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8/9/21: Republicans Turn on Each Other As COVID Runs Rampant

2021-08-09 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Farron Cousins, host of Farron Balanced and Ring of Fire, fills in for David

--The Department of Homeland Security is warning of violence from conspiracy theorist Trump supporters who believe Trump will be reinstated as president soon

--Trump supporters are headed back to the Capitol on September 18th as part of a "Justice for J6" rally

--Trumpist attorney Lin Wood suffers another defeat in the federal courts, this time on a case arguing the rules of the 2021 US Senate runoff elections in Georgia

--Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy says on CNN's State of the Union that he disagrees with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's decision to ban mask mandates

--A Morning Consult poll finds that 56% of adults believe companies should require COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees and customers

--A former Newsmax host named Dick Farrel dies of complications due to COVID-19 after spending the last year calling coronavirus a "scamdemic" and then having a deathbed conversion about the virus and the vaccine

--Donald Trump is furious with some Senate Republicans for working to pass Joe Biden's infrastructure proposal

--The US Postal Service will pay $120 million to a contractor that Trumpist Postmaster General Louis DeJoy once led and whose family still holds a stake

--The Republican strategy for the next election cycles is to focus on culture war issues and to strawman progressive positions

--A Republican official from Arizona's Maricopa County says that he and his family have received death threats after saying the 2020 election was secure

--On the Bonus Show: Alabama miner strike continues, CNN host wants to name COVID variant after DeSantis, student loan moratorium extended, and much more...

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