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8/30/21: Afghanistan Chaos as Hurricane Hits, Virus Spreads

2021-08-30 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--The Biden White House faces a crisis in Afghanistan, despite making the correct decision to leave, and will now have to figure out a solution

--Dr. Anthony Fauci says on CNN that he supports a full COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all school children

--What ever happened to the COVID "lab leak theory," which took over media a few months ago, and evaporated just as quickly?

--Donald Trump downplays 9/11 during a disgusting and humiliating interview on Fox News

--Anti-vaccine right wing radio host Marc Bernier has died of COVID

--Anti-vaccine police captain Joe Manning has died of COVID

--The higher the percentage of Trump voters in a county, the higher the COVID new case rate over the last month

--Republican Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves says that people in his state are "less scared" of COVID-19 because they are religious and believe in an afterlife

--Voicemail caller who is very difficult to understand calls in to make a point about masks

--On the Bonus Show: Hurricane Ida causes total chaos, reports of cheating at colleges soar during pandemic, Milo Yiannopoulos has COVID, taking livestock medication, much more

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