails to see his own involvement in the total loss of power that Republicans have experienced. The buck never seems to stop with Trump when it's not convenient under Trump Republicans lost the house and twenty eighteen. They lost the Senate and twenty twenty. They lost the White House in twenty twenty, but Mitch Mcconnell is responsible for the states, tromp lost and Trump actually one anyway. Now back the infrastructure. I really hope that ability, done from his furious, because the Senate reaching an infrastructure deal under Biden rather than under Trump, which is something he promised to do, makes him look bad and that's true. It makes him look bad and that's all that this is Donald Trump preference help. Is this patriotic trumps? Preference is for american infrastructure to crumble for four more years. If it means he can get reelected and then sign an infrastructure bill,
twenty twenty five. He would rather infrastructure crumble for four years, then for Joe Biden to get a bill done. That's not patriotic! That's just about Donald Trump, and it's a reminder that he knows deep down he's not a winner. He wanted a big by partisan agreement widens the one who's may be going to get it done. Instead, tromp was feckless during his presidency and he's now furious bottom line. The country needs the infrastructure deal. It would be good for the country in and of itself as improvements to it
restructure, it would be good economically and it would be good if you want to make a political analysis. Joe Biden needs another major accomplishment and twenty one. Let's see how the debate goes, let's see whether the bill gets done and how quickly it happens. My sense is particularly with the congressional break coming up, we're probably looking at September October, but the fact that their starting to debate is a very good thing make sure you're following us on Facebook at Facebook, dot com, Slash David Pachmann, show, will have more on this story there. What, if you could read ten books in just one sitting? That's exactly what one of my favorite apps lets you do. It's called blinkers than what they do is take thousands of popular nonfiction books. They condensed them down into texter audio that you can
consume in fifteen minutes. Boeing just make sure that you're getting all of the important core insights from each book. So it's perfect for exploring a book you otherwise wouldn't have time, for there is a full book. Your thing, about buying. You can use blinkers to get a sample. First. Just think how much you can enrich yourself by being able to soak up an entire nonfiction book in just fifteen minutes. I recently check out the book, podcast marketing strategy by Daniel roles and curing Rogers, and so useful, so particularly applicable to what I'm doing really recommended. Blinking has books on politics, philosophy, science. They have twenty seven different nonfiction cat
Glorious and a subscription is only about eight bucks a month and you get access to the entire library, but you can try it totally free and get twenty five percent office subscription. When you go to blinkers dot, com, slash, Pachmann, that's, B, L, I and K: I s, t dot com, slash Pachmann, so this you have to see that this is just bizarre Donald Trump, former chief of staff Mark meadows, a horrible person with no morals whatsoever, one of the biggest liars and signal boosters of lies during trumps administration, mark meadows, one unused max's, show core tasks and Pellegrino over the weekend and said that Donald Trump is these he's at President Donald Trump is meeting with cabinet
members to talk about moving forward in a real way of pockets, so in other words, former President Donald Trump is meeting with people, because he has no cabinet to talk about
something that we don't really fully understand me. What what is it even mean meeting with cabinet members check out this absolute and utter insanity, where we ve been here actually working ANA? What guns naxa, not only in twenty twenty four, but how we win back the house in twenty twenty two, as somebody stay houses like Virginia. So it's it's been a very productive. A couple of days, I'm still here a bed minister, as you know, but wanted to join. You dare to talk about really a president that is fully engage, highly focused and and remaining on onto ass chief. Do you gonna break any news from your meetings were president? Well, we met with some of our cabinet members. Tonight we actually had a of APOLLO member meeting with some of our cabinet members and, as we were looking in that we're looking at what does come next, I'm not authorized to speak on behalf of the presidency, but I am, but I can tell you this day. We wouldn't be meetings
if we weren't making plans to move forward in a real way and with president drop at the headed attic, I like it. What did you can't? You can't blame me for fish in a little bit there? What are you talking about moving forward in a real way with President Trump and his cabinet like it's? It's the language implies that meadows is alluding to some kind of shadow president's see a parallel presidency too. oh Biden, nor that Donald Trump is actually still the president that that's what the language implies. It's possible that meadows is just being weird language, and he just means the former president is talking with potential cabinet members about a future run for the presidency or something like that like, maybe that that would be a more sane thing to be saying,
Maybe mark meadows is referring to this absurd idea of a reinstatement. That's been floating, that's supposed to happen in August by the way, it's August, do we What day is supposed to happen, or maybe now its September, which of course, it's not happening in August. It's not happening in September, if Trump or more organised. If you heard something like this remark meadows, you might think wow. This is almost starting to sound kind of like priests, civil war type rhetoric like he's talking about some kind of take over of some kind, yeah. I don't know that trunk is actually that organised. The daily beasts. Molly Jong fast had a hilarious tweet about this. Aside from like the absurdity of a cabinet member for a guy who's, not even President Molly tweeted quote trumpeted president when he was president the idea, somehow that somehow he do it now kind of mind boggling, which is pretty on the nose like this guy didn't work for the last eight months of his presidency. Now we're super
the believe he's holding meetings that actually doing work. It makes up absolutely no sense but understand that We see this. You- and I I mean, was not you if you're one of my trolls, but you and die the cook. The figurative you- and I we see this and we laugh- and we said this is so bonkers, but there are a mean millions. There are tens of millions of people who see this and believe at one hundred percent. As some variation of trumpets. Somehow wielding power. The military is under trumps control. A reinstatement is possible, the action results will be overturned, like not everybody believes all of those things, but you ve got tens of millions of people in this country who believe some of that now. In any case, whatever kind of moving forward March Mark Meadows is talking about. Hopefully, this time law enforcement Well as intelligence agencies and the military are ready if moving forward,
