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9/20/21: 2nd Trump Riot Fortunately Fails, But 2022 Ramps Up

2021-09-20 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--The possible second Trump riot in Washington DC fortunately failed to become much of anything, with only a few dozens protesters showing up, dramatically outnumbered by members of the media covering the event

--Is the influence of Trumpism evaporating, as we saw a devastating loss for Trumpist California Gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder, and a total failure for almost anyone to show up to the "Justice for J6" rally in Washington DC this weekend?

--US CENTCOM Commander General Kenneth McKenzie admits that the recent drone strike in Afghanistan killed civilians, not terrorists, and apologizes

--Unhinged Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield melts down when a veteran tries to blame Trump for the chaos in Afghanistan, cutting him off and screaming at the camera

--Tucker Carlson praises a deranged anti-vaccine meltdown by his guest, comedian Jim Breuer, who even barked like a seal during the Fox News segment

--Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene publishes fascist propaganda as her 2022 campaign ad

--Confused radical Trumpist Congressman Madison Cawthorn says it is "illegal" for airlines to require vaccinations

--Voicemail caller explains that a fellow social studies teacher in his school was caught playing "Prager U" videos for his classroom, until a student complained

--On the Bonus Show: Poverty fell in 2020 thanks to stimulus checks and unemployment assistance, Walmart and Ford team up on self-driving delivery, Beto O'Rourke preparing to run for Texas Governor, much more...

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This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
So we ve been very concerned for months now about a possible sequel to the January. Ex trump riots and really ever since the organizer started planning this event for Washington DC on September eighteen, we ve been worried whether there would be another violent confrontation and other insurrection coup attempt or whatever else the case may be now September. Eighteen, twenty twenty one, you might notice. If you look at the counter that data is now in the past. This was this pass Saturday and the reason for the fears of violence was. That is as much as the point of the rally could be understood and we'll get to how it sort of wasn't even clear what the point of the rally was as much as we could understand. The point of this rally, it was to support what the
rally. Goers believe is unfair treatment of the alleged tromp rioters. From January six, the if there was any theme- and it was so disjointed if there was any theme at the Saturday event, it was that the September 18th protesters feel that those used of of rioting on January sixth are being held illegally, without good reason, in poor jail conditions, not being given good food or provided bail. Suddenly the trumpets care about prison reform hilariously, but if you are rallying in support of rioters, it's totally plausible that you would become violent as well. Fortunately, Washington DC was far better prepared. Fortunately it did not become violent. That's good, I knew
that there were many on the writing. You liberals want it to be violent. No, I wanted it not to be violent. We even had a coupon code during our lives stream Saturday, which was please no riot. We did not want it to be violent and it was not but hello seriously. It did become a complete and total humiliation. A few dozen people showed up to the event, there were more media people than actual protesters. The protest her attendance was in the dozens, whereas the media presence was indeed hundreds now later will be talking about whether the lack of turn out combined with last week's disastrous, California Gubernatorial recall, results are sort of signalling a waning impact or in ruins of Trump ISM in the Republican Party I'll get to that lets. First focus on the rally itself. Spectrum news
rational reporter Taylor, Taylor, populars posted some observations along with a clip and noticed several hundred press, hundreds of police and a few dozen actual rally attendees couple dozen counter protein there's. Let's get into some of the rally nonsense. Our friend Lauren Windsor was right. There she filled the ton of this here. Is the organizer not Brainerd, explaining? I guess the point of the rally which is really hard to understand. We already have all numbers that so essentially have of his own business restless and is not a partisan by why Rasmussen disastrous bolster- and they essentially believe I mean this- is this is what we call weasel language. I resent Democrats agree with us in fact
yesterday I had a wonderful interview. Is even zero lives dream job it up with life. Pleasure ran from MSNBC. have. The interview was. The whole thing I reckon to be wrong: grinning old, like family, we misrepresenting with Israelis can pay every person hearing a police officer with a virus, things were violence, destroy wars will probably with the people, want and ensures that you're not doing anything else. As you can see, it's it's really not clear what this whole thing is about the same robot animals on the level now presents wrong by the Civil rights Recently we have the same page. We ve been presented.
No guns. So then there were prayers and there was a pledge, and there was the reading of letters there with it. It's not really clear what the whole point of it was other than to say that alleged rioters from January sixth are being not treated well now, hilariously. Lauren Windsor, who found the lot of the stuff noticed that most of the security surrounding that Brainerd were black men. She asked him about it afterwards and here really did not like this line of questioning
my dear predominantly Ratzinger anymore. Now someone knows one so you back that's the b, a dumb question then, and this this is where it starts to get into sort of outer space. They started doing a say, her name thing with Ashley bad. That now remember: Ashley Babbitt was trespassing criminal aggressor on January six, tragically, she was killed by an officer. An investigation has been done, the office there was cleared and any other situation. If this had been an anti for protest on January sixth or be alomar whatever these right wingers would be safe. Folks support back the blue. The officer was cleared now. There are essentially martyring Ashley bad look at this Ashley.
