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9/21/20: Campaign Gets Even Uglier in Final Stretch

2020-09-21 | 🔗

--On the Show:

--We mourn the passing of legal legend Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a cultural icon, who died at the age of 87, leaving a vacancy on the US Supreme Court

--Donald Trump and most Republicans are determined to ruin the country for decades by trying to fill the seat left vacant by the tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

--Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, legalize medical cannabis federally, and expunge all prior cannabis-use convictions

--Donald Trump is completely humiliated at a recent rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with his brain barely functioning

--Donald Trump's rally in Minnesota goes horribly wrong with his supporters standing silently during the strangest and most bizarre of Trump's rants

--Donald Trump's brain crumbles during a rally in Nevada, potentially one of the worst of Trump's presidency

--A manic Donald Trump gives a perverse interview to Fox News' Mark Levin

--Voicemail caller asks what ever happened to that dangerous immigrant caravan that Donald Trump and Republicans were previously using to fearmonger for month after month?

--On the Bonus Show: Vacation stories and upcoming coverage through to the November election

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The David dragnet Shout David Pack, my guarded. It's great back from vacation, and I will talk about what I did on the bonus show, but we have to jump right into it. We learned at the start of this weekend that Supreme Court Justice Ruth bade her Ginsburg passed away at the age of eighty seven, and this has simultaneously set off a nation wide really a global morning period for one of the premier progressive jurists. Really remarkable legal mind whose legal acumen was surpassed.
Maybe only by her wit and sense of humour, and it has set off a political storm immediately refreshing the battle from the last year of Barack Obama's presidency over nomination of merit garland, then to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Anti, in Scalia. That was a nomination, remember, which Republicans led by Mitch Mcconnell successfully blocked and we're going to be talking about all of it. Now, first of all, is the personal I am going to focus on the political, but Ruth Bayer. Ginsburg personal story is an income noble one born in Brooklyn. At a time when the legal world was a big uphill. At all, not just for women, but for jewish women. Tiny woman, barely five feet tall, ultimately becoming the second woman ever to be on the Supreme Court after Sandra Dale,
Connor's raw retirement in two thousand six r b g was the only woman on the Supreme Court, a cultural icon well into her eighties really a rock star in the political in the social and cultural world. There is no way to say all of the things that could be said about Ruth Bayer Ginsburg. Now there is a criticism that she should have retired when she was say eighty two years old already with some health problems, to ensure that Barack Obama would have gotten a clean chance to choose her replacement to pre empt the situation. We now see and that is a fair criticism and it's in the past and there's nothing we can do about it now, and so what is
the story now, while the story now is. There are forty five issue days remaining, maybe forty five, exactly until an election in which Donald Trump might loose and Donald Trump and Republicans most Republicans have shown that they are committed to filling this seat and filling it as soon as possible. We're going to talk about who might opt out of that, but it is, of course, a huge double standard in twenty sixteen, when Barack Obama was in his last year, Republican said. Let the people have a say. Let the people vote before we the seat, and indeed they want on that they held the seat they refused to give Och Obama's nominee merit, garland, confirmation, hearings and ultimately Donald Trump filled that seat a year later with NEO Gore such to replace Anthony Scully and now, seemingly the same situation. Republicans are saying we have a constitutional duty to fill the seat
now delay and they are going to try now Miss Mc Connell's explanation is well, it's not really the same situation because back and twenty sixteen it was visit parties in the Senate in White House, it was Barack Obama, a Democrat and Republicans controlling the Senate. It's different now, because its republic, controlling the Senate. We they republican president. That is their argument. It's a ridiculous argument. It is a double standard, but doesn't matter what matters is. Are they going to be able to do it and we're going to talk about that? In a moment, the legacy of Ruth bade her Ginsburg is one that will be study. Hopefully for a very long time. It's an inspirational story not just to young women, about someone who really push the boundaries of what society
considered to be the appropriate or or valid roles of women in society. Really an extraordinary. Woman, an extraordinary career and again of a culture. Oh and legal icon well into her eighties- We will miss her her legacy, and now the question is what will become of that seed and that's what we're going to talk about next will talk about process and we'll talk about political implications, so, ok, first, this process will Republicans be able to confirm adjusted. To replace Ruth bade her Ginsburg before the election on November. Third, before the January when he is in operation. Timewise forty five days, which is what we have run. The remaining between now and the November third election, that's very fast. Typically, it takes about seventy days
from nomination to confirmation First Supreme Court justice. So it would be very tough to do it in the forty five days before the election, but it could have been Donald Trump, reportedly going to nominate a replacement for Ruth Baker Ginsburg this week. The bigger question to me is the lame duck period. I dont know that they need to necessarily do it before the election, because I believe that even if Joe Biden were to win They will have the time and potentially the ability, patent really the power, potentially the support to install a replacement for Ruth Gate, Vader Ginsburg during the interim period, the lame duck period between
of ember third, fourth and January twentieth. Now do they have the votes? You need fifty one votes to confirm a Supreme court justice or need fifty votes, plus the Thai breaking vote from the vice president, which they would have in my pants for sure Republicans have a political situation to contend with, because Republicans are defending twenty five. Of the thirty eight Senate seats that are on the ballot. Many of their more vulnerable members have been eager to get back home. Get out of this he expected to to be around MID October. I forget the exact date and campaign, and that would shortened the pre election period. It's not really forty five days, it's more like thirty or thirty five days, because thirty, really maybe even but of took twenty five because they are play.