is gonna, look anything like it looked on January. Six that that's the concern from the standpoint of public safety now also by the way cabinet members. I would love to know who Trump is meeting with, and I dont mean, of course, they're not cabinet members of a shadow cabinet, but what I mean by the end of trumps presidency. Even much of his own cabinet was pretty lukewarm about Donald Trump, the ones that didn't leave. You know people wreck, Rex, tiller sin and others who left early. Of course, they now disgusted with with tromp. Maybe they were all along. They don't deserve praise for that. It's just hey! You shouldn't have gone along with it to begin with. Eventually they figured that out. The ones that didn't leave I mean you know like is: is former Secretary of Education Betsy Device
meeting with Donald Trump in Florida, New Jersey or wherever he is a who is even meeting with Donald Trump. At this point, that's really curious thing and the best thing trump could do now. You know if Trump really wanted to appear as not a completely out of his mind, unable to accept reality. Child there is something crumbs. To do- and I would respect him for doing it. It wouldn't mean I would agree with other things, but I would say: if Trump did this, I would say I respect that did it even though it would be for self centered reasons, Trump should record a p s. I one minute, video, no equivocation simply saying my fellow Americans, this is Donald Trump. We must end the pandemic. I got vaccinated in January, the vaccine is safe. It was developed during my administration, it was approved by my FDA, and it is time for you to do your patriotic duty
the mega movement get vaccinated. Today we have all the vaccines. We want I need you to do me. A favor, though, remember that language go and get yourself vaccinated. It would be one minute. It would be super simple. It's the best thing trunk do for the country, and you know what, in all seriousness its undeniable that part of the reason that more people haven't gotten vaccinated is because they see Joe by as the guy administering the roll out of the vaccines, and they are trump people and they believe all sorts of horrible things about Joe Biden. Okay. So if Trump were to do such a video, a bunch of his followers would get vaccinated and Trump could then accurately say I am partially responsible for getting these people vaccinated because I told them to go and I did the piazza he would be right. I would actually not only respect from for doing.
I would grant him these people are so nuts they weren't going to get back to needed until they heard it come out of your mouth, that they should go and do it in incompletely unequivocal terms. He could actually take credit for something he is deserving of credit for nor We trump shifts blame away for things he is responsible for that. He doesn't want voted for and takes credit four things that have nothing to do with him. Trump could do a one minute p. It would lead to milk of vaccinations. Not ever. I know not every, but not not. All of these people will go and do it but millions wood and then he could actually take credit for something positive that you did instead he's in this bizarre make believe portion of his post presidency, delusional period it's starting to get reminiscent of that Fred Trump fake office. That was set up
I don't know if people remember this story, that's been told when trumps Dad Fred Trump was struggling with serious cognitive issues. Basically, it was almost like a set. His office was kind of turned into a set, in that he would. We have papers put in front of every day to sign and stuff. He thought he was working his phone, only went out to a secretary. He thought working, but he really wasn't- he was almost ass. It was almost like the Truman Show, in a sense, great great filled by the way that debts that sort of like what is being, reminiscent trump trumps having a meeting and people sit around the table. the cabinet, but Joe Biden President did starting to get both sad and Stir Bingley Delusional one person that loves what is going on in terms of the debate around who is the rule president, then who
be meeting with the Republicans is Madison Catherine Madison, Catherine, unfortunately, for him was caught, trying to board a plane with a gun, and you're not supposed to do that? Even if you remember of Congress, I dont think. If I came to you- and I said Sir Sir Some one, a member of the house, has tried to board a plane carrying a gun. Would you Would you be shocked to learn that that individual is part of the pro Trump Anti Science wing of the Republican Party? I would not be shocked by that, and indeed that is the case. It is Madison. Catherine Madison Catherine had his gun confiscated by airport police. He is now facing a federal, fine guy and the loss of
special security status. This actually happened a few months ago February, Thirteenth, a Catherine was already a member of Congress. At the time he went to the Airport Asheville Airport North Carolina TS. I found an unlucky it God in his carry on bag. Along with a loaded magazine now defenders will it will but hold on a second the lot. The gun wasn't loaded. He still breaking the law, you are allowed to transport, unloaded firearms in a checked bag. He had a glass. Nine millimeter handgun, as its described in documents in his we on, along with a loaded magazine, readily accessible to him during the flight that is against the law, It is an easily laudable gun in the cabin imagine. If someone went through security with a loaded gun and was told not to know you
can't bring it on the plane with you like that, just unloaded and then put both parts in the bag, and then you can get on. No that would never fly. No. A spokesman responded to questions saying this was all just a big mistake matter. Catherine didn't realize that the gun was they're, not gonna. Get to that in a second because that's actually quite problematic. How frequently does this happen this year? So far, eight firearms were reported at the checkpoint. No criminal charges were filed in any of those cases. What happened with Madison Katharine's God is that it was secured at the airport and he got it after his flight You'd there. Actually some recordings and officer can be heard repeating a few times to another officer. There's a gun, elected official with a gun elected official with a firearm police that have a conversation about what to do at one point. They say, maybe have em take it out to his car. He only apparently had seven minutes before his flight, so they said will hold onto it.
