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9/17/21: Iodine is Latest COVID "Cure" as Radio Hosts Keep Dying

2021-09-17 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--The latest anti-vaxxer COVID prevention method is gargling with iodine

--At least 7 anti-vaccine, anti-mask, and/or COVID-skeptical right wing radio hosts have died of COVID-19

--Caller's professor is spreading anti-vaccine propaganda

--Caller wonders about the idea of endless economic growth

--Caller asks why members of Congress would vote to raise their own taxes

--Caller confronts David about why he's not a socialist

--Caller finds it worrisome that fans are chanting "F*** Joe Biden" at sporting events

--Caller is a Florida mom considering taking her kid out of public school over their lack of COVID protocols

--Caller wonders what the end game is of people refusing the vaccine

--Caller talks about needing a negative COVID test to come to the United States

--David responds to viewer emails

--On the Bonus Show: The infamous Friday Bonus Show with Producer Pat hosting

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