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9/1/21: Biden Won't Relent on Afghanistan, But Media Wants Him To

2021-09-01 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--President Joe Biden confirms, in no uncertain terms, that we are out of Afghanistan, period, full stop

--Seemingly war-thirsty corporate media are already asking about going back into Afghanistan

--Florida's bogus "decline" in COVID deaths explained

--Donald Trump gets a softball interview on Fox Business from Stuart Varney and still manages to embarrass himself

--Radical Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn threatens "bloodshed" if elections remain "rigged"

--More anti-maskers and antivaxxers humiliate themselves at school board and municipal meetings around the country

--An anti-mask fight breaks out on live television outside a school board meeting

--Anti-vaccine "influencer" Jasmine Clifford has been charged with selling fake COVID-19 vaccine cards on Instagram

--The Eggman leaves a voicemail challenging David's empathy for the children of antivaxxers who die of COVID, asking whether we should feel bad for Hitler's kids, even though Hitler did not have kids

--On the Bonus Show: German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepping down, court backs teacher's refusal to use transgender pronouns, Idaho activates National Guard over COVID surge, much more...

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I want to start today talking about Afghanistan again, and I almost feel inclined like. I need to start with some general concepts that maybe some of us are totally people with. I know I am comfortable with a few of these ideas. Let me give you an example: something can be the right strategy but executed with the wrong tactics. Something can be mostly good, but now one hundred percent, something can be carried out mostly correctly, but not a hundred per cent and weaken still say that it's mostly
good, without ignoring or devaluing the ways in which it is not so good. These are seemingly simple concepts, but many of my colleagues on the left and, of course, the people on the writer completely in bed? but many of my colleagues on the left seem unable or unwilling to understand. This Joe Biden has decisively ended a twenty year war. That was the right decision for the last twenty years. There has been less scrutiny about what we have been doing in Afghanistan, then, over the last two weeks in terms of the mistakes that were made getting out, and there were mistakes made. There's no need to hide that you don't have to pretend that everything was done purpose.
We too still make the moral case and the GEO political case and the economic case for it being the obviously right decision to get out of Afghanistan, and I have to tell you Joe Biden, did decisively and he did it as honestly as I've seen. Politicians do Joe Biden again addressed the nation yesterday, any said, I take responsibility for the things that didn't go right. Remember the last sky, the former guy. I don't take risks. Instability at all, it would have gone perfectly later. Shell, we're gonna, look at an interview that prompted yesterday where he was actually given the opportunity to say what exactly would you have done differently in Afghanistan Finally, we would have done anything differently. It's just posturing from these clowns on the right, but I have a high.
time, remembering a time when a president was this decisive about getting us out of an intervention. We ve seen them be decisive, getting a sin, but getting us out is a different story. So let's go right to it. Joe Biden addressing the nation yesterday, I made a commitment to the American and we have here hold on a second. We have. Why can't I hear that that is are here we go alright, let's take it from the top. I made a commitment to the american people that I would end this war today. I've honoured that commitment, time to be honest with american people again. We no longer had a clear purpose. Banana mission in Afghanistan right after when two years and warn against me. I refuse to send another generation, America's sons and daughters to fight a war should have ended long ago. This is something the trumpets
aimed to agree with when it was trumps plan, and this is something the leftists have been saying all along and yet people don't seem too happy with what Joe Biden has done After more than two trillion dollars spent Afghanistan, the research is around university estimated the over three. Hundred million dollars a day for twenty years now changed for two decades. Yes, The american people here this three- million dollars a day for two decades. take the number of one trillion. As many say, there's still a hundred feet. Million dollars a day for two decades What are we lost as a consequence? In terms of opportunities, I refuse to continue the war that was no longer in the service of the vital national interests of our people. This is one of the most anti war speeches we have heard from the president in decades, but most of all, after eight hundred thousand Americans certain Afghanistan, a travel that whole country
brave and honourable service after two thousand seventeen forty four american servicemen and women injured and the loss of, thousand four hundred sixty one american personnel, including thirteen, lies or just this week, I refused to open another decade of warfare in Afghanistan. This is one of the most decisive anti war actions and statements from a president. Let's listen to a little bit more. This was a very good speech. I will not go to extend this forever war. And I was not extending a forever exit right. The decision to end the military lived operations at Kabul Airport was based on you now, this recommendation Civilian and military advisers sector state Secretary defence
chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff and all the servers Chiefs and the commanders in the field was the exit executed perfectly know why the people there told more than a month ago, we wanted getting you out? Yes, would it have gone perfectly if Joe Biden,
had done it differently or if Trump had done it. No, there is no perfect way to get out what happened was, to some degree inevitable, but it could have been handled better, but this is the right decision. Let's watch a little bit more of this goes asking for a third decade of war in Afghanistan. I ask: what is the vital national interests right? In my view, we only have one to make sure Afghanistan can never be used again to launch an attack on our homeland. That's that zone website that that is of extremely decisive. and, lastly, I am concerned about the people left in Afghanistan as well. There is very few in terms of the Americans. Are more than one hundred thousand Afghans have been helped out of the country. It's never perfect, but a lot of the right things are being done now. We believe that about one hundred,
two hundred America's remain Afghanistan with some intention to leave. Most of those who remain our dual citizens long time it is very early decided to stay because of their family routes in Afghanistan. The bottom line Ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan wanting to leave were able to leave listen This is not a guy who's. Acting like his approval rating is the most important thing. This is an individual who has decided that more e g, o politically and financially it's time to go. This is not an incursion that, after twenty years serves the interests of the United States, and that is the job of president, and he is saying I am ending it and he is taking a hit to some degree,
in his approval rating bodies, not wavering and it's the right decision and we're going to keep talking about it now. What has been disgusting to see is that the corporate media, now that Biden ended this war seems to be asking when's the next war. Might we go back into Afghanistan? We're going to be looking at some of the questions asked in yesterday's press briefing with Jen sake right after this speech, and it really seems like corporate media. Just wants us to stay in for a while. Some of them have motives of not seeming partisan and holding bite into account, but with very dumb questions, and then you ve got the sort of bad faith right wingers I saw yesterday. What's this guy's name bench appear
who was retweeting just like little out of context, bits and pieces of the speech to make it seem, like Biden just, doesn't care about? What's going on with the people in Afghanistan, both Americans and Afghans, and an extremely bad faith partake some doing the Biden dimension stuff Biden made errors in how the pull out was handled. There is no question about it: the buck stops with Biden, even if it was on the basis of how others lower down in the food chain handled it. There was no perfect path out. He took responsibility and he's owning it, but this. was George W Bush is a hare. Brained incursion Obama didn't get us out; Trump didn't get us out
Biden, got us out and that's the big story all right now. Let's talk about some of the vile corporate media reaction to Joe Biden, just getting us out of a place, we shouldn't be any more. It's been twenty years in the same cost in terms of dollars and lives, we're getting out we're getting out and that's the right thing and it should have been handled better. Some things we're not done correctly. Biden took responsibility. Yesterday, the corporate media seem almost war thirsty. I'm gonna play some cliffs for you from yesterday's press briefing moments. After about a half the only twenty five thirty minutes after Joe Biden spoke John Saki, the White House Press secretary to questions, and during that once a question and answer period, it seemed though, the corporate media in the room it's already interested in what the next war and me
we will go back in there were questions about what would maybe we'll do something to North Korea very, very strange, and I think, there's a couple of reasons that were seeing this, which I'll tell you in a moment let's start with the first clear, the Breton written any situation in which he might boy a large amount of. U S, troops abroad, presidency that the tone of the question is is jet. It's almost like they're saying Joe Biden seems so opposed to military incursions mean. Is there anything that'll get the guide to fill some country with american troops again there, because there should be made that the tone is,
Starting here require a sort of master. Peter said. I think one of the thesis that he talked about in his speech was how he views are engagement in the world, and I think this is probably why you're asking this question on and the horrible scenes and memories of the last few weeks and as we think about how we embarked gone or how we use military force moments and these divisions of the last several weeks months or years should stick and he made me sick and our minds. Can it can? Do you understand? What's gonna Joe Biden is ending a twenty or conflict and twenty five minutes after he decisively planes why he did it? Reporters are almost indignant saying this guy willing to say. troops anywhere. We would that the default should be. We don't send troops everywhere. That has been american foreign policy for too long. Here's another clip
where a reporter says, why was Biden, mad Biden seemed mad, but, more importantly, would he go back into Afghanistan? Were we been out fully twelve Where's guys he's you angry at the beginning of his speech today. Woozy manner I would say I'll give you a there. an assessment of what I saw, which is that he gave a forceful assessment laid out a forceful case to the american people as to why It was time to wine down a twenty year war. That has led to the loss of thousands of lives and in here