were you will secure it? You can get it when you come back. I am glad they made everything so convenient for him. Right now. Different airports in different states have different rules. T essay spokesmen Marco said in New York. They perk walk. You out, the airport in handcuffs, on the other hand, in Georgia, you can open carry anywhere. This took place in Asheville in near by Charlotte North Carolina police normally charge people with guns under a city ordinance, it's not totally clear what typically happens in Asheville. It's not yet clear whether Madison Catherine got special treatment. Now it's definitely possible that this was an accident. At the same time, Madison Catherine is one or two or three members of Congress who were prominently bragging around the time of the Trump riots that they are armed on the floor of the house to protect themselves where guns are also
it allowed. So in order to believe that this was an accident or an oversight. First of all, we have to believe that the guy who knowingly brings his guns were they aren't allowed the floor of the house, Unknowingly did the exact same thing when it came to the cabin of an airplane book. I saw that you tell me what you believe as far as that goes, but there is another issue: This is not an example of responsible gun ownership. What I mean by that is good gun owners should know at all times. Where is each file arm, rather than being unaware that you got a gun in your back you're unaware, whether the gunners in your bag, you, might be unaware that when your guns is loaded and you're supposed to know the status and location of every single gun you have at every time out. My friends who have firearms have there is locked unless in transit or a noose, if you're careless with them, that's how you get accidental injury and death. So, if
True story is Catherine, really didn't know. The gun was in his carry on that's not responsible, ass. He was unaware of the location of his fire, I'm so a whole bunch of questions here. It also raises questions about. He was intending to fly, was flying to a different state. What was his of relationship to a licence to have the gun in that other state? Or was he five national to somewhere North carolina- we just don't know all of the answers here yet, but we're supposed to believe it was all just a big mistake. Nothing to worry about no big deal here, except you know. He also claims to have brought guns on the floor of the house, which you're not allowed to do really serving stuff. We have a voice mail number that you can call any time. That number is too one nine to David P. Here is a collar
really mad this by the weight of the Senate, Tonia troll he's mad at me again about things. I have an actually said about vaccines. Take a listen to this fact that our current off your back back saying- oh, I bet you got Super Jerry did you, on the other, a trolls in your audience, I didn't get it and I am going to take with you about this. I think that an issue like Moving to cut your task. Verona virus is something we should be automatic United but now you want to divide us by by making his summing up at the other side are not getting the taxi. No, in fact, on this show I've made it clear. We need to figure out ways to just get people to want to get vaccinated. Just just insulting are attacking.
I dont know what showed this guy's watching, but his thing is. He always calls me and argues that things I've knots had were really really bad idea to centre straightaway should do it there's ways if people are on the fence about energy is better to bring them over to the front vaccines then calling him down and call them unintelligent to seek a line. You're partisanship as clicks. What's this here talking about everything ass to be Democratic Republic, in that no doubt True, it's just overwhelmingly Republicans that don't wanna get vaccinated the one factor that most predicts whether you will or won't get vaccinated is. Are you a trump supporter that the number one slice that we find a minute. I dont me making it that this issue should the political, your guy, you ve done nothing but politicize. It you're chatters dad as these more On the other right saying this in turn, you into a pink zombie, it's going. to alter your dna into some mine
showed all robe, why do you know me sing? We really gotta figure out a way to get these people vaccinated. That's the same as saying the vaccine will change your dna. That's that's a weird assertion, thereby avoiding fingertips. You're, just as bad as you say, you saying that the government should take down your door and I've never said that more sleep to hate the vaccines that, if never sun and telling people there more eyes were not taken. That is better ways to do it. Most people don't believe the nonsense on the far right about this zone. hey, that's the San Antonio trawl. He will of the he will levy, blistering critiques against things. I've not actually said on the show a we are going to talk about the province, town cluster, a lot of misinformation.
About the province, town coded situation. We will talk about IRAN. Today's bonus show. We will talk about why door dashed drivers are on strike. I am boycotting door dash. I will tell you why, on today's bonus, show and we will also talk about the settlement of the Zoom bombing law suit for eighty five million dollars all of those stories and more on A bonus show sign up at joint, have been done.
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