really you, you know they say dont glorify criminals. They said George Floyd shouldn't be a hero all this stuff by their own standards. The officer was investigated and cleared. Ashley Babbitt was tragically killed by police, but she was, there trespass in and in violation of the law and believed to have been engaged in the rioting, and they would be saying if it were. Anybody an ape. The cause of the protest was anything other than try to steal the election for Trump. They would be saying the officer behaved beautifully, so this is all wacky now then it really got nuts in this next clip an angry, apparently Q and
Woman starts to get really angry with Lauren for covering the event. The right course for every goddamn. You read the same, or maybe it's always been, the melting pot. Young people have somebody Now, no one questions. Well. Yes, I know
currently awaiting my leg on our joy So now the woman is getting really up and looked Lucy, so close to learn, Windsor that she's off camera so so that was pretty wacky and then one last interesting. This was actually interesting. I love it when there's these conflicts between people who have sort of like an identity wrapped up in, for example, in this case firefighters, this is super interesting. This is a different. A reporter Richard Hall, a fire fighter in uniform, comes over to talk to reporter Richard Hall and start saying the truck
riots on January six were false flag. It was just, is staged bank what're you whenever they mean by a false, like that's what it was and then another fire fighter not in. Reform overhears. This comes over and says this guy doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Look at this Obviously we prove me wrong. That was a false. Why I personally am firefighters and these guys What would happen Would you Edward S, Quarters Donald Trump right who decide
Firstly, it would improve the twenty one action: women, a woman in the twenty Twond, your election got. It was faint, Janeway, dormant, undermine dynamics, Are you next about way brother money with Eric more light and retired firefighter? I would refer you to come down here. We're not wearing my clear rejoice.
There is a retired saying which right here this morning is almost is this? Guy is broader. Why not only gives you captain, but if you can see it coming around here, that's beautifully said beautifully set and that in the end, the use of the guy pointing I wouldn't come down here. Wearing my classes by, I think that's the equivalent of liquor in the military think would be like your dress, uniform. I wouldn't be down here, doing that Either way and then spreading law under that guy's, absolutely horrifying. So what's the Good NEWS there was no violence.
Barely any one showed up, it's really the best possible outcome which will get us into our next topic today, which is whether the influence of Trump ISM is evaporating. There are two major parties in the United States in politics. There's Republicans in Theirs Democrats. That's the situation right now. Those are the two major parties and for about five years now, basically, since twenty sixteen, the Republican Party has become the party of Trump controlled by Trump, taken over by trumpets other flavors of Republicans in cliffs, increasingly pushed to the margin yeah, it's globally, embarrassing for the: U S, yeah, it's completely shameful, but it is the reality. The republican party has become mostly the party of Trump in thinking about the future we ve been wondering: will the Republican Party continue to be the party of Trump or are they going to a ban?
nap we're not really going to get our first major data point until November of twenty twenty two, when the mid term elections actually take place, will be able to see, do the trompe an incumbents get reelected, do the Trump endorsed candidates win that type of thing in November of twenty two, but short of those results we just received in the last week to pretty important data points that could signal a declining influence of trumpets and what are the two data points will? First of all, last week we had the California gubernatorial Recall election. It was heavily pushed forward Buy pro Trump Republicans in California, the primary alternative to the incumbent, Governor Gavin Newsom was nothing short of a Trump clone in Larry Elder and the Republicans got crushed sixty four two hundred and thirty six just a massive defeat. This is basically the same margin as Joe Biden's, two thousand and twenty win in California
five hundred and sixty three two hundred and thirty, four and in a recall, usually those calling for the recall, are highly motivated to vote, and yet they still got crushed by the same margin. That Biden defeated Trump in California in last year's election. Usually you would expect a tighter race, in that case, in a sense, That was a many referendum on Donald Trump and it went absolutely terribly for the pro Trump California. Republicans Rights data point number one from last week. Secondly, over the weekend we had this completely failed. Pro Trump Rider rally in Washington DC and people like congressmen, TED Loo and others have been saying. The pathetic turn out shows the waning influence of Donald Trump now alone. I dont think these two data points really tell us what we need to know about Trump ISM in the Republican Party, but
their interesting data points, regardless importantly, even if we believed that these were real, true bona fide signs of Donald Trump declining influence, it would not be a signal for us to just sit back so in that sense, its irrelevant. This is gonna, be a long process and the best of cases and ultimately, it's going to come down to the twenty twenty two election. If Republicans lose seats somehow and if promised lose it may be. The end of the clown shall locally. They might still do ok, but nationally. You could see in November of twenty two, the republican party- if they, if they get crushed, they will probably go back to something other than Trump ISM, something marginally less bad still bad, but marginally less bad and front may see those twenty twenty two results as a sign that he should not run in twenty twenty four now the alternative is trumpets, do well in twenty twenty two or even, if trumpets, don't do that. Well, but Republicans
gain in the house. Take the house, it might still encourage trumped to say I think I'm gonna go for it in twenty twenty four. So for now, even if tromp is losing influence, Trump ISM is still very much alive. Most Republicans still repeat his talking points. They still fear monger the way that he does. They still play Kate, the its rigged ideology and the type of people. Now there is one other side to this. There were some trumpets saying: don't go to the DC rally this weekend, it's a false, flak they're, going to use it to entrap you. The FBI is actually setting it up now in that sense, if that's what kept people away to the point where only a few dozen actually showed up, it may also not be the signal that we imagine it to be, but there are some cautious reasons to wonder
is the influence of Trump ISM waning, as evidenced over the last two weeks over the last week by the pathetic turn out over the weekend at the justice for J six rally and the humiliating disastrous defeat for Republicans in California. Let me know what you think: how valuable? How important are these data points in these signals? You can find me on Twitter at De Pachmann. One of our sponsors is steady, M D. Primary care, the easier and more affordable waited do primary care in their giving you fifty percent off, because you are in my audience. You just answer a few questions. Eddie Empty will match you with a licence primary care. Physician that's tailored to your needs You'll have a one hour, virtual appointment and start a meaningful relationship with your new doktor From then on, your doctor will be available to you by text phone and video chat. It's not some random doktor on call your steady.