view, and I think he made a firm case of this. It's not international security interests to be on the ground anymore. The follow ups included, which at which I am not even going to get to know what are the circumstances in which we would go back in wheat guys we ve been at that point. We had been out twelve hours and you're talking about going back, and so I think, there's two different things going on here. One there are some reporters who, just by nature wanna be seen, is asking the tough questions and when something as rare as president decisively saying we out the it's over we're we're withdrawing were coming back. We're not deploying were coming back, that's rare in american foreign policy to do it so decisively, and so so definitively that the way to be sort of tough and contrary and is to talk about the opposite. This isn't a friend
didn't who will shy away from deploying troops right? It's not, and they just don't realize how war thirsty they sound as if the default should be the? U S should just be picking places to send troops. That's one piece of it. The other part of it is that It is almost cliche at this point. It might even be apocryphal, like I don't even know at this black isn't even really true, but there is the idea that conflicts mean controversy and controversy means ratings and that it did so. That's probably a factor to some. We, although I dont, know how much of a factor it is to the reporters, but to some of these news institutions, that's probably a factor Bizarre we're almost in a bizarre world, but I would rather a bizarre a world in which what is being done is pulling troops back and the bizarre part is the media saying we shouldn't. We go more places, then the opposite in which we are just sending troops everywhere and then
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Who watch Youtube clip here or there who watched the hour long show on Youtube every day. Listen on the radio watch on free speech tv. You can sign up at joint pachmann dot com, and I hope that you will I want to go over something sort of in more detail that is really important to understand, because I'm now getting a ton of emails about it, I want to devote its own segment to it, rather than just mentioning it as an aside, and what I want to talk about is the bogus reporting in Florida of covert deaths that no matter when you look it looks like deaths are declining. So rapidly in Florida. Things must be going super well in Florida. If you look at the death charts and Florida has figured out a way to report deaths that it always creates a downward decline. Downward declined does make sense, a steep decline
and I want to explain to you exactly how it works. There is actually an article about this in the Miami Harold Florida changed its Kova data, creating an artificial decline in recent deaths, and the article explains exactly how it works.
as cases ballooned in August, the Florida Department of Health change the way it reported death data to the CDC, giving the appearance of a pandemic in decline on Monday Florida death data would have shown would have shown an average of two hundred and sixty two daily deaths over the previous week under the former reporting system. Instead, the Monday update from Florida showed just forty six new deaths per day over the previous seven days. The dramatic differences due to a small change in the fine print. This is the key part. Until three weeks ago, data collected and published on the CDC website counted deaths. By the day, they were recorded a common method for producing daily stats used by most states. On August, ten Florida switched its methodology,
and, along with just a handful of other states, began to tally new deaths by the date. The person died, a few chart deaths by florid as new method based on data of death. It will generally appear even during a spike like the present that deaths are on a recent down slope. That's because it takes time for death to be evaluated and death certificates to be processed when the deaths finally are tallied. They are then assigned to the actual data creating a spike where there was a down slope in the past. This is that, let me paraphrase this. Ok here is what the chart of Florida deaths look like, and you see that absolutely massive down slope. What is happening is if it takes longer than seven days for a death to show up in the totals it's not included. In the current seven day average
so when you delay assigning the debts to a specific day at least a week when You look at the last seven days. There is almost no deaths there and that causes this massive decline. Current debts. Recent deaths will always look low because its taking you a week or more to assign to those deaths to a date. This is extraordinarily disingenuous. And when you look at the seven day average, it looks as though there over the peak their seeing this big decline and then on day, eight. You assign the deaths today, one there now outside of the seven day average you look back at that That said, forty deaths now it says two hundred and sixty or whatever the number was, and your constantly pushing the spike back a week in time. Extraordinarily disingenuous. This
had come as a surprise to no one who is outside of the right wing news bubble. Florida has been a disaster run to send. This has been a disaster, but what's really wacky is? Could this be a method that helps Rhonda Santas get reelected in twenty twenty two one of the top twenty twenty two races in my mind in terms of implications for twenty four? Is the gubernatorial race in floor, not only because Rhonda Santas has governor in twenty four is more likely to participate in the vote or high jinx etc, but also because it would be a signal about the state of Florida in terms of how it is likely to vote. Florida gubernatorial raise one of the most important twenty twenty two races. We are going to engage that raised we're gonna, get people activated on that for sure and in terms of oh, but I shall mention that just because we're talking about it,