To end this session in MID October. Now, some of those senators might realise not only that they need to get back and campaign because their seats are at risk, but that sing forward on this before the election could actually be bad for their reelection? The balance right now in the Senate is fifty three Republicans and forty seven Democrats, forty five Democrats plus to India. And thence Angus King and Bernie Sanders who caucus with Democrats. So what they need, those of us. What we need, who oppose Donald Trump, getting to replace r b g is. We need for report can senators to say no now very early. There was this suspicion or there there were rumours that Mitt Romney wasn't going to do this before the inauguration that was almost mediately refuted by campaign staff. Now, maybe Romany wouldn't do it. We don't know yet the early claims that more work,
aid were were merely rumours. We then- heard from Alaska republican Senator last summer Cowskin, who put out a very carefully worded statement saying that quote: I did not support taking up a nomination eight months before the twenty sixteen election to fill the vacant created by the passing of Justice Scalia. We are now even closer to the twenty twenty election less than two months out, and I believe the same standard must apply so Sir lily summer. Caskey is a no before the election, but there is nothing here, and this is why You have to look at the wording, there's nothing here. That says: if Trump loses, she may still go forward with a vote took him firm during what would be a lame duck period for Donald Trump. That's really the question mark up
wise. We really are sure we can speculate Susan Collins, ok, maybe she wouldn't go for it before the election, but what about during the lame duck period, potential lame duck period? Corey gardener in Colorado. He might realise this could be very bad for his re election. But me be during the lame duck period. We don't know, maybe Martha Mc Sally whose down to Mark Kelly in Arizona up. We just don't know now We have to look at the hypocrisy and the reason I'm kind of hesitating. Is they don't care, they don't care, but yes, they are hypocrites. Look at some of these quotes from twenty sixteen and two thousand and eighteen Senator TED Cruz in twenty. Sixteen, it has been a years since a Supreme Court vacancy was nominated and confirmed in an election year. There is a long tradition that you don't do this Noah Electioneer, hypocrite Linsey grew in twenty eighteen. If an opening
firms in the last year of President trumps term, and the primary process has started, will wait to the next election, Marco Rubio, I dont think should be moving on a nominee in the last year of this president's term. I would say that if it a republican president, while we're waiting Marco Tom tell us from North Carolina Republican, The campaign is already under way. It is essential to the institution of the Senate to the very health of our republic to not on carnation into a partisan, divisive confirmation battle During the very same time, the american people are casting their ballots to elect our next president I could go on and on with more and more of these, but ultimately trumpets have not punished. Republicans for heinous hypocrisy,
and I have no reason to believe that they will this time may be. Some individual races could be affected, but let's circle back around is there anything positive here because it seems like this is a disaster for America, giving Trump the opportunity to ruin things not just for four years, not me, for eight years, but for decades. The one thing that is very clear to me is that this has the possibility to hugely an energy eyes democratic voters, including, leaning, centrists, Anti Trump Moderates and even many of the never Biden left wingers since Friday night at eight p m Eastern, which is when the old learned of the passing of Ruth Bade. Her Ginsburg small dollar donations, have exploded to Democrats one hundred million dollars, were donated in the forty or so hours following the death of Ruth bade. Her Ginsburg people are react. Thing, people or donating to Biden, people or donating to democrat
nationally, and I do believe this will increase voter turnout, including early voting, which we are already seeing. What can we control here? Ok, we can't make Republicans be consistent. We can't make republican stopping hypocrites. We can't make Republicans good moral people. We can't control trump, but we can, Boat and we can lobby and we can donate and we can phone bank and we can call our senators let's focus on what we can do. Let me know on Twitter. What do you expect to see with this open sea time on twitter pachmann. The David Pachmann show David Pachmann Dotcom. One of our sponsors today is served shark, which is applied me. I'm VP and service there giving my audience. Eighty three percent off a two year plan, plus three extra months for free, which all comes out to about two
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democratic vice presidential nominee commonly Harris has now confirm that if she and Joe Biden are elected, that they would decriminalize the use of marijuana at the federal level. Now everybody went crazy for different reasons: a common hair, outlined at an event through Facebook, live with ABC the broad strokes of the proposal, and It includes, among other things, which I will get to full federal decriminalization of the use of marijuana. You had some people on the right who are just furious, who say criminalizing. Marijuana use is the first step to anarchy. It's the first step to rampant out of control, addiction and chaos. Everywhere, Biden must be stopped and then you, people on the left, who are saying this is so lame. This is so sent decriminalize use. We legal use. We must decriminalize small scale, dealing of marijuana. This is
