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9/15/21: CA Defeats Recall, General Makes Major Allegation

2021-09-15 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--Republicans are completely humiliated in resounding defeat for their attempt to recall Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom, who easily avoided recall, with the top challenger being Trumpist Republican Larry Elder

--Republican Larry Elder, a major loser in the California Gubernatorial recall election, launched a website claiming voter fraud the day before the election results were even released

--A forthcoming book by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa claims that General Mark Milley, fearing Donald Trump would launch nuclear weapons in the final days of his presidency, had to assure Chinese officials that Trump would not attack them

--Dr. Anthony Fauci agrees that it may be time to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations to get on an airplane in the United States

--Donald Trump completely falls apart during a Newsmax interview following the revelations about him in the forthcoming book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa

--Republicans melt down after horrifying revelations about Donald Trump and nuclear weapons are revealed in the forthcoming book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa

--Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis claims that he didn't hear the outrageous anti-vaccine statement about mRNA made by a man just feet from him during a recent press conference

--Pop Star Nicki Minaj tells a strange story about COVID-19 vaccines and swollen testicles, and this gets Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson interested in learning more

-Voicemail caller presents a sort of political media "F-Marry-Kill"

--On the Bonus Show: Prices rise less than expected in August, Fox Nation trying to restart "Cops" program, Apple co-founder announces initiative to clean up space debris, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
Ladies and gentlemen, Republicans have suffered a completely humiliating defeat last night losing really badly their attempt to recall democratic California, Governor Gavin Newsome, and to replace him with their was really only one person who might have replaced knew some if the vote had gone. Yes on recall, rather than no- and
that is the absolutely radical republican name. The Larry elder. Now we're going to go through some different aspects of the story here, but the big narrative is mostly right, wingers in California, despite claims that the left also isn't happy with Gavin Newsom, some Democrats not happy with Gavin Newsom, but by and large, mostly the right wing of California, many of them pro Trump decided to try to remove the governor Gavin Newsom. The top alternative was a republican named Larry Elder who agree, with Donald Trump by ninety nine percent of everything. The only disagreement I was able to find between Larry, elder and Donald Trump was that Larry Elder didn't like the chinese tariffs that Donald that Donald Trump put in place. But beyond that this was a guy who was not only pro trump but in some cases even beyond from saying he would end
every mask requirement. If he were to become governor, he would end every vaccine requirement if he were to become governor. He has a long history of deranged political statements, misogynistic statements, homophobic statements, racist statements even and he got absolutely crushed in terms of the first question, the recalls or a two part question. The first question is: should governor Yu Newsome be recalled, seventy percent reporting this morning, mail and ballots left to be counted, but sixty four percent of voters said no new. Some should not be recalled a basically a two to one loss for those seeking to remove Gavin Newsome. I may just a resounding and humor
creating defeat. Now had the recall gone yes remove, Gavin Newsome, then it would have gone to the second question and it would have been Larry Elder, who became the governor of California Al Elder got forty seven percent of the question to vote, followed by friend of the show Kevin PATH. Wrath who ran is a Democrat called into the live stream. We did last night, nice guy, although my position all along has been just No, I do not recall, gave a new some, so it was going to be Larry Elder if new some didn't stay now. This is a major bullet dodge and a major humiliation for Republicans, and this is also, to some degree, a referendum on Trump ISM. This entire take them out attitude, replace them with approach from Republican. This is, to some degree a signal about the power of Trump ISM, which may be we dont, and we don't know yet,
the power of Trump ISM may be diminishing. We won't really know until November of twenty twenty two, but it is a good sign that this movement failed and failed so miserably at attempting to replace the sitting democratic governor. With a trompe and lunatic Republican in Larry Elder now. What exactly happened here? How did this all end up the way it ended up? Well, remember that early on and we have the polling, a trajectory for this race. Up on the screen for people who are watching early on. There was a long period of time about three full weeks in August where the polling was almost completely tide. And we were worried about that. It ll it was it was it wasn't too close. It was tied between keep and remove Gavin Newsome, but two different things were going on. First. In a recall, the people want,
The recall are often more engaged for a period of time, since everybody else is just living their lives there not looking to be involved in a recall. This isn't the scheduled election and so as more and more Californians learned about the recall and its paramount importance, saw more and more say now. I am actually going to get involved, I'm alive we vote or now and I want to keep Gavin Newsome. Secondly, the most important issue for recall: voters was co and so, as Larry Elder explained, he said I would get rid of every guideline around covered as delta grew in August. Larry elders, cartoonish position on covered only helped Gavin knew some even more, and ultimately, it went very much in gave a new sums favour. Let's look at a couple of different clips Harris
Fox NEWS eventually calling it. I think this was after one, a dot m Dave Wasserman called this at like one thousand one hundred and fifteen eastern time. I think this was like around one a dot m. This was Fox NEWS, calling it last night, Do you stand by the Associated Press? Is now just called it? You see the numbers on the bottom, your screams you to check mark. There are sixty seven point, three thirty two. Yes, that means that gap Newsome will not be recalled. The associated press has now called it. You ve got fifty eight percent of the vote in there. It is, and actually that may have been earlier and then Larry Elder eventually came out and spoke. This may have been around one. I M Eastern elder finally saying We may have lost the battle, but we have not lost the war as migration immigration in defeat and by the way, we may have lost the war, the battle, but we
are going to win the war. So at the end of the day, this was just a bad idea, and it was an expenditure of political cap. Nor for doing nothing other than being resoundingly defeated and spending more than to hunt in fifty million dollars. To do this, this optional recall election, which was an even close. There, was no shot at removing a gave, a new some two hundred and fifty million dollars. The very same people complaining about profligate government spent being acted to spend two hundred and fifty million dollars on an election that ended humiliating them and also was completely unnecessary Harry now. There are some right wingers who,
Turning around and saying, this failed because California's full of stupid liberals just get out of California and Ben Shapiro, basically tweeted as much last night, sank The failure of the California recall is a reminder to Republican still in the state, the decline and is now inexorable get out, while the getting is good and move to a purple or red state. Your life will radically improve. Well, that's fine, and, let's see, if people do it, we have freedom of movement in the United States between states, the California accidents that they ve been claiming is going on for a long time has an actually be going on and they also for being free marketeers. They seem to miss the fact that the reason in part that things are expensive in California is because there is not a demand to live in California in those parts. Much of California is actually dirt cheap.