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Notes. Remember that our programme is mostly funded by viewers and listeners like you who sign up at joint pachmann dot com. We do an extra show every day, if you like this show, even at all, I mean come on. If you like it at all, you can get an extra show every single day by signing up joint pachmann dot com. You can also use the coupon code better, twenty one to get a discount off of the membership of your choice. All right. Let's talk about an incredible story: that's both incredible for what it contains, but also because of some of the reaction that we ve, seen from some, the Pentagon has admitted to killing ten civilians, including up to seven children in a cobbled drone strike last month. This particular
on strike was the center of much controversy because it tied in with the withdrawal from Afghanistan that Donald Trump initially said he wanted to do was unable to do and Joe Biden ultimately did we now a video of a cent com commander, General Kenneth, Mackenzie saying we didn't get terrorists we got. Civilians the! U S is considering reparation payments to surviving family members, the panic, originally said the strike killed. Two ISIS K fighters believed to be involved in planning attacks against. U S forces in Kabul, the drone strike came after a suicide bomb attack by ices K that resulted in the deaths of thirteen. U S, service members and doesn't
of Afghans near cobbles airports, so we're going to look at video of General Kenneth, Mackenzie saying I apologise for this and then there's a few different things that I want to talk about, but to go into. It took out a frame this. The reason this particular drone strike is getting so much attention. Is the context in the withdrawal from Afghanistan as retaliation to the ISIS K, suicide bombing near the airport, that left thirteen service members and more civilians dead. Let's listen! I am now convinced that as many as two civilians, including seven children, tragically killed in that strike. Moreover, we now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle she died were associated with ice escape or re direct refuge. because it so far killed civilians, didn't kill ISIS K? Ok, I offer my
found condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed this I was taken in the earnest belief. It would prevent an imminent threat to our forces and evacuated report, but it was a mistake for my sincere apologies the combatants commander. I am fully responsible for the strike in this tragic outcome, so it seems incongruous to be talking about a strike which was supposed to get ISIS K, but got ten civilians, including seven children and saying I'm sorry, guys. Sorry, we didn't get the terrorists, we got ten civilians and I get that it's completely in Congress. Its visually shocking, you are my really hearing is: is this other talking about it? This happens all the time. This particular drone strike got more attention because,
the circumstances surrounding it. We ve been talking about the issue of drone strikes, killing civilians for a decade when we started really talking about it in earnest, under Barack Obama, would the drone probe, under the Obama administration was one of the biggest foreign policy criticisms of the Obama administration Genk Huger. Our friend from the young Turks had a nice series of tweets about pointing to the out rage. It may or may not be real. The me the outrage in response to this admission from the from the scent com commander, but it's actually. other data, point of the media being against the Afghanistan. Withdraw Genk explains it. Let's look at these tweets Genk, wrote quote all the reporters who were outraged by Pentagon. Drone strike that killed civilians, Are you guys not aware that we ve been killing civilians withdrawn strikes for decades? How is this news to you that you are all of a sudden bothered by it, because almost none of you objected before Genk going on to say, interesting Lee? This outrage comes
as a continuation of corporate media rage over the withdraw from a war. This outrage did not at all this in the middle of those wars. But now quote, reporters are pissed that the Pentagon makes mistakes. Please Jenkins spot on here. It is great that the Pentagon has taken responsibility for something horrifying. Ok, it's great that their considering payments payments, which, of course, don't bring family back. But what else can you do no other than get throw money at a problem? but this isn't new and there is a very cynical nature to this end, its analogous to the media reaction to the withdraw from Afghanistan. As I said before, the withdrawal was one hundred percent. The right thing to do had trumped on it would have been extremely complicated. Similar things would happen. Biden did it got us out of a war there has been more criticism from the media, corporate centrist, media and right wing media and even left wing media to somebody
of bide in getting out. There has been more scrutiny of Biden getting out than there was of the twenty years that we spent there and in the same way, it's not that this drone strike is irrelevant. It's it's horrifying, it's a tragedy. It should it be criminal, Ramey, wheat, ok, there's no mitigation, about this particular drone strike, but its being used by some in the media to further reinforce the idea that leaving Afghanistan was a mistake when, if they cared about drone strikes, they could have been covering the drone war for the last decade differently than they did and they haven't been doing it, and so it's hard to take it all seriously good for Genk for pointing this out good that the