two right wing for me. So, what's the truth, the truth is one that most people don't want to accept, which is progress typically comes in steps I leave we need full legalization of use, regulated tax. It selling it on the street becomes sort of like selling illegal cigarettes, and you deal with it like a health issue. Instead of a criminal So when you have substance abuse issues without question, though a federal decriminalization would be a big deal, but it would just be one step with another four years of Trump. We get nothing. We just get nothing. Simply nothing period. Now there are also people mad that Kamel. A flip flopped commonly used be against legalization and decriminalization tenure. Ago. Well, she's changed her view and we should applaud that. In other words, there are lots of elected officials who eventual. He came around to better positions and they should
be shamed for that somewhat. Some people call flipped. Lopping, sometimes is look flopping merely for four sort of political posturing purposes. But sometimes you evolve because you actually get more and a nation or you mature. You come around to the right point of view, so when twenty nineteen she sponsored legislation which would federally de schedule Cannabis Dat would would be right thing to do and overall, we should be glad that she changed her mind. Now, let's be real, there is a major gap between decriminalization and legalization. If you legalise cannabis, you can regulated similar to Al Gore. All in tobacco, you can tax it to de criminal. Cannabis merely removes criminal sanctions when you offend or break the law, cannabis could
main illegal possession above a certain amount. Could result in civil fines or drug education or treatment instead of criminal process? accession, so it is not a panacea. It is not the end point, but it is a step forward. Joe Biden, oh by the way, wouldn't just Better already federally decriminalize, but according to his website, would are also expunge prior cannabis use convictions. That's a good thing that gets a bunch of people cleared it. Certainly not going to impact low level dealers who are sitting in prison, and we need to deal with that. But it is a step forward. Joe Biden also supports. The legalization of medical cannabis at the federal level, but again would leave decisions about adult recreational use up to the states. So listen! This
One of those times where we we just have to be very real and pragmatic. If Biden gets to do what is on his platform, it would be the most progressive federal cannabis policy in the history of a sitting. President period, I get that we want to do more. I get that many of us feel that its twenty twenty and this is not enough, and we need to be drawing up to other countries that have dealt with this in a more progressive ways already, but if Biden gets in and he does this stuff, the? U S would be as progressive at as it has ever been when it comes to the regulation of cannabis. If they do this, it will lead two more legalization in more states for sure there will be states who, if they see decriminalize federally expanding convictions, so uninstall
Fourth, there will be states that may be right now or fifty three, two hundred and forty seven against legalization. That will say, look at look what's happening federally. Let's do it, you know other states have done it Massachusetts. Did it Oh, it cetera. This will be a major step forward and, of course, we want more, but let's not miss the forest for the trees and much like with healthcare is binds idea perfect. Of course not. This binds platform on healthcare fix all of the problems we ve done. If I did not even close, but if, got his way. Thirty million people would lose coverage. Ok, let's not miss the forest for the tree. We're going to have more on this. Our instagram account follow us there at David Pack mentioned Follow me on Instagram David DOT, Pachmann for pictures from my way, Haitian, which I will talk about on today's bonus. Just David Pact.
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I'll. Come back to the David Pachmann show okay, so I'm gonna try to get us caught up on some of the Donald Trump events of the last seventy two to ninety six hours. There was a lot of craziness during the tail end of our vacation, Donald Trump continuing to hold rallies as if there were no pandemic, often with a hundreds or thousands of people. Many without masks mostly without mask. Sometimes the people on stage behind Trump do have to put masks on, but the rallies range from horrifying authoritarian to stow paean to perverse, and everything in between there were notable rallies in the past few days. In Carolina, Minnesota and Nevada. I'm gone highlight different things: indifferent clips noted the North Carolina rally on Saturday, which is where we will start. This was post the death of Ruth Bade, her Ginsburg, the key,
tree learned of the death of Ruth Bade Ginsburg during trumps Friday night rally, which I will get to this rally, you will see a whole bunch of nonsense related to our bee g. So, let's go through the key moments, Trump, having notable problem speaking during this one, even worse than the ones earlier in the week. End here is Donald Trump, who has had a renewed focus on the moon and Mars. Lately, saying that you did, the United States will be the first station to put an astronaut nerves with an end. Take a look at first the United States will be the first stage to land an astronaut knows. We have trump actually just really struggling to put together a sentence, number of verbal glitches at this one here is from short circuiting on the word sanctity.