If you get away from the popular areas on the coast and some inland cities there's a lot of California, that is really really cheap. Why is it so expensive to live in Santa Barbara, a tiny city of ninety thousand people verses just to pick a place with a similar population? Parma Ohio? Maybe you ve, never heard of Parma Ohio. Maybe you have the reason Santa Barbara is more expensive is because more people want to live in Santa Barbara because its nicer with better schools, access to better airports, better infrastructure and Fournier ranks fifth in healthcare compared to Ohio at thirty seven. This is the market, because more people want to live in Santa Barbara than in Parma that drives prices up, because there is a limited supply of housing and space and jobs in Santa Barbara. If the politics of California discussed people and they move out, demand will go down and it'll get
deeper and wherever those people go, demand will go up and it will get more expensive if all the people wanting to live in Santa Barbara go and live in Ohio, Parma Ohio will become more expensive outer know of care will get any better. Maybe over time with additional tax revenue who know, but this is sort of like the way the market works and these people seem to very much, not understand it. So a disaster disaster for Republicans in California. Let's hope it's a sign of things to come in the twenty twenty two midterms, but house. Races in Florida are very different than a recall election in a full state election like California. So let's not get ahead of ourselves. Ok, one
thing I do want to go back to is the crazy decision that Larry Elder made before his humiliating defeating California, to start claiming voter fraud. Before we even had the election cults. He saw the writing on the wall, and this is also a very trompe an approach now very trompe intact. It say it's rigged FBI didn't when it must have been rigged, because a true election, a fair election and honest election, would have resulted in me. Winning. This is the approach, and I want to remind people. We should not forget that this is what they did. This is an article from yesterday, Larry Elder prepares for California recall loss with lawyers, Anna voter fraud website with less than a week to go until the California recall some Republicans or falsely claiming
Sir rigged in favour of Democrats and suggesting without evidence that govern governor gave a new. Some can only win with fraudulent votes. The claims are unsubstantiated, an echo similar, false messages promoted by Republicans last year, following the election of President Joe Biden, we wondered if this would be, the new tactic apply to any election. They lose and so far the answer is yes. Larry elder the top polling Republican is already planning to challenge the ring, I'll results. If new some survives elder told reporters in LOS Angeles on Wednesday, he believes there very, there might very well be shenanigans, but he Exe to win anyway elder set his campaign nevertheless is ready to file lawsuits and encourage people to report any issues we have a voter integrity board all set up. Most of these are lawyers were going to file losses.
