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9/10/21: Fake Vaccine Cards & Real Hospitalizations

2021-09-10 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Tucker Carlson is effectively encouraging fake COVID vaccination cards on his show, calling them an act of "desperation" by "decent, law-abiding Americans"

--Republican Councilman Fred Lowry, from Volusia County, Florida, who mocked Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been hospitalized with severe COVID

--Caller talks about the danger of nurses spreading COVID disinformation

--Caller wonders if there's any line Republicans won't cross

--Caller asks if praising "reasonable Republicans" will do the country any good

--Caller confronts David about his pronunciation of "Vaush"

--Caller compares Barack Obama to Donald Trump on immigration

--Caller discusses the recall election in California

--Caller asks if Kamala Harris is actually helping Gavin Newsom by campaigning with him

--David responds to viewer emails

--On the Bonus Show: The world-famous Friday Bonus Show featuring Producer Pat

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