Just really odd, almost like he choked on his tongue. It will defend the dignity of work and we will defend the sank. The sanctity of life Then Trump struggling with Nobel Peace Prize several times call the Nobel Peace Prize and then getting all mixed up in and Diskin Bob related, not clear, headed covered. I got the Nobel Peace Prize, nomination, Peace Prize Nobel Nominal and then before we move into the meat of it here he is saying his own name wrong. When you say your own name wrong, that is another level referring to doth tunnel deprives Donald Trump Advocate. I was the first loved him. Then he went down are brought down from I loved
I'll drop but yeah. So not going well from the standpoint of verbal one of the sickest moments tromp having his supporters vote by yelling as to whether they would prefer that replace Ruth, better Ginsburg with a man verses, a woman. It's almost like a deleted seen from Saturday Night live where they said that this is too stupid. Well, it's reality. So women and men ready, would you rather have a woman, this report? Would you rather have a man ready? A woman are mad, so you rather make whose very scientific well. Actually it's a lot more accurate that these calls that interview like ninety seven people have been interviewed, then you know they judge a billion dollars. They probably don't interview the people this. If we are their desk and just would you rather.
Woman or a brain Gore. Yes, woman, yes Tom, so Associates Joe. Would you rather bored Would you rather have a man there's a brain everything is a game. Everything is a joke, a contest, its unserious in some way, with Donald Trump still on Ruth, better Ginsburg early in the rally, Donald Trump FED, the line to the crowd fill that seat kind of telling them it didn't, naturally, surface done from telling the crowd. The chant now is fill that seat and then Trump here in in announcing that he will went up in saying that he will announce Ruth Better Ginsburg replacement this week or potential replacement. The crowd getting going with fill that seat and by the way we have plenty of time.
A lot of time. You know you're talking about you're talking about January twenty here's a video of Donald Trump telling one of those inane stories about people referring to him, sir? It's an old at this one. That the crowd is almost complete. Succulent trot going on and on the crowd, not even remotely keyed into what the hell Trump is talking about, check it out and almost completely silent crowd, the crowded so quiet when we
person reacts when one person laughs, you hear them, and you hear that stand out. Take a look. Five point: seven billion, sir, I said that's a lot of money is actually to plunge into air force, one or two points. I gave a little difficult to say this less of other information. What had been flying around would replace the thirtieth. So I assume somebody that our air Force- one is thirty, one years all right, so you know look it's time. A lot of the Arabs she'd come and I see that plane ever brand. No one. I say what are we have thirty one years and were protecting them. Why, although we have no one, so I said so that, finally, at thirty one years, all the new one, certainly different, seven forty seven much longer bigger wingspan, much more beautiful Europe's modern Spirit of five point, seven. So I said to the head of Boeing NICE Guy Dennis this is before they had it. I'll be which is terrible. What happened, but that went on for a few men.
And really relate right, like billionaire president complains that arab sheikhs have much nicer. Now were private aeroplanes, then he gets to fly out and really a man of the people then trot sort of laughed about how MSNBC reporter Alley Valor she was actually hit by rubber bullets. While covering protests refers to him as a CNN reporter details outer alley? Well, she's, actually with MSNBC Trump again with a completely silent crowd behind him. No first great,
sure has ever been able to accomplish. This trump gets a huge crowd of people with low attention span to actually sit completely quietly foreseen. They lined up, they went down. There was no social distance again between whose great tough guys there was no social distancing com tell us they went down and they had been dead. Thy ordered fifty thousand dollar outfits, Edward Crap and now met with night goggles, and these guys were sort of Vienna wise guys right shouting out of screaming at him. They were screaming the wrong people. They went down, they never had establishes forward
it all ended. It all ended in Minneapolis. It took you also at what I half an hour member. They at the sea, then reporter on the new EU, went down alley velvety. He said this is a friendly Braga. It's wonderful to see such a behind him. It was all fire for block it. Looked like Berlin during the war is a friendly. What are they doing? How does It helped to be like that. How does it out we're joy denied and then the hotel, Donald Trump, having this conspiracy theory that Joe Biden got some kind of upper before his death, with Bernie, which is hilarious because trumps, the one that always seems to either beyond uppers or downers, depending on the day, take a look at that now begun under US irregularities, these this forty seven years- and I got a debate coming up with this guy,
You never know did ever know they gave me a big fat shot me ass, an comes out overdue. Ours is better than ever. Be problem is what are preserved, as for drug just we I'd like to have a test of others. I'll take care of that as I want some of the debates with the with all those people, those demographic trump initial- was speculating, was Biden may be on something has now moved on with no more evidence, mind you trumpet moved on to sing bite got a shot of something which improved his performance during the debate. Trump still seems to think that corona virus test
causes illness, which is just wacky. Take a look at this billion vapor we're up fifty million tests more than India in fact were about to crack one hundred million to as and when you test, then you have to just make sense and you have cases. So we do all this testing. I come home and I turn and we see this. It is so it is so bad I again raising that's not only Emma's Dnc, I beg NBC with less their health. Is another beauty high Lester, and then he got really weird. I spent a while on this clip I dont know what trumpets talking about Trump seems to say that he would give him so DE as a grade on his career no virus response he never explore