In a timely fashion, a link on elders campaign website labelled as report election incident, took woe sorry about that, took users to a form the report incidents of voter fraud and sign a petition to investigate the results of the recall understand that they had a petition to investigate the results two days before there were any results. Now after we reported this yesterday, and so did the sacrament be in others. They changed the site. Ok, they removed the petition to do an investigation of the results, apparently realizing It looks really bad to do that before there are actually any results. Now we also have clips reminding us of their strategy here is an interview that Jacob Sopor off from MSNBC, with Larry Elder on Monday, multiple times asking them the elder. Will you commit to accepting the results and Larry Elder was slippery, to say the least,
Harry Elder, leading republican candidates would not commit to adopting the results of the election again, whether or not you win or lose. Will you accept the result of the election tomorrow We all ought to be looking at election integrity, no matter whether your again create an independent or republican. All make sure that the election is a fair election taught us all work together, no matter what the results are to make sure that the results are valid and they didn't and everybody who voted should have voted is all do that together is a commitment to accept this election. As far as all do that together, that's all work together on both sides of the to make sure that the election is a fair election. Now to his credit, Larry Elder did concede last night or early this morning, and based on what we know right now. This might change in the next couple hours, based on what we know right now, it doesn't actually seem like he's going to be pushing anything,
and part of the reason. Why is when you lose so overwhelmingly so humiliating way? What is even the plausible mathematical case for this? Not that there really was one with Trumpet Biden either, but this is just a different. This is a different animal altogether. Our trump was also getting ahead of this by saying in advance. This was the last week that it is, it seems they already rigged it in California, the recall election coming up in less than a week is actually happening as we speak. The poles appear to show Newsome looks safer at this point. Larry elders, the men they could taken from him. What do you think happens now, Well, it's probably rig this any out all balance. It all did eat the ballad, sir. You know male out male in ballots, in fact, I guess you even have a case where you can make your own ballot when that have enjoy
what he's going to win except these Democrats. So you know that's very good. The one thing that good at is rigging election, so I predict its are rigged election. Let's see how it turns up. So this is the same playbook I mean it's not just Larry Elder using the same playbook is trump. Even Trump was involved in using the same playbook and applying it to the California, Material recall so in terms of Larry Elder, actually getting a petition going for a voter fraud investigation before the election. Maybe they accidently, published page too early or maybe not, and then once they realized, this looks really disastrous. We're gonna pull the page down, but it is increasingly clear that this is going to be a tactic for Republicans for some period of time. It will be really interest
to see- and you know, there's so much up in the air about the November twenty two amid terms if they get a rushed in November of twenty two Republicans, that is, they will have trouble pulling the it was all rigged thing because it just gonna be like come on again guys you're, just losing in your losing badly if its close or Republicans narrowly take the house, but not by that much they will start arguing hey. You know what we took the house by three. We really should have taken it by forty, but they rigged so many elect so I believe this tactic is going to rear its ugly head again and when you can't went on policy, you try to go without harming aims and then claim that they stole the election for you. Let me know you thoughts. How long is this going to be the republican tactic? You can find me on Twitter at De Pachmann, one of our spot
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month when you go to steady, emptied out com, slash pachmann. There is no risk, no long term commitment and the link is in the podcast notes. So in the middle of the entire Go California gubernatorial recall, which we covered yesterday and already earlier today on the show, an insane bombshell story dropped on the basis of a forthcoming book from journalists, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Where there are a number of disturbing and estonian claims and store is that are made and told, and we have to start with what may be the craziest one which is that general Mark Milly was so afraid that, in the aftermath of losing to Joe Biden, Donald Trump would launch nuclear weapons. That Milly had to assure China trumps, not completely out of control and Milly, even having an emergency meeting with other top military brass to try figure out a way of? If Trump tried to do this, can we actually stop him from
and it will talk about whether this would even really be possible? Okay. So, let's start with the CNN article, a reporting on the contents of the book. Listen to this two days after the January six attack on the capital. From stop military advisers. Joint chiefs, chairman General Mark Milly Single handedly, took secret action to limit Trump From potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nukes according to peril anew book by legendary journalists, Bob Woodward and Veteran Washington Post Rapporteur, Robert Costa Woodward, and cost a right that Milly deeply shaken by the assault of January. Six was certain that Trump had gone into it, serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election with tromp now all but manic screaming at officials and construe.
Seeing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies. If five percent of this is accurate, Trump was completely losing his mind behind the scenes. Exactly as we believed he was doing, Milly worried that Trump card rogue the authors right, you never know what a president's trigger point is merely told a serious Syria senior staff in response. Milly took an extraordinary action and called a secret, in his Pentagon office on January, eight to review the process for military action, including launching nuclear weapons speaking to senior military officials in I of the National Military Command Centre, the Pentagon's war room Milly, instructed them not to take orders from any one unless he was involved now? Is this even does this break chain of command? We can talk about that in a second, no matter what you were told, you do the procedure, you do the process and I am part of