I've been getting emails about like. When do I think our twenty twenty two coverage is going to ramp up historically, the interest in mid term stir around March April. I think it's gonna be earlier this year because of the stakes because pandemic, because of a lot of different things, including the fact that this is the first referendum November of twenty two is when we will see, are what was it a? Was it an error by voters to elect people like Marjorie, Taylor, green and matter? and Catherine and others and arrogant, and are they going to be removed at the first opportunity, which would be next November November of twenty two? Or is this movement this Magda clown movement here to stay, and are we going to see some of those people reelected? So this a big deal mid term, and I expect, even though normally it gets going in March April, Probably going to be more like February would be my guess all right. One of the talking points that has been repeated,
nauseam in the context of the Joe Biden. Withdrawal from Afghanistan has been prompt, would have done it better trump would have done it differently. Trump had a plan to do it just perfectly technically, even if the strategy of getting out was correct for both Trump and Biden, tactically trump would have executed this better? We now have an interview that Donald Trump did on Fox business would Stuart, but a Barney. The interview was a complete and total saw. while Interview and Donald Trump still manage to screw it up and humiliate himself, he was actually asked. Would you have done it different ie and he's a completely unable to articulate what it is that he would have done differently. So, let's just jump right into the middle of the interview, then we'll go back and look at some other parts of it. Take a listen to the swap. Should President Biden say to the american people this afternoon right, not what you think he might say, but what do you think he should
right, you should say I'm sorry, because that's what he hears it apology and well remember Trump, never apologized for anything anything anything but Biden should apologise for doing the same thing. Trump was going to do. I look at it is watch yesterday had been to Dover many times when he kept look at. It is watch yesterday at Dover, with the parents, spouses of people there were killed. Marines and did, and the Navy didn't deserve sailor of there was killed and ease. Look at his watch like get me the hell out of here. I want to go home. Get me out. I want to go home, I mean how many times they looked at his watch when he did that yesterday it was, it was a disgrace. I think the best thing we can do is apologized, american vehicle and apologize to the world you know we had a lot to help but Afghanistan and we laughed and everybody else had only with us, but it now that the whole world is
apology. He gave it, he handed them a country, one of the better now the best armed countries anywhere in the world, with the best equipment or better than our soldiers. Have he handed them a kind, on a silver platter, okay, so unable to articulate absolutely anything that he would have done differently and let's just zoom out and look at more of this interview and you'll see that it will All bs Trump had no better plan. Very importantly, we have been humiliated as a major player. Our allies aren't get a look at us,
say in our allies took advantage of us for years, and I let people know it and I let them know it and they started paying a NATO where they really took advantage of us. That trading partners to tremendous advantage to european Nation European Union was worse. The European Union was as bad as China, or almost as bad as China, in terms of us with trade, and yet we protected them militarily with none of this is true, of course, but I want to get to the Afghanistan stuff Data, which is largely the same group of nature, and I will say this- they have lost tremendous respect for the United States of America and were now the truth. Is the opposite. The truth is that respect for the United States of America, but both from foreign leaders and and foreign citizens. Other then in russia- and I think maybe turkey at their. There was like one other Russians loved the trump, and there were like one,
to other countries but global respect for the. U S was at its lowest in decades under Trump, and it is sick. difficult we recovered already. We have data on this p, research centre and others. I was president, add unbelievable respect for us now to my have lost tremendous respect for a country like Mendous beyond anything imaginable, Angela Merkel, Chancellor Germany is talking about continuing an operation to people out, even though America has now left now remember Joe Biden said we have an open, ended commitment to getting people who want to leave Afghanistan out. He said it yesterday said were down to one or two hundred people. There is no set date. Some of these are due. Citizens who may want to be there right now at any time that they want to get out. We will help get them out. These are. These are all lies. Veil genuine to get people out or try to at least all While she should we well, we should wish
We can't leave Americans, we I had with which were not little reason to do that. How do we do it? I spoke. I spoke with Abdul the leader of the Taliban on a number of occasions sometimes will refer to the leader as Mohammed generically. Now he sang Abdul, it's not really cleared from knows who is talking about and it was tough conversations- and I said well, know what you live. We know everything about you. We know about you, people utop people, some of them let out because of Bergdahl. It was a traitor. Would they let him out? They gave five people. Three of them became top people in the Taliban probably were before, but I had a very, very tough conversation with him. They weren't going to do anything until Biden came in once fighting came in. It was different, no understand that Trump is making the case.