and why and it almost becomes unclear whether Trump thinks a d is a good, great or a bad grade. It's a very strange clip. They stopped it from going into the rest of China should have been stopped in China to defeat the giant of Irish, relaunch the largest industrial mobilization since world war to somebody said what great would you give yourself? I said a plus, but I would give myself a day I would say I would myself and my own group, whose MIKE pensioners, great microbes, really very worked so hard to vent lighters, the vaccines but their abuse. Ex. Now we have like this Trump Noah DE isn't good. It's just fleet and utter nonsense and then, finally, in this this Toby an event, Donald Trump actually admits he's counting on the courts to play a role,
in him winning reelection on November. Third, take a look at this one. We're gonna have a victory on November. Third, example now counting the federal court system to make it so that we can actually enabling where we know the winds, ok, not weigh the votes. I gotta be counted a week later, two weeks later, what a just three and a half years under my administration, we secured America's borders, rebuiltthey all some power of the: U S, Miller, I think it. Of course my reaction is, we know. We know your counting on the court's, fortunately Biden. Also Was it and seems to be lawyering up which have been saying for weeks? He needs to do and then absolute last thing Donald Trump made headlines
With this saying, if you loses two Biden, he will disappear. If I I don't know what I'm gonna do. I will never speak to you again you'll. Never. I hope that that's a promise that should inspire us to get out vote, so that was fate, Vill North Carolina brain following out nonsense from Donald Trump, then we will work backwards going next to Minnesota. So let's now get Donald Trump Minnesota rally on Friday night. This one bizarre and surreal. One such surreal moment was done. Tromp still unaware that Ruth Bait organs had died, starts talking about the Supreme Court and you can add, Surely, here people in the background, yelling Ginsburg is dead people in the crowd who have heard the news on their phone. For example, your actually going to hear is Donald Trump is just sitting up. There
a fool ranting about the Supreme Court. You will he because it so quiet, because the crowd doesn't know what make of these bizarre ramps by Donald Trump. You can actually pick out you'll you're here to female voices about ten seconds in and then a male voice about thirty seconds and yelling Ginsburg is dead, totally surreal people on the stage behind her. Starting to look around as new starts to spread Why the Supreme Court XL important the next president we'll get one two three or four Supreme court justice, as many presidents have had none. They ve had not because they are there for a long time. They tend to be appointed young. They there for a long time but the next one will have anywhere from one before think that that will totally change. When you talk about life, when you talk about second, when you talk about things that are so important, you you're gonna be stuck for forty years. Five years a long time. So this
is going to be the most important election. In my opinion, just Surreal is the only word I can think of to describe this environment truck earlier in the rally going an unusual screen about how wrong, Robert E Lee would have won. Civil war, had it not been for Gettysburg Trump outrageously praising the top general in the fire. To maintain slavery in the United States during the civil war and he was getting beaten allowed by Robert E Lee, they want to rip statue down all over the place, but Robert E Lee Robert E Lee, was a whether you like it or not, whether like statues, a lot, you know they don't rip statues down anymore assigned the law. Ten years in jail, but Robert E Lee one many many battles in a row and was supposed to be offered one day you they're supposed to end immediately because the north was too powerful for dessert
but a judge's when you have leaders when you have a great general and Robert E Lee he wouldn't want, except for gettysburg, and that was because his general was killed. Who's going to leave Gettysburg Never fight. Uphill me boys never find a failure that we're going up bill, stop them, stop there, but we had no cell phones and that day, right congressmen, no cell phones, so they set the horses to stop him, stop him, but it was too late they for appeal and they got slaughtered. That's what happened Robert E Lee. These were incredible things and you might have noticed there on top of just a ridiculous outrageous message, Donald Trump, slow in his way through this one is well getting burg. As you heard, there are true early in the rally did some pretty direct racist red meat. Here he is talking about their people are enjoying having refugees around particular
the odd because at least some of these refugees came enduring Donald Trump presidency. This is part of Donald Trump running on changing the country. Even though he's been president for the last four years, one of the most vital issues in this election is the subject of refugees. You know you know it it's better than almost anybody lecture like you have a good time with the refugees. That's good Oh, that's. A bearded did see when they elect you win, These are rallies, unlike Anything we ve seen in a man, in history outside obscure white nationalist KKK type candidates and Ah, authoritarian dictators in the twentieth century, mostly in other countries, that's what these rallies remind me of Trump seems
Fleetly unaware that he's the incumbent rather than an outsider. He keeps talk as if winning in November would be. Change in leadership, he's been president for four years either when so much. I knew that and Jason to yours, and you keep waiting in waiting in when Andre you're gonna win on the military, you're gonna went on everything you touch, Minnesota's gotta, keep on winning and you're gonna get tired of waiting. Transmitters Does it want to win all the time? You're football team gonna win in the big ten they say now. I gotta keep on winning in Minnesota and you're. Gonna get so tired. You get to see Jason Jason! Please, please Jason go to President Santer, the oval office. So if, if that topic is interesting to you, Trump running as if someone else has been president check out, My- U to clip from a couple
weeks ago called Trump running as if someone else has been president. And then again, Donald from raising this idea of so called patriotic education is still not too the clear what it means, but it certainly not We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students, and restore patriotic educated. We will teach our children to love our country history and always respect our ray. This continues to play on the notion that education is some kind. Left wing indoctrination, instead of just recognising the reality that the more people know how to think the more people have critical thinking and epistemological skills the less likely they are to fall for the bamboozles of Donald Trump and the Republican Party trumpet one point urged them.