the procedure. Milly told the officers according to the book. He then went around the room. Looked each officer in the eye and asked them the verbally confirmed they understood got it merely asked according to the book. Yes, Sir Milly considered it an oath. The authors right Harold is based on more than two hundred interviews with first hand, participants and witnesses and painted chilling picture of trumps final days in office. The book Woodward's third, on the front presidency recounts behind the scene, moments of trumps unhinged, an explosive actions yelling at senior advisers and AIDS, as he desperately sought to cling to power. It includes reporting of the events leading up to the agenda. Six riot trumps reaction and unique newly revealed details about trumps January five oval office showdown with MIKE Pence, Woodward and cost obtain documents calendars
Aries emails, meeting, notes, transcripts and other records one other part of this, and then we will get into some. Some discussion. Milly Sphere was based on his own observations of trumps erratic behaviour. His concern was magnified by the events of January six in the extror We risk the situation posed to U S. National security Milly had already had to back channel phone calls with China's top general, who was on high alert over the chaos in the. U S, the then merely received the blood phone call from Nancy Pelosi, Woodward and Costa obtained a transcript of the call during which merely tried to reassure Pelosi. The nukes were safe. Pelosi puts pushed back. What I same to you is that if they couldn't even stop him from an assault on the capital who even knows what else he may do and is there anybody in charge at the White House who was doing anything but kissing is fat, but overall of this Pelosi continue. Do you know he's crazy he's been crazy for a long,
time according to Woodward and costume. Milly responded, Madam speaker, I agree with you on everything and then what maybe is the key revelation here, is merely becoming so afraid of, pumps actions. Milly ended up back channeling with chinese officials and saying it's gonna be ok. We ve got this under control, so we are quite literally talking here about a president going nuclear and actual lunatic as president and it's the same people who thought that this tromp was the guy that it made sense to make president who now dont want the vaccine so think about that. First, now there is a real question here and a bunch of people emailed me about the thing is merely in a sense overstepping authority here
we're going to get the clips of Trump calling what Milly did treason. I think that that's outrageous, but did Milly overstep authority here. I think that the most sort of balanced and sober reaction to this is that ultimately, Milly would not have authority over Trump when it comes to nukes and preventing him from launching them. Ok, at the end of the day, whatever system Milly puts in place, as chairman of the Joint Chiefs Trump could fire Milly and then replaced them with someone who ultimately will allow Trump to launch nukes. Now what I think Milly was trying to do here is given the limited amount of time that Trump would have to do this remember the riots were on January sixth, million meeting was on January. Eighth tromp was leaving off
on January twenty or twenty first, I don't remember inauguration day at this point. So you're talking about under two weeks my belief is milly- knows that ultimately, our trump can fire him and put some yes person in who will let Trump launch nukes? Ultimately, Trump can get his launch order through but Milly knowing Trump probably realises Trump, has this sort of limited attention span, and eventually, if it too difficult to get it done, but look the other way or his attention will go to some other shiny object. So obviously, at the end of the day it comes down. To veto the nuclear? silo officers to actually launch missiles. It is ultimately at the discretion of the president. But my understanding is millions idea. Here was, let's just make it difficult enough.
So that Trump would have to fire me and maybe other people in order to get this done. It may be that prevents it from happening. The real story here is the mere fact that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs was so afraid. This would happen is an incredible historic story that goes to the hinged and erratic nature of Donald Trump. A little bit later on in the show we're gonna get to some of the reaction from Trump to the story coming out our. I briefly want to talk about a one other aspect of so called vaccine mandates. I've said for a while. I think it should be required to fly in the United States Airlines governed by the Federal Department of transportation. It should be required to be vaccinated to fly. I say this less because of the spread on aeroplanes, but more because it seems from the polling. We have, that being vaccinated being a requirement to fly would actually.
Vince Alot of people to go and get vaccinated, and this is becoming more and more of a topic over the last few days and BC, news reports that Doctor Anthony found she would support a vaccine mandate for air travel, now, as you may know, some airlines or requiring vaccines for workers, but have not mandate mandated it for passengers. The nations leading infectious disease expert Doktor Anthony found. She said he would support a covert met vaccine mandate for travelling on airplanes. I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated, he said in a clip of an interview with the skims podcast, the: U S, Travel Association, Monday responded to vouches comment, saying science and studies show air tat Well is safe as long as face masks are worn. U S. Travel has long maintained. There should be no mandatory vaccination requirements for domestic travel. This would have an unfair negative
act on families with young children not yet eligible. Well, you can always exempt young children. That's not a good argument. Let's listen to what doktor found she said If we get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated, we will get to hurt immunity. If we do it, the next six months. It will happen in the next six months. We do it in the next two months. It'll happen in the next two months. I would support and if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people, that you should be vaccinated when you here I say, should you Mandy August and other going on to another topic. I've got to tell you. I am one hundred percent in favour of this and again it's not because aeroplanes are the number one point of spread its because so many people have said a hundred bucks is not going to