is different merely because Joe Biden is president, just by virtue of Trump being president, everything would have gone differently the reality as he is not actually articulating the reasons why any
They would have been different if Donald Trump had handled the so no plans to avoid the problems that Biden had, he would have had them. The same thing would have happened, except what would the difference have been if it had been? Trump trump would not have taken responsibility, whereas yesterday Joe Biden said, I take responsibility for what happened in getting out, but getting out was still the correct decision, an incredible softball interview handed to tromp on a silver platter, the likes of which has been using since birthright motive metaphorically, and he still can't actually articulate why he would have handled this any better than Joe Biden will have more clips from this interview on our instagram, where you can follow us at David Batman Show. I'm really excited that, though one of our sponsors today is helix sleep. I sleep on a hill
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Madison Catherine Republican from North Carolina on Sunday. This is just a couple days ago, falsely suggest, That elections in the United States are rigged and said there will be bloodshed if the country's electoral system continues on its current path, a given the context of January six that should be seen and treated as a threat, Catherine, a freshman lawmaker and pro Trump STAR of the right made the remarks during an event at the making county region. look and party headquarters in Franklin North Carolina on Sunday night. The video has been taken off line as of Tuesday morning from the events Facebook page, but we have it. We have the video, and here is Madison Catherine threatening bloodshed should be expelled. Congress and investigated by the FBI. He might end up getting reelected in November of twenty to take a lesson also now
why he does in our vote, more or less sisters, Genji rate, so it is now leads one laziness, pleasure so remember it's a false premise: the election wasn't stolen Joe Biden, one by quite a few, quite a few electoral votes as many as Trump one by in twenty sixteen and by far more in the popular vote, but he is basing on that false premise: the idea that there will be built shed, and I will tell you as much as I am willing to defend our Liberty hall sauce, there's nothing when doing more than two years ago,
Why in no way be was he says to me the appellation security? All? Did you say that club was ultimately taken down because it obviously doesn't look good? The F b, I should be investigating Madison Catherine, understand the totality of Catherine. He has said that he is sometimes armed on the floor of the House of Representatives, since metal detectors have been put in honor with the latest is on that he attempted to bring a gun. Onto a plain tried to carry it on with him said whoops. That was a mistake and now is saying there is going to be bloodshed. If our elections continue to be stolen, which of course they are not the F B, I should investigate. This is trompe in terror
I dont know how anybody can feel even remotely optimistic about the future of this country. When we have elected officials sworn to uphold the constitution, who are talking about taking up arms against other Americans, it sort of other calls or coming from inside the house moment here. This is language that historically, you would expect from two places: one from actual fascist dictatorships or second in situations where the government has actually lost its legitimacy and its ability to have an election. This is not the second one right. As far as elections go, Our government does many bad things, but as far as elections go, we still have elections that are basically fair elections,
meaning I wonder if this is a guy who has delusions of the first one, a fascist dictatorship should dictatorship. It is not just that these clowns and I'm talking about Madison, COS born and Marjorie Taylor, Green and Lauren Bo Bird and Louis go Murden Matt Gates in the whole list of them. It's not just that their unqualified for the job of being elected. Shows. Their rhetoric is completely anti. American and borderline traitorous and not only do they have no business being lawmakers. These are folks that should be under investigation for their allusions to violence that they continually makes. Oh that's Madison, Catherine, and we're going to continue to follow it. I want to look at another set of clips from a various meetings at school.
Board meetings. Municipal meetings around the country, where Anti maskers and anti vaccines will not stop humiliating themselves, and there is a bigger concern here and it is, one of how easily so many Americans can be article ized into all sorts of different nonsense, beliefs and what I mean by that is its easy to look at these people and to say this is just someone who's bonkers about vaccines. That's just a person whose bonkers about ping pong, and this is someone who believes cure whatever the case may be. There is a bigger problem, which is that for a lot of these people, they would be doctor in delusional later something it's not actually only about one thing it just happens to be. This is the one thing that was the news right now and that got them and it's the rise of conspiracy, ism. The rise of gullibility.
the rise of ignorance and the lack of critical thinking, skills that is rampant in this country. So, let's just jump right into the first one hears a woman who claims to be a registered nurse with two kids again. A lot of these folks are delusional even about their own circumstances, Don't know whether this is really a nurse. I dont know whether she really has kids. She said in Florida to the Lee County School Board, that they are demonic entities because- of either masks or vaccines or something take a listen to this money into smaller. Two partners in the school system so she's already crime you so overcome with emotion, she's already crime, these divine and tat is, and we need to stick together. Remember we have authority and Christ Jesus. These are demonic entities and all the school board of all the United States of America and all of us Christians will be sticking to gather to take them. All out are the police officers that take us out
for at First amendment right will also be going down with them to understand. No, I dont understand. I dont know what she's talking about I'm a nurse infectious disease. Thirteen years mass, don't work these doctors that Philip here that sneering address and looking at him like we're scumbags. They need to go back to fucking medical you're out of our way. This is your last warning. Now the bug seems to have been caught communications. Oh some nasty, audio feedback, their needs. Remember: natural immunity is ass. You are all demonic entities me I'm going to be taken into account.