Pillow guy Michael endeavour to rough front for governor of Minnesota? Hilda just tell him I'm very unhappy right. This is what these guys a good businessmen by the way, these guys, radio might they might be better than you uttered it or not. You may the next government might look. Maybe you should that's another one of those moments where our trump is saying. Let me put it this way. I, what money back, put put in a different way when Trump says something this crazy. Twenty percent of what sick is that trumpets sing it? Eighty percent of what sick is that the crowd collapse and that the crowd will go forever. Anything from says Trump then told a totally
coherent story, the likes of which we would normally here from like some drunk guy at a bar sigh said, the general I said, general five point: seven billion bay and not made billion. That sounds very item a general I bought a lotta plays in my life and a lotta helicopters. I know a lot about it. How could it be five absurd suppose price they could get? We only have one day to do. I said to cancel a general cancel. The order was signed. Actually, yes, sir, I said you have the right to yes, sir. I do we negotiated a great deal. I said Trump has this uncanny ability to get these crowds to be completely silent during a strange stories in this clip trumped still seems confused about whether stealth planes are literally invisible to the naked eye, rather than just being envisage
two radar, bigger and more powerful is smarter, and I liked goose by the way has been you can't get much better than top gun right. Great movie right give better! I like that, with these guys, are better looking today. I got that crooked. They got that crap under their eyes, they got all their small is hell sources, so Captain Lennox is gathered. Is the thirty five zero good service play with it? I said: how do you compare that with what Russia has well, as is better for a specific region? Sir, you can't see it. What does that mean? Well when we fight they cannot see us. We are so stealth. Now that doesn't mean and three years that won't be obsolete. Because that's what happens? It's a problem with a business of course, military equipment getting obsolete. It's it's actually a feature of the military industrial complex and then trumps slurred his way through telling the crowd that he
you'd be living a luxurious life right now, but instead he's sitting in an airport hangar. With these people right now we have a very beautiful life of luxury- and here I am the hangar in Minnesota, with with one eye or twenty five thousand and thousands of people that couldn't get in and I'm workin my ass off. I get me at all have a good time, wonder Volta, but there weren't they. I say this, just complete cognitive, dissonance, Trump telling the crowd I could be at my pen house. Instead of with you people and they cheer we love Trump Amiss using- and this isn't all of it- we will be- Looking after the break at one more rallied in Nevada, the David Pachmann Shell
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ok so now we finish your tour of Donald Trump Weekend. Rallies in Nevada, Donald Trump again in this rally raise the idea of a third term. Now I want to be really clear, The reason this is notable is no longer because Donald Trump really thinks he's going to get a third term or is going to try to get a third term. He won't. This is known Well because it exposes his followers is merely sheep who care about nothing other than getting behind Trump. No matter what he says, Trump says, fill the school, a Supreme Court seat sure fill it from says. I deserve third term. Sure third term from says were the best her own a virus, no matter what the number save sure where the best on corona virus there is, thing they won't cheer for, and here they are cheering for Donald Trump suggestion of a third term naturally slurring his way through the speech at fifty two days. From now we're going to win Nevada
we're going to wait for years in the way, and then after that will negotiate rugs were probably re, so the way we were treated were probably entitled to another four after the added she'd never happened to another president. It's just a design is group of people, but here we are a year so that the notable thing that the crowd cheers. Even if you like this guy, which already signals a problem, if you believe in the base Six of the United States. Joint, you have to boo the suggestion of a third term The third term is fundamentally not what this country is about. We revere George Washington for saying term limits, president not occur, but don't worry guys, it's just a joke right well, either way. The fact that he keeps repeating
without a hint of sarcasm is a problem, but which should really scare us is that the crowd cheers Trump then went on to say that the big problem. The country has right now is the media, not the corona virus and Denmark, not an unhinge lunatic in the White House, not any of the other problems we actually have it's. The media is hurting our country, asserting our biggest problem that this country has the fake news media worse than the Democrats, because you are the democratic, so their borders they played together job. I spent the last forty seven you're selling out America, offshoring your jobs and then Trump continuing to slur. Just very labored speech,
halls, Joe Biden, a pathetic human being. If tromp was someone that try to talk to you at a bar, you would Seidel over to the opposite side of the bar to China and you average seemed Alaska