They took responsibility on video in this way, but this is not a new thing that doesn't change the seriousness of this particular drone strike, but we ve got to understand this in context and understand the way in which its useful to the people that are reporting on it in certain ways hey. This is really really interesting. There's this channel called news MAX it's a crazy channel and they have a host name. A grant, stink field, and this guy went nuts when a veteran went on and issued its like the mild this most milk toast critique of Donald Trump. The whole point was all of this: terrible stuff is happening in Afghanistan and its binds fall and then the veteran simply tried to say hey, you know it also, like sort of would have been trumps thing to look had the same plan. It was like the mildest, critique and grant stink field meltdown
throws the guy off and says you are not going to criticise Trump on this channel: woe pretty serious journalism, hi guys. Let's take a look at this, I can tell you. Is this didn't happen under President Trump, and I know there's lots of people on the left that want to try to blame present trump. He wanted out of Afghanistan real bad. He was real frustrated not being able to get out, but he didn't pull out because he knew this would happen. In fact, we all did. I called it on this programme, like twelve year old son knew about it, and so what I ve got Americans there that our stock. to me: that's a half its situation, but Joe appreciating work and to get them out. I really do, and I wish you and your window yet we do respect for, and I mean like veterans, you are being one rain. Our friends are over there. We follow this closely from multiple administrations, and we know the chimes administrations. Efforts here were fairly weak. They were trying to when the number of people that would get out is like the mildest, critique risk coordination problems. Joe
let us cut our I'm already weak, I'm already low on his arm. Joe Joe, have you heard about, plays cut him off now now, you're, not gonna blame this on President Trump on my shell. Now it's not happening now appreciate the work that you're doing. God bless you for me at a veteran God, bless you for trying to get Americans out, but don't come on this programme and take to talk it points to the left and blame president Trump. Does that help at anybody? The pied administration screwed this up from the very start. You know it. I know it. The country knows it and you call them not hostages. I don't know how you don't column, hostages, their stock in Afghanistan, with a country overrun with terrorists staying out of his mind, Jimmy's, completely disconnected from reality that are willing to kill them all a mad about that man. I really am how dare you question my narrative veteran, but we support the troop Thea. God bless gutless
slow it down. Please, because we ve got a real here, all coming up that man's a real hero till we served not before I get caught, saying that that better and is not a Europe. What happened to respecting the groups right, I mean that was you know. It's a view well covered that There is now a White House in radio out of nowhere, we We have learned that support. The troops is support the mission of Republican President's. They don't really care about troops. They don't really care about the opinion of individuals if it conflicts with their view, if it's not useful to their cause laws and look at the mental gymnastics that are going on there he's trying not to insult the troops hevens we're going to talk to a real hero over there, but not the deck has not a hero, but we're not going to allow it on this. Oh, no! No! No! No! No god bless! You accept your and ignorant left his sympathiser book
Thus, you your I'm not saying you're, not a hero, but the next guys really a hero, because he won't criticise Trump. How this is not a skit is unbelievable. I mean this this. This is a parody of this support. The troops ideology support the trip the about this guy. He trait criticise the dear leader. So, all of a sudden he is not a hero but sort of, but not as much as the next guided I'm in a bring on incredible stuff happy. In over unused MAX ended, they actually it's worth seeing it, because it is pushing the lines on hyper nationalism. Well, beyond Fox news. Very very interesting, we'll have more coverage of what took place there on our instagram. You can find a sign in degree, a David Pachmann show find me on Instagram at David DOT, Pachmann one of our sponsors is magic spoon, breakfast cereal, sweet,
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check out all right, I'm in a show, you hear a video that is like the perfect storm of the most perverted anti backs. Insane Eddie, combined with the continued absurdity and hypocrisy of Fox hosts who work for a company that has a stricter vaccine policy than what Joe Biden outlaw a couple of weeks ago, continuing to give up their audiences by giving air time to the wacky is most unhinged anti vaccine and anti science voices. Who am I talking about I'm talking about comedian, Jim Brewer and Fox NEWS host Tucker Karlsson? This you have to see this to believe it
as Huffington posts rights. This I love this headline. Saturday night lives, goat boy, meaning meaning Jim Brewer, ran about the beast. Barks like a seal up in a white held the Anti backs, ran now. There's two elements to this. First, it's the nonsense that in brewer, says second, its Tucker nodding along and sang right and praising Jim Brewer for saying this stuff and in addition to that, the Fox audience who thinks, while Tucker's really standing up for what he believes, is right Fox NEWS. Not only requires vaccination or testing. Otherwise, if you're not vaccinated, you ve got a test every day at Fox, remember, Biden said every week you ate it