the more I already had your first morning- and this is your last- she could not speak any more, but the following. So that's serious mental illness were not joking around we're, not saying womb, she's crazy. That is an individual, completely disconnected from reality. So what do we do about it is is, is the problem and I dont want to just write it off and say this- is that we only need to think of this as a mental situation, but this is clearly someone who's not well, and she also is just wrong about a lot of facts? How do we deal with that? Here's another one. This is painters, Scott Brady, who showed up to the spring field, Pennsylvania School Board, meeting in hazmat suit, because his daughter has to wear a mask and something about Hitler hid the where
they don't do nothing? They don't do not nineteen eighty five outbreak which a multi what a virus they were mad. Eighty eighty came down, they weren't the whole house, they As my shoe John, what do you have? the term memory loss because I think you're, the first of all there I think you'd do couldn't say it any better or certified those methods. Are they shorter? I'd better get the aid, those bastards, they get everybody up now Oh, I don't. I actually don't think this is Joe patchy. At one point, I thought this was actually Joe petty doing the MIKE in many character in a hazmat suit, but it's not. This is a real guy. Apparently this is why not err comments, roads, airport occasion system through from three m o k, vision You were in an outbreak. This is where you where, if this week,
so back. Ok, so I have a little product comes from my house everything last year they we're back suspicion by the way. The shouldn't that we invest created a little girl is coming to his house every day that we pray, everybody went back and that's your choice. We all back we want more merits. Last year right everything went smoothly. That was fine, but now the years change numbers got better right. Numbers got better in June July show. In June we passed. We passed that the shady programme, where was gonna to be optional guy, let's go back there, the numbers are there and everything's low, that's go back optional My kids born in the sixth grade. No six great teaches spanish, ok, mom- taken, a language of eligible member take which o dangerous languages, are being taught Rachel. You need the sheet of teachers mouth you need to see the expression so gets. What happens of my daughter goes to take Spanish. caves. Even please your region of the mouth movements, they don't learn so
we fall under not give arguably history. Now that's the one reasonable thing my mom teaches teaches spanish in college and she pointed out your where it is very difficult. If you're trying to teach spanish to non native speakers and if their native speakers, they already speak, spanish, if you're trying to teach people spanish who are learning it as a second language. Did that the mass does make it difficult and lots of school you're saying while the students are all going to wear masks, the teacher can be far away and not wearing about the death of this right only minor issue. Nineteen nineteen know what those mast- those mass paused, you'll pneumonia. That's what killed most people! Spanish flu! Ok, thirty, Let's go back to the kid my little girl next door friend of mine, she was at my house for three days, went back to school. Guess what she had. Cove are so there's this guy next clip is from Fort Myers Floor
and this is this- is another one of these ideas that the masks will facilitate sex trafficking. We heard this last week by the way I do when he's brain bigs Bixby ideas numberings, I went off, but the real pandemic child sex trafficking. By put mass on these kids face, you can identify any of you so by the nine of you already voting on this text me. You guys support sex trafficking, a sorry you're out of order. You are we heard that last week as well, which is a really specific thing, which is you can identify the kidnappers, If everybody's wearing masks wired the kidnappers and schools at all, and what's going on in the schools that that's another quest and then here is an example of how everything is always a conspiracy. This is vital.
From a live feed of the Lee County School Board Meeting and the guy shows up and says: there's a conspiracy not to stream the meeting, but we saw it on the feed. It's always a conspiracy. Was the life, be this typically dawn for these events is down to you know that no one can seem to find it. Why would that be? It were hope by accident. Of course, we know that seriously. We know disinfectant sunlight, red disinfectants- and we know why stuff like this is brought to light- think he's mentioning that metaphorically. I know that with Trump suggesting disinfectant you actually have to be. Are we talking about a metaphorical disinfectant or a literal here? He's talk about a metaphorical on it will gain fizzled out and die, and I know that we are trying to hide
wait a SEC. Now, I'm wondering is literally talking about sunlight as it is in fact that now I'm not sure. In any case, it's always a conspiracy how it's always a conspiracy Now it's not only that they want to put masks on kids in school, but they want up prevent people from finding out, so they ve taken down the life feed. Of course, we all saw this on the life feed. It's either comic ping pong or Obama, isn't real organism. Slam now, it's masks and vaccines. These people will always find something, and it's the conspiracy ism that is partially the illness there's also actual mental illness, and then there's also ignorance. How do we deal with this? Quite frankly, I don't know.