Sleepily job I surrender or use now he's stamp basement again now is it is faced with ease in his face, but yet I can be better because he put the most vicious add on television that I've ever seen. You know what I'm talking about run standing over the graves of our fallen warriors are falling heroes. These are great people, the greatest people there are and I'm standing over there and they have some sleaze bag reporter from a third rate magazine having sub source. Quoting me saying, I won't even use the term but saying bad things, and this
body, that loves military respects it and the people more than me, and they took, and I didn't even ask we had twenty five people that were witnesses that are on the record already. That says that never took place Do you fox news by the way, instead of covering the Trump rally when this was going on? They ran a SEC, and on the impact of singing happy birthday on the transmitter of corona virus with a bunch of paneless. I dont recognise other than cultural critic and arbiter of ideas. Dave Reuben! That's how bad this was that that's what Fox NEWS was talking about Trump then can in used to repeat this. I don't even know where this came from this idea that Joe Biden wants to ban energy just ban it altogether, and then we got it with the plague that China plague without we're not thrilled it's a discreet.
Nobody should a dyed, nobody should have died, we got hit the whole world got hit, but they stopped it from going into the rest of China. They stopped for going to China, but they didn't stop it from coming into the Eu S in Europe and a hundred and eighty eight countries So whether or not we allow Biden to impose the biggest tax increases, the issue of our country, four trillion dollars or ban ere, he wants to ban Energy Ben American. He wants to stop bracket hit by the way, completely ridiculous, of course, ban energy, but stopping racking sounds pretty good. I hope Joe Biden we'll stop racking if he becomes president and then Donald Trump, apparently not getting a strong enough reaction to that scaling up the unhinge claims about Joe Biden, saying if Biden gets elected, there will be countless deaths from suicide for an Biden will permanently destroy the lives and dreams of tens of
millions of Americans, if he got it, we would have the greatest depression in the history of our country. I mean it, I think nineteen, twenty nine would look like good times, because they do everything wrong, he'd raise your taxes. It raise the hell out of address Reggie. Do everything wrong? The binding shot down will permanently destroy the lives and dreams of tens of millions of Americans, inflict totally lasting harm and our children and lead countless does from suicide. Dont forget when you do these shut down, your state is shut down, you got it you shut down. There really aren't words to describe how absurd all of this is policy analysis forget about it. Even coherent criticisms of his opponent forget about it even an accurate presently of the facts from which he can make his unhinged attacks for
about it and then last clip. I challenge you make sense of this rat about anti I dare you to do it, take a lesson and with that comes tremendous crime, and you I was being stuck in the other day darling somebody just move next, who is it it's a weapon above Antigua fuel, look at her husband, say darling, whereas here we're out a year empty for member, there were trying to blame other people. They don't like to mention the name anti, for I said its anti for, and I was right. I was right. They are bad people and you know what they have to pay up for the damage and for the horror that they have to pay a price and it so easy. What is he even talking about
Rallies will continue this week. We will have coverage of some of them not healthy to watch too much of the stuff I will have coverage of some of them live on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook. Ok, it was not just rallies that Donald Trump did this weekend. He was Also interviewed by Fox NEWS is Mark Levine. Now, if you dont know who mark Levinus he's almost like a protegee of on Hannity, if you can imagine as propagandistic and perverse and depraved as Sean Hannity is Markel event, the guy that Hannity for years referred to as the great one the interview was arguably as disconnected from reality. Any interview, Donald Trump, has previously done after Donald Trump went on a completely absurd rant about water. Markel of in tells him. You know what I like about you you're, not an ideal. Log irony is dead, it's dead. Take, it
You would have so much water in California, you'd be above all, those fields are open and I've never seen you driving down the highway everything's like really terror, but looking and then you have is gorgeous patch of green. That's the only area that the one of their love like this tiny amount of water Oh thank you farmland In addition, the water out into the Pacific ocean. Long story by Europe. Many many stories like that so stupid? I listened to you- and these different areas do not enable its comments, can you imagine seeing Donald Trump attack people on the left, who aren't even in charge for everything from not raking forests to not giving Trump enough water pressure to flushes toilets, I trump needs the flush ten to fifteen times I dont know and then saying What I like about you, you're, not ideological
I have no idea how this next comment makes sense, Donald Trump, seemingly talking about Chicago and then right into Afghanistan. It's almost like the the it is a verbal inkblot, I think, is the right term review Jakarta worth. Fifty. Eight people were shot at the decisive like where those of this was shot shop and they now the report you fifty eight people were shot this weekend in Chicago ten died. Ok, let's get onto the weather, has the weather is always used to fifty eight people, so we're pulling out of Afghanistan, as you know, were very close to getting out. Does anybody see the connection media coverage of fifty eight people shot in Chicago, is related to pulling out of Afghanistan. Is this adult adhd? Is it cognitive decline? Is it ignorance? Is it panic and then Trump continuing His brutal assault on water on and on and on now go