Vince me to get MAC vaccinated. Even my employer saying I've, gotta get vaccinated or test weekly, that's not going to get me to get vaccinated, but in a number of poles. Now we ve seen that as many as forty one percent of those not yet vaccinated, say if it became a requirement to get on an aeroplane, I would go and get vaccinated. That's why it is not about the spread on planes, but about what we can do to get people vaccinated. We also have data about people want that a Forbes article, most Americans,
I want vaccine mandates for planes, hotels and restaurants per Gallup in the four months between April and August, as the delta variant swept across the: u dot s. Support for travel, related vaccine mandates, ticked noticeably upward more than six in ten Americans, now support requiring proof of full vaccinations before getting on a plane up from fifty seven percent. Support for vaccine mandates for hotel guests reach their majority status in August notching up nine percent from forty four to fifty three, the largest shift on vaccine mandates involves eating out. Between April and August, there was a thirteen percent jump in support for having to show proof of vaccination status before dining in a restaurant. Fifty three percent of Americans now support it compared to only forty percent four months ago, and fifty eight percent now support a vaccine
they were going to large events like concerts and festivals. This is a third of the vaccine requirements to fly popular among Americans. Not a reason to do something. Americans might want something, that's about idea, but popular among Americans and admitted to buy the anti factors that, if it was required to get on a plane, they would go and get themselves vaccinated. Many of them and supported by Therefore, I would like to see this. It is now known it is being considered by the Biden administration. I hope that it will be enacted soon. You disagree with me. Let me know will have more coverage of this story on the David Pachmann show Instagram, which you can find at David Pachmann Show. When we're talking about sleep. We always hear about how much sleep people get but often neglected in the conversation is the quality of that sleep, which is just as
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as well. They'll give you twenty percent off everything. When you go to Chile, sleep, dotcom, slash, Pachmann, that C h. I l, I sleep, dot com, slash, pachmann! The link is in the podcast notes. Ok, let's now get to the reaction from a whole bunch of different people, including Donald Trump himself, to the absolutely explosive revelations the claims being made in the forthcoming book from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, as we told you in an earlier segment, the chairman of the joint cheese Mark Milly was so worried that, in the aftermath of his loss to Joe Biden and the January six riots that Donald Trump was so out of it that he would actually maybe try to launch nuclear weapons
we learned about in the book. We learn about the things that Mark Milly did in order to try to prevent this, including having some kind of fail. Safe type conversation with the top military brass phone call with China phone call Nancy Policy etc. Well, Donald Trump appeared unused MAX yesterday on the show of a shock spicy his own former press secretary, and saying a lot of really crazy things. Let's just jump right into it, So, first of all, if it is actually true which is hard to believe that he would have called China, and done. These things endo was willing to advise them of an attack or in advance of an attack that region now it would only be advising them in advance of an attack. If this story is true and from was really thinking of New can China, I mean understand, trump in a moment, will deny it but think about what Trumbo saying promising you know,
we're doing an operation, a military operation of some kind, including a boy me and you go and you let the enemy no ahead of time. That's treason. But in order for that to be the case, you have to be saying that its true, which net, which Trump now is not true, why, and I wouldn't think I've had so many girls today saying that's treason. Number one number two: it's totally ridiculous, I never thought of it. You were there, you were. You knew what was happening in the world if you never thought of it than what Milly did made sense, which was a sure China, that you're not actually about two nuke them so which is it I mean. Even the explanation is completely incoherent. plenty. A friend you never heard the word. China mentioned at a thing like this yard. A lot of anger about China on trade, and we made a great trade deity, earn a lot of anger and China with the China virus. The trade deal was a disaster. There was no deal, it was tariffs that were completely counterproductive, remember just to be thorough, but for them.
For him to stay for him to say that I would even say get about attacking China. I think he's trying to just get out of his incompetent withdrawal out of Afghanistan, the worse the dumbest so remember that was trumps withdrawal plan first and foremost trumps withdrawal plan, but if there was really no plan or even worry that you were going to go after China. Then it's really no big deal formally to say guys we're not gonna nuke. You were and a new you. It's ok, don't worry. So it's it's a flip, flopping trumps furious fur, conflicting reasons both of which camp possibly be true thing that anybody seen probably the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to our country, where they they killed our soldiers. They we left
embarrassment out drums onto Afghanistan by the Swede, left, Americans behind and we loved eighty five billion dollars worth of the best equipment in the world that I bought because I've always wondered rebuilt our military and invite and gave it that's a lie as well away, him to say that I was going to attack. China is the most ridiculous thing. I've ever heard and everybody again Milly not saying Trump was going to attack China. Milly was saying We were worried he might lash out and try to launch nukes, but we believed we had a plan to prevent it and we assuaged the fears of China, its Trump trumpet he's misunderstanding the story, three different ways and responding to it in three different ways that conflict with