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frequency of people becoming completely disregarded in public in the era of the pandemic, and we ve talked about unruly past yours on aeroplanes being reported to the FDA. We ve talked about family fan behaviour at sporting events, fights people running into the fields, road rage incidents all over the place. All of these, wild events at grocery stores over masks. There's the racist trader, Joe video. We did that went viral, and I said that there is really a few things going on here. One part of it was that, because of the pandemic, many people just got used to not being around other people and not having to behave and now that their back around people, they sort of forgotten how to behave then people, for whom the pandemic has just sort of been like. I throw decorum out the window moment and they don't care about, having anymore some of them are furious about the pandemic. Some of them are fears about shut down,
and instead of just being glad that maybe we can start getting back to things as people get vaccinated, they're going nuts taking out their fury on other people for others. There is kind of the difficulty of reintegrating, after being just afraid of doing things, because many people were afraid of the world out. There is trying to kill me as the weight felt too many during the day. The heat of the virus, which were sort of getting back into I'm acting like, were beyond it, but were not and there's a sort of like PTSD type thing that's taking place coming out and weird ways for others. I think the becoming unaccustomed to being in groups has maybe created like an agoraphobia, as some people are staying home because of it. Some people are feeling stressed when they're out and then people there washing out, but then there's also specifically, people like those were about the look at here who were just triggered by having to deal with the pandemic and the fact that there are masks that are being discussed and in some places required,
that there is this issue of getting people vaccinated, even if you don't want to you might have to in order to work here to send your kid there and its leading to dozens and dozens of incidents at school board meetings and public health events and the like, and that gets us to today's incident. It complete and total pandemonium at the Lee County School Board meeting. We played some clips from this earlier, This was a meeting where the superintendent announced a mask mandate, not rare many schools are doing it and a doctor was assaulted and there were a bunch of for it fights that broke out, including this one on live tv now I'll does. What we're going to see is the rapporteur interviewing, I think a doctor about how they were assaulted and in them in time that conversation about an assault is interrupted by people fighting and the audio tells you a bunch of it, but I am describing it in case. You were only listening today. Let's take a look, let's take a lesson
bending urea so actually got to abolish gotcha. Actually, I was just- crying to make my way to the door. If I can come in and Philip I did. The subtitle said that the doctor got shot. I believe it is actually the doktor got shoved a woman stood in front of me in Bosnia. The way I was trying to get the new band AIDS attention and tell our allow- and thank you for coming here and a woman pusher mighty infamy. No, are you shocked and what is now the reporters already distracted, because there's the screaming, in the background, is building into a malay, and the rapporteur tries to keep going, but here you'll see it. You just can't focused
more has become night at all, then watching it on social media for weeks and months and months. Not right right here, look right here so, as you can see so now, flying all of this on live television. Fish are flying like unbelievable. What we are seeing here today unfold live now put first sheriffs officers are getting involved in trying to break up the fight, we can see the sheriffs diabetes are coming out here to get between the two groups, a lot of confusion, a lot of anger as a lot of deputies now are finally pouring in to see now you know the truth There is less county is actually doing something there trying to do something that that might make a difference because cover
completely out of control and Lee County Florida cases have been spiking to what are easily the pandemic. High numbers, its total chaos, its pandemonium, its Bedlam School board meetings across the country are going to start meetings. purity, or for the ones that already have security, they're gonna start eating more security, as the case may be. This has to stop or it has to be stopped somehow right, even if you think that as apparent you're doing something good for your kid by acting out against masks, don't you think it's either. Bad for the kid to know that their Mama dad is. using their mind and protesting and humiliating themselves on tv or in front The community, like, however, Annoying, you think, wearing the mask is for your kid and for most kids, it doesn't seem very annoying, quite frankly, up isn't that not as bad as a kid like oh, no mom is doing it again, moms in a fight at the school board. Meeting dad is talking
dad's wearing a hazmat suit and talking about Hitler at a school meeting. It seems to me that that would be much much worse and it's not only embarrassing for the individuals. It's embarrassing for the country at a global scale laughing at us around the world, but it's also really sad and bad for the kids as well. It's all of it all of the above We have a new report about these Anti Baxter's, offering fake vaccination cards and an anti vaccine influence. Sir, has now been charged with cell, fake vaccine cards. This is being reported in rolling stone article by E G, Dixon, fifteen, People, including Jasmine Clifford, a k, a anti backs. Mama have been charged as part of an alleged conspiracy to sell fake vaccine cards a New Jersey woman who went by the Handle- and
backs Mama on Instagram has been charged with helping to run a business to distribute fake over vaccination cards. according to a press release from the New York State District attorney's office, Jasmine Clifford thirty one years old self described entrepreneur from Leonards New Jersey, very entrepreneurial is accused of selling approximately two hundred and fifty fate covert vaccination cards on Instagram charging, two hundred dollars per cart, she's, all such as net. That's fifty grand right, she's, also charged with falsely entering at least ten people into New York state vaccine database for an additional two hundred and fifty dollars, data which was transferred to New York State's official exe, see or pass system Clifford, who has more than three had more than three hundred thousand followers on her main account? Five star Jazzy is facing charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument, in the second degree, offering a false instrument for filing, in the first degree and conspiracy in the fifth degree
an alleged coconuts, bitter conspirator and died in a Daze Barkley. Twenty seven years old is facing similar charges, allegedly for using her position as a medical clinics clinic worker in Patch Hoag New York to arouse it patch ugh, to enter names into the New York state vaccine database. According to a video by Tik Tok tizzy aunt, who exposed Clifford last week, Clifford was notorious for spreading anti back sentiment on multiple accounts while her previous anti backs account anti backs. Mamma had been removed by instagram earlier this summer. She had over accumulated more than ten thousand followers on her backup account anti backs Mamma to DE I am for religious exemption letters. She would post. She also believed mandatory vaccinations were part of the EL g b t Q agenda, oh so also
also homophobic. I guess consider how clueless you must be to be buying a fake backs inquired what I mean by that is its just a simple piece of paper anybody could make, especially since, like you might say, well, it's on slightly thicker card stock than just paper. yeah? You can go and buy that for a few cents, a sheet and then print the the card yourself, but moron wouldn t I mean I'm not trying to I'm I'm not giving advice on how to do this, I'm showing how dumb you have to be to go and buy the card for two hundred bucks or whatever. It is, you can just take a picture of the card and have it on your that counts in most places so like. Why would you pay someone for it? It's it's very simple and people. Now the really crazy thing is at the end of the day, the vaccine is free.
