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9/11/20: If No One Cares About Lies, Do They Matter?

2020-09-11 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--David discusses more revelations from Bob Woodward's new book "Rage" and how the real Trump scandal is that his coronavirus lies won't even matter

--Donald Trump reportedly bragged about the US's secret nuclear weapons system and said America was close to war in North Korea back in 2017

--Caller talks about deconverting Trump supporters and conspiracy theories

--Caller asks if the country would listen to Joe Biden's national mask mandate

--Caller jokes about Trump's support from Florida boaters

--Caller discusses libertarianism

--Caller wonders if Joe Biden is ready to fight fiercely against Donald Trump

--Caller confirms Trump is an international laughing stock

--Caller discusses who military members and veterans will vote for

--Caller questions if Trump will run a parallel presidency if he loses

--Caller reports on the protests in Portland, Oregon

--Audience Question: How would a November 1st vaccine affect the election?

--Audience Question: Are landslides presidential elections still possible in the modern era?

--Audience Question: How can Joe Biden prevent his lead from slipping in the remaining time before the election?

--On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat Ford covers the top stories of the day

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