Other does he know it no assurance by Sir no it or care, probably not it ass it had. I have to tell you, I don't know they have him on tape. Saying this, but I found one word add I found his cohorts to be extremely dishonourable. People, that's why they do an interview with a magic is highly overrated, disguise order. The most overrated guys uses sleaze, but I did not ever think of attacking China. One other thing I just a report about a week ago, where they shed Donald Trump, was the only president in decades that didn't start a war. Ok, so that an often repeated phrase: that out of context without any serious analysis means very, very little so Trump everybody's terrible, the reporters are sleep is that the general is a lightweight note, the constant add hominids and attacks here. Trump drops hindering the interview without evidence that Obama is actually probably currently in charge, not Joe Biden, Beijing
pursue. These wars did Obama of going Obama's, probably running the government. Now anyway, according to many yeah, so a former president saying it's actually it's a different president, the President, that's officially the presence, not really the person that in charge of guy did that's does a former president saying it and then lastly, here here is Donald Trump, with a sort of completely delusional framing. the perception of America's place in the world. The people of our countries respect ass. They love our country and they want to see our countries succeed and our country has gone really Hill in the last eight months like nobody's ever seen before now. Remember the polling is respect for em Erica globally is up basically everywhere. Russians liked Trump
There there I don't remember, there's one african country and then also may be. Turkey were Trump had like ok approval and respect around the world. Everybody else was disgusted by Trump globally. Respect for the world is up now that, from his gone, it's the opposite of tromp is telling you and you go to these elections that are coming up in twenty two and twenty four. When I got up Audrey laughed, the election was rigged and we're not gotta have a country laughed final lie. There is Donald Trump signs off so Trump highly triggered by this report, which in all likelihood is true, at least in the Spirit, even if not every single, detail can be independently confirm that that sort of my sense of it, the book is well cited and well researched and we're going to continue to learn more about it. Now, let's go to some other reactions from people to the block. Buster claims from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, including at the top of the list, that a chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
and remarked, Milly was so afraid, trumpets Cell hinged in millions eyes. That Milly was afraid Trump might nuke someone and started putting in place all of these safeguards. Let's go piece by piece. This first interview was Stephen, more of former economic adviser to Trump appearing with Neil Caboodle and in respond to the revelations of the book more again refuses to even say Trump lost. The. action like he still on that this guy is pathetic and no push back from your computer I think that those questions really will need to be asked about Joe Biden in his mental capacity right now, but no, I never saw that from Donald Trump. I do in a few days after the election. In our time, come intergroup with the results there, that's the understatement of the century. and I think he said he's obviously still I believe that he lost, but now
no, I do not believe he was ever in a state of incapacitation where the country was our endanger. Do you believe you lost the election. I believe there is a lot I believe will never know the real answer to that. But I do believe, though, is a lot of voter fraud, but I am I believe you, when you couldn't unscramble that egg and the once those boats were counted. There was that way there are going to be overturned and will see whether you know look. I do believe, there's a high likelihood right now that Donald Trump will run for president and twenty. Do you understand what he did there? He is so their first of all. This is such a simple question. Donald Trump win or lose the election, and the answer is you: he lost and you can not like Joe Biden and you can say, listen Neil. The people spoke and it wasn't even that close Joe Biden, one in that same day
still can't even acknowledge that they may never acknowledged their they're not seemingly getting over this, but more actually goes a step further and says It may be an unknowable thing. We may never know who actually won the election, which is like an extra little wrinkled to the thing, which is I'm, I'm not saying trumpet, definitely one, but I am certainly not saying Trump lost, but I'm hang on to it. We won't know which is exactly how these people will cling to the belief that may be Trump one. When you start hearing people say it's unknowable, it's. You are basically saying it's a matter of opinion. It's a week. We don't know, we will never know it's a scrambled eggs, you can't unscramble an egg and- and so it justifies p. For having the opinion that Trump actually one when it is an empirical knowable thing. Ok, here's a couple: here's Rand Paul commenting on the mark. Milly report
but if it is true, absolutely immediately needs to be around, we have elections, we get generals, overturning elections at all criticised and authoritarian regimes where the military takes over this is very, very dangerous, and this half a million needs to be immediately removed his command. We can't have generals overturning elections. We can't have authoritarian reversals of our elections, that's exactly what Donald Trump wanted in terms of MIKE pants and may even have been thinking about how the military could be used to that end, but ran Paul, says a weekend of Milly controlling election than then. Lastly, here's another just off the wall react into this here is Laura Ingram in response owing to the revelations about tromp and nukes and Mark Milly
downplaying the riots of January six again. Democrats and tromp haters have clung to the events of January sex with a long white knuckle. grip. They claim a riot that the capital of which should have been prepared for was action, an insurrection, the shortest in world history. By the way it was an attempted insurrection, Laura please, but today we learn the truth, There was indeed an insurrection being planned around that time and Washington, but it took place at the Pentagon and its chief architect was general Mark Milly. Can you imagine? The insurrection was Mark Billy's and, of course, not true, but they don't know where to go with this stuff. You ve got to reactions basically taking place to these revelation. About Trump and the nukes in China. One site is, it's all lies, all the interviews, the transcripts, the records, the fact checking their its,