So, instead of going in printing and scanning and photographing a fig vaccine card, that of paying two hundred bucks for a fake vaccine card and then another two fifty to get put in the state database, the vaccine is free and it protects you from covert predict early, serious coding, and then your name will be legitimately added to the New York database for free. It's, it's truly truly stunning that this is going on and it doesn't bode well for the country guys. It really does not bode well for the country but these people need to have the book thrown at them. Now I got an email sing David. Is it true? This person could get six years in prison. I think that with all of these things. If you look at the three charges and then you look at what is the maximum possible penalty for each of the three and then you run them consecutively rather than concurrently. I think there's a theoretical framework where this person could
six years or eight years or something like that, it's not going to happen now. My belief is the book really needs to be thrown at these people. They need to be punished seriously. The need to be made examples out of, but I would I expect six years or or even now or or even three years here by any means we have a voice smell number. That number is too one nine to David P, the egg me really is upset with me that I have been empathetic when it comes to the fore, families of those who die because there, the families of those who die because they are anti backs. The kids of the mullahs. shall leader who didn't get the vaccine and died, the kids of the police captain if he has kids who didn't the vaccine, but was on I've, met in and died of covert. Ah, here is the man making a point about Hitler and empathy. Take a listen to this became when Hitler Do you feel bad for his kids, too
Could you gonna go fatherless yeah, so, first of all a man, Hitler had no kids, so it out you gotta, get your facts straight. I think I get the point that the egg man is making like how bad does the person have to be before you don't feel bad for the kids. Now, let me give you a hypothetical if Hitler's kids were not lunatic genocidal nazi. Then maybe we would feel bad for Hitler's kids if there really innocent in the entire thing. As far as we know the kids of a lot of these anti vaccines as bad as the anti vaccine is as as weapon eyes the distant formation that the anti backs are spreading might be if the kids are just bystanders. Why wouldn't we feared feel bad for kids that are now going to be fatherless or motherless? Now, there's a good chance of led. The kids would end up being indoctrinated into the lunatic beliefs of the parents. That's true, but this is this is actually
we'll topic, and I know the egg man is, I'm not gonna, say being facetious, but the Agnes is being provocative There is an article in New York magazine from a couple weeks ago called the empathy worse and it does a pretty good job of outlining the reality. That is the article says we can be mad at the people that are endangering public health without taking pleasure in their deaths and while recognising that their death can still really negatively affect people in their lives. Who may not be purveyors and disseminators of misinformation, so just check out the article check out the article, the empathy wars in New York magazine from a couple weeks ago on today's vote,
Joe german chancellor? Angela Merkel is stepping down after sixteen years. What is next for Germany, a court has back the teacher refusing to use transgender student pronouns. What is the legal basis? We will discuss it and, lastly, the state of Idaho very unfair, did state highly infected state. Idaho is activating the National Guard over the covert surge that is aggressively taking place there. All of those stories and more on today's bonus show sign up at joint pachmann dot com to celebrate one billion Youtube views. You can use the coupon code billions through the end of the week to get a beautiful discount off of the membership of your choice at join, Pachmann, dot, com,
also really exciting interview tomorrow, Vincent RACK and yellow from the this week in virology podcast will be joining me. Many of you already sent me questions for him. If you have other questions, send them to info it, David Pachmann, dot com. We'll see you on the bonus, show and then, of course, tomorrow for a great show, including what I think will be a variant
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