not about a massive valve and mark of interest it's their nodding like this makes sense trump. Also talking about a very small fish. He gets if they have and they gonna ration forever and all they have to do is look at. What's going on, you know what to do with the water they sent it out into the Pacific. Ocean This measure, though, up north, as the water comes pouring down from the snow and beautiful nice clean water, and it s little jewish trying to say, is doing very poorly by the way. I'm a little fish do very boy doing much worse. Now without the Waterman Animal. You know you think you do better with the one they have his mass and now and they turn this massive takes a whole day return
and all their water comes any comes boring and you know what goes into the Pacific government courtesies. Mrs, do you think you can work in the world can get any water for the form that the real things of a bad bad, truly, then Trump again raising the topic of explosive trees, so it's just like. I just left. As you know, California, I met with the governor and he and and there has been a very nice with words and that's good. I it's a management thing global warming. But he said when the light his builder, and you have floor lives trees rolled out and you dont remover, because environmental somewhat didn't touch the trade with eighteen months. Every gets to be like a match. Stick it yesterday, unbelievably flammable, and I mean Fine leaders of countries and their expression. So we are a farce. Nation
but they say we have dreams of a far more explosive than the trees in California. Do you think that, after the interview is over Mark Levin says what the hell happened? What went on earth was Donald Trump talking about because Markel of in is a horrible idea log, but he's not an idiot in the way that Donald Trump is, this does mark Levin get it. Do you think at one point the topic of transformer? national security adviser, John Bolton came up and Trump said if it were up to Bolton be in world war. Five right now. This jungle was arrested, if I understand the jumble we'd, be in world war. Five. I guess in this imaginary nightmare trump would be responsible for world wars. Three and four, but Bolton would have gotten us into worldwide five and then Mark Lavigne is nodding, nodding nodding as if this makes sense, and then speaking of people trump used to work
with Trump again referenced people being fired like dogs, I disagree with matters very much was fired by President Obama, whose fire like a dog. He was does Donald Trump know what dogs are. We know trumped up, relate to his children, normally my guess is trumped wouldn't relate to dogs normally either what is fired like a dog even mean, and then last one from the victim here is poor Trump, whining to Mark Levin like market in his mommy about how Everybody treats him so unfairly, the washing imposed is, is a disaster. You can't get a good stewards. It's disgusting and then you gotTa Abc Nbc. Probably the worst of all. Comcast I got drunk has not come to answer to conjure up, because they always trying protect their name like help legitimate. They are ambitious
GPS is a disaster, and then you go, Today, the real beauties amnesty, and see as we call it and where's CNN. But at least you- and you know what they're coming from you know their stone cold. The scientist. At least you know that so it say it's a sad thing, minister, very soothing. Fortunately, local press is extremely gonna, get wait local. Whenever suffers speech, I do one or two local reporters. These are the greatest unbelievable they covered so good. Actually, there you're, almost the more enthusiastic than I am, and so we have that we have some honest media. A fox is is good, but Fox is not what it was. I think I'll be very honest with you become politically correct. You know they think it's wonderful, that more Democrats on them. They have practically than that Republicans.
Think about it all the time you know with all of that being said, we're doing much better than we did four years ago, tough being a billionaire president of the United States, right you're, just it just everybody, treats you so poorly, really, a tough situation Vision for Donald Trump? These interviews are of real bona fide sociological value, propaganda value. It's not journalism, but hugely relevant for propaganda studies. We have a voice, They smell number that numbers to one nine to David P. This collar asks a very relevant question. Take a listen, a David I was just wondering whatever
happened to that caused the lying back on rules that were supposed to come down and kill us all or whatever I've heard about them in a while brighter happen to all of that, is a thesis disappeared yep? Yet so, of course, that the that's the immigrant caravan, the Migrant caravan it was? big deal, leading up to the twenty eighteen mid terms than we just didn't hear about it again. They might bring it back up, but, as you know, Donald Trump doesn't like to cause panic. So because trumped doesn't like the cause, panic I'm sure he and do something like fearmongering about his suppose it immigrant caravan right. He would never do because he doesn't want to cause panic. Just like you didn't want to cause panic, corona virus yeah? Now I'm in a punch myself in the face today's bonus show, we will be talking. What the hell happened during the David Pachmann Show: vacation, don't miss it,
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