they are all all all lies and you can't believe any of it. The other side is it's all true Its treason by Mark merely will guys you're gonna have to pick one which is it Are they all lies or are they real? But it's reason by Mark Milly figure it out, because I'm starting to have a hard time keeping up. Let's take a quick break, we'll be back after this with so much more. One of our sponsors is nebula who have developed the most impressive shower. Had I've ever seen. It was designed by former NASA engineers who spent years researching how to save water and what they created. the nebula by Mon Spot shower uses forty five percent less water than traditional shower head, but why than eighty one percent more powerful spray, and they do this by using atomizer droplets that rinse soap and shampoo off faster than any our head. I've ever used, I installed
the by Mon Spar shower in my bathroom at home, took five minutes to set up I've using it for about a year I in and out of the shower way faster because of that powerful spray. But again it's helping the plan and your wallet by using forty five percent. Less water the traditional shower head, the next by Mon Spot shower starts it just one. Ninety nine but you'll get ten percent. off all nebula products. When you go to Nebula Dotcom, slash, pachmann and use the promo code pachmann, the link is in the podcast notes. So there is a lot of liars and politics and there's a lot of terrible people in politics, and sometimes there are the same people. The terrible people also happen to be really big liars and I believe that Florida,
black and Governor Rhonda Santas, is one of those bad people who is also a liar. I yesterday I played a clip for you, which we are going to look at again today in which run dissent is held, some big press conference at which he announced that if a business tries to require sorry, if of if a Florida state government agency tries to require a vaccination of an employee they will we find five thousand dollars at this very event, some guy came to the lectern stood behind the seal of the Florida governor and said the vat Seen changes your already now, I'm gonna play it for you. If you're watching, you will notice the Santa's definitely looks like he heard it. He seems to get a little
bit of a not super comfortable, look on his face when it said because it doesn't look great to have such unhinged unscientific, anti vat statements said when you're trying to make the case were not anti backs word. Pro freedom while the vaccine changes. Your am rna, is private. or your rna. I think he said so. It does seem as though dissent is heard it all right. Let's Take a look here is a reminder of the club. The vaccine changes your orange a so for me, that's a problem, so I am here with you folks. We don't want to how the vaccine it's it's about our freedom and liberty, so my entire protection is that dissent is clearly seems to be reacting to the wacky nonsense that that guy is saying about the vaccine changes your rna. There is a new report. Now a lot of people said rightly widen. Why didn't he go up to the electorate and immediately say that's not true. That would have been the risk
sensible thing to do. There is now a report that Rhonda Santa says he just didn't hear it. He just didn't hear it guys. Dissent denies hearing false comment that covert vaccine alters RNA governor rendezvous this on Tuesday denied hearing a false comment that the covert nineteen vaccine changes here. are, even though he was standing next to the person when he made it Look. I don't even remember him saying that, so it's not anything. I've said. I think the data is clear, your much less likely to be hospitalized or die. If you are vaccinated the guy who said it is dearest friend, twenty two year old member of the gains, the work force and a plaintive in a lawsuit against the city's vaccine mandate he spoke at events, at which the governor said he would find local government leaders who require workers to get vaccinated the vaccine enjoy. Your rna and Rhonda Santas is saying. I just didn't hear it guys
when a play once more for you, I get that the audio component of this is less telling, but if you're watching the video dissent is through the guy he's two feet away from the guy. He seems to look a little sick to a stomach when he hears this. But the claim is, I didn't hear it. The vaccine changes your rna. So for me, that's a problem, so I here with you folks, we don't want to have the the vaccine, it's it's about our freedom and liberty, it's not about the vaccine, so I dont believe
for a second that run dissent is didn't hear it. We wondered yesterday. Why is this guy not contradicting what is being said by these people and obviously the most simple explanation is not he didn't hear it? He was two feet away. Listening and visually reacted to it. The most simple explanation is this is an event at which the idea is to just make it overwhelmingly clear. Vaccine mandates are bad and it would not be conducive to that to interrupt and say actually, that's not true, but the mandates are still bad and blah blah blah blah blah. So taking the I just didn't hear it approach Rhonda Santas, one of the absolute worst governors in the country right now, Do you believe he didn't hear it? I dont believe it for a second. My friends are right. I was not initially going to talk about this story, which is why I'm sort of a day laid on it. Although much of what I am going to talk about actually happened in the last twelve to sixteen hours,
There is a, I think, it's appropriate, to say a pop singer, named Nicky Menage, who has been posting some sort of strange things to twitter. Lately and other social media related to the pandemic unrelated to science. Nicky menage has close to two hundred million- that's not it. That's not an error close to two hundred mb, Lillian followers across all social media platforms, and the day before yesterday, she tweeted a very strange anecdote about the corona virus vaccine. Where Nicky Menage said quote my cousin in Trinidad won't get the vaccine cause his friend got it and became impotent. testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married now
The girl called off the wedding, so just pray on it and make sure you're comfortable with your decision not bullied, presumably meaning not bullied getting the vaccine now. This is a really weird anecdote for a few different reasons. First of all, does nothing in the scientific literature that suggests testicular swelling can be a cause, can be caused by the vaccine up. It's also sort of strange because, while I would swollen testicles mean the wedding is off. Is it because you're getting medical treatment or like the does, the did the fiance I do not want to be married to a guy who's testicles swelled, or is it that actually, the swollen testicles were the result of maybe an std obtained?
