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8/3/21: Senator Tests Positive as Conspiracies Rage

2021-08-03 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Peter Mougey, Senior Partner at Levin Papantonio Rafferty and Chair of their Securities and Business Litigation department, joins David to discuss their recent proposed $26 billion settlement against opioid manufacturers and distributors

--Republican Senator Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID-19 around the same time that he was on Senator Joe Manchin's boat with a number of other US senators

--Newsmax reporter suggests that the Delta variant is some kind of false flag which might not really exist during a completely chaotic White House press briefing

--Rudy Giuliani is reportedly almost broke, as Donald Trump has stopped taking his calls and the legal walls are closing in around him

--Outrageous radical pastor Greg Locke, from the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, appears to lose his mind on stage while imploring his congregants to "not get vaccinated"

--It appears that Donald Trump did not actually donate his presidential salary, as promised, during his last six months as President of the United States

--Recently released financial records show that Donald Trump funneled political donations meant to fight the 2020 election results into his own businesses

--Voicemail caller asks how the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers would want to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

--On the Bonus Show: What's in the infrastructure bill, 1 million Texans register to vote after court ruling, McDonald's makes masks mandatory for everyone, much more...

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