a day. It fox and you gotta wear masks as well that stricter than just so Tucker works there, but on air he does the Anti backs Apollonia. So let's get right into it. This is crazy. Brewer seems out of his mind, but the principle remains. If you can force people to get the vaccine, what can you do right? That's a question and Jim Brewer appears to be thinking about he's. A comedian hinge, announce he's not performing in any venue their acquires patrons to be vaccinated. Yet so, and that's the gist of this that Jim Brewer said, I'm cancelling shows where the venue says everybody's gotta be back sedated and now he's a hero princess tonight to explain why Kimber thanks so much for coming interesting. That you did this caught our attention. White tell us out, be quiet. explain why did did yeah. Well, I see I got a lot of feedback from a couple venues that I was playing. My fans are really upset. They said you know, I'm not comfortable with
in your college shot and, and now they're saying I can't come see you perform. Unless I do that, and I looked into it and that's the last thing. You should be doing is going hey you wanna, come you want come see there. Feeding the seal, the fish you you wanna go see a concert, you aren't you, that's funny guys he's barking like a seal. This is his it's a good. It's. The point is better because he's barking here comes to fit. Why would you exam there? Why would you I don't want any of my fans forced to come, laugh and they're gonna get a shot and then we'll get so as much as he has just Jim Brewer. Might love it for people to be forced to go to his show? No one's being forced to do anything is its comedies, optional. Okay, if data
want to get a shot. Then they don't have to go to the show they can go to a different show or they can look at his clips online or they can do it. Nobody is being forced to go to comedy, shows at all as much Jim Brewer might love it if it was mandatory to go to his comedy. It's not an and honest Tucker. I gotta be asking you what really what really started my video was there is a new narrative and the new narrative is the on vaccinated or the these killed the bees this. This is programme and cart, took notice, Tucker. It says exactly that's an idea. Tuckers been pushing, he did it with some candidate on his daytime show because it, I think that I think the left wants to kill the on vaccinated and tuckers like apps. really goes on forever care the beige than peace to say Vaccinated, kill them when our leader, you can tell US comedies, really funny put that out there and pointed the finger like where the demon
I'm not vaccinate. I add cove it you're not going to tell me about my body. No. I know my body, I know my morals. I know my faith, you don't come telling mean threaten me, everyone else as if we're the demons. I have so at this point we're not even on planet earth. You know you don't come threaten me as if I'm the demon. What he's talking about is, Biden said: if you have over a hundred employees, they should be vaccinated or test weakly and then venues. Are legally able to require vaccines if they want to Jim Brewer Is that demons and faith in all these different things to close friends right now? fully vaccinated and they got Colvin and their bowl sick, so What is this is not about safety, because if it was you'd just I use my son of my video eat. More fruit take carry a body
now remember, there is no evidence that eating fruit prevents covered the. I guess there alluding to if your generally healthier overall, your risk of death is lower from all causes, but that's not specific to cover it Go they Jim I've been saying, oh forever, you would have thought I call people savages Purdue in that this is where, whereas society and in the greatest thing, I have to be honest with you- please I'm so blessed because ninety five percent of people, I was just saying it to be honest, Tucker one message after the other was thank you. Thank you for speaking up. thank you. I feel terrible, I'm a fireman and they want me to get back need. I don't want to give vaccinated my my child, I know someone, my and God. So is it obviously alive because he said here
God I don't know, and it was the last vaccine push their child five years. The facts are needed when paralyzed, ok, whose vaccinating five year olds, that the fact that a missing something has the vaccine been approved for five years. How is who is this five year old, the God of Accede where they part of a trial from the neck down, and I Bennett forth a benefit for every year. Oh, I guess this owes. Oh, oh, this is more job, so he thinks some other vaccine paralyzed. A kid is that the claims so. When I hear people going now that no you don't ok. So a bizarre ran barking like a seal in opposition to vaccination. There is Jim Brewer and that that's pretty scary, because he's an entertainer and all sorts of people to see what he says they love it. They loved in the distance accepted. So that was
not in Tucker Karlsson, absolutely loving it and praising it. Ok, if you want to get a sense of how long this election fraud stuff is going to be going on Donald Trump, just sent a letter to the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rations Burger, demanding that he be declared the winner of Georgia Trump demanding that Trump be declared. The winner of Georgia dont check your calendar. This isn't a repeat. It really is mid September of twenty twenty one. It's not November of twenty twenty is not December over twenty twenty, its almost October of twenty twenty one and Donald Trump is demanding that he be given the state of Georgia in the November of twenty twenty election Donald from set this letter on Friday, I fully expected when I saw this headline ice. I thought this must be four months ago. It must have just resurface like it can't be from now.
But indeed it is. The letter is dated September, seventeen twenty twenty one. The letter says dear Secretary reference, burger large scale, voter fraud cap, random capitalization- I still don't understand at his followers- do it to large scale. Voter fraud continues to be reported in Georgia. Enclosed is a report of forty three thousand absentee ballot votes counted now the cat counted his capitalize guys it. The counting is so important that has put a captain C on it in the middle of a sentence, absentee ballots of ballot, votes, counted and detailed county that violated the chain of custody rules, making them in valid. I would respectfully request that your department check this and, if true, along with any other claims of voter fraud and voter irregularities start the process of de certifying the election or whatever the,
What correct legal remedy is an announced, the true winner there he sing announce me as the winner of Georgia, its October. As stated to you previously, the number of false and or irregular votes is far greater than needed to change the Georgia election result. People do not understand why you and Governor Brine camp adamantly refuse to acknowledge the now proven facts and fight so hard that the election truth not be told you and Governor Camper doing a tremendous disservice to the great state capitalized of larger aunt. You, our capital, a nation which is systematically being destroyed by an ill, is illegitimate president and his administration. The truth must be allowed to come out. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Their argument is that, because some forms word dated a few hours late, I'm interpreting what
being said here. Ok, some forms were dated a few hours late. They want every result from all of those a ballot boxes thrown out and not counted. They wanted disenfranchised tens of thousands of voters because of some messed up paper work with some of these ballots now the law that they site is this emergency declaration, which has run rules for ballot drop boxes. It doesn't say if any rule is value violated you throw the all the ballots in the box into the trash doesn't actually say that it doesn't say, throw the votes out and don't count them. So all of this is being signal boosted by articles being written. That say because it appears that maybe some ballots had it were a few hours
late in being certified, you need to just throughout all the ballots from those ballot boxes, does nothing in the law that suggest that that should be happening. So at this point, is this a mental health issue? Is this trolling? Is it drifting? It was just letter was released just before the Saturday rally in support of the trump riders maybe was an indirect way to try to real people up. Remember Donald Trump. Remember when you just asked for eleven thousand votes to be found for him. I need eleven thousand votes, Gimme a break
this guy seems willing to do anything. But again, the issue is the burden of proof. He says he has the evidence, but he wants Brad RAF and spurred or to prove that is. Allegations are true. What this may actually be is an attempt to pre empt. What increasingly seems like is going to be an investigation into trumps attempts to overturn the Georgia results. This is an article from Friday, the same day as this letter came out, Georgia, criminal probe into trumps attempts to overturn twenty twenty election quietly moves forward
quietly moves forward. So this may be Trump trying to argue look. I wasn't trying to break the law when I asked for eleven thousand votes. What I meant is what I said in his letter witches. You should investigate this and you should investigate that. It's kind of like that, we easily mafiosi type speak we become accustomed to from Donald Trump, but a delusional letter. I was convinced this letter must be six months old, no it's from Friday, and we will continue to follow. It. Don't forget that the best way to support the David Pachmann shows by becoming a member which gives you access to the daily bonus, showed the regular show with no commercials. You also get access to our entire archive of every episode dating back a really long time and plenty of other awesome. Membership perks go to join pachmann dot com and you
the coupon code, better twenty one for a huge discount, join Pachmann dotcom. Alright, let's do a little. Let's do almost like a history lesson type segment here. I have an example for you today of something that the modern Republican Party is now regularly engaging in that is indistinguishable from standard historical, fascist propaganda. It checks all the boxes today, we're going to be comparing it specifically to tallying fascist propaganda during and in the Pre Mussolini era. It all make sense. Come along for the ride. We will start with radical pro Trump Republican, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor, Greens, new political advertisement, apparel We she's running in twenty. Twenty two we were were we ve been wonder, how many of these trumpets will run in twenty twenty two? if they run how many of them are going to win. It's gonna be a big piece of influencing whether or not Donald Trump runs in twenty twenty four.
Marjorie Taylor Green in her new ad says. I guess if you re, elect her she, going to blow away the Democrats socialist agenda, and then in the video she actually blows up a car, a previous with socialism on it with a fifty cow rifle that she is also auctioning off. for people who contribute to her campaign like every aspect of this is just a disturbing and fascist propaganda peace. Let's take a look at. It and then we're going to discuss okay, so here's the ad free pleasure, in the green new deal into the three point: five trillion dollar budget and in twenty twenty two I'm going to blow away the democratic socialist agenda.
the wind I'm allow and sign up to win my fifty caliber, so the websites you refers to is is green gun, dot, com. This is straight up: fascist propaganda and its in its potentially an incitement to violence, because she's normalizing, shooting socialist prime, RAM easel! It's it's not even an analogy: she's shooting a socialist Prius in the car, so we have a ton of examples of fascist propaganda. This is just another example. When you look for examples of the propaganda of fascist ITALY leading up to and during the Mussolini era, it's this type of stuff. I'm gonna tell you. The themes of this is now that these are the themes of italian, fascist propaganda, very well known, historically, and look at how much it applies to Marjorie Taylor, green number, one personality, culture,
individuals. This is not Marjorie Taylor, green talking about policy. This is Marjorie Taylor, Green building, a cult of personality around her as a socialist gun toad her who blows up socialist premises right. That's what it is action over talk as a form of politics was the theme of Italian. Just propaganda. Marjorie Taylor, green, shooting, a gun at a socialist car she's, not talking about issues she's, not talking about solving problems like an adult she's using action over talk as the default of politics for Ok. So now this one because Marjorie Taylor, Green, is a woman. We have to think a little bit differently about this. One, but for Mussolini and italian fascism, fertility and the strength of men was a big thing. This is kind of like a female version of it. Although there is not, as directive an analogy of Marjorie Taylor, green of appearing to be,
more likely to bear children on the basis of shooting guns, but there's all So a bit of a masculinization of Marjorie Taylor Brienza, so maybe it does actually apply. That's another one attacking foreign culture in ITALY, It was Americanism that was attacked french russian literature were attacked, etc. In this case with Marjorie Taylor, Green, it's the pseudo foreign culture of american socialist they're, not foreigners, but the idea- is they aren't like us? They are not really Americans in the mould that we believe Americans should exist so very similar and then, of course, italian fascist propaganda was anti democratic. And it was anti small l liberalism shooting your
political opponents, is not democratic. This is again about firearms as solutions the use of slogans to cover the violence of what you propose. Ok, that was a common thing at the eight second mark in this video, which I will pull up for you,
It says in twenty twenty two I'm going to blow away the Democrats socialist agenda and noticed she blows up a Toyota Pre Ass, a sort of emblem of what they don't like previous. You know, one of the first hybrid vehicles now available as a plugin car. Even that detail is revel relevant to the fascistic nature of the propaganda. It's a fight for foster fossil fuels were no silly hybrids or electric cars. Now that's the analysis with fascist propaganda from ITALY. Just you know you could you could do it with something else altogether, but we ve just pick that and our friend and fellow argentinian Federico Single Stein, who is an expert on fascism, actually tweeted? In response this video fascist propaganda, one o one? We have to be calling this for what it is.
lots of politicians blowing things up Taliban style to make political points about how bad liberals are and how the left has to be punished. And meanwhile, if you propose, like a child tax credit, that's called socialist by these very same people, their disseminating actual fascistic propaganda. But if you want like health care for people or a child tax creditor, enhanced unemployment, then you are. You are called a socialist, it's really dangerous stuff and unfortunately, if it's not serve rooted out, it's going to increasingly become more and more common that we see it. Why? Because they vivendi
bending policy altogether notice that there is no policy there, there's no there's no, but it's just we're gonna block we're gonna blow away the Socialists and Unblock Nancy. How does she pronounce it policy, etc? There are going to keep doing this type of stuff unless somebody somebody or something stops them more or less. It loses them elections because they have given up on policy. Years ago we ve talked about before, let's go now from Marjorie Taylor Green to another. Article ignorant from best I am talking about constitutional scholar, Madison Catherine, just kidding he's not a constitutional scholar he's actually a radical authoritarian programme. Congressmen who said it is against the law for airlines to require vaccines for travel. Now there are not doing that yet, but I hope that they do. In fact, we know from public opinion polls that requiring vaccines to get on an airplane to fly between. U S, states would be extremely effective and getting the anti vaccines to go and get a vaccination
and we're going to play a clip in which Madison Cawthorn actually says you have a constitutionally protected right to free unrestricted travel within the United States, and it's one of those examples where a little bit of knowledge can become a very dangerous thing when you misunderstand it: let's listen to Madison I thought we should be encouraging them to reject this, This is a medical apart. Pride plain and simple is over. Hundred million Americans. We're not back need, I think it's even more than that they want is for shutting down to air travel for these people to get round the country- I guess actually constitutional vial nation, because you actually have unconstitutionally protected right. free unrestricted travel within the United States of America I genuinely believe that, what's going on right now is that all that's gonna have United Airlines and American airline delta, even if they decide for requiring vaccine mandate little. Tell you I'm very competent there. we another area that will come to the view and page you like myself,
and you would give them all of our business now. That last part is fine. If errand, airlines like United American and Delta, say we're. Gonna require vaccines. It's completely plausible that someone else will come forward and say we do not require vaccines, if airlines are mandated to require vaccines by the Federal Authority of the Department of Transportation, then that won't happen, but if it's it deserves and made by individual airlines. Madison may be right, some Anti backs airline might come forward and the anti backs people like me. Sin or whoever grant Grant think field. They can go and fly that, but here's We're a little bit of knowledge gets people in trouble. Madison Catherine repeats. You have a constitutionally protected right to free strict travel within the United States. Therefore, an airline require
being a vaccine would be unconstitutional. This is a really good teachable moment. You would hope that members of Congress would know this, but they don't. First of all. What we're talking about here is the right to travel domestically under constitution and the federal law. Now it's important to understand that it's never been substantially questioned or limited judicially it it's it that that's absolutely true, but in nineteen forty one the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional for California to do. Restrict the migration of so called o keys and that there is a right of free movement as a right of national citizenship and that that has to be that that has been upheld under the commerce clause, but there are exceptions. There are exceptions in a nineteen eighty five case, the supply
court found that the privileges and immunities clause prohibits discrimination against non resident from us from one state from from another state in one state, except where number one. There is a substantial reason for a different treatment. Non vaccinated status could be such a reason and number two when the discrimination practised against non resident bears a substantial relationship to the states objective. If a state as an objective has reduced cove spread, you could see a limitation on the ability to freely travel between states, but but but more importantly, both the President and the Department of Hs and governors have powers. When there is a public health emerged
see that can supersede the right to travel, but throw all of that stuff away like forget about all of that, because there is a bigger issue just because you can legally move between states that doesn't mean era we have to allow you on their flights. and allow you to ignore their requirements. What I mean by that is free travel when its lot, not limited by emergencies. Ok, let's imagined, there's no limitation on travel by any governor. get there's free travel. That generally means. If you can get yourself to a border of another state, you can go into that state. You can drive in. You can walk in whatever it doesn't mean that if there is a specific airline and specific flight, that requires vaccines. They have to let you want. If you're not vaccinated, imagined, saying there's free travel between states, I dont have to be subjected to tee essay security because the constitution grants me free travel between states come on guys, get in a car and drive over there, but that
can't be used to say you get to skip security and along the same lines as long as vaccine requirements are generally legal for airlines to put in place which is fine As we know right now, they are. It is just as legal for an airline as a policy to say we require proof of vaccination for passengers, or we require proof of vaccinate for employees or both they really dont get it, but they come up with stuff. That too Lower information news. Consumers sounds good, hey. I do have a right to free travel between states by the constitution, sure get in the car and drive over there in assuming the roads not closed and assuming it. It's a tall road that you pay the toll right all these things. If you can get yourself to the border, you can go in that direction, mean you get to go to an airline and say I'm not abiding by any of your rules. I'm not wearing my seat belt, I'm going to be standing during take off. I don't want to go
security and I dont want to be vaccinated. It's just not the way it works, and unfortunately, Madison Catherine continues to convince people with this stuff. He's admitted he's not running a policy. The office he's running up are in communications office and this stuff gets millions and millions of views and his followers love it. It's all bs so wrong conveys a complete misunderstanding of what it means to have free travel between states, but his followers absolutely love it. We have a voice mail number. That number is too one nine to David P. Here's a call! I got about Prager you, videos bean shown in school. Listen to this, I did it ah little full social studies teacher, and I want to share with you something that happened it my school to speak as one colleagues also social studies, teacher holdings, a meeting with the principal and after which he had told us the story
apparently, parents voiced a concern about something in his lesson and it turned out that he had shown the closet, video from trait or you and one of the students noticed the source as something to be wary of us and kind of raised a concern as a parent. Contact with sleep on. I just want to say that with you and say you know, I thought I was cover as proud that their students out there that were being considered an uncritical of the sources that their encountering absolutely whatever kid did, that has for management written all over him or her. No lemming, listen, Prager! You in social studies. That is not That is really really not good, and I will if I had a kid in school right now, I would be first of all
I would be losing my mind if they came home and said sir. That's my kids would call me, sir. If they said, Sir, we were shown Prager, you videos, but I would be wanting to go out of my way to prepare them and say: listen. You might be shown. Videos in school You know little riskier or little little Mordechai. You might be shown videos in school just because your teacher chooses the video doesn't mean. You can believe everything the video you always have to think for yourself and if you ever have a question you come to me, son or daughter. You know what our anyway the point as I'm. I'm I'm joking about how I say it, but I would go out of my way to prepare my kids for the fact that you may be shown things that are not representative.
Ending the world as it is, and certainly Prager you, videos and social studies was really very, very high on that list, but good on that kid for doing it, we have a great bonus show for you. Today, poverty fell in twenty twenty. Why stimulus, checks and enhanced unemployment? Very simple? We will talk about Walmart and Ford, teaming up against driving deliveries and better Orourke is looking like he's going to. For governor against Texas, Governor Gregg Habit. I love this and it will give us another great race, a great race for the coming election cycle, all of those stories and more Today's bonus show sign up at Join PAC, twelve dot com, get yourself instant access. I will see you then
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