from infidelity. I don't know that that was sort of my tongue in cheek suggestion. I got involved in this and responded actually and said quote this a very technical response I said: is it may be possible? The swollen apple bags were an std from cheating and that's why the wedding was called off. Some of the amateur doctors in my audience told me David. There are no Stds that cause testicular swelling. That's not true. I researched it. In fact, both climate and Gonorrhea can cause something called or Titus, which is a swelling of the testicles? So anyway, like wheedle, we don't do anecdotal stuff. We go by. We go by science
send peer review and randomize controlled trials and EDA. One person whose testicles swell in Trinidad doesn't really tell us too much about what we need to know. This story has exploded. So, first of all, yesterday on CNN, Jake Tapir actually asks Doktor FAO Chee about specifically take a listen to this speaking ever trusted messengers, upstart gleaming eyes tweeted yesterday that she's not vaccinated, she's, doing her own research and then she shared an anecdote. I found rather unbelievable, honest about alleged side effects that her cousins friend Supposedly experience can Trinidad. I wouldn't normal. Even ask you about this, but not even eyes, nearly one hundred eighty million followers on Twitter yeah combined, she's beloved by her fancy. Is a huge talent, obviously retweet was seized upon my vaccine opponents as some sort of evidence. I want you to address what
said, because for anyone out there who has any questions about this doctor fancy is there, any evidence that Pfizer, the Medina or the J J vaccines cause any reproductive. Issues in men or women? The answer to that Jake is a resounding no there's, no evidence that it happens, nor is there any mechanistic reason to imagine that it would happen so the institute question, is no, how Can health authorities even attempt to combat this kind of misinformation coming somebody who is a hue and beloved international star, like Nicky Menage, is very difficult There is a lot of misinformation, mostly on social media, and the only way we know to counter miss and this information is to provide a lot of courage
information all right, so that might have been it right. Nicky Menage tweets about the swollen test. Goals. The wedding is off, it makes one day of rounds and its source like there's no evidence for this there's no medical reasons. This is this is one person just because something happened after something else doesn't mean that it was caused by that thing. Ok, fine, but then Tucker Karlsson, jumps in an Tucker Karlsson is very interested in this story. Very, very interested in this story and the clips from Tucker Karlsson are indistinguishable from power The first Tucker offering a clarification is not Nicky Menage, his cousins testicles that were swollen eddies. Making a is cousins, friends, testicles things about that. We last night we read it. We put the graphic on the screen and we suggested Nicky Massages,
as it is one of the swollen, testicles and Trinidad right and we were wrong and we want to admit we henceforth correct record, making an arduous cousins testicles knots, one as far as we know from swine, Nicky, Manassas cousins. Friends riles were sworn yeah. Ok, so that's already crazy, but then this is really the wacky part. Tucker wants to interview. Nicky, menage cousins friend about a swollen, testicles or kindest. Now is going to be. checked on the Tucker Karlsson Programme and not only does Tucker one interview the guy Tuckers willing to fly to Trinidad. This is a clip the this may be the clip of tat Karlsson. That would be you know, in an archive to be to be reviewed a thousand years from now by society. Listen to this event, women figure, whether the show is broadcast in Trinidad, but
Nicky Menage, is cousins friend is watching wish for financing is watch. We want to hear your story will come to poor Spain to see you let us now the one in case of some. And test the goals and Trinidad and Tucker we'll take his entire. production team down there and do an entire show about your swollen testicles, guys we're in real trouble here, aren't we I mean did now is going be. I don't even know how to characterize and quantify and qualify the insanity that is spreading like a virus in this country. one thing after another after another. It is truly truly stunning, but Tucker he's on the story. He Ready to go interview, Nicky Men,
judges, cousins friend about his allegedly swollen testicles, which came chronologically after supposedly receiving some vaccine, but we don't really know much else about it. We were Scrooge, guys right I mean this is this is not new. Manatee is not pointing in the right direction. At this point in time, I think we can say we have a voice mail number, which you can call any time of day, that number is too one nine to David P. Today I have sort of other. It's almost like a political f Mary kill, it's kind of a weird voicemail: what's listened hello that's what say your honor stranded, Ireland look. I do have some people with you now you can choose from five people, and the five people are killed. Ok, land, Alviella John
I had a roller anarchists burial. James younger and you can only choose three of those people to be with you at the island. While ok, listen, I've, I get that this is a joke, but here's my thought, if my so one of these people, I dont know who is Nanda View Nando Vila. I think he said I dont know who that is so. Listen, there's no right way to do this right, but I'm in a first just stick with the people. I know that leaves Us Kyle Jaw, from Tee Whitey Anna from Tee Whitey in Genk. Now I don't. I. I've never met John in person. Kyle, Anna and Genk are people. I've known for a long time and this is not a criticism of John John Great guys far as I know,
from our social media interactions, but if I was given these choices, on the desert island, I'm saving Kyle, I'm saving Anna and I'm saving jobs, these are not reflections of any polluted agreement or disagreement on any issue. In particular, I don't even know anything about that. It's just those are the three I've met. So those are the three aims saving on the desert island, alright guys, but that would be a grim situation. That would be a grim situation regardless we ve got a great bonus show for you. Today, consumer prices are actually rose less than expected in August this seemingly is a good sign. If you were one of the inflation spiral, fear mongers but they're coming up moving the goalposts as they often do. Also, you might remember this programme cops when I was growing up. This programme cops was very, very popular and the programme as been pulled because of a combination of seeming to sometimes gonna glorify police by
HANS and being seemingly prob. Adding other ways in terms of different different thanks anyway, the programme is apparently being brought back by Fox nations are going to talk about that on the bonus show today and also apples. Cofounder has announced the private space company to clean up the space debris that is increasingly in our skies above us very interesting new projects, Steve Wozniak. We are going to talk about all three of those stories and more on today's bonus show, don't miss it really guys, don't miss it sign up at joint pachmann dot com and we will. See you, then otherwise we will be back with a new show tomorrow, but my preference would be. I would love to see you on